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Post by yina on 7/25/2009, 8:15 am


~If Only I…~

Main characters::


An “O” blood guy who lives in his own world.Also a member of DBSK,a famous star all over Asia and some part of Europe.Leaving his mom and a little brother in America,working hard for a better life.His past taught him not to love someone too much.One day in a chilly night of a winter he met someone that change his thought before.She was the one who taught him that love means sharing.Day by day,the feelings get deeper but it still kept unsaid.The feelings kills him inside.Every single words that she said,makes him love her more.He hold his tears well when he was with her.But,can he hold those tears forever?How long will it takes for him to open his heart back?Or can it be open again for a thing named “LOVE”?It’s like a runaway…SIEW YUNA!



An exchanged student in Seoul University.Living alone in a big city such Seoul taught her about life.Her only friend,Sora is the best sister that she had ever met.One night of a winter,she sat on the park alone and it was her Birthday.A lonely Birthday.There was a place where she met someone that was her prince charming.The first step that she made since then,she thanks to it.As the day passed,her love grows and it never can be erased.For the rest of her life,she never love someone like him.If she was the one who started it,yes…it’s true.The moment she wanted it to start,it was the end!The love that I desired the most..PARK YUCHUN!



A DBSK’s tough.Yuchun’s friend who just have a crushed.When he looked into her eyes,he can see the pain inside.The pain of loving someone.That’s what make him want to share it to her.Just as a friend.But it’s all changed as the times passed.Can he just be her friend or what can he do to make the growing feelings that he had for her dissappeared?Will the dreams he had become true?I’m ‘coz if I love you… SIEW YUNA!


::Additional characters::

Kim SoHyun =Sora
Kim Jaejoong = Jaejoong
Kim Junsu = Junsu
Shim Changmin = Changmin
Park YUhwan = Yuhwan/Ricky
Dbsk’s fan’s & families…

And more characters will be added…


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Post by yina on 7/25/2009, 8:36 am




~Yuchun’s POV:: ~

“Hahaha!! Ya, naughty boy! I’ll off now. I’ll call you again tomorrow. Take care, okay? Bye….” I pushed the red button on my phone. I was just talking to my little brother, Yuhwan whose now stays in America with my mom.

“Fuhh!! I sighed as I leaned my back on the bench and spread my arms to conquer the whole bench. As I stared at the sky above where no stars can be seen, I stretched up my head. The sky of the winter’s night was very dark and the winds blows gives a goose bump feeling. I closed my eyes and suddenly long time memories came back into my mind.

*Yuchun’s Flashback*

“Omma, where are we going?” I asked mom when we’re waiting for the cab. My mom’s eyes were all red and swollen. I looked at her and seems to understand, I cried too. My little brother, Yuhwan, was only 10 at the time and I was 14. Yuhwan seems can’t understand what our mother had been through, but suddenly cried along.

“Omma too don’t know where are we going exactly.” She cried and hugged Yuhwan and me and that mom cried until a cab stopped right in front of us.

We got into the cab and mom put our heads on her chest. I then lied on my mother’s lap.

“Omma, why did appa yelled last night? Why didn’t appa coming with us too?” I asked bluntly. Mom looked into my pure eyes and kissed me on my forehead.

“One day you’ll understand it, dear.” She replied as the tears were stopped streaming to her cheeks but stagnant on her eyes.

As what I had remembered, last night I had heard a super big slam sound on the door from my parents’ room. My little brother and I was about to sleep when we heard that noise.

“Can you please stop torturing me? All you can say when you see my face is money! Every time when I got home, money, money and money! You know how hard to get it, right?” Dad’s voice clearly can be heard. I shivered. Suddenly, I heard a small sob. My little brother was crying on his bed while his body was all covered with blanket head to toe.

I approached to him and lied down to comfort Yuhwan, hugged him and we both cried.

“Hyung, I’m scared.” Yuhwan cried as he hugged me tighter. My hand patted on Yuhwan’s back. I hugged him and we cried.

This is not the first time I heard dad yelled at mom, also mom’s cries after a long quarrel. I felt like want to go to the room and tell dad to stop. It’s just a bad moment because I’ve never see them quarrelling at each other before but recently, they always did. Mom did always mention about money and dad will get angry easily. These never happened before we got to Virginia. Mom and dad had totally changed after we lived here for about 8 months. I really have no idea about what happened actually until I was told by mom one day, when I asked her to buy me a keyboard. My desire to musics makes me to have it.Mom told me that she can’t afford to buy me one. I asked her to tell dad but then she told me he can’t too. At that moment, I saw mom’s tears running and she hugged me.

“Yes! That’s the only thing I know! We have two boys, and you just give me some amount that only enough for a dinner for one person only? Huh!?” I heard mom cried along with her sobs. No answer can be heard for a short while.

“I’ll give you more if I got enough money.” Dad replied.

“Huh! What? When will that happened? Untill we all died in hunger? Ya, Yuchun appa! You know how hard this life that I live with you?” Mom cried.

“Mian hae… I can’t give you the best.” Dad answered in a slow tone. It did sound guilty.

“If I can turn back the time, I’ll never agreed to come here! Life’s getting harder in America.” Mom’s cried as she regretted it.

“Yuchun omma, let’s divorce!” A deep voice from dad slowly can be heard. No more slams or sobs can be heard.

“Mo? Divorce? So you think it was that easy?” Mom yelled.

“This is the best way I can think off now.” He replied in a calm voice.

“Okay! But I’ll take the boys with me!” I heard mom yelled back.

“No! Don’t bring both! Let Yuhwan stay with me!” yelled dad.

“Huh?! What are you going to give my son to feed them? With your debts around, no permanent job, you want to raise him? I’ll never let my son suffering with you.” Sobs mom.

“No! Leave him!” he said again.

“Andwe!!!!!” As she said that, she ran into the bathroom and a slam can be heard.

“Ya! I won’t let you bring Yuhwan! We’ll settle this in court!” Dad said in anger.

Yuhwan and me was holding onto each other’s arms and our body was all trembling. Both of us cried and my hand patted on Ricky’s back slowly.

“Yuhwan ah, uljima. Hyung isso!” I sobs and hugged him tighter.

*End of Flashback*

I woke up from my short dream when a hit suddenly crashed on my head. I wiped my tears and shouted.

“Arrgghhhh…. Ya! Who’s that?” I rubbed my head and stood up. It was really hurt. While I was going to threw the cup away, I turned back to see who was it. I slowly ran and showed myself from underneath a tree. A girl was standing and about to start her step to run.

“Ya! You! Wait there!” I commanded and the girl stopped. I walked slowly to approach the girl but can’t see her face clearly since she covered her head with the hoods and her hand was on her face.

“You did this?” I got closer and stood right in front of her.

“Put down your hood and your hand. Don’t hide your face, jerk!” I yelled again.

Like being hypnotized, the girl put her hood down and uncovered her face but still, looking to the ground.

“I asked you. Is this yours?” I asked again in anger but still with politeness.

“Errr… Mi…mian..opsss…. chong song hamnida.” The girl stumbled.

“Mian? Huh!” I smirked and moved a step closer to her.

“Errr.. N.. no…I said.. Chong.. chong song hamnida..”She bowed continuously, still without looking at me. That’s really rose up my anger.

“Huh! Our country has the rules. NO LITTERING! Didn’t you learn it at school?” My temper was there actually but I’m still considering that I am a public figure. I really need to control my anger wisely.

“I’m really sorry, sir! Please don’t arrest me. I promised will never littering again, Sir!” The girl stumbled words are messing with her shivered body. I smiled again looking at her stupid act.

“Ya! Who I am to arrest you? Ohoo.. Look who’s here.. I’m talking with an idiot. I just knew that a police never wear his uniform on duty? Tell me!” I smirked and rubbed my neck. I thought the girl was really scared head to toe since she can’t even look at me.

“What a pitty!” I mumbled.

The girl finally raised up her head and stared exactly at me. I can see angers inside her eyes. I bit my lips.

“What? Want a fight?” as I told her just to show her I am the man here.

“You! Is this how you treat a foreigner?” she replied again in anger and came closer to me. As she mentioned she is a foreigner, I smirked and looked at her from up and down to her feet. “What a liar!”

“Ohooo.. so! You are a foreigner? Hmph… pabo! Yeah, yeah, yeah… an IDIOT and LIAR! Good! That’s perfect! So, which country will you tell me you’re from?” I replied.

“Ya! Really!!! I AM A FOREIGNER! You got it?” the girl yelled and I…

“Hurkkhhh!!! What smell is this?”I crunched my eyebrows. Her breath’s smell was really bad.

“Okay.. okay…” I smirked, nodded my head.

“Okay.. Look! I’m an exchanged student from Malaysia. I’m studying in Seoul University in my 3rd semester. Are you satisfied?” she explained without being asked.

“Well… I need to. I mean.. believe in you.” I smiled and looked at her.

“Her hangul was not bad enough, tough!”

“Ms. Foreigner, let me tell you my coutry’s rules. In Korea, no littering, okay?!” I continued my words and reach the girl’s hand, passed the empty can right into her hand and smiled again.

“Opss! I’m dead meat if she recognise me now!” I stammered and quickly move my hand. I prayed he can’t recognise me.

“YA! DAMN YOU STUPID JERK!CRAZY DOG!” suddenly the girl stepped back, yelled at me and ran quickly without looking back.

I was stunted and seems can’t do anything. My mouth was wide open.

“Crazy dog?” I pointed to myself and then suddenly I realized something.

“ME? WHAT? YA! COME BACK HERE!” I tried to run after her but suddenly my eyes captured something on the bench. A beg! It must be belong to that girl. I walked slowly to the bench and took the bag.

“Yeah… you really can’t run from me, stupid Ms. Foreigner! Seoul University? Okay! See you again, Ms. Foreigner!” as I brought the bag back to my car and drove away,smiling…


I'm sorry coz my English is not very good so there's maybe a lot of grammar mistake here.I'm new in writing fan-fiction so thankz to someone who advertised this site for me at winglin.Hope to have more response here on my fiction.Thank You...

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Post by yina on 7/25/2009, 8:40 am


~The runaway~


[Yuna’s POV]

I was sitting alone on the bench at the park. It was a chilly night in a winter. but there’s no snow. Looking at the watch on my wrist, it was 10 minutes past midnight. I threw my sight on the middle on the field in front of me and sighed.

“Hmmmmhhh… It is my birthday but no one had wished me any.” I closed my eyes and continued thinking about my life as an exchanged overseas student in a very big city as Seoul.As I took the cup which next to me, I mumbled again and scratched my head.

“Aish! When did I finish the coffee?” The cup was empty. Not even a drop of coffee left.I looked around for a trash bin but can’t see any. After makes sure there is no one around, I stood up straight and grinned.

“1…. 2… 3! iiiyyyaahh!!!” I yelled out while I threw the empty cup far away. But suddenly…

“Arrgghhhh…. Ya! Who’s that?” A husky voice came from somewhere. I was stunted and turned as I wanted to run away from that place. My mind was assuming many bad things.

“Oh My God! Yaish… who’s that sitting alone silently in this damn chilly night? Ommo.. hopefully it’s not a police on patrol. If so… I’m dead!” I murmured to myself. I really had no idea that there’s someone else at the park. As I was about to start my first step to run…

“Ya! You! Wait there!” I froze as the voice commanded me. I put the hood on and covered my face with both my hands.

“You did this?” That voice was getting closer and closer and I can really feel him very close right in front me.

“Put down your hood and your hand. Don’t hide your face, jerk!” He commanded again. Like being hypnotized, I put my hood down and uncovered my face but still, my eyes was looking on the ground. I felt like I am being strangled.

“I asked you. Is this yours?” The voice asked again in anger but still with politeness.

“Errr… Mi…mian..opsss…. chong song hamnida.” My words stumbled in freaks.

“Mian? Huh!” he smirked and moved a step closer to me.

“Errr.. N.. no…I said.. Chong.. chong song hamnida..”I bowed continuously, still without looking at the guy in front of me. I really doesn’t have any courage to look at who was standing in front of me. But I was predicted that ‘he’ must be a police on duty.

“Huh! Our country has the rules. NO LITTERING! Didn’t you learn it at school?” He tortured again.

“I’m really sorry, sir! Please don’t arrest me. I promised will never littering again, Sir!” I forced myself to say that.

“What??? Ya! Who I am to arrest you? Ohoo.. Look who’s here.. I’m talking with an idiot. Since when did a police wearing his jeans and coat on duty? Tell me!” He smirked and rubbed his neck.

His words was enraged me. It felt like an enormous stone was sitting on my head. I looked up and stared deeply at the guy who was standing in front me. Hearing someone who I doesn’t know calling me “An idiot” was really an enraged thing.

“What? Want a fight?” the guy asked. I starred at his face but can’t see it clearly since the lights at the park was so dim.

“You! Is this how you treat a foreigner?” I replied as I clenched my tooth.

“Ohooo.. so! You are a foreigner? Hmph… Yeah, yeah, yeah… an IDIOT and LIAR! Good! That’s perfect! So, which country will you tell me you’re from?” The guy replied.

“Ya! Really!!! I AM A FOREIGNER! You got it?” I yelled, getting myself closer to his face. I tought he might be had smelled a bad smells from my mouth when I saw him sniffed and his eyebrows was crunched together.

“Serve you right!” I smirked. “Okay.. okay…” His smiles seems cynical to me. He nodded his head.

“Okay.. Look! I’m an exchanged student from Malaysia. I’m studying at Seoul University in my 3rd semester. Satisfied?” I explained it to him without being asked.

“Well… I need to. I mean.. believe in you.” He said. “Ms. Foreigner, let me tell you my country’s rule. In Korea, no littering, okay?!”The guy continued his words and reach my hand. He passed the empty cup right into mine. Felt I am being fooled, I straighten up my stand and moved three steps backward.

“Okay, you jerk! You’ll get it from me tonight! 1.. 2… 3…” I mumbled and starts counting.

“YA!DAMN YOU STUPID JERK!CRAZY DOG!” then I threw the empty cup to him and ran crazily without looking back. I ran too fast like I was really chasing by a crazy dog.

Finally I reached a shop nearby and took a sit, catching up my breath back.

“Huh! Almost get caught! Aishhh!!! Pabo me! I even can’t see his face clearly. If ever I can see his face just now, I’ll make sure he’ll serve it next time if I meet him again!” I hits my forehead for times and bit my lips. I was going to start my step for home, when a dog barked and I was freaking shocked. Without hesitation, I ran quickly until I reached home.

“Wahh!!! That’s the real crazy dog!” I said as I stepped in into my apartment, panting. As I was going to take my phone out from my bag, I noticed something….



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Post by yina on 7/25/2009, 8:52 am



Yuna entered her apartment’s building after the escape.She was knockingthe door as she was panting after survived from a crazy dog that chasedher. As she wanted to call Sora to open the door, she noticed something.

“Ommo! My phone! My bag!! Ommo!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh………” she screamed. Sora who was sitting on the couch inside heard a scream outside and quickly opened the door.

“Ya! Stop screaming! Just call me. pabo!” Sora said in anger.

“That’s the problem! Sora ya! I’m in a big trouble now!” Yuna rushed herself to enter the house and sat on the couch. Her face changed. Worried…

“What trouble? Someone followed you here? Who? Gangster?” Sora asked continuosly. Yuna clenched her teeth and hugged the cousion tighter.

“My bag, my phone, my diary,my…. Ahhhh….” Yuna cried.

“Why, why?” Sora curioused.

“Okay… I was sitting at the park. And this one guy scolded me because I threw a coffee can to him. It was an accident. I was too afraid and then… I ran away from him and… my bag… I left it there! Haaaaa…. Ottohkae jigeum?” Yuna cried again. Sora looked at her with her big round eyes.

“What? You left your bag at the park? Huh! I bet you’ll never get it back!” Sora smirked, pushing Yuna’s head.

“Really? Huhu… Thanks God I kept my wallet in my pocket. If not, I’m hhhuuuuu…” Yuna cried.

“Yuna ya! Lets watch this!” Sora said excitedly, referring to DBSK’s album in her hand. Yuna smiled and her face looked excited.

Both the girls actually were DBSK’s fan.They never missed every singles or albums that DBSK had since their first debut.Both even know each members’ fullname and birthday.They called themselves a “Yuyu’s gungju”!Weird name,rite?But that’s stand for Yuchun’s and Yunho’s name.Yuna’s favourite is Yuchun and Sora’s is Yunho. Since she knew Yuna,they shares the same interest and hobbies,singing!Sora knows how to cheer Yuna up.Just by watching at DBSK’s MV or listening to their song,she’ll get better.Especially the part with Yuchun.

“Really? Let’s watch it together!” Yuna said excitedly.

“Okay!Chhhaaaa~~~~~~~” said Sora and started to play the CD that she had on her hand.

Actually, Sora’s full name is Kim So Hyun. But Yuna called her Sora because it was her mom who called her with that name.Fisrt time meeting her,she called her SoHyun unnie but after a long while,she just go with Sora!

*Yuna’s flash back*

Yuna came to Korea more than a year ago. She was a selected student to farther her study in Phsychology in Seoul University. She has no one in Korea until he met Sora one day at a Seoul subway station. They’re waiting for the train to Ilsan when an old man asked Yuna which train should he take to go to Kwangju. Yuna was very new to Korea till then. While she was trying to say her words, Sora helped her by telling the old man how. Yuna was very thankfull and they’d chat until the train arrived. They sat together in the train and started to know each other. Sora was older than her actually but she refused to be called unnie.

“Looks like you’re not Korean.” Sora asked her. Yuna nodded her head slowly.

“Which country are you from?” She asked again.

“Malaysia” Yuna answered simply.

“Owhhh… So, what are you doing here in Korea?” she asked.

“I’m a student.” Sora nodded her head after hearing Yuna’s answer.

“Well, I’m Kim So Hyun. You?” she introduced herself.

“Siew Yuna.”

“Are you Chinese?” Sora asked.

“Umm… yes. I am.” Yuna still shy.

“How old are you?” She asked Yuna.

“I am 23. you? She got more brave to ask Sora.

“Errmmm… So I’m your unnie. I’m 25.” She answered Yuna with a warm smile. Yuna feels confident and they changed their contact number. Sora works at a Boutique as a promoter girl. Since that day, they’ve become a very good friend and now, Yuna is one of the family member of Sora’s.

*End of Flash back*

“Ommo! Yunho is so cool! Wahh.. Look! Jaejoong ah!!! Yuna! I heard that DBSK will have their tour concert soon. Lets go then?!” Sora said excitedly. Sora was focusing on the MV, “O” Jung. Ban. Hab.

“Tour?Hummhhh…I don’t think I can go.”Yuna sighed and supported her chin with both her hands.Her eyes was glued on the TV’s screen.

“Wei?”Asked Sora but still,her eyes was on the screen.

“For the rest 5 months,I only have about $600.Not enough for my college fees.”Yuna sighed.

“Borrow mine first!”said Sora.Her eyes was shining brightly.

“I can’t.I even not paying you my old debt.” she said in her worried face.

“Don’t worry about those debt.Considered settled!”Sora smiled and snaked her left arm around Yuna’s shoulder.

“No,no!I’ll pay you” replied Yuna.

“Siew Yuna!I said it’s settled!”Sora said as he pushed Yuna on the couch and starts to tickle her.

“Ya!Kemanhae!Ya,ya!!!!!”YUna screamed and both laughed happily.


Sora ran away,left Yuna who was panting for air.She went to her room and took a small box on her bed.She walked back to the living room and passed the box to Yuna.

“What is this?” Yuna asked as her hand reached the small box that Sora passed to her.

“Saengil Chuka hae!”Sora said and smiled.

“Kumawo…unnie…”Yuna was touched by the small present and hugged Sora.

“Unnie?Ya!Don’t call me unnie!”yelled Sora and pushed Yuna back.

“Arasso,Sora ya!”she smiled and pulled her back to hug.

“Sora,can I open it now?”She asked and her eyes was on the box,taking a glance at every corner of the small box.It was about a small box that just fix the size of a ring box.

“Yup!”Sora nodded her head and smiled.Yuna opened the white wrap slowly.A black box was hiding underneath it.

“Hummhhh… What is it???” she murmured.Her fingers was busy unwrapped the box.

“Sora,kumawo!”She hugged Sora once again.She took the ring out of the box and placed it on her small finger.

“Chohwa?”Sora asked and hold Yuna’s hand.

“Of course I do!Chohwa!”she said with a bright smile.Her eyes was looking at the ring happily.

“I got one too!!!”Sora finally revealed her finger and the same
shape of ring was on her finger too.The one with Y&S crafted on it.

“Wahh….couple ring?Y&S…YUNHO & SORA!”said Yuna in a smile.

“Annyi…Yuna & Sora!For our friendship!Yuna ya,thanks for being my friend,ne..kumapta!”Sora looked at Yuna and smiled.

“Thanks to you too,Sora.I owed you much!”They then hugged each other untill the next song played,Sesange Dan Hanappunin Ma-eum(You’re my

*[the translation]*

My love Open my heart,
inside big and small,
you are there…
I am showing it only to you.
In my life that is so dark,
your existence that is like the stars in the night sky.
gives me hope…

When had it been when I became an adult,
the world that never cut me slack,
caused by lies and failures,
I threw away all future expectations
Like an angel you approached a guy like me deep into my soul
Freeing me from this sorcery…

Cause you’re my miracle If I have you the whole world,
changes into a white dream,
Do you know? I cannot show you how much I love you,
and I’m always sorry for that…

Everyday I grow weary with life,
there were times after having a serious fight
I would be afraid that you would leave me(I won’t let you go)
I who always give you pain,
You who always gives me the prettiest smile,
Because of you I can live for today…

A life that can last forever,
disappears like the wind in one moment,
People who change because of disappointment and pain,
even if I leave…
Just you(Just you) Just you in my world.
If we were to live together,
life’s greatest billows would be nothing to be afraid of

Cause you’re my miracle,
If I have you the whole world changes into a white dream
Do you know?
I cannot show you how much I love you,
and I’m always sorry for that…

Of all the many people in this world,
they way I have gotten to meet you It’s destiny.
If the world gives permission for us to be happy no matter when,
For you I will find that dream you have long ago forgotten…

Cause you’re my miracle,
If I have you the whole world changes into a white dream,
Do you know?
I cannot show you how much I love you,
and I’m always sorry for that,
I promise I will be with you forever,

“Yuna,our boys’ voice were like an angle’s voice”Sora said and continued listening to the song…. Yuna nodded her head twice….

“My Yuchun is the best!”she said without looking at Sora.

“No!My Yunho is the best!”Sora teased back.

“No!Uri DONGBANGSHINKI is the best!”Yuna said and looked at Sora with a warm smile…


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Post by yina on 7/25/2009, 9:21 am




“Yunho hyung, when will our practice start?” asked Yuchun during their breakfast at DBSK’s place. It was 8 in the morning. Yunho looked up as he was chewing the food.

“2 pm. Why?” he answered him.

“Yuchun hyung, let’s play game after this.” Changmin interrupted. Yuchun took a glance over him and pointed out to a silent Jaejoong with his lips.

“Jaejoong Hyung? Huh! No… Not with him!” Changmin said in proud. That’s annoyed Jaejoong.

“Okay! We’ll see it then!” As he stared at Changmin and bit the spoon harder. All of them laughed.

“Haaa… Yuchun! Why did you asked me just now?” Yunho asked him again.

“Nothing. I just want to go out somewhere.” Yuchun smiled to his friend and continued eating.

“Where.. where? Can I come with you?” Junsu asked curiously and looked at Yuchun excitedly.

“YOU… CAN’T!” He replied and chuckled. Junsu frustrated.

“Ahaa… Yunho.. I want to show you something. Come to my room after this, okay” Jaejoong suddenly remembered something that he found last night and wanted to show it to Yunho.

“Okay” as he replied. All of them were concentrated on their meal.

“1… 2… 3… I’m finished!” Changmin slurped his last ramen and jumped
from his chair and ran to the living room. He plumped himself onto the sofa and humming.

“Ya!! Shim Changmin! Undong are not working if you keep behave like that. You’ll have your big belly soon, before you get your first kid!” Jaejoong yelled as he collected dishes to the kitchen. Yunho then joined Changmin and both sang…

Omma… himnae sae yo. Uri ga, itchanayo! Omma.. sarang haeyo. Hwananda, keman haeyo..” both of them laughed before Jaejoong ran towards them with a pan on his hand.

“Ya! Yorobeun! Kemanhae!” he yelled and the house became merrier by their laughs and jokes.

“Look! Elders are more childish than us. No blame on Changmin for behaves like that. That’s why fans writes they’re gay!” Yuchun talked to Junsu as he was going to enter his room.

Junsu nodded as he said with a bright smile.. “Yuchun, can I come with you? Hoping that Yuchun will say YES this time.

“Sorry… YOU CAN’T!” Yuchun pointed it out again and that’s made Junsu sighed.


*Inside Yuchun’s room*

His room was not as big as Yunho’s and Changmin’s. He shared it with Jaejoong but sometimes Jaejoong let him sleep alone when he slept with that two guy (referring to Changmin and Yunho).

After a day practise, Yuchun will take some rest or naps in his room. Sometimes, when he can feels the loneliness in his heart, he’ll sit on his composing chair and turned on the midi player then listened to the songs before he create a fantastic heart’s art. He first experienced writing song’s for album during DBSK’s first album. The song titled ‘Mitdoyo’ which means I believe. During that time, he was only in his training days.

Let me prove that my love is real..
I’ll give all my love to you..
Please trust me…

Yuchun get dressed and take a glimpse at the bag on his bed. Last night, Jaejoong asked him when he got home.

*The night Yuchun met Yuna*

“Hyung, not sleep yet?” Yuchun asked as he saw Jaejoong was lying on his bed, playing with his phone. Jaejoong shook his head but not looking at Yuchun.

Yuchun pulled up his sweater and grabbed a towel before he walked to the bathroom. He made a step by step to his bed after washed himself and pulled his full covered body onto his bed. He lied down and pillowed his head with his right hand. His left hand was trying to reach the bag on the table next to his bed.

“Ya… who’s bag is that? Don’t tell me you’ve changed your style to girly!” Jaejoong said and leaned his body sided. Yuchun smirked and then laugh.

“If I said YES, do you mind?” Yuchun teased.

“Really? Hurmm… Get ready for your cargos of girl’s stuff on your becoming birthday!” Jaejoong teased back. He stood up and took a glance at Yuchun before he made his step to the bathroom.

Yuchun smiled and said.. “I was kidding! Why should I? Or else, our fans will continuously spreading hot topics on internet that we, DBSK are having a fair with each other. You and Yunho hyung; me and Junsu! Yerkkss!” Yuchun pointed his mouth open like it was really disgusted after Jaejoong showed his face out of the bathrooms door.

Jaejoong turned to Yuchun, “Don’t you feel that was sweet? Ya, Yuchun ah. If you are a girl, which member you really wanna couple with?” Jaejoong’s eyes shone brightly as he asked Yuchun that stupid scary question.

Yuchun startled and yelled.. “WHAT?! ME?! No.. no.. andwe! I’ve never dreamt of that kind of stuff.” Yuchun pulled his face away from Jaejoong’s. Jaejoong pouted and glided back to his bed.

“But hyung.. If I’m a girl, I really wanted to date.. YOU!” Yuchun’s seduction began. He stared at Jaejoong and smiled cheekily.

“Me?! Oh no! I’d preferred Yunho!” He grinned and winked. Yuchun smirked.

“No wonder you’re so…”

“So what?!” Jaejoong asked back.

“So cheezy with him! Ha ha ha!” Yuchun burst into laughter. Angry Jaejoong woke up and walked leaving the teaser Yuchun to his soulfighter’s room. (Changmin’s).

“Hyung, where are you going? To your “hubby”?” Again, he teased Yunho’s “wife”. Jaejoong pouted and grab Yuchun’s red and black spotted ladybird pillow then dashed it to Yuchun. He left in anger.

After that “wife” leaves, Yuchun took the bag and open it slightly. He took out the stuffs inside one by one. Finally, the bag was empty. He looked at every stuffs that he just took out from that bag.

“Keys, lips gloss, hair brush, note book, a pen, a white scarf, a box, passport, wallet, a bottle of medicine, a white Ipod…” he named the things one by one.

Done with naming the stuffs, he took a note book and opened it. He read the hand writing roughly and turned to the latest page, today.

♥️TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Laughing I’m having that kind of “YIPPIE” and “OH NO!”feeling about today. YIPPIE for my birthday. “OH NO!” for I’m now turning to 21!!But I thanked GOD because I still can breath now. At least, I still have HIM in this lonely “birth” day! The college is still ‘on leave’ and that’s a relief. I don’t have any class tomorrow so I can spend my whole night at the park. PARTY? Never! I hate party! CLUBBING?? Too… I mean, I hate clubbing too. Forcing some alcohols into my stomach will makes me suffer latter. My poor future husband can’t see me longer if I do not make my life healthier from now. Ommo! Did I just mentioned about a future husband? Who will he be? I wondered who too. Hopefully he’s a crazily handsome guy,(not a handsome crazy man!!) with a sweet smile, tough but inside him was a caring and loving personality, with a small clear eyes, rosy lips, skinny but nice, and ahh… STOP DREAMING SIEW YUNA! WHO LIKES THAT WILL FALL FOR YOU? LOOK AT YOURSELF INSTEAD! ♥️

“So her name is Siew Yuna?” Yuchun mumbled before he continued reading.

♥️MOM…DAD…. I MISS YOU… Sad Huh.. my little brother must be very happy with my family by his side now me… aaahh…. Forget about that! I still have Sora here. Yup! She’s the only one who’d wished me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Thankz Sora gun! *smile* Ok! I wrote too long tonite. Sitting in the park alone… DON’T DISTURB ME! Enough for tonite. Annyong… v ♥️

A lonely devoted cassieopeia,

Yuchun closed the book.

“Hurmmm… She’s right! Okay… she’s also a CASSIOPEIA!” he smiled and put the book back into the bag. Now he got a few informations about the bag’s owner by reading the diary. So! He decided to return the bag back to her.

“But how? It’s a break so she might not be at her campus. Yuchun tought but his eyes forced him to sleep. The night ended as tomorrow comes.

*End of the night Yuchun met Yuna*

After dressed up, Yuchun took the keys on the table and walked out.

“Yuchun ah, come home before 12!” Yunho reminded but his eyes were locking to the TV’s screen.

“Okay!” Then he leaved.



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After a short while driving, Yuchun arrived to Seoul University. He parked his car at the guest carpark and walked to the information counter. The campus area was very quite since it was a holiday. Only a few lecturer and students can be seen at the campus area. Maybe working on their course work or some assignments.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a student here. Whom shall I see?” Yuchun asked as he reached the information counter.

Ommo! Dongbangshinki Micky Yuchun? Ommo.. ommo… Ottohkae??!!!” The lady screamed instead of answering his question. Yuchun smiled and smiled.

“Shhh…. Miss, please don’t scream like that. I don’t want anyone know that I’m here.” He told the lady.

“Okay2!! But are you the real Micky Yuchun from DBSK?” She asked and now her hand was busy giving Yuchun a pen and a book.

“Can I have your autograph, please?” She asked without need Yuchun’s confirmation. Yuchun grabbed the book and signed it.

“Miss, errr… Can you please just answer my question?” Yuchun repeated. The lady patted her forehead and smiled.

“Opss… I’m sorry. What’s your question just now?” she asked. Yuchun scratched his head and looked around. He sighed.

“I’m looking for a student. Whom shall I meet?” He repeated the same question.

“May I know you’re looking for a girl or a boy student?” the lady asked.

“Errr…. You don’t need to know. Just tell me whom shall I meet?” Yuchun refused to answer her. The lady seems frustrated.

“Okay. You can see Mr. Kim Yong Min. You go to the 3rd floor, walked straight from the elevator. Then turn right and you can see his room is the third from left. He is the Officer on duty today.” The lady gave Yuchun the information and he left.
Yuchun walked trough the hallway until he came to an elevator. Suddenly, a couple of girls ran towards him. He quickly ran into the elevator but the girls followed him.

“Micky Yuchun??? Wahhhh!!! He’s so handsome!” A girl screamed.

“So cute!” The other said. They looked at Yuchun as they want to eat them. Yuchun forced his smile.

“Micky Yuchun ssi! Can I take pictures with you?” a girl took out her phone and suddenly grabbed Yuchun’s hand. Yuchun was startled. He
forced his smiles and slowly pulled back his hand from the girl.

“Aisshhh!!! Why are this elevator so slow? Come on…. Faster2!!” Yuchun mumbled inside. The girls were enjoying themselves taking some pictures with Yuchun. Suddenly the elevator opened. Without hesitation, Yuchun started his step and ran out from the elevator. He quickly ran to the room that he had been mentioned before. But…

“Oucchhh!!!Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….Omma!!!!” He screamed as he loose controll of his own balance when a woman suddenly appeared in front of him with her troly. Yuchun tried to control himself but…. BANNGGGGG!!!! He fell and his leg was in a pail. Yuchun’s was all wet and he can’t stand up. The woman stared at him then helped him to stand up. Yuchun thanked her.

“You should be more carefull next time. Look! You’re all wet now.” The woman said.

“Thank you, ajumma. Err… I’m sorry. Kwenchana yo,ajumma?” said Yuchun.

“I who should ask weather you’re okay or not. I’m totally alright.” The woman answered back.

“Aaahhhh. I’m allright… Errmmm… ajumma, I want to see Mr. Kim Young Min. Which one is his room?” He asked as his hand was taking off his wet jacket. He then took his glasses and wiped it.

“Ooo… so you’re not a student here? I think I ‘ve seen you somewhere before but I really can’t remember.” The woman said and raised her eyebrows. Yuchun startled.

“Errr… must be someone just looks like me. I’m not a student here.” Yuchun scratched his head.

“Mr. Kim’s room was there. You can see his name on the door.” The woman said while her hand was pointing at one of the room.

Komapsumnida, ajumma. I’m going now.” He bowed before he left for the room. Reaching at the mentioned room, he knocked the door. A man with a black suite and glasses opened it.

“How can I help you?” The man asked. He looked at Yuchun head to toe as he wondered who he is.

“I’m looking for Mr. Kim Young Min. Are you Mr. Kim Young Min?” he asked. The man nodded and let Yuchun in.

“Is there anything that I can help you? Which course are you in? Or are you having any problems with your study?” Mr. Kim Young Min asked Yuchun as he told him to have a seat.

“Actually, I’m not a student here. Hence, I’m looking for a student. She’s an overseas exchanged student. A girl! I’m not sure which course she took.” Said Yuchun. Mr. Kim looked at him curiously.

“I think I’ve seen you before. Errmm..” he said. Yuchun startled.

“Ye?Err… ne! I am a singer.” Answered Yuchun.

“Sir, how can I meet that girl?” He asked Mr. Kim back.

“Ohh! I’m sorry. Err.. you said the she is an exchanged student. From which country?” he asked Yuchun.

“Malaysia” Yuchun answered back.

“There’s so many Malaysian student here. Which course or which year did she in?”

“Second year student. But I’m not sure which course, sir.”

“Okay.. There’s 3 exchanged female student in our second year. Here… tell me if her name is here.” Mr. Kim gives Yuchun a file and he opened it. He checked at all the namelist and his eyes catched Yuna’s name.

“Here, sir. Her name is Siew Yuna.” He passed the file back to Mr. Kim.

“Errmmm… okay. Since today is a holiday, so you can’t see her now. But you can check at the library if she was there. Sometimes, overseas student spend their break completing their coursework.” Said Mr.Kim. Yuchun nodded his head and smiled.

“Thank you, sir. But I can’t make it now. Errr… can I ask for that student’s information? I mean her phone number or her address?” Yuchun asked.

“Actually, is there any important matter that make you need to see her in person?” asked Mr.Kim.

“Yes, sir. She forgot her bag at the park last night. So I’m here to return it to her.” Yuchun pointed at the bag.

“ Oho… if that so, I can give you her information. You can call or see her yourself.” Yuchun kept the contact number that Mr. Kim had given inside his phone memory. He left the room after said thank you to him. He walked slowly, looking around to make sure there’s no fans waiting for him outside the building. While he was tip-toeing to enter the elevator, he
bumped into the woman that he had met before.

Ajumma?! Annyong haseyo…” he bowed. she smiled to him.

“Emmm… So, have you met Mr. Kim?” she asked. Yuchun nodded his head.

“Yea… Thanks a lot, ajumma..” he replied.

“Ummm…” she answered, leaving Yuchun alone.

Ajumma! I need your help!” Yuchun suddenly ran after her and wished that she can help him this time.

“What is it?” she answered and her face looked curious.

“Err… Actually, I’m going to get my car at the car park but I’m afraid that the girls are waiting for me outside there. Can you help me?”he asked. Yuchun scratched his head and grinned.

“Aaaaa… But… why are they waiting for you?” she asked again. This time more seriously.

“Errr… Have you heard a band boy called DONGBANGSHINKI before? They’re famous with that ‘HUG’ and ‘Pungson’ song.” Said Yuchun. The woman looked right at his face.

DONGBANGSHINKI? Sound’s familiar. Ohhooo…. Yea, yea, yea… I know them. But who are you?” She asked. Her eyebrows crunched and it met to each other.

“I’m DONGBANGSHINKI Micky Yuchun.” Yuchun answered her but her face get more curious.

“What a strange name? Are you someone from China?” she said as her hand touched Yuchun’s shoulder. Yuchun felt like to burst out his laugh but hold it the best. He looked at the woman’s face and answered with smile.

“No… My name is Park Yuchun. But my stage name is Micky Yuchun. That’s the name I used to have while I’m in America.” He explained. she nodded her head for times, understood.

“Park Yuchun? Emm, tell me how can I help you then?” she asked.

“Have you see any girls waiting for me outside there just now?” Yuchun thanked since she willing to help him. She shook her head, means there’s no one outside. Yuchun felt relieved.

“Aaahhh.. what a relief. Thank you so much, ajumma.” He said before he left her. Yuchun leaved the campus with a relief. He drove back to his apartment for their schedule.



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[Yuchun's POV]

“Hello,may speak to Siew Yuna?”I asked after someone answered my call.Hopefully,the number I dialled before is belong to the girl that I mean.

“Ye,Yuna’s speaking.Who’s this?”the voice asked me.

“I found your bag at the park.Can we meet?”I asked directly.Not going to talk too long to her.Thanks to God that was her home phone’s number so she never knew my numbers.

“You found my bag?What a relief.Okay!Where can I meet you?”She asked me back.I thought for a while.

“Tonight at the park where you left your bag.”I answered,not going to let her know that I was the one who yelled at her that night.

“Okay,thank you so much!I don’t know how to thank you for your kindness.”She said before we ended the call.


I was waiting at the park where I promised to meet the girl.After about 10 minutes of waiting,I saw she walked towards me.

“Sorry,I was late.”she said politely.I looked at her with my dark gogles on.

“It’s okay.”I said.

“Where is my bag?”She asked me.

“Owh!Sorry!Here it is.”I was awaken from a short tought I had before.Her dark eyes,her long waving black hair,the sharp pointed nose she had,it mesmerized me.I just can’t say anything but stunted.

“Owhh..thank you so much!I owed you!”She said with her clear eyes looking at me. Aish!I was really fallen with that eyes.With that round and big eyes she had.

“Not a big deal.Errr…Is there anything missing?”I asked her.

“Thankz God.Everything were just here.Thank you so much!How can I pay you?”She said.

“Let’s have some coffee and talk.”I offered her,still with my dark glass I had on my eyes.The hood was perfectly covering my head.

“Okay!As you wished.”She said with her very warmed and sweet smile. We walked towards a bench and took a sit.I handed her a cup of hot coffee and sighed.

“It’s very cold,rite?”I said as the ice breaker.She took a glance at me and giggled.

“Ermmm..well,it is winter.Quite normal..”She replied…

“’re right!Errr…Miss…”My words just stopped there when I noticed that I was about to call her Miss Foreigner.

“Yuna!Just call me Yuna.You?”she said to me,moving her right hand forward.I took the hand and we shook.

“Yuchun!Park Yuchun!”I replied.

“Park Yuchun?Hihihi…Dongbangshinki Micky Yuchun!”She chuckled.I smiled and looked on the ground.

“Yes,I am!”I answered without looking at her face.

“Hihihi..You’re very funny.I’m the most happy person if you are the real Park Yuchun.”she said,again,giggled.

“Well,you are.Err…So!Umm..I’m sorry I read your diary!”I said to her.She looked at me with her round eyes before turned the look to the other side.

“You read?Ouwwhhhh…that was so embarassing!”she covered her face with both her hands.I took a short glance at her.The white jacket he wore with the grey skinny jeans was just fit her cute image.

“I need to because I need to know who is the owner.If I don’t read it,the diary will never be returned to you.”I answered.

“Owhh.That’s rite!”she said,patted on her forehead.

“Yuna ssi,this is for you.”I handed her a box wrapped nicely in a red paper.

“What is this?”she asked bluntly.

“Your Birthday present.”I replied.

“Birthday present?But how…”She stopped there.

“It was written in your diary.”I said.

“Owhhh…yeah…Ummm..Can I open it now?”she asked.

“Sure!”Then her hands was busy unwrapped the box.

“Wah…DBSK’s latest album!Ahh..What a shame..”I can see her face turned into reddish color.

“Why?”I asked. “Well,so you know I’m DBSK’s fan?”she asked me back.

“That’s why I give you that.And the scarf.I’m sorry if it’s just a simple one.”I pointed at the white scarf with small green flowers on it.

“No!I like it!Thank you so much!But,How did you get all the DBSK’s members signatures here?”she asked.I smiled and looked at her.

“I am Park Yuchun.Don’t you remember?”I asked,taking my glass and my hood off.I can see her startled face the moment I took off my hood and glass.

“What..You???Park Yuchun ssi???”Her words stumbled and her jaw dropped.

“Emmm..I am.But can you keep the secret?”I asked her.

“What secret?”she asked me back.

“That we met tonight!”I said.

“Owhh..okay!Me too won’t be other Cassiopeia’s enemy.”She answered with her sweet smile again.

“Thank you.”I replied….


[Yuna's POV]

“Oh my God!This is the real Park Yuchun!”I was startled when he took off his cap and glasses.No wonder he want to meet me at night.

“What secret?”I replied him when he asked me to keep a secret.

“That we met tonight!”He replied.I looked at his calm face,very cool.That was just like a dream to me.

“Owhh…okay!Me too won’t be other Cassiopeia’s enemy.”I replied and smiled to him.I looked aside and pinched on my lap.

“Ouchh!”I groaned.It’s hurt,means I’m not dreaming.

“What’s wrong?”He asked me. “Uh?Nothing!”I answered,grinned..

“Owh…”He replied,stucking the hair he had on his forehead back to the top. That night,we talked and shared many things.I can feel the warm feeling inside my heart.I just can’t say how happy I was that night when I got a chance to talk to one of my favourite band’s member.

“See you again next time.”He said when he had stopped me in front of my apartment’s building.I’ve never dream to ride on Park Yuchun’s car before but that night,it’s all happened.I was too happy and felt like I want to yell over the world that I met Park Yuchun tonight.

“See me again?Enlighten me,please..”I asked him back.

“Really,I mean wanna see you again next time.”he said and smiled.

“Umm..Well,I’m looking forward to it!”I said cynically and smiled.

“Why?Won’t trust me?”he asked.

“No..It’s not that..Just wondering when will you have your next “free time”.”I moved my two fingers,inverted the “free time” word I said.

“Hahaha…I sure will see you again!”He replied before drove away and leaved me with a warm feeling I had inside.

“Thank you,GOD!”I whispered and walked towards my house.




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[Yuna's POV]

For these three days after I met Yuchun, I can feel I am more energetic than I was before. Walking along the hallway towards my class, I smiled to everyone I saw. Maybe some of them thought how odd a girl like me smiled for no reason. It’s just my feeling want me to express it.

“Yuna! That was the bag you left at the park, rite? Your favourite bag? I remembered it was it!” Sora asked me this morning when I was about to walked away from her car.

“Yup!It was and it is my favourite bag. Today and for eternity!~” I answered with a smile.Sora just gives me her stranged look.

“What that supposed to mean?” She asked me back.

“Nothing… Sora ya, I’ll tell you later!Bye!See you tonight!” I said and started my steps to the campus front gate.

“Ya!I’ll maybe late tonight!Don’t wait for me for dinner!”She said leaving me after saying those message.


[Yuchun's POV]

I was thinking to call her or not.I looked through out the glass window from our apartment.

Hyung,get ready.”Changmin, the youngest among us appeared.

“Owh? Okay,I’m coming.” I took my phone and walked to the living room.The other members were there except Junsu.

“Where’s Junsu?” I asked to the others.

“In the toilet doing his business.” Jaejoong answered me with his cold face.

“Again with him the last!” I sighed and joined the others on the couch.

Mianhae,mianhae.Let’s go!We’re late!”Junsu suddenly appeared with his blunt face.

“Late?It was you who make us late!” I said and gives him a deep stare.

“What?Jealous you can’t be late like me?” Junsu said with his naughty face and his tongue out, annoyed me.

“Huh!You should cover your ass hole with rock or something!You duck butt!”I shouted and ran away to reach our car.

“Ya!Park Yuchun!Ya,ya!!!” He ran after me and squeaked with his dolphin voice.


[Yuna's POV]

“Aishh… What happened to me?I’ve never had this kind of feeling before.Ahh… Siew Yuna!Concentrate!!!!” I knocked my forehead with my palm again and again.Every moment I had with Yuchun that night was playing repeatedly inside my head.

“I’m going to be crazy if this thing keep happened.”I murmured.I looked at the book that I had in front of me, let it opened without read it.

“Yuna, yuna!!!Don’t dream of meet him again!It’s just your luck that night!God was telling you that you’re a lucky person!”I murmured again and again.Having a thought that I had no mood for study,I walked out from the library and waited for the bus.
It was already 9 at night when I sat on the bench where I was there the night I left my bag at the park.I took my phone out and stared at it.

“I wish he’ll call me..” I said and smiled alone.It was just like an idiot!


[Yuchun's POV]

“Shall I call her?” I asked to myself when we got a chance to take a break from our dance practise.

“Ya,I saw you slided your phone in and out since these few days.What is it that makes you look worry?”Yunho approached me.He was wiping his face with the white towel he had on his hand.

“Ahh?Nothing!” I answered.

“No, tell me.Are you waiting for someone to call you?”He asked me again.I looked at his face,thinking about the answer I can give him.

“Err…no,hyung.I just have this “phone sliding” sickness lately.Me too don’t know why I keep on sliding it in and out.” I know it was a stupid answer but I’ll try not to tell him until I was ready, one day.

“”Phone sliding sickness”?Is that a new type of sickness that had been proved by scientist or you just made it up?” He asked with his curious face.

“Hehehe…I giggled without giving him my honest answer.

“I’m going to the toilet!”I tried to give him any excuses, in attempt to escape from his next question.

I left Yunho with his blunt face and walked to the toilet.Not forgetting my phone on my hand.

“Aishh…I think I wanna call her.I’m going nut if I just keep on thinking like this!”I pushed my phone and dialled her number that I had in my phone’s card.

“Hello,Yuna ssi?It’s me,Yuchun.”I said over the phone.For a few seconds,I can hear her voice on the next line.

“Yuchun ssi?Owhh..How are you?”She said and her voice sounds cold.Did I call on the wrong time or it was she who had some problems with her?I keep the silence for a while before I answered her question.

“Owh,I’m fine.You?How’s your days?”I asked the most popular question in the universe.

“I’m okay.Err…”She answered.

“Are you free tonight?Let have some talks again.”I offered her.I looked at the watch on my right wrist and the long needle pointed at number 9 and the short one was at 6.

“I’m at the park now.”She replied.

“Alone?”I asked again.

“Ummm..yep!Are you coming?”She asked on the phone.

“I’m at our company now.We’ll be over in about one hour.”I replied.

“Oh,I’ll wait then!”

“You’ll wait?But…”

“It’s okay!I’m so bored at home.I can wait for you.”She enlightened her words.

“Okay.See you there.Bye..”I pushed the off button on my phone and walked back to our dance room.


[Yuna's POV]

I sat on the bench and the dim light from the lamp gives me a warm feeling.I hugged myself with both my arms on my chest when the cold breeze blew out the chilly wind.

“Hello..”I answered my rang phone and was stunted when I heard the same voice I heard three days ago,telling me that he want to see me

“Yuchun ssi?Owh,how are you?”I was too excited and can’t think of any relevant question that I can ask him so I just going on with that most popular question in the universe.I was just thinking about him.

“Okay,see you!”I hang off the phone after we say goodbye and smiled.

“Yuna!You’re really a lucky Cassiopeia!”I murmured and smirked.

After about more than and hour,I saw a car stopped and a guy walked approaching me.

“Sorry for make you waiting.”He said politely and took a seat next to me.

“It’s okay..So,how was your schedule?Still going on with your heavy one?”I asked him.

“Yea….I wish I am invisible so I can dissappear when it’s time to our practises!”He sighed and passed me a can of drink.

“Carefull!It’s hot!”He said and looked at the can on my hand.

“Thank You…”I replied.


[Yuchun's POV]

I can see her hands trembling the moment I handed her the drink.I reminded her that it was hot.The silence fill the air as both of us have nothing to say.

“Yuchun ssi,what is your favourite colour?”She asked me suddenly.

“Me?Black and white!”I replied.

“I thought you like red!”she said again.

“Red?It is Cassiopeia’s colour,rite?What makes you think so?”I asked her,looking at her calm pale face.The winds blew her curl waving hair and it looked just perfect!

“Just I thought.”She replied.

“You?What’s your favourite colour?”I asked her the same question.

“White..”she replied.

“Seems like we have something in common!”I said excitedly and smiled to her.

“Hahaha…ermm…yes,maybe.???”she answered me and replied my smile.But her’s was too sweet!


It has been a month since Yuchun and Yuna met.It goes with a phone calls,then an invitation to talk at the same park,coffee,talks,text messages,and sometimes with guitar and mp3 player.It’s just for some couples of time maybe,but well…it went
farther from just a buddy to a friend for sharing.

When Yuchun was out to Japan for their work,Yuna waits and keep on waiting for his call like an idiot.And Yuchun,he was all the same!Missing her like crazy when he can’t got any chance to use his phone.Their schedule in Japan is more busy than what they had in Korea.At some level of missing her smile and can’t hear her voice,he write it into pieces of art.

“Yuchun ah,I can see something was wrong with you lately.What is it?”Sometimes,his friends asked for the reason he lost his happy face.

“Nothing!”That was the same answer he gives.The friend was just tired to asks him anymore.

Love is a nervous feeling that flutters your heart…
it is like a breathtaking lonliness…
Please keep looking at me with the same eyes…
always and forever like this.

If only you could stay close enough to me
so that my heart can relax…
just so that I could see you…
I would be very happy…

(Park Yuchun,Mitdoyo)

Yuchun and Yuna had the same feeling that they shared together.Yuchun,longing over the time when he can meet Yuna again,wishing he can fly over the sky and go to her.Yuna,crying over the sweet times that she and Yuchun had together,wishing that she can hear his voice if only just to asked her “how are you?”.But both,never
showed the true feelings that they had inside to each other.Yuchun was too afraid to agree that he was in love with her and Yuna was too shy to tell her true feeling.So both were two stupid lover,missing each other but can’t tell to the world!

I believe…
I believe that one can fall in love at first sight,
though I told you that it wasn’t possible.
I only hid this thought from you because
I was afraid that you would look at me as if I was careless and hasty.
To tell the truth,
ever since I met you I only lived with thoughts of you.
There was only one thing on my mind from when I woke up in the morning to
when I went to bed at night.

(Park Yuchun,Mitdoyo)




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[Yuchun’s POV]

Today we’ll going back to Korea after 2 months in Japan. I missed my friends in Korea so much, especially her. I can’t call her because I can’t let her see what I feels for her. Members keep on asking me why did I looks so gloomy lately. I only can give them my simple answer, “Nothing!”

I walked over the hallway in InCheon International Airport. The fans were shouting our name, and some were having the small posters of us on their hands. I put the earphone on my ears and let the song that played from my I-pod beat the sound of the girls screaming. We walked until we reached our car which waited outside at the VIP parking.

“Hyung, what will we have for this week?” Yunho asked our manager when we got into our car. Changmin and Jaejoong were both sleeping, tired due to our tight schedule in Japan. Junsu was talking over the phone.

“You have nothing for the next three days so everyone can get some rest. But we’ll have more tights schedule next week. Manager Lee Su Man want to see all of you at his office tomorrow. Maybe he have a few words for all of you.” The manager answered, looking at the planner book he had on his hand.

“So, are we free at night, hyung?” I asked the manager. I was just too excited with night lately.

“Ye.. And Yunho, won’t you going back to your parents home?” he asked.

“I was planning to but if we have nothing important.” Yunho replied, stretching his neck.

“I think you can go. Yuchun, what are you planning to do for those 3 days?”

“Huh? Me? Err… I’ve planned nothing.” I replied.

“Let’s come home with me! We’ll drive my car.” Yunho invited me. I am usually closes to Jaejoong’s family and so did to Yunho’s. Since my mother and brother were too far away in America, I really can’t see them always. But I promises one day, I’ll bring them back to Korea, after I buy a house for us!

“Err… I’ll tell you later. Maybe I’ll plan something to do.” I replied, not giving him any sure answer.

“Okay,”he said and closed his eyes.


[Yuna’s POV]

It has been two months since Yuchun didn’t call or text me. I was missing his voice, his face and his warmed smile. I often thought of calling her everyday but I was too afraid because I know he was too busy with his career.

“Park Yuchun! Why must we met and then let this feeling appeared and killing me inside?” I murmured as I was seated on the bench at the park where we always had our meets.I took out my I-pod and let the songs played over the earphone I had on my ears.

It’s feel like
beautiful thing
Below the moon’s shadow
The wind whispers in my ear
Where will it take me
Making the night turn white
A spirit that walks on clouds
Till the dawn comes
Till the night goes to sleep

I closed my eyes and all I have is the picture of your face. The sweet time we had together, although it was too short to enjoy, but it keeps remains inside my mind.You never knew how my hands were trembling when you sat close next to me.You never knew how it feels when our hands accidentally kissed each other, when your clear eyes looked at me and we both keep the silence fill the air. Those were all
awkward but sweet.

Time of love,
Oh my life..
When will be the chosen day
There is nothing in this world
That is not beautiful
For one to know everything in a lifetime
It’s too short of a trip..

Love is a journey that involved two people and it must starts with something people call the “meet” and will end to a never ending destination. But in this love I had, it’s only me who was on this un-named street. Waiting for someone to leads me the way to the right path at the beginning of the street. And I wish you have the same feeling I had now.

Though the seasons will come again
Time also passes
Life’s faint, light allowed
Only the memories remain
I am thankful for each day
So I put my hands together in a small prayer
Everything that is hidden in lies
May I love, please…

I prayed to God, to give someone that I can love for the whole of my life. Also hopping of you are missing me too, now. Just like what I felt for you. Having this love unsaid kills me from inside but I’ll try not to show it to you. Park Yuchun, please come back to light up my life….


[Yuchun’s POV]

I can’t hold it anymore. I really wanna see your face. I took my phone and pushed the alphabets buttons on the screen.

“Yuna ssi, are you free?” I texted her. Waiting for a moment, the phone beeped.

“Now?” she texted back.

“Yup! Let’s meet!” I knew it was already 1 in the morning but I just can help but longing to see her face.

“Okay!” she replied.

“Wait for me at your apartment. I’ll come to see you there.” I replied the text from her.

“Ok!” she replied back.

I took the key and drove to her apartment. About 30 minutes of driving, I reached there and saw she was standing next to the letter box in her pink wool coat. Her curly hair was set free with a white scarf that I gave her before on her head.I approached her, don’t know what expression I had actually on my face. But my heart was beating faster as I moved my steps faster to reach her.

“How are you?” I asked her, awkwardly. We just looked at each other, sometimes she dropped her looks on the green grass.

“Fine, you?” she asked me back.

“Ummm… not really..” I said.

“Why? Are you sick?” She asked with her panic face.

“Nope! Just missing someone badly!” I replied, staring at her. It was a meaningful look from me to her, hoping that she’ll understand my words.

“Owh… you must be missing your mom and Yuhwan a lot, rite? Have you phoned them?” Her answer makes me frustrated. That was not the answer that I want to hear from her!


[Yuna’s POV]

“Okay!” I replied his text. I was very happy the moment my phone beeped a message from her. My hands was shaking, pushing the keypad on the phone. Obviusly, I was too excited!I changed my pyjama into a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jean. Not forgetting my pink wool coat and the scarf he gave me for my birthday present. I looked at my self’s reflection on the mirror and smiled before I walked to wait for him at the front of my apartment building. It was already 1:35 in the morning when I saw he stepped out from his car with a very serious face.

“Yuna ssi, how are you?” he asked me awkwardly. I wondered why did he had that serious face.

“Are you sick? I asked when he answered me with an unpleasant answer.

“No, just missing someone badly.” He replied. I just had a though that he must be missing his mom and little brother so much. Just like what he told me when we talk for the second time for about 3 months ago. He even mentions his mom and little brother, Yuhwan’s, name everytime we met. I know how it feels when we are far away from our family. Missing is the most painful punishment for those who had love inside their heart.

“ Let’s have a seat.” He walked towards a bench at the play ground with his sigh. I was thinking what was that sigh for.

“Yuna ssi, I want you to listen to this song. My favourite song from our first album!” He said, handed me the earphone he had on his hand. I took it and put it to my ears.

With my small broken heart I can now tell you everything.
You taught me the ‘beginning’ and I don’t want to let you go again.
For a long time you treated me so badly
and now to me those break up words are so kind.
Now, I’ve changed also.
Can I live without regretting the long days I didn’t have you?

At the end of my wandering,
I’ve realized the miracle-like love (that you gave me)

Only like right now… Then I will never cry….
And so that you can always live inside my heart.
In this world, in that place this can’t be the end of us.
I know we’re meant to be.

I can’t believe it.
When I open my eyes in this different morning
special day awaits me.
As time goes by, at about the time the color of the roads change,
will I be able to laugh again?

Do you know, that I’ve waited for you
to share my nights forever (so ever) always its one person

Only like right now… Then I will never cry….
And so that you can always live inside my heart.
In this world, in that place this can’t be the end of us.
I know we’re meant to be.

Wherever that place where you’ve stepped might be,
I’ll be standing there.
There are still so many days left, It’s too early for seperation.

Only like right now… Then I will never cry….
And so that you can always live inside my heart.
In this world, in that place this can’t be the end of us.
It’s too early for me for a seperation

Only like right now… Then I will never cry….
And so that you can always live inside my heart.
In this world, in that place this can’t be the end of us.

I know we’re meant to be….

(Kenzie, Jigeum chorom)

“So that was your favourite song?” I asked him when the song stopped playing.

“Umm…” he replied, looking on his fingers which played with each other.

“Yuchun ssi… What’s wrong actually? You can tell me. We’re friend, rite?” I said, touching his hands. It was very cold. He raised up his head, looking at me with his sharp eyes.

“I’m all right. Don’t worry. Maybe I’m just too tired.” He replied.

“Owh, you should go back home and get some rest. We can meet at other time.” I said, still holding his hand.

“Yuna ssi…” he said, suddenly pulled me into his chest, hugged me tightly. I was startled and stunted over what happened. But I just let him hugged me, in a thought maybe he was too depressed by the works.

“Please stay like this for a moment.” He whispered, hugging me tighter. It was too tight and I was gasping for some air to breath.

“Yuchun ssi… What if people saw us?” I tried to make him pushed me away from his chest. It was a small chest he had, but quite broad for a skinny girl like me. For a few minutes, I was drowned inside his warmed arms.

“I am sorry..” he said after pushing me away from him. I looked at him bluntly.

“It’s okay.” I replied.

“I’m going home. See you again. Bye.” He left me with a lot of questions I had inside my mind. Tonight, I found something strange about him. He was so unpredictable!!! Park Yuchun, I’ll be by your side no matter what happened! Then, the night went over and tomorrow always promises me a new experience of life.




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