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~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

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~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 7/25/2009, 4:44 pm

Forwards :

Their love is like a song you can’t forget. Why? Because it was a love that had its own fame. Because it was a love that broke down the barriar from his past and hers. Because it was the love of one of the boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki and a new character that came into their lives.

U-know Yunho’s carefree flirty cousin ,JooRin is going to come live with the boys. Flirty on the outside but scared on the inside, will she get over her deepest fear and fall in love? What will be the cost? Read on to find out ^_^

Jaejoong, DBSK’s pretty boy. A past love that’s holding him back from finding new ones. Why? What happened? Read on to find out ^_^


A romantic comedy with melodramatic events. Stay tuned you guys^^ Btw, I also e this story posted up on Winglin.

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Chapter 1 : JooRin Is Coming!

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 7/25/2009, 4:47 pm

First chapter yay ^^ lol…btw in the story Yunho doesn’t have a sister.

“Guys come on! We have to get this place ready before she gets here!” Yunho said rushing around the apartment.

See, “she” was Yunho’s cousin/sister/bff. His uncle who was one of the biggest businessmen in the US/Korea had called a week ago and told him he was sending JooRin to Korea and she was staying with him. Of course nor Yunho or his manager would mind, but the Cassies were a different story. *Shrugs* But what they don’t know won’t hurt them right?

“Aish Yunho. Calm down.” Jaejoong replied looking up from the book he was reading. “I’m sure she knows how messy guys are. It won’t surprise her much.”

“No!” Junsu said walking in from his room. “You guys need to make a good first impression. We’re DBSK you pabos.”

“I agree with Junsu!” Changmin quickly added looking up from the TV. “We’d want to make Yunho look good in front of his little cousin.”

“You’re just saying that because YOU want to look good in front of her.” Micky replied with a laugh. “Don’t blame you though, she’s hot.”

“Yah!” Yunho said throwing one of the couch pillows at Micky who dodged it. “Shut up you hear me? None of you better try to make a move on her or I’ll break your neck.”

“Ok ok,sheesh... someone’s overprotective.” Micky replied moving away from him sitting down on the couch next to Changmin.

“But I’m sure JooRin won’t mind Micky flirting with her.” Junsu said with a laugh. “She’s the flirty type. She will flirt right back.”

“Woohoo!” Micky replied doing a little dance. The others laughed except for Yunho who narrowed his eyes angrily at them.

“Junsu hyung is lucky. He’s known her for a very long time.” Changmin said with envy.

“YUP! She’s my baby.” Junsu said with a smirk to bother Yunho. “We’ve had a lot of good times together if you know what I mean.”

“I swear to god Junsu…..” Yunho said annoyed. “Keep pushing it and you’re not going to be able to have babies.”

Junsu whimpered and moved away from Yunho as the others laughed.

“JooRin will protect me!” he said sticking his tongue out at Yunho.

“Sure.” Yunho replied with a roll of his eyes.

“She seems like a fun person to be with.” Changmin said.

“She’s a nut.” Yunho replied with a chuckle. “And she loves to eat just like you…you two will be the best of friends.”

“YES!” Changmin replied with a laugh.

“You two seem pretty close.” Jaejoong commented.

“Oh yea.” Yunho replied. “Since we’re both only children to our parents, we were always together.”

“The sister you never had.” Jaejoong said with a chuckle. “Tell us more about her.”

“Well, she‘s Changmins age , and she’ s in an arts school, she paints, draws, sketches, she loves to dance like me and she’s good at it, plus she’s a cutie and -----”

“JUST A CUTIE?” Junsu shrieked cutting Yunho off. “She’s friggen sexy!”

The room was silent for a second until they all burst out laughing, except for Yunho who still had a shocked expression on his face, staring at Junsu.

“O….k.” he replied turning away from Junsu. “Anyways she’s a real sweetheart, but she loves to tease. It’s her duty in life.”

“I know!” Junsu exclaimed. “You should see her when Yunho pisses her off or something. Her way of revenge is seducing him! It’s so funny.”

“Yea…ha ha.” Yunho replied annoyed. “I can feel it already; you two are going to drive me crazy.”

“Seducing Yunho?” Micky asked with a laugh. “I like this girl already.”

“She does it to bother him.” Junsu added. “I’m telling you guys, you’re going to love her.”

“Junsu’s so excited.” Jaejoong said with a chuckle.

“She’s my best friend! I really can’t wait.” Junsu replied.

“Just your best friend hyung? It seems like so much more.” Changmin said with a grin.

“Oh yea it defiantly is so much more. We’re just trying to keep it a secret.” Junsu replied with an evil grin. “We have the most views ever on Changmin’s favorite site.”

“OH YEA!” Changmin added, playing along. “I remember that video. It was one of the hottest ones ever.”

“YAH!” Yunho replied smacking Junsu and Changmin on the head. “STOP IT WITH THE PORN SITE THING!”

“JOORIN LIKES IT!” Junsu replied dodging the next hit laughing with the others.

“You bastard….” Yunho mumbled angrily. “But anyways, you pretty much get how she is.”

“Yea…” Jae replied with a chuckle. “But I’m surprised to see Junus like this. I’ve never seen him like this, saying stuff like sexy and talking about rated R stuff. He used to die if we used the word sex in front of him, now he’s in a porn video.”

“Whenever they’re together they go crazy. Junsu becomes a whole other person.” Yunho replied shaking his head. “They look for anything just to bother me. So get ready for that.”

“I seriously can’t wait.” Micky said with a grin.

“I know…DBSK is gunna have a girl living with them now.” Changmin replied. “This is going to be interesting. “

“Yes. Very.” Jaejoong added with a laugh.

“Oh, and she loves cheesecake.” Yunho said after a pause. “She could live on that forever.”

“Strawberry cheesecake was her favorite.” Junsu added.

“We would’ve asked Jae to make one, know…him and cakes don’t have a nice relationship.” Yunho whispered to the other three. The other three nodded in agreement.

“You can’t whisper for your life, you do know that right?” Jaejoong asked calmly, not looking up from his book.

“You heard that?” Junsu said shocked. Not only were they far away from him, they were talking really low.

“I heard my name and that’s enough to know that you guys are talking about me and don’t know how to whisper.” Jaejoong replied, looking up.

“ANYWAYS!” Changmin said quickly changing the subject.

“You were saying Yunho?” Micky added quickly along.


What did you guys think of the first chapter???? Comments are love lol

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Re: ~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

Post by Sachie on 7/25/2009, 5:00 pm

the first chapter was so interesting...can't wait for the next chappie!!! Very Happy

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Re: ~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

Post by yina on 7/25/2009, 9:09 pm

i think i've "met" diz fan-fiction somewhere!
errr...or just the same title?
but...Nways,the 1st one is interesting!
gud job!i wish i can write as gud as u.
but mine is so...simple.u can read mine here too!


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Chapter 2 : Meet and Greet

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 7/26/2009, 7:56 pm

Thanks to the comments Very Happy

JooRin stepped out of the airplane doors pulling her carry on bags with her. A lot of the guys around her turned to stare as she walked to the entrance of the airport. But who could blame them for staring? She looked hot. She had black skinny jeans on, a soft white blouse, with a stylish scarf around her neck and cute high heels. She had left her hair as loose curls hanging down, with light makeup looking like she just stepped out of a photo shoot.

She walked over to where the passengers get picked up from and pouted when she didn’t see Yunho or Junsu.

“Jerks…of course they’re too busy to come pick me up.” She mumbled grumpily. “They better have my strawberry cheesecake ready for me when I get there.”

She looked around to see if there was a phone to call when she saw someone holding a sign with her name on it. She walked over and sure enough the person was there to pick her up. He was a middle aged guy whose name she learned was Han.

“So you’re Yunho’s cousin?” the driver asked her as they drove away from the airport.

“Unfortunately.” she said with a giggle. “Are you their personal driver?”

“Yes.” he replied with a smile. “I’ve been their personal driver since they debuted. I don‘t drive them everywhere though, just around here.”

“They must have annoyed you to death.” she said with a laugh. He laughed along with her then replied,

“I love those boys. No matter what they do, I’ll never find them annoying. They call me uncle Han.”

“Well Uncle Han, it’s very nice meeting you.” JooRin replied sweetly.

“And it’s very nice meeting a beautiful young lady such as yourself also.” Uncle Han replied. She smiled and stretched as she yawned still tired from the trip.

“I’m just going to take a nap Uncle Han. Can you wake me at least 10 minutes before we get there please?’

“Sure thing JooRin.”

“Thank you.” she replied with a smile. She then got comfortable, closed her eyes and went to sleep.


“OK guys…she should be here any minute.” Yunho said nervously.

“I can’t wait!” Junsu exclaimed excited.

“Why are you so nervous Yunho?” Jaejoong asked.

“Yea...we’re not going to eat her.” Micky replied.

“You of all people Micky, I know will eat her.” Yunho replied with a chuckle.

“I want to see her badly now.” Changmin added.

The five waited in their apartment looking out the window for their van to come. After about five minutes of them bickering and Yunho threatening, the car pulled up.


Uncle Han had woken her up exactly when she asked him to. She had fixed her hair and reapplied her make up. She was ready to meet the boys of DBSK. Her all time favorite besides Yunho and Junsu of course, was JaeJoong. No one competed with him. He was so friggen cute and sweet. She smiled to her herself and felt excited to see those two idiots and meet the rest of them. She hadn’t seen Yunho and Junsu for 4 years.

The car stopped in front their building and JooRin took a deep breath. She stepped out of the car and two bodyguard looking guys came rushing up to her. She backed up quickly and was ready to hit when they bowed and said,

“Hello Ms. JooRin. We’re the bodyguards of the boys. We wanted to welcome you home and take your things upstairs for you.”

“O-oh…gave me quiet a heart attack there.” She replied with a short laugh.

“We’re very sorry.” they said bowing again. “We hope you had a comfortable trip.”

“Yes I did, thank you.” she replied. “Oh and my stuff are in the back.”

They bowed and went to get her things. She turned to look at Uncle Han and shrugged causing him to laugh.

“Thanks for the ride Uncle Han. See you later.” she said with a wave.

“Goodbye dear.” he waved back and JooRin walked in the building.

She took the elevator up to the 3rd floor and went up to apartment number 7. As she had walked out of the elevator, she met with the boy’s manager, and stopped to talk to him. He was a very nice guy, welcoming here to Korea and hopes she has a good time staying here. She thanked him and proceeded to the door, took a deep breath and knocked. She stood patiently in front of the door as there was silence behind it. Then, all of a sudden, she heard muffled shouts.

“NO JUNSU YOU---” ‘Yunho’ she thought automatically with a chuckle.

“YAH! I WANNA OPEN THE DOOR!” ‘Junsu’ she added with another chuckle.



The shouts cut off as Jaejoong opened the door somewhat breathless. He was taken aback by the way she looked. She was very pretty. His heart skipped a beat when she spoke.

“Hi.” JooRin said shyly. Inside her head on the other hand, she was fangirling. ‘OMFG IF I THOUGHT HE LOOKED HOT IN PICTURES, HE LOOKS EVEN HOTTER IN PERSON!’

“Hey.” he replied with a smile his heart beating fast. “Come on in.”

JooRin followed Jaejoong in the house and was greeted by Changmin and Micky. The other two were still in the inside room arguing. Jaejoong moved awkwardly in front of her. ‘This is stupid.’ he thought. ‘She’s pretty, big deal. Why are you dying huh Jae? Get over it. You’re just going to end up--------’

“NO JUNSU OK? I SAID NO!” Yunho yelled walking out, cutting Jaejoong’s thoughts. Jaejoong looked up and shook his head. Yunho would kill him anyways. So no.

“BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR! YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT!” Junsu replied with a pout following Yunho. Neither of them had noticed JooRin standing there holding back her laughter at them.

“Well duh.” Yunho replied with a smirk. “I’m the leader.”

“And if that’s the way you treat your members, you’re a very bad one.” JooRin said shaking her head.

The two boys stopped dead and were silent for a minute, then:

“JOORIN!” They both screamed. Yunho bear hugged her and she laughed. Yunho let go as she turned and faced Junsu. She smiled at him and said in a cute voice,


“JooRin.” he replied in his dolphin voice.



“SARANGHAEO!” they both screamed making the heart over their heads.

“AH!” she squealed as he crushed her.

“I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH RINA!” Junsu replied.

“I‘ve----missed----you----too.” she replied between breaths. “Now----let go----before I die.”

Junsu let go of her and she quickly hugged each again laughing. She then turned around to greet the others.

“Hi.” she repeated again to the other two.

“Hey!” Changmin replied excitedly moving closer to her. “Finally we get to meet you!”

“Yea, we’ve been waiting.” Micky replied with a grin behind Changmin.

“And finally I get to meet you guys!” JooRin replied with a laugh. Changmin moved closer to JooRin then stopped awkwardly.

“Hyung?” he said turning to Yunho.


“Can I hug JooRin?”

“No.” Yunho replied immediately stepping in front of her. “No touching her. Any of you.”

“Oh shut up!” JooRin replied pushing him away. “Don’t listen to him Changmin. Come here.”

She leaned forward and they hugged. She giggled at how short she was compared to him.

“Gosh…I even have heels on and I’m still not tall enough for you.”

The others laughed as she hugged Micky and Jaejoong in turn. Jaejoong stiffened a little when she hugged him and she let go quickly slightly confused but let it go. They moved to the living room sitting down and began talking and laughing. The boys were surprised at how easy she was to talk to.

“You guys have a HUGE apartment.” JooRin exclaimed looking around. “It’s more like a whole floor of a mansion then an apartment.”

“We don’t work our butts off for nothing.” Micky replied.

“Yea…”she replied. “You guys are really great. I love all your music.”

“It comes from the soul.” Junsu said seriously. Changmin pushed Junsu playfully and laughed.

“Sure.” JooRin replied sarcastically. The sat talking for about another hour when Jaejoong said,

“Wanna have a tour of the house?”

“Sure! Let’s go.”


Hopefull I get more comments this time!!

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Re: ~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

Post by Sachie on 7/27/2009, 4:29 pm

Love this chapter...Can't wait to see more of JaeRin couple!

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New Room, Gayness, and A Trip Down Memory Lane

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 7/30/2009, 12:05 pm

New chapter xD

“This is your room.” Yunho said pushing her door open. “We made it as girly as possible.”

“Oh la la.” She replied walking in and hell yeah was it girly. They had mixed it pink and purple together in the whole room. “You guys did a good job.”

“Ohhhh!” she squealed running to a corner of the room. “This is a perfect place to put my nightlight.”

“You still have it?” Yunho asked with a laugh.

“Of course silly!” JooRin replied. “You gave it to me. Can’t sleep without it.”

“Doing better?” Yunho asked softly. JooRin nodded quietly back. The three other guys stared at them questionably.

“Anyways,” Junsu replied, changing the subject quickly. “We felt extremely gay buying this stuff, but anything for you Rina.”

JooRin stared back at them with wide eyes.

“What?” Junsu asked.

“You mean you guys aren’t gay?”

The five stood silently for a minute then burst out angrily.






“What the heck is wrong with you?” Yunho asked her. “Of course we’re not gay.”

“Well I’m sorry. I just think you guys a little too touchy-feely.” JooRin replied with a shrug. “Like if you walked around California doing that, automatically you guys are gay.”

“I think you’ve lived in America too long.” Changmin said with a small frown. “We’re just close friends.”

“Oh not you Changmin.” JooRin replied with a wave of her hand. “The other four.”

The four stood quietly.

“Why?” Micky asked disgusted.

“Do you know that you guys have couple names? Yoosu and YunJae? Or the other way around, depending on who that person thinks is dominating?”

“Are you serious?” Jaejoong asked with horror.

“Oh yea! You and Yunho are a hit.” JooRin answered. “I was just disappointed that Yunho and Junsu didn’t tell me they were gay. I don‘t mind”

JooRin gave Micky and Jaejoong a wink, making sure Yunho and Junsu didn’t see her. The two then understood the message and grinned.

“Yah…JooRin ah stop it.” Junsu replied. “We’re not gay.”

“I don’t know Su.” Micky replied with an exaggerated sigh. “I think it’s time you told her.”

“Tell her what?” Junsu replied confused.

“That there’s an us baby.” Micky said with a husky voice wrapping his arm around Junsu.


“Baby don’t scream. It turns me on.”

Jaejoong then turned to Yunho and stared at him with puppy eyes that JooRin would’ve died had they been aimed at her. (You would too, don’t lie ;] )

“I think we should tell her about us too Yunnie.”


“Stop it Yunho.” Jaejoong said faking anger. “You deny my love everywhere. You can’t do it here.”

JooRin turned and hugged Changmin to hide her laughter. He first stared in horror at his members until JooRin started laughing. At that he joined in.

“All this time…I knew there was something wrong.” Changmin said shaking his head. “I should’ve been told.”

Yunho finally noticed JooRin laughing and narrowed his eyes growling,

“This isn’t funny JooRin ah.”

“It is to me.” she replied with a smirk. “Did you see your faces? That was priceless.”

She high-fived Jaejoong and Micky and they walked into the living room to sit down again. Junsu and Yunho sat at either side of her and the other three sat facing them.

“I feel sorry for you JooRin.” Micky said. “You’ve had to know these two all your life.”

“I know. Horrible isn’t it?” she replied with a giggle. “Did they ever tell you guys about me?”

“Sometimes.” Jaejoong said. “We always wondered who you were and when they said it was a girl, we though you were some secret girlfriend they didn’t want to tell us about.”

“Aww hahah…did Junsu ever tell you that we went out?” JooRin said laughing.

“Oh yea…I remember.” Junsu added laughing.

“No way!” Changmin said. “You guys went out?”

“I’m surprised Yunho let you guys go out.” Micky said.

“I didn’t really care at that time.” Yunho said with a chuckle. “See…me and Junsu were 6 and JooRin was only 4. So yea…didn’t really matter.”

“Yea.” JooRin replied with a laugh. “Me and Junsu were playing in our little sandbox one day and we noticed this couple walking.”

“So after a minute, Junsu turns to me and says Rina, wanna go out?”

“That simple?” Jaejoong asked with a laugh.

“That simple.” JooRin replied with a chuckle. “I was like sure ok. So we decided that we wanted to build ourselves a couple sand castle, since we were going out and all and ---.”

“The sad thing is, they both missed how stupid they were back then.” Yunho said cutting her off, shaking his head causing the others to laugh.

“Yah. Don‘t interrupt.” JooRin said slapping him on the back of his head. “Anyways, when we were playing we started running around in the sandbox, and when we were running Junsu fell on me and we kissed.”

“On the lips?” Changmin asked childishly excited.

“Yea.” JooRin replied laughing. Junsu’s laughed and continued,

“We sat for a couple minutes like that just staring at each other until she turned away and was like Junsu ah, I think we should stop going out now.”

The guys burst out laughing and Micky said,

“Wow Junsu. Even a four year old little girl knew better then to go out with you.”

“Hey hey hey mister.” JooRin said with a playful voice, leaning on to Junsu. “Don’t talk about my oppa like that. He’s the best ever.”

“No you’re the best ever Rina.”

“No oppa you are.”

“No Rina baby you are.”

“See why I hate them being together?” Yunho replied grimacing. “It’s pure barf material.”

“Oh Yunho don’t be jealous.” JooRin replied seductively turning to Yunho touching his chest. “I know you’ve missed me these past four years, but I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

The room exploded with laughter as Yunho closed his eyes and took a deep breath,

“JooRin don’t even start with that.”

“OK baby.” JooRin replied with a wink. “I’ll wait till we’re alone.”

Yunho rolled his eyes and turned away from her. She just laughed and turned back to the guys. Her and Jaejoong had a moment’s eye contact but Jaejoong stiffen and quickly looked away.

‘What the heck is wrong with him?’ JooRin thought to herself. ‘Did Yunho tell him that he’s my favorite so he’s scared silly?’

“Anyways, we have to tell you our schedule JooRin.” Yunho said. “Even though this is our week off we still have to practice.”

“Ok. I’ll just watch you guys practice.” JooRin said, paused and then smiled. “Or I’ll join in. Bet you I know your dances better then you do.”

“You wish!” the boys replied together.

“Ha.” she replied. “We’ll see about that.”

Hope to get more readers soon^^;;

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Re: ~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

Post by Tammy on 7/30/2009, 12:35 pm

I'm one!
i mean one of your readers...
sorry i don't comment
please forgive me
i really love JooRin's character
i would love to see this fic in a drama...
but now...
will JooRin ever forgive Jae?


Your whisper is the Lucifer

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Gift and Competition

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 8/1/2009, 11:14 am

~ A week later ~

Jaejoong was the first up the next morning, not that he had gotten much sleep anyway. It freaked him out the way he couldn’t stop thinking about her. This hadn’t happened to him in a long time. Thank god she wasn’t going to be sharing his bathroom.

= Flashback to first night =

“JooRin, you have your own room but you’re going to be sharing bathrooms with us ok?” Yunho said.

“Ewwwww!” she said giggling. “But who am I going to share with?”

“With me.” Yunho said giving Micky and Junsu a death stare, as they were about to protest. “And Changmin. The other three share a bathroom.”

“Oh ok.” she said stepping in the bathroom looking around. “Not that I have a problem or anything, but why do you guys have an apartment this big and only two bathrooms….there should be a separate room and bathroom for each of you.”

“You can’t forget our dance studio Rina.” Junsu said.

“Or our recording studio.” Jaejoong added.

“Or our piano room.” Micky replied.

“Oh and our swimming pool.” Changmin added lastly. JooRin’s eyed widened.

“You have a swimming pool?”

“Yup.” Yunho replied with a smile at her childish expression.

“COOL!” she squealed then rushed over tugging on Yunho arm. “Can I go swimming? I wanna go swimming.”

“JooRin. You just got here.” he replied rolling his eyes.

“So? I wanna go swimming.” she said with a pout.

“Later ok?” Yunho replied. “Now go put your stuff away and get some sleep. You must be tired.”

JooRin nodded and said goodnight to the guys and went to sleep.

= End of flashback =

Jaejoong chuckled at her expressions at everything and almost died when she pouted. She looked so cute. What was even funnier was when Junsu tried to sneak in her room at night. Not that she minded, but Yunho caught him halfway and choked the living hell out of him.

It had been crazy this past week with her here. She gave everything a new taste. It was hilarious to watch her flirting with Micky and Junsu in front of Yunho; she knew she hit the spot. Or her and Changmin! Forget it. They ate like monsters. It a wonder how they still have food a week later. Jaejoong shook his head with a chuckle and got up. Micky and Junsu were already out of the room and he figured they must be eating. He went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, washed his face and walked out.

He went out to the kitchen expecting the guys to be there but found no one. He was about to head to the dance studio when he heard music playing. English music.

~ You left without a single word
Not even sorry
It might've hurt worse to hear you say
I'm leaving, goodbye
But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
I can't forget it
I won't regret it
Cause I'm still in love with you ~

He heard it coming from her room. The door was slightly opened and Jaejoong looked in to see JooRin sitting near the biggest window in her room, paintbrush in hand, nodding her head to the music and painting. He watched her in amazement. Her painting was good, real good. She was painting a picture of them out of their Mirotic album. It looked so real.

As if JooRin felt his presence, she turned around. Even in her messed up paint clothes, she looked stunning. Her hair was up in high ponytail and she had no makeup on.

“Hey.” Jaejoong said shyly standing at the door.

“Hey Jae.” she replied cheerfully.

“Do you mind if I come in?”

“Of course not. Come in.” He came and sat down next to her. Now that he was closer to the painting, it looked even more real.

“You like it?” she asked with a chuckle looking at him.

“I like it a lot.” he replied taking in all the features of the painting. “You’re really good.

“Thank you.” she replied shyly. “I’m not finished yet, but almost. This is going to be my gift for you guys.”

“It’s amazing.” he said looking at her. Their eyes caught in a moment but Jaejoong looked away, his face turning a slight red. JooRin bit back a smile and looked away ‘GOD! He’s shyer then I thought he would be! AWWW I JUST WANNA SQUISH HIM.’ She turned back to Jaejoong and cleared her throat saying,

“But the gift is a surprise so don’t tell the other guys. I‘m going to hide it until I‘m finished.”

“Alright.” he replied with a chuckle. “Where are the guys anyway?”

“Oh they went down to practice and told me to tell you to meet them down there when you wake up.” JooRin said going back to her painting.

“Oh alright then. I’m going to go eat breakfast and go down.” he replied standing up. JooRin nodded and stood up also.

“Are you done?” Jaejoong asked.

“For today.” she replied smiling. “Tell the guys to get ready when you get down there ok?”

“Ready for what?” he asked as the two walked out.

“For the dance battle silly.” she answered with an evil smile. “Or what? You guys know that I’ll beat you so you don’t want to even try?”

“That’s what you think.” Jaejoong replied smiling right back, his competitive side hitting. “We’ll meet you down there.”

“Ok then.” she said still smiling. They each took a different direction. JooRin heading to her room and Jaejooong to the kitchen.

Jaejoong hurried into the kitchen and quickly ate anything. He then ran down to the dance studio to find the guys fooling around.

“Finally Jae!” Micky said. “Took you long enough to get up.”

“I was up. I just took my time getting here.” Jaejoong replied. “That doesn’t matter now, Yunho?”


“How good does JooRin dance?”

“Why?” Yunho asked looking at him.

“Just answer.” Jaejoong replied panicking.

“Really good.” Yunho replied. “She was top in her dance class at her high school and won a couple competitions she was in.”

“Yea.” Junsu added. “Usually her and Yunho always tie when dancing together. She even beat Yunho a couple of times.”

Yunho turned to look at Junsu. “You never know when to shut up do you?”

“Sorry.” Junsu replied meekly.

“But why are you asking hyung?” Changmin asked.

“Because remember the dance battle she challenged us to the day she came?”

“Yeah…” they all replied.

“Well, she’s coming to win it now.” Jaejoong said dejectedly.

“Crap.” Micky said. “If she’s as good as Yunho says she is, then we’re going to lose. Badly.”

“Stop panicking guys.” Yunho replied taking a deep breath. “We can do this. We’re dancing to OUR songs.”

“And that’s what going to make it ten times more humiliating.” JooRin’s voice rang out. The guys turned to see her leaning against the door frame with a smirk on her face. She walked over and stood against the five guys.

“I am sooo gunna kick your asses.”

“Ha.” Yunho replied getting in her face quoting her. “We’ll see about that.

“Let’s go then suckers.” She answered her smiling growing.


Hehehehe dance battle is on. Btw the picture she’s painting is the group picture in my poster. The little song segment is a song for the Jonas Brothers called Still In Love With You. Hope I get more comments^^;;

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Dance Battle Part 1

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 8/5/2009, 12:01 pm

Listen to DBSK "Are You A Good Girl?"


“What song do you want to dance to?” Micky asked.

“Whatever you guys want.” JooRin said still smiling smugly. “I’m going to beat you at any song.”

“But wait, we’re all going to dance together or one on one?” Changmin asked confused.

“One on one.” JooRin answered cheerfully. “So you guys can watch each other get humiliated.”

“You’re horrible.” Micky commented hanging his head.

“Awww Chunnie!” she said ruffling his hair. “It’s ok. Think of it this way, you’re going to get beat by a hot chick.”

Micky laughed and shook his head as she winked at him.

“Stop being arrogant and pick a song JooRin. “ Yunho said standing over the music player waiting for her song choice.

“Oh I know.” she squealed. “Put Are You A Good Girl.”

“Why‘d you have to ask Yunho?” Jaejoong groaned from across the room. JooRin laughed and replied,

“For guys who were so full of confidence a while ago, you’re so pathetic looking that I’m about to let you guys win.”

“Yah…JooRin.” Junsu said looking at her.

“Yah…Junsu.” she replied with a flirty smile.

“Are you a good girl JooRin ah?” Junsu asked smiling back.

“I don‘t know Junsu ah, you tell me.” JooRin said with a giggle. “You would know.”

“Please.Stop.It.” Yunho said holding his head in his hands. “JUNSU! She’s about to kick your ass in dancing and you’re sitting there flirting with her.”

“I can’t help it.” Junsu said with a shrug.

“Leave him alone Yunho. He’s my sex--SOUL mate.” she quickly fixed herself smiling.

“You guys disgust me.” Yunho replied shaking his head. “But at least it’s not Micky.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Micky asked offended.

“I don’t think you really want to know hyung.” Changmin said with a laugh. JooRin giggled and then clapped her hand together loudly.

“Ok Dong Bang losers. Let’s get this party started!”

Yunho put the CD and they all got ready.

“First victim?” JooRin asked. The guys all automatically turned to Changmin first.

“What? Why me?” he asked desperately.

“Because you’re the youngest. Now go.” Jaejoong replied.

“Come here Minnie.” JooRin said with a smirk. Changmin pouted, slumped his shoulders and walked over next to her.

“Let’s see if you can keep up.” JooRin added. “Hit it Mr. U Know nothing.”

Yunho rolled his eyes and clicked play. Her and Changmin both got ready and just before the music started she turned and winked at Changmin. His eyes widened as he saw her dance. She broke out and danced their exact moves.

“STOP STARING AND START DANCING YOU IDIOT!” Yunho yelled. Changmin woke up from his daze and started dancing as if his life depended on it,...which it basically did.

“GO CHANGMIN GO GO!” Junsu yelled along. Even in the middle of her dancing JooRin sent Junsu a look which shut him up.

“Come on Changmin!” Micky cheered. “You can do it.”

Jaejoong didn’t say anything as he was too astonished by her dancing. She was good.

“OUT!” she yelled as Changmin fell behind in the dance. He groaned and moved to the side. Micky automatically stepped in and began dancing with her. They moved in sync until they got to the end of the rap part.

“Aw Micky you always mess up this part!” Jaejoong said hiding his face in his hands.

“Hey….at least…..I’m trying….” Micky replied between pants.

“Stop talking. More dancing!” Yunho ordered. Micky nodded and continued but by the end of the song, he was dead. She made him dance ten times faster then you should on this song. The song ended and he fell to the floor, while JooRin just stood staring at him, just slightly tired.

“What….the….hell….are…you?” Micky asked breathing hard. “Wonder Dance Women?”

“No. You just can’t dance your songs good.” JooRin said with a laugh.

“You didn’t even break a sweat.” Changmin remarked.

“It takes me awhile to break into a sweat.” JooRin replied with a shrug.

“Exactly how many songs do you have to dance to break a sweat?” Jaejoong asked.

“Do you really want to know Jae?” Junsu said with a laugh.

“About five or six songs.” JooRin answered casually.

“……” Jaejoong replied.

“You should’ve known better then to ask.” Yunho added.

“OK OK stop the chit-chatting.” JooRin said with a wave of her hand. “That’s two down, three to go. Next victim?”

The last three looked at each other then Yunho yelled, “Group meeting!”

JooRin rolled her eyes and went to drink water as the boy huddled together.

“Ok.” Yunho whispered. “Who do you think should go next?”

“If we have any hope of winning, I think Yunho should go last.” Changmin replied.

“Yea, that’s what I think too.” Micky added as Junsu nodded and then said,

“OK so should me or Jaejoong go next?”

“I think Jae should go next.” Micky said.

“Ok then. Jae, Junsu, and then me. Alright?” Yunho asked.

“Would you guys hurry up with your little boy scout meeting?” JooRin sneered at them.

“YAH! Shut up and wait.” Junsu replied. JooRin narrowed her eyes and slowly approached him from the back. She raised her hand and smacked his butt.

“Don’t you dare tell me to shut up duck butt.” she said as he yelped up holding his butt. “Now hurry up.”

“Anyways.” Yunho said giving JooRin a side glance. “Ok?”

“Alright.” Jaejoong replied with a sigh.


Comments are love.

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Dance Battle Part 2

Post by BigBangBaby45 on 8/5/2009, 12:13 pm


“You’re going to dance to Miortic now ok?” Yunho stated.

“Okie dokie.” she replied giving a thumbs up.

“I hate how enthusiastic she is.” Yunho replied shaking his head. “It’ll be the end of us if this ever gets out.”

Her and Jaejoong stood next to each other and waited for Yunho to start the music.

“I’ll go easy on you if you want.” JooRin asked with a smirk.

“Hey….what do I look like to you? A loser?” Jaejoong sneered back playfully. “Go on your regular speed. This is my song.”

“Ok.” she said with a shrug. “But remember you asked for it.”

Yunho clicked play and her and Jaejoong began dancing. She’d give it to him. He was doing really well staying up to her speed. They moved together perfectly and the other four watched them dazed. The two hadn’t even looked at each other the whole time but always seemed to do the same moves. They danced in silence through almost the whole song until it came to the last part where JooRin met his eye. Jaejoong staggered over his own feet and fell.

“NO!” the four guys screamed.


“YOU ALMOST HAD IT MAN!” Junsu added.

“This is bad. So very bad.” Yunho stated grimly.

“It’s up to you and Junsu hyung.” Changmin replied.

JooRin frowned slightly. Why did he always do that? The second she met his eye or touched him, he freaked out. Had she done something? Did Yunho tell him something? She snapped out of her thoughts as Junsu walked up to her saying it was his turn.

“What song are we going to dance on now?” she asked.

“BALLOONS!” Junsu said. JooRin gave him the ‘are you kidding me’ look

“Um…no. We’ll dance to Rising Sun.” The guys all groaned.

“JooRin ah, just remember that I’m Junsu. Your oppa, your duck butt ok?” Junsu pleaded.

“Don’t worry baby.” she replied with a giggle. “How could I ever forget?”

The both stood ready until Yunho hit play and they began. Junsu was one of the better dancers in DBSK, plus he’s known her for years so he kept up with her speed with ease. They even shared a couple jokes and laughs through the whole dance, until of course they came to the dreaded ending.

Everything was perfectly fine so far, but the four guys were on the edge of their seats. Junsu was doing great until JooRin decided to grind on him. He didn’t see that coming, the boys didn’t see that coming, and she didn’t see it coming either, but took the chance anyways. Junsu turned red, stumbled and fell.

“OH MY GOD JUNUS!” Yunho yelled. “WHY DID YOU FALL?”

The other three shook their heads grimly and looked away as Yunho continued his tantrum.


“I’m sorry ok? It’s the first time she does it in front of people.” Junsu mumbled miserably.

“AND THEN----what?” Yunho asked suddenly.

“Nothing!” Junsu replied quickly, running behind a laughing JooRin. Yunho narrowed his eyes and moved closer to Junsu.

“Let me find out Junsu.” JooRin pushed him back, blowing him a kiss at the same time.

“Let’s go big boy….Let’s see if your dancing is as good as you are in bed.” she turned to the guys and said seriously,

“And let me tell you, he’s good.”

The guys started cracking up as Yunho’s eye widened in horror. “JOORIN!”

“What?” she asked with an innocent smile. “Your friends already know that me and you have a thing going on baby. No point hiding it now.”

“God…WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?” Yunho yelled looking up at the ceiling.

“You denied our child and made me put him in an orphanage.”


“And it was such a beautiful baby.” JooRin added with a sniffle. Yunho stared at her with disbelieve. Then shook his head and walked to over to the music player.

“Get ready ok missy?” he said. “We’re dancing to a mix of all our hype dance songs and we’ll see if you can switch from one dance to another.”

“Ok.” she replied. Changmin standing closest to the player hit play and they began. They went from O, to Choosey Lover, Mirotic (again), Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down, Are You A Good Girl (again), and Purple Line. Both were sweating like hell but kept going. The other guys just sat there staring at how long these two could go on, until finally the last song ended and the two collapsed on the floor. The four guys stood up cheering.

“YES YUNHO!” Junsu screamed running and hugging Yunho.

“VICTORY!” Micky said running on top of Junsu.

“Thank god.” Jaejoong said calmly.

“Seriously.” Changmin added. “Imagine Yunho lost.”

“…god…can’t breath…”Yunho said under Junsu and Micky. “Get…off!”

The two quickly got off and started running around JooRin who was still on the floor.

“Ha Ha you didn’t win!” Junsu mocked in a singsong voice.

“Loser! Loser!” Micky chanted. JooRin sat up staring at them with a raised eyebrow.

“Need I remind the both of you how you two were actually the losers?” JooRin said. “Besides, Yunho didn’t win, we tied.”

“Whatever.” the two replied.

“I’m telling you…gay.” JooRin commented getting up. “I’m going upstairs to change, anyone want ice cream because I wanna go buy.”

“I do!” Changmin automatically piped up.

“Me too!” Junsu added.

“I’m showering first Junsu!” Micky said.

“Fine go change so we can go.” JooRin replied heading for the door with Changmin, Junsu, and Micky following.

“Yunho are you ok?” Jaejoong asked with a laugh standing up.

“H-huh?” Yunho said still breathing hard on the floor.

“I said are you ok?” Jaejoong asked again laughing even more.

“Does…it….look….like…I’m ok?” Yunho asked between breaths. “I want…ice cream!”

“You baby….tell your bed mate to get you.” Jaejoong sneered laughing.

“HEY!” Yunho said finally sitting up. “Don’t listen to her.”

“I can’t believe you would do such a thing!” Jaejoong continued shaking his head. “Deny your own child and put it in an orphanage? If you weren’t ready for children you should’ve used something. You just took advantage of a poor innocent girl like that.”

“Jae….” Yunho said narrowing his eyes, standing up. “I’m going to count to ten; if you’re not out of my sight you’re dead.

“Sure.” Jaejoong said walking away slowly.

“1….2…10!” Yunho screamed running after Jaejoong.

“Hey…WHAT? THAT’S NOT FAIR.” Jaejoong yelled running. But of course Yunho caught up to him and tackled him, grabbing him in a head lock.

“Ohmyeffingod! Yunho…let go!” Jaejoong groaned in pain.

“Say you’re sorry.” Yunho replied simply.


“Say it.”




“Oh my god. Will you two stop having sex down there and hurry up?” JooRin’s said from up he stairs. “I have somewhere to go.”

“EW!” they both yelled pushing each other away.

“Stop denying it. You know you two love each other. Maybe one day I can come and watch.” she replied with a giggle. “See how good my man is with other men.”

“JooRin I’m going to kill you. That’s it.” Yunho said running up the stairs. JooRin let out a bloodcurdling scream and ran. Jaejoong ran after them laughing and watched them as they ran around the house. The other three were also watching them laughing.






“Ok ok.” JooRin said turning around holding her hands up, the couch between her and Yunho. “I’ll stop on one condition.”

“Which is?”

“We have a threesome, me, you, and Junsu.”

“OH YEA!” Junsu said.

“I’d defiantly want to see that.” Micky commented.

“Same here.” Changmin agreed.

“You guys are disgusting.” Jaejoong replied shaking his head.

“Oh my…JOORIN!”

“Guess he didn’t agree.” she replied laughing and started running again. “JUNSU SAVE ME!”

They continued their run around the rosy game until finally, exhausted they fell to the couch. Yunho still annoyed but the rest laughing.


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Re: ~ Our Love Is Like A Song You Can't Forget ~

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