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[u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u] (you and junsu)

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[u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u] (you and junsu)

Post by I'M_high_4--TVXQ/DBSK on 7/15/2009, 8:21 pm

hi, it's my first time coming sorry if i post something wrong and got you messed up, this is a junsu and you fanfic, when you see ______ put your name in and when you see ***blah blah blah*** is what they're thinking
thanks, I hope people would read this

chapter 1: what if.....?

It was lunch break, you were sitting with your best friends ---- mike, James, Andrew, Tim and Jennifer (yeah you got mostly boy friends)
You guys were talking and your friends were busying eating the lunch you made for them (you cook really good), suddenly Jennifer start the game called “what if” (that game was your favourite when you’re bored)

“_____ what will you do if DBSK come to school and play with you?” Jennifer ask sound more like singing than asking

“it’s impossible” that’s your answer ***because korea is so far away from alberta***

“I’m asking WHAT IF, gees” she really wants an answer and she sounded kind of annoyed by your answer

“I’ll scream my head off and run somewhere to get paper for their autograph” you said looking down on your food

Everyone laughed, one of them said “like you’ll really do that in front of the one you love” and then start finishing the lunch and the bell rings, every one went to class.

And thanks to Jennifer you kept on thinking about DBSK the whole time

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[u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u]

Post by I'M_high_4--TVXQ/DBSK on 7/15/2009, 8:24 pm

chapter 2: am i really dreaming?

It was after school… “_____ come, I need to talk to you…” said the teacher, when all the kids were outside the classroom except for you
“yeah?” you ask, the first time the teacher called you
“what happened to you? I called you a lot of times but you just look at me with those dreaming eyes and can’t hear me”

“oh…I was thinking of something else” you answered and look down at the floor ***what? She called me? I thought she don’t know I excess****

“well, no thinking of others things else when you’re in my class!!” the teacher sound scary now

“yes, madam” you made a weird sound and with out waiting for the teacher permission you walked out the class room.

When you got out of school, your friends standing outside the door and smiling at you with a really happy face

You look at them and smiled “what?” “I know you’ll love this, baby girl” said mike standing behind you and covered your eyes and when he put his hand away….guess what you saw standing in front of you….

DBSK!!! Yunho came up to you and hug you “hey do you still remember me?” he ask making a really sweat voice,
you were really shocked so you kept quiet and stiff but in you head it’s like ***OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!! Am I dreaming?!! Seeing DBSK in real life and yunho hugging me*** yunho found you not answering him but he continue on saying “I’m your favourite baby sitter, remember? When you were 3-8 I took care of you” he said and slowly pushing you away but his hand is still on your shoulder.

“oh….?” you sounded unsure ***I can’t really remember…what? My babysitter? Yunho? Huh?*** you stand there, shocked at look at yunho with out blinking.

Jessica start teasing you “that’s not what you said you’ll do” then she start making a girly sound “if DBSK comes, I’ll run around and get paper for their autograph”

you snapped out of yunho’s eyes and start yelling at jennifer “hey! That’s not what I said”

yunho was like laughing so bad and said “cute friends” then he accidentally drop a little black teddy bear no bigger than your hand with a heart on the tummy.

“for some reason, yunho always treasure that teddy” yoochun laughed
Yunho blushed and you picked the teddy up…..

“so, it’s true….” you were about to cry “why did you--”

Yunho interrupt you and said “ sorry to be rude but I’ll talk to you some more later….”

“yunho! We’re here for something remember?” Jaejoong ask and step out to you, standing closer to you “hey sexy, we’re looking for a designer, and this is our first time in Alberta so we love you to help us on our design….something people will love in Alberta”

“what’s with the word “sexy”” laughed changmin
Jaejoong gave him a glare

At that time yunho got a phone call and “hi, this is yunho speaking….oh….ok….we’ll come as soon as possible….bye” yunho hung up and face to you and the rest of the member “we need to go fix something, ____ when you thought of being our designer, please come to (________) (put a random restaurant name) and they all walk away.

"i hope you'll come, CAUSE THE FOOD THERE IS REALLY DELICIOUS" said changmin in a really excited voice

"changmin" jaejoong came back and pull him away

you watch them left with a really big smile on your face but felt kind of sad because it's passing too fast...

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[u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u]

Post by I'M_high_4--TVXQ/DBSK on 7/15/2009, 8:29 pm

chapter 3: that girl...

DBSK was sitting in the car, the four member---Jaejoong, yoochun, changmin and yunho were playing but junsu……
***that girl…_____? She’s so pretty, her beautiful hair, sparkly eyes, hot lips, nice arms and leg and her body…..ok junsu! What are you talking about? She’s a high school girl, and you’re a adults….but damn….she’s hot, wonder what her personality is, why do you need to know anyways?!***

“ok, junsu stop looking at the driver with those dreamy eyes, he might think you’re gay” laughed yoochun

“I’m not” junsu squealed "sorry" junsu said to the driver

"yah! junsu, what's wrong with you? you're always so loud, but why are you so quiet now? you didn't even said a single word to ____" yunho jump to the seat next to junsu

"why do you need to know?" ask junsu, he really want to tell his feelings but is scared that the member will think that he's stupid or wierd

"because i'm the leader, i am suppose to take care of you guys" smirk yunho

***where do i start? to make it not sound wierd?*** junsu took a deep breath and said "yunho, do you happened to like ______ ? the love kind"

"why do you think that?" yunho face was red now

"the teddy" junsu point it out

yunho sigh and answer junsu's question (yunho answered everyone, and he won't lie) "junsu, you could say she's my first love but now i only like her as a sister" he pause and look at junsu "why do you ask? is it that....?" yunho was looking into junsu's eye, junsu tried to escape so he don't need to tell yunho what he feels about _____, how his heart beats when he's close to _______

"nothing" junsu closed his eyes and pretend to sleep


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[u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u]

Post by I'M_high_4--TVXQ/DBSK on 7/15/2009, 8:32 pm

chapter 4: nervous

once you got home, you quickly ran in the room and pull out tons of cloths, then lay them on the bed
"what should I wear?" you pull out one then look at it
"this one?" you keep on mumbling to your self

then out of no where, your cell phone rang so you have to dig through the piles of cloths to get it

on the phone:
you: hello?
mike: it's me, OPEN THE DOOR NOW, I'M COLD
you: you're outside?

and you went out to open the door and saw him standing outside the door shivering

"come in, but i'm busy now" you said walking in the room

mike followed you and as soon, he went in the room and saw the pile of cloths on the bed, he start laughing soo bad

"HEY! i--" before you could finish your sentence, he sushh you by putting his finger on your lips

"that's why i'm here" he walk to the pile of cloths and added "I know you're really nervous...."

"i know, please don't rubb it at my face" you smile and look at him ***he's always so caring for a brother***

"anyways i'm a designer, i know more then you..." you added

"but i'm a boy, i know what DBSK like"

"yeah right" ***DBSK's style more better then yours*** and you just smile to your self

30 minutes later....

"here have this one..." and he handed you this pair of cloths:

you look at him and made a wierd face
"are you sure?"

"it's really nice and it's cold outside" he push you in the rest room and lock you in

you start changing and keep on wishing that DBSK will like it

after you're finish changing you walk out and start saying "this is too normal..."

"god, you're going to eat not dancing" then you felt something on your lip

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" you jump and start running out the house
and when you're at the door, he pull you and said "remember this is your first time and last seeing and talking to DBSK in real life and close and i hope you, when you come back please get back to reality"

you look at him and start running

when you got out you saw a big van and 3 body guards

"miss. _____?" ask one of the guards

"here, get on, we'll be protecting you so you'll be ok..."

"but i'm just a normal person..."

"no! you're going to be a special designer and you're going to eat with DBSK, i'm sure the fans are going to..." and he let his voice trail of, knowing that you understand

and you got on the car...

50 minutes later....

"miss.______, we're here" said the body guard and help you get of the car...


the guard laugh and said "there's no need to be nervous because you're just having a dinner"

your hearts poundering and face red ***yeah it's just a normal dinner, wait it's NOT normal because I'm eating WITH DBSK!!!***

you took a deep breath and follow the guard walk in the restaurant


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Re: [u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u] (you and junsu)

Post by I'M_high_4--TVXQ/DBSK on 7/15/2009, 8:32 pm

I'll put more tommarow ^^


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Re: [u][b]you're my angel always[/b][/u] (you and junsu)

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