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Lovers of A Murder

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Lovers of A Murder

Post by JYCYB on 6/5/2009, 10:03 pm

Lovers of A Murder Jyc2poster
Cred: Chazzie @@

*Taking this story without my consent is HORRIBLE. Don't be a jerk and steal my story.

Main Characters:
**DoubleYB FanxD

Death. A five letter word that is almost the greatest fear for everyone. Yoobin however, thinks differently. Death would be the ultimate happiness for her, because she'd be reuniting with her family. Two years ago, her and her family were in a tragic car accident. This was no accident, according to Yoobin it was murder. Being the only survivor, Yoobin was left alone to defend for herself against the leeches she lives with. The two year anniversary was the year Yoobin was going to join her Uhmma. That is, until she meets this hot guy, who totally saves her. Little does she know, this guy, Youngbae might have something to do with the murder of her Uhmma, Appa, and Oppa.

Chapters:01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

**Comments are SUPERBLY loved xD
It's my inspiration:)\

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 01

Post by JYCYB on 6/5/2009, 10:06 pm

Severe Pain

Uhmma, Appa, Oppa;Gone. How I survived that crash is questionable. I wasn't even suppose to survive. They left me, alone in the world with my sinister aunts., who only want the money that I'm going to eventually inherit. Two of them. Short and stubby, how there is so much evil inside them is also questionable. Their daughters, no difference. All of them, treat me like trash. Sort of like how the stepmother and stepsisters treated Cinderella. This was similar, yet different. I can't quite explain how they treat me like trash, because I'm still going through it. Emotionless, this is how I live my life.

Two years past, since the accident. I remember it like it was yesterday. The crash made it into the top 10 of world tragedies that year. We were all going down to Jeju Island. It was a 4 hour drive to the port and I was getting restless. We took a break at a local gas station as we neared the location. We got off the car and took a hike. It started raining after that. Uhmma and I ran to the car, while Oppa and Appa were taking their sweet time. That was when... I saw a figure near our car. At first glance I just thought it was a bystander... so I didn't say anything about it.

We all got into the car, and Appa drove off to the port, but we had to get over some mountains first. To get over the mountains quicker, Appa decided to take a shortcut. One without a trail. Off the map. I didn't care. I was careless, and just wanted to get there quicker. We had reached a slope and it started raining hard. The slope was steep, but Appa claimed that it'd be no big deal. That's when things got shaky.

The trail was slippery and Appa had to drive carefully. To drive safely down a slope, it's advisable to use the brake pedal instead of gas. The problem for us was that... Our brake pedal was disconnected.

Appa pressed as hard as he could on the brake pedal, it was no help. First, we hit a tree. At this point everyone was shaken up. Second, we ricocheted off that tree and rolled down the slope. Appa became unconscious as he hit his head against the window. Blood dripping down. Uhmma screamed and cried, as did I. Third our rolling stopped and we against a tree. Uhmma snapped her head back as the car came to a sudden jerk. She too became unconscious. Oppa and I were left. We looked at each other scared. We had to get out of the car right away. He took of his seatbelt then mine. He opened his side of the door. That's when everything went dizzily. The tree we had landed on was weak and unstable. It had snapped as Oppa opened the door. Once again, we were rolling. Without the seatbelts, we tumbled round and round. Oppa almost falling out the door. I was quick. I held onto my door and his arm.

By now, his legs were outside the door. They hit against trees. Oppa had told me that he couldn't feel them anymore. Blood was dripping down my head as I cried. Oppa had lost blood too. Too much blood. The door eventually closed, as I pulled Oppa. This was not an easy task. Oppa was two times bigger than me and a lot stronger, but I managed. I pulled and pulled until he was in the car. The door closed and we were still rolling. Oppa snapped his head at the last roll. The car pulled to a stop, right next to the port and the forest. I remembered smelling gas, burning gas... Then I went unconscious.

I had a dream. A dream that we were all together, as a family. We were in Jeju Island, in a spa. Oppa and Appa were in the hot tub, while me and Uhmma got massages. My massager, at first was gentle, then came the searing pain I felt in my neck, my legs, and my arms. It felt as if I was being burned alive. Like my whole body was being grilled as BBQ. I screamed for Uhmma and Appa, but no one answered.

I saw lights, bright flashy lights that made my eyes watery. I didn't know where I was. Where was Uhmma and Appa and Oppa?

Then, I heard distinct voices.

“She's been in a coma for a month now...we might as well pull the plug, so she can be with her family. She's experienced second degree burns, one broken arm, a fractured leg, and a concussion. If she doesn't wake up soon...She'll be with her family again.” Family? Yes, please take me back to my family, I closed my eyes, wishing they heard me.

“Uhmma..” I whispered.
Footsteps thudded near me as I said this... I opened my eyes and saw beady eyes observing me.

“I'm sorry Kim Yoobin... but your Uhmma is not here with us anymore...”
Yee. Like it? Comment your thoughts^^

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by ckreme15 on 6/5/2009, 10:46 pm

I like the sense of the story, gives me a chill on the back...very descriptive! I love it! so many mysteries, the beginng was kinda sad though...Hwaiting! Fighting! Very Happy

Have you ever loved like this?
Endlessly waiting and wanting for one person
A love like romance movie
Babo, Kim Jaejoong!!! >.<

A Precious person with no replacement, No one can be your substitute, my Precious you, you can believe in this, Kim Jaejoong

Lovers of A Murder 51d33a22104bc268925807aa

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 02

Post by JYCYB on 6/5/2009, 10:50 pm


Panic filled up in me. My Uhmma wasn't here anymore...neither was my Appa or Oppa. What the hell happened? I couldn't feel any parts of my body, and I couldn't move. I tried to sit up, but the doctors held me down, telling me that I should rest awhile. REST AWHILE?! I'VE BEEN IN A FREAKING COMA FOR A MONTH NOW.

“What happened?” I grumbled.

“According to the police report, it seems that the brakes on the car was broken probably from a tree. Thus, leading to your family's death down that slope,” the doctor answered.

“It wasn't an accident...It was murder.”

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing...When can I leave?”

“Well Ms Yoobin, you've just recovered from a month long coma, so I think in about 2 weeks.”

“2 WEEKS?!”

“Yes, two weeks, then, you'll be escorted to your aunties and then you will see what your parents left you,” the doctor was just reading off his clipboard, carelessly.

“Aunties? Why aunties? Why can't I just live alone?” I was confused. Why did Uhmma have to leave me with her evil sisters?

“The law requires a minor,like you, to live with a guardian before coming of age,” with this, he left the room.

“Faggot...” I whispered.

No way in hell, was the death of my parent's an accident. It was more of a murder attempt that was succeeded. And I bet it had something to do with that bystander I saw. If the police men are stupid enough to not think that it was murder, then it'll be up to me.
2 weeks later, I was off to my auntie's house. They hadn't said a word to me, until a lawyer called. He called because he wanted to tell me what I would inherit from my parents.

“Excuse me, Mr Seunghyun, since I inherit the house too, is it possible for me to put up security shit so that my house stays untouched?” I asked the lawyer. He was pretty young and hot.

“Yes that is possible,” he replied peering from the top of his glasses.

“Great, I'd like that done as soon as possible please,” No way in hell was I going to let strangers get in the house. I still needed to do my own crime investigation there.

The money issue however, I was not going to inherit until my 18th birthday. Three years from now. My parents left me with everything. The money, the house, the cars....EVERYTHING. I decided to preserve the house and hope that the security thing was worth it.

So this is how I lived the two years not knowing what happened to my parents exactly. My aunts were horrible. They would never say a word to me, unless it was housework. They never even celebrated my birthdays, but they did let me go back to the school I used to go to, where my friends were waiting for me. I lived a busy life with these people, I barely knew who they were. My family and I were always to busy for them, with charity cases and parties to go to, we never actually cared for them.

How I came to them was unexplainable.
Two years later, it was the death anniversary of my parents and brother. Today, it was raining hard. My plan for today was that, it was going to be the day where I join my Uhmma, Appa, and Oppa.

Cars were zooming by and I was just at the edge of the sidewalk, waiting for the right time to walk. For my death, I wanted a big truck or maybe a bus, to come and swoop me to heaven.

My hair was wet and my clothes stuck to me. It was almost time. I looked at the clock and it was 2 o' clock on a Sunday, almost exactly the same time Uhmma died. The traffic slowly got in a rhythmic pace. Up ahead, I saw a big truck driving up close. No other cars were in the way. Yes. It was time.

I stepped into the middle of the street emotionless, waiting for my end. The truck neared closer and closer. I closed my eyes and anticipated pain. I could smell the diesel gas mixed in with the smell of rain and the sound of the horn blowing directly at meas it neared.

I waited, then felt a huge weight on top of me. Was I dead? I opened my eyes to see a worried face look down at me. He had a defined jawline, his eyes were small yet cute. The bridge of his nose was straight adding perfection to his flawless face. To top it all off, he had a mini mohawk.

“You alright?” This stranger asked me. We were on the sidewalk now and he was still on top of me with his wet clothes.

“Yes, but you're kind of crushing my lungs...” I mumbled out. Seriously, this guy needed to get off of me before I accuse him of sexual assault.

“Sorry,” he got up and brushed his clothes which was no help since his clothes were sticking to his body. He was wearing a pair of dark faded jeans with a white BYL shirt, showing off his toned body.

“Why'd you do that?” I asked him angrily.

“Do what? You mean SAVE you?” he looked confused.

“Yeah. I didn't ask for you to save me.” I turned around and walked off. I guess I wouldn't be with Uhmma this year.

He ran up to me, spun me around and gripped my shoulders.
“You were SERIOUS about killing yourself in front of that truck?” his eyes widened.

“Yeah, now let me go,” I squirmed under his grip, but he wouldn't release me.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I try to save you and this is what I get?!”

“I didn't ask you to save me! And mind your own business next time around!” I pushed him off and ran off, leaving him.

My phone vibrated in my pocket as I slowed down. A text message from “the queen”. I opened the message and read it.

“Yoobin, go pick up my dry cleaning, feed the cat, wash the cars, and go buy groceries. Thanks you're a doll ;]” Ugh. More work to do. Didn't I tell them that I'd busy today? AISH. I walked to the parking lot and headed for the supermarket.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by Guest on 6/5/2009, 11:20 pm

This story is interesting :O
It puts me on the edge!
I loved how you started it ^^
I feel bad for Yoobin though Sad
Hopefully, things will get brighter soon?

Btw, nice meeting you ;D
Though... I must ask... Do you have a soompi? o: I'm just curious lol


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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by JYCYB on 6/5/2009, 11:23 pm

AsianxFRESHH wrote:This story is interesting :O
It puts me on the edge!
I loved how you started it ^^
I feel bad for Yoobin though Sad
Hopefully, things will get brighter soon?

Btw, nice meeting you ;D
Though... I must ask... Do you have a soompi? o: I'm just curious lol

Yes I do have a soompi lol
Thanks for reading xD

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by Guest on 6/5/2009, 11:47 pm

JYCYB wrote:
AsianxFRESHH wrote:This story is interesting :O
It puts me on the edge!
I loved how you started it ^^
I feel bad for Yoobin though Sad
Hopefully, things will get brighter soon?

Btw, nice meeting you ;D
Though... I must ask... Do you have a soompi? o: I'm just curious lol

Yes I do have a soompi lol
Thanks for reading xD

Your welcome ^^
Seriously, you're really good at fanfics o:
So pro lol xD
I just had a feeling you had a soompi since that's like the main place kpop fans go on haha Razz
You want to be friends there? ^^

I haven't properly introduced myself o:
I'm Melanie ^^


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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by JYCYB on 6/6/2009, 12:02 am

AsianxFRESHH wrote:
JYCYB wrote:
AsianxFRESHH wrote:This story is interesting :O
It puts me on the edge!
I loved how you started it ^^
I feel bad for Yoobin though Sad
Hopefully, things will get brighter soon?

Btw, nice meeting you ;D
Though... I must ask... Do you have a soompi? o: I'm just curious lol

Yes I do have a soompi lol
Thanks for reading xD

Your welcome ^^
Seriously, you're really good at fanfics o:
So pro lol xD
I just had a feeling you had a soompi since that's like the main place kpop fans go on haha Razz
You want to be friends there? ^^

I haven't properly introduced myself o:
I'm Melanie ^^

Yeah, but Soompi is confusing haha
A PRO?! THANKS! haha But this is my second fanfic xD haha
I started at winglin haha then attempted to post on Soompi, but that got me all O.o haha

Hello Melanie:)
I'm Jennifer.
We can be friends on Soompi^^ ahha

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 03

Post by JYCYB on 6/6/2009, 12:14 am

Second & Third Encounter

When my clothes dried, I walked into the supermarket. Ahjumma was standing near the cashier reading a magazine. Ahjumma was the only adult that was really there for me when my parents died. She was the one that helped me with my homework and helped me get to where I am today.

“Annyong Ahjumma!” I bowed to her.

“Oh! Yoobin-ah! It's a surprise to see you here! Shouldn't you be at the cemetery celebrating the anniversary?' she asked.

“Nay. I WAS. Until those masters told me to come and get some food. So here I am!”

“Ah, those people need to know how to respect the dead! Go ahead and roam around, I'll be here waiting!” I searched for food going aisle after aisle. My basket was almost full and the only thing missing was a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I looked over the cereal shelf and saw that there was only one left. Ahjumma! You need to restock the cereal shelf!

I grabbed the box and at the same time, a muscular hand grabbed it too. Holding onto the box, I looked up.

“YOU!” we both shouted. It was the same guy that ruined my death plan.

“Why are you following me? And taking my cereal nonetheless,” I jerked for the box but he didn't let go.

“Following you? You may be pretty, but an attitude like that, girl you'll never go far. And YOUR cereal? I believe it was living its shelf life happily until it met you,” he smirked jerking the box.

ATTITUDE?! NEVER GO FAR?! THAT'S IT. THIS BOY MADE ME MAD. I let go of the box and stomped to the cashier.
Ahjumma looked up from her magazine.

“All done?

I just nodded.

“Leaving so soon?” I turned around and there he was. I looked back at Ahjumma and she just smiled. Ignoring him, I quickly paid.

“Hold up!” He called back. I just kept on walking.

“Wow-wee. That's a nice car you got there,” he whistled as I opened the door. Coincidentally, he parked next to my car.

I looked at his car, it was the same as mine just black.
“What the hell are you talking about? It's the same as yours, it's just that mine is silver. Now go away.” I got into the car leaving him speechless. Who was this arrogant guy? And why is he EVERYWHERE I GO?

Today was suppose to be a happy ending day. It became endless and boring when he showed up.

I drove up to the red light. I heard a horn from the back. What the hell was this? I looked into my rear view mirror and saw him waving at me. My eyes went back to the road and I drove the the laundromat, hoping he wasn't some creepy stalker. I looked back and he wasn't there. PHEW!

I finished my slave work in a matter of minutes. I THOUGHT I was done, but the masters had something else in mind. They sent me another text as the car finished its cleaning cycle.

“YOOBIN GET HOME THIS INSTANCE. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SPECIAL GUESTS.” Ugh. More special guests? I hated when the masters sucked up to the higher class people so that one of their daughters could score a rich guy. Some of the guests are actually jerks, but the masters don't care. All they care is about the money, that's why I'm still around.

I drove home. The original home, not the dump I live in now. Whenever I want my Uhmma I just stop by this place. The one I call home. Three stories high, 10 rooms, 5 bathrooms, indoor swimming pool, 4 acre land plot. This house had almost everything. What it was missing was a family.

Everyone was running around when I got back. The masters were finding dresses for their clones and me? Well I just stood there until they told me what to do.

“Yoobin! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? GET OUT OF THOSE CLOTHES AND PUT ON SOMETHING NICE! THEY'RE ALMOST COMING,” the eldest master called out from upstairs. She was the evilest of all, she was the one who was said to have married 10 times before settling down with their money.

I walked up the flight of stairs. This house was pretty nice I guess, two stories high, like any other house, but there was a uniqueness inside that left you speechless. The room the masters left me was normal sized. I was content, but I seriously wanted to go back home. As I got into my room, the oldest evil brat was lurking in my closet.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CLOTHES!?” I shouted at her, grabbing the dress away from her.

“Oh please, it's not like you have anywhere to go where you'll be wearing these,” she scoffed. Oh... how I wanted to slap her face. This chick's name was Yoona. She was pretty yet average. Too tall and too bitchy.

“GET OUT!” I screamed, scared, she ran out the door. I locked the doors and took a shower in the bathroom that was provided. The masters didn't want to see me during the day, so they put a bathroom in my room. It was like a jail cell.

I got out of the shower smelling like berries. Just like how Uhmma used to smell. I looked in my closet and took out a nice short dress. It was a black strapless dress that went up to my knees. It poofed up a little bit on the edge and had ruffles underneath. I straightened my hair and gave it some curls. Makeup? I go with the natural look. Just some foundation here and there, mascara and eyeliner. That was it. Most of these guests would notice me, but seeing my “attitude” they would turn the other cheek.

The evil mistress was calling everyone downstairs. I got out of the door and just peered from the stairs.

“Yoobin! Come down here and meet our guests!” the youngest master called. Obeying, I walked down slowly, looking at the faces of the guests.

To my shock, I saw a familiar face. He smiled at me and just winked. IT WAS HIM.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 04

Post by JYCYB on 6/6/2009, 7:34 pm

Stolen Kiss

“Why, is this the lovely young lady you've set us up with?” I recognized that voice right away.

It was Mr Dong, one of Appa's business partners. I'm guessing he didn't recognize me because it's been two years since I last saw him. It seems that the masters didn't notice that he used to be Appa's business partner because they just kept on giggling.

“Oh certainly not! Such a handsome son you have there; we wouldn't want to trouble you with HER,” the eldest glared at me. I moved aside waiting.

“HERE, is my wonderful daughter, Yoona.” Yoona came down wearing the skimpiest dress I've ever seen. The pink dress was WAY above her knees. As she came closer, I could see that she had heavy makeup on. I wanted to laugh at her face, but that would've been rude in front of our guests.

I looked over to the guy, who was staring at Yoona in disgust. Tonight, he wore black dress pants, a white button up shirt under a black tie and a black vest. He caught my eyes and I looked away. I could hear a chuckle breaking out from him.

“Good evening, I'm Dong Youngbae,” he kissed Yoona's hand as she approached the first floor.

“I'm Yoona,” she giggled. Ugh. Her giggle was ear piercing and I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to get out.

“Dinner will be served in about ten minutes!” the masters explained as they headed to the kitchen. This was my time to sneak out. I tiptoed my way out of the crowd and into the back porch.
The moon was shining tonight as I sat on the swing set we had in the back. I faced away from the house looking up at the moon.

“Uhmma...Appa...Oppa... Where are you guys?” I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. Something inside me was telling me to be tough and to hang in there.

“You know, we have got to stop meeting like this,” a voice behind me said. He grabbed the chains of the swing and began to push me gently.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He wasn't suppose to be here. This was my alone time!

“What does it look like I'm doing? I'm pushing you on the swing!” he stopped the swing and appeared in front me. His face moving closer to mine.

“Shouldn't you be inside, with Yoona?” remembering Yoona's face, it made my stomach turn.

“Ha! No thank you. I don't like these blind dates my parents set up,” he answered, moving his face away from mine. I sighed and got out of the swing, making my way to the house.

“Why do you always leave when I'm talking to you?” he ran, catching up to me.

“I have no interest in guys right now, so there's no point for me to have a conversation with you,” I retorted.

“What? You like girls?” he asked surprised.

“No. I just don't have time for anything right now,” did he just call me a lesbian? Why was I even wasting my time with this guy? I quickened my pace, but he easily caught up to it.

“That's a nice dress you have on there, it matches with me,” he smiled, pointing to himself.

“I bet Yoona looks better. You should be by Yoona's side,” I was glad it was dark out already, or else he would've seen my blushing face.

“Yoona? Her pink dress, burns my eyes. Her makeup, makes me want to gag,” I chuckled, as he made motions with his stomach.

“Did you just laugh?” he stopped in front of me bending down to my height.

“No,” I scoffed. I entered the house as the guests were finding their seats. I sat at the edge so I wouldn't be noticed. Youngbae sat in the middle across from Yoona.
The dinner was set up as a buffet sort of thing. Each guest had to get their own food. I waited for the elders to get their food first, then I got up.
As I waited in line, someone stood next to me. His mouth was next to my ear. I could feel his warm breath as he whispered, “ You know what? I don't even know your name.” I looked up to see that it was Youngbae. My eyes just stared at him in appall, as he scooped up some noodles. I was getting annoyed of this guy, so I left my plate on the table and left. I went back to the swing set and just sat there thinking.

I didn't know what to do with this guy. He was seriously starting to tick me off. I'm not sure why, but just seeing his face made me angry. I'm not sure how long I stayed out here, but I did hear glasses clinking and voices celebrating. This, is what a normal family would be like. Laughing and celebrating whatever and whenever they wanted. My family wasn't here anymore. My owners? They didn't care about me, by now they would be taking out the liquor, forgetting that I was gone the whole dinner and pouring it out for their guests. The loneliness crept up in me and my heart began to fall. There was nothing underneath it holding it up anymore. My family was gone; everyone forgot about me. Kim Yoobin, a nobody.

That's when I exploded. It was the first time that I've cried in a year. I cried until the house was quiet and my stomach started grumbling. I dried my eyes, hoping my eyeliner wasn't smeared, and entered the house.

Everyone was drunk in my point of view. Even Yoona, a minor, was drunk.

“Idiots...” I whispered under my breath. I walked into the dining room surprised to see that there was still food leftover. I went to the table and picked up a plate.
Before I could put food into the plate, I was suddenly pinned to the wall by Youngbae. His arms were blocking my escape on both sides. He had caught me. His face just inches away from mine, he smiled. I could tell that he was drunk from the retched smell coming from his mouth. He stared at me while I stared to the right. He chuckled and moved my chin, so that I was looking into his eyes. He gazed at my eyes then went to my mouth.

That's when it happened.

He kissed me forcefully. His hands were holding my arms against the wall as I squirmed. I used all my energy to push him off, but it was no use. His right hand let go of my arm as it went up my leg. That ticklish feeling that was going up my spine made me shiver. Something inside me, hoped that he'd keep going, but something else told me that it was wrong and that I needed to get out.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?” Yoona shouted as she dropped her cup, causing it to crash into pieces.

Youngbae let go of me and was staring at Yoona and me.

“Uh-” before I could even say a word, the drunk bitch came and slapped me on the face.

“Youngbae is mine!” she said dizzily. She kissed Youngbae, I guess hoping that it'd make me jealous. I had no feelings for him whatsoever, I think.

I watched their impassioned kiss. Youngbae was trying to escape from Yoona's clutches. Too disgusted, I walked up to my room. It had been a tiring day and my face was sore. I plopped myself on my bed and fell asleep, forgetting everything that happened.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by Guest on 6/6/2009, 8:10 pm

You're such a talented writer<3

Okay. Back to the story.

Awww to the Yoobin&Youngbae kiss<3
They're soooo meant to be :3
Now Yoona... SHE'S ANNOYING!! D:<


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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 05

Post by JYCYB on 6/8/2009, 12:56 pm


I woke up to an annoying voice.
The master had the intercom on, screeching in my room.

“YOOBINAH WAKE UP!” Shut.the.fuck.up. Oh how I wanted to break that intercom. Yesterday was seriously not a good day. And today, was the first day of school!? How did I forget...

“EH.” I replied in the intercom as I got up from bed. I took a shower and came out dressed in the school's uniform. Yes, school uniforms, which is totally overrated. But I must say, this uniform looks better than any of the other school's uniforms. Seoul School's uniform consisted of a short plaid skirt, high knee socks, a white button down, a plaid tie, and to top it all off, a red vest. The other school's uniforms consisted mostly of a yellow button down and a skirt that went to the knees. So I guess Seoul School had good taste in fashion than the rest.

I groggily straightened my hair and tied it up into a high ponytail. Yoona pushed me out of her way as I reached the stairs, calling for her mommy.

“MOMMY! MY HEAD HURTS! T.T” She complained. Oh please! It's not like it was her first time drinking. I walked into the kitchen overhearing the masters' conversation.

“Oh yes, Mr Dong said that he would think about Yoona marrying Youngbae!” The eldest squealed.

“Oh my! That Youngbae was very handsome!” the youngest squealed also. That's when I remembered. Youngbae kissed me last night. That was my first kiss... AND I LOST IT TO SOME JERK?! NO WAY. The next time I see Youngbae he's going to get it. Flashbacks of yesterday flustered in my head. EVERYTHING INCLUDED YOUNGBAE. WHAT THE HELL.

The masters didn't even notice me coming into the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of toast and got out of the house. I got to my car and noticed a little note stuck to the windshield wipers.

“Come pick me up for school;]” below it was an address and at the end, it was signed Youngbae. This left me speechless. SHOULD I GO PICK HIM UP? Or leave him. I decided to leave him;] just a small punishment for that damn kiss.

I got to school in a matter of minutes. I looked over my schedule and saw that Chemistry was first. I walked to the class, surprised that there were others in there. I picked a table, yes they were partner tables, next to the window. I was bummed out that Chemistry didn't have single seats, because with these long tables, it would mean having a person talk to you nonstop for the whole year.

I stared out the window hoping that it wouldn't rain today. Rain... whenever rain comes...I always feel like killing myself. It's like the only time that's easiest for me to die.

“I see we meet again,” a familiar voice that's been haunting me since yesterday whispered. I turned around to see Youngbae sitting beside me smiling. I just stared at him in disgust then went back to the window.

“Psst! Yoobin!” A voice behind me called. I turned around relieved to see that it was Jiyong. Jiyong was one of the good people in this school. Though we didn't really talk, he was still cool. We'd occasionally say hi to each other last year, but
that's as far as we got.

I raised my eyebrow at him, signaling a “yes?”
Before he could answer, the teacher came in and settled the class.

“You know, I STILL don't know your name AND! You didn't pick me up today T.T” Youngbae scooted closer to me so that our shoulders were practically touching.

“When did you send that note?” I asked curiously. He was either a mastermind or a stalker and I didn't like either.

“Last night before dinner.” he smiled.

“Stalker. How'd you even know I'd be going to this school?” seriously, what was this guy's deal?

“A wild guess.”

I scoffed and put my head on the table, looking out the window. The clouds looked dark. Was it going to rain today?

“Kim Yoobin! Please take your head off the table,” the teacher shouted. I sat up, not caring that the teacher just pointed me out in class. Everyone turned around, then began whispering. I was the news of this school ever since I survived that crash and people had started rumors that I was a ghost, or I was planning to kill myself each day. Shit like that.

“Ah. So your name is Yoobin,” he smirked as he stared at me.

I didn't say a word or move.

“Well, mine's Youngbae which you probably know.” I guess he forgot all about what happened last night.

“Uh. I kissed you last night didn't I?” Youngbae asked wiping his lips.

“What makes you say that?” I asked, emotionless.

“I woke up this morning and my dad started yelling at me. He said that I had kissed the wrong girl. SO I guessed it was you,” he laughed.


“Guess what?” I looked at him.

“We have chemistry,” he smiled. A pun. Of all the things he could've said, he used a pun.

“Mm.” That's all I gave him. I went back to gazing out the window, it was going to be a LONG day today.

The next class I had was English. I walked to class, sat down and turned to my right. When I looked to my left, there he was, all he did was just smile. After English there was a break. I went up to the roof of the school glad that it wasn't raining yet and just laid down. The break lasted only for about 10mins, so I went to my next class as the bell rang. Choir. I'm not much of a singer, but I'm still trying. I went into class and there he was AGAIN. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY SCHEDULE?! HE'S EVERYWHERE!

Sadly, after choir I went to history. I sat in the front row and when I looked back, HE WAS THERE SITTING BEHIND ME. The whole day he just smiled at me. I was getting annoyed of this guy now. During history, it began raining. Pouring actually. My heart slumped inside of me, making my heartbeat slower and slower. I wanted to die. After history I skipped lunch and went back to the roof. It was time.

The school was ten stories high and was just enough for me to die, while falling. I stood behind the edge of the roof. This was it. Yoobin, you're going to be reunited with your family again. I smiled and giggled. I stepped onto the ledge, tears began strolling down my eyes. Happy tears. That's all it was. I balanced my feet, my knees bended, arms gained momentum. Right before my feet left the edge... That's when someone grabbed me back onto the roof.

“WHY DO YOU KEEP ATTEMTPING SUICIDE?!” Youngbae yelled, as I squirmed from his grasp. His grip became tighter, I became vulnerable, and he dragged me near the stairs.

“HOW THE HELL DO YOU KEEP FINDING ME!?” I shouted hitting him, but he still wouldn't let go.

“If I tell you, you'll have to be calm about it,” he looked like he was debating whether or not he should be telling me this.

“Okay alright. Now. Tell. Me.” I was still in his grasp, so I couldn't make a run for it. There was no point. I turned my body to face him, inside his grip. We were still in the rain, both soaking wet.

“The reason that you keep seeing me everywhere since yesterday...” he sighed.

“Is because your father told me to.”

Haha, thanks for liking my style of writing xD It's a shame my English teacher thinks differently haha

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 06

Post by JYCYB on 6/8/2009, 1:09 pm

*two chapters in a day Wink


“Stop bull shitting with me,” I replied as he looked me in the eye. I squirmed out of his grasp and walked to the stairs. What was this guy thinking? Including my Appa in something when he wasn't even here anymore.

“Wait!” he called out. I turned around glaring at him.

“I know you don't believe me right now about your dad, but I'll prove it to you. Meet me after school, and I'll prove it.”

I turned back and began walking through the hallway. Youngbae didn't even bother to call back; The bell rang and I went to math. There was no surprise that HE was there. There was nothing new in this class that was different from the rest of the day. I sat next to Youngbae, for there were no other seats left. Though, this time he didn't even bother talking to me, which gave me more time to daydream.

Math ended shortly after I thought about getting electrocuted by lightning. I walked to the gym followed my Youngbae. I ignored him and sat in the corner as the teacher began talking.

“ALRIGHT CLASS; MY EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS PE CLASS ARE HIGH. I EXPECT YOU TO EXCEL IN EACH SPORT or AT LEAST TRY TO IMRPOVE,” Jeez. Who did this teacher think he was? I looked away, staring at a piece of lint on the floor, daydreaming.

“YOU!” Practically jumping out of my position, I looked up and saw that the teacher was pointing at me.

“DAYDREAMING IN THIS CLASS RIGHT NOW IS UNACCEPTABLE. COME UP HERE,” he motioned his fingers to come to him.

“YOU! GIVE ME 20 PUSH-UPS” he pointed to the floor. Not wanting to get into any trouble on the first day of school, I did what was told with ease. As I got up, the teacher looked at me in shock.

“U-H-H GO STAND ON THE THREE POINT LINE, that's the curvy thing on the floor,” he smirked. What was up with this teacher? Was he expecting me NOT to know this? Sexist freak. I walked over, and he bounced a basketball towards me. It was silent in the gym. I held the ball and spun it around my fingers.

“MAKE THE THREE POINTER,” he ordered. I looked at him strangely; then looked over to the crowd. They were as confused as I was.

Sighing, I bounced the ball two times; did a little footwork here and there; got my stance; arms in position; and I shot the ball. It went in with a swish. I turned back to the teacher and smiled.

“Is that all?” I was slowly heading back to my seat, until he held his hand up.

“Uh.uh.uh,” he wiggled his fingers. What the hell. All I did was daydream for a bit; and now he's creating all these shit for me to do?

“What?” I glared at him, making myself tall; causing him to get off guard.

“YOU TWO!” he pointed towards Youngbae & Jiyong. They looked up in surprise.

“Huh?” Simultaneously, they got up.

“DOWN HERE NOW.” Great. What the hell does this teacher have in mind?


“2 VS 1!” he shouted passing me the ball. Youngbae and Jiyong had an unsteady look on their faces.

“Aye coach, there's no way I want to go against Yoobin,” Jiyong faced the coach.

“DO AS I SAY!” he spatted. Gross.

“Sorry Yoobin,” Jiyong whispered as I passed him the ball.

“Check,” That was all I said. Youngbae was blocking near the basket, clueless of what I had in store.

Jiyong bounced the ball back; since these sexist freaks think I'm no good; I'll show them.

Anger halfway rose up in me as I played around with Jiyong. The ball went everywhere; behind my back; between the legs; even behind Jiyong. Finally, I bounced the ball in between Jiyong's legs and dribbled it from behind. He looked up totally surprised.

I charged for the basket as Youngbae blocked me. I elbowed him as I went up for the layup; causing him to lose his balance and fall to the floor. The ball went in.

I held my hand out for Youngbae and he grabbed it. I lifted him as the coach came by and looked at me in awe.


“Oh,” Okay... I was confused. A minute ago he was attempting to torture me, now he's praising me?

“JOIN THE TEAM,” he begged.

“Uh.. it's an all boys team... I'm a girl...”

“We can bend the rules this year! You two! Join the team too!” he nodded towards Jiyong and Youngbae.

“I'm all for it,” Jiyong exclaimed giving the coach a high five.

“Mm..Me too,” Youngbae agreed.

“No thanks...” I walked away back to my seat. Something in the Coach's eyes told me that he wasn't going to accept my rejection, he was going to make me join the team one way or another.

Class ended abruptly after I sat down. I got up and rushed out the door, ignoring any interceptions with the Coach.

“Hey!” Youngbae called from behind. I stopped dead in my tracks waiting for him to catch up.

“Ready to show me your evidence?” This was the only way I could see if this guy was real or not.

“Yeah come on,” he headed towards the parking lot.

“We have to go to my house; that's where I have the tape and letter stored. Just follow my car,” he got into his car as did I.

His house wasn't far from my house; we stopped by the front gate. He punched in the code and we drove up towards his driveway. This kid had money, his house was almost similar to mine. No wonder the masters liked him.
I turned the car off and got out, following Youngbae up the steps.

“Tape and letter?” I asked him.

“Yeah your father sent them to me before his death,” he unlocked the house and we walked in. There was dead silence in the house and it was dark. A cold chill ran up my spine as I took my shoes off. This place was giving me the creeps. The windows were shut, though the house was nicely decorated, everything seemed lifeless.

“My room's just up there,” he gestured towards the stairs and I just nodded. We got to his room; which happened to be...THE BIGGEST ROOM I'VE EVER SEEN. Yes, I was shocked. It was twice the size of my room back home, it looked like another house that was attached to the main house. It had a sofa, a king sized bed, HD flat screen, a Yamaha keyboard, a computer, laptop, glass desk, a walk-in closet, a bathroom, a mini fridge, a window that led to a balcony, a mini table that was set in the middle of the room; jeez this kid had everything.

Youngbae went through his desk and I saw that everything was so organized. CDs were arranged in alphabetical order, his shoes were arranged by color, his bed neatly made; did he do everything himself?

“Wow.” the slip of my tongue made him look up from what he was doing.


“Nothing; I just... like your room. That's all,” I walked to where he was and watched him rummage through his stuff.

“Ah! Here it is,” He held the items up. He handed me the letter as he booted up his computer. I opened the letter and saw my Appa's calligraphy.

“Dear Youngbae,
This is your Uncle Kim and I have some endearing news to share with you. My family has been targeted. I'm not sure who, but I need your help. Someone's been hired to kill us, I think it may be one of the business partners. Please, don't tell anyone you know. Only to those you trust. If my wife, son, or daughter happen to survive, I need you to protect them. Protect them and watch over them, because I want them to be happy. Watch out for liars. If someone does survive, I know that the killer will be back, ready to disperse my family from the world.
In this letter, there is a video attached. Watch it and you'll know.
-Uncle Kim”

Tears were brigading at the rims of my eyes as I read the letter. How did Appa know?

“Sit and watch this,” Youngbae pulled up a chair another chair for me and sat in front of the computer.
The DVD played and I saw my Appa's face.

“Youngbae, by the time you watch this, I'm probably dead. I left all my possessions to my wife, daughter, and son. Hopefully they survived. I know you may be confused about all this that is happening, but after this video you'll understand. I've owned my company for 20 years now and there are those secret spies who want to take me down. Well, as you watch this video, it means they've succeeded. You mustn't tell anyone about this; especially these people,” the film showed screen shots of three men. “Dr. Dong, Mr. Kwon, and Mr. Lee. I know that Dr. Dong is your father Youngbae, but you have to trust me on this. These were my partners, and they started acting up as the stocks went up. Don't discuss this with anyone, they might be working for your father, or any of those men I've listed. We live in a world where money is a delicacy, so beware. If my family happens to survive, watch out for them and protect them. They will one day take over my company and keep it running,” the DVD showed mini clips of Uhmma, Oppa and me a week before the crash. “I'm putting my trust into you Youngbae, don't let me down. Tell my family, that I love them, and I'll always be in their hearts.” With these last words, the DVD ended.

Tears dripped down from my chin. Youngbae was telling the truth and I couldn't deny it. Appa knew that he was going to get killed, but why didn't he say anything? Why did he take us to Jeju island when he knew we were targeted? Appa WHY?!

I cried and cried on Youngbae's shoulder.

“Don't worry Yoobin, I've got it under control,” he assured.

“What I don't get is, why you show up two years after their death,” I said in between sobs.

“I couldn't come here exactly, I was in Europe, studying. My father would've gotten suspicious. So I hired a detective to stalk you until I was able to come back.” He patted my shoulders. I ignored the fact that he was stalking me, because I was sort of glad that he did.

“I couldn't find anything in the house...” I explained.

“Did you find the secret room?” he asked as he rubbed my arms.

“Secret room?” I got up from his shoulder, which was wet all over, and wiped away my tears.

“Yeah, next to your room. Your dad used to take me there all the time when I came over.”

“You came over?” I didn't remember him in my house when we were young.

“When you were at school, or away.” Thinking about this, I got up from my chair.

“Let's go to my house. You have to show me the secret room,” I ran down the stairs with him close behind. We left and headed for my home.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 07

Post by JYCYB on 6/10/2009, 12:22 am

Secret Room

The house looked so lonely as we pulled up to the gate. The rain stopped and the sun was setting, casting a red and orange light above our heads. I thought about what my Appa said in the film and letter as I got out and punched in the security code.
We drove up to the driveway and went upstairs.

“Aye, what I don't get is why Appa told you everything when you're dad may be involved with the murder,” I confronted, as we headed up to the secret room.

“I'm not sure either, your dad was like the dad I never had. My dad always yelled at me, while your dad cared for me. I guess he really trusted me, because I was always with him when I was young,” Youngbae explained as we got to the second floor.

“I see... So where's the secret room?”Next to my room was Appa's study room. Youngbae led the way in there and looked at the bookshelf.

“What are you looking for?” I asked looking with him.

“A book,” he touched his fingers against each binding until he found a black book. He pulled the black book and the bookshelf opened to a passageway. One that I've never seen before. He opened a flashlight that was sitting on the desk and led the way. We ended up in another room, a room that looked almost exactly like the room we were just in. It had the same desk, same chair, same bookshelf, everything looked similar.

“Here's the room,” Youngbae gestured as I walked past him.

“I've never been in here before...” I decided to start with the desk. The drawers were locked.

“They're locked...” I looked up at Youngbae. He was leaning on a chair looking around the room.

“I think the keys are... behind this portrait.” He lifted up a portrait of our family and brought out the keys. He tossed me the keys and I opened the drawers. Inside the drawers, there were papers. Messy papers. Great... I have to look through all these one by one.

I took piles and piles of paper until one drawer was empty.

“Here, help me take these to my room, it'll be less creepier there,” I handed Youngbae half the pile and carried the other half. Stepping into my old room, with that same old scent of strawberries, made me think that my family was still here with me.
We set the papers down on the bed and started looking through them.

“Let's separate them by categories,” Youngbae advised. We do so and we found out that the company was flourishing through the roofs as they made a new discovery that could change everything. Stocks were going up, endorsements were offering great deals, making the company even richer. The pile of papers also showed us profiles of the owners. Mr. Kwon, Mr. Lee and Dr. Dong.

“Keep these papers in a separate pile from everything else, we may need these later,” I told him as he placed them to the side.
It took us two hours to finish sorting the piles. I looked up at a clock, only to see that the batteries had died. Hey, it's been two years, of course nothing would work in this house that ran on batteries. I pulled out my phone and saw that it was already 10. The masters hadn't called or anything, so I decided to forget them.

“I'm tired,” yawned Youngbae as he fell to his side on the bed.

“Are you going to stay here for the night?” I asked him as he closed his eyes.

“I don't know,” he replied.

I went back to the papers as he let out a light yawn. There was just so much to know. All this information, I've never found them, when I searched through the whole house after their deaths. I placed five piles on the floor so that Youngbae could have space to sleep on. One pile caught my eye however. It was the pile that consisted of my father's daily agendas. Why was this so important? I'm not sure, but I did feel a weird vibe coming from it when we separated them. Maybe Appa left clues on his notes, that could help us find the killer.

-TAP- Stunned, I turned around and saw that it was only a tree branch, knocking on the window from the wind. I went to the window, and closed the curtains. Sitting back in my spot on the bed, I picked up an agenda sheet.

-Business meeting with Lee, Dong & Kwon
-14566 First Street @ 3:00

That was half the agenda for that day. On the side of the agenda, there was a small note written.

“Bring money at 3:00” Bring money? Was Appa in some sort of money trouble? Seeing this note, I knew that I had to go to 14566 first street and see what was up.
By now, it was already 11; it'd be too late and dangerous to go there now, and I was getting tired and sleepy. I placed a blanket on Youngbae and closed the lights, making my way to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, only to see that I was a mess. My hair was rumpled and looked as if I just came out of a dumpster. Going back to my room, I managed to find some old clothes that was left behind. I took a shower and then went to bed. I laid there falling asleep, completely forgetting that Youngbae was beside me.

That night, I had a nightmare. One that's been haunting me ever since the murder. The nightmare just kept repeating the accident over and over again. The funeral that I didn't get to go to, but was filmed also replayed. Everyone crying, wondering what would happen to me. Questions like, “Would Yoobin wake up from that coma?” I was left alone in the world to fight off these bad guys. All I wanted was somebody to hold. In the middle of the night, I got what I wanted.

Because there were no clocks in my room that were working and my phone was not by my side, I completely lost track of the time. My eyes opened to the glistening sun that was seeping through the window. Just yesterday, it had been raining. The sun was shining now, I could see dust particles floating around. As my mind gathered its thoughts, I realized that I was holding onto something. A living thing. Its chest was rising up and down at a rhythmic pace. I looked above me and saw Youngbae sleeping peacefully beside me. He looked calm and rested. His face showed no signs of worry or stress, just relaxation. His arm was underneath my head, while his hand rested on my back. This would've been a perfect scene, waking up to such a handsome face, too bad this guy here annoys me. Though I did feel a slight sensation. Something inside me was happy, happy that I wasn't lonely for the first time in two years.

I let go of my grasp and got up, looking for the time.

“IT'S ALREADY 10?!” I shouted, causing Youngbae to wake up.

“Huh?” He said groggily.

“Dude... we're super late for school...” It was only the second day of school and we were about 3 hours late.

“Seriously?” he sat up and rubbed his head.
I nodded and sat back on the bed.

“Let's not go to school today. Instead, let's go check out this place,” I told him as I handed the agenda sheet I found yesterday.

“What's this?” He looked at the paper half asleep.

“I'm not sure, but I want to check this place out. Come on. I'll make you some noodles.” I walked to the kitchen.
Instant noodles... can last a long time right? It's been two years... and I haven't thrown away any foods that were left here. Opening the pantry, there was no rotten smell coming from it. I looked for the noodles and found them. Opening them was a piece of cake. I plopped them into a pot, only to find some kind of fungus growing on it.

“What the hell?” I poked at the green stuff, which was light and soft. Not wanting to take any chances, I threw it away.

“Aye, let's go out to eat. My treat. The noodles here... are mutated.” I said as I walked back into the room.

“Ew.” He got out of the bed and stretched. “ Alright let's go on our first date,” he smiled and went downstairs leaving me clueless. I'd like to solve this mystery, not go on a date please!

I let go of what Youngbae said and quickly organized the room. Hiding the papers under the bed and making the bed. I met up with Youngbae downstairs and we headed out to brunch and First street.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by Guest on 6/10/2009, 12:26 pm

I love the story so far >:3

lol 3 hours late for school? xD
I can't blame them =w= School shouldn't start so early in the morning haha
I keep spazzing at the cute scenes ^^;

You know.... every time I read your story, I start listening to Big Bang's songs o.o
Prbly because you have Big Bang in this story? xDD
Lol. random ^^;

Please continue more~! :3
I read this story to some of my friends and they liked it ^___^
They were like "Woah O.O She's good at writing. I want more!" haha xD


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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 08

Post by JYCYB on 6/10/2009, 7:05 pm


“Here you go,” Youngbae smiled as he opened the car door for me.
“Uh, no thanks, I'll take my car,” I replied heading for my car.
“Oh, ho ho no. This is our first date and it's traditional that I drive,” he stepped in front of me and smiled, lightly pushing me towards his car.
“Traditional?” I scowled.
“Yes,” I was fully in the car now and he shut the door. This boy fooled me. He fooled me into thinking that this was just an ordinary business brunch. In a blink of an eye, it turned out to be a date. I had to give him credit though, this boy was witty. Youngbae got in the car and began to drive off.
“My dear, where shall we go eat today?”
“Anywhere you'd like honey,” I replied playing along. His eyes widened at my comment.
“Honey? I didn't think you'd want to go that far, but OKAY!” He chuckled. We got to a restaurant in a matter of minutes. It was a casual restaurant, which I've never been to before.
“After you,” he bowed as he opened the door.
“Thank you,” I nodded. He followed closely behind, so close that I could feel him breathing down my neck.
“Table for two please!” He called to the waiter.
“Right this way.” We followed the waiter to a private booth and ordered our food, after that, the waiter left and it was just the two of us.
“Are you serious about this whole date?” I raised my eyebrows as I faced him.
“Of course!” he put his hand to his chest, as if he was offended.
He chuckled, “I like you.”
“Oh..” So simple and straightforward. Why weren't the other nice guys like this?
“So, tell me about your life, Ms Kim Yoobin. Because all I know is about your dad's life.” He put his elbows on the table and rested his head on his hands.
“Mm.. You first!” I smiled.
“Okay, Well, I grew up in a rich family. I was an only child. Your father was THE BEST. If I needed anything, your dad would always help me. My father was 'EH'. He enrolled me in night school so that he could go out and party with different women each night after my mom left us. Though I'm disappointed that we've never met in our childhood, I'm glad that you survived the crash. I like sports and I'm starting to like you too.” Speechless, my eyes widened as he told me everything.
“Your turn.”
“Mm.. For the past two years, I've been living under my aunts, who treat me like I'm some worthless piece of crap. Whenever it rains, I get all these suicidal thoughts. This year, is the year that I started attempting these suicidal thoughts. I want to move back to my original home. Perhaps live there on my own. That's what I'll do when my birthday comes, that's when I'll be taking over my dad's part in the business. Sports, help control my anger. You're starting to grow on me,” I said with a nervous chuckle. Youngbae just smiled as he took a sip of his drink.
“Are you going to join the basketball team?” he asked with curious eyes.
“I don't think so. It's an all boys team...” I raised my eyebrows.
“Join~ we could make a great team,” he begged, poking at my fingers.
“I'll think about it.” The food came and we ate in silence. That was when I noticed these small details about him. He wore two rings, one on each pointing finger. Everything he did looked elegant. Each bite he took was perfect. His moves were smooth as if his joints had been well-oiled. Whenever he smiled, those smiling eyes came about.
“Uh excuse me, but aren't you Dong Youngbae?” I looked up and a waitress was staring at us.
Youngbae nodded.
“Please, give this note to your father,” she handed him a piece of paper and walked away.
“Bull.Shit.” Youngbae ripped up the paper as I looked at him confused.
“She just wants my dad because of his money,” he answered to my confused look.
“Oh...” I looked back down at my plate as another waitress came by our table.
“I have a note for this young lady here,” The waitress handed me the paper. I looked at Youngbae. He was as confused as I was.
“Uh, who sent this note?” I pointed to the paper before opening it.
“I'm not sure. The guy that ate there told me to give it to you right before he left. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some customers waiting,” she smiled and walked away.
I opened the note and it read, “BEWARE.” I gave the note to Youngbae as I looked at the table where the note came from.
“Beware? Of what?” He asked.
“I don't know... maybe we should get out of here.” I picked up my bag and led the way.
We walked up to the car, only to find the tires on the car to be flat.
Speechless, we didn't know what to do.
“Looks like you guys need some help,” a stranger walked up to us. He was taller than Youngbae by a couple of inches, his face was long and slender. He had miniature sideburns and he had dark circles under his eyes.
“My name's Seungri,” he smiled.
Oh my Melanie! xD
Sharing to your friends?
I thank them for liking my writing^^
Tell them to read more!!! haha

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 09

Post by JYCYB on 6/11/2009, 8:08 am


“I'm-” before I could introduce myself, my phone rang.

“Hello?” Silence. Listening closely, I could hear a deep breath coming from the other side... The line went dead.

“Who was that?” Youngbae asked eyeing me with concerned eyes.

“I'm not sure. Anyways I'm Yoobin and this is Youngbae,” I introduced us to Seungri.

“So, you guys need any help?” He pointed to the car.

“Hmm, no I don't think so. A little fresh air won't kill us right?” He nudged me and I nervously chuckled.

“Yeah.. but thanks for asking,” I smiled at Seungri.

“Oh no, I insist! At least let me give you a ride,” he looked at me in a peculiar way.

“Ah, that's alright. We were going to the park near the corner anyways. So we'll see you around,” Youngbae took my hand and we walked away from Seungri. I looked back and saw him glaring at us.

“That Seungri guy...seemed nice...” I looked up at Youngbae.

“There's something fishy about that guy...I just get this weird vibe coming off from him,” he responded to my unreliable statement.

By the time we got to a streetlight, I noticed that he was holding my hand. Staring at our linked hands, I asked him, “Where are we going? To the park?”

Clicking the button, he responded with a smile, “You'll see.”

Though it was just past noon, traffic was building up as we walked across the street. In a particular car, I thought I saw a man with an angry expression, his hands gripping the steering wheel tight, his eyes giving mixed up thoughts as to whether or not he should run us over. I could've sworn he looked like Seungri. I closed my eyes and reopened them; only to find that it was just an ordinary man.

“Seriously Youngbae! Where are you taking me!?” I complained.

He stopped walking and turned to look at me. “Look up!” He pointed up towards the building.
We were standing in the middle of SeoulSquare and up on the building was a marquee.

“Kim Yoobin! You're not alone in this world, I'll be by your side! -Youngbae” I looked back at him and smiled. We were then in a tight embrace. Yesterday was a harsh day, full of unwanted surprises. Today was the day where I felt that I had someone. Someone that I could rely on. That's when I started crying.
Youngbae looked at me confused.

“Why are you crying? I did this so you'd be happy,” he said with a sad expression.

“I cry when I'm happy,” I laughed, wiping my tears away.

“Phew! For a minute there, I thought you were actually sad!” He chuckled.

“I haven't felt this happy in awhile and I'm glad that you were the one who broke the record.” We stood in each other's arms for awhile in silence.

“You want to go to First Street now?” He asked.

“Not yet.” I tightened my hug on him. I wanted this day to last forever, but I knew that was impossible.

“Okay! I'm ready!Let's go!” I let go of my hug and he pulled out his phone.

Tourists were swarming SeoulSquare. I looked around and saw a distinct figure watching Youngbae and I. His face was covered by a hat, he was wearing a brown trench coat, and he wore sunglasses. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he looked away and walked towards the opposite direction of us.

“A car should be sent to us, right about... now.” Right then, a car was in front of the curb.
We got in the car and drove off to First Street.
Leaving the busy SeoulSquare, we ended up in the deserted part of Seoul. Where graffiti was all over the walls and thugs were hanging by the corners.

“Why would my dad come to such a ghetto place?” My eyes roamed around. We reached 14566 and got out of the car. I stood in front of the building. The building consisted of one large sheet of metal, making it look like an opening to a garage, but there was no handle or button to make it open.

“LOOK OUT!” Youngbae shouted as he pulled me away. A sign had fell from its hinges, almost hitting me.

“Thanks,” I said as I looked at the sign.

“Print&Run” Youngbae read aloud.

“Where's the entrance?” I couldn't find a door anywhere in front of the building. Did we reach a dead end?

“It's on the side of the building,” Youngbae was already at the door.

To our surprise, it was unlocked. He stepped in the building first, followed by me. The room was dark and empty. It reeked of formaldehyde and rat poison. The scenery was casted by a dark bluish light. It was pretty much empty with some exceptions of furniture. As if things couldn't get any creepier, a chair squeaked from a corner. The chair was turned so that it was facing the wall. Youngbae and I walked over to where the chair stood and turned it around.

On the chair was a body. A real dead body. He was shot in the side of his head, dried blood stuck to his neck and it had streamed down to his collar. The neck was adjusted so that it was leaning on his left shoulder. His eyes were wide with terror as if he was killed in a surprise attack. There were bruises on his hands and bloodstains all over. I didn't know this man, but on his torso a message was taped.


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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 10

Post by JYCYB on 6/12/2009, 12:35 pm


I didn't understand what the message meant. Who was playing these games with me?
What I did know was that there was a pungent smell around the corpse. The smell of formaldehyde and bug spray lingered in my nose, causing a faint dizziness.
I tried walking, but my legs were like noodles. Youngbae caught be in time before I fell to my knees.

“Come on let's get outside,” He grabbed a hold of my arm and dragged me out of the building. My mind wasn't working at all in there.

“W-what are we going to do about the body?” I asked breathing in deeply. The dizziness was beginning to disintegrate and my head was clearing up.

“I don't know. Do you recognize the man?” I shook my head no. Just then my phone vibrated. I looked at the caller ID.

“H-hello?” I answered.

“I see that you have found the corpse and the message.” The voice was masked with a voice changer.
“WELCOME TO THE GAME. This little mini-game here is called “Find the victim”.Follow my instructions and you will be able to save the victim.” He chuckled.

“M-m-may I know who the victim is?” I stuttered.

“No. Your father was a evil man and since he has barely repaid me, you will take in his place. This is my vengeance.”

“But he's been dead of two years already! Shouldn't you let it go!?!” I shouted.

“Fuck that. What your father did scarred my life. Your mother and brother have already paid their duties and since you didn't survive, it's your turn.” He snickered.

“But it's been two years,” I repeated.

“It was only recently that I've found out you survived that crash, now shut up and go back to the body and find a note somewhere on him. Follow those instructions. You have one hour.” The line went dead.

Not knowing what was in store for me, I brought Youngbae back into the building and searched for the note around the corpse.

“Look for a note either on the body or around,” I said holding my breath, “ we have one hour to follow the instructions.”

Youngbae did as I told him to. After 10 mins of roaming the body, we found the note in the corpse's pants pocket.
“1. Drive to the Jeju beach.
2.There will be a green cone.
3.Start digging through the sand to find the victim”

“Come on, we got to go!” I dragged Youngbae out of the building and we headed off to the beach, not knowing what to do with the corpse.
The beach on Jeju was the biggest beach in Korea. It was also known for holding many parties, marked with green cones. Today, there were at least ten green cones located in the center of the beach. The weird thing was that there were no signs of any human contact being here. Just green cones.

“I'll look here while you look there,” Youngbae pointed. Thus, we began our vigorous search for the next victim.
30 minutes had passed and I was on the 4th cone. There was still no sign of a victim anywhere.

“YOOBIN! COME HERE, I THINK I MAY HAVE FOUND SOMETHING.” I ran to Youngbae's side and we started uncovering a coffin. There was a muffling noise in the coffin, the victim was definitely alive.

We were able to bring the coffin up from the ground, but to our disadvantage, there was a lock.
-mmm- My phone vibrated.

“Oh yeah, ahahah I forgot to tell you, you need a key and you have five minutes left before the victim runs out of air.” The voice laughed.

“And where is THE KEY located at?” I snapped.

“Feisty, are we now? Let's just say, the key is hidden within the survivor.” With these last words, he hung up.

“The key is hidden within the survivor,” I repeated. There wasn't much time left. The time ticked by quickly as Youngbae tried prying the lock open, while I was searching for the key. 4...3...2 minutes passed.

“Within the survivor? Could that 'survivor' be me?” I stood up and began searching myself. Reaching in my pockets, my hands hit something metal. Holding onto that, I brought out my hand, shocked to see a key. Not wanting to waste anytime, I jammed the key in and the lock was unlocked.
The victim had fainted due to lack of air, but his pulse was still beating.

“Why is the victim...SEUNGRI?”

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by shawty_12 on 6/12/2009, 5:11 pm

HOLY FIZZLE! almost gave me a heart attack there!
poor, generous, sweet, helpful seung ri just HAD to be the victim.
this story is good, seriously. i saw the posts and was like,
"i'm too late. there's already too many posts!" ('cause
i was feeling lazy-___-) but then i started reading and
couldn't stop. lolx... i love the story. it's romantic, funny,
and kinda nerve wrecking at the same time.
mind letting me know when you post the next chapter?
i'd really appreciate it. and yes, you have skills<3

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 11

Post by JYCYB on 6/12/2009, 8:35 pm

Save One

He opened his eyes softly as we pulled him out from the coffin.

“W-w-where am I?” He groggily asked.

“We’re at Jeju beach. Do you remember any events that occurred to you today?” I asked him as I propped him against a tree.

“Aish, I don’t remember much. All I remember is being at a bar after our acquaintance in the parking lot. I believe this noona bought me drinks and I decided to follow her. That’s all I remember.”

“The mastermind of this game may be a woman,” Youngbae suggested.

“Mastermind? What game?” Seungri asked.

“Someone’s playing a game here with me.” I got up and walked away from the two.

That’s when my phone vibrated.

“What now?” I heard slow claps.

“Congratulations on saving the first victim! Yoobin-ah, I’ve been watching you since last night. You’re pretty smart, figuring out where the key was. Heh. Ready for the next part?”

“Why is there more to this little game you’ve created?”

“Because, I like playing games, heh; and it’s your time to pay.” He said in a serious tone.

“I don’t want to play anymore!” Right then and there, I hung up. The phone vibrated again and I answered.


“The next clue is in the coffin, FIND IT.”

Before I could reply, he hung up. No fucking way. He still wants to play. The only way to beat him is to beat the game.

I ran to the coffin, searching all around it. There was no clue whatsoever.

“What are you looking for?” Youngbae strode over away from Seungri.

“He said that there was a clue in the coffin, but I can’t find anything.”

“Take out the coffin.” We worked together and dug up the coffin. The coffin looked small when we had first opened it, but looking from the side, we found that it was deep. There was another level to it. Wondering if my eyes were tricking me, I stepped in the coffin.

Beneath my feet, there was something. It felt soft yet hard. I felt creases, it felt as if there was a hand underneath. Swiftly, I got out of the coffin and took out the base. What I had felt underneath my feet was a body. This time, it wasn’t a stranger. It was Ahjumma from the store. She wasn’t breathing anymore. Instead, her face was blue and pale. Her wrinkles were solemnly resting upon her face.

Ahjumma looked peaceful in her position, it didn’t look like there was any struggle to her death, she may have died peacefully. Hopefully.
I had just seen her a couple of days ago and now she was lying here in front of me dead.
Like the other victim, she had a message. This time it was written on her arms.


Today, I had saved a stranger, but I lost a friend.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by shawty_12 on 6/13/2009, 8:49 am

this-is interesting. i wonder who that mysterious guy is.
and what's up with all these games. if he really wanted
to kill her, why not just straight up murder her? the poor
ahjussi... Sad "Today, I had saved a stranger, but I lost a friend."
that line was good. and thank you for the pm!

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 12

Post by JYCYB on 6/13/2009, 1:09 pm


There was no other clue for the next part of the game and the mastermind had not called.
Youngbae took me home.
The master’s house was pitch black after the sun had set; there was no sign of movement whatsoever. Youngbae had long left and I was alone in this place. Through the pitch black, my hands roamed for the light switch. I never found one. Distraught, I found the way to the stairs. I walked up carefully, my hands feeling the wall after each step. When I got near the top of the stairs, I saw a small light leaking from the bottom of the bathroom door.
I reached the bathroom door as curiosity filled up in me. My hand was now on the doorknob. I heard a creak behind me as I turned the knob…

Slowly, I opened the door only by a little. I could hear the small sound of water running in the tub… That was it.

As I opened the door, spilling the light out into the hallway and the stairs, a hand grabbed my shoulder roughly dragging me into the darkness.

I screamed.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by Guest on 6/13/2009, 1:32 pm

It's scary but soooo good!
I was happy that my strong baby Seungri was in it till he was put in a coffin >.<
Still, I'm glad he was saved Very Happy
Though... I felt bad for the Ahjussi T___T
I hope the killer person isn't in the house D:
Poor Yoobin Y___Y


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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

Post by shawty_12 on 6/13/2009, 2:50 pm

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! i don't know how she can
stand the dark and creepy silent. i would've scream
the moment youngbae dropped me off and made
him take me over to his house already. i wouldn't
even dare/risk staying there after two murders
in one day>.< yoobin is brave....0____0
thank you for the pm^^

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Chapter 13

Post by JYCYB on 6/13/2009, 11:09 pm


“Stop fidgeting! What’s wrong with you Yoobin!?” My eyes were shut, but I recognized this voice easily.

“Let go of me Yoona!” she left go of her tight grasp on my shoulder. I was panting now.
“Dude, where have you been? I’ve been alone since yesterday.” She was now sitting on the floor.

“Where’s your mom? And why aren’t the lights open?”

“I don’t know. They said they were going somewhere, but they never came back! Only the bathroom light is able to open. I never looked in there. I was too scared.” Yoona began crying. I sat beside her and patted her back.

“Let’s look in the bathroom together. Come on.” I grabbed her hand and we set off for the bathroom.

Her hand was shaking in mine. My legs were tightening as we stood in front of the bathroom. I placed my hand on the knob and pushed the door open. It creaked loudly causing Yoona to jump up. From the view we had outside the bathroom, it looked undisturbed. I stepped in first and saw the running water. It was almost spilling. I strode over to the tub to close the water. As I reached the bathtub, I found that it was already occupied. Taking a closer look, the bathtub had a body.

I stared at the body under the water. He looked like the little boy from the grudge. His eyes were engrossed in a weird black substance his face was pale and his eyes were closed. He was fully clothed and looked as if he drowned. There was no sign of struggle so was this a suicidal attempt? Who was this guy? As I stepped closer to the body, Yoona screamed. I looked away and saw the writings on the mirror.

“BABO” was written in what looked like blood. This was a trap. And I had fallen right into it.

Behind me, I heard a splash and a wet hand grasped my neck. I wanted to scream, but his fingers were too tight on my neck. I struggled trying to find something to hit him with. Nothing. Another figure stepped in the bathroom grabbing Yoona. Attempting to see whom this guy was, I turned my head. All I could see was his long hair sticking to his face. Right away, he grabbed my head and pushed it into the cold running water.
My vision began to blur as the water rushed into my nose and mouth. With no air supply, my eyes softly closed and that was it.

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Lovers of A Murder Empty Re: Lovers of A Murder

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