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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him Empty I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

Post by CofePriincess on 7/14/2009, 2:36 am

You sat on your bed looking up at your plain ceiling.
You hated everything about your house the abusive parents,and
your poor little sister Anni who was only three had to losse her innocence
with the abusing so quickly.

"This time I have to do it" you thought to yourself.
You had to runaway with Anni,it was either that or one of you would
probably die,since their abusing was getting worser.

You got up took all the money you had saved from what you could
take away from them.
You slowly opened your door looking both ways to
see if they were up.

You went to Annis room she was sleeping silently.
You walked up to her and slowly picked her up not trying to wake her
You knew if you went downstairs to open the front door it would make them up
your house was a two story,you had no joice other than jumping down.

You knew that they nailed all the windows down in the house.
But you already found away to open it.
You slowly took the nails out.

"Minna?" Anni asked,"Sssh Anni" you whispered.
She held on to you.
You slowly opened the window "Minna?!" you heard your "mom" yell.
"Shit you whispered to yourself you jumped out the window quickly,
the fall didn't hurt.

You started running,you heard Anni's room door slam open.
You started running towards the next street.
"Don't try to run you fucking bitch!" your "dad" yelled.

You kept running Anni's weight wasn't bad so it was easy to
run."Come here!" your dad yelled.
He was catching up to you,and you knew it.

You decided you had to jump over fences knowing he wouldn't be
able to catch up.
Your throat started to hurt.
You saw a house that seemed lonely and no one seemed to dare
get in to.

You ran as fast as you can,he wasn't ctaching up anymore.
You went jumping around alot of fences confusing him knowing
that he was also drunk.

(Think again)
You turned around he was only a few feet away.
Atleast Anni was safe and sound wrapping her tiny arms around your waist.
"Anni don't let go kay?" you yelled still running.
You felt her nodd.

You were getting close to the lonely house you jumped in breaking the window,
cutting your arms alot a huge piece of glass was sticking to your right arm.
Small pieces on your left.
Hurting you badly.
You hid your pain,you heard Annis scream.

Suprised you saw furniture everything looked new.
"Where are you,you bitchs!" you heard your dad yell.
You hid behind a small sofa covering Annis mouth,to keep her small
crys to a low sound.

"What the hell is this?!" you heard a new voice it was a guy,he was right infront of you.
"Get out of my house before I call the cops!" he yelled angerly.
"Sssh!!!Please I'll pay for your window!" you yelled pleading.

"How you look like you can't even buy your daughter anything to eat!" he yelled
"Where are you?!" you heard your dad yell.
"Please be quiet don't say anything please!!I'll do anything" you tried to whisper.
"Anything?" he asked.

If it had anything to with loosing your virginity just to protect Anni than anything.
"Yes anything".
You heard the door bell ring,the guy went to open it "I heard my two little girls
broke into your house may I have them back?".

'Please please don't let him take us' you thought to yourself.
"Well they're mine now,don't try calling the cops especially if you
don't want to meet my father believe me you don't" the guys voice was serious
and wasn't going to take anything.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" your dad yelled.
"It means your heads will be cut off do you want more details?" the guy growled.
"Sorry to take your time than" your dad left pathtecily.

You stood up Anni was crying,the lights in what looked like the living room turned on.
The window your broke was small compered to all of the other ones.
"T-thanks" you murmured loud enough for the guy to hear who was still at the door.

He turned around,your eyes widened.
He was goregeous,he had a feminine pale whit skin,a little buff.
With short hair,his bangs were to his side,he had goregeous dark
brown eyes aswell.
He looked extremely mad "Whatever clean this up".

You nodded,"Here" he gave you something to put the glass in.
You sat Anni down on the floor,she was shaking terribly.
You put everything in there quickly,you could feel the guy staring at you.
"Hm how old are you?" he asked as you were picking glass up.
"17",you could feel his smirk "I will finally get my mom off my back".
'Whats that supposed to mean?' you thought to yourself.
the house:
I'm allowed to show links that show the pcitures like
from google right?

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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him Empty Re: I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

Post by CofePriincess on 7/14/2009, 2:38 am

The Deal:
When you were finished picking up the glass.
You felt a cloth get thrown at you.
"Clean your arms".
You did as you were told.
When he saw that you were finished.
He spoke again "Come on I'll show you to your
You picked Anni up who was sound asleep.

You followed him upstairs.
He opened one door "This is her room".
It was too dark to notice anything
about it you saw the bed and laid Anni,
on there covering her.

He closed the door and led you to another room.
He opened the door turning on the light.
It was plain it had white wals nothing for it to make it

There was a bed big enough for two that looked like
it hadn't been touched.
You sat on it.
"So here's the deal me and you are going to get married,
don't expect anything special from me".

Your eyes widened when you heard the word married.
"What?!" knoing he didn't have to repeat what he said.
"Or do you want to go back with your dad?" you shook
your head and he smirked.

"As I was saying don't harass/fight with my girlfriend,
hurt her your finished I need an heir and your going to
give me him got it?" you nodded.

He left the room not saying anything else.
'Wow so formal' you thought to yourself.

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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him Empty Re: I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

Post by CofePriincess on 7/14/2009, 2:40 am

Meeting His Parents:
Hero's P.O.V
I called my mom as soon as I left that girls room.
"Hi Mom get ready to meet my fiance tomorrow okay?".
I heard her squeal "Its not BoA is it?".
I got annoyed they never approved of BoA.
"No mom it isn't".

"You btter not be paying her" my mom lectured.
"I'm not we're in love I swear".
"Good honey she's to slutty for you anyway" my mom
went back to the BoA thing.
'I like slutty' I thought to myself.
We continued talking and we hung up on eachother.

I called Yunho hyung to ask him if he could take care of
the little girl and he said yes.
Babo Junsu squealed and was happy that he had a little niece.(I'm in LOVE with Junsu-oppa)

You woke with a bag on your bed,
"Take a shower and get dressed hurry up".
You got up seeing as there was no bathroom in your room
you went out to the smallish hallway and wildly
picked a room and it was the bathroom.

You took your shower and once you got out you looked
in the bag to find VERY KINKY underwear,"What the hell?I'm not a stripper!" you said to yourself but had no choice
but to change into it.
You took out a very cute longsleeve dress.
'He must have gotten it to hide my scratches' you thought
to yourself.
The dress:

You went downstairs.
The guy was waiting for you in a very HOT and casual out fit.
He smirked at the sucess of the outfit he picked for you.
"Where's Anni?" you asked.
"At a friends house don't worry" he smirked and you nodded.
His outfit:

Both of you got out of his house you noticed there was a new window replacing the one you had broken.
'That was fast' you thought to yourself.

There stood a grey convertible,the guy got in and you walk up to the passengers seat
getting in as well.
"Lets play a game" he smirked.
So did you.

"Whats your name?" he asked.
"Minna yours?".
"How did we meet?" he asked as he turned on the car getting out of the street.

"I was walking at Seoul Park when some guy in bicycle a bicycle almost ran into me and you Hero stopped me from getting hurt" you said calmly."What are you stupid?".

You got annoyed but you couldn't talk back since
you owed him.
"Well what do I say?" you try to say in a calm tone.
"Nothing to typical my parents may look dumb but they AREN'T".

"Okay than,the first time we met I thought you were
an arrogant idiot who thought he was all that,but
slowly I started to fall in love with you and you started falling in love with me".He stayed quiet "Alot better than the first one".

You wanted to scream,it was meant as an insult.
But he liked it 'What is he an idiot?' you thought to

He was like a brick,he didn't seem
to care at all.
"Don't forget me and you have to act affectionate'.
You sighed and nodded.

Both of you had finally arrived to a VERY big house.
'Holy crap he is frikkin rich' you thought to yourself.
Two people were already standing outside waiting for the both of you.

Hero parked his car right infront of the houses doorway.
He got out of the car and went to your side and took you out mannerly like.
He closed the door you waited for him.

He walked up to wrapping his arm around your petite
waist holding your hip.
'Stab stab stab' you thought to yourself.
It was the first time a guys ever touched you gently like.

"Omo shes goregoeus Jaejoong!" a lady squealed who must of
been his mom."Nice catch son" his dad complimented.
"Hello I Mrs.Kim and you are?" she smiled at you.

"I'm Minna nice too meet you" you smiled.
"And such manners too!Come in come in" she hurryed you and
Hero into the huge house.

Mrs.Kim led the both of you into the living room.
"Please sit" you and Hero sat together.
"Now when do you guys plan on having the wedding?".
She asked excitedly "Soon" Hero smiled staring at you.

"Good Minna dear me and you have to plan everything out okay?".You smiled and nodded.
"Now both of you leave us to girls alone to have a talk" Hero nodded and left.
Mrs.Kim watched her son leave along with his father.

As soon as Hero left Mrs.Kim turned to look at you.
"Now how did you meet my son?" she asked,
you knew she was making sure that this wasn't a scam.

"Don't get mad at me Mrs.Kim but when I first met him he was a big arrogont jerk,and he had that girlfriend of his" you decided to add.
"Sorry he can be very cold" she apologozed.
"Anyway go on" you nodded.

"His girlfriend BoA started abusing me,he started catching on and got mad..".
"At first I was scared since he was very cold,but slowly enought I started falling for him since he was so caring,and thats how we ended up here".You smiled.

"I like the honesty in you Minna" she smiled.
"But if I find out that your a fake I'll make you suffer got it?".You put your serious face on."I understand Mrs.Kim".

She smiled again "Lets go me our husbands".
It stung when she said husbands you didn't know anything
about Hero and it seemed like you were going to lose your first everythings with him.
It made you hurt badly.

You and Mrs.Kim got out of the living room.
And went into the kitchen were Mr.Kim and Hero were.
"So I here your going to give birth to my grandson?".

You smiled nodding "Yes" Mr.Kim stared at his son.
"If he hurts you in any kind of way come to me or my wife understand?" you nodded.
You and Hero ate there and talked with his parents.
It seemed like you were in an okay moment for now.

The both of you left.
"Are we going to get Anni now?" you asked.
"Yeah,and good acting".
You only nodded not really happy with yourself.

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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him Empty Re: I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

Post by CofePriincess on 7/14/2009, 2:43 am

Meeting His Hyungs:
His parents house:
Hero drove you to his friends house silently.
You looked out the window,not really wanting to look at him.
'Everythings going to plan' Hero thought to himself.
The car finally stopped you looked to see a normal homely type of home.

You got out of the car not really waiting for Hero,which annoyed him.
"Wait for me if my friends see that we're not affectionate they'll figure me out" he growled.
"Sorry" you murmured.
Hero walked up to you and grabbed your hand roughly.
When you guys walked up to the houses door he gently held it and rang the
door bell.

DBSK's house:

"Ahhh!!!Junsu you do NOT give a girl ice cream for dinner!" a voice yelled angerly.
"Well what do I feed her!!!!I'm not dating her and she can talk so well so how would I know?!"
yelled a dolphin person.
You giggled,Hero ignored it.

Someone opened the door "Hello hyung and..Omo?!".
"Hello Yoochun hyung" Hero ignored the suprised look on Yoochuns face.
Hero got in and took you along with him.
You could hear a little girl giggling.

"How old are you?" you turned to look at Yoochun who was at your right side.
"17..." you answered "Hero you luck son of a-".
"Minna!!!" Anni cut Yoochun off she was on a guys back.
"Hi Anni" you smiled.

She got off and ran up to you,you let go of Hero's hand.
He didn't honestly care he was looking around the room.
"Hi!!!I'm Junsu!" the guy who was carrying Anni,was dolphin person.
You smiled at him and gave him a little wave,he smiled back and Yoochun pulled
him up and whispered something in his ear."Bwoh?!" Junsu looked suprised.

Yoochun nodded.
Than two other guys came in "I'm telling you Yunho babo Junsu is going to be-".
"Why hello you must be Minna" the guy who must of been Yunho cut the guy off.
"And I'm Changmin" the other guy smiled.
You smiled "Nice to meet you".

"So you finally got someone better than BoA ha?" Yunho asked Hero.
Hero smirked "Yeah Minna is my baby girl now and fiance".
'Whats up with everyone hating on BoA?' Hero thought to himself a little annoyed.
"Minna and I have to go,its getting late" Hero took your hand again. you took Annis.
"Bye Oppas!" Anni giggled."Doesn't know how to talk my a-".
"Bye Minna" Yunho cut Changmin off again.You gave them a small wave good bye.

You guys left to go to Hero's home.

~~~~~DBSK's P.O.V~~~~~

"Honestly do we look like idiots to Youngwong?" Yoochun asked.
Yunho looked at his hyung "No he knows we're smart".
Yunho turned back to reading his book.
"Poor Minna I wonder what she did" Changmin took a sip of his nightly soy milk.
(admit it thats cute especially since he's the youngest in the group ;D)

"Well he could've fooled me" Junsu played with his phone.
The rest of DBSK looked at him "We know".
Junsu rolled his eyes "Shut it".

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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him Empty Re: I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

Post by zak on 7/15/2009, 6:21 pm

haha this story is so good, keep writing please >.<

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I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him Empty Re: I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry Him

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