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Sori Helps Out Vietnamese Workers

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Sori Helps Out Vietnamese Workers

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/24/2009, 4:07 pm

Sori, who has recently comeback with her single "Boy Boy", has been doing a little bit of charity work for the migrating Vietnamese working class.

On July 26th Sori will be performing at the Olympic Hall in Seoul for the "Vietnam Summer in Seoul" program, where the proceeds will go to a charity for the migrating Vietnamese working class.

Sori has been preparing very hard with her B-Boy friends from the musical "Ballerina Who Loves B-Boy" to put on a good show.

The performance managers gave more insight to the show, "We were just thankful that Sori was donating all her time for this performance so when she brought in the B-Boy team, we were extremely thankful. We are indebted to Sori for putting on what we feel to be a great show. Sori says that given the chance, she would love to go to Vietnam."

Sori also commented, "I am very thankful for my B-Boy friends for helping me out. I'm so happy that I am able to do such a good act for the migrating Vietnamese working class with all of my friends. I would love it if many people came to watch and lend me their strength."

Not only is Sori mighty fine and talented, she has a kind heart as well. Here's to a good performance on the 26th: Sori hwaiting!

In other Sori news, she just had her comeback stage via Mnet M Countdown:

Video Credits: Jaeuraznmv1
Credits: AllKpop

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