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How Many Times?

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How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 7/25/2009, 1:10 am

How Many Times?
[c] daesungvip & SOHEE*
featuring 1TYM

[Baekkyoung's POV]

“This crooked love is too tough for me
I will forget this weary form of mine
My broken heart will be okay without you
I don’t like being without confidence, this part of me is a fool”

“The words of the song I sung to myself so many times. I promised myself, I wouldn’t fall for you, but look where I am now…” I thought sadly to myself gazing at the most beautiful girl in the world, Choi Dahjung. Even with the tears streaming down her face she was still as pretty as ever. I gazed at her tears, with a pain stabbing in my heart. Why did it hurt so much to see her like this?

“Baekkyoung…” she quietly said, gazing out into the sunset “…would you ever date a girl like me?”

“Date a girl like you?” I thought. “I’d give anything to be with you…” She buried her face in her hands.

“Jinhwan…” she whispered “…where are you when I need you?” She quietly called out to her best friend. That hurt. I was sitting next to her trying to comfort her, but knowing I couldn’t…

“DAHJUNG!” I heard a voice call out, looking up I saw Jinhwan a distant from us. Dahjung got up and ran to him, tears in her eyes, she hugged him and buried her face in his chest.

Jinhwan looked at me. “Thanks for keeping her company while I was busy.” I nodded without saying a word. Jinhwan soothed her, “It’s okay Dahjung… you’ll get over Taebin… just like all your other breakups.”

Dahjung cried harder. “Why me? Why can’t I ever find the one?”

I had to fight the tears that were forming at the edge of my eyes; turning away I shoved my hands in my pockets and walked the other way, with my head down. Tears started falling.

“…Why can’t you see that he’s been in front of you all the whole time...?”

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Re: How Many Times?

Post by shawty_12 on 7/25/2009, 7:23 pm

the prologue sounds CAPTIVATING!Very Happy is this a collaboration?
i want to keep up with the story-pm please?Very Happy
(for a sec. i thought Baekkyong was dead>.< lolx...don't ask why.)

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Re: How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 7/30/2009, 4:25 am

Chapter O1
[Sohee's POV]

Smiling at the pretty colors in front of me, I turned the page and another set of pretty colors were placed in front of me. Tracing my fingers along the outline of the images on the page, I felt taps on my shoulders and I turned my head around. A girl around my age with straight pigtails and our school uniform on stood there, kicking her feet back and forth with her head down. “Can I… can I look at that book too? There’s no more in the bookshelf.”

My eyes kept on blinking at normal pace before the corners of my eyes curved up. “Okay.” Scooting over, I patted down onto the seat next to mine, inviting her to be comfortable as we shall enjoy this book. “Do you like colors too?” She nodded her head energetically as I pushed the book over so both of us can see. “You’re going to have to turn the pages if you want to look at this book too.” I grinned as she returned a smile.

A week passed, and we were drawing in art class. “Sohee, I forgot my crayons again.” Looking up from my paper, Dahjung’s lips were trembling and I was about to push my crayons over to her when Baekkyoung slid over so quickly.

“Dahjung ah, don’t cry, here! You can use my jumbo crayons!”

Rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands, Dahjung looked up at Baekkyoung. “Really? Thank you Baekkyoung!” Continuing my little observation between those two, Baekkyoung’s cheeks began turning red as he ruffled his hair and let out a slight laugh and a little grin crept up onto my lips.

At the playground, I sat on the bench with Dahjung next to me. “Sohee ah…”


When I looked over, she was looking down at her hands and her fingers were fidgeting against each other. “I think, I think I…”

“Like Baekkyoung? Song Baekkyoung?” I finished for her. She looked up and her face was burning red, much deeper than Baekkyoung before. I gave her a smile while patting her on the shoulder. “You should tell him Dahjung.”

“But, what if he doesn’t like me?” She whispered worriedly.

I haven’t thought of that one. Looking back at the playground, the different shades of the rainbow appealed to me and an idea sparked in my head. “No one said you had to say it… you can always write it, right?” She thought about it for a moment before nodding her head.

“You’re right!” Dahjung threw on the determined face again. “But… what do I write?”

Letting out a sigh, I patted her shoulder again once more. “Yah Choi Dahjung, write whatever your heart says okay? Write whatever just comes out of your hand, and even if you mess up, keep going on.”

Returning a smile, Dahjung stood up from the bench. “Thank you Sohee.”

“You’re welcome Dahjung, now let’s go play some ball!” I yelled before the both of us ran off to the playground.

Four years later, it was a couple of days till graduation and Dahjung and I would be going to the same middle school. Dahjung came over to my house to play. Placing a tall glass of orange juice on the table in front of her, I sipped from my own. “Did you finish your letter?”

She nodded and took it out of her pockets. “It took awhile, but yes I did.”

“Good, now, time to throw part two in.”

“Part two? What’s part two?” Dahjung asked before sipping her drink.

Standing up, I said, “Hold up, I need to get something.” Running up to my room, I came back down with a bag in my hands. “C’mon, bring your letter too!” The both of us quickly stuffed our shoes on before running out of the house.

Going back to the school’s playground, we stopped in front of the big old tree in front of the slide. “Here we are.”

“What are you planning to do?” My love illiterate best friend asked while I took out my utensils. Out of the bag came a shovel and a egg capsule. “What are those for?”

Taking the shovel, I began to dig in front of the tree. “Open the capsule and place your letter in there before closing it.” Her job took only two minutes but mine took ten. Wiping my sweat with the back of my hand, I instructed her, “Place the capsule in, then our little Baekkyoung shi will have to find the love letter to his heart.” She nodded in acknowledgement as I filled the whole back with dirt. Patting the top to smoothen it out, we went to find some rocks to cover the top with.

“How is Baekkyoung going to find out?”

I grinned before throwing my arm around her neck. “Don’t worry, he will.”

Today was the tomorrow of yesterday and we were already walking down the aisle of our school’s auditorium. Looking in front, Baekkyoung and Dahjung were walking side by side and I let out a smile. Arriving at our seats, we pledged the national anthem before the principal spoke a few words to our graduating class.

Everyone was hugging each other and crying. Walking over to find Dahjung, her mother was there hugging her and taking a picture of and with her. Not wanting to ruin their mother and daughter moment, I turned around at the call of someone’s voice, “Sohee!” It was no other than Song Baekkyoung.

“Baekkyoung, what are you doing here? Where’s your parents?”

He looked off at another direction. “My father is over there talking to some other parents, how about yours?”

Mine? I kicked my foot along the cement floor. “They’re working, they didn’t have time to come.” I guess he could hear the disappointment in my voice. Picking my head up, I gave him a smile. “Oh yeah, I have something to tell you.” Looking around, I whispered to him, “In the playground by the slide under the tree, you will find something so go when everyone leaves.”

He looked at me confused. “What would be there? I don’t see anything there right now!”

“Aish, just listen to what I say okay?” Out of nowhere, I was almost tackled onto the floor if the person behind me didn’t have strength. Turning around, it was no other than Dahjung. “Dahjung ah, why aren’t you with your mom?”

“She told me to take a picture with you and Baekkyoung.” On the mention of his name, the both of them looked at each other.

Breaking the silence, I rushed them over to her mother. “Let’s go, your mom is waiting for us.” Taking a few pictures, people were starting to leave, leaving us three and Dahjung’s mom and Baekkyoung’s dad.

“Go…” I whispered to him as he went off to tell his dad he’ll be right back.

“I guess we should go now then, Sohee do you want to come over?” Looking at Dahjung, she nodded her head and I nodded mine too. “Okay, we’ll be going now Mr. Song, it was nice to meet you. I hope your son does well.”

Shaking her hand, Baekkyoung’s dad bowed. “Same to you too Mrs. Choi, goodbye!”

That was just the beginning, but this is the start of the mess…

“How can you say that’s for fifty bucks? This thing is so worn out!” Someone by the stand was holding up an object and bargaining for it.

“It’s really hard to find this nowadays!” The storeowner reasoned. Shoving my hands into my pockets, I walked past them and turned the corner.

“What?! Where’s my wallet?! Lady, I swear I had it on me, just give me a second.” Smirking, I took the wallet out of my pocket and rummaged through it.

“Bill Adams?” I asked myself, not caring about the other things and looked in the main pockets of the wallet. Taking out wads of hundreds, I checked for other things and slipped some coupons out before tossing the wallet away. As I turned a couple of streets later on, I stopped in front of UCLA to wait for her. People passing by looked at me up and down as if I offended them in anyway. Sure, I have beat up converses, baggy black sweats on, a white beater underneath a brown hoodie and a navy green cap on, that does not give them a right to think of me as whatever the hell they think about me. Lowering my cap, I sat on the steps while waiting.

“I thought that test was hard, I had to skip at least five questions…” The familiar voice rung up and I turned around while getting up. Lifting my cap up a bit, she looked at me. “Sohee!” Turning to her friends, who were looking at me as if I’m a whackjob, she said, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Coming down the stairs, I asked, “You took a test today? On what?” We began to walk off.

She groaned and slid her bag off her shoulder into her hands. “Management, it is so hard I tell you!”

I chuckled before throwing my arms around her shoulders. “You’ll live, at least you have the chance to go to college.”

We stopped in front of a Mexican restaurant and surprisingly, the waiters are not the ones who stands in the streets but instead, they look very fit. “May I take your orders?”

“I’ll have a number two and she’ll have the classic combo.” Dahjung ordered for the both of us as I took a sip of water.

The waiter gave us a smile before retrieving the menus back. “You’re food will arrive soon.”

Dahjung let out a laugh while wiping her utensils. “I still don’t get how you can eat so much.”

Taking off my cap, I pushed my hair back. “I don’t get how you can eat so little.”

“I called Jinhwan out, I hope you don’t mind.”

I returned a smile. “Of course I don’t, he is your friend after all.”

On cue, the same friend we were talking about entered and was heading our way. “Hey girls.” He sat next to Dahjung. “How was your day?” He asked Dahjung while wiping his utensils also.

“It was good, I hope I passed the management exam, that thing is so hard!” She whined as he let out a chuckle.

“You should’ve asked me for help, I’ve took that class before.”

She groaned and looked out the window. “Well, you just mention it now, how was I supposed to know?”

Jinhwan tried to face Dahjung as I quietly sipped my water. “I’m sorry, this meal is my treat okay?” Dahjung, naïve as ever, turned her head back to him and gave him a smile.


“Yeah.” The waiter came with Dahjung and my order as Jinhwan ordered his.

Finishing my order, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. No I do not go to the bathroom to fix my makeup; I actually use it for what it meant for; when your bladder is tingling, you gotta go. Coming out of the stall, I washed my hands and grabbed a piece of paper towel to wipe my hands before exiting the restroom. Walking back, I overheard Jinhwan talking to Dahjung. “Why do you still live with her? She’s practically living off your money.”

“Jinhwan, don’t say that! You can’t blame her for her parents divorcing and not wanting custody of her at all… I actually feel bad for her.” I’ve tried to hold it in so long and be nice to this guy but why does he always have to make my blood boil? Arriving at the table, I took out my wad of cash and threw a hundred onto the table before grabbing my cap and storming out of the restaurant.


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Re: How Many Times?

Post by shawty_12 on 7/30/2009, 10:17 am

oh my gosh... :O that chapter should i put it?
shocking? no... interesting? yes but still no.... UNBELIEVABLE!Very Happy
there we go! well, it's the only word i could think of>.<
but this chapter was good. at first, i was having trouble
following the characters and story but then, after i got
halfway through the chapter, i finally got it. and i gotta say,
i wasn't expecting none of this. it's quite ironic how Dahjung
at the beginning, was really shy 'weak'. Sohee appeared to
be the tough one. i never thought a couple of years after
graduation that Sohee would be the one depending on
Dahjung. but then again, i can't blame her. parents...aish!
anyways, thank you for the pm AND the update!Very Happy i'll
be waiting for the next one^^

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Re: How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 10/20/2009, 6:53 pm

Chapter 02
[Dahjung's POV]

“Sohee wait!” I cried out watching her angrily leave the restaurant. I shook my head and turned to Jinhwan. “Oppa, why are you so mean to her?”

Jinhwan shrugged. “But you know it’s true…”

I groaned in frustration. “I don’t care how true it is, Sohee’s been my best friend since first grade, and it wouldn’t hurt to have my two best friends not hate each other like this!” I yelled, getting up and chasing after her. I found her in the park, walking around. Running up to her I caught her arm. “Sohee…” I began, “I’m really, really, really, really, sorry.”

She shook her head. “Dahjung ah, I’m not mad at you. But Jinhwan…” her eyes narrowed at his name. “Jinhwan, is pissing the hell out of me.” Her hands clenched into a fist. I massaged her shoulders, this was usually the way to relax her. Her tightened muscles slowly unclenched. “God DJ, I hate it when you do that…” she muttered absentmindedly.

I laughed and finished the massage with a hard pow on the back. “Come on.” I said, pulling her up on her feet. “Ice cream, my treat.” I dragged her out the park. Walking to the ice cream shop her mood slowly brightened to the Sohee during the beginning of the day.

Once we got to the ice cream shop we both ordered our sundaes, after paying for them I sat down. Looking around the store, I recognized some guys there from my school. My eyes lingered around and halted on this one gorgeous one. His hair was streaked with blonde highlights; he was sipping on a smoothie, typing away on his laptop with red frames on. Every now and then he’d smile at whatever popped up on his screen. Damn, is it hot in here or is it just me?

Sohee looked up from her ice cream. “Dahjung ah, what are you looking at?” Her eyes followed mine over to Him. She rolled her eyes. “DJ…DJ, DJ, what am I gonna do with you?”

I shrugged “Nothing…” I mumbled absentmindedly with a small smirk on my face as I watched him pick up a book that had the name of my school on it.

Sohee shook her head. “Whatever, Dahjung ah, I gotta go now, I’ll see you home later!” she got up and left the ice cream shop.

I waved to her, and pulled my eyes away from that guy. Looking down at the table, I saw my sundae melting.

The next day—

My phone vibrated violently, falling off my bed. Groaning, I reached out to the floor for it. “Hello?” I mumbled tiredly into it.

Jinhwan’s voice laughed at me “Wake up sleepy head! You’re gonna be late for your class!”

I rubbed my eyes “Huh? What class? My classes don’t start until 12…”

Jinhwan whistled innocently. “Well, Dahjung, I signed you up for another class…” his voice trailed off

“WHAT?!” I jumped up in bed and shouted in fury. I could see him stuttering on the other end.

“I signed you up for a class to take with me, and because of that, you have a completely different schedule…”

I looked at my clock and shut my eyes “Please, don’t tell me that my classes begin at 9 am.” He was silent.

“Uhm…okay, you’re classes don’t begin at 9 am.”

My eyes popped opened. “Really?”

He laughed nervously. “Uh…they begin at 9:30 am.”

I groaned at my alarm clock started beeping. 9:00 am. “Jinhwan, you better come pick me up cause your ass is toast.” I jumped out of bed and shut the phone.

Running into my bathroom, I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, and slipped on jeans and a pink polo. I ran downstairs grabbing my bags, and slipping on my shoes. Jinhwan’s car honked, running out the door I got into his car. Breathlessly, I smacked his head. “Next time, WARN ME ONCE YOU CHANGE IT!”

Jinhwan whistled innocently. “Sure sure, now we are off to DRAMA!”

I made a face at him .“DRAMA?!” My teeth grinded together. “You woke me up at nine for drama class?!”

Jinhwan laughed. “Yep, come on DJ it’ll be fun!”

I slunk down into the chair .“Embarrassment, that’s what this is. Don’t think I’m gonna try out for any major roles.”

Jinhwan shrugged. “Don’t think you’d get it anyway.” I glared at him and smacked him again, staying silent the rest of the way.

Once we got there, Jinhwan dragged me into the studio, where there were about fifteen other people. Small class, I yawned, letting Jinhwan drag me to the teacher to sign us in. After a good ten minutes, when everyone was quiet and paying attention, the teacher began her speech.

“Good morning everyone!” her voice cackled through the studio. I shivered and glared at Jinhwan once again, but that lunkhead was too busy grinning at the other girls in the studio to notice me.“So class, I don’t want you taking drama as a joke.” The teacher finished. Suddenly the studio’s doors opened and—my mouth dropped opened…



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Re: How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 10/20/2009, 6:54 pm

Chapter 03
[Sohee's POV]

When I woke up, it was already 9:30. After refreshing myself, I headed towards the kitchen and decided to make some breakfast for Dahjung and I. “Dahjung ah, wake up! What do you want to eat?!” I yelled while looking through the fridge. After two minutes of silence, I closed the fridge and headed to her room. When I opened it, the covers were already thrown over to the side. “Weird… doesn’t she have classes starting at noon?” I asked myself as I left her room and made myself something to eat.

I left Dahjung’s house and began roaming the streets once again. If you ask me if it is boring doing this everyday, it certainly is not. Not only do you get to know more people but you’re getting fresh air everyday. As much as I want to be in Dahjung’s position right now, I have to honestly say strolling around day by day and finding new victims is better than sitting through some boring and long lecture.

Passing by the park, I looked up at the street lights when I saw my next victim. From the back, he had blonde streaked hair and he looked like he was dressed in casual brand name clothes. The stop sign quickly turned into a bright white sign signaling pedestrians to walk and I walked faster before he walked away.

As I got closer, I noticed that he was an Asian guy and he appeared to be hot from the side too. “Can I get a pack of Newport?” Smoker huh? I knew he wasn’t perfect overall. Pretending I was just walking by, I slowly inched closer where he was leaning against and stuck my hand to grab the wallet. Quickly slipping it in my sleeve, I put both my hands into my pockets. Smiling, I looked up into the sky when something or rather someone latched onto my arm and stopped me from walking any further. Turning around, it was no other than that blonde Asian guy. He looked at me coldly.

“Yes?” I asked innocently.

He gave me a smirk and pulled out my left arm where it was holding onto nothing, just an empty hand. “Where is it?”

I eyed him up and down. “Sir, what are you talking about? Where is what?” Without answering me, he quickly shoved his hands into my hoodie pockets, jean pockets where I yelled, “HEY! WHAT ARE YOUR HANDS DOING THERE?!” He searched me like a cop searched a criminal but I felt more violated than a criminal. After awhile searching me, he pulled his hands back besides him, his face showing an expression full of anger, wondering where his wallet went. Not to mention, he glanced down at his watch and his eyes widened when he saw what time it was. I didn’t move an inch but when his eyes looked back up at me, he held a smirk on his face again. This time, he grabbed my arm and held it up for awhile before digging his hand through the sleeve, successfully grabbing the wallet.

I frowned at his success. After checking his wallet with his left hand, he quickly put it back in his pocket and dragged me with his right hand. “Hey, where do you think you’re taking me?”

“Did you think you were going to escape? I’m taking you to the cops.”

My eyes widened at his answer. “No don’t! Please, I’m sorry don’t! Don’t do it please!” I tried pulling back but he really strong. “I’m really sorry, I’ll do anything you say, just don’t take me there please!?”

He stopped and turned to look at me, it looked like he had a sympathetic expression on. Suddenly, there was a noise coming from his pocket. Retrieving his hands back, I held onto my wrist, thinking about what happened before. Was he really going to take me to the police? I was really scared of what Dahjung would think, what Jinhwan would think when they find me there. “Fuck…” The guy muttured before turning around and walking away.
Turning away myself, I quickly walked off to who knows where and wiped my eyes as I sobbed to myself silently. Why does my life have to be like this? Why out of everyone did it have to be my parents who left me? If they never wanted me, then why the hell did they even bother giving birth to me? Why couldn’t they just have aborted me instead of giving me life, giving me struggles, giving me the pity of the world? I didn’t need any of this shit, I rather not live than to have lived at all.

My tears had eventually stopped flowing as time passed. I was wondering what and how Dahjung was doing, why Jinhwan despises me so much, why the guy before was so smart, why I am even thinking about all these questions. Waking me up from my daze, a man who looked bored handed me a piece of paper. As I looked at him, he looked away and handed paper out to other people. I stopped at the side and read the paper. It appeared to be an advertisement to hire people. I crumbled the paper before tossing it in the trash and walking off.

After some time of walking, I noticed the sky turned orange, the sun was setting. It must have been around six or seven right now. A car had stopped due to the red traffic light and there was loud music playing from it. The beats were heavy and loud but more importantly, the car was white and slick. The windows were dimmed so the interior was unable to be seen but the window rolled down and suddenly a guy from the passenger’s seat put his arm out the window. “Hey baby, you like this ride?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah, it’s nice”

“How ‘bout we take you for a ride? You know, cruise around the city?” Taking off his shades he winked at me.

I was grossed out. “No thank you.” I walked away and sighed. This is the life of people in California, you get hollered at by random people and all you should do is walk away, you never know who’s dangerous or not.

Just thinking about how my day sucked, the noises of an autoshop stopped me in my tracks. The garage door was opened and inside was huge. There were a few auto mechanics each working on a different car. Looking around to see if there was anyone around me, I quietly entered to see the car closest to the entrance.

It was a new silver BMW, Z4 Roadster 3.0i model. It was my favorite brand, but it was impossible for a bum like me to ever afford one. Gently picking my hands up, I dragged it lightly across the door handle. Also, since the hood was opened, I was able to catch a glimpse at the interior. It was beautiful I tell you, diamonds are not forever but BMWs are.

“Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing here?” An angry male voice yelled as I quickly stood away from the car.

I was shocked. “I-I’m sorry. I just saw this car from outside and decided to just take a look. It was only an attraction, I wasn’t planning to do anything to it, I swear!” I held up three fingers while keeping my head down. Peeking at the corner of my eyes, all the other mechanics stopped what the were doing and looked over to the commotion.

“An attraction…?” He asked me unsure. “A BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i attracted you? Shouldn’t you go for like some buggys like those other girls?”

I shook my head. “Actually, I’m more interested in a Nissan Skyline even though my favorite brand of cars are BMWs.”

He looked at me with a weird expression. “Do you know anything about cars?”

I shook my head. “All I know is that, what appears on the outsides does not necessary appear on the inside. Just because a car looks good, it can have many malfunctions or things that have to be worked on.”

“Are you interested in cars? Do you just stop everytime you see a different one?” He continued to ask.

I gave him a weird look. “Yes…?”

This time, he let out a smile. “Are you interested in learning more about cars and their parts on the inside and how they work?” I was shocked, was this a new beginning to my life? Did someone in the world just pray for me? I quickly nodded my head. “Well you’re welcome to join us then, we needed an extra person to work here anyways. I’m Teddy, the owner of this mechanic shop by the way.”

I returned a smile. “I’m Sohee.” Suddenly, I took my smile away and replaced it with a questioning one. “Are you just playing around with me and tell me to get lost or am I just dreaming…?”

“None, you’ve just been offered a job.”

I was so excited when he said this, I couldn’t contain myself and began to jump full of excitement. “Thank you so much! You do not know how happy I am, really!”

He smiled. “My pleasure, you’re a unique one. I have never seen a girl who is so fascinated by cars. You can come back tomorrow, we’ll do everything. Come here by seven, don’t be late!” Teddy cheerfully said.

“No problem sir, I will be here half an hour early.” I said jokingly. “I’ll see you tomorrow sir!”

“You don’t have to add a sir, I’m only twenty one.” Was he shitting me? Twenty one and already have his own autoshop? I must’ve had my mouth opened because he snapped me back to reality. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just, you’re only twenty one and you own an autoshop already? And by the looks of the cars you get, you must be really successful.”

“That’s right, that’s because even though we use expensive parts for these repairments, they’re good too, we’re not those other mechanics place that will rip you off and give you bad quality parts you know?” I nodded. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, thanks again.”

“You’re welcome, be safe.” Waving at him, I left the autoshop and held on a huge smile. I couldn’t wait to tell Dahjung and also to shut Jinhwan up. I didn’t have to live like a bad person anymore, I finally had a career that I know I will enjoy. I guess life isn’t so bad afterall huh?


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Re: How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 11/8/2009, 5:32 pm

Chapter 04

“Aish!” I groaned in frustration. Then in a low whisper I nudged Jinhwan “Does this drama teacher ever get tired of talking?!”

Jinhwan shushed me “Quiet Dahjung and pay attention, otherwise you’ll never know what is going on in class!”

“Otherwise you’ll never know what’s going on in class…” I mocked him silently under my breath. Alright, usually I’m not a cranky person, but change my schedule without telling me and yes, I will become as cranky as hell.

I slouched down more into my seat, still glancing around the room. What the hell? Everyone here was listening to the teacher as if she was the most interesting thing on earth.

“…so class, this semester’s play is Romeo and Juliet.” She exclaimed excitedly, too much caffeine in the morning?

There were murmurs of excitement going around the room. I rolled my eyes and slid down “Can I just paint sets instead?” Jinhwan laughed at me “No silly! That’s the art class.”

I started cussing under my breath. Jinhwan poked me, attempting to shut me up, but failing to do so. “Dahjung, just be quiet.” He murmured under his breath, looking at the script the teacher just passed out.

I skimmed through it, English was my best subject, and I could read Shakespeare, and I’ve already had Romeo and Juliet almost memorized, but this… was just a waste of my time.

The teacher cleared her throat, and pointed over to the stage “I expect all of you to be up here sometime next week, with a role you guys would like to play.”

The hot guy stood up, causing a lot of giggles and “o0hs” to go around the room, I don’t blame those girls, come’on; he looks like a fucking…I don’t know…GOD.

“Yes sir?” The teacher asked.

“I want to play Romeo.” He said in a deep husky voice. The girls behind me started giggling, and whispering to each other. Yaish, I know he’s hot, but can you girls shut the fuck up?!

“Okay,” The teacher said “Let’s see what you know of Romeo, seeing that you are so confident…uh…what’s your name?”

“Taebin. Im Taebin.”

Taebin …pretty sweet name. I thought to myself as I watched him step up onto the stage. His blonde highlights seemed to have blended in with the lights, strands of his hair sexily falling over his forehead covering his light brown eyes slightly. He had a seductive grin upon his lips.

He cleared his throat “A thousand times the worse to want thy light. Love goes towards love as schoolboys from their books, but love from love, toward school with heavy looks.” He recited perfectly, with such emotion, ending his little scene with a wink into the audience, sending the girls behind me to lose their spines. He stared out into the audience for a minute, and our eyes connected for what felt like forever. My heart started thumping steadily, as I nervously stood up from my seat…

“What are you doing?!” Jinhwan hissed “Are you trying to embarrass me?!”

Ignoring Jinhwan, and not breaking my eye contact with Taebin, I slowly spoke “Hist! Romeo, hist!- Oh, for a falconer’s voice, to lure this tassel-gentle back again! Bondage is hoarse, and may not speak aloud, else I would tear the cave where Echo lies, and make her airy tongue more hoarse than mine, with repetition of ‘My Romeo!’”

There was a moment of silence. Suddenly the other kids started clapping, along with the teacher “Bravo!” she announced “You, what’s your name?” she asked pointing to me.

“Dahjung…Choi Dahjung.” I answered, finally looking away from Taebin, sitting back down. Jinhwan has his eyes wide opened looking at me. I ignored him and focused my eyes on my shoes, which were suddenly oh so fascinating.

The teacher clapped her hands, and over dramatically exclaimed “I guess we have our lead roles! Im Taebin as Romeo, and Choi Dahjung as Juliet. Everyone else, I want you to go study other parts, and be prepared!”

The bell rang; most people were walking out excitedly, talking about which roles they wanted to try out for. Jinhwan poked me “Dahjung, let’s go.”

Without a word, I grabbed my bag and followed Jinhwan. Before I reached the door, I felt a hand grab my elbow; I looked up and found myself staring right into Taebin’s eyes.

Jinhwan seemed to notice the awkward tension, “Uhm, Dahjung, I’ll see you later.” And he took off the other end of the hall.

“Um…hi.” It sounded like a question coming from my mouth.

“Um…” he began, clearing his throat “So, I was wondering, since we both have the lead role, would you like too… I don’t know, get together and practice sometime?”

I bit my lower lip; did he just ask me out? I somehow managed to nod my head.

“Great!” he smiled, “What time do your classes end?”

“Um…” It took me a while to get my thoughts together “They end at 2.”

“Wonderful, I’ll pick you up; we’ll go grab something to eat…” he thought for a moment “Crap.” He mumbled, and started digging through his pockets.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I have a race today. My hyung and I were signed up to this car race.” He said apologetically “We might have to end our da— I mean, end our practice early.”

Was he just about to say date? My body started sending electric fuses straight to my heart.

“Well, I could go watch your race, and wait for you…” I suggested, as his eyes light up.

“Really?” he asked a little too excitedly “I mean… I know car racing isn’t a girl thing but…”

I waved it all off and laughed “Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Great then, I’ll pick you up after your classes, we’ll grab something to eat and then you’ll watch the race and we’ll go practice afterwards.” Taebin flashed me a sexy smile. He held out his phone. I took it and punched in my digits.

“So, I guess I’ll see you later?” I asked, rocking on my feet.

He winked at me again, sending shivers down my spine “Yes you will… Juilet.”


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Re: How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 11/8/2009, 5:33 pm

Chapter 05

The next morning at about 6:55 AM, I was already in front of Teddy’s garage waiting for a new beginning of my life. Looking up at the rusty sign above the garage, I let out a smile.

Behind me, I heard a yawn and keys jingling. “You’re here early.” Teddy spoke tiredly.

I nodded my head. “It’s the first time someone has every offer me a job that deals with a great part of my passion. How can I not show some gratitude?” He simply let out a chuckle as he went over to the garage gates and unlocked the heavy metal locks before I went over to help him push the gates up.

Following him in, I noticed their garage was pretty clean except for the rusty sign above. Teddy led me to his office and took out some forms for me to fill. “So, I need you to fill out these forms so you can get paid and all you know?” I nodded my head and picked up a pen from his pen holder. Man, when was the last time I held a pen?

“Since you’re still a beginner, you’re going to have to do the lousy jobs that the crew don’t have time to do like clean that rusty sign out there. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about cars.” I gave him a smile until he handed me a bucket filled with cleaning tools. “Until then, work starts now.” He gave me a smile before walking elsewhere in the shop.

The guys arrived a bit later than I did but by the time I got back down to the garage, they all stopped and stared at me.

“Is boss serious?” One of them asked.

Another one let out a scoff. “She looks like a ditz.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, first day of work and this already? Is it because of the fact that I’m a girl? Even if that’s true, that shouldn’t be a reason to isolate other workers right?

“Guys, boss is coming back.” The third one said before any of them got into trouble. That’s right, that’s what I thought.

I walked over to Teddy. “I’m done cleaning the sign.” I stated, holding up the bucket filled with cleaning supplies.

“Great, now follow me and watch the magic begin.” He took the bucket from me and led me to the car he had to work with. Hours have passed and throughout the whole time, Teddy explained everything about cars to me in full detail and why they were important; luckily I had my notebook to write down everything he was talking about. “And you see, this is the battery of the car.” I nodded and jotted down everything he said for the next minute or two about the car battery.

“Wow, I haven’t learned this much ever since I was still in high school.” I said before taking a sip of my Coca Cola can. We took a break and were sitting on the rooftop, looking out into the streets of L.A. on a sunny day.

Teddy let out a chuckle. “Seriously? And when was that?” He looked at me for an answer before drinking from his soda can.

Letting out a sigh, I placed my can on my lap looking ahead. “About two years ago. That’s when I finished high school and I should be in college but I don’t have the money to afford it, even if I had financial aid, I wouldn’t be able to pay the government back for their loans.”

“Wow, that’s deep. That must really suck, what did you do for two years then if you weren’t in school?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, roam around the streets, bummed at my friend’s house? I know it was a waste of time but there was nothing I could do. I didn’t want to work in McDonalds or something c’mon, even I know better than that. But, no jobs would accept someone like me who doesn’t have at least a bachelor’s degree.”
Reaching over, he gave me a pat on my shoulders. “It’s okay, now you can make up for all the time you’ve wasted right?” I nodded, knowing what he said was true. “Let’s get back to work I haven’t even taught you half of the things yet.” I stared at him with wide eyes before he let out a laugh and pulled me up.

It was already five o’ clock and the workers left already including the three who were being mean to me this morning. “You know, it’s five already.” Teddy stated.

“I know, I just don’t know where to go.” I said, closing my notebook and walking over to the sink to wash my hands.

Wiping his hands onto a smog hanging by his waist, he came over to wash his hands as well. “Well, I’m going to a race later and I don’t know if you’re interested but if you are, you can come if you want. It’s good to have company in the car when you’re racing.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You race? As in drag race, street race and that kind of stuff?”

“Yeah, so you want to come? You know I’ve never asked a girl before.”

I playfully gave him a soft punch on the shoulder. “Don’t play with me like that.” He only gave me a smile. “Alright, I’ll go with you. I’ve always wondered what those races are like. You know like the Fast and the Furious and all that but those are only movies.” We were now closing down the garage and locking the gates before I followed him to his car.

“Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see.” He coolly replied to my comment before unlocking the doors of his black Lexus and driving away. On our trip to the race scene, he stopped by his place first to switch into his black Lamborghini LP 640 series.

As he backed the Lamborghini out of his garage and closed it, he got out of his ride as well. “So, how do you like my ride?”

I could only stare from the car to him and him back to the car. “How did you get this ride? You are only an auto shop owner no?” I slightly brushed my finger against the sleek exterior of his car, boy did that feel good.

He decided to let out his smirk now. “I have connections.” Curse him… note to self, go to him when I officially obtain my driver’s license. Quickly, we got into his ride and holy crap, the interior was even more amazing than the outside! I mean, it’s genuine leather! The whole time he was driving to the race, I kept on complimenting and commenting about his car.

Half an hour or so, we finally got to the place. There were so many people outside screaming and shouting once Teddy’s car arrived. The moment he got out, a lot of girls rushed over to him and asked if they could have a ride with him, and this was all coming through the window on his side of the car. I decided to get out of the car for some fresh air before riding it later during the race when I saw all those girls eyeing me from head to toe and back up as if they wanted to kill me. I don’t blame them, if I saw some girl riding in a Lamborghini I would want to kill her too.

Walking over to me, Teddy brought me over to the sponsor of the event which turned out to be one of his friends named Darren. “Yo homie, what’s up?” He did his manly handshake and hug thing with him. “Yo this is Sohee, Sohee this is Darren.”

I let out a meek smile. “Hi.” God, why am I so shy? Maybe it’s the fact that this guy standing in front of me have the cutest eyes and smile and the fact that his hair is done up nice; not to mention, he looked hot in his suit. And he’s what, no older than twenty?

Darren stuck out a hand. “Hey, nice to meet you. What’s a pretty lady like you doing up here where rowdy boys and girls are?” His comment made me blush, hopefully he doesn’t see the change of colors on my face as I shook his hand.

Thank god for Teddy to jump into the conversation. “I just thought I should take her up here and teach her a thing or two about cars you know? She’s a special one.”

Darren nodded, I think his face says ‘interesting.’ “So you like cars?”

“Yeah, I guess you can say that. But I’m no expert in cars, I only know model names and all. That’s why I’m learning from Teddy here.”

Just as Darren was about to say something, another car drove up to the scene and the engine turned off but the headlights were still on. To my surprise, out came the damn blonde guy from the driver’s seat and oh my freaking Buddha, is that Dahjung?! My jaws dropped.

“Yo Ted, sup Darren?” The blonde called out before doing those manly handshakes and shenanigans with Teddy and Darren. When he turned to look at me, his expression yelled ‘STALKER!’ “You thief, what are you doing here?!”

Darren and Teddy looked at me in confusion. “Thief?”

I let out a slight laugh before pulling the blonde to a side. “What happened yesterday at that street, STAYS on that street.”

“Or else what?” He gave a smirk, why? Because, he had nothing to lose.

Aggravation slowly began to build up within me. “Just, please don’t, okay? I beg you, I’ll do anything. Just, don’t ruin this moment for me?”

He put a finger on his chin. “I’ll think about it.”

Just then, my best friend came over. “What’s wrong?” There was something weird about her expression but I couldn’t point out what it was.

I shook my head. “Nothing, nevermind.”

“Well if your friend could stop stealing, maybe I wouldn’t have such a big problem right now.” The blonde headed dick face added.

I glared at him. “If you would just let it go then everything would be okay right now! It’s not like I took it and didn’t give it back to you!”

Dahjung stepped between us. “Guys, guys! Stop fighting! Taebin, this is Sohee, Sohee, Taebin.” We kept our glares on each other like two eagles competing for its prey. “She’s my best friend and I know what she does so just back off on her okay?”

Before I could say anything, Darren walked over to us. “Are you guys okay?”

“Yeah we’re fine!” I spoke for the both of us. “Right?” I jabbed him on the side with my elbow as he nodded in pain.

“Alright, well the race is about to start.” We began walking back to the race cars. Just as I was on the way to Teddy’s car, where Teddy was already, Darren pulled me back. “Hey, if you need anything, here’s my business card.” I saw his hand in front of me holding a business card. “I’m a busy person but I know I can squeeze you in anytime.”

I nodded and smiled. “Thanks.” Waving to him, I got into Teddy’s car and placed the card into my back pocket of my jeans before pulling the seatbelt across me to buckle it.

“You know, Darren doesn’t just give his business card to anyone.” Teddy spoke up as he looked at Darren, who was now talking to some other professionals.

I pouted. “What are you trying to imply?”

“I think he likes you.”

I let out a laugh. “I said don’t play with me man. Why would someone so gorgeous like him like someone who’s a nothing like me?”

Turning on the engine, Teddy stepped on the gas pedal as the engine roared loudly. “I don’t know, you ask him. I can always set you guys a date up.”

I was about to hit him when someone’s voice spoke loudly over the speakers of the arena. “Welcome to the Fifth Annual Road Race sponsored by yours truly, Darren Lee.” A lot of applauses were heard from the crowd on the sides. “There will be a grand prize of $100,000 awarded to the winner by Mr. Lee as well as a trophy. All drivers were given a map earlier of the course to study before the race started.” By this time all the cars had their engines warmed up for the race and they all drove to their spots. “So, on your mark, get set…”

“I hope you’re ready for this one.” Teddy said coolly.

I nodded with a smirk. “Of course I am.” I replied, taking out my right hand and holding onto the handle bar attached to the roof.

“GO!” The announcer yelled and Teddy’s car took off. Honestly, I have to say this is one of the most exciting yet frightening moment of my life. Never have I been in a situation or event full of anticipation. Looking over at Teddy’s speedometer, the arrow was at 70 miles per hour and still slowly raising up. We were in second place with Taebin’s, I hate to say it but freaking gorgeous Audi R8, in first place.

His speedometer now read 100 miles per hour and I could almost feel my heart beat beating faster and faster by the second. “Are you having fun?” Teddy asked.

I nodded. “Sure, if you could slow down a bit.”

“Hold on tight for this upcoming turn.” Shifting gears, he stepped on the breaks and drifted for a left turn before stepping on the gas pedal again.

I was so shocked. “That was a beautiful drift, where did you learn to do that?”

He let out a chuckle. “I sort of learned that by myself watching YouTube videos and reading on auto racing forums.” I was shocked, how the hell do you learn to drift like that from reading?!

Teddy was now driving alongside with Taebin with the starting line visible to the naked eye now but there was a turn before reading the start line which was weird considering how the start line before and after are straight roads in movies. I prayed to god, hoping for Teddy to win and that loser to lose, no offense to Dahjung or anything. The turn was coming up and speeding up, as crazy as Teddy was, pulling up ahead of Taebin, he shifted the gear and stepped on the breaks to drift a right turn before hitting the start line, slowing down when his turn died out. The crowd waited for all the cars to stop before jumping behind their stands and running over to Teddy’s car.

“Whoa…” I managed to let out as Teddy chuckled and patted my head before getting out of the car and I followed him as well. The fresh air had hit my nose and the slight breeze blew my hair around. Other drivers were already getting out of their car for good sportsmanship and giving the winner a pound with the hands or whatever guys do.

“Will the winner please come up?” The announcer spoke. Teddy came over and gave me a hug before walking up to the podium where Darren stood. From my side, I could smell Dahjung’s candy scented perfume. Looking over to my left, Dahjung stood there with Taebin who gave me a look. I returned a smirk back and looked up ahead before he could respond with any expression.

“Our winner is yet again Teddy Park for four years in a row. Mr. Darren Lee will now present the trophy as well as the prize money. Everyone began to clap for his victory and there were cameras taking pictures. Suddenly, Darren looked at me and smiled with his eyes as I shyly waved back to him.

The pictures were over and the crowd began to disperse. Teddy was having a few chats with other drivers as I talked with Dahjung. “What brought you here tonight?”

She let out a shrug. “Taebin asked me to come so I said yes since we were rehearsing before anyways.”

I looked at her curiously. “For what?”

“Drama class.” She said with a sigh.

“Drama class…? Since when did you sign up for that?”

“Exactly! Jinhwan just woke me up yesterday and told me I had drama class first thing in the morning!”

I looked at her disapprovingly. “You should know better than to listen to him.”

Just as she was about to make a remark back, Taebin came along and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, confusion began to rise within me. “Like you’re any better?”

I let out a scoff. Who was he to talk? “And you are? Just cause you own an Audi R8 and I can’t, you think you could just talk to me like that?!”

“Unlike you, I don’t own any dirty money. You probably have a whole room full of them.”

“That’s enough you guys!” We both looked at Dahjung who was now on the verge of crying. “Stop arguing already!”

I was shocked, why was she crying? “Hey D.J. …” I spoke softly.

“Leave me alone!” She turned around and ran away. Shit, I don’t think she knows this area well.

Taebin ruffled through his hair. “It’s all your fault!” He yelled at me and began to run after her. I was so shocked at what just happened.

Seeing the commotion, Teddy came over. “Are you okay?”

I replied with a nod as Darren came over as well. “Are you okay? What happened? I know Danny never gets mad.”

Does Dahjung like that guy?


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Re: How Many Times?

Post by shawty_12 on 11/8/2009, 7:32 pm

BLAH! don't think i'd abandon the story yet Michelle! that's far from what i plan to do. i plan to read this, but it'll have to be a little bit longer. so be patient with me and my reply okay? i promise i'll get back here and read as soon as i can. until i'm up with the updates, i'm not going to delete your pm out of my inbox. Very Happy
i pray my teachers will have mercy on me this weekend. reading out of the textbooks every night kills my eyes. -__-

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Re: How Many Times?

Post by daesungvip on 11/8/2009, 7:43 pm

awww shawty!!
dont overwork yourself!
my fics can wait ;
your health & schoolwork first,
okay? <333


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Re: How Many Times?

Post by shawty_12 on 11/13/2009, 9:41 pm

okay, since i'd miss so much chapters already, i'm going to reply to each of them as i go, all right? let's hope my reply won't turn out into one big, over spam reply><

chapter 2
what jinwha said wasn't nice. it was a little bit TOO hard; especially on a girl. sohee was so brave she did not cry. i know i would if i were her. i can't deal with harsh words><. it's a good thing dahjung went after her and they got along again.^^ for a scared moment, i seriously thought sohee would brush dahjung away because of their difference in social status. but let me get this dahjung is attending college but...sohee isn't? and sohee is living with dahjung; correct?
LOLX! what am i going to do with BOTH of these girls? dahjung's eyes can never skim over a guy without stopping to analyze them and sohee will soon join her. (or more like, sohee will become a victim.)--->ehehehe..i'm in thinking mode here, so ignore me if i'm wrong later.
but i love the wake up call! i'm still mad at jinwha for hurting sohee's feelings and did not apologize, but...he seems to care quite a bit about dahjung. lolx...and he have quite an interesting character too because guys don't often sign up for drama. not in real life anyway. only those with guts do. i couldn't help laughing when he was oogling at the girls in the room:D now that the hottie had shown up again, i wonder what's up next~

chapter 3
never mind to my 2 questions above; i got my answer!^^ lolx...ooooh! does dahjung knows about this?! that sohee goes around hand-pocketing people's wallet?! (i don't know if that's the correct word, but...yeah, the stealing wallet thing!><) (the smoker/bad image/hottie inside got my attention though^^) but waaaahhh! he caught her, he caught her, HE CAUGHT HER!! omg! he scared me when he said he was going to drag her to the police. i was like, "NOOOO!!!!!!!" poor sohee!Sad i just want to give her a hug right now.
but dang...does that really happen in CA? weird/strange guy(s) hollaring at you? oh lord!>< but ahhh!!! sohee had been offer a job! this is great! this is absolutely great!Very Happy (although i know NOTHING about car...-__- lolx..and that was quite a mouthful of car names><) and that's right sohee, just keep up the positive attitude-there's always someone out there who'll always be looking at/for you!Very Happy

chapter 4 it just me or was this chapter really oh so nerve wrecking? i was all giddying like a love sick girl!!>< i can't read Romeo and Juliet. i can't understand it either. >< i get the concept but...i don't know every part. that scene in the auditorium though, about blew me away. and they hook up! just- *snaps finger* -like that!Very Happy lolx... oooh, and they have a date too! i'm curious again. i wonder if sohee will somehow be tied with the race cars thing since she'll be working with teddy know, the cycle just go round....^^ hahhah...and that Juliet answer was adorable!

chapter 5
OMG! i don't know what to say. so far, this chapter is really uplifting. teddy is being really nice and i like that.^^ i love this part: "Curse him… note to self, go to him when I officially obtain my driver’s license. " cracked me up so bad. lolx...i'd probably do the same if i have 'connections' around here.^^ but AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! they're going to the race too! oh man, oh man, OH MAN! WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?! (Note: Replying as reading at the same time.)
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! so taebin was the unlucky victim?! oh boy!>< thank goodness nothing major went down. or else, oh man...i'd hate to imagine. and darren got the hot for her!Very Happy lolx..does teddy do too, i wonder...he don't usually ask a girl along for a ride in his car.
"I was shocked, how the hell do you learn to drift like that from reading?!" Lolx...i wonder the same too. he must be a real genius in car to learn all the move/time/etc. and they won!!Very Happy man, what's taebin's problem? seriously, get over it man! be a man and forget! sheesh! (he's starting to sound very much like jinwha-__-) now see what he'd done!? Gosh! i wonder why dahjung's cry too... Sad wait...who's Danny??? 0__0 Tabein??

anyways, thank you so much for the pm Michelle! And the updates!Very Happy i'm finally caught up and i got to say, you had not let me down!!!! lolx..i'm looking forward to more. keep it up!<3

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Re: How Many Times?

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