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BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

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BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/11/2009, 7:06 pm


It’s already 3 years I’ve been here in Japan. I wonder what happen in my homeland. But I have already decided I will not go back there. Too many things happen that break my heart. I just wanted to go far away from that history. I don’t want to suffer anymore. I have lost my entire dream, my heart and my love. I just wanted to be alive again, just wanted to go far away from the nightmare. The most important thing, I must go far away from him. I’ve suffered too much for him. How can he betray me just because of her? I’m his best friend that grown up together.

Now here I’m with a new life, new friend, new hope, new dream and new love maybe. He always be there for me. From the time I was deeper in my emotion, by the time I need someone to hold, by the time I need shoulder to realize my feeling, by the time I need someone to listen and most important by the time I need someone who believe me. He gives me a new life, new hope, new identity and new reason to live.
Can I believe him? Will he betray me like the other guy I leave in Korea? I don’t know.

Kim Jaejong
Jung Yunho
Park Yoochun
Kim Junsu
Shim Changmin
Kim Kibum

Others character…. I still can’t think about them…
Oh.. I need two girl character that will destroy the friendship and relation between guys… Can you all suggest it… Please…. Please …. Please…..

This is my first attempt to publish my story~~~~
Tell me your opinion and suggestion…. I’m waiting…


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/11/2009, 7:16 pm


Believe each other~~~

Jaejong’s POV

I woke up early today because I can’t sleep last night. I’ve been dreaming the same dream almost every night. Its make me feel unsecure. I need to find him. I need him comforting me. I need him to say that everything will be alright. I need to hear his voice. I need to see him smiling at me. Gosh, the nightmare gives me headache to much.

I open my room’s door and see that the opposite door still closes. The light has not be switch off. I think he’s been sleeping at his private office again. Lately, his being busy and he always get home late. I’m worrying that he may get sick if he continuing likes that. I walked to his private office and open the door slowly, I see him sleep at his desk that full with paper works. I walked to him slowly; I don’t want to disturb him from his sleep. I take the jacket that hang on his chair and cover him. He must be tired. I look at his face, this face that I’ve been knows for the past 3 years. The face that I owed too much in this life. The face that gives me a new life and a new reason to continue achieving my new dream.

“Yun-ah, thank you for being with me all the time.” I whispered to him and slowly and gently ran my finger trough his forehead. I smile….
I leave him to sleep and decided to make breakfast. I turned the knob, before walked out I turned back just to see him once again. I closed the door and walked to my favorite place, the kitchen.

Nobody’s POV

As soon as Jaejong walked out from the room, Jaejong missed the smiles that appear form Yunho’s lips. He just walked out to downstairs and started to prepare for the breakfast. Yunho sit straight in his chair and smiling to himself. Both of them feeling thankful toward each other, but they never express it literally face to face. Just by action and gesture from each other. It’s been 3 years they stay together in a warm lovely house in Tokyo.

3 years ago, the fate has brought them together. The fate also has help Jaejong to find someone to believe him. The fate also helps Yunho to find someone to give him opportunity. Now they are, live together in a world that they depend on each other and believe each other.

Yunho’s POV

I hear footstep. I guest Jae has been wake up. I put my head down back to my desk and pretend to sleep. I’m worried that Jae will know that I’ve not be able to sleep last night. He might get worried. I hear that the knob been twisted, the footsteps coming near to me.

I feel sudden warm, Jae must covering me with something. I’m hearing him shispering something close to my ear, “Yun-ah, thank you for being with me all the time.”

I feel his delicate figures running trough my forehead gently. His gesture warming me more from the cool of this morning. I loves this feeling.
The door been closed, I’m assume he must went downstairs and make breakfast for us. I smile. This is my lovely morning as the same everyday. It’s been 3 years lovely morning and 3 years a warm feeling. I straighten my body close to the chair…

“Jae-ah, thank you because give me an opportunity by your side.” I whispered to myself.

Nobody’s POV

Jaejong concentrated on his work in preparing the breakfast. He wanted to make a lovely and healthy breakfast for Yunho. Singing his favorite’s song Jaejong failed to notice the appearance of Yunho in doorways. Yunho crossing his arm in chest and just watching Jaejong that singing happily from behind. He smile, Jaejong’s voice is a gift from heaven. He closed his eyes and enjoying the voice.

“OMO!!.. Yun… You’re scaring me.” Jaejong put his hand in his chest and almost dropping the omelets from the other hand.

“Huh?” Yunho surprised.

“How long have you been there… Why you not calling me? Did you sleep while you stand?” jaejong put the omelets on the table.

“Nah, I just want to enjoy your voice.” Yunho smile sweetly to Jaejong and pull the chair to sit. Jaejong cheeks turn to slightly pink. He just sits besides Yunho and pour some orange juice for Yunho.

“Jae-ah, you’re to sweet…~~~” Yunho pinched Jaejong’s cheek..

“Yun~~~ It’s hurt…” Jaejong whining to Yunho. Yunho chuckled.

They eat their breakfast, after they finished Yunho help Jaejong to clean the dishes. This is their routine everyday, Jaejong cooking for breakfast and Yunho will cleaning the dishes. After cleaning the kitchen, both of them will prepare to go for work. Yunho work as a CEO in his own company, Jaejong work as Chef in his own restaurant that opened by Yunho. Yunho will drive Jaejong to his work place and help Jaejong to open up his restaurant.

After that he will leaves for his work. At lunch hour, Yunho will come to eat at Jaejong’s place and he will take Jaejong home in evening. If Yunho will not make it, he will ask the driver to fetch jaejong. He feels worried if jaejong comes home by himself. For Yunho, Jaejong’s is a beautiful person that will attract anyone; it may harm Jaejong if he meets a bad person. For Jaejong, Yunho is a handsome gentleman that always taking care others feeling rather him.
They appreciate each other. And the most important, they believe each other.

How's that.... I hopes you all enjoy it... Comments are loves...(^_^)


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/11/2009, 7:21 pm


Believe the other heart~~

At restaurant

“Jae, I’m going for work right now.” Yunho shouted to Jae.

“Just a moment Yun.” Jae shouted back. He packed something for Yunho. Hurriedly went to Yunho.

“Here take this.” Jaejong passed the package to Yunho.

“What is this Jae?” Yunho take the package.

“Oh… this is Lemon Tea. Drink it when you arrive at your office. I knew that you have not enough sleep. It’s help refreshing you.” Jaejong smile to Yunho.

“Thanks Jae… Here take this, its help you refreshing too” Yunho handing something to Jaejong.

“Oh…thank you Yun..” Jaejong smile open receiving the chocolates. It’s a lemon flavor … Jaejong’s favorite.

“I see you later.”Yun give his sweet smile and walked out from the restaurant. He wave to Jaejong and receive a same wave in return. Jaejong watching Yunho drive from the parking lot until Yunho’s car turning to the corner of the road. He smiled.

“Keep the smile Hyung…He’s already gone~~” Someone said from jaejong back. Jaejong turned around and see his dongsae.

“Changmin…” Jaejong hit him playfully at arm.

“Woa~ It’s hurt Hyung…” Changmin pretend that his hurting from the hit.

“Shut up Minnie…!!” jaejong walk past Changmin.

“Hyung..~~~~~” Changmin whinning loudly following Jaejong to the restaurant.

“What now, did Minnie getting your nerves again Hyung?” Junsu asked after hearing Changmin whinning and jaejong pouting.

“Nah, I’m not do anything. I just asked Jae hyung to keep his idiot’s smiling because Yunho hyung can’t see it…” Changmin explain.

“Na ah.. wrong move Minnie…” Junsu smirked.

“ Oh no… My breakfast!!” Changmin run to counter try to grab his breakfast before jaejong grab it. But Jaejong grabbed the breakfast plate faster than Changmin. He smirked.

“Hyung~~~~ My Food My Baby… Give my baby back hyung…. Please please please Hyung… not my baby again…” Changming pleading to his hyung and chase jaejong around the restaurant, Junsu laughing hard.

After a few minutes chasing and running Jaejong gives Changmin his plate again and Changmin gladly accept it and sit to eat his breakfast. Junsu take their place at the table facing Changmin to toeat his breakfast. Jaejong whipping the counter, he remembered Yunho ‘s smiles this morning, Yunho appraising his breakfast, Yunho’s voice, Yunho’s fugure…..

“Hyung, I wanted to asked you something..” Junsu turned facing Jaejong.

“what…” Jaejong wake up from his deep thought replying in short, while whipping the counter.

“Why you and Yunho hyung is not in relationship even though you two close enough?” Junsu curious

“Yes hyung,…… like a married couple…” Changmin added with mouth full with food…

Jaejong stop whipping the counter. He facing his two dongsae with confuse face.

“erm…” jaejong doesn’t know how to answer. He also doesn’t have the answer.

“Yunho..” He whispers to himself….

At Yunho’s office.

Yunho just arrive at his office and his secretary just finish briefing to him his schedule for today. He dismissed his secretary. He look at the package that jaejong gives him. He smile, open it and take out the bottle. He takes a sip the lemon Tea. He smiles again. He drinks it until finish and put the bottle a side. He stares attractively at the bottle. Remembering Jaejong and his sweetness, jaejong really understand him. He remembered jaejong’s smile this morning, jaejong’s singing, jaejong’s breakfast, jaejong’s figure..




Yunho wake up from his starring… facing the owner of the voice.

“When do you two come in? you should knocked before you come in” Asked Yunho and sit straight in his sit concentrating to the intruder.

“We’ve knocked it many time, we don’t hear any reply so we get in…” Smiling brightly at Yunho.

“Keep you smile for yourself Yoochun, Kibum. I don’t need it.” Yunho mocking.

“You the one that should keep your smile. Smile likes idiot to a bottle.” Kibum mocking back.

“What ever…” Yunho roles his eyes…

“I know, it’s because who gives it to you right? Jaejong hyung…” Yoochun smile sheeply and wink at Kibum..

Yunho smile after hearing jaejong name.

“See, you can’t control your smiles when you hear his name…” Kibum chuckled.

“Shut up you two…” Yunho try to busy himself with the folder on his desk.

“Seriouly hyung, what is your relationship with him. For me you look like a marry couple.” Yoochun curious. Kibum just nodding agreing with Yoochun.

“Erm…” Yunho facing Yoochun. He doesn’t know how to answer. He doesn’t know the answer.

“Jaejong…” He whispers to himself…

Nobody’s POV

Two hearts keep thinking and try to find the answer toward their friend’s question. They keep thinking, thinking and frowning. This past 3 years they just sharing their life together without relation, it is just a friend. A friend that hold each other, friend that always be for each other, friend that always understanding each other, friend that they always spend their time together, and most important is friend that trust and believe each other. Not more than that.

Their affections towards each other so touchy and sweet likes two body in one heart. They sure closed to each other, the other friend confirmed it. It’s just they are friend not more than that.

“Friend?” Yunho/Jaejong asked their selves together. Their eyebrows twisted, they smile. Their cheeks slightly turned to pink thinks about it. They smile again and continue their work.

They new that they will find the answer by the time comes. Because they believe deep in their heart they knew that the other will have the answer for.

Because they believe the other heart, believe the other person. It’s just they believe each other.

mY 2ND CHAPTER...... Yeay!! How's that?... I love tohear from you all... Thanks..


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/12/2009, 6:11 am


Yunho’s POV
Yunho sitting at the counter and staring at Jaejong that being busy cooks the diner for tonight. Discussion with Yoochun and Kibum few a days ago keep repeating in his head. He keeps thinking where actually they stand?
“Married couple?” Yunho smile, he laughing silently in his head. He like the words married couple. He and Jaejong, a married couple. He as a husband and Jaejong as his wife that cooks for him, watches his clothes, massage him after his back from work, smiles at him when he comes back from work. Those lips, he remembered the attempting luscious lip that always invites to be kissed. How it feel if he kisses those lips? Lips…. He drools in his mind. Jaejong’s lips in his lips, sucking his lips, taking his breath…
Nobody POV




“Ah...” Yunho wake up from his thought. He’s surprised that Jaejong’s face only a few inches from his. He stares those round big eyes; Yunho blinks a few times....

“Those eyes….” Yunho said in his mind.

“I’ve called you a few time, you seems lost. What have you thinking?” Jaejong stand straight and crossed his hand in his chest, pouting.

“Gosh, his pouting. Its makes his lips more kissable” Yunho lost in his thought once again. He licks his dry lips unconsciously.

“Yun..~~~~” jaejong whining, try to take Yunho attention to his question, still he has not get any response. He takes his hand to Yunho cheek and pinched it hardly…

“Argh…its hurts…” Yunho rubs his cheek that been pinched by jaejong.

“What’s that for Jae…?” Yunho asks Jaejong.

“Hehehe… I asked you and call you a few times but you not respond it, I pinched it. “Jaejong smile cutely at Yunho.

“But you should not have been that hard… looks my cheek swollen...” Yunho point to his cheek with his index figures to show his swollen cheek.

“Hmmp… I just want to wake up you from dreaming…” Jaejong protest cross his hand once again and turning to the side pouting.

“Oh my gosh, his pouting again and his angry… he’s facial when angry also cute…~~ I should always make him mad...” Yunho said in his mind and smiles to Jaejong. Jaejong stealing glances at Yunho.

“See, you have been dreaming again...” He puffy his cheeks…

“Amigo, my cute jae…” Yunho reach Jaejong’s cheek and poked it lightly.

“I’m not cute…~~~” jaejong whining and slap Yunho hand lightly…

“Ok ok… diners ready? I’m starving…” Yunho asked Jaejong.

“I’ve been calling you from beginning to inform that’s dinner ready but you…..” Jaejong stomped his feet from Yunho to his sit. Yunho chuckled at jaejong’s behavior.

“You’re sure cute Jae…~~ “Yunho smile adorably to jaejong.

“I’m not…” Jaejong protest. Puffing his cheeks expressed his protest to Yunho.

“Ok… ok… you’re not cute… You’re adorable… My adorable Jaejong...” Yunho pinched Jaejong’s nose lightly.

“Yun~~~” Jaejong whining.

“Just eat your food…” Jaejong cheeks shaded to light pink.

“What are you thinking just now, seems like you have been thinking hardly…” jaejong try to change the subject because he feel shy.

“Hm? No… No... I’m not thinking anything…” Yunho tense… How he wanted to tell jaejong that he been dreaming about Jaejong’s lips… He slapped his head mentally… How pervert him is…

“Eh… what ever…” Jaejong just rolled his eyes and continue his eating… They eat dinner and chatting happily like always.
Jaejong’s POV.

I’ve been calling Yunho a few times but he still doesn’t give any response. That’s why I decide to pinch his cheek hardly. You should see his face when he wake sup from his dreams. I smile at him. Its looks like hurt. He said I should not pinch that hard. I am puffing my cheeks and turn away from him crossing my hand. He should listen to me when I called him, it’s not my fault. I steal a glances to him and saw he staring at me dreamingly I feel shy. He poked my cheek and says that I’m cute and asks if diner ready, I feel so shy… I think my cheeks shaded to pink, I slapped his hand lightly and stomped to my sit to avoid him from seeing my condition while telling him that I’ve been call him to inform the diner is ready. He said that I’m cute once again… I puffing my cheeks once again and protested him that I’m not cute.... H e pinched my nose lightly and agreeing with me but he said that I’m adorable and I’m his Jaejong…

“My Jaejong…” I feel shy and turned to red… I love that My Jaejong… Yunho’s jaejong.

I try to avoid his gaze and change the subject. I ask him why he been day dreaming, his stuttering when answers my question. I don’t want to push him further so I just let it go. We continue eating and chatting. Once in a while I will steal a glance toward him, my discussion with Junsu and Changmin keep playing in my head this few days. Married couple… I love the terms... I’m Yunho wife, he is my husband. I will cook for him, watches for him, massage him and kisses him when he comes back from work. Kiss? I daze my eyes to his lips, his small lips and pouts slightly at bottom. His kissable attempting lips. How it feels to have those lips in my lips?
Nobody’s POV

Both of them wonder how it feels when their lips touch the other lips. They lost in thought that night. They ask the same question to themselves, wondering what the answer is. Agreeing that if they are married couple, it will be sweet life for both of them. Where actually they stand? They afraid to asks each other but they believe that they will find the answer.

They believe once the other lips touch their lips it will be forever sweet feeling that creates sparkles in their heart. They believe in their thoughts.

LOL i make them likes pervert...~~~ That's new chappiefor you all


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/12/2009, 12:39 pm


“Hyung, you promised that you will accompany me to buy new sheet for my bed. “ Junsu speaking to the phone while uninterested wondering around the mall lazily while holding a dolphin keychain in his hand.

“But you promised, how could you? “ Junsu asks again.

“I’ve call Minnie already, he said that he need to finish his assignment.” Junsu pouting. He said on the bench that been occupied by a guy.

“Hyung, you mean~~~~ How could you do this to your sweet lovely dongsae, Kim Junsu” Junsu whining to the phone. The guy beside him turned to him, smile.

“You know that I’m still can’t recognize the street here. “ junsu pouting more, wondering if his hyung will see him pouting and sympathy him. The guy chuckled looking at Junsu’s behavior. Junsu keep swinging the dolphin keychain in his finger .

“Hmm, you see him everyday; just leave him a few hours… It will not cost anything…” Junsu pleads again… He turned around and meeting the other gaze surprising him. The keychain his finger flying direct hitting to the other face that been staring him.

“Ouch!...” the guy complain rubbing softly at the spot that the keychain hit him.

“OMO!...” Junsu panic… His eyes wide den seeing the other expression.

“Hyung, I call you later… I need to go.” Junsu ended up the call hurriedly.

“Did its hits hard?” Junsu examine the other face softly and bring his hand to touch the other face. He blinks his eyes worriedly while examine the spot. The guy staring Junsu’s face admirely.

“Did it’s still hurt?” Junsu asks again still rubbing softly at the spot asking the guy.

“It is…” The guY reply shortly.

Junsu reduce the space between the two of them and landed his face closely to the other guy and blowing the air softly to the spot. The guy still can’t take his eyes from Junsu. He dart his eyes from Junsu eyes to Junsu lips, the lips that blowing air softly to his face. Giving a warm feeling at the spot.

“How about now…” Junsu ask, pulling his face to look to the other guy.

“Hmm,? It.. It’s bet.. better now…” The guy stuttering touching the spot the losse the sudden warm.

“I’m sorry…It’s not my intention, suddenly I just caught off guard ” Said Junsu while pouting his lips than he bit his bottom lips nervously. The guy still gaze Junsu lips.

“Than, pay me backs…” The guy expresses it bluntly.

“What?” Junsu blinks his eyes at the sudden outburst.

“I said you owe me, pay me backs…” The guy stated it again..

“How much you want..” Junsu ask hesitantly a bit annoying to the guy.

“I want you to be my slave.” The guy demand.

“What?” Junsu shocked.

“Be my slave..” the guy demand again

“Are you kidding, I just accidently hit your face with the small tinny cute little dolphin keychain and now you here demanding me to be your slave. Are you happening to be the loan shark debtor?” Junsu irritated to the guy demand. He is puffing his cheeks.

“You hit me, you owe me..” Reply the man shortly.

“WHAT? Are you out of mind? Geezz.. You should get treatment as soon as possible, check your brain.” Junsu squealing.

“Yah! Dolphin keeps your voice down…” The guy closes his ears with the palm of his hand.

“WHAT? DOLPHIN? YOU..YOU CHICKEN’S FACE!! DON’T CALL ME DOLPHIN!!!” Junsu shouted at his high pitch.

“Woa~~ “you sure a dolphin…” The guy smirked.

Junsu gasped, he doesn’t know what to say. His just too angry right now. He feels like he needs to stuff something to the guy’s mouth to shut it up. He looks at the bench besides the guy, the guy sure having his lunch. He takes the chicken wings in the packs and harshly shoving it to the other mouth when the guy try to speak.

“Mmmft…” The guy chocking

“EAT THE CHICKEN WING YOU CHICKEN FACE AND SHUT UP!!” he stomped from the bench to the exit entrance, puffing his cheeks in stress.

“YAH!!” The guy shouted.

“YAH!!” Still has not getten any response.

“YAH !! KIM JUNSU..” the gut chase after Junsu, catching him by second.
Junsu feels he been drag back by his wrist and within a second a soft lips have landed to his virgin lips. His eyes widen. The guy pulls Junsu closer to him by putting his hand at the back of Junsu head and the other at Junsu’s waist deepen the kiss he try to push his tounge to Junsu mouth. Junsu try to escape from the guy, he hit the guy chest hardly. The guy still doesn’t want to pray his lips from Junsu, he sucking hardly on Junsu’s bottom lips, Junsu gasped open his mouth litle. The guy takes the opportunity to push his tounge into Junsu’s mouth. Junsu shocked with the sudden inventor, he desperate to escape from the guy. With a huge effort Junsu push the men by his shoulder. The guy stumble a few steps back. Junsu panting heavily the guy smile sheply to Junsu while trying to catch his breath. Junsu wipes his mouth.

“How’s the taste? Did the chicken wing taste good?” The guy smirked after able to calm himself from the hot kiss.
Junsu just stares the stranger, whipping the salvia that been left by stranger.

The guy closes the space between them and gives a quick peck to Junsu lips. Junsu stumble a step back. The stranger pulls Junsu head once again a give a long kiss, Junsu just to shock to response anything. The guy broke the kiss he hug Junsu lightly move close to Junsu’ s ears and whisper something. He slips something to Junsu back’s pocket.
“Park Yoochun.”

“See you again My Dolphin” Than he leaves Junsu stand foolishly there. He walked past Junsu towards exits. Few second later, junsu touch his lips he than looks at the exits, the guy can’t be see anymore.
“Park Yoochun..” he mutter sofly.

Two hearts believe in fate that brought them together today.
A rush chapter... Hopes you all enjoy it...


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/13/2009, 12:25 am



Yunho walk in to Jaejoong’s room. He tip toe to Jaejong’s bed, slowly he climbed on the bed and slipto the blanket that cover Jaejoong. He sneaks his arms around Jaejoong’s tiny waist from his back, pull him closer to him. Jaejoong stir from his sleep. He turned his head around and meeting Yunho face.

“Yun… Yun..ho..” Jae said and sounded fearful, “W.. what.. are you you.. doing here?”

Yunho, “Jaejoong!”

“Nae?” Jae looked up and Yunho’s handsome face.

Suddenly, Yunho grabbed onto Jaejoong’s neck and turnes him over till their lips crashed into each other’s. Jaejoong widened his eyes and couldn’t believe what is happening. This is their first real kiss, and Jaejoong totally didn’t expect Yunho to take the first move.

Yunho licks around on Jaejoong’s sweet lips and grabbed onto the back of his neck tighter as if afraid that Jaejoong might escape from him. Jaejoong melts from the kiss and slowly parted his lips for Yunho’s entrance. Yunho took the chance to slip his tongue into Jaejoong’s mouth and tasted Jaejoong’s sweetness while battling with Jaejoong’s tongue. Jaejoong never knew Yunho was such a good kisser, and he thought he was melting away from Yunho’s passionate kiss.

Jaejoong gasped as he felt Yunho’s hand slipped into his shirt, and this is the first time he felt Yunho touch him like that. Yunho moved his hand around on Jaejoong’s small waist and started to reach up. He feels tickles and sensations.

Yunho breaks the kiss to let Jaejoong get some air, while he continued to kiss on Jaejoong’s neck. Planting wet kisses down to Jaejoong’s shoulder and then back up to Jaejoong’s ear, Jaejoong felt his whole left side is numb by Yunho’s kiss.

Yunho took the chance and rubbing his hands around on Jaejoong’s chest and brushing his fingers on those already hardened nipples. Jaejoong lets out an uncontrollable moan, “Uhh. uhh.”

Yunho licks around on Jaejoong’s ears and blowing cold air into his ears, Jaejoong: “Ahh.. Yun… we… you…ahh… what…are..we-e doing…ahh… ahh…”
As Yunho sees Jaejoong’s reddened face, he felt his member getting hard. He said: “Jaejoong ah. …I can’t…. hold…. it any… more…. I want you…. to be mine. Be mine" Yunho said between the kiss.

Jaejoong blushes and turns away, “But...”

“What?” Yunho asked. He stop from kissing Jaejoong

“We shouldn’t... I mean... We i.. don’t know how too? I…never done it…” Jaejoong asked innocently and looks down he can’t face Yunho, he’s to shy.

Yunho whispered into Jae’s ears, “Don’t worry my baby, you knowthis is my first time too.”

“Eh?” Jaejoong looked up innocently but then Yunho suddenly pulled Jaejoong for one passion kiss and got on top of him. Jaejoong widened his eyes as he felt his heart beating so fast, Yunho deepen the kiss and sucked Jaejoong’s lips with his own warm lips but this time his hand moved down to Jaejoong’s private part.

Jaejoong gasped and felt Yunho’s touch outside of his pants, while getting so excited, he felt his pre-cum licks out inside his boxer. “Uhh... Ahh...Yun”
Jaejoong felt his member is so hard now and it hurts him, Yunho smirked and took down Jaejoong’s pants and boxer all at once. Jae gasped while feeling the cold air contacting his bare body. Yunho smiled at the little size of Jaejoong’s, and he took it in his hand.

Jae moaned: “Ahh.. Uhh.. Yun…ahh…...”

Yunho moved his hand up and down onto Jaejoong’s hardened and red member, Jaejoong moaned like there is no tomorrow not afraid that their neighbors might hear him while grabbing onto Yunho’s leg. Soon, the younger boy cum onto Yunho’s hand...

Jaejoong’s face flushed in deep red and he turned away while breathing hard making his chest go up and down in a pattern. Yunho removed Jaejoong’s shirt impatiently and sucks onto his nipples, making kisses go all the way down to Jaejoong’s stomach, Yunho couldn’t hold it anymore. He didn’t care what is going to happen later, but now, all he knows is that he wants Jaejoong right now. He wants this beautiful creature that he had lived with for so long and wants to mark this beautiful body as his own. His own…

Yunho took off his own pants and boxer, Jaejoong gasped at Yunho’s size and Yunho grabbed onto Jaejoong’s hand, “Do you want to feel it Jae-ah?” yunho whisper seductively.

Jaejoong rise his hand slowly an felt his hand shaking, but as soon as it made contact with Yunho’s member Jaejoong felt his member started to get hard again. He moved like Yunho did to him and Yunho closed his eyes as he sat back and moaned, “Ahh.. Jae..Good…You.. good..Ahhh..”
Jaejoong moved faster and faster but Yunho keep moaning and moaning, Jaejoong looked over at Yunho and his cheesk flushed red, but suddenly Yunho grabbed onto Jaejoong’s hand and kiss his lips passionately. Jaejoong gasped and melt into the kiss ..

“Hmmmm……” Jaejoong moaning into the kiss

Yunho lays down on top of Jaejoong and whispered, “Jae ah.. I need you now...”

Jaejoong widened his eyes as he felt something entered him, he gasped, “Ahh.. Yun-ah……?”

Yunho placed another finger into Jaejoong’s tight hole and Jaejoong closed his eyes as he felt the pain, then another one. Jaejoong grabbed onto the seat hard, “Ahhh.. It hurts.. Yun…hurt..ahh..…”

Yunho removes his fingers and whispered, “Don’t worry Jae I’m here.. You won’t be hurt for too long...believe me”

Jaejoong closed his eyes and felt the big size entered him, he never imagined it would hurt this much. He yelled, “AHHHH! Yun ah! No... Yun... don’’s hurt…... stop it! AHHH! It hurts!” he’s sobbing.

Yunho stops to let Jae get used to the size, and soon Jaejoong’s sobs became softer, Yunho kisses Jaejoong’s cheek to calm him down. Jaejoong felt his private place is burning but yet it felt so special and good. Jaejoong moans, “Ahh… Yun ah… can you..can you.. move in me?” Jaejong shyly ask.

Yunho smiled and kisses Jaejoong’s cheek while moving his hip in a slow pattern, soon Jaejoong started to moan loudly and uncotrobally. Yunho fastened the speed and pace. The younger boy grabbed onto the seat hard and Yunho grabbed onto Jae’s waist while thrusting hard and fast. Moans could be heard even if there are people outside of the room, they don’t care if the neighbors will heard them..

The bed moved and cracking sound can be heard and for a long time till it finally stopped moving with loud satisfying shouting between those two people.



Both man collapsed on the bed, and white liquid dripped out from the younger boy’s entrance. Panting hard desperately for gaining back strength…



“Jae…” Jaejong feels someone shocking his shoulder violently.

“Hmm…” Jaejong muttering ….

“Are you ok… did you have nightmare….”

“Yun….” Jaejoong open his eyes.. Seeing the intruder. “Yun…?.”

“Yes, it’s me… are you ok? Do you get nightmare?...” Yunho caressing his cheek…

“Hmm…?” Jaejoong sit up immediately… He’s been dreaming…Dreaming of Yunho tyouching him….

“Jae…” yunho asks once again… Jaejoong looks up at Yunho… he believe this night he's dreaming about Yunho...Believe that Yunho wanted to make him his..

LOL how's that... I feelnervous writting on it...


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/13/2009, 12:32 am


“Jae… .” yunho caressing jaejoong cheek. Jaejoong flushed red..

“Uh..” Reply Jaejoong shortly…. He can’t facing Yunho… he’s feel hot remering about his dream.. he’s kind of upsate… He’s just dreaming…

“Eh…??” jaejoong confused, why should he upsate… Did he really want it?

“jae… What’s wrong…” yunho cupped jaejoong’s face to face him….

“Hmm.. nothing…erm… Just ni…nightmare….” Jaejoong stuttering.. to shy to looks at Yunho..

“Oh.. than go back to sleep….” Yunho pushing Jaejoong gently to his bed and tucking Jaejoong. Yunho’s action makes jaejoong remind back to his dream back them, he flushed… Thanks that the room like been switch off, if not… Yunho will see his flusheda red face..

“Sleep… I’ll waits until you get sleep again…” Yunho smilling to Jaejoong and swipes gentely the hair that cover Jaejoong forehead. Jaejoong just nodded agreeing. He swapping the sweat at jaejoong’s forehead with the lengths of his pajama. He smiles.

Within a minutes, Jaejoong fall asleep again, feeling secure because he know that Yunho beside him. He feels warm inside his heart..

Yunho’s POV.

I just walked out from bathroom and heard the Jaejoong screaming. I rushed to his room and without switch on the light I rushed to his bed. He sweating and panting. I’m shacking him to wake him up. He just stir but panting heavily. I’m worried so I shacked him harder…

“Jae….” I shack him


“Jae…” Jaejoong stir a bit

“Hmm…” Jaejoong muttering audible ….

“Are you ok… did you have nightmare….”

“Yun….” Jaejoong open his eyes... “Yun…?.”

“Yes, it’s me… are you ok? Do you get nightmare?...” I caressing his cheek…

“Hmm…?” Jaejoong sit up immediately… He’s sure having nightmare …

“Jae…” I asks once again… Jaejoong looks up at me…

“Jae… .”I caressing jaejoong’s cheek gentely . Because of the nightmare seems likes Jaejoong flushed red..

“Uh..” Reply him shortly…. Losst in his thought…

“jae… What’s wrong…” I cupped jaejoong’s face to face me….

“Hmm.. nothing…erm… Just ni…nightmare….” Jaejoong stuttering..

“Oh.. than go back to sleep….” I pushing Jaejoong gently to his bed and tucking him.

“Sleep… I’ll waits until you get sleep again…” I smiling to him and swipes gentely the hair that cover his forehead. Jaejoong just nodded agreeing. I swap the sweat at jaejoong’s forehead with the lengths of my pajama. I smiles.

Within a minutes, Jaejoong fall asleep again, I keep staring at his face. Jaejoong sure a beautiful creature. His smooth pale skins, his rosy lips, his big doe eyes… All about him capturing me. Without realize I move my face closer to him, his lips to attempting. I gently put my lips on his soft lips. I closed my eyes. I love this feeling. I nibble his lips gently. I think I addict, slowly I sucks his bottom lips enjoying the lips. He’s stir… I immediately take my lips back…

“Gosh… what have I done…”

“I’m stealing a kiss from him, taking advantage of him…” I smacked my head…

“Ouch…” I rubbed it, but the kiss is deniable… I smile. I believe is a right kiss.

I wake up and give a light pecks on his forehead and his lips again. I take a last glance and walked out after checking that jaejoong have already sleeps. I turned the knob and step outside. Gentlely closing the door back, I walked out to my room with smile in my face.

Jaejoong POV

I open my eyes after I heard that the door clicked close. I brought my hand tracing to my lips, did he just kiss me? Did Yunho just kiss me? Or it just another dreams.. I feels that a trace of salvia in my corner of lips.

“It’s wet…” I whisper softly. I’m not dreaming, he just kiss me. NO he just steal a kiss from me. My face turned to dark red… I cover my face with both of my palm. I smile.

‘Yunho just kiss me… It’s our first kiss…” I mutter softly. Its feel great, I like this kiss. I keep smilling until I felt asleep again. I believe this is definitely not dream…

At the Junsu’s house.

Junsu keep tossing from side to side… he can’t sleep thinking back the first kiss that been stole by park Yoochun. He remembered how the other lips crashing to his lips. Sucking and nibbling his lips. That was his first kiss, and it was stealing by stranger.

“Arghhhh…’ He muffle in his pillow…

“That idiot… Chicken face…Pervert…” He keeps cursing.

A picture of Yoochun kissing him appear suddenly in his mind.

“Those lips….” Junsu tracing his finger in his lips… Imaging the lips in his lips…

“WHAT!!?” He sat up immediately…

“Why I’m thinking about his lips? Stupid me…Stupid… NO, it’s not me stupid.. It’s him… yah… It’s him…Stupid guy, Stupid Chicken face, stupid Park Yoochun, stupid lips…EHHHH!!!? Why I keep saying his lips again…” Junsu frustrated, he buried his face in his pillow.

“ARGHHHH….” Groaning in his pillow….

“Just get out from my BRAIN…” He hissed….

At the unknown club.

“Achoo…!!!” Yoochun seazing…

“Oppa, are you ok?” A girl asks yoochun. He just nodded.

“Someone must talk me back…” He is wondering in his mind.

“Oppa~~” Th e girl calling Yoochun seductively..

“Hmm?” yoochun takes a sip of his drink…

“Do you have anything to do tonight?...” the girl asks seductively, rubbing her hand on Yoochun’s chest.. He smirked.

“Yes..” he reply shortly.

“Erm…” She is pouting.

“She’s not cute as Junsu’s pouting..” Yoochun said in his mind..

“Oppa~~~’ the girl whinning.

“Even his whinning not so good as Junsu..” He keeps talking to his mind…

“Oppa….~~ What are you doing later…” She traces his finger in Yoochu’s jawas to his chest…

“See, her finger also not attractive as Junsu…” He keeps arguing again in his mind.

“Holly shit… why do I suddenly remerber him…” He curses again in his mind.

“Oppa~~~!” she called and tucking Yoochun’s collars brim him close…

“Let’s do something..” She blows air to Yoochun ears..

“Sorry, Ineed to go. My friend waiting.” He pushed her and get up walking out from the club leave the dumbfound girl behind.

“Idiot Park Yoochun!! Why you remind of him… Idiot …Idiot… “

“NO!!” he shouts loudly. Capturing others people attention.

“I’m not idiot.. Him is idiot.. Kim Junsu is idiot… He stated first… He makes me kiss him… I just want revenge…Yes Revenge…” he keeps repeating. People pass by see him as weirdo. He heard people whispering. He look around, people give him weird look.

“Now I’m idiot…” He mumbling at walked to his car, embarrassed.


The night, four hearts believe that the kiss they share today is a weirdest thing happen today. Yet, unaware about it, it gives a warm feeling inside them. They just has not realize its. They believe lots of possibilities; they believe the kiss is a ‘Kiss’.

I don't know what I'm doing.... Changki and the rest will appear next... (-_-)
Thanks you.


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/13/2009, 12:39 pm


YunJae’s home

Jaejoong preparing breakfast while singing his favorite song. He’s sure in good mood, he smiles like an idiot. Sometimes stoped what he do and staring ahead, a smile appear at his face.

“Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast….Yun’s breakfast… My Yun’s breakfast…” He whispering and repeating happily. He keep thinking about his dream last night and secret kissing that Yunho steals from him. He blushed when thinking about it.

“Yun’s lips….” He’s touches his lips, he smiles.

“Morning Jae…” Yunho greeting sneaking his arms around Jae’s waist, he’s grinning.

“Yun….” Jaejoong surprised at his present and suddent arms.

“What’s for today?” Yunho pressing his body to Jaejoong, he try to take jaejoong scent. Jaejoong’s cheek blushed.

“Erm, its grill Hotdog and pancake with apple syrup…” Jaejoong bits his bottom lips, he feel shivering because of Yunho closeness. His heart beating fast.

“Good… It’s smell delicious….” Yunho take a sniff at Jaejoong’s neck from back. Images from jaejoong dreams replaying in his head when he feels the hot breath at his back’s neck. Hit bits his lips to control the sensation feeling from Yunho.

“It is..” Jaejoong reply shortly.

“It’s your favorite breakfast… Go sit there, I will bring your breakfast” jaejoong try to shake his thoughts and to avoid Yunho knowing that his heart beating likes crazy.

“Ok…” Yunho run his lips softly on Jaejoong’s cheek.

“Ahh…” Jaejoong express his audible moan when he feels Yunho brushing his cheek with his lips. Yunho heard it, he smirked. He walked to take his sit, waiting for his breakfast.

Jaejoong try to control his heart beats. He brings the breakfast and settles down beside Yunho. He can’t facing Yunho. Enbressing from his dream and stolen kiss from Yunho. Yunho also make it worse by his action just now. Jaejoong cheeks feels likes been burn. He’s to shy to look at Yunho.
Yunho staring at jaejoong attentively, he likes seeing jaejoong blushing hard. He remembered how he kiss Jaejoong when he sleeping last night. He flushed remembering the soft lips that he sucks and nible last night. He keeps his head down, afraid that Jaejoong can see he’s blushing like him.
During the breakfast, both of them not having talks too much, sank in their thoughts about each other. Desire that they keep by themselves that at the end they conclude that they believe they have falling in loves. Stealing glances once in a while the other not seeing. Smiling to themselves.


At Jaejoong’s restaurant later.

Changmin whistling happily while preparing to open the restaurant before jaejoong arrives later. He arranging the chair than whipping the table to make sure all table are clean for customer. Then he feels someone tapping his shoulder from back.

He tured, “ARGHHHH!!!!!!” shouting.

“YAH! Why are you shouting at early morning?” Junsu smacked his head.

“Ow…ow…I just surprised to see you” Changmin rubbed his head.

“Why are you surprised to see me, we meet everyday. Idiot…” Junsu scolding..

“Woa~~You should see your face in the mirror. You has major dark circle in your eyes… likes panda.. No…A dead Panda..” Changming stated cleverly while tapping his chin.

“hmm..” Junsu take a sit.

“Why hyung?... Tell your lovely and handsome dongsae. I assume you don’t have a good sleep last night… Anything bordering you until you turn like zombie? Nah… a dead Dolphin…” Changmin laughs at his statement…

“Ha ha ha…very funny..” Reply Junsu sarcastically.

“Hyung~~~ you mean…” Changmin pouting…

“Shut up Minnie…lets me sleep a while…” Junsu close his eyes ignoring Changmin..

“Morning boys~~~” Jaejoong appear.

“Hyung!...” Changming skipping to Jaejoong.

“What’s with that face?” jaejoong ask Changmin poiting straight to Changmin’s face.

“Junnie hyung is meanie… I just express my concern to him but he shut me up…” Changmin pulling Jaejoong’s sleeves.

“Erm…” Jaejoong confused. He’s walks straight to Junsu.

“Junsu….” Tapping Junsu’s shoulder lightly.

“Hyung…” Junsu pull up his head facing Jaejoong.

“ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jaejoong shocked.

“Hyung~~~..” Junsu sighing.

“I’m sorry… what happen to you?” He sits beside Junsu looking straight to Junsu.

“Hmm..well….” Junsu

At Yunho’s office.

Yunho rushing to his office after receiving a phone call from Kibum. He dropped Jaejoong at restaurant and apologize him because he can’t help jaejoong today. Arriving at his floor, Yunho quickly rushed to his office because Kibum’s waiting for him there. It‘s very rarely that Kibum calling early morning, only if something important or urgent he we call Yunho early morning. He walks to his office and see Kibum standing at corner of couch. He’s watching someone that lying on there.

“Kibum..” Yunho called.

“Hyung. Morning.” Kibum reply in his serious face.

“Why you calling me this morning? Any urgent thing?” Yunho put his briefcase to the coffee table and stand straight in front of Kibum. Kibum just pointing his finger to the figure that lying on the couch. Yunho tiled his head to the figure. He walks and stopped in front of the figure, he bend to take a look. Suddenly the figure turning his body to Yunho and drop his hand from his face.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Yunho shout he stumble back a few steps…

“Hmmm..” stir from his sleep because of Yunho voice.

‘Hyung… Why are you shouting?” He sits straight and closes his back to the edge of the couch. He rubbing his eyes and turned his gaze to Yunho.

“Yo..Yoochun?” Yunho.

“What? You’re not remembering me now…” Yoochun reply sarcasticly.

“I give a same reaction this morning.” Kibum stated seriously.

“What happen to you?” Yunho sits at the opposite couch still shocked looking at Yoochun that looks like a zombie, he has dark circle in his eyes. Yoochun is not Yoochun. What happen to Yoochun that always considering his appearance at first rather than other things?

“Hmm.. well…” Yoochun

Nobody’s POV

“WHATTTT!!!!” Jaejoong/Changmin/Yunho/Kibum shouting at the same time at different place.

Some where in Korea.

“Oppa, when will you go?” A girl asking his boyfriend.

“My flight to Japan this Monday . I’ve meeting with Jung’s corporation.” Her boyfriend reply.

“Ow..~~ How long you will be there?” She’s asking again.

“About a week, maybe longer than that I don’t know. I need to see the new factory there. “Still packing his thing.

“I’ll be missing you…” The girl hugs his boyfriend.

“Silly girl…I make up for you these 3 days before I departure” He hug her back.

“You better keep you promise…” The girl tightens her arms on the guy waist.

“I will…” reply him shortly.

New chappie for you all. enjoys...hopes you all like it... Thanks..


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/13/2009, 12:42 pm


It’s been already three day since Yoochun and Junsu told the others what their problem. Both of them denied that they have fall on each other at first sight. Jaejoong and Changmin keep teasing Junsu, while Yunho and Kibum keep telling Yoochun that he has lost his playboy value.
Yunho and Jaejoong relation just like sweet as always. But sometimes Yunho will saw Jaejoong that spacing once in a while. Yunho worried at jaejoong condition.

“Jae…” Yunho call softly
“Hmm?” Jaejoong turned his head from television to Yunho. They are watching a romantic movie that Jaejoong insist to watch.
“Dis something bordering you?” Yunho looking at Jaejoong eyes warmly, searching for answer.
Jaejoong bits his lips; he doesn’t know how to answer Yunho. How can he tell Yunho that everytime Yunho near him, his heart will beat like crazy? It’s seems like its will jump up within a minute. How can he tell Yunho that he’s been fantasize Yunho lately. How can he tell Yunho that he believe he’s already falling for Yunho. He afraid that once he tells Yunho what happen to him, Yunho will leave him alone. Yunho will not believe on him.
“Nothing…” Jaejoong reply shortly. Yunho not believing in it.
“Ok. If there anything bordering you doesn’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll be always being there.” Yunho taking jaejoong hand and squish it gently as assuring his promise.

Jaejoong looks at his hand that Yunho hold. He feels warm. He afraid this feeling will fade away one day. He afraid that he will lose this hand that holds his hand and giving a warm lovely feeling to him in future. He afraid that Yunho will hatred towards him if he tells Yunho everything. Moreover he afraid that he will lose Yunho. He believes that if he loses Yunho, no one will be there for him anymore. Can he believe that Yunho will always be there for him and trust him? His tears sliding without he realize. Yunho shocked.

“Jae….” He swaps the tears in Jaejoong’s face with his thumbs.
“Don’t’ cry… It makes me hurt… here…” Yunho place Jaejoong hand to his heart.
“Yun… will… you… always… believe me?” Jaejoong asking, he’s sobbing he can’t control it anymore.
“Jae….” Yunho pulls Jaejoong to his embrace.
“I will… I will Jae… I will always believing you…” He tightens his embrace.

Jejoong cry hardly. Yunho words make him happy and touching his heart. He believes in Yunho, he believes in Yunho words. Yunho felt that his shirt soaked from Jaejoong’ tears that keep slidding from those beautiful eyes. He loses his embrace, using his finger he lifts Jaejoong face up to meeting his gaze. Jejoong’s eyes red and puffy, he looks at jaejoong’s red nose and h elooks at jaejoong lips. He lift his eyes meeting Jaejoong eyes, he close his face to Jaejoong. Softly, he brushes his lips softly to Jaejong ayes, than to Jaejoong’s cheeks, than to Jaejoong nose finally to jaejoong tremble lips. Jaejoong confused what happen he just stay still doing nothing, he only knows that he really need Yunho closeness now, and he needs Yunho to comfort him. Yunho cupped jaejoong face and deepen the kiss. Jaejoong close his eyes and return the kiss. Yunho sneaks one of his hands to the jaejoong’s neck and the other to Jaejoong’s waist. He pulled Jaejoong as close as he can, deepen the kiss. The kiss becomes passion. He sucks jaejoong bottom lips than move to his upper lips sucking it continuously. Yunho licks Jaejoong lips asking for entrance, Jaejoong willingly to open his mouth slightly, Yunho push his tongue to Jaejoong mouth and tasting every part of jaejoong mouth. Jaejoong shyly pushes his tongue to play with Yunho’s. Yunho licks jaejoong tongue and suck its make Jaejoong moaning in the kiss.

“Mmm..mmmh…mmmmm” Moaning Jaejoong when Yunho sucking his tongue expertly. He sneaks his arms around Yunho neck and pull Yunho more close to him. He desperately for air, unconsciously he suck the air from Yunho mouth. Make Yunho deepen the kiss more. They keep kissing and sucking the other lips and tongue. After a while Yunho and Jaejoong separated because the lacks of air. Yunho rest his forehead with Jaejoong forehead. They panting heavily, try to gain their air into their lung.

“Jae-ah… I love you…” Yunho say.
“Yun-ah….” Jaejoong cry again…
“Jae… sorry I don’t mean it… It’s ok if you don’t return my feeling….” He pulls jaejong to his embrace, he worried that jaejoong cry because of his confession. Jaejoong crying harder.
“Jae…please doesn’t cry… I will take back what I’ve said…Jae…please…” Yunho tighten his embrace, desperate to stop Jaejoong from crying. He feels that Jaejoong shaking his head in his embrace.
“Yun…. It’s…not…that….it’s….” Jaejoong can’t say anything and start to hic up.
“Jae…please… please…son’t cry anymore…I will not say it again…Please….don’t mad at me ” He pull Jaejoong out from his embrace and whipping his tears. Jaejoong can’t speak, he can’t express his feeling. He desperates to let Yunho know that he’s not cry because he mad at Yunho. He cries because he’s too happy hearing Yunho’s confession. He just feels too happy. He cupped Yunho face and brings his lips to Yunho. Yunho shocked. Jaejoong kissing Yunho desperately, he wanted yunho his feeling right now. He whispering softly to Yunho lips, “ I love you too.”

Yunho happy with the confession he smash his lips to jaejoong and kissing it. He pull Jaejoong closer and deepen the kiss once again. Right now both of them happy and believe that nothing is more important rather than their feeling right now. Yunho believe on Jaejoong and Jaejoong believe in Yunho, nothing matters.
At Zion Club.

“what’s wrong baby?” Changmin pulls the guy for a hug.
“You promise to take me for movie~~~” The guy whinning and hugging Changmin back. He nuzzling his nose to Changmin neck.
“I know baby, but lately I’m quit busy in restaurant. Jaejoong hyung’s cooking attract lots of customer.” Changmin rockin the guy in his arms slowly.
“Minnie is meanie~~~~” The guy pouting and hits Changmin chest playfully.
“Aw~~ baby… I’m sorry ok. How about we go for movie tomorrow, since jaejoong hyung’s restaurant will close and you have no work to do. “ Changmin looking at the gut face.
“Really?” The guy lit up immediately. Clapping his hand excitedly and blinking at Changmin.
“Yes baby..~~~ Believe in me” Changmin pinching the guy cheeks.
“Aww~~~Minnie~~that’s hurt~~~” He hits Changmin arms, pouting and playing with his finger.
“Aw~Aw~~ you’re to cute Baby~~~~~” Changmin give a peck on lips to the guy.
“Minnie~~~~” Kibum hits Changmin chest continuously he blushing can’t dare to look Changmin gaze.
“Bummie~~~ Bummie~~My baby Bummie~~~~” Changmin pull Kibum to his laps. Kibum sneaks his arms to Changmin neck and hug him tightly.
“Bummie….” Changmin calls Kibum softly.
“Hmm?” Kibum
“I want a kiss…..” Changmin stated.
“Minnie~~~” Kibum looks at Changmin eyes shyly.
“Bummie..” Changmin kiss Kibum passionately. They making out at the bar and not caring the other people that watching them. They believe its just between them.

Another chappir for lovely reader....


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/13/2009, 12:49 pm


I'm warning you all this is R scene in the end. Minors are not advice to read. If you want to read, read at your own risk. I've told you already.

At the other part of Zion Club.

Junsu sitting at the bar counter and drinks his shoot non stop. He turned his chair his eyes widen, he saw Changmin making out with a guy.

“Oh gosh… why do him making out in public.” He turned back to counter and ask another shoot.
“Men, I need to clear my brain…” He takes his shoot in one gulp. Memory Yoochun kissing him the other days keep replaying in his head. He asked another shoot.
“Shit!! That Kibum making out in public…” A guy curse besides him and take his shoot in one gulp. The guy asks another shoot.
“Stupid Yoochun!/ Idiot Junsu!” They let out together. Hearing their name, they turned to the owner of the voice.
“YOU!!” Junsu and Yoochun pointing to each other.
“Stupid!/Idiot!” chorus together.
“Chicken!/ Dolphine!” chorus once again.
“ARGHHH!!!” They frustrated, turned back to counter
“MORE!” He asked the bartender at same time. The bar tender surprised, he just nodding. Junsu and Yoochun just giving death glare to each other. They kind of drunks because of the amount of alcohol that they take continuosly. Out of no where a girl come closer to Yoochun.
“Hi, are you alone…” The girl asks seductively, run his finger to Yoochun arms.
“oh…of course but not until I meet you…” Yoochun rolling his eyes to Junsu and smirked. He’s flirting with the girl. Junsu hissed a take a big gulp from his drinks.
“Hi there cute-y….” A guy approach Junsu from back. Junsu turned around a face the guy. His face red from the drinking.
“Hi…” He replies shortly tracing his hand on the other arms. He turne and meet with Yoochun’s gaze he smirked. Yoochun feeling uneasy.
“Want to dance?’ The guy put his arms at Junsu thighs…. Caressing softly and seductively.
“Hmm…” Junsu still tracing his hand on the other arms.
“Sur-“ he was cut by Yoochun.
“NO! He’s mine” Yoochun said loudly. He pull Junsu’s wrist hardly and stand. He leaves a few notes in the counter and drag Junsu outside the club leaving the guy and the girl behind. Junsu try to take his hand back, but Yoochun tight his hold. Junsu struggle and shouting to ask Yoochun let him go, Yoochun fade up. People keep staring and glancing at them. He facing Junsu and pull him for a kiss. Junsu shocked, he stay still. Yoochun stopped his kiss after a minute. Staring at Junsu eyes deeply. He pulls Junsu to his car. Junsu dumbfound just following Yoochun. Yoochun push Junsu to passenger sit and run to driver sit. He started the engine and step at the peddle leaving the club. Few minutes later, Yoochun car stopped.

“Where are we?” Junsu ask, wondering around the window. Yoochun gpt out from cars and open the door at H=Junsu side, pulling he out, locked the door and drag Junsu once again.
“YAH!! LET ME GO ” Junsu shouting and struggling to lose Yoochun grips in his wrist. Yoochun turned around and ppicked up Junsu on his soulder bring to the front door.

“My house..” He said slowly and open the door walked to his bedroom.

“YAH!!PUT ME DOW YOU STUPID CHICKEN!!” Junsu still struggling, he hitting Yoochun back hardly. Yoochun put Junsu on his bed and get on top of him, laid Junsu down onto the bed forcefully, kissing him with aggression. Junsu keep struggling. Pushing Yoochun at his shoulder.

“YAH! Sto- Mmmm…mmmhp…mmm” His shouting stop by aggressive kissing by Yoochun. Yoochun then moved down and licked his Adam’s apple, making Junsu moan out his name unconsciously. He then trailed his tongue down to his nipples, sucking and licking them. “Ahh Stop.… ahh…sto..p..ahh…” After licking and sucking them, making them into a hard pebble state before moving down to Junsu stomach. Junsu shaking his head from right to left, feeling the pleasure. He wanted Yoochun to stop but at the same time he feel amazed and wanted more from Yoochun.
While licking in the circular motion on his stomach, Yoochun quickly unzipped Junsu’s pants then licked down until he felt Junsu’s throbbing member. He started licking from the bottom of his member, then licked up to his tip. He felt Junsu tremble a little as he continued this action.

“Ahh…ahh… stop….ahh… No…” Junsu tucking Yoochun hair.. Junsu pre-cum has lid out.

Yoochun quickly took off the rest of Junsu’s pants and his pant and turned him around, allowing both his arms support him. He split his legs open, licking his 2 fingers and then rubbed the 2 fingers against his hole. Then slowly inserted the 2 fingers in. Junsu trembled and whimpered in pain. But the pain soon turned into unbearable pleasure.


Yoochun played around and inserted his fingers deeper into Junsu’s hole until he hit the prostate, which made Junsu scream loudly in pleasure. “Y-Yoochun… p-please… AHH!! S-stop… hah…”

Junsu was panting and moaning loudly at the same time while his hands were clenching tightly on the bed sheets shaking his head from the pleasure. As Yoochun was rubbing against Junsu’s prostate, Junsu jerked his head back and moaned out Yoochun’s name. Everytime Yoochun rubbed his fingers against his prostate, his member would throb and move by itself a little.

He quickly slipped his fingers out then turned Junsu around and lifted his legs around his back wrapping Junsu’s legs around him. Junsu panting and wrapped his legs around Yoochun’s back but they were slowly slipping off.
Yoochun then positioned his member in front of Junsu’s hole, and then he slowly slid his cap in, and then slowly inserted his entire member into Junsu. He moaned for the sudden warm ” Ahh…” Junsu winced with slight pain, but as Yoochun slowly started to move, the pain turned into pleasure.
Junsu then wrapped his legs around Yoochun’s back tightly, bending his toes inwards a little. He then wrapped his arms around Yoochun’s neck. “Yoochun… fast..faster…” Yoochun reached his hand between them and started stroking Junsu’s throbbing member as he thruster faster at the same phase.

“I’m coming…ahh..ahh…ahh..mor…Yoo-chun..ahh ahhh” Junsu feeling the pleasure at limits.

“Junsu…! Ahhh… I’m com-ing!” Yoochun moaned out as he thrusted and stroked faster.


They both moaned each other’s names as they came. Junsu felt the milk running down top his stomach and Yoochun’s milk running down his ass cheeks. Yoochun leaned down and kissed Junsu before lying and relaxing on the bed.

“ how do you feel this ti--“ before he could finish his question, he noticed that Junsu was already asleep. He sighed and reached for the blanket that tossed to the end of the bed pull it to cover their body. Yoochun then leaned over and kissed Junsu’s forehead. “You are so beautiful…” Then he lay down, staring Junsu until his eyes got heavy. He then slowly drifted to sleep after closing his eyes.

Both of them believe the other day’s memory that brought them together tonight.

How's that my second attemp to R scene.... I'm nervous... anyway, I've posting this story in winglin and LJ to, free to add me in Lj and my story in winglin :


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:30 am


[color=darkblue]Jaejoong stir from his sleep. He open his eyes slowly.
“Morning Boo~~~” Yunho was looking at him.
“Yun-Yunnie...” he surprised to see Yunho, he feel shy.
“Boo… do you sleep well? “ Yunho caressing jaejoong face.
Yunho looked down to JaeJoong's little face. JaeJoong's big brown eyes stared back at him in such a way that made him adorable. At that moment Yunho's head stopped working and it was now his heart that was beating for him to kiss JaeJoong's plumped red lips again. Yunho's gaze dropped from JaeJoong's eyes to the lips. His lips smacked locked onto JaeJoong's lips. Tightly locked as he pressed into the opening. Taking in the warmth from JaeJoong's opening. He eagerly sucked on JaeJoong's lips loudly.
JaeJoong's eyes finally closed as Yunho's lips started to suck his. It was something he couldn't control. It was something his heart wanted to feel not see. Yunho liked seeing what he was doing. His still open his eyes as he sucked and bit JaeJoong's lips softly. Then finally his tongue pushed into JaeJoong's mouth. It was a playful tongue that met his. JaeJoong's tongue started to wrestle his tongue, but Yunho wasn't giving in, he wanted to lead. He licked JaeJoong's lips before pulling JaeJoong's tongue into his mouth to suck on it vigorously. He pushed himself on top of Jaejoong.
JaeJoong could feel himself running out of breath. He tried to suck in as much air as possible whenever a little gap between his lips and Yunho's lip parted. Panting was more like it. Yunho too could start to feel as if he was running out of breath. He could hear JaeJoong panting for air as he still kept up the speed of sucking and licking.
Yunho felt JaeJoong was pulling away as his panting got louder. He finally pulled back his lips. He was panting as hard as JaeJoong. He looks straight in Jaejoong eyes.

“Boo…” Yunho calling softly..
“Yunnie-ah …” Jaejoong return Yunho’s gaze. Memory of last night replay in his head. His cheeks flushed red.


Still breathing hard, Jaejoong moans non stop as he feels Yunho giving him passionate kiss. Yunho arms wrapped around his waist and swung him to his lap "Yunnie," he was only able to let out before again being pulled into kiss. Yunho wrapped his right hand around JaeJoong's waist and pulled himas close as he can. Their lips locking immediately. He was rough and selfish, he took possession of every part of JaeJoong' mouth.
JaeJoong was already out of breath, this was now making him pant even louder and now he was even sucking air out of Yunho's mouth. Taking in the juices from Yunho's mouth. And at times he was able to feel Yunho take back a few breath of air too. JaeJoong's body now laid ontop of Yunho's. Yunho's left hand went to his waist. His right hand on JaeJoong's neck slid down to the back and pulled him down. Leaving no room in between the two bodies.
"Yunnie," JaeJoong trying to pull back. "I need some air," he panting explained.
“Boo… I need you… I need you…I want you..” Yunho caressing jaejoong cheek.
“Take me..” jaejoong gives Yunho hot kiss. Yunho finally let JaeJoong's mouth go. Both panting for air. Both their breathing hitting each other on the face and neck. Yunho stand ups slowly he secure Jaejong legs around his waist, Jaejoong sneak his arms on Yunho neck. Than Yunho lift him up from couch. He walked to his bedrooms, his lips still locking with jaejoong. Their tongues wrestling with each other. Yunho's eagerness haven't decreased a bit. He enter his bedroom, and tossed jaejoong softly on bed, crawling on top Jaejoong continuing his kiss. He swing Jaejoong around so that Jaejong will ontop of him.
JaeJoong felt Yunho's left hand crept under his shirt. His soft manly hands running back and forth on his tiny waist. Then finally he felt that same hand run into his boxer to his bottom. Yunho's big hand squeezed JaeJoong's right butt cheek. A surprise hit JaeJoong. His member reacted as the squeeze tightened. He could feel it getting harder.
"Yunnie," JaeJoong pulled his head back. JaeJoong bit down on his lower lip to keep from going crazy. His member was pushing onto Yunho's stomach.
"Boo," Yunho's left hand still tight on JaeJoong's butt. His right hand was now holding onto JaeJoong's waist. Pulling it down so that JaeJoong couldn't pull his body away. Yunho then pulled Jaejoong shirt off and threw it to the seat next to them. Yunho didn't take time pulling his shirt off. He took JaeJoong's left nipple into this mouth. Licking and sucking it hastily.
"Mmmm mmh mmphh ," JaeJoong let out as he felt the wet lips on his chest. He was enjoying this so much. He jumped a little as he felt Yunho move over to his right nipple. He brought his left hand up to feel his left nipple. It was numb from Yunho's sucking. Licking sounds could be heard from Yunho's mouth.
Moaning sounds could be heard from JaeJoong's throat. JaeJoong finally slipped his hands to Yunho's zipper and unzipped it. Sliding his right hand into the opening his hand met with Yunho's already hard penis. Pulling on it softly.
"Ahhmm ahhh," Yunho's head jerked back as he felt the pull. His breathing getting harder than it already was. He bit his lower lip to keep from yelling out. JaeJoong satisfied and let go of Yunho's hard member.
Without saying a word Yunho push Jaejoong a bit, undid his own button to his pants. He pulled it down and out came springing out his hard penis pointing straight at JaeJoong. Yunho's lips came back down to Jaejoong lips his hand automatically went up to wrap around Yunho's hard member. He could feel his own member getting harder.
Yunho's hand slid down to JaeJoong's waist, he pulled JaeJoong's boxer down to the thighs. Then he used his knee to pull the boxer even lower down. Finally his feet kicked it off once it was at JaeJoong's ankles. Yunho bring his hand to Jaejoong’s member, his hands ran up and down softly.
"Hhhmmmmnn ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh," JaeJoong let out a loud and long moan from his throat. It didn't take long before he shot his pre-come out, it slowly rolled down the tip and down to Yunho's hand.
Yunho pulled back from the kiss once he felt the sticky warm liquid on his hand. "Boo…please.. I want you right now…," he let out, Jaejoong only noddin in pleasure. He grabbed his own hard member with the sticky hand, rubbing it all over and he lowered it to the entrance to JaeJoong's bottom. Right as he touched the hole Yunho's pre-come shot out. With his left hand he smeared the liquid around the entrance.
JaeJoong could feel the shot of hot liquid land on him. His own hand shot up to hold onto Yunho's strong arms. Waiting for Yunho's member to make it's way into him. Yunho gave a little push and the tip of his cock slid into JaeJoong. Then his right hand went to rest on the seat near JaeJoong's shoulder. His left hand went to JaeJoong's hard member, it was warm and sticky.
"Ahhm arghhhhh," JaeJoong let out as he felt his entrance getting stretched. "It's not going to go in, he's too big," he panic.
"Boo… relax…Do you trust me?" Yunho told him softly as he felt the muscles working against his cock. His left hand softly ran up and down JaeJoong's hard member to keep him calm. Jaejoong nodding slowly . Yunho tried to push in further. He saw a paintful expression on Jaejoong face, he let go of JaeJoong's member and brought his face down to take in JaeJoong's lips into his mouth again. Licking and sucking on it as if it was air. JaeJoong felt the warm mouth on his lips again. Yunho's tongue moving all over his lips and then plunging into his mouth. Waking up his tongue once again. They wrestled. Yunho felt the muscles around his penis get softer with every lick and suck from his mouth. He finally thrusted his pelvis forward, burying his whole member into JaeJoong.
"Hhhahhhh ah ahhh ahhh," JaeJoong let out surprised by the sudden invasion.
Yunho pulled his head back up to see JaeJoong's eyes closed. Yunho brought his left hand back to JaeJoong's hard member and stroked it harder than he did earlier. He moved his hard member in and out of JaeJoong slowly so that JaeJoong's muscles could relax.
JaeJoong's hands now gripped Yunho's arms tighter. Feeling a new satisfaction with every stroke to his member and every pull and push of Yunho's hard member. His thrusted in and out of JaeJoong harder and harder with every move. As each second passed, his desire to get deeper took over him. He pulled out and plunged back in with force.
"Ehhmm ahhhhhhhhhh," JaeJoong lets out with Yunho's hard thrusts. He could feel his member ready to burst. And after a few hard thrusts he shot his come onto Yunho's stomach.
Yunho shhot his liquid s into JaeJoong. "BOOOOOOOOO……Hahhh ahhh," he let out as he fell down ontop JaeJoong.. The sound of two bodies gasping for air as they laid ontop of each other.
After a minute of catching his breath, Yunho pulled out of JaeJoong. Right as his limped cock slid out a gush of liquid followed. His come, dripping out of JaeJoong's opening. With all his remaining strength Yunho his body down next to JaeJoong. He brought his hand down to feel the liquid on his stomach. JaeJoong was out of breath and out of strength. Yunho pull Jaejoong closer to him and grabbed JaeJoong's thighs with his come stained hand. Bringing JaeJoong's thigh up to rest ontop of his. He pulls the blanket and cover them.
“I love you Boo…” Yunho kissing jaejoong’s forehead…
“I love you to Yunnie…” Snuggling closer to Yunho
Without any words the two slowly drifted to sleep. JaeJoong's head now laid on Yunho's arm. Yunho's arms wrapped around JaeJoong. Both on their sides.
They both believe that their heart belong to each other.

Okay i think t's failed...hmmm.. i don't know...


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/19/2009, 7:36 am


It's a crap I know... I just to inform you all this is just a fanfic... only fanfic..“Boo~~” Yunho calls sweetly…
“Hmm….” Jaejoong plays his finger on Yunho shoulder…
“Boo..fif you not stop what are you doing.. You need to help me later..” Yunho smirks at him.
“Yunnie~” He hit Yunho chest playfully..
“Boo~~ I’m warning you..” Yunho looks at Jaejoong’s eyes.
“Hm…?” Jaejoong blinks his eyes.
“Boo~~ I’ warning you already…Don’t blame me” Yunho stated.
“What? I’m not getting it Yunnie~~” He smiles sweetly at Yunho, still running his finger smoothly on Yunho shoulder to his chest..
‘That’s it…” Yunho lower his head and capture Jaejoong’s lips… Jaejoong shock first, but afterward he response the kiss. They strat their morning activities like last night.

Yoochun’s house.

Junsu stir from his sleep. He opens his ayes slowly. He open and close his eyes, than open it. He can see his surrounding. This is not his bedroom. He try to wake up, but his body been block by an arms on his waist and a leg on his leg. Junsu turne to his right.
“OMO~~ Yoochun…” he say in his mind.
“What he’s doing here…” Junsu figures out something. They were naked.
“ I forget.. last night he drag me here and…” Junsu blushed. He turned his body fully to his right. He look at Yoochun face, admiring him.. Yoochun eyes, cheeks, nose and his lips… He has taste all that last night.
“Yoochun~~” Junsu said sofly. Yoochun stir a bit. Junsu quickly close his eys and pretend to sleep. Yoochun open his eyes, he smiles. He saw an angel in his arms. The Angel that keep bothering his mind these past few day. He looks at Junsu eues, nose and lips. He has taste it last night. He has marked this angel as him. He runs his finger slowly on Junsu’s nose than to lips, he traces the lips lightly. He lean forward, captures the lips by his owned. Junsu shocked, he tries to control. So he just keeps his eyes close tightly. Yoochun deepen the kiss.. .a minute later he pull back. He smiles looking at Junsu that try to control from opening his eyes. He lean again, and licks Junsu lips…
“Mmmp…” Junsu let out uncontrollable moans. Yoochun smiles in his kiss… He sucking Junsu lips, pry for Junsu to open it lighly… junsu open his mouth in moans… Yoochun take the opportunity to inside his tongue.
“Mmmmp…” Junsu moans. Yoochun happy to hear it..
“Stop!” Junsu suddenly open his eyes and push Yoochun a bit.
“You’re wake up baby...” Yoochun flesh his cheesy smiles. Pulls Junsu more closely to him by his waist. Junsu blinks.
“W-whose y-you-your baby?” He stuttering because of the closeness, his check flushed dark red.
“You’re” Yoochun smiles, run his finger on Junsu’d bare back. Junsu can’t take his eyes to look at Yoochun.
“I’m n-not…” Junsu plays with his finger that he put at Yoochun chest..
“Yes, you’re baby…baby… My baby…” Yoochun smiles looking at Junsu avoiding eyes.
‘H-how come I become your baby?” Junsu still shy to looks at Junsu. He bits his lips.
“Don’t bit your beautiful lips…” Yoochun take his hand and lift Junsu’s chins to make he looks at him. Jusnu meet Yoochun gaze, his cheeks flushed red back.
“Baby~~ You’re so lovely..” Yoochun pulls Junsu in his arms, Junsu head on his chest. Junsu can hear Yoochun fast heartbeats.
“Baby~~ I’m sorry for last night…” Yoochun start, Junsu wide his eyes.. Dis Yoochun just regretting their night together. Sure Yoochun was forced him first but later he is willingly giving to Yoochun. No it can be Yoochun regret it. His eyes get teary.
“Baby~~ I’m sorry for forcing you last night.. I-..” He was cut from the feel of wet in his bare chest. He pull Junsu a bit, Junsu was crying in his arms…
“Su~~” He get worried..
“Yo-Yooc-yoochun… did you..did it?” Jusnu asks in his sobbing.
“Su!” He pulls Junsu for a tight hug. Rubbing junsu’s bare back up and down.
“Off course baby.. I regret it….” Yoochun say, Junsu sobbing getting hard.
“Baby please don’t cry…please…You’re hurting me… I’m sorry baby… I’m sorry… I just can’t control myself seeing you with the other guy… It makes me hurt so much thinking that you will be in the other arms… Su, I’m sorry for forcing you and I’m regretting it because I hurt you Su… But, I’m not regretting spending night with you…making loves with you… it’s just not a simple sex or one night stand…is making loves Su… This is my first time making loves Su.. First time…You make me wanted you so much… So much… until my head can’t function very well. Every times I look anywhere I just see you…Only you Su… Can you here my heart Su… Its getting out of beat every times I thinking of you..It beat so fast, I can’t control it Su… Only you can make it like that.. Su..” Yoochun pulls Junsu more closer to him, he cry together with Junsu. Junsu feels that his head was wet, Yoochun is crying..
He lift his head from Yoochun chest…he’s still sobbing. Yoochun hurt seeing Junsu likes that..
“Yo-yoochun… I thought…I thought… y-you re-regret spend-ing night with me..” Junsu sobbing still looking at Yoochun etes..
“Su…” Yoochun pulls Junsu to his embrace back.
“Yoo-Yoochun…” Junsu sobbing.., Yoochun can’t takes it anymore.
“I love you… I love you Su… I love you from the first time I lay my eyes on you… I loves you…” Yoochun confessed. Junsu sobbing hard… He returned Yoochun hug..
“I lo-love yo-you too..” he says between his sobbing. Yoochung shocked. He pulls Junsu out his embrace and lift Junsu head to meet his eys…
“ What Su?” Yoochun asks again…
‘I love you I love you too…” Junsu sobbing and hitting Yoochun’s bare chest…
“Su~~~” He pulls Junsu head and gives kisses all around Junsu face.
“Thank you Su… thank you for returning my feeling…Su…” He pulls Junsu back to his embrace, they crying together… Crying for happiness, their happiness.

Meanwhile at Yunho’s office.

“Good morning..” A guy greeting a front desk costumer service together with his assistant.
‘Good Morning sir, welcome to Jung’s Corporation. May I help you Sir.” The employee greeting back.
“I’m here to meet with President Jung.” The guy informed.
“Do you have any appointment Sir?” The employee asks again.
“Yes, Mr. Choi, Choi SiWon, I’m from Korea” The guy inform back.
“Just a minute Sir. I checked for you first.” The employee check his computer, than she call someone.
“Hello, Miss Ayumi. A guy name Choi Siwon is here for Mr Jung….hmm..okay.. I will..” The employee hang up the phone.
“Sir, you may take the elevator to 30th floor. Mr. Jung’s secretary will guide you from there.
“Thank you.” They bowed and walks to the elevator.
“So Siwon, did you eager to meet with Jung YunHo?” Another guy asks him.
“Shut up Heechul… Gosh.. You’re to noisy..” Siwon smirks.
“YAH! What’s that supposed to mean..” Heechul hits Siwon arms playfully and stomped to the elevator that arrived. Siwon just laugh and steps to the elevator following Heechul.

There are four hearts that believe they are belongs to each other, they believe they have show their partner that they loves him full of their heart. They believe they will be happy together, they believe that nothing will stop their loves. Because they believe in their loves….

This is just a fanfic..only fanfic...hehehe


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

Post by enthanf4 on 7/28/2009, 1:51 am

Chapter 12: Believe in meeting~~~

Todays was lovely day for Yunjae and Yoosu couple. They believe that todays will be much better from yesterday. Because they believe they have someone beside them. They loves this feeling, feeling being loves and they believe this is the route to their happiness.

Yunjae house
“OMO! I’m late….” Yunho rushed.
“Yunnie…your hair…” Jaejoong helps to fix his hair.
“Hehehe…” Yunho just laugh.
“Looks..your tie…” Jaejoong just shokes his head, smiling.
“It was your fault!” Yunho pouting.
“What?” jaejoong pouting now. He fix Yunho tie.
“You’re to tempting..” Yunho grins he hug Jaejoong.
“Yunnie~~~” Jaejoong shyly. Yunho lean forward and catch Jaejoong lips.
“Mmmp….” Jaejoong moans. He pulls from the kiss.
“Yunnie…You’re late..” Jaejoong remind him.
“Aish…” Yunho frustrated.
“I miss you…I see you later. I’m sorry I’m not able to send you…” Yunho pouting
“Yunnie…~~ Go… they waiting for you…I’ll see you later okay…” jaejoong smiles shyly.
“Okay..” Yunho gives a peck. Jaejoong smiles.
“By Joongie..” Yunho wave and step in his car, drove off. Jaejoong smiles. He loves this feeling

Later, at Yunho’s office.
“Sir, Mr Yunho will be here within 20 minutes. Sorry for inconvenience.” Yunho secretary serving Siwon and Heechul coffee.
“It’s okay…” Siwon just smiles.
“Excuse me…” Ayumi excuse from there. Siwon nodded.
“Wonnie… are you nervous?” heechul asks.
“Hmm” Siwon sips his coffee.
“He was cool you know…I always searching information about him. He’s young and talented…” heechul grins.
“Don’t you dare doing something fishy Chullie..” Siwon warn him.
“Aww… why you said like that” Heechul hit Siwon arms playfully. Siwon laughs.
“I’m not that bad…” He’s pouting, Siwon chuckled. The door bursting open. A very suave young man walks in.
“Hi.. I’m sorry I was late..”
“It’s okay…” Siwon stand up with Heechul.
“Yunho, Jung Yunho..” Yunho introduce himself.
“Choi Siwon.. and this is my assistant Kim Heechul.” Siwon introduce them.
“Nice meeting you Mr. Choui, Mr. Kim…” They shakes hand.
“Lets has a sit..” Yunho sits besides them.
“So. Mr. Choi.. Thank you for coming here..” Yunho started.
‘No, it was my pleasure to working together with Young business man like you.” Siwon smiles.
“It was my pleasure too. I hope we will have good time in this project.” Yunho crossed his leg and lean backward.
“I’ll make sure it..” Siwon agree. They discuss their project together . sometimes laughing sometimes things get serious. But both of them satisfied with the collaboration.
“Excuse me sir…” Ayumi appear.
“Yes Ayumi.” Yunho
“Mr. Park already here, and it is lunch hour sir.” Ayumi informs him.
“Oh..Mine…I’ve not realize it..Thank you. Asks Yoochun to come here.” Yunho inform her.
“Sir.” Ayumi excuse herself and went to search for yoochun. Yoochun step in.
“Hyung..” Yoochun calls.
“Yoochun you here. Come I wanted you to meet someone.” Yunho gesture him to come.
“Mr. Choi, this is Park Yoochun my business partner. Yoochun this is Mr Choi Siwon ang his assistant Kim Heechul they will be together with us in our new project.” Yunho introduced them.
“Park Yoochun, pleasure to meet you.” Yoochun shakes his hands with both of them.
“Nice meeting you too Mr.Park.” Siwon smiles.
“Hyung, its lunch hour.” Yoochun smiles.
“Oh.. By the way Mr Choi, Mr Kim would you mind if we have lunch together?” Yunho asks.
“It’s okay with me..” Siwon
“Me too.. “ heechul agree.
“Than, why not we go to your favorite place Hyung..” Yoochun smirked. Yunho cough.
“Sure, why not…” Yunho face red.
“Lets go Mr Choi, Mr. Kim. Mr. Jung will bring us to his favorite place that have an awesome cooks. Yoochun grins. Heechul something fishy.
“It’s someone special will cooks for us?” Heechul asks. Yunho face redden more.
“Yes.. very special for special people..” Yoochun grins more. Yunho fake cough again.
“Cut the crap. Lets go Mr. Choi, Mr. Kim.” Yunho try to cover his embracement.
“Sure..” Siwon and Heechul follows after Yunho. Yoochun poking Yunho.
“Something happen yesterday?” yoochun lift his eyesbrow.
“What?” Yunho try to cover his embracement.
“Did you get it?” Yoochun asks, smirking.
“What are you talking about… don’t talks nonsense infront of guest..” Yunho put his serious face.
“Aww Hyung… You’re mean….” Yoochun pretend to be hurt. Yunho smacked his head.
“yah hyung! Tha’s hurt you know…” Yoochun rubs his head.
“Don’t YAH me… call Kibum to joint us…” Yunho informes him.
“Sorry for that..” Yunho apologize to Siwon and Heechul.
“No, its okay..” Siwon ensure.
“You’re sure close..” Heechul smiles.
“We grown up together..” Yunho inform them.
“Oh.. that’s why you seems close to each other..” Siwon chuckled, Heechul giggling. Yunho shy.
“Hello, Bummie! It’s me.. lets go, Yunho hyung will intiduce his beauty to us…” Yoochun speak to the phone.
“Yeah…meet you at lobby…” Yoochun grins. He turn facing Yunho.
“He will be at lobby..” Yoochun informs. They step in the elevator. Opun reach on the lobby, staff that seen Yunho bow to him, Yunho smiles to them. Siwon and Heechul impressed with Yunho. Yunho sure a succesfull business man. They meets Kibum and drive to the Jaejoong shops. Siwon and Heechul taking their own car.
“We here…” Yunho them. Yoochun and Kibum impatiently step outside from the car.
“YAH!” Yunho shouts. Siwon and Heechuls walks to Yunho.
“I hopes you don’t mind. It was not expensive food, but trust me you would loves it…” Yunho smile brightly.
“It was nice place actually..” Siwon informs him, Heechul nodded in agreement. It was not an expensive restaurant but the decoration and the landscape gives a warm feeling.
“Comes…” Yunho asks them to follow him.
“Hyung hurry up!” Yoochun shouts. Yunho just shakes his head, sending apologize look towards Siwon and Heechul. Heechul giggling. Siwon just smiles.

“Welcome to HOME..” a waiter bowed welcoming them.
“OMO~~” the waiter recognize Yunho.
“HYUNG!!!!” he squeal high runs toward kitchen. Yunho just laugh. Siwon likes this restaurant it sure give warm feeling, no wonder it’s call HOME.
“OMG!! OMG!!” Another guy shouts pointing at Yunho.
“Changmin.. why are you shouting?” Jaejoong appear after being drag by Junsu.
“Jae-Boo..” Yunho calls huskily.
“Yunnie~~” Jaejoong surprised. Yunho steps forward and hug Jaejoong.
“I miss you Boo..” Yunho said near jaejoong’s ear.
“I miss you too~~” Jaejoong said shyly on Yunho chest.
“Aww.. that’s so cute…..” Junsu squealing. Jaejoong get embrace.
“Aww… I want hug too..” Changmin pout…
“Bummie!” Changmin turn towards the voice, Kibum runs towards his arms. Changmin hug Kibum tightly.
“Hmmph!” Junsu crossing his arms pouting.
“Su baby~~” Someone calling him near his ear. Junsu turns.
“Chunnie!!!” He calls in his high pitch voice.
“Aww…Su…” Yoochun grins and kiss Junsu.
“OMO~~ what happen to you two?” Yunho and jaejoong asks together looking at Changki and Yoosu.
“Jaejoong…..” Someone calls him interrupted their conversation. Jaejoong freeze, it was almost 3 years that no one has call him jaejoong with that voice. He turns slowly. He gasped.
“Hyung……..” Jaejoong.

Fates bring them together. Each of the keep wondering, will be this meeting lead them to something. They believe in this meeting more things going to be reveal. Who’s calling jaejoong ? and who’s Jaejoong calling Hyung.



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Believe: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13.
Believe he's the one~~~

“ Hyung…” Jaejoong turning his gaze, still in Yunso’s arms.
“jaejoong-ah…” Heechul shocked, Siwon gasped
Jaejoong looking at the person. He hesitate at first but he needs to hug him right now, he knew that he need that arms. He release Yunho embrace and walks slowly.
“Hyung…Heechul hyung…” Jaejoong fasten his steps and Heechul pulls Jeajoong to his arms. Siwon shocked.
“Jaejoong-ah, I missed you so much… I miss you… I really miss you..” Heechul start teary , he tighten his embrace.
“Hyung… I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry hyung..” Jaejoong sobbing hard. Yunho’s heart sanked seeing jaejoong like that.
“don’t cry Joongie…” He said to himself.
“Shhsss…It’s okay Jaejoong-ah… It’s okay…I understand…don’t cry…please dongsae” Heechul can’t control it anymore, hearing jaejoong crying a river.
“it’s doesn’t matter… I just need to know that you’re find…” Heechul try to calms jaejoong.
“Sorry…sorry…sorry…” Jaejoong keep repeating it. Yunho can’t seing jaejoong likes that anymore, he need to do something.
“Joongie…” Yunho calls softly. Jaejoong lift his head from Heechul embrace, he saw Yunho extand his arms and he runs to him.
“Yunnie…” He cry hard in Yunho arms.
“Shusshh…Its okay Jongie… It’s okay…” Yunjo hold him tight and rocking him softly.
The others just were looking sadly. They see how Yunho can calm jaejoong the cry boy. Yoochun, Changmin, Kibum and Siwon don’t know what happen right now. Out of no where one men appear and calling Jaejoong dongsae and Jaejoong calling him Hyung. The two men crying hard, one just cover his mouth with his pals controlling the feeling and the other one crying in Yunho arms. Junsu just watching saliently he eyes Siwon.
“Joongi..” Yunho calls softly.
“Looks at me..” Yunho pulls away from Jaejoong a liitle, Jaejoong tears slides from his beautiful eyes.
“Jongie..” Yunho cupped jaejoong face in hid palms.
“Don’t cry anymore…” He lean forward and kiss Jaejoong’s eyes, Jaejoong close his eyes savour Yunho warms feeling. Yunho than kiss Jaejoong forehead. He looks at Jaejoong eyes, his hand left Jaejoong hand and hold Jaejoong hand. He brought those soft and lovely hand to his chest.
“ It’s hurt…” He said, Jaejoong immediately looks to Yunho eyes.
“Yunnhie…” He buried his face on Yunho chest.
“It’s hurt Jongie….” Yunho said, Jaejoong just nodding understand.
“Yunnie…” He calming down in Yunho arms, he feel safe.
Yoosu and Changki just smile. They knew only Yunho can handle Jaejoong that way. Heechul seeing Yunho and Jaejoong:
“Jaejoong-ah, you’re move on…” He smiles to himself, dry away his tears.
Siwon feels uneasy with the scene. He face shows it very well.
“Jaejoong..” he calls in his mind.
Junsu eyeing him suspicious.


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

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Believe this is the beginning~~~

Jaejoong has calm down, Yunho helps him to sit at one of the table. Heechuls follows from behind.
“changmin, Junsu could you pleaseclose the restaurant..” Yunho asking them.
“Sure hyung…” Changmin said, Junsu followsChangmin. He glares at Siwon before walks away.
“Minnie.. I help you…” Kibum offer, Changmin nodding.
“Me too..” Yoochun followslater.
Yunho wipes Jaejoong remaining tears with his thumb, he cares Jaejoong face softly, Jaejoong snift. Heechul just sit beside Jaejoong and watch him. Siwon walks slowly to them and sit beside Heechul.
“Cry baby…” Yunho pinched Jaejoong nose. Jaejoong pouting, puffy his cheek.
“My cry baby…”Yunho pinched again, he smiles sweetly.
“Yunnie~~~” jaejoong whine…
“Hyung…. “ Yoochun calls. Yoosu and Changki taking their place.
“Jaejoong-ah…” Heechul that being silently calling jaejoong to get his attention. Jaejoong turns he gaze to Heechul, he takes Heechul hand to his.
“Hyung…” He calls sweetly. Heechul smiles, his dongsae smiling to him, his lovely dongsae that being missing almost 3 years. Jaejoong take a breath and he return his gaze to Yunho than to others back to Heechul.
“Everyone… Yunnie… This is my hyung, Heechul. Kim Heechul, he’s my elder hyung…” Jaejoong smiles, one of his hands holding Heechul and another holding Yunho. Everyone gasped from the news except Kibum and Junsu. Yunho never knew that Jaejoong has sibling because Jaejoong never talks about it and Yunho doesn’t want to force him to talks about it.. Yunho tighten his hold on Jaejoong hand ensuring he’s understand it. Jaejoong smiles sweetly to Yunho.
“Really?” Changmin said still unbelief by the fact.
“Yes Minnie..” Jaejoong ensure him.
“You never told me…” Siwon asks, doesn’t know either to Jaejoong or Heechul because right now he’s been eyeing Jaejoong. Junsu swear he saw it clearly. But at the moment Heechul answer it, “I’ve told you about my missing Dongsae..”
“Oh…that dongsae..” Siwon just nodding he still eyeing on Jaejoong. Junsu really doesn’t like the situation, Kibum saw Junsu staring Siwon he nudge lightly on Junsu arms. Junsu turn to him. Kibum give him, “What are you doing?” looks. Junsu just answer it with, “ I’m done nothing…” looks. Kibum raised his eyebrow, Junsu sighed give up. He turned his gaze to Yoochun.
“We’ve been separating almost 3 years..” Heechul informs them.
“’s my fault…” Jaejoong looking down to his lap. His tears treating to slides again.
“No…Jaejoong…It’s not your fault…” Heechul ensure him.
“Lets just not talking about it okay?” Heechul try to change the topic he afraid that Jaejoong will break down again. He’s Jaejoong has really soft and sensitive heart.
“Jaejoong-ah…” Heechul calls him sweetly, he tighten his hold on Jaejoong hands ensuring him, Jaejoong lift his head and look at smiling Heechul. Jaejoong nodded ans smiles cutely in return. Heechul ruffle jaejoong hairs..
“Hyung~~~” Jaejoong shakes his hand, shy being treat like that infront of other, it’s been a while.
“Why? You don’t like it? Oh I know… because you have Yunnie now… You don’t want to be my baby more…” Heechul pouting, he release his hand from Jaejoong and cross his arms in his chest. The others chuckle, Jaejoong sure learned his pouting from his hyung, they are sibling after all.
“Hyung…” Jaejoong tugging Heechul sleeves…
“Hmmp…” Heechul pretend to jealous.
“I’m jealous you know?” Heechul still pouting..
“Hyung….” Jaejoong bits lips, he start teary.
“Joongie..” Yunho saws it. Heechul turn to look.
“OMO! Jaejoong-ah… No… I’m just joking…” Heechul panic seeing Jaeoong. He pulls Jaejoong to his arms calming him.
“You’re meanie hyung…” jaejoong hit Heechul chest playfully. Heechul just laugh. Yoosu, Changkin and Yunho love seeing jaejoong like this. Siwon just stare them.
“Hyung…” Jaejoong calls from Heechul embrace.
“Hmm?” Heechul
“What are you doing here?” Jaejoong asks.
“Oh.. I almost forgot.. I’m come here for business, I never though I will meet you here. We having a few discussion with Yunho’s company. Thanks for Yunho to bring us here…” Heechul told him.
“Really?” Jaejoong lift his head and turn to Yunho.
“yes Joongie..” Yunho conform it, Yunho takes Jaejoong hand an apply a soft loving kiss on it. Jaejoong blushed. He lean forward and hugging Yunho.
“Yunnie~~” Jaejoong said.
“Ahem…” Heechul clear his throat. Jaejoong blushed more, he forgot that everyone don’t know his relationship with Yunho now.
“Jaejoong-ah, you can keep that lovely act later. But first let me intoduce my boss. This is Choi Siwon..” Heechul introduce them and Siwon anticipate from the answer,”This is the beginning..” He said in his mind. Jaejoong bulge his eyes. He bits his lips. Slowly he let go Yunho and looks at Siwon, than he smiles.
“I miss that smiles..” Siwon thought in his mind.
“Pleasure meeting you Siwon-shi… I’m Kim Jaejoong” Jaejoong said bowed a little.
“I believe this is the beginning..” Jaejoong said in his mind. Siwon shocked.
“Jaejoong-ah, you forget me..” He frustrated by himself. Junsu smirks, Yoochun saw it.


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

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Believe they make for each other~~

Siwon get frustrated the way Jaejoong handle him. Heechul having discussion with Yunho, Yoochun and Kibum. He’snot interested in the story so he just sit thaere thinking the way Jaejoong reacts towards him. He keep asking why do Jaejoong threat him like that? He sighed, what else. He’s the one that asked jaejoong to pretend that he never knew him. It was him, asking Jaejoong that much. Now Jaejoong just doing what’s been asking, he’s not doing anything wrong. But why Jaejoong, how could you taking seriously what have I told you? Why?
What shocking his more that Jaejoong and Heechul are siblings. Did Heechul knows what happen to Jaejoong in the past? But, if Heechul knew he would no being a good friend with him at all. What will happen if Heechul know later? Gosh, he’s frustrated.
“Lunch ready..” jaejoong informs them, he brought two plate of dishes followed by Changmin and Junsu. They settle down.
“Wonnie..Wonnie..WONNIE!” heechul calling.
“Hrm..I’m sorry.. what?” Siwon shocked, he just lost in his thought.
“I’ve been calling you few times already..” Heechul frowns.
“I’m sorry.. I was thinking..” Siwon smiles.
“Comes, lets eat.. Joongie is a great chef.” Yunho smiles praising Jaejoong, Jaejoong blush.
“Yunnie…” Jaejoong bits his lips from embracement.
“Okay…that was turns on..” Yunho thought in his head seeing Jaejoong biting his lips and his cheeks are slightly pink from embracement. He leans closer to Jaejoong and whispers:
“Joongie, don’t bit your lips like that… You’ll turn me hard..” He’s blowing a hot breath on Jaejoong ears. Jaejoong shivers, he turned more red. He looks to Yunho with his big eyes, shocking with the mushyness. Yunho lick his own lips, Jaejoong turns away shy. Yunho grins.
“Here Joongie.. eat this..” Yunho puts a slice of chicken in Jaejoong bowls. Jaejoong lift his head, Yunho winks. Jaejoong turns away once again, he feel so shy with Yunho. Yunho grins more wider, he loves teasing Jaejoong, Jaejoong sure looks adorable when his blushing and shy.
“ eat this too..” Yunho puts some vegetables in Jaejoong bowls. Jaejoong just nodding. He bits his lips to control his shy. Yunho lean to him and whispers:
“I told you don’t bit your lips or else I will eat you instead of eating your cooks..” Jaejjong shakes, he quickly takes his chopsticks and starts to eat. Yunho chuckled. Jaejoong too cute.
“Ahem..” Junsu clears his throat. Yunjae lift their head.
“I sense loves in the air..” Junsu smiles.
“Uhuk uhuk..” Yunho fake coughs. Jaejoong turn red once again.
“Junsu hyung, you just disturbing the couple…spare their lives… they just can’t get enough from each other” Changmin smirking. Yunjae turns away from each other. Yoosu, Heechul laughs. Siwon just let out bitter laughs.
“Minnie~~” Kibum whines.
“yes Bummie..” Changmin said with his low sexy voice.
“Don’t tease your hyung anymore..come lets eat.. I’m hungry..” Kibum pouts.
“Owh..Bummie.. You’re so cute..” Changmin pinched Kibum cheeks.
“Minnie~~” Kibum whines again.
Yunjae and Yoosu shocked. Kibum whines and Changmin become more manly?
“here Bummie eat this..” Changmin spoon a soup for Kibum, Kibum accept it happily.
“Minnie…say aaaahh….” Kibum say sweetly, shoving a slice of fish to Changmin’s mouth.
“Aaaaahhh..mmm..” Changmin receiving Kibum’s feeding.
‘It’s great honey.. But not as great as you..” Chamgnin say in low seductive voice.
“Minnie~~~” Kibum whines, he playfully hitting Changmin arms.
“Bummie..” Changmin pulls Kibum to his arms, Kibum giggling.
Okay that was really really odd.. Kibum was whining and giggling continuously and Changmin suddenly become manly and romantic sexy guy. What really happen right now. Yunjae and Yoosu looks each other than:
" How come...Kibum would looks like that?" Yoochun eyeing Kibum that cuddle and gigling in Changmin arms. He whispered to Yunho.
“I don’t know..” Yunho looks confused.
“Looks he’s giggling..” Yoochun points with his mouth to Kibum. Yunho nodding.
“Minnie~~” Kibum whines..
“He’s whining..” Yoochun add, he shocked, Yunho nodded agreeing. A serious business partner and man with few words Kim Kibum now giggling and whining in the others man arms. The man with high pride giggling?
"How's Changmin would looks like that? Junsu eyeing Changmin that hugging Kibum and teasing him, Jaejoong nodding.
“he looks "MANLY", Junsu whisper to Jaejoong.
“yeah..and he say with low and sexy voice not with the childish tone that he always use.” Jaejoong added, he’s eyeing Changmin. Junsu nodding. Heechul frowned and can’t understand why Yunjae and Yoosu whispering and eyeing Changki. He look back and forth between the three groups. Siwon just eat silently, he still lost in his thought.
"By the way... it's he the guy you told us the other day?" Suddenly Changmin asking Junsu and points to Yoochun. Jusnu blushed. He turns away try to hides his red face,Yoochun chuckled. Jejoong that remembered about Junsu’s story smirked.

"By the way.. it's he the guy that you told us the other day?” Than Kibum asks Yoochun and points to Junsu. Yoochun eyes’s wide, he blushed. Yunho chuckles seeing his playboy friends like that.
“Well?” Jaejoong waits for the answer.
“Hmm…” Junsu bits his lips.
“So..” Yunho asks, lifting his eyesbrows.
“Hmm..” Yoochun lost words.
“So he’s the guy..” Changmin/ Kibum points at Yoochun/Junsu.
Junsu nodded. Yoochun grins, he lift his arms and rest it at Junsu shoulders.
“He’s mine..” Yoochun smirked.
“Woa~~” Yunho patted Yoochun’s arms.
“Congrats Junnie..” Jaejoong said. Junsu blushed more.
“Guys, the food are getting cools..” Heechul voice out.
‘Owh..” jaejoong
“I’m sorry.. It was awkward for you two to see us like this..” Yunho apologize.
“No, it’s okay.. seeing you guys sure I know that you guys really close, and I glad Jaejoong has friends like you all..” Heechul ensure.
“Hyung..” jaejoong feels proud.
“Comes, lets continue eating.” Yoochun said. They continue their eating while chatting. Siwon just ate silently, once in a while stealing a glance toward Jaejoong.
Jaejoong turns his gaze to Siwon, he frowned.


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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

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Chapter 16
Believe in making loves~~

That day, Jaejoong really ahppy to see his brother. But he got worried seeing Siwon with his hyung. He feels uneasy. He’s afraid the past will repeats what should he do? What will Yunho responds if he knew.

“Joongie..” Yunho calls from the living rooms.

“Coming..” jaejoong walks to living room, seeing Yunho topless watching television. Gosh he’s so sexy. Jaejoong bits his lips.

‘Joongie..comes..” Yunho patting to the empty space beside him, Jaejoong walks and settle down. Yunho currently watching a boys loves story. Yunho seems can’t concentrate, he saw the actor lean to kiss the other actor. He licks his lips, Jaejoong saw it, he giggling.

Yunho leaned close and turned Jaejoong's head so he was facing him.

"Close your eyes…" he whispers seductively

Jaejoong closed his eyes and bit his lip so he wouldn't start giggling.

Yunho brought his head closer to Jaejoong's "Open your lips just a little bit baby.."

Jaejoong did as he was told and licked his lips seductively as he parted his plump red lips.

Jaejoong leaned in and their lips touched softly sending an electric bolt through both of them. Jaejoong began to brush his lips on Yunho's, feeling the warm of his mouth combine with his own. Jaejoong then brought his tongue into Yunho's mouth and tasted his delicious flavor.

“ I need more..” Jaejoong thoughts.

Jaejoong suddenly pounced on Yunho, straddled him, and dove in for another kiss. Jaejoong was driving Yunho crazy by rubbing himself against Yunho's crotch and Yunho had to resist grabbing him. Yunho broke away from Jaejoong and breathing heavily.

Once again, it was the two of them, alone in their home. They both knew what they were about to do, and both felt lust for each other. Jaejoong's inner demon come out once again, he launched toward Yunho and kiss him aggressively. Jaejoong felt himself transform into another animal. By day he was a sweet, innocent, feminine male but at night he was a predator and Yunho was his prey.

"Jae....? Jae?"

“Hmmp…hmmp.. Yunnie Yunnie…ahhh Yunnie..” jaejoong keep attacking Yunho lips and sending Yunho lying on his back. He found his way on top of Yunho and straddled him again, but this time his hands traveled down and he yanked Yunho's pants off his body and threw them aside.

“No..boxer?” jaejoong smirked. Yunho smiles.

“I know you will like it..” Yunho grins. Jaejoong standing, quickly tossed away all his clothes and crawling back to Yunho immediately. They naked.

He scooted down so he was between Yunho's legs and started to lick up one side of Yunho's legs. He dragged his moist, soft tongue up Yunho's leg, tasting his skin as he went. His tongue went to Yunho's inner thigh and Jaejoong could feel Yunho shake beneath his touch.

Yunho was anxious, his nervousness and his pleasure combined causing his body to feel warm and tingly. Jaejoong never being so wild like this.


Jaejoong knew what Yunho wanted and since he planned on giving Yunho whatever he wanted, he need Yunho.

He placed one hand at the bottom of Yunho's shaft, feeling it's softness inside his hands. While lightly squeezing, Jaejoong gently began to lick from his hands to the tip, causing Yunho to moan loudly. Jaejoong then took all of Yunho into his mouth, sucking fast and hard, bringing his head up and down.


Jaejoong licked while he sucked and finally heard Yunho enter his climax.

"AHHHH....uhhhhhhh......" Yunho came into his mouth, and he swallowed it.

"Uhh...Jae...uhh..uhh jae!" Yunho panted, out of breath from his moaning.

"Yo need more Yunnie.." Jaejoong asking.

Yunho heard something different in his voice, he soon recognized it as pure lust.

"Hmm..right now...I want....something else" Jaejoong whispered in Yunho's ear, and he licked his earlobe softly.

Yunho shivers

"I feel you inside me..." Jaejoong whispered, his voice laced with a heavy lust.

Yunho felt his bulge grow bigger hearing Jaejoong sexy voice.

Yunho felt Jaejoong lay his body on top of his, and suddenly, Jaejoong's body didn't feel weak or fragile, it felt strong and full of power. Jaejoong was in control. It was a huge turn on.

Jaejoong spread his leg between Yunho. Jaejoong brought himself closer to Yunho's member.

He slowly move down, cautious not to hurt himself at all.

Yunho felt so much pleasure. He had forgotten, they weren't just having sex, they were making love. Jaejoong slammed fully on Yunho, He moaned”Ahhhhhhh…”

“That was great Yunnie…oh…Yunnie…” Jaejoong start moving, he doesn’t want to wait any longer. He moves up and down rapidly.

"Uhh...faster can go faster..."

Jaejoong started to bring himself up and down buried Yunho members with his hole, increasing the speed with each moves.

"Ahhh...mmmm.AHH....yes....yes......yes...mmmm" Jaejoong couldn't hold it in any longer and he let his wails fill the room. He grabbed his member in front of him and started to thrust on it, up and down with his hand.

"Ughh...nahhhmmm...uhhh.." Yunho could feel Jaejoong thighten and it sent his ecstasy into overdrive. He couldn't resist any longer and he came in Jaejoong.

"OHH! Yunho....ahhhh!....I think....I'm..UHHH!" Jaejoong could feel his orgasm wash over him as he came on Yunho.

The two lovers dropped to the couch in exhaustion and while holding each other in their arms, they both felt thoroughly satisfied.



“That was wild and hot”

"anything for you Yunnie. I love you so much" Jaejoong squeezed Yunho's chest.

"I love you too Jae. More than you'll probably ever realize." Yunho hugged Jaejoong.

That night, they making loves. All the worries go away, Jaejoong know it was making loves. Not a simple sex for lust. It’s loves.



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Re: BELIEVE: Staring Yunjae Yoosu Changki (ONGOING)

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Chapter 17
Believe they having hot shower~~~

Yoochun unlocked his door, to threw the keys onto the table next to the door.

"Go take a shower..." Yoochun said as he lead Junsu to the bathroom.

"Chunnie~ I need cloths to change into!"Junsu said as he looked at Yoochun who was sitting at the edge of the bathtub, running his fingers through the water to make sure that the temperature was just perfect.

"...just borrow some of mine" Yoochun smirking.

Yoochun stood there looking at Junsu, "Aren't you gonna take a shower?" he asked.

"After you get out~"

"I'd already seen everything" Yoochun said as he grins

"Get out!" Junsu demaneded as he pushed Yoochun through the door.

"Okay...Okay!" Yoochun said as he heard the door close behind him.

"Pervert" Junsu mumbled as he stepped out of his pants and into the tub.

Junsu sat back letting his back rest against the marble tub.

He turned the water down, into a low dripp. He closed his eyes adn relaxed against the tub.

"Su! Im gonna put the closes here!" Yoochun said as he walked into the bathroom.

"Okay.." Junsu mumbled as he opened his eyes to look at Yoochun, but closed them again as soon as he was done talking. Yoochun grins for the opportunity.

"Are you tired?" Yoochun asked as he step closer to Junsu

Junsu nodded his head.

"Have you cleaned up yet?" Yoochun asked

Junsu shook his head.

"Here..I'll help you" Yoochun said as he fished the sponge from the side of the tub . He dipped it in the water before he dragged it acroos Junsu's neck.

"No.. Chunnie" Junsu whispered his back facing Yoochun.

Yoochun ignored it and dragged the sponge down Junsu’s back. Slowly wiping each part.

"Do you want to get out now...?" Yoochun asked

Junsu shook his head.Yoochun grins as he reached his arm under the water, locating Junsu's hole.

"Yah! stop..its hurts!" Junsu whined. Yoochun entered his index finger into Junsu's hole.

"Ahh...!" Junsu yelped as he held onto the rim of the tub.

Yoochun moved his finger inside Junsu, scratching his walls.

"ahhh...jerk thats not cleaning" Junsu mumbled as he gripped the rims harder until his knuckles turned white.

Yoochun slolwy entered another finger into Junsu's hole, his eyes were half closed.

Yoochun took his hands out of Junsu.

"Chunnie~" Junsu pouted, he wanted Yoochun to continue...but didnt want to ask.

"Whats wrong?" Yoochun asked as he kneeled down by Junsu

"" Junsu bulshed, he didnt want to beg Yoochun for having sex.

"You mean do this?" Yoochun smirked as he dipped his hands into the water again, and gripped Junsu's member.

"Ahhh..." Junsu moaned in pleasure.

Yoochun ran his hands slowly down Junsu's shaft, he started pumping it.

"Faster...Chunnie please..faster" Junsu moaned as he licked his dry lips.

Yoochun pumped Junsu's shaft harder and faster.

"Ahhhh...Chunnie..ah..ah..ah..." Junsu moanded.

"Im...cumming....ahhh...AHHHHHH!" Junsu screamed as he arched his back released into the water.

Yoochun looked at Junsu, his breathing was labored his chest heaved up and down. he wanted to climbed into the tub and make love to Junsu.

"Chunnie..." Junsu whispered.

Yoochun sat up heading towards Junsu until there lips meet. Yoochun closed his eyes and melted away into Junsu.

"Chunnie...I need you.." Junsu whispered, his voice full of lust.

Junsu pulled on Yoochun's shirt pulling him into the tub. Water splashed out of the tub.

Junsu connected there lips again. His hands worked down Yoochun's shirt. Wasting no time Junsu started unbuckling Yoochun's belt. He unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock out.

"Su...ahhh" Yoochun moaned as Junsu pushed him back agaisnt the tub, he wanted Yoochun to be in him. He wanted Yoochun to feel lust towards him. Junsu held Yoochun's cock in his hands. He stood onto his knees. He slowly adjust Yoochun's member at his entrace, he slowly sat down. Junsu pounded down onto Yoochun's cock.

"Ahhhhh...." Junsu hissed at the pain. He wasnt expecting to feel any pain.

Yoochun threw his head back, feeling Junsu's warmth around him again drove him crazy.

Junsu his hands on Yoochun's shoulders. He started to move.

" hurts" Junsu ccried

"Su...get...ahh…ahh…" Yoochun moaned.

"..." Junsu didnt respond, he let his action answer Yoochun. Junsu grinded back and forth.

"ahhh...Su..ahhh...ahh.." Yoochun moaned as his hands unconisiouly reached Junsu's hips as he help Junsu up and down.

"ahh...chunnie,..ahhh ahhh ahhhhh..." Junsu moaned along.

"Su baby...faster...move faster!!" Yoochun demanded as his hands griped harder on Junsu's hips. Soon Yoochun's hips moved in rhythm along with Junsu

"Chunnie...ahhh...Im...cumming! ahhhh ahhhhhh" Junsu yelled as he punded faster and hader agaisnt Yoochun

Yoochun didn’t repsond, he moved his hips faster meeting along with Junsu's humps.

"Ahhhhhh Chuniieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" Junsu screamed as he released into the water again.

Even thought Junsu had cummed already, he didn’t stop. He kept onto pounding onto yoochun to helps Yoochun.

"AHHHHHHHH!!! SUuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Yoochun moaned as he felt his orgasm hit. He release inside of Junsu

Junsu panted as he lay limp ontop of Yoochun's body.


“Come on...your gonna catch a cold.." Yoochun said as he picked Jusnu up. Junsu was still hugging on Yoochun that slowly pulled out of Junsu

"ahhhhh...." Junsu hissed.

Yoochun grabbed a towel off the rack, he started drying Junsu up.

He help Junsu get dressed too. Than he walsk to get him a clothes

Yoochun chuckled as he saw his lover waddled out of the bathroom.

"Stop laughing~" Junsu pouted as he sat down at the bed with the help of Yoochun..

"Good night~" Junsu said cutley as he huddle closer to Yoochun.



"Nah.. it’s okay..go to sleep" Yoochun said as he closed his eyes.

Junsu smiled, he moved closer to Yoochun inhaling his fragrance.

"Su.. what’s wrong with you today.....with Siwon" Yoochun thought as he wrapped his arms around Junsu


the drama will begin later hahahahaha


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