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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK)

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK)

Post by Cherrylips on 7/16/2009, 11:55 pm

Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Ca

Genre: Horror-Thriller-Romance
Length :Chapter/
Author: Cherrylips

Jung Yunho: 24 years old, handsome, tan skin, nice abs so dashing, powerfully rich businessman and never believe in demon @angel world until it hit him hard right on his face. Something big will come and for the first time in his life he have to admit the reality of it. Possessive towards his lover aka Kim Jaejoong, for being like that he always have a hard time to deal with anyone that come too close to his Joongie.

Kim Jaejoong : 21 years old college guy, alluring, lovely and gorgeous at the same time, very honest and carefree. His best friend is Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin. Have a boyfriend Jung Yunho and really hated when Yunho turn himself into a possessive freaks whenever someone else approach him except people that Yunho knew only. Have six sense but didn’t want to use it offence because he was scared it might hurt someone else.

Park Yuchun: 24 years old, lawyer for Yunho companies, good looking and greasy kind of guy but he have slightly admire Jaejoong best friend Junsu because he think that guy really as cute as any other girls he meet. This guy is so cunning and mischievous, being the best friend of his childhood friend Yunho both of them is really hard to separate unless Yunho with his Joongie only.

Kim Junsu: 21 years old same college with Jaejoong being BFF since kinder garden, superstitious about anything in spirits world, demons and angels exist that what he say. Cutest guy in college and really hate Yuchun guts. But this guy can sense danger immediately.

Shim Changmin: 21 years old BFF with Jaejoong and Junsu but closer to Jaejoong because he likes to eat everything that his Jaejae cooks hate it when Yunho around Jaejoong can’t pampered him if Yunho was there all the attention goes to that freaky guy oh that what Changmin said. This genius believe in supernatural but not to obsess about it.

He bought the cabin by the lake because he think it was a peaceful place for him and his lover since he didn't have enough time to spend with him and what he didn't know is the secret that buried underneath it is a secret that made to be buried forever.
I'm not that good in writing a story or whatever
but since i was bored i try to finish it as soon as i can
Do comments if you think the storyline didn't bored you all.

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Cabin By The Lake Chapter 1

Post by Cherrylips on 7/17/2009, 12:06 am

[i]Chapter 1 (I Really...Really Don't Like It...)

“I hate to interrupt you but I will take my Boojae to the cabin by the lake that I bought last years and it should be a surprise for him.” Yunho already plan everything for both of them since he need some rest after a long tired works and he mean nothing can stop the plan unless the little cheeky brat Changmin spoiled it again. He just throw the picture of the cabin to Changmin.

“What exactly are you doing in our apartment anyway? And this cabin look so old and dusty, Jaejae will sure decline your invitation.” Changmin munching his food but givin Yunho a death glare.

“I have appointment with my lovely Jaejoongie and talking about the angel where is he? And this cabin is solid like a hard rock even it look so old and dusty but inside it’s perfect.” Yunho sank his nice ass on the couch and he really didn’t like to talk much with Changmin since the younger guy doesn’t like him to.

“Angel is in heaven and Jaejae is still breathing you know. I still don’t like the look of it.”

“Tskkk…” Yunho don’t want to argue and shut his mouth while waiting for Jaejoong.
Both turn to the door when they heard the door knob been open. “We're back.” The high pitch sound could tear his eardrum Yunho just touch his ears and smile when he saw the lovely face his been waiting for.

“Yunnie, what are you doing here.” Jaejoong went straight to the kitchen after give a peck on Yunho cheeks.

“Boo, I want you to have a nice holidays with me here.” Yunho snatch the picture from Changmin and walk towards Jaejoong who is busy putting down the groceries.

Jaejoong look at the picture and Junsu is standing next to him examine the cabin and he frown his eyebrow.

“What is it Junsu, something bother you?” Jaejoong to could sense the feeling around them.

“I don’t like that place.” Junsu turn his face to face Jaejoong and smile a little.

“Hey…hey…hey it was just cabin and I bought it last years to surprise you my dear.” Yunho hug Jaejoong from behind and sniff Jaejoong sweet smell, it really intoxicate him a lot.

“Jaejae~ah I don’t think you like that kind of place old and dusty right, right?” Changmin plead so Jaejoong will not take this invitation his stupid boyfriend have, because he can’t survive without Jaejoong cookings.

“I don’t know, Yunnie can I think about it.” He face Yunho that showing his best puppy eyes to him and sure enough he can’t say no.

“Aww…. You know i will lose to that act.” Jaejoong pinch Yunho cheeks.

“Tsskkk… Don’t lose to him to much Jaejae or you will be the one that suffer it.” Changmin sit back onto the couch and still munching his foods.

“Now baby, where were we.” Yunho kissing Jaejoong nape and send shiver to Jaejoong entire body.

“Oi…oi if you two want to make love in that sacred place of mine pray first for your own safety before I kick both of your ass outside this apartment.” Changmin didn’t want anyone to mess his shrine.

Yunho and Jaejoong just giggles and both just went out from the apartment while Junsu is laying on his bed thinking about the cabin, he doesn’t want Jaejoong to go alone to that place not without him, because there is this feeling that told him to protect both of them. He heard Changmin knock the door and enter in his room.

“What are you thinking Junsu?” Changmin lay himself beside Junsu and close his eyes.

“I don’t like that place.”

“What place?”

“The one that Yunho bought the cabin.”

“Oh… that old and dusty house huh.”

“It a cabin genius not a house.”

“Still it looks like a house to me.”

“Do you want to join them?” Junsu asking Changmin the question.

“Why should I bother those two love birds.”

“I have a bad feeling about it.”

“Nah… just your feeling Junsu there is nothing wrong with that place and by the way you don’t even seen it yet or get close to it.”

“The picture already told me everything.”

“About what?”

“That place is unstable.”

“You mean.”

“It a place where restless souls are.”

“Junsu, you with your superstitious thought again.” Changmin rise up from the bed and walk out from the room.

“Where do you think you going.”

“I have to exorcist some restless soul through a picture.” Changmin laugh his lung out and peek from the crack door he could see Junsu pouting face. So cute he mumble.

Yunho and Jaejoong went to the nearest restaurant because Jaejoong doesn’t want to eat expensive food at this time and Yunho understand him much. Yunho was wearing baby blue shirt with Polo sign and his faded jeans, he doesn’t really look like a rich guy at all just a simple ordinary man and Jaejoong like what he see the tan skin man really stole his heart many of times even if he was so possessive towards him but he feel secured whenever he was with Yunho. The guy look so modest and humble around people but could figure it out turn to an ugly language fight if he meet with Changmin. Jaejoong just ignore those two sometimes let time heal it own wrath.

Yunho keep staring at his beautiful boyfriend and must admit he never date anyone that look can be so allure and catches every eyes that saw him and it just make him more and more wanting this ethereal beauty to be by his side forever. Thinking about his friends suddenly makes his mood gloomy and he didn’t know why Changmin hate him so much not that he hate him almost want to choke him or something but the way he treated him when he was around them unlike Junsu warmest smile always greet him nicely. Well he must rid of the feeling if he want to be with Jaejoong.

“Yunho, why did you bought that cabin?” Jaejoong and Yunho was walking at the park after the dinner and sat on the bench. Yunho pull Jaejoong to sit on his lap his hand around Jaejoong small waist while Jaejoong hands wrap around Yunho neck.

“I bought it for us, so we could spend some times together.”

“Aren’t we spending times right now, and you never failed me down before.” Jaejoong voice so soft and husky just like a music in his ears. Jaejoong caress Yunho hair softly and kiss the guy forehead.

“I know but I want to spend more times with you in a peaceful place like the one I bought.”

“You bought the cabin only right?” Jaejoong cup Yunho face and notice Yunho just smirk.

“No you don’t.” Jaejoong couldn’t believe what he was about to hear.

“I bought the entire land around the lake for you, just for my lovely boyfriend and guess what.”

“What?” Jaejoong sound surprise.

“I even put your name down as the owner of it.”

“Yunho, you can’t do that.”

“Why not, you don’t like it.”

“It to much, you already gave me everything I wanted not this one to.” Jaejoong snuggle close to his neck.

“It not much if it come to you boo, I love you.” With that they kiss under the moonlight so passionate and didn’t bother other couples just giggles seeing the scene in front of them.

Back at the apartment Changmin still stare at the picture and thinking what Junsu said is right the place looks creepy and eerie even the surrounding was breathtaking but something is not right in the picture.

“I really, really don’t like it.” Changmin surprise to hear Junsu voice and his face was a little pale then usual. The cabin by the lake sure is a place to die for because it a place were many people come to see the beauty scenery and the fountain near it was amazing that is the reason Yunho bought it so Jaejoong can paint his favorite views.

Okay I know i did post this fic in Winglin but again i heard this site is quiet good anyway thanks for giving me a chance here.

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Re: Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/17/2009, 10:55 am

awww....i love the storyline and the thriller of it but i'm not much of a yunjae fan>.<
i want to read it so bad but i don't know...maybe i will give it a shot despite the fact that it's yunjae:)
but i'll be back okay? keep it coming. i gotta go do some advertising first.

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Cabin By The Lake (Chapter 2)

Post by Cherrylips on 7/18/2009, 12:36 am

Chapter 2 You What?

Jaejoong was packing his stuff into the YSL leather bag that Yunho gave to him as a present and almost everything inside his room given by that man and he surely enough don’t have any space to put the other gift Yunho bought for him whenever the guy came back from his business trip abroad. He asked Yunho to stop buying present but it didn’t stop him from doing it even if he beg Yunho could only say “this is nothing to compare what you give to me.” Jaejoong will only blush listen to that statement, boy Yunho really know how to pampered him.

“I don’t want to go that up to them if they want to stay there.” Changmin voice could be heard across the place.

“Come on I’ll be lonely without you further more who will cook and clean for you.” Junsu try to pursue his food lover friend to tag along with them.

“You told me yourself that you are scared of that place but you agreed to go.”

“Shhhh… not to loud or Jae will hear us you nitwit.”

“Hemph…. What makes you come then?”

“I can’t guarantee their safety that why I wanted to come along at least I can help if something bad happen.”

“You actually wishing for something bad to happen you know that, my umma told me every words that come from our mouth is a prayer and maybe it will come true.”

“Aish Changminnie enough of that, now go pack your things hurry.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Changmin lazily went up stairs and close the door hard it makes Jaejoong pop up his head wonder what really going on.

“Junsu if you and Changmin don’t want to come that okay I’ll be fine with Yunho.”

“No Jae we do want to come with you guys it will be fun.” Junsu smile but in his heart he keep pray nothing will come passing by them in their journey.

“Okay I finish packing my stuff and where is our driver now?” Changmin sound so bossy and Jae just roll his eyes.

“Come on Jae once in a while I wanted Yunho to know it is really hard to get along with me, hahahaha.” Changmin with his evil laugh.

“Is that all you bring with you Minnie.” Junsu wider his eyes seeing a small bag pack around Changmin shoulder.

“Yah! Inside is all I need and I don’t bring a whole luggage like you two.”

“Whatever Minnie as long as you got clean cloth wrap on your body that fine with me.” Jaejoong look at the clock and wonder what took Yunho so long because Yunho told him last night the journey might take a day to reach the place.

“Yay…. I love you Jaejae~ah.” Changmin hugging Jaejoong and suddenly the door is open wide and the three of them was surprise Yunho was standing there and his eyes is burning red like he was about to explode.

“What is this?” Yunho saw Changmin is hugging Jaejoong and snuggle closer at Jaejoong nape.

“Yunho baby, you don’t have to be misunderstood Changmin was just to happy to come along with us.” Jaejoong try to loosen Changmin hold but Changmin keep clinging on him.

“Min let go of me.”

“Emh emph… it so comfy hugging you.” Changmin smirk and Yunho notice it, this brat really have nerve to hug his Joongie like that.

“Hello everyone.” Another voice breaking the ice and Junsu eyes pop up widely.

“Wha….wha…what…what the hell is Park Yuchun doing here?” Junsu high pitch screaming making the four of them cover their ears immediately.

“Yah! Aren’t I invited to go to because Yunho want me to find some investor at that small village and maybe perhaps the company can have benefit of it.”

“Yunnie, I thought you bought that place for me then why did.” Jaejoong just pointing at Yuchun.

“Boo that place is for you, Yuchun just being there at another place and I can bring my friend to right.” Yunho sure is a hot headed guy when he knew Jaejoong want to bring his friend along and scared to be left alone he couldn’t help but to bring this nosy guy.

Early that day at Yunho house. “You was what?”

“I bought this land near the lake where I use to go when I was a little boy and it was a breathtaking scenery.”

“That old and dusty cabin huh.”

“Hey you sound like that brat just now.”

“Who do you mean Changmin, his the genius one you know and you lose to that kid over Jaejoong several of times.” Yuchun just laugh and wink his eyes at Yunho.

“I didn’t lose to him it just on purpose why should I brag about it.”

“Yeah…yeah, so who else will come?”

“Just me and my lovely boo.” Yunho wanted it to be a special time together then his mobile phone (You’re my melody ringtone)

“Yes your highness what can I do for you.”

“Yunnie, I’m sorry but Junsu is not feeling well and I can’t leave him alone with Changmin, you know Changmin not good in taking cares of sick people.” There another voice on the background “Yah! I’m not that hopeless.” Yunho knew who’s voice it was and that brat really spoil it.

“Boo, you can bring Junsu with us.” Yunho dare not to say loud but with his bat ears Yuchun heard it already.

“Are you sure but I can’t leave Changmin alone either.” Yunho smack his own forehead this is not what he had in mind.

“Okay….okay just bring them along.” Yunho hang up and sigh.

“Yo… can I come to?” Yuchun sit next to Yunho and smile widely.

“Perfect just perfect.” Yunho sigh for the second time.

“Okay all of you ready to go.” Yunho took Jaejoong luggage in one hand and his other hand circle around Jaejoong waist dragging Jaejoong with him to his Maybach SUV. The journey to the Hou Han village (A/N: I made it up this village never exist hehehe) was so noisy when you have an hyper actives adults in your four wheel drive but it entertainment Yunho who is driving and he was tired from the journey and it Yuchun turn to drive.

“Hey Junsu why don’t you sit in front with me.” Yuchun pat the passenger seat and smile.

“I am not gonna sit there with you and I rather relax at the back seat.” Junsu pout and turn his face away.

“Then who want to join me here since Yunho already took Jaejoong there.” He point at Yunjae at the back seat.

“Okay let me company you and make sure you not fallen asleep.” Changmin offer himself because he think it to crowded now since Yunjae sitting at the back.

“That my boy.” Yuchun thank Changmin and rustle his hair.
“Yah! I’m not a pet you know.”

“Your hair is soft like a furrr…” Yuchun laugh and continue to drive.

After a couple of hour Changmin was drooling next to Yuchun and he feel the urge to smack the young man head but since he look cute while sleeping he didn’t have heart to wake him up.

“Hey let me drive I know you are tired.” Yuchun can feel a hand touch his shoulder and when he stop the SUV Junsu was smiling at him.

“Thanks.” Yuchun went to the back seat and mumble “I know you like me to.” But Junsu didn’t catch his words and ignore it.

“Changmin, oi Changmin wake up will you.”

“Hem…hem…what, what are we there yet?”

“Aish you sleepy head, what about I just left you on the street and knock your self out to find your own way back.”

“So mean… no, so cruel. Remember who’s the one that wanted me to come hem…hem…”

Junsu just roll his eyes and look at the side mirror it have been 8 hours journey and he knows all of them are really tired and he could notice Jaejoong is not so comfortable in his sleep it seem something bothering him. Why in the world Yunho bought this cabin just to surprise Jaejoong and what is he thinking driving all day long just to reach the destination. He sigh for the forth time today. The road was little dark and thank god the full moon help Junsu to see what beside the side walk and his head is popping up and down because his eyes are sleepy and when he turn to the left side just like yunho told him before according to the GPS system it has to be there then suddenly someone or something passing their SUV. Junsu hit the break suddenly and all of them were surprise by the action.

“I…i….i think I hit something or someone.”

“You what?”

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Cabin By The Lake Chapter 3

Post by Cherrylips on 7/18/2009, 12:53 am

Chapter 3 I Heard It To

“You What?” All of the four guys yelling in his ears and Junsu closing it with both of his hand.

“You heard me, I think I hit something or someone it just way to fast crossing the road.” Junsu try to explain to his friends.

“Nice Junsu, if you are so sleepy why don’t you ask me to drive.” Changmin sound so annoying to Junsu.

“Oh, now it was my fault huh, and you just drooling your saliva over my shoulder like I didn’t mind.”

“Stop it guys, why don’t we find out what really Junsu hit.”

“Ehem… is it really my fault Jae, that you only phrase my name.”

“Hey, I didn’t mean it but since you are the one that holding that steering wheel right now.”

“Jae… don’t sound like that, it wasn’t Junsu fault he was sleepy.” Yuchun try to back him up but then Yunho heard it.”

“Yah! Joongie only said what in his mind and he didn’t really point at anyone fault either.”

“Tsskkk….over protective lover.” Yuchun smirk but only got whack on the back of his head.



“Yunnie come on let see what it is.” Jaejoong is the first one that went out from the SUV and as soon as he land his feet onto the ground the wind blow so strong and blew his scarf away, it was a very chill night and everyone of them could feel it through their bones. The place where they stop was darker then the other side of the road.

“My scarf.” Jaejoong suddenly running after it without hesitate.

“Joongie wait its too dark.” Yunho try to grab his wrist but ended laying on the ground while the others are laughing at him.

“Yah! Joongie wait, boo…. don’t run to far from us, aish…” Yunho have to find Jaejoong because it was dark and creepy but before he do that, he took out a torch light and run towards Jaejoong path.

“Yunho, becareful and bring him back with you or I will make you vanish from this world.” Changmin yell at him but instantly they can’t even see where the two guys were heading.

“So what really did you hit Junsu?” Changmin scratch his head and take a look around the SUV.

“I thought it would be a deer or an animal but when I turn my head for the second time it look like a human form.” Junsu stop and circle his arm around his own body, he was scared the feeling around him seem like someone out there is watching at them.

“There nothing sweety.” Yuchun comfort Junsu with his greasy voice but yet Junsu does feel the other guy care for him.

“Yeah…there was nothing Su, maybe it was just your imagination.”

“I hope so and what took Jae and Yunho so long.” Junsu rubbing his arm and Yuchun went closer hugging him to stand closer. Junsu just smile at Yuchun while Changmin blinking his eyes unbelievable at the sight.

“Where is it and damn its too dark.” Jaejoong think he was crazy to run after the scarf, he love that scarf since it was a present given from Yunho and he treasure it so much. Not far from him he could hear Yunho screaming his name but he can’t see a thing the path he took is small and muddy.

“Aish I’m so clumsy, I should wait for Yunnie to find it. Oh dear moon please I beg you please give me some light down here.” Jaejoong clamp his hand together and pray for the moonlight to shine more and it did shine a little, it seem the moon listen to Jaejoong prayer.

"Ahah...there you are, oh my dear moon thank you." Jaejoong look up and smile.

“Boo… Joongie, where are you? Don’t get to far or you might lost.” Yunho keep calling for Jaejoong name and he wish Jae will listen to him.

“Joongie..why did you go after that stupid scarf anyway, I can buy you another one.” Yunho was talking to himself then he heard something moving around him.

“What the…” Yunho start to walk faster because it giving him goose bumps and a loud thud could be hear.

“Ouch…” Both of them just hit their head with each other and Jaejoong was sprawl on the ground while Yunho lucky enough to hang on the tree behind him.

“Yunnie, that’s hurt.” Jaejoong rubbing his forehead.

“Boojae I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there and why the hell did you ran so fast.” Yunho kneel down and rubbing Jaejoong forehead with his hand then kiss it.

“I thought I heard something over there and its sound like… I…I don’t know perhaps just the wind.” Jaejoong actually hear a noise coming from the bushes a voice of someone else and he didn’t dare to tell Yunho.

"well did you find it?"


"The scarf silly."

"Ohhh...this." Jaejoong showed him the scarf and it was stain with mud.

"Boo, i can buy you another one if you want it so bad."

"No.. I want this gave it to me on my birthday and i treasure it." Jaejoong pull the scarf from Yunho and put it around his neck.

" treasure everything i bought for you huh."Yunho kiss Jaejoong rosy lips and wink.

"Ahah.. and i want you to treasure mine to."

"And what is it that i should treasure..." Yunho is irritating him.

"Why you..."Jaejoong shove Yunho face away from him.

"Hey...hey...hey i'm just joking. You the one that i treasure most okay not the gift or anything can buy, you are my precious one. Jaejoong was glad he meet with this guy but at this point he really want to get inside the SUV and drive away because he was scared.
The voice sound like a whisper in his ears “Go back….” Jaejoong look around but there is no one else with him, it was a girl voice and it sound like her throat was been cut and blood in her mouth the voice scared him enough then when he ran to where they just stop he bump over Yunho and he feel relief to find his lover back. He didn’t care he was dirty because felled down the mud way as long as he didn’t hear the voice again but why did he feel it sound like a warning to him.

“Try to call them.” Junsu is impatient now and he was worried.

“Damn, there no signal here it was like this place was deserted.” Yuchun holding his mobile phone and walking around to find any signal but failed.

“I bet your phone is cheap that why it couldn’t find any signal at all.” Changmin irritate behavior piss Yuchun nerve systems.

“Why don’t you try genius maybe your unique phone can help us out of here.”

“Chessshh… fine let me try.” Changmin flip his phone and not a signal he can find.

“I bet your phone is so expensive even a small kid can buy it at a candy shop.”

“Why you..” Changmin walk toward Yuchun but the stop when hear something came out from the side walk and saw Yunho hand in hand with Jaejoong, immediately Changmin flew himself clinging on Jaejoong and sniffing him.

“Jaejae~ah where have you been baby, I miss you.” Changmin just like a little kid hugging his pretty teddy.

“Changmin let go you suffocate me.” Jaejoong push Changmin face away from him and Yunho helping by grabbing Changmin away from Jaejoong.

“Yah! His my pretty teddy.” Changmin hand wailing around wanted to grab onto Jaejoong again but Yunho shoved him away.

“You guys find what we hit.” Yunho look at his SUV then to Yuchun.

“Nothing at all.”

“Then it your imagine right Junsu.” Yunho tap Junsu shoulder but Junsu was staring at Jajeoong, there is something about the way he stare at Jaejoong but no one ever notice it. Junsu went closer to Jaejoong and whisper to him. “Are you okay?”
Jaejoong turn to face Junsu.

“I’m fine why you ask?”

“You look like you seen a ghost.” Junsu words shock him and suddenly the wind blow hard and five of them went inside the SUV. Yunho and Jaejoong sitting close to each other while Junsu and Yuchun not far away from them and it Changmin turn to drive.
Jaejoong wonder why Junsu say that to him and he remember the voice again, it was so creepy and the cries of the girl quickly immerge in his mind “Go back..” Jaejoong turn his head just to find Yunho laying against him and he look around there is no one else in there. “Please go back…” the voice haunting him, Jaejoong shut his ears closing his eyes didn’t want to hear or see anything. “go away” he whisper to himself.
He could feel someone is touching his cheeks and it was Junsu, it was warm and the voice already stop.

“Jae… are sure you alright?” Junsu was worried over him.

“I’m fine Junsu.”

“Its okay, I heard it to.” Junsu smile and hold his hands, Jaejoong was surprise.

“How come only the two of us can hear it?” Jaejoong want to change his seat close to Junsu and place Yunho head slowly on the seat and now junsu is in the middle of Jaejoong and Yuchun.

“Maybe because we are special.” Junsu just smile but deep inside he can’t figure it out why it have to be him and Jaejoong. Changmin eavesdrop of the conversation but didn’t say anything, he to knew both of his friends is special when it come to unusual things.

“I try not to listen or see it.”

“You don’t have a choice Jae.”

“But why now, it have been like…. 13 years since the last time I experience it.”

“I don’t know either.”

“Can you see it to?”

“Nope, I’m not like you Jae, I only can hear and feel it, but to see it is not my ability.”

“I never told anyone about this.” Jaejoong turn to see Yunho who is sleeping like a baby so peaceful.

“You didn’t tell Yunho about it.”

“No, I don’t want him to be scared.”

“Not that, what I mean is your ability to see and hear the other world.”

“No Junsu, I can’t tell him now, it just freak him out.”

“You have to Jae or he wouldn’t believe you.” Junsu caress Jaejoong soft hair.

“I tell him after this vacation okay.”

“Don’t you think it will be to late.”

“I will tell him after we return back to the city, I promise you.” Jaejoong smile sweetly to him but Junsu can’t feel any comfort in that smile.


It was 8.00pm when an 8 years old boy was sitting alone at the swing near his house and he seem like talking with someone but there no one with him and the swing beside him is moving by itself. He was smiling and talking to the swing and if some other kids passing by, they will avoid the park but to him there is nothing to be afraid of. Someone else watching him by far, anticipating, eager to find out who is this kid talking to but he didn’t approach just standing below the dim light with a smile on his face. After a while he walk closer to the boy.

“Hey there, what are you doing here alone?.” The man with a black cloak asking the boy somehow his voice give the boy a goose bumps , and boy tilt his head to see who’s the voice belong to but he can’t see the face.

“I was with my friend.” The boy point to the swing beside him but it suddenly stop.

“Don’t go, I’ll be alone.” The boy try to grab something but it look like he was grabbing air and the man smile widely.

“Is that your friend?” The man point to an empty side where the boy is grabbing.

“Can you see him to?” The boy ask.

“Yes… and he look scared.” The man went closer then suddenly the boy let go.

“He say that he was scared of you but why?” The boy was in tears.

“Hush now, maybe he want to go home to where he belong.” The man caress the boy hair and bend down on his knees, the man was close enough to see the boy face.

“You are one of a kind aren’t you. So perfect.” The man caress the boy face and the boy step back away.

“Who…who are you?” His voice tremble because the weather suddenly change and when he look up the sky, the cloud around them is dark red circling.

“Don’t be afraid, I will wait for you and when the time is come you my beautiful boy….”The man disappeared and he didn’t catch the last word the man said to him it sound like a whisper. He look up to the sky and it turn back to normal cloud no more red dark circle. He walk to his house and open the door knob.

“I’m back.” He smile sweetly to his mother that await for him in the living room.

“Where have you been young man?” The boy mother was worried even though she knew her son always went to the park across her house.

“Now go to your room and clean yourself up before we have dinner.”


“Yes sweety.” His mother caress his hair.

“I love you.”

“Umma love you to Joongie.”

End F/B

Jaejoong recall the memories back but he didn’t remember about the man in the black cloak, all he remember from that day he didn’t see or hear anything strange again until now the voice he suddenly heard. Junsu fall asleep and that is the longest journey they ever had and he feel so tired little by little his eyelids feel so heavy and he was in deep sleep.

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Cabin By The Lake Chapter 4

Post by Cherrylips on 7/18/2009, 1:32 am

Chapter 4 What Is That?....

Changmin swift the steering wheel to the right and stop at one of a convenience store and see the sign board Hou Han village 500 meter, it already 4.00am. It not far now he think and wake the others if they want to buy anything from the store.

“I want to go to the rest room.” Junsu took his small sling bag and went to the rest room that locate at behind of the store.

“Me to, I can’t hold it any longer.” Yuchun followed Junsu from behind.

“Joongie do you want anything?” Yunho hold Jaejoong hand and rub it against his.

“Buy me a diet coke and cigarettes.” Jaejoong walk toward a bench near the store. It was still dark and frizzing cold. He sit on it and looking at Changmin who is fixing the rear mirror.
The wind blew softly and the air was so fresh unlike the city, full with contagious air make it hard to breath sometimes. Jaejoong like it here so peaceful and he feel so lucky to see another country side. He saw someone is standing not far from the tree, it was to dark to tell but sure is there is someone there watching at them. He rise from the bench and walk back to the others. He turn his head back and it was gone, nothing there.

“Hey.” Jaejoong startle by the touch.

“You scared me.” Jaejoong touch his chest and his heart beat turn to normal rhythm.

“Me, I scare you.” Yunho laugh and hand him his drink and cigarettes.

“Don’t smoke to much boo, it will damage your lungs.” Yunho peck his cheeks and went to give Changmin his snacks.

“Here.” Yunho throw the snack at Changmin and sit inside the SUV.

“Junsu do you want something to drink or eat?” Yuchun and Junsu walking together and Junsu just nod his head.

“Okay I buy you fresh milk then.” Yuchun pinch Junsu nose.

“Milk!!! what do you think I am a 7 years old kid.” Junsu voice echoed.

“Aish…okay I buy you Orange juice then.” Yuchun walk inside the store.

“Yuchun wait up.” Jaejoong ran inside the store to and Yunho stretch his neck so he can see Jaejoong inside.

“Chill Yunho… no one gonna take Jaejoong away from you.” Changmin start to joke with him.

“Shut up brat.” Yunho glare at Changmin and this two never sit around without cat and dog fight.

"You should know that Jaejae is really pretty and anyone can easily fall over him." Changmin is like pouring a gasoline on fire.

"Yeah i know but i'm the only one that can touch, lick and kiss him."

"Yuck...that disgusting." Changmin stick his tongue out.

"Hey..if you have a lover like Joongie i bet you also doing what i been doing all over again. Hahahah." yunho laughing out loud and Changmin just shut his poor ears.

Inside the convenience store Jaejoong is looking for a diet nutrition bar while Yuchun still searching for his cute Junsu something to drink when Jaejoong wanted to pay at the counter, the cashier just staring at him didn’t even move a muscle.

“Hey.” Jaejoong wave his hand in front of the guy.

“Are you okay?” Jaejoong feel weird but the guy just keep staring and his body is shaking.

“What wrong with you?”

Jaejoong turn to find Yuchun but he feel a warm liquid flowing to his hand and he look down he saw it was blood running down from the guy throat and the guy was holding his neck that slash open, his eyes pop out from the socket,his head almost fall from his body, his hand wailing to the air reaching for Jaejoong, and Jaejoong breathing hard his chest feel so hot like it was burning, Jaejoong step back his voice won’t come out, he even wave at Yunho, Changmin and Junsu but they seem to ignore him. Jaejoong fell on his ass as the guy coming nearer he close his eyes, he can’t breath.
When he heard Yuchun voice, he open his eyes and Yuchun found it weird why the hell is Jaejoong sitting on the floor.

“What happen Jae?” Yuchun was holding his arms.

“The guy, the guy…his throat….blood.” Jaejoong eyes is wild looking around him and he look at his hand there is no sign of blood not even a drip, his hand is clean. The door was open and Yunho barged in hugging Jaejoong.

“Boo what wrong?”

“He…he…he was…” Jaejoong is shivering and he keep pointing at the guy who is standing behind the cash machine.

“What did you do?” Yunho was harsh.

“I didn’t do anything I saw him shaking and his eyes were….it was…” The cashier couldn’t finish his words.

“Yuchun what the heck happen?” Changmin with his hand on both of his hip standing like an investigation officer ready to take any statement. Junsu bend over and touch Jaejoong forehead and in an instant Jaejoong calm down and hug Junsu. Yunho was jealous even his lover shove him and hugging someone else. All of them quickly went out from the store and drive away soon they will arrive at the cabin.

“Are you okay now?” Junsu ask.

“Erm… I fine now thanks.” Jaejoong lean on Junsu shoulder.

“What happen Jae?” Junsu concern about what happen just now.

“I don’t know but since the incident that we stop at the cross road, it wouldn’t stop bugging me and all I could see is someone watching at us or like what just happen, I saw the guy throat was slash open and his eyes…oh Junsu make it stop.” Jaejoong sound like a little kid begging some bully to stop hurting him and Junsu can fell his tears form in his eyes.

“If you are willing to do as I say i think I can help you.” Junsu look at Yunho and Yuchun that blinking their eyes like an idiot after listen to what the two guy spoke off.

“Here, this is an amulet that my grandmother gave to me when I was a little boy and she told me before she died that this amulet will protect anyone that wear it from evil spirit or any others form of evil.” Junsu took out a stone that look like a gem and it shape like sphere.

“Su~ah what is that?”Yuchun mouth point at the stone.

“Yah! Are you deaf? I say it was an amulet and this thing here will protect Jaejoong from any evil forms.

“I don’t believe this.” Yunho try to touch the amulet but Junsu hit his hand.

“Hey.” Yunho rub his hand then circle his arm around Jaejoong.

“Come on Junsu~ah, there is no such things in this modern life, further more even our grand parent didn’t care any superstitious thingy.

“Will you believe if one day there will be an evil spirit hanging around and possess anyone to kill you?” Junsu suddenly feel angry at Yunho and Yuchun that seem to mocking him and both guy shut their mouth. Junsu put the amulet around Jaejoong neck and warn don’t ever took it off him.

“Until that day I will not believe any of this.” Yunho and Yuchun nod in agreement. Both of them never believe in this matter but Junsu feel sorry for Jaejoong that look so pale and tired.

“Yunnie, don’t be like that.” Jaejoong put his head on Yunho lap and Yunho just caress his hair.The amulet dangling around Jaejoong neck and Yunho think it look amazing on Jaejoong.

“Boojae… I will protect you no matter what comes between us and I promise you not even a single evil souls can tear us apart.”

Yunho sound so cocky and Junsu doesn’t like that attitude because they are not in the city anymore but a village where they didn’t even know what awaits.
16 hours journey really tired them all. And the cabin by the lake really took their breath away it was really a beautiful scenery and Jaejoong can’t wait to paint it on his canvas. Since Junsu put the amulet on his neck he can feel so relief and didn’t hear any disturbing voices lingering inside his head he feel secure thank to Junsu.

“Old and dusty huh.” Yunho look at Changmin but Changmin act like he didn’t listen to it.

“Hemmm….it does look old and dusty in the picture who can blame me if anyone sees it.” Changmin rub his chin.

“Yeah.. in the picture this place is creepy but after you arrive here it was so refreshing and it didn’t scare me at all.” Yuchun took his luggage and went inside the cabin following Yunho steps.

“Jae, are you coming in.” Yunho reach for Jaejoong hand but Jaejoong push it slowly.

“I wanna go to the lake and look around.” Jaejoong walk toward it.

“I come with you.” Junsu followed from behind and wave his hand at Yunho.

“We’ll be fine don’t worry, I take care of him.” Junsu hold Jaejoong hand and again Yunho was jealous but he move the thought away. He bring Jaejoong bags and sank his body in the bed that near the living room. The room is big enough for the two of them and it was perfect.
Jaejoong and Junsu was sitting on the bridge that connect to the cabin with their legs inside the cool water. It was surely a beautiful place the tree slightly covers the sun from hitting their eyes, the air is fresh and the wind blow softly against their bodies.

“This place is heaven Junsu.” Jaejoong broke the silence.

“Yunho sure knows how to surprise you.”

“I didn’t ask him to.”

“He love you to much.”

“Is it wrong to love someone that much?” Jaejoong looking at Junsu then he smile.

“You didn’t know how much you affect that guy.”

“Tell me what did I do that make him love me so much.”
Junsu stare at Jaejoong, the question was awkward how can he answer because he was not Yunho but inside of him he think Jaejoong does have a charm that can melt anyone close to him.

“Junsu~ah what is that?” Jaejoong point under the tree across the lake.

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Re: Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/18/2009, 4:01 pm

i was quite disturb; which i'd already stated above, while reading this but... it's quite good-the story line.
i like it. the way you gave me the chills and your descriptions: oh goodness!
i was so relieved i wasn't reading this at night after everyone had gone to bed. or else i would've freaked already.
your grammars and words are quite hard to understand sometimes but it's still good.
that incident on the road freaked me out bad. and the guy with the slit throat-oh gosh!
but yes, i like the story. i will continue reading it. despite the uncomfortable relationship, i like the story.
keep up the updates!Very Happy

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Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK) Empty Re: Cabin By The Lake.....Prologue (Yunjae and the rest DBSK)

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