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Lovers of A Murder

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Lovers of A Murder - Page 3 Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by WhyItsME on 8/22/2009, 6:08 pm

Speaking of Gdragon his new album is

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Lovers of A Murder - Page 3 Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by shawty_12 on 8/23/2009, 7:16 pm

wow...that was pretty good. took me a while to click but lolx...
i thought the building was going to explode too!
dang, i got tricked as well>.< but awwww...they're so cute.
i wonder if they'll get together after this?Very Happy
but thanks for the update AND pm! update again soon.

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Lovers of A Murder - Page 3 Empty Chapter 18

Post by JYCYB on 11/23/2009, 2:36 am

Scenes in different eyes

My choice was to end it.

“What'd he say?” Youngbae asked.
“I have to go alone. Go meet him.”
“The place where my parents died.”
“It's dark, I can't let you go out there alone.”
“You don't understand, I have to do this for the both of us. To finally end this little game of charades.”
“Let me go with you.” He insisted.
“I can't. I don't want to put you in any danger that was meant for me.” I replied. He grabbed my chin gently and tilted my head until we were eye to eye. While our fingers intertwined.
“I want to protect you. Be your knight in shining armor.” He smiled and that was the end of our debate, for he had placed his lips on mine
and we stood there lips attached under the door frame, hoping that this moment would last forever.

My hands were trembling in thought of Jeju Island. Images from that day were coming back into my mind. The car unable to brake. Saving Oppa from losing his legs. Uhmma and Appa... My heart rate began to increase.

“Aish. I need to get gas.” Youngbae murmured.
He took an exit and headed off to the nearest gas station.
Coincidentally, it turned out to be the same gas station that Appa had stopped at, a year ago. Youngbae looked at me and smiled as he got out of the car.
“It's okay Yoobin, nothing will happen here. It's different this time. You're with Youngbae and you're keeping good track of the car.” I thought to myself.
“I'm going to go get some items in there, “Youngbae pointed to the gas station's store. “You want anything?”
I shook my head no and smiled as he walked off.

Just thinking about this gas station made me nauseous. I decided to step out of the car for awhile.
Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.
On my last inhale, Youngbae was walking out the door frantically looking to his left. Was something wrong? I watched his eyes and followed to where we was looking. I was staring at a distinct figure, face hidden in the shadows walking towards the car.

He ran. Youngbae ran. But the stranger was quicker. He pulled something from his left side and the next think I knew, Youngbae was on the floor holding his leg close to his chest. I ran to Youngbae's side. Scared. I watched the stranger with frantic eyes.

Seeing who he shot, the figure ran. I watched him run until I couldn't see him anymore.

“My leg..” He grimaced as he saw the damage. Blood was soaking through his jeans and I had to get him to a hospital. I hoisted his arm on my shoulder and lifted him up slowly. Half dragging him towards the car.

*A different perspective- basically Youngbae's POV

I smiled at her. And she smiled back. The smile that made my heart skip a beat. I knew she was the one. As I left the car, I felt a small stab. My conscience telling myself “why the hell are you leaving her alone in the car? You know what those guys can do. They could come and kill her right on the spot”

I had no intentions on getting her killed. I just needed to pick up a few necessities to protect her. I walked in the store, surprised there was no bell to acknowledge the fact that a customer had just entered. The owner was no where to be present. I strolled my way to an aisle looking for anything helpful. Eying some camping supplies, I knelt down, out of sight.
“A black car? Oh, yes I see it. There's a lady leaning on it...mmhmm... YOOBIN?!..Boss.. you know I can't hurt her.. She's my classmate.. and..I really like her...”
What was this? Who was this? Still kneeling, I inched closer to get a view of him. He was wearing high tops and as I tilted my head upwards, I saw the back of his head. A bushel of black, gelled upwards.
“....I...alright..But I don't have a gun... walk..mmhmm...your left or mine?...A car?.. what..Youngbae too?!...are you sure?...for the sake of my parents right?..okay..”
With a click of a button, he hung up and was running out the door.
What he didn't notice was that he had dropped his wallet. Noticing this recklessness, I took the wallet and looked for an ID. Right in the slot was a picture of Yoobin. Behind it was a school ID of Kwon Jiyong.
Wasn't he the kid that sat behind me and Yoobin, the first day of school? Kwon. Kwon. Kwon. His sir name seemed familiar.
I shook my head, realizing that too much time had passed and he could've already hurt Yoobin. Just like Jiyong, I ran out the door. Leaving with a jingle. Outside, a rush of air blew. I looked to my right then hastily to my left. There. He was walking nervously. I don't know why, but words could not come out of my mouth to warn Yoobin.
Quick on my feet, I ran, trying to reach Yoobin before he could. She looked confused staring at Jiyong. Unable to see who he was. Nearly there.. I heard a loud bang and a sting was running through my leg. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground.

Are you guys mad? Sad
I'm sorry for such a late update! Been busy! And I tried to make this a good chapter! Now I'm having doubts;o
but I'm back! Yayaya. Haha
lololol. Seriously sorry! Damn. Hopefully the next few chapters will make it up?
I want to make a trailer for this:}

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Lovers of A Murder - Page 3 Empty Chapter 19

Post by JYCYB on 12/12/2009, 2:49 am

Chapter 19
{{STRONGLY suggests you read past chapters, until you've refreshed your memory, so that you're not confused. Yes, I am aware I haven't updated in a long time very sorry}}

{Back to Yoobin!}

You have to understand, Youngbae was almost twice my size and dragging him with all my might took awhile, but I accomplished it. As I was buckling him into the passenger seat beside the driver seat, my phone rang. Ignoring it, I hopped into the driver's seat and started the engine. That's when the phone rang again. This time, I answered it.
“Leaving so soon Yoobin?” he chuckled.
“I need to get to a hospital fast, I'll deal with you after.” I replied.
“In about ten seconds, your shooter will appear in front of your car. I'm sure you'll be surprised.” -click-
He was right. The shooter appeared in front of the car. Tears strolling, hand shaking, gun aimed at the windshield.
“I-I'm sorry Yoobin. I meant no harm. It's for the sake of my family right?” I said nothing, I just shook my head.
“G-goodbye Yoobin.” As his finger pressed the trigger, I hastily put the car in reverse and began driving backwards. At the same time, the car had taken a few bullets on the side.
I was speeding now. My foot on the gas pedal hard. Thoughts were flying in and out of my head.
'faster Yoobin!' 'why Jiyong?'

“I can't feel my leg anymore..” Youngbae whispered, cringing.
“I'm sorry Youngbae. I'm trying to get there as soon as possible. Just hold on..stay strong..” I responded.
This scene seemed all too similar to what happened to Oppa and his leg injury. Was Youngbae's fate going to be the same as well?

3 minutes pass.
By now, we were reaching the curving parts of the road.
The sharpest curve was coming up. I heard a honk from the opposite side, but had not seen the car. I honked my car as well to warn the other car that I too, was approaching. The only thing was, my horn was soundless. I stepped for the brakes and brightened my headlights so the other car could see a sign of me. Pressing on the brakes, hoping to stop. The car did not stop. My lights went out. The car was falling apart. The only control I had was the wheel.
I looked at Youngbae in panic.
I looked back at the road. Then next thing I saw were bright lights coming towards us. We were screwed.

sorry this is hella shortttt ;;this doesn't seem as epik D; Writing on next one already!
I seem to have lost my readers D; Sorry guys~
Basketball has me packed these days, but I'm writing more now on weekends! woot~ haha

**no PMs this time. b/c I believe I lost some of my readers ;o If you'd like to be added to a list, comment after this post lolol. sorry guys, it's been awhile >.<

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Lovers of A Murder - Page 3 Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by Sponsored content

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