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A Rain Drop ( A Tear Drop)

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A Rain Drop ( A Tear Drop)

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 6:15 pm


Main Character:

Kim Junsu: Liyin's Husband

Zhang Liyin: Junsu's wife


Mrs. Kim: Junsu's mother

Kim Tae Yeon: Junsu's mother's sister's duaghter, and also Junsu's girlfriend that he really love

Genie: Liyin's best friend

DBSK: Junsu's best friends


I don't deserve to be your husband for what I have done to you.

I hate myself...I was such a bad husband to you even thought you love me.

I treat you like a dog but you still forgive me...Even my mother hate you, You always forgive her didn't saw or do anything about it.

"Please wake up and we can start over I won't let a rain drop out of your eyes anymore!" Junsu cried holding onto Liyin's cold hand.

You deserve someone better then me Liyin....I'm a stupid guy who always think of someone else and never took care of a special person like you that will be my wife forever even until death you were still my wife.

Just let me have all the pain that I did to you for the passed month and years.

Maybe this is what I get for hurting a pure girl like you Liyin-ah.

"Wake up Liyin, Wake up!"

Junsu start to sing Rainy Night as he let his tears fall down.


Hope you all like the Forewards^^
See what happen at the beginning to right now....
How will Liyin's life end up find out reading the next chapter^^

I know I'm not a good writer so please don't said anything bad about it.

Thank you and don't forget to leave comments^^
I love when people comment make me want to update more**

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Chatper 2: Best Friend

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 7:11 pm

Their were two guys who went to China for a buisness trip one of the guy was the richest guy in Seoul of South Korea. He's Mr. Kim and the other guy was Mr. Lee.

They both were on their way to China to meet up with Mr. Zhang, but something came up.

Their were some bad guys who is trying to kill Mr. Kim and Mr.Lee was behind all this and he was the person to set things like this up.

One of the bodyguard that came with Mr. Kim called to Mr. Zhang's house.

"Hello!" Mrs. Zhang answer the phone.

"Can I speak to Mr. Zhang please and hurry!" Said the bodyguard.

"Mr. Zhang speaking!" Mr. Zhang said as Mrs. Zhang gave him the phone.

"Mr. Zhang we need you to send help we are attacked by Mr. Lee....He want to killed Mr. Kim to get all the money to himself!" Said the bodyguard.

"I'll send help and I'll be coming soon!" Mr. Zhang ended the call.

"Honey....Whats wrong?" Mrs. Zhang asked while holding her stomach that is already 6month old with there daughter.

"Na Ra....I'm going to go help Mr. Kim he's in trouble I'll be back later!"Mr. Zhang said as he left.

Everyone was shooting and aiming Mr. Kim but they kept missing and there were a lot of bodyguard guarding Mr. Kim as for Mr. Kim he was running for his life.

Soon Mr. Kim bump into some police man as he was save by them and soon came along Mr. Zhang.

"Mr. Kim are you alright?" Mr. Zhang asked helping Mr. Kim.

"Thank you for helping me Mr. Zhang!" Mr. Kim said as they both head off to Mr. Zhang's house as for the other rest they all went to jail.

-Mr. Zhang's house-

"I really thank you for saving me my life back there!" Mr. Kim kept thanking Mr. Zhang.

"Thats what friends are for!" Mr. Zhang smile.

"Honey...Your back already are you okay?" Mrs. Zhang asked as she came into the living room.

"I'm Fine...Mr. Kim meet my wife...Honey this is Mr. Kim!" Mr. Zhang intorduced them both.

"Nice to meet you!" They both greet eachother.

Mr. Kim look at Mrs. Zhang's stomach.

"Is your baby a girl or a boy?" Mr. Kim asked as Mrs. Zhang and Mr. Zhang both smile.

"Oh its a baby girl!" Mr. Zhang asked. "Why did you asked?"

"Thats good then I want to arrange a marriage for the two youngster when they grow up!" Mr. Kim smile.

"You...Mean you want my daughter to be you Daughter-In-Law?" Mr. Zhang asked as Mr. Kim nodded his head.

"I have a son he's 3 years old so I want to arrange it...To thank you for saving my life we can als be best friend from now!" Mr. Kim said as Mr. Zhang and Mr. Kim shook hand as they became best friends.

-2 Month later-

Mr. Kim went back to korea safely as for Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang....Mrs Zhang was giving birth to their daughter.

"Honey what should we name her?" Mr. Zhang asked.

"I want to call her zhang Liyin the name suits her!" Mrs. Zhang said as she hold Liyin in her arms.

"Thats a nice name for our daughter!" Mr. Zhang said as he hugged them both and kissed Mrs. Zhang's fordhead.

- Kim's Mansion -


"I want our son to marry my best friend's daughter!" Mr. Kim smile.

"I don't want him to marry a Chinese girl!" Mrs. Kim said coldly.

"I want Junsu to marry Tae yeon my sister's daughter!" Mrs. Kim said.

"Too bad I already arrange it I can't take my words backs when he turns 20 he's going to marry her no matter what and thats final!" Mr. Kim said as he left.

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Chapter 3: Coming To Korea

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 7:12 pm

-19 years passed-

"Liyin-ah come home early we need to pack up!" Mrs. Zhang said while talking to Liyin on the phone.

"Ma....Where are we leaving to?" Liyin asked walking around the mall with her friend Genie.

"We are leaving to korea now so come home early okay!" Mrs. Zhang said.

"Okay ma...Love you...Bye Bye!" Liyin hang up.

"Where are you going?" Genie asked looking at Liyin wanting to know.

"Oh...I'm going to korea don't know why though!" Liyin said as she walk with Genie inside a shop.

"I'm going to miss you Liyin-ah!" Genie said as she hugged Liyin.

"Hey...Genie I'm going to come back anyway!" Liyin remind Genie.

"I know...But what if you don't!" Genie stated as Liyin shrugged her shoulder.

"Oh you're thinking to much!" Liyin smile.

" If you don't come back I'm going to come and find you in korea and stay with you and be your best friend in korea also!" Genie said as she had a big smile on.

"Promise!" Liyin said as she held her pinky up.

"Promise!" Genie said as they both pinky promise.


"Umma and appa I'm gonna go out so see you two later on!" Junsu smile as he left to go outside.

"Look how happy our son is with my step sister's daughter!" Mrs. Kim said as she look at her husband.

"Anyway the Zhang's family are coming to Seoul by tomarrow and we're going to get the wedding ready by then!" Mr. Kim said as Mrs. Kim glared at him.

"He's already in love with Tae Yeon already how can you expect our son to do?" Mrs. Kim said as she stop eating her breakfast.

"Its your fault for making them meet...So I don't care you have to figure things yourself he's getting marry no matter what or else you want to sign the divorce paper and let me and my son live alone!" Mr. kim threaten as Mrs. Kim quiet down.

- Zhang's family-

Liyin got everything packed up as she went to put her bags and suit case in the car.

"Ma...Why are we going to korea all of a sudden?" Liyin asked as her parent smile.

"You'll soon find out also when we get there you have to speak only Korean don't speak Chinese you hear me!" Said Liyin's father as she nodded her head.

Soon they arrive at the airport they got on the plane it was midnight already soon 5 hours later the plane landed in Seoul five in the morning already.

Liyin's family them all went to the house Liyin's father bought before coming to Korea as they got there Liyin went to her bedroom and unpacked her stuff as she place everything inside her room .

After that Liyin went to help out her parents it took them 1 hour to get everything in place.

"Ma...Pa...I'm going to go around Seoul for a while!" Liyin said as Mr and Mrs Zhang look at her.

"Ask the driver to take you around since you don't know any place in Seoul yet!" Mrs. Zhang said as Liyin nodded her head and took off.

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Ch 4: The Wedding Day

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 11:54 pm

Junsu never get to meet Liyin since the wedding was held on this saturday and everyone already plans the thing so they don't have to meet up or anything.

Junsu was really stress about getting married with an unknown girl same goes for Liyin but she was happy although she don't even seen or know the guy before.

The weekend passed by really quick Junsu already told Tae Yeon that he's getting married and he promise her he'll still date her no matter what.

While in the church Mrs. Kim was just giving everyone the cold glared or attitude as she went and sat in her seat waiting for the wedding to start.


"I'm so nervous about this wedding what if that guy don't like me?" Liyin thought.

"He..Won't like since you two don't even know eachother!" Liyin answer her own question.

Soon someone knocked on the door as Liyin turn her head to see it was her father.

"It time my little darling!" Said Mr. Zhang as he peck Liyin on the forehead.

"Its almost time for you to become a Mrs. Kim!" Said Liyin's father as Liyin start to get teary.

"I'm going to miss you both appa!" Liyin said as she hugged her father.

"Don't cry or you'll ruin the make up!" Said Liyin's father as she chuckle.

"Neh...Appa I'm doing this for your own good I'm really happy that you and umma both took care of me all these year!" Liyin smile as they both went done the isle.

Junsu turn to look at Liyin as Liyin turn to see her future husband as she just put a smile on.

"She look so pretty but I will never love a girl I don't even know!" Junsu thought as he took a hold of Liyin's hand.

(A/N: I'm going to skip this part since I don't really know what they are suspose to say^^)

"You may kissed the bride!" Said the priest.

"Why must I kiss him/her!" They both thought as Junsu slowly kissed Liyin on the lips as they both broke the kissed and smile.

Liyin throw the flower and Jae Joong catch it.

"Oppa your true love will come soon!" Liyin shouted as Jae Joong smile and nodded his head.

"Thank you!" Jae Joong yelled back.

Soon Junsu and Liyin head home with all the parents following along.

Everyone went to their own housed as Liyin walk to the front door of Junsu's house carrying her suit case.
Junsu led her to Junsu's bedroom as Liyin put the suit case on the side as she sat down on the rug and open her case.

"Where do I put this?" Liyin asked Junsu who just sleep on the bed and turn to look at her coldly.

"Just put it in that closet there!" Junsu said as he point to the closet.

Liyin put everything away as she grab her night gown and went inside the bathroom and changed soon she came out and saw Junsu sitting up and look at her.

"You're going to sleep down there forever but when my dad come's in you better sleep up here!" Junsu said as Liyin nodded her head.

"I need a blanket to you know!" Liyin said as Junsu gave Liyin a blanket and a pillow as she slept on the rug.

"Why is he so mean!" Liyin thought as she play with her hands.

Junsu turn to the side and saw Liyin sleeping on the floor as he kept starring at her body.

"Am I too harshed?" Junsu thought as he shook his head and decide to sleep.

The next day liyin woke up extra early sice it was so cold she got up and went to get wash up and after that she came out Junsu was still sleepinmg she stared at him from afar.

"I wish I get a better husband then him!" Liyin said as she went to sat on the sofa in there room and look at the white ceiling.

Junsu woke up and turn to see his wife starring at the white ceiling.

"What the heck are you starring at?" Junsu asked Liyin in a cold tone as Liyin turn to look at him.

"Oh...what did you said...I just want to thats all!" Liyin said as she hugged her knees.

Junsu got up and went to wash up after that he came out topless Liyin looked at him and then turn away.

"Can you please put on a shirt!" Liyin said as she look away and blushed a little.

"I will and I don't need you to tell me!" Junsu said as he went to take out a shirt from the closet.

"Gosh... I was just saying it nicely!" Liyin utter a little.

Soon someone knock on the door Liyin went to open it and saw it was Mr. Kim.

"Oh hello...Mr- Oh I mean appa!" Liyin said as she bow.

"What do you want appa?" Junsu asked coldly.

"I want you two to go greet Liyin's parent before they go back to China!" Mr. Kim said as Liyin's eye were widen.

"You mean my parents are leaving?" Liyin asked.

"Good thing they are!" Junsu mutter.

A few minutes passed by they were at the airport as Liyin hugged her parent and said good bye to her parents.

"Umma...Appa I'm going to miss you both so much!" Liyin cried as Mrs. Zhang was getting teary.

"Appa and Umma I'm going to miss you both also!" Junsu said as he put on a fake smile.

"We are going to too!" Said Liyin's father..."Please take care of my daughter also!"

With that Liyin's parents them leave as Liyin wipe her tears away and Junsu them both left to go home.

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Ch5: Car Accident

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 11:55 pm

When Liyin and Junsu them both got home Mr. Kim came home as he smile.

"You two are such a cute couple!" Said Mr. Kim as Mrs. Kim look coldly at Liyin who just smile.

"Thank you appa!" Liyin smile.

"I'm gonna go upstair!" Junsu said as he went upstair.

"Ya...Mrs. Kim lets go to the store and let the kids stay for a while!" Mr. Kim said as he pulled Mrs. Kim away which she didn't want to go but still have to.

After they both left Liyin sigh and sat on the sofa in the livingroom soon Junsu came down as Liyin watch him come down.

"What are you looking at!" Junsu said coldly.

"Nothing!" Liyin said as she puts her head down.

"Did you know you ruin our life so much why did you have to born and be a girl why not a boy!" Junsu said coldly as Liyin look at him confusely.

"What did I do I didn't do anything!" Liyin said as someone knocked on the door.

Liyin went to open it but Junsu move Liyin away immidiately as Liyin look at him.

"I'll open the door I don't need you to open the door!" Junsu said as he open the door.

"Oppa!" A girl said as she jump and hugged Junsu infront of Liyin as Liyin look at them.

"Hey Tae Yeon shi what are you doing here?" Junsu said as he smile.

"I want to come and visit you cuase I really miss you after you got marry I never had a chance to visit you!" Tae Yeon said as she turn and saw Liyin looking at them.

"Hello!" Liyin bow politely.

"Is she your wife?" Tae Yeon asked as Junsu just ignored it.

"Yes...I am I'm Zhang Liyin you can call me Kim Liyin since we got married!" Liyin smile as Tae Yeon glared at her and make an ugly face.

"Oh oppa she is so pretty!" Tae Yeon lied as she hugged Junsu infront of Liyin.

"She's not even pretty like you...You are way better then her!" Junsu said as he kissed Tae Yeon infront of Liyin .

Liyin's P.O.V

While watching Junsu and Tae Yeon them kissing infront of me I can't take it no more I went to our room and cried softly.

"Why can't he understand that I'm his wife and he still make out with a girl infront of me!" I thought as my eyes starts to get really teary.

I went and sat on the sofa in our bedroom and hugged my knee's and cried softly.

End P.O.V

"What happen to her?" Tae Yeon asked inoccently.

"I don't know and I don't care all I care is you!" Junsu said as he smile.

While Mr. and Mrs. Kim were on their way back home from the sore they got into a car accident they both got hurt as Junsu's father side of the car was smahed really badly but on Mrs. Kim side was okay her side hit the wall.

Soon the police and ambulance came they took them both to the hospital as the nurse called the Kim's house as Liyin answer the phone in her bedroom.

"Hello!" Liyin answer.

"Is this the Kim's mansion?" The nurse asked.

"Yes...its is this is their daughter-in-law!" Liyin said as she answer backed.

"I'm calling from the hospital Mr. and Mrs. Kim go into a really bad car accident and we need you two to come and sign some contract!" Said the nurse as Liyin was shocked and she hang up.

Liyin ran downstair she stop when she saw Junsu and Tae Yeon making out on the sofa she tried her best not to cry.

" *Cough*" Liyin cough to get their attention.

"What do you want!" Junsu asked as he look at Liyin angrily.

"Umma and Appa got into a bad car accident the nurse just called so we have to go now!" Liyin said as Junsu and Tae Yeon eye's both widen as they all head out of the house and dash to their car as they went to the hospital.

When they got there they went and sign some forms and contract as they finish thy waited for the doctor to come out.

"Liyin-ah my family doesn't have anything to do with you so you can go home!" Junsu said as Liyin look at Junsu to Tae Yeon.

"But I want to wait-" Liyin was cut off by Junsu's madness.

"I said go home it doesn't have anything to do with you!" Junsu said coldly and madly as Liyin slowly got up as she left the hospital and she saaw Tae Yeon smiling.

"Umma...Appa why did you guys made me marry this guy here!" Liyin spoke to herself while riding a taxi home.

Liyin was crying letting all her tears come out she'll stop when she don't have any tears left.

When Liyin got home she went straight to bed and fell asleep.

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Ch6: Out Of The Hospital

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/23/2009, 11:59 pm

A/N: Read while listen to this song^^

The Next Day Liyin woke up but found no one in the house she deicde to make food and clean her self up and soon left to the hospital.

While she was walking down the hall way she saw Junsu sitting there alone he was sleeping and was curl up he was hugging his knee while sleeping.

Liyin took off her coat and cover Junsu's body with it as she smile and soon the doctor came out and Junsu finally woke up and saw a coat around his boy as he look up to see Liyin smiling.

Junsu move the shirt and gave it back to Liyin harshly as Liyin took it and wore it.

"Doctor is my mother and father okay?" Junsu asked worrily.

"I'm sorry we save your mother but we couldn't save your father!" The doctor said as he shook his head.

Junsu grab the Doctor's callor shirt and pulled the doctor near him.

Liyin put the food on the chair as she went to pull Junsu's hand away from the doctor.

"Junsu-ah stop it at least he save your mother's life and others he can't wake appa up even though you beeat him up!" Liyin said as she kept on pulling Junsu's hand.

Junsu let go of the doctor's hand and Junsu look coldly at Liyin.

"Stop bother about what I'm doing!" Jun su said as he move Liyin's hand away hardly as Liyin fell into the floor.

"What did I do wrong to you...I never done anything to you!" Liyin mutter as her tears fell again.

Junsu just look at her as he enter the room didn't care about Liyin.

Liyin sat on the chair as she wait until her tears dried up as for Junsu he went to see his father who have a little life left to live.

"Appa...why did you have to leave huh!" Junsu asked as he was getting teary.

"Junsu-ah your appa's time had came he can no longer live with you all forever!" Mr. Kim said as Junsu start to cry.

"Appa...Don't said that I don't want you to leave yet!" Junsu let all his tears flow as rain.

"Junsu-ah take care of my daughter-in-law she'll be something really important for you in the future!" Mr. Kim said as he smile.

"Appa...I don't even love her how can I do that!" Junsu said as he wipe his tears away.

"I want to see my daughter-in-law!" Mr. Kim said as Liyin step in.

"Appa....Why do you have to go?" Liyin said now she start to cry again.

"Its okay Liyin I hope you'll love my son forever!" Said Mr. Kim as Liyin nodded her head.

"Liyin please go out I want to talk to my dad alone!" Liyin left after Junsu said that.

"Appa....I won't let you died I need you back with our family!" Junsu said as he held onto his father's hand.

"I hope you two will love each other to the end and please Junsu love your wife or later on you'll regret everything you did!" Said Mr. Kim as he closed his eyes and the beeping went into a loud beep not stopping.

"Appa...No....Appa Wake up!" Jun su cried as his father left and Liyin was outside crying.

( A/N: Please listen to this song^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grh2T7kFCbA)

Soon Junsu let his father's hand go as he step out to see Liyin sleeping on the chair while she curl up into a ball.

"Why are you making things so hard!" Junsu said as he sat next to Liyin as his tears fall out from his eyes.

"Hello are you Kim Junsu!" The nurse asked as Junsu nodded his head.

"Your mother want to see you so you can go and see her!" The Nurse said as she left and Junsu who left Liyin behind went to see his mother.

When Junsu enter the room he saw his mother with Tae Yeon as they both smile.

"Tae yeon when did you came here?" Junsu asked as he went and sat next to her.

"Oh I came while you were talking to your dad!" Tae Yeon smile as Junsu hugged her.

"Umma...Appa left us behind he left us!" Junsu cried as Tae Yeon hugged Junsu tightly and patted his beck.

"Its a good thing he left so when can torture that stupid girl!" Mrs. Kim thought as she fake a cry.

"Junsu-ah don't cry umma will take good care of you!" Said Mrs. Kim as Junsu went and hugged his mother and cried.

Tae Yeon went and hugged Junsu and his mother as Liyin stay outside the door and watch them as a family hugging eachother leaving her out.

Liyin cried softly as she watch them as a family who lost someone but for her they think she was just an outsider couldn't do anything but stay afar and watch them.

"Maybe I the one who ruin everything in this family life!" Liyin said as she walk home out in the snowy street as he tears flow down in hurtness.

A few weeks passed Mrs. Kim was okay to go home as everyone was getting the funeral ready as for Liyin she was inside her room crying for her parents only as for Junsu he's always out with Tae yeon being happy but left Liyin inside being all hurt.

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Ch7: Funeral

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/24/2009, 12:00 am

After Mrs. Kim got out of the hospital they were getting the funeral started.

Junsu was on his way to the funeral but was stop by Liyin who was standing in the hall way.

"What do you want?" Junsu asked as his cold eye stared at Liyin.

"Junsu o-oppa-" Liyin was interupt by Junsu.

"Don't you dare to call me oppa!" Junsu gave her death glareds.

"Miahaeyo....Junsu shi....Can I-I go to I-I w-want to s-see a-appa!" Liyin stutter as she look down at her feet.

"This funeral is not for outsider its for the family that is related to my father only!" Junsu said as he turn to leave.

"So you're saying that I'm an outsideronly?" Liyin asked looking at Junsu's back.

"Thats the main point!" Junsu left without a word after that.

Liyin fell down to her knee as she let her tears flow down her eyes.

"Why can't you love me as I do I've been trying to make you love me, I didn't do anything wrong nor did anything to you why do you hate me so much am I really that hatred?" Liyin asked as she lean to the wall next to her.

"I already fall in love with you at first sight what can I do now I can't stop my feeling anymore!" Liyin said as she wipe her tears.

"Umma....Appa why did you guys made me marry this guy here when he don't even love me?" Liyin asked.


"Okay everyone gather around we need to see what Mr. Kim gave the money away to?" Said the lawyer.

Junsu got there as he went and sat next to his mother and Tae Yeon as they all smile.

"Is everyone here?" Asked the lawyer as everyone nodded their heads.

"I'm going to read what Mr. Kim have wrote and leave his stuff behind to who!" Said the lawyer as he open the paper.


I know that this day will come so I decide to wrote this letter for you all to prove that I'm willing to leave everything to only one person and if she/he don't want it they can give it to charity and gave it to the poor but if she/he decide to keep it then please take care of the money as for the company I already have someone to take care of it and I want you all to prove that all the money will go to my daughter-in-law if she don't want it then she can give the money to charity and my daughter in law will be Zhang Liyin and if she does want it then please don't use the money for nothing important and please take care of everything.

Please sign here if you agree to keep the money if not then sign the other side.

"Thats what Mr. Kim wrote is Zhang Liyin here!" Asked the lawyer.

"What Why did he gave it to her instead his own son?" Mrs. Kim shot up with anger.

"I don't know all I want to know that is she here to sign this paper that she'll keep it or give it to charity!" The lawyer said as Junsu got up.

"She didn't came because she didn't want to be part of the family!" Tae Yeon said as Junsu turn to look at her.

"Why did you do that for!" Junsu wishper to Tae Yeon as she smile.

"Its okay oppa I'll take care of everything!" Tae Yeon said as she smile.

"Where is she we need to go see her at your house Mrs. kim!" The lawyer said as they all left to go to Mrs. kim's house.

-Mrs. Kim's house-

Liyin was cooking food soon she herd someone knocking on the door as she went to open it and saw Junsu them and the lawyer as she bow and greet them.

"Are you Zhang Liyin?" Asked the lawyer.

"Yes...I am what bring you here?" Liyin asked politely as she smile.

"We want to know that will you keep the money or give it to charity?" The Lawyer asked as Liyin look at him.

"Ummmm....I don't know!" Liyin said as she frowned.

"If you sign it then everything will be under your name and no one or anyone can't do anything about it only you can use it!" Said the lawyer as Liyin look at him and then to Junsu.

Junsu just look at her coldly as she turn back and nodded her head.

Liyin sign the contract paper and the lawyer left as he smile.

"Have a good time Mrs. Zhang hope to see you next time!" Said the lawyer as he left.

Liyin went to the kitchen to turn off the stove as Mrs. Kim, Junsu and Tae Yeon look at her.

"Which side did you sign?" Asked Junsu.

"Its nothing to do with you!" Liyin said as she went upstair and lock herself up inside it.

"Ya...Open the door up!" Junsu yelled as he pound on the door as Liyin stay in the room and cried softly.

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Ch8: Moment With The Guys

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/24/2009, 12:02 am

Liyin didn't care to open the door since they have the key to the bedroom so she decide to late them open it as soon Junsu open it he storm to Liyin and hold her shoulder tightly as she tried to move it off but he was too strong.

"Which side did you sign huh!" Junsu said in his bitter voice as Liyin push Junsu away from her.

"I told you already its nothing to do with you!" Liyin said calmly as she sat down on the floor.

"Tell me which side did you sign!" Mrs. Kim asked as she came up to Liyin and pull her hair as she slap her.

Liyin held her cheek that Mrs. Kim slap her as she look at them.

"I-I-I s-sign -b-both side!" Liyin stutter as she look away and Mrs. Kim went up to her and slap her again.

"Why did you sign both you could of have taken the whole thing!" Mrs. Kim said as she hit Liyin around her body as for Liyin she was just trying not to give up and be strong for herself.

Mrs. Kim stop after she was tire and Mrs Kim sood up as she look at Liyin coldly.

"You better go and tell the lawyer that you only want one side and that side will be all the money for you!" Mrs. Kim said as Liyin shook her head.

"Why didn't appa leave it to you instead of me if he left it for me then if its for me I can do anything with it!" Liyin's first time she talk back to her mother in law as Junsu just kept watching them.

"Oppa-ah lets just go and forget this thing!" Tae yeon said as Junsu nodded his head and left without a word as Mrs. kim left also as Liyin went to close the door and lock it.

She lean her back towards the door as she slide down the door and sat on the ground as she held her cheek and tear were forming in her eyes as they rolled down her soft creamy cheek.

"Why is thing so hard why can't I just marry someone else?" Liyin thought as she wipe her tears.

"Liyin-ah you have to stay strong for who you are you just don't want to gave up yet!" Liyin said as she want to fight back she want to stay strong she don't want to be weak and cry all the time.

So Liyin wipe her tears away as she went downstair and no one was home she decide to made food for herself and the family.

After a few minutes she ate her food and left some for Junsu and his mother to come home and eat as for Liyin she went to her room and put a pillow on the hard rug as she slept in it.

"Umma....Appa when are you guys going to be back and visit me again?" Liyin asked as she fell asleep.

The next day....

The next day Liyin woke up and saw Junsu was still sleeping in his bed as she went inside the bathroom and wash her face as she look at the mirrior and saw a hand mark as she touched it and her eyes were teary again but she was fighting herself not to cry as she wipe it away and wash her face and soon a few minutes passed she went to the kitchen to cook.

Liyin was cooking and soon someone knock on the door as Liyin went to open it and saw Tae Yeon standing there posing sexily.

"Is Junsu there!" Tae Yeon asked as Liyin look at her up and down.

"Oh he's still sleeping you can go and wake him up!" Liyin said as she close the door and went to cooked again.

A few minutes later someone knock on the door again as Liyin went to open it and saw her oppa them.

"Annyoung oppa what are you guys doing here!" Liyin asked as she smile.

"We came to see you since your parents aren't here no more we still have to take care of you as a little sister!" Jae Joong said as they all gave her a bear hugged.

Yunho notice there was a marked on Liyin's cheek so he didn't hesitate and asked.

"Liyin why is there a red mark on your cheek?" Yunho asked as they all look at Liyin as she cover it as smiel.

"Oh its just that I wasn't looking where I was going and I triped on the table and landded on the floor and hit my left cheek!" Liyin lied as they all just agrre.

"Oh...and Come in I'm making breakfast so you guys want to join!" Liyin asked as they all nodded their head.

"Let me help you since I'm the #1 cooker out all of us!" Jae Joong said as Liyin smile and nodded in agreement.

"Oh guys you're all here today!" Junsu said as he came out with Tae Yeon as they all watch him with Liyin also.

Liyin didn't care as she went to the kitchen with Jae Joong and they both start to put food on the table.

"Oh yea...we came here to see Liyin and why are you still with her when you have a lovely wife already!" Yoochun asked as Junsu smile.

"She's not as lovely as this one!" Junsu said as she hugged Tae Yeon.

"Okay everyone gather around the table the food is almost ready!" Jae Joong shout as they all went to sit in the table and Junsu was watching Jae Joong and Liyin happily talking to eachother as she smile to Jae Joong.

After the food is serve she went to sit next to Jae Joong and the guys as they all start to eat and Junsu put some food in Tae Yeon's plate as Jae joong and everyone look at him so they all look at each other and smirked.

"Liyin-ah its so good you are such a good cooker!" Changmin said as he eat the food Liyin and Jae Joong made.

"Liyin-ah here have this and eat it we want to spend time with you the whole day today so hope you don't mind!" Yunho said as Liyin smile.

"I don't mind I'm not doing anything at all so I'll just be with you guys the whole day then!" Liyin said as she smile and Junsu who was looking at Liyin and feel jealousy in him.

"Say awwww!" Jae Joong said as he hold a spoon full of food on it as Liyin smile and open her mouth and let Jae Joong feed her.

"Junsu oppa here eat this!" Tae Yeon said as she put food on the spoon and gave it to Junsu as Junsu smile and accept it as everyone look at them and smirked.

"Oh Liyin you have something on the side of your mouth let me wipe it for you!" Yoochun said as he wipe it as Liyin smile and start to eat didn't care what is going on.

Junsu kept looking at them each time they feed Liyin or talk to her and make her happy.

After breakfast they all help Liyin with the chores after that Liyin went to sit in the couch with Jae Joong them as Junsu and Tae Yeon also came in and sat there also.

"Junsu-ah do you mind if we take Liyin out to go around Seoul since its her first month in here and you never take her out!" Changmin asked as Junsu hesitate a little but decide to agree.

"Since I'm leaving also you guys can take her!" Junsu said calmly as Liyin was surprise who he was so calm and wasn't cold like the other day.

"Lets go Liyin!" Jae Joong said as he grabbed her wrist and Junsu was watching their every move as Liyin and the guys left the house as Liyin turn back to look at Junsu before leaving and Junsu was with Tae Yeon as Junsu look at her with coldness and look away as Liyin left.

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Ch9: Why?

Post by Suyin_Love on 7/24/2009, 12:05 am

After a few hour Liyin was enjoying her time with her oppa them around Seoul and Junsu was at home waiting for Liyin to arrive and yelled at her how mad he was.

"Liyin-ah I think its time for us to take you home or Junsu will totally killed us if something happen to you!" Yunho said as they all nodded their head.

"He don't even care about me so what's the point!" Liyin mutter not too loud so her oppa wouldn't notice.

"What did you said?" Changmin asked as Liyin look up and smile and shook her head.

"Lets go home!" Liyin said as they took her home.

They stop at the front door it was already 8:00 p.m and Liyin said her goodbye and good night to them before she went inside the house.

(A/N: Please read while listen to this song^^ )

Liyin open the door and saw Junsu's cold face looking at her from the sofa as she look away and she was about to go upstair but was stop by Junsu.

"Are you having fun today!" Junsu said in his bitter voice as Liyin turn to face him.

"It was great!" Liyin smile as Junsu look at her and rolled his eye.

"Why did you came so late you must of have fun spending time with my hyung and Changmin them!" Junsu stated as Liyin look at him.

"We are just like brother and sister only what is wrong with you!" Liyin asked calmly.

"WHO TOLD YOU TO COME THIS LATE AT NIGHT!"Junsu yelled as Liyin was surprise at him yelling for nothing.

"Didn't you accept for them to take me out?" Liyin question as Junsu stood there dumbfound.

"Since you have your turn I'll go also!" Junsu said as he went to the door about to turn the door knob but Liyin stop him.

"Why do you care so much I love you and why can't you do the same thing back....Why can't you just at least love me a little like how you love Tae yeon huh I don't understand you!" Liyin said as she turn to walk upstair and went was also stop by Junsu also.

"Because I was just force to marry a girl I don't even know or love I was also in love with my girlfriend I was planning to marry her this yea but you have to come along YOU MESS UP MY FREAKEN LIFE YOU RUIN EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE!"Junsu yelled out his anger and left to go.

"Did I really ruin your life that bad for you to hate me so much?" Liyin said her tears rolled down even her herself didn't notice it.

Liyin went to take a shower as she change into her pajamas and went to sat in the livingroom and wait for Junsu to arrive home so she can say sorry.

While Liyin sat on the sofa she stared at a lot of picture frame how Junsu use to be really happy and hang out with his friend.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to ruin your life I feel a little guilty for ruin your perfect life!" Liyin said as she look at picture frame to picture frame.

Liyin went back to sit on the couch and wait for Junsu it was already 10:00 p.m and she still didn't sleep so Liyin decide to go out and stay on the front porch and wait for him.

While Liyin wait the night was getting colder and colder but Liyin was still waiting as she decide to go inside and sat on the couch it was now 12:00 p.m Junsu wasn't back yet.

Liyin fell asleep while waiting for Junsu to come home it was already 2:00 a.m in the morning as Junsu came back he was out with Tae yeon but drop Tae Yeon off at her house as Junsu open the door and went inside the house he turn on the light and was about to go upstair but he spotted something on the couch he went to check it was Liyin sleeping peacefully.

He use one of his knee and kneel it to the ground to keep him balance he look at Liyin while she was sleeping.

"Were you waiting for me?" Junsu wishper as he move Liyin's hair to not block her face.

"You're so stupid for falling in love with a guy that don't even care about you nor doesn't pay the love back to you!" Junsu wishper harshly.

"You ruin everything for me so there's no way that I'll forget what you done to my life nor I wouldn't regret on what I'm doing!" Junsu said as he got up and went to his room.

The Next morning.....

The next day Liyin woke up she saw herself still in the same spot as usual as she yawn and forgot about yesturday as she went to clean herself up and went to cook breakfast as her mother in law came to sit in the table.

"Ya...Liyin-ah bring me a cup of water!" Said Mrs. kim as Liyin did Mrs. Kim smirked and throw the water at Liyin's face as Liyin wipe it away.

"What the heck is wrong with you why cold water HUH!" Mrs. Kim yelled.

"Sorry you told me to bring water but didn't tell me what kind!" Liyin said as she bow a few times.

"Go get me a new one NOW!" Liyin left to go and get another one.

Liyin bring it back as she put it on the table but Mrs. Kim took at sip of it and throw it on the ground as the glass cup smash into pieces.

Liyin gasped as Junsu came down stair to see what is happening as Liyin look at Mrs. Kim as Junsu look coldly at Liyin she notice and turn to see Junsu starring at her.

"What are you doing to my mom!" Junsu said in his cold and mean voice.

"I-I-I" Liyin was cut by Junsu's mom.

"She tried to make me cut myself by dropping that cup Junsu-ah!" Mrs. Kim fake a cry as Liyin look at her in disbelief.

"How dare you tried to hurt her huh!" Junsu said as he grab Liyin's both arm and gripped it tightly as he pushed her down.

"Pick it up now!" Liyin did as Junsu said as she begin to pick it up she didn't care if the glass cut her hand she still pick everything up until there isn't any left on it.

Liyin throw it away as she wash her hand and went to find bandaid and she went upstair.

"Are you okay Umma she didn't hurt you anywhere right?" Junsu asked as his mother shook her head.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH" Liyin yelled as she got inside their bedroom and she scream out loud.

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Re: A Rain Drop ( A Tear Drop)

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