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A Disease That Won't Fade Away;; [DBSK/Fictional]

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A Disease That Won't Fade Away;; [DBSK/Fictional]

Post by lunapop on 7/12/2009, 1:55 pm

Hello there Smile
This is one of many stories I have and shall Post on here.
'A Disease That Won't Fade Away' can be founded on Winglin BUT will not be updated on there. You see for some odd reason Winglin doesn't like to load sometimes and it takes me forever to even update. So what is the point in keeping my story on there if I can't even get to the site in the first place!? I am also known as secretx3 but I think someone already has that name but no biggy. Very Happy So enough chatting and more story time!

A Disease That Won't Fade Away

(C) Copyrights go to Lunapop! Any redistributing with out owner's permission will suffer GREAT consequences


Oppa, why are you doing this to me? It hurts too much to be away from you but it hurts even more knowing you treat me so wrong. I love you so much but you just keep hurting me. Am I fool to keep loving you? Are you such an idiot to hurt me yet still want me around? I sat there in my bed room crying. The horrible news I had found out completely crushed me. My phone kept ringing but I refused to answer it. I knew this was it. No more pain, I hated him. He didn’t even care enough of my feelings to stop what he was doing. I lay there on the floor crying and shoving pills into my mouth. He was like a disease that just won’t fade away in my heart. The pills were sleeping pills. I figured it would be great if I had never seen life ever again...

Jung Mi Young (18)- Main, broken hearted ex-girlfriend.
Daniel Henney (20)- Mi Young’s first/ex boyfriend, jerk, liar, loving, and can be caring.
Choikang Changmin (19)- Walks into Mi young’s life unknowing what is expected.
-Rest of DBSK members are minors.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes or missing words.
I am only human, but I am trying to check for errors.
Comments/feedback is highly loved! Very Happy
It is what pushes me to continue the story.

Chapter 1 will posted soon.


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Chapter 1&2

Post by lunapop on 7/12/2009, 2:00 pm


MiYoung’s POV

“Oh!! You got the wrong number! You got the wrong number! So don’t call me no more!” I was singing on the top of my lungs.

It was just a normal summer day. I had nothing to do but dancing around. I danced around my room with a hair brush.

“MiYoung! MiYoung! Can you please turn down the music,” My mom barged through the door. I immediately dropped my hair brush. God I hate my mom walking in with out knocking.

“Okay, I guess,” I ran straight to my stereo.

She just smiled at me, “One day, MiYoung. One day you’ll be on that stage. Dinner is almost ready.” She closed the door.

I was glad my mom supported me. My father absolutely hated the idea of me being a singer.

I’m not going to lie. My singing wasn’t half that bad. I did get accepted into SM as a trainee.

My phone was sitting on my trunk. I was waiting for a text message from the boyfriend. It has been all day since I’ve heard from him.

I hope he isn’t doing anything bad. Just then my phone rings. I hope it is him.

“It better be him,” I quickly click read. When I saw what was in the message, my mouth dropped. How could he do this? How could the one person I had trusted do this to me again?

It was a picture of my boyfriend, Daniel, making out with another girl. I through my phone across the room. My brand new, expensive cell phone shattered into little pieces.

“Oh that jerk! He is going to get it,” I yelled on the way to the restroom. It was a surprise. This time finding out news like this, no tears were forming. Now I promise myself, if I MiYoung were to shed another tear; it would not be for Daniel.

End of POV

Daniel’s POV

‘I hope she won’t get mad. Man she is going to flip when I bail out of dinner with her family again,’ I was trying to send her a message on the phone.

Why isn’t she answering me back? It wasn’t like MiYoung to not text back. I decided to swing by her house to see if she was okay.

“Knock knock,” I opened the door. As I walked in I saw her parents sitting at the table eating dinner~ MiYoung-less.
They both looked up and smiled at me. Why would they smile at me? I thought they hated me.

“Hello, sorry to barge in but is MiYoung home?” I tried to smile. MiYoung’s father looked back at his bowl. I knew something was up.

“Daniel honey, MiYoung is in her room,” MiYoung’s mom was so fake towards me. I don’t even get why I try. I just nodded my head and made my way to her room. Inside me, I had no guilt but I knew something was wrong. MiYoung never skips dinner.

“Knock knock,” I slowly open her door.

When I didn’t hear her say anything, I barged right in. “MiYoung! MiYoung!” I quickly ran to her side. I picked her up, shaking her. Hoping she would wake up.

“Please wake up!” I could feel tears forming. She wouldn’t wake up. I looked around her room. A bottle of pills spilled right next to her. ‘No, she wouldn’t.’ I thought.

“Mrs. Jung! MiYoung won’t wake up.” I called her into the room. Her parent’s came running.

“What happened?” She yelled.

“I’ll call for the ambulance,” Her dad ran for the phone. “Please MiYoung wake up,” I was now crying.

“MiYoung please! Don’t be like this again!” Her mother was trying to wake her up too.

‘Wait? Like this again? She was suicidal before?’ I thought. I can here men run into the room with a stretcher. Boy that was quick.

“She is still breathing. We just need to get her to the hospital,” One of the men spoke. They quickly got her on to the stretcher bed and wheeled her out.

“Ma’am we need to a family member to ride with her,” The leader with a clip board approached Mrs. Jung.

She nodded her head, “Let me get my purse, so I have all of MiYoung’s information.” The rest of the men moved out of the way and followed her out of the room

I stood there alone in the confusion. Her room looked trashed. The picture of us, that usually hung on the way was ripped off. I saw her phone was shattered on the floor. I noticed on her bed there was a piece of paper. Just the first line, I knew it wasn’t good…

End of POV

Dear Mom, Dad, and You,

I know I promised you that I would make it in life.

To be one of the most famous singers in Korea, I cannot promise that now.

I know I don’t turn back on my words but I cannot take the stress anymore.

No I do not blame anyone but myself. It was not the stress of vocal lessons, dance practice, or etiquette practice.

It was YOU, Daniel.

I hope you live with the guilt Daniel.

Yes I know you just graduated and don’t have to deal with immaturity like there but your fault this time.

I think it is stupid saying you want me around but you hurt me so much.

I’m a such a Paboo! Mommy & Daddy, I love you. See you in heaven, hopefully.

Daniel’s POV

I can’t believe it. I didn’t know I had hurt her so much. I heard MiYoung’s father ran back into the room. I quickly shove the note into my pocket.

“You! Riding with me or your own car?” He pointed. I know he was mad. His face was redden with anger. He knows why.

“No I’ll drive my own car,” I dug face into my hands. He just smirked at me.

“I know why she did it. Just leave, she doesn’t need you!,” He yelled.

A disgusted look overcame me, “-But I lo-love her.”

MiYoung’s dad hands turned into fists, “You already hurt her more then once. You hurt her emotionally and physically. Now I am drawing the line! Stay away from her. As a father I am now stepping. If she is okay and is released from the hospital, you stay away!”

“You should’ve done that months ago when MiYoung had her abortion,” It was wrong I know, but I shoved him out of the way to leave.

MiYoung’s dad’s expression was of disgust. I didn’t care. My girlfriend attempted suicide because of me. I can’t live with this guilt.

At the Hospital

There was so much commotion in the ER. So many people just had to get hurt that one night. Luckily MiYoung was top priority. They immediately checked her body for examinations.

“We need to strip her of her clothing,” A nurse looked at her clipboard. All the nurses that were working on her agreed. Oddly enough it took 5 nurses to undress a one hundred pound girl. Just then MiYoung’s body shook. Her fists were clamped into balls. A loud beeping sound errupted the room. Her heart had stopped.

“Get the AED!” The doctor made it in time. He quickly prepared MiYoung. Once. Twice. Three. Then he finally got her back. MiYoung’s eyes shot right back open. Then closed right way. The doctor examined her.

“She fell into a coma. We need to clean out the contents of her stomach, connect her to an IV, and then give her the antidote shot. I need to go talk to her mother,” The doctor left the head nurse with the orders.

She looked at the nurses who were just standing there, “Well you heard the man! Get to work.”

“Ma’am, are you MiYoung’s Mother?” The doctor approached a sobbing woman. She looked up and nodded.

“I am so sorry. Is my MiYoung okay?” She asked worriedly. The doctor frowned. Once he had frowned she continued to sob.

“Ma’am please hold it together. MiYoung fell into a coma. The nurses are preparing her a room. You’ll be able to see her soon. Tomorrow I will have her tests ready,” He patted her back. She cried even harder even though she had a sense of relief in her.

“Thank you,” She tried to smile. As the doctor walked away he turned to her attention, “I’ll have the nurse call you in when MiYoung’s is in the room.” MiYoung’s mother just slumped back down in her seat.


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