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A Sinful Love~

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A Sinful Love~ Empty A Sinful Love~

Post by Guest on 7/16/2009, 12:17 pm

A Sinful Love~ 8979250346a11233662412o

You are a girl who holds powers. Who do not know who or what you are after a first love's death you are afraid of nearly everything. You are afraid to get close to anyone the only person you have is Kim Junsu the only one person who is almost like you. He is older than you by...a lot but yet you are much more powerful than him. One day you meet Jung Yunho and..




-protective over you
-try to make you smile


-talented dancer

to lazy to add more people lol


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A Sinful Love~ Empty Re: A Sinful Love~

Post by Guest on 7/16/2009, 12:18 pm

Chapter 1

You looked at the full moon outside. You slightly smiled to yourself and went outside. You checked if there was anyone around and you saw no one. You quietly,l but quickly ran into the forest and towards your meeting place with your secret lover. As you approached you saw him turn around. He greeted you with a smile and you hugged him"U-know!"
He hugged your waist"Good evening _______ ah, my love."
You giggled and pecked his lips"You"
"Yes love?"he said.
"Errm...I...I heard that...your omma wants you to get married..."you sadly said.
U-know sighed"Sadly yes it's true...and she is also suspecting that there is something between us..."
"How??"you asked.
"I don't know...she see's me glace at you during the day."you adoringly said.
You blushed and hid your face in his chest. He lifted up your chin"Love...don't hide your face...I want to see it."he said and leaned down for a passionate kiss. You pulled away blushing like crazy and bit your lip. U-know chuckled"Love...even though we kiss everyday like that you still blush like's so cute."he cooed.
"Yah!...Stop teasing me!"you pouted.
U-know chuckled and pecked your lips"Sorry Love."


U-know and you were talking about how your day was and he asked"Love?"
You turned to look at him"Hmm?"
He pinched your cheeks" cute...oh we're getting off subject heh know how Omma wants me tp get married??"
"Well...let's run away."he whispered in your ear.
"U-know! Are you serious?! B..but your omma! She's your only family!"you said in shock.
"If she doesn't approve of you, which she won't I'll run away with you Love..."
"B...but U-k-"
He interrupted you with a kiss.
You pulled away"U-know...are you serious?"
U-know smiled"Positive..."
You sighed"When?"
"Tonight..."you said surprised.
U-know smiled"The sooner the better."
He chuckled"'re so cute."
You blushed"Yeah...thanks..."
You and U-know started walking away from the village and deeper into the forest. As you two were walking you bumped into someone. You looked up and saw U-know's omma.
"Oh...sorry."you apologized.
"Love are you okay??"U-know asked helping you up.
You patted your butt"Yeah I'm fine."you smiled.
"U-know...what's this???"
"...Nothing."you said.
"I asked my son...not you."she spat.
U-know held your hand"U-know...tell me...what is this?!"she raised her voice.
"I...I'm with the girl I love."U-know said.
She shook her head"'s a don't love that...DEMON girl..."
"Omma...I love her...I'm sorry."U-know said and you two started running.


You two were running and you pulled away from U-know"U-know...."
"Yes Love?"
You looked at the ground then at him"Go back to your Omma..."
"U-know...she'll disown you!"you said.
"Let her then...if doesn't want me to be with you then let her."
You started to cry"U-know...But still...she's your Omma..."
U-know wiped away your tears" could never be one at heart ______ demons shed innocent"
"But U-know..."
"______ ah...I love you...I don't care what you are."U-know said.
You smiled then you saw small lighten lanterns behind U-know. You gasped"DEMON GIRL!"the mob shouted.
U-know turned around and shielded you"She isn't a demon!"U-know said.
"U-know! Get to your senses! You're under a trance!!"his omma said.
"Whether if I am in one or not I've fallen for _____ ah..."he said.
"I am omma...I am aware of what I'm saying."
"LOOK WHAT SHE'S DONE TO MY SON!!!"she shouted.
The mob started approaching you and U-know held you tighter in his arms. Soon they started pulling U-know away form you.
"LET ME GO!"U-know shouted.
You were running to U-know when you felt something go through you. You touched your stomach and saw blood on your hands. Your hands started to shake and you knelt to the ground.
"__________ AH!!!...LET GO OF ME!!!"U-know screamed.
You looked at U-know. He was crying and you slightly smiled"Bitch won't die."a male said and pierced the sword through you. You gasp and fell to the ground.
"NO!!! LET ME GO!!!...._______AH!! ________AH!!"U-know sobbed.
They dragged him back to the village and left you to die.


Two Weeks Later~~

Your eyes opened and you were in the forest. You sat up and an unbearable pain ran through you. Then you remembered what happened. You looked at your stomach"No scar??"you said to yourself in confusion.
You slowly stood up to find the pain disappearing and you were confused.
You started walking towards the village. As you were walking to the village you passed by a grave. You stopped and turned you gasp and slowly walked towards the grave. Tears overflowed your ever""you repeated.
You knelt to the ground"This is fake right?"you said to yourself, touching the gravestone.
Jung U-know
Loving Son
[I'm just clueless right now lol LMFAO XDD]

You shook your head"This is a joke right?!!! YAH! Jung U-Know! Don't play these games!!"you shouted at the gravestone.
You turned around and saw Mrs. Jung"Oh....wh-"
You looked at her surprised"What....what did I do?"
"Mrs. J-"She started to choke you"DIE!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU DIE!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD!!!! ARE YOU HAUNTING ME NOW FOR REVENGE?!!! HUH?!!!!!!! DIE!!!!"she sobbed.
"Chung Ae! What are yo doing?!"a male asked.
"KILLING THIS...DEMON!!!"she cried as she tightened her grip.
You managed to kick her off of you and started running.
"_____ ! That was her!!!"she said pointing at you.
"Go get the villagers I'll go chase after her."
Mrs. Jung nodded and did as she was told and the older man ran after you.


You were once again deep into the forest and you tripped causing you to sprain your ankle"Ahh!"
You got up and started limping. As you were limping a mob of people came and you tried to quicken your pace. Soon they were close enough and tried to cut you. Your eyes widened in shock as you saw each and everyone of the cuts heal seconds after. You started to fear yourself. As someone pulled your hair you yelped and grabbed onto their arm making a sizzling sound"AARRRGHHHH MY ARM!!!"The man screamed in pain.
As more people tried they ended up dead. The other people who watched were stuck with fear and ran away. You looked at your self and everything around you. You dropped to the ground and started to cry"What am I?!"you asked yourself.
As you only hear the wind wrestle with the trees you sat up and saw a man"..._______ ah?"
You blinked a few times"...W...who are you?"you asked.
He smiled"Kim Junsu...I am just like you."
You looked at him and he chuckled"It's not polite to stare."
You wiped away your tears"Sorry..."
Junsu patted your head"Don't cry dongsaeng."
You looked at Junsu"Why are you so friendly with me??"you asked.
"I know your appa."he smiled.
"I have no appa."you said.
"Then how were you made?"Junsu asked.
"Well...I...I WAS LEFT ALONE WHEN I WAS LITTLE!!!"you shouted.
Junsu kissed your forehead"And he says that he's sorry _______ ah..."
Junsu helped you up and he gave you a piggyback ride"..._________ ah...."he said.
"Yes Junsu."
"It's okay..."
You were confused"What do you mean?"
He sighed"I've fallen for someone ended the same way..."
"Oh...I'm sorry."you said.
After a while Junsu sighed again"Your appa says hello."
"No hello back?"he teased.
Junsu chuckled"It's don't even know him...I guess you and me gotta stick together...huh?"
"I guess..."you said.
"You know...since I'm the older guy...wanna call me Oppa??"Junsu said.
You hugged his neck more"Sure...Oppa."
Junsu smiled"Oppa will protect you...okay?? ________ ah?"
You smiled a little" can put me down...My leg is fine."you said.
Junsu nodded and put you down. While you two were walking he held your hand and looked at you"So you won't get lost."
You sadly smiled and nodded your head.

how was the first chapter???
"Superstar Shining star Superstar~~♫"

"I'm not crying...I smell..NOODLES!!!!"
lol sorry hyperish XDDDD

"Zutto koko ni ite, ima mo koko ni ite, kimi to itsu no hi ni ka aeru to shinjiteiru yo~~♫"


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