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Fighting For Love

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Fighting For Love Empty Fighting For Love

Post by yuri_01 on 7/24/2009, 9:29 pm

hey well this is one of my other story that i'm writing too, i just want to let you guys know.....

Main Characters:
Girl: Sung Yuri & Mina
Guys: Jae-joong & Yunho

Minor Characters:
Girls:Kiki, Mary & Lee Yori
Guys: Junsu, Mickey & Taeyang

Sung Yuri:
-age 18
-loves to dance
-hates school
-go shoppping a lot
-loves Jeajoong and Yunho

-age 19
-loves to go shopping
-loves the color pink
-hates to go to school
-likes Jaejoong

-age 20
-twins with Yunho
-likes Mina and Heebon
-loves Mina more
-likes the color black
-a jackass

-fav color black
-loves Heebon
-twins with Jaejooong
-much better than Jaejoong


Yuri and Jaejooong met each other at a party, that's where Yuri fell in love with him at first sight. He was a great dancer, that's what made Yuri fell in love with him, Yunho was his twin brother, he also knows how to dance, Yuri also likes Yunho, but what she doesn't know is Yunho has a huge crush on her.Months gone by and Yuri finally found out that Yunho has a huge crush on her, Yuri doesn't know what to do, also Mina she also likes Jaejoong, Mina and Yuri are best friends, but doesn't know what to do. They both don't want to break their friendship so Yuri broke down and told Mina that she could have Jaejoong.....Will Mina and Yuri's friendship be over or willl it not, and will Yuri choose Yunho and forget Jaejoong or will she to find out......

Chapter 1

Yuri's P.O.V

I can't believe that my friends invited me to this stupid party, but their my friends so whatever I'll just have fun. Then there was this one hot guy that came over.

" Jae!" Someone called him and he turned his face to Changmin and walked to him, he also walked past me, but I didn't really care about it. " Yuri!" Mina called me and I turned around to see her, she was waving at me, I walked up to her and she said to me.

" Hey did you see that guy that just walked to Changmin, he is hot!" " Yeah I think he is okay, that's all, so do you like him??" " No!" " Oh stop lying." " Okay well I kind of like him in a way that's all." " okay."

Well I see that Mina likes him too I guess I should just let Mina have him.

End of Yuri's P.O.V

Yuri went to school the next day and was talking with Mina and her other friends about Jaejoong, as they were talking then came up their teachers and told them to go sit in their seats. Later at lunch they were still talking about Jaejoong, the bell rang and they walked to their classes. Yuri went home and then she saw two Jaejoong, but she thought wrong so she went inside the house, but she felt something grabbing her hands, she turned around.

" You wouldn't mind staying and talking with me right?" " UHHH...Sure why not." " The name is Jaejoong, yours?" " Yuri, Jung Yuri." " What is your favorite color?" " purple."
" Well mine is black." " So..."

It went silence for awhile, Yuri was about to go inside the house but Jaejoong said something to her.

" So are you Mickey's younger sister?" " Yes, why?" " I'm just asking that's all." " Oh okay, well I better go inside now later." " Yeah." " Jae! Let's go shoot some hoops at the park!" " Okay I"m coming!"

Yuri was wondering who was the other Jaejoong, the next day Yuri and the others were discussing about Jaejoong and the other Jaejoong, but what they heard was that he was Jaejoong twin brother Yunho. Later at lunch Yuri was thinking about Jaejoong all she could think about is her and him being together and holding hands. When she got home she saw them again, but this time she went up to Yunho instead of Jaejoong, Yunho was just looking at Yuri, as he saw her he was in love with her.

" Hi I'm Yuri, Sung Yuri and you are?" " Yunho, Jung Yunho I heard you and my brother met yesterday?" " Yeah well that was nothing he just wanted some one to talk to that's all." " Oh I see, well it's time for me to go back home bye Yuri." He ran and looked back and gave Yuri a cute, warm smile, Yuri also smiled back, but she was just facing his back.

Yuri went inside the house, Mickey then says to her," So what do you think about him?" " Who?" " You know who, Yunho?" " Oh him, he is uhhh well you can say he is okay, but I like his brother more he is much better than him." " You know that's not true Jaejoong is a lair and Yunho tells the truth." " Whatever good night."

Yuri went up to her room and fell flat on her bed thinking about Yunho and Jaejoong, she aslo like Yunho too but she likes Jaejoong more, as she was still thinking about them she just pasted out on her bed. The next day Mina came over to her house to take her to school as they were walking to school they both saw Jaejoong and Yunho on their way to school, but they didn't really care, actually Yuri kind of care she stared at Jaejoong, Jaeoong turned his face around and caught Yuri looking at him.

" Yah, Yunho do you see that girl over there she was like looking at me, and she is pretty hot." " Shut up about that already." " We met each other at Mickey's place, she was so inoccent when I was talking with her." " Okay." " Shoot we're late! Let's go!"

Jaejoong and Yunho ran to school, Yuri got to school just in time, she sat down in her assign seat and took out her book, everyday she hates reading her books and coming to school, so does Mina.

Mina's P.O.V.

'OMG I don't even want to come to school today, but whatever.'

" Mina! Miss. Lee Mina!" " Huh? What?" " Please read chapter 4 page three fourth paragraph." " Okay."


' Man it's already lunch and I was scold at my teacher I don't want to be scold at again.'

" Mina!" " Oh Yuri what is it?" " Nothing I just wanted to ask you if you want to come over to my house today that's all." " Sure why not."

' I hope I get to see the twins.'

End of P.O.V.

Mina met up with Yuri at the gate and went home with her and there they were the twins they weren't doing anything but hangout that was it. Then came up the pretty boy Jaejoong and he said to them.

" Hi! You are?" " Mina." " It's Jaejoong, hi Yuri, so how have you been?" " Good this is my friend." " Well Mina it's really nice to meet you that is m bro over there playing some ball right now you guys want to join?" " No it's okay." " You sure?" " Yeah we'll just stay and watch." " Okay then, cheer for me."

Mina and Yuri was just watching them playing some basketball it was getting late so they both went home Yunho truned around and said to Yuri," Bye!" He waved at her and gave her his killer simle. She went inside with Mina all they did was their stupid home work that didn't want to do so they both just gave it to Mickey to do it, he was the smart person in their house, but they had older bro and sis too that were smart, but Yuri was the lazy one when it comes to school.

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Fighting For Love Empty Re: Fighting For Love

Post by yuri_01 on 7/25/2009, 6:21 am

Chapter 2

The next Mina came again to her house again, she took Yuri to school, they walked past Jaejoong and Yunho again, but they didn't really care they just walked off going to school. In class Yuri was daydreaming about Jaejoong, the teacher called her name,but she wasn;t listening so the teacher threw a book at her. She woke up from her daydream and the teacher said to her.

" please read chapter 5 paragrah two page sixteen." " okay!"

She woke up and starts to read, later at lunch she stop thinking about Jaejoong, she said to Yori.

" I tink i'm in love with Jaejoong." Mina heard it, she too was in love with Jaejoong, but she said to erself she'll tell Yuri about it personally. While Mina and Yuri was walking on their way home Mina said to Yuri," I like Jaejoong a lot too Yuri, what should i do?" " I don't know, why are you asking me this?" " Because we're friends and I don't want our friendship be over because of a guy." " Uhhhh..I think we should just forget about him."

They got to Yuri's house and there they were again doing nothing but hanging out, Yuri couldn't stop looking at Jaejoong, but she aslo was in love with Yunho, she couldn't decide what to do with them. Outside on Yuri's front lawn there Jaejoong was ling dwon with a manga book on his face Mina said to Yuri.

" Hey you want to play a joke on Jaejoong?" " Sure let's do it." So they went up to Jaejoong and grabbed his book and put grass on his face then he woke up, Mina felt someone holding her hands it was Jaejoong he grabbed her hands while they were playing with his face. Mina looked away, she called Yuri's name, but he covered her mouth theyboth fell on the ground, Jaejoong was on top of her he came closer to her face, Yuri came to get mina, but she saw what happened Yunho was right behind her.

Yuri was walking backwards so that she won't make a sound to ruin their time together, but she tripped on a rock, Yunho caught her from behind, their eyes met.

" Uhh...Yuri are yiou alright?" " Yyeah..." " Oh Yuri when did you come back did you come back to get me or Mina?" " I came to get Mina that's all." " Oh I see." " Come on Mina let's go." " Coming."

Mina stood up, Yuri walked past Yunho and said thanks to him, he was smiling when heard her saying that and he smiled at her, he wants to tell her that he has a huge crush on her, but he just can't say it so he said to himself that he'll tell her later on when he is ready to tell her.

Mina's P.O.V.

' omg I can't believe wht just happened, I mean Jaejoong on top of me and we were about to kiss, but Yuri came and ruin it, well it's okay, and I don't really know him that much so yeah.'

" Mina!" Yuri called me while I was still daydreaming about me and Jaejoong " Mina! are you listening to me?" " Huh, uhh..yeah." " Then what did I say?" " You said uhhh...umm..." " I see, I said that you should stop daydreaming and study more with me." " Oh..wait! what?" " Nevermind."

'Man when Jaejoong left it was so lonely, it was just me and Yuri, we were doing our homework which we both hate doing. It was getting late so I walked home, while I was walking home I saw a shadow right behind me I walked faster and faster, but then someone grabbed my hands, I turn to see who it was and it was Jaejoong.

" It's so late at night and a girl like you is walking alone in these scary streets at night, what are you doing huh?" " I was just walking to go home." " Want me to take you home then?" " no it's okay." " Are you sure?" " Yes."

I walked away until I saw another shadow, I walked faster, but it just caught up with me, it was a stranger, I called out Jaejoong's name but he didn't come out , until the guy almost touched me, but Jaejoong came and punched in the face and took me home.

" I told you not to walk alone at night now when you need a ride home just call me and I'll take you home." " okay, bye." " Bye."
End of P.O.V.

The next day of school

"Yuri!" Mina called " Yuri! Wait for me!" Yuri stood there waiting for Mina to come, she ran to her and they went to school.


Mina's P.O.V.

'OMG, I can't stop thinking about Jaejoong he is just to cute and also HOT what should I do?'

" Miss. Mina, miss. Mina!!" " Huh..Uhhh...What?" " I'm sorry to disturb your time of the day, but please pay attention in class." " Uhh..Yeah." " Now read page thirty paragraph four." I started to read, I was so emmbarass of what just happened, almost everyone in my class was laughing at me.

" Yah, Mina..." " What?" " Start reading." " Oh...."

' It was a dark cold night, Jane was walking in the park....'

'This story is so boring I can't believe i'm reading this story, man I wonder what Jaejoong is doing?'

End Of P.O.V.


" Yah, Mina were you thinking of Jaejoong?" " No, why?" " Oh nothing it's just that you weren't paying attention in class so I thought that you might of thought of Jaejoong, that's all" " Oh just shut it." "Hey Yori and Mary what are you guys doing tonight?" " Nothing why?" " I was wondering if you guys want to hang out at my place that's all, so." " Sure we'll come right after school okay." " Okay."


The girls went back to their own class, Yuri was just thinking about Jaejoong and Yunho but mostly Jaejoong. While she was still thinking about Jaejoong class began, then she went back to reality and she starts to write her work on a piece of paper.

" Okay class copy all of those from the board." " AHHH!!!!!"The whole class groaned and starts to copy everything that was on the board. Three minutes later Yuri's class finished on copying the work and their teacher said to them to get into groups of four, so Yuri went to Mina, Yori, and Taeyang, Yori's boyfriend.

" Okay class what we are going to do is you and your group is going to be doing a group project on a historical person so for now think on what your group would be going to research on." " Deh! Mr. Kim!"

The class got to work. " Yah, we should just resreach on Taeyang." " Yah stop daydreaming about him and come back to reality." " Whatever so whatare we going to be resreaching on?" " about the famous actor KWANG SANG WOO." " Hmm..that's not pretty bad I'm okay with it how about you two?" " Yeah it's okay." " Okay we got who we are going to be resreaching on, so who is going to do the essay?" " how about the smartest person in our group." " That would be Taeyang." " Okay I don't mind." "Then the rest of us can do the resreach on him and give the info to Taeyang." " Great we got everything down."

Class was over Yuri, Mina, Tayang, and Yori were waiting for sunbae Junsu and unnie Mary at the front of the gate. Mary and Junsu were actually dating so they would wait for them both. " Hey sorry for keeping you guys waiting, I had to go and get some paper work to graduate." " Yeah and it took you so long just to get the paper work." " Oh be quiet Junsu." " It's okay now let's go to my place and hang out." " Okay let's go."

They all went to Yuri's place and when they got there Yunho and Jaejoong, but really they were there just to hang out with her brothers. Jaejoong saw these two other men with Yuri and Mina so he thought that they might be their boyfriend's so did Yunho thought the same thing too, but they were wrong.

" Yah, what do you guys want to do inside the house Taeyang and Junsu?" " Oh nothing I just want to hang out with me best grilfriend that's all I want to do." " Yeah me too." " Oh okay, what about our project?" " Oh yeah let's go resreach on that." " Junsu oppa can you help us."

Jaejoong and Yunho heard everything so they really thought that they were already taken, but really those guys were taken by their friends which they didn't really know.

Knock! Knock!

" Is Yuri there?" " Yeah why?" Taeyang answered the door Jaejoong and Yunho was outside of the door then Jaejoong said to him," Oh it's nothing I just need to ask her a question that's all." " Oh okay, Yuri your friend is here to talk with you." " Oh who is it?" " It's uhhh..ummm..." " Jaejoong." " It's Jaejoong!!!"

Yuri ran down the stairs and came to the front door and it was really Jaejoong, but Yunho was right behind him.

" What is it that you need?" " Oh it's nothing can we talk privatily?" " Yeah sure, that means you go away Taeyang." " Oh man I want to hear it too." " So what is it?" " Uhh...are you dating Taeyang the one at the door?" " No." "What about the other guy." " No, they are taken bye my two other friend, Mary and Yori, why you thought I was taken?" " Yeah.. well what a relief." " Why did you want to ask something else?" " oh no well it's geting dark I better go now, bye!" " Bye!"

Jaejoong left and Yunho was right behind him he heard everything and he was in relief too. So they both went home with a smilely face, Yuri and the others were working on their homework, then it got really late so Mary and the others went home.

" Yah are you guys good walking home I don't have a good feeling about this so I think it's better for me to ask my mom if she can take you guys home." " Yeah sure."

Yuri asked her mom and they all got in the car her mom sended one by one, but she sended the boys home first then the girls. The next day of school Yuri and their priject was almost done they just need one more page of the essay and two special item of their histiorical person, then they have to present it tomorrow.

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