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Having It Bad [three-shot] *starring 2pm + NG

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Having It Bad [three-shot] *starring 2pm + NG

Post by soul's cradle on 7/24/2009, 10:36 pm

hey, guys...
it's my first time posting a fanfic here...
and this is also my first try in a 2pm fic...

i'm not really fond of Nichkhun but this three-shot
is a REQUEST STORY from my friend...
so i tried to gave it a shot...
and thus, this fic...

Hope you all enjoy this story...
If someone would bother to read anyway...

O - - O - - O - - O - - O

Having It Bad

story by soul's cradle


Nichkhun released a relieved sigh as he lied down on his bed. Finally, after a long day at the office, he could now have some peace and serenity.

For the past month, the members of 2pm had been preparing vigorously for their new album that would be coming out in month’s time. Everyday, their only task was to practice dance routines and rehearse songs. It wouldn't be a problem if the choreography for their dances were as easy as the 'Nobody' dance since they pretty much had the singing thing down, but of course, an exception would be made for the band since 2pm is an acrobatic group after all.

Nickhun just laid in his bed and closed his eyes.

He could actually feel every ache and twitch that his body was experiencing at the moment.

'That routine was no joke...' he thought.

Indeed their recent choreography was something to be reckoned with. It involved fast movements accompanied by very complicated acrobatic stunts.

'At least all of us could rest... Finally, no work tomorrow... Jin Young-hyung sure is nice...' he told himself, his lips turning into a sly grin.

'Hmm... I have nothing to do tomorrow afternoon...' Nichkhun realized, sitting up from his bed before removing his shirt. 'Maybe… I could ask her−‘



Did he just think that maybe he could ask ‘her’ to spend some time with him tomorrow?!

Nichkhun smacked himself and groaned.

Why does ‘she’ have to keep popping in his head?!

He’s not even ‘close’ with the girl.

They met, they did a photo shoot together, talked a little and that was that.

‘Besides, Jin Young-hyung wouldn’t allow me to enter in that kind of relationship with a fellow company member…’


Hold it…

Did he hear himself right…?

Did he just think of the possibilities of ‘dating’ her…?!

The 2pm affiliate smacked himself again.

He couldn’t deny it…

He was ‘in love’ with the girl no matter how hard he tried to refute his feelings.

At first he didn’t notice it until Jaebeum pointed out or rather ‘teased’ that he had it bad for the girl. Apparently, his band-mates noticed how lovesick he could get every time he sees her. Naturally, he tried to contradict this but his efforts only proved futile at the end.

After a lot of reflection, he came to the conclusion that he was really head over heels over his hoobae… he knew that it wouldn’t be a good thing, but he couldn’t help it. Before he realizes it, her face would just appear in his mind, he would stare every time she’s within radius and he would feel that unpleasant giddy feeling inside of him every time she talked to him or even if she just looked at him.

With a lot of things currently running in his mind, the JYP celebrity took his time to gather his thoughts before giving out a deep sigh.


Screw everything…!

Nichkhun hastily stood up and got his phone, ready to send an SMS.

O - - O - - O - - O - - O


- korean
- term for a younger person
- a junior classmate or colleague
- a less intimate and/or more professional term than dongsaeng
- opposite of sunbae


So that was the forewords...
It's still quite confusing...
It's kinda hard to detail some stuff because
a confusing start was necessary for the fic...

Oh yeah...
Credits to my friend 'phantom knight' (her pen name in
for the awesome banner...!

I never planned this story to turn into a three-shot,
it was originally planned as a one-shot as requested...
But as I was playing into the draft of the story
into my mind, I grew a little ambitious
and the length that it would result to
would not be appropriate for a one-shot...
So yeah...
By the way...
I still have to make three more updates...
This is not the first chapter...
just the intro...

Comments will be deeply appreciated...

soul's cradle

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