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Such a Beautiful Lie... [DBSK, Jang Ri In]

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Such a Beautiful Lie... [DBSK, Jang Ri In]

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 5:42 pm

So! One of my readers on winglin asked me to post my story here to get more readers which I hope ill get Smile well, plz leave a comment if you life or not! Smile


Chapter 1
Summer's Over...

Junsu’s and Jaejoong’s place
“Junsu! Junsu ah! Wake up!” someone was banging on Junsu’s door. Junsu just groaned and put his pillow over his head. The door opened and his half-brother Jaejoong hurried in.

“Junsu ah, why aren’t you up yet? You gotta fix my hair, dude!” after groaning one more time Junsu sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“Geez, calm down will you? Why are you up anyways? It’s still summer break!”

“No, you moron! School starts today in like 40 minutes!” Junsu shot up and yelled:

“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?! I have to shower!” he ran around the room like he was on fire and began fixing himself and fixing Jaejoong on the same time. Yunho was gonna pick them up in any minute.

Changmin’s place
Everything was quiet when Changmin woke up. No one was at home. He sighed and got up. His school uniform was hanging on his door, waiting for him to put it on. He smiled for himself and got up. He had longing for this day the entire summer and finally, finally it was time for school again!

Yunho's place
Everything was in chaos. Lotions, perfume, hairwax were run over by Yunho who was getting ready for school. the shaving lather wasn't quite gone yet but he didn't notice. Breathtaken he shot out of his small apartment and down to his car.

Yunho had moved to Seoul when he started high school and lived now alone in a small but cosy apartment. It was perfect for late after parties and impressing all the girls he brought home.

Yoochun's place
Like every morning everything was cool in Yoochun's house. His parents were already off for their jobs and Yoochun was helping his younger sister, Minyoung getting ready for her first day at school. He made a pretty pony tail with a pink ribbon and zapped her shirt.

"So, Minyoungie, ready for school?" he smiled at her.
"Yes, yes YES!" she yelled and ran out of the house.
"Easy, little tornado. I have to lock the door!" Yoochun laughed and went after his sister.

They walked down the road and stopped by Changmin's house to wait for him. Two minutes later they saw him walking down the stairs with his backpack full of books.

"Changmin oppa~!" Minyoung called and ran up in his arms.
"Hey, little princess! Ready for school?" Changmin picked her up. Minyoung nodded violently and smiled like only a 6-year-old can.
"Then let's get going, shall we?" he winked.

Minyoung jumped down and almost tripped on her own steps on the way to school.

"Hey, Changmin. Nice to see ya again!" Yoochun manly hugged his younger friend and they kept going on their way to school.


Yunho was honking like mad outside Jaejoong's and Junsu's house. They were gonna be late if they didn't hurry up. Finally they both came out running with their looks as perfect as always. They quickliy climed into the vehicle adn Yunho drove off.

"Yah, you got lather left on your cheek?" Jaejoong said and pointed at Yunho's face.
"Oh?" he looked up into the rear-view and didn't really look on the road.

"LOOK OUT!!?" Junsu suddenly yelled and Yunho almost drove off the road.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! We could have crashed into somebody!!"
"I think you just did..?" Junsu looked back and saw a gril lying on the ground.

They all ran out to check up on the girl.
"Yah, yah!? Can you hear me?!" Yunho carefully shook her shoulders. The girl opened her eyes slowly and looked up on him. She nodded carefully and tried to sit up.

"Hey, I think it's the best if you didn't move. Does it hurt anywhere?"

"No, I'm fine thanks." She slowly got up on her beutiful legs. None of the guys couldn't help but check her out.

"Here, let me help you!" Junsu said and put his arm around her waist. "What school do you go to?, We'll take you there."

"Oh, you really don't have to..?"
"We want to." Junsu smiled charming at her.

The girl couldn't do anything else than stare into the boy's beautiful eyes.

"W-well, I'm supposed to start at Seoul High today?"

"Really? That's great! We go there too! Come on." he helped her to the car he sat her down. He winked at his obvious jealous friends and whispered:
"I got her first."

Yunho started driving again and both he and Jaejoong were grumpy the whole way.

"So, I'm Kim Junsu, and these are Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho. What's your name?"

"I'm Ri In, Jang Ri In..."


Please tell me what you think Smile I'll post up all the chapters I have so far Smile

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Chapter 2 - New Classmate

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 5:47 pm

Soo, i forgot the chracter infos in my first chapter so here you have them!

Character infos:

Jang Ri In
Age: 16
Personality: cheerful, nice, loyal, quite hot tempered, smart
School: Seoul High
Other info: hides behind the most beautiful lie you’ve ever heard…

Kim Junsu
Age: 17
Personality: always happy, doesn’t think bad about anyone, sweet
School: Seoul High
Other info: soccer team captain on Seoul High, one of the five uljiangs

Park Yoochun
Age: 17
School: Seoul High
Personality: romantic, seductive, can be quite rude, has the IQ of a gold fish
Other info: Seoul High’s own playboy, one of the five uljiangs

Kim Jaejoong
Age: 18
School: Seoul High
Personality: cold, doesn’t like strangers, pessimistic, musical genius
Other info: Kim Junsu’s half-brother, one of the five uljiangs

Jung Yunho
Age: 18
School: Seoul High
Personality: warm, leader-like, thinks about others before himself
Other info: the captain of Seoul High’s dance club one of the five uljiangs

Shim Changmin
Age: 16
School: Seoul High
Personality: smart, a bit distant, doesn’t really know how to act around other people than his friends
Other info: one of the five uljiangs, his mom passed away when he was 13


Chapter 2
New Classmate

"I'm Ri In, Jang Ri In..."
"Hm, nice name!" Junsu said. "You can call me Junsu oppa!" He smiled broadly which made Ri In's heart skip a beat or two, she couldn't understad why... With a shy voice she managed to say 'ok' and kept looking out the window.

When they arrived at school everybody was looking at her. Some a bit surprised, some looking ready to rip her into pieces. Carefully she tugged on Jaejoong's arm.

"Ehm, sorry Jaejoong sshi, but why is everyody staring at me?"
"Oh, don't care about them. They're just jealous that you came here with the uljiangs. And by the way, call me oppa!"

Ri In couldn't believe the uljiangs of her new school had managed to almost kill her AND saved her AND given her a ride to school on her first day. Did that mean lucky or unlucky? According to the glares from the other girls she guess on 'unlucky'.

"So Ri In ah, we'll bring you to the principal's office and then you'll be fine, ne?" Jaejoong said.
"Ne, oppa. Komawoyo." ( <) Nice to see you all!" the girl bowed and when she looked up, Changmin was sure she glanced at him a little longer than the rest of the class.

'I wonder what her name is...' Changmin thought and checked the girl out.

"My name is Jang Ri In, please take care of me."

'Ri In, that's a beautiful name...'

"Ri In sshi, you can sit down at the back next to Changmin." The teahcer announced and Changmin silently cheered for himself.

"Ne, kamsahamnida songsenim." She bowed at the teacher and Changmin couldn't understand how such a beautiful creature could be real.

Ri In walked down to her seat and felt the boys staring at her legs the were exsposed by her uniform skirt. She silently sat down and smiled at Changmin.

"Annyoung, I'm Ri In!" Her smile was heavenly.

"Hi, I'm Changmin." he gave her his best smile. "I can give you a guided tour around the school later?"

"Oh, that's not neccensary but thanks anyway!"

"Ok.." Changmin felt somewhat defeated. But that wasn't going to stop him, Ri In was going to be his by the end of this semester!

'So sorry, Changmin ah, but I don't wnat to cause you trouble...' Ri In thought and looked sadly at Changmin and then back at the board.


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Chapter 3 - What to do?

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 5:54 pm

Chapter 3
What to do?

The first days in school were really slow everyone thought. Except Changmin who was running wild whenever he heard the word 'school'.

The five uljiangs kept an eye on the new girl, Ri In. They all thought she seemed interesting and both Junsu and Changmin had found special interest in her. Not that they had told the others about it but...

Ri In didn't show any interest in anyone though. Whenever they tried to talk to her she came up with some excuse so she could leave. She always looked behind her back at her way home from school (they had once followed her a part of the road since they were curious but then lost her). They found her strange, but their minds just couldn't let go of her.

One day after school Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin were at the mall to do some shopping and just have fun. They bought expensive suits to have on their parents' next banquette. Jaejoong got stuck in the jewlerystore for about 3 hours, Yunho had to drag him outside!

Changming was especially crazy about shoes so Yunho had to do the same thing to him after at least 2 hours of
consideration about which black shoe he should take. Changmin just pouted and kept his newbought shoes tightly hugged against his chest. The all rolled their eyes and smiled at their magnae.

After shopping everything they needed and eaten some fast ramen they went outside to the parkinglot. Yunho always parked long away from the others cars so his wouldn't get damaged.

They carried all the bags to the car and wined the whole way about Yunho having such big ego, suddenly they heard something.

"AH! Stop it, please?!"

The five boys looked worried at each other. All hoping they hard wrong.

"Shut up, bitch!"

A sound of someone punching a head was heard and Yunho and the others ran to look around the corner. When they saw what was going on, they froze.

It was Ri In who had screamed. Her pretty face was now filled with bruises and smaller cuts. Tears streaming down her face. She looked up and met their eyes. Her eyes was no longer begging for help, they were telling them to get the hell outta there.

The boys wasn't going to leave her there though. With a strong voice Jaejoong yelled:

"YAH! Why don't you beat someone your own size instead?"

The three men that were beating Ri In up just laughed at them.

"Well, well, aren't these the boys you've gotten acquinted to during the latest weeks, huh Ri Innie?" A fit man held her up by her hair and smiled evil.

"No, no!" Ri In shook her head violently.

"Really? Beacuse we've got some pictures here you see." the second man said and the third took out some photos. "Look at these, I think they're quite similar?"

"I told you to let, her, GO!"

"I heard you the first time, boy. No need to yell."

Suddenly Ri In hit the man who was holding her between his legs and yelled at her five 'rescuers':

"Go away! Forget what you've seen!" she sobbed inbetween her words "Don't ever, EVER talk to me again!!"

All five of them were in shock. Leave her? With these maniacs? No way!

"Ri In, they're beating you half to death!?" Yunho said.

"Just GO! Please?!"

"You heard the lady? Now get the fuck outta here."

Ri In's begging eyes were it for them and they all turned their backs and tried not to listen to the shrieks and punches and drove back home.


"Come on, Ri In. We're going home." The one who had been carrying the photos said and walked back to their black BMW.

Ri In limped after them, trying to make her tears stop.

"Stupid, tears..!" she cursed and stubbornly wiped them away. On shaky knees she went into the car. She knew too well that the worst part wasn't over yet.

The car stopped outside a wealthy house. The driveway was long, limed with beautiful plants. For Ri in though, this looked worse than Hell.

One of the men dragged her out of the car and up to the house. People was looking at her. Some looked cruel, some looked at her with sympathy in their eyes. Ri In didn't care for none of them.

A door opened and Ri In was trown into the room behind it. She sat there, her uniform dirty and in an entrire mess, the glossy hair was hanging in tangles. But the worst part was not her hair or clothes. It was her eyes. So sad, dark and cold like she was facing the end of the world.

"Soo, Ri In? I see you didn't do as I asked you to?" A man sat in a big black chair, his back facing Ri In.

"S-sir, it wasn't, it was my fault?! I told them to leave me alone as carefully as I could but they just keep showing up! Please, sir, i didn't mean to talk to anyone!"

Ri In's babble was annoying the man.

"Ri In ah, I don't want to hear you disgusting excuses" he flung his chair around and glared at Ri In "have you already forgotten what I have done for you?"

Ri In answered by shaking her head like mad.

"It seems so.. When nobody wanted you. Not your parents, your garndparents or even your uncle wanted you! But I, I brought you to this beautiful place. Gave you just a few simple rules to follow and this is how you thank me? By wandering around talking and flirting with boys at school?"

"I have never showed any interest in them!"

"You like them Ri In. At least one of them. You can't fool me, darling."

"I'm not trying to fool you, sir!?"

"Enough!" The man stood up. He was muscular, wearing a dark grey suit but now he took off his jacket and walked up to her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up.

Ri In wimpered as she tried to keep as close as she could to the man so he couldn't pull so hard on her hair.

"You know what I'm going to do to you know, right?" he said in a smooth voice, almost tender.

Ri In didn't dare to answer. She looked terrified at him. Her big brown eyes were shining in fear. The man suddenly let her go. He went back to his desk but didn't sit down. instead he started to unbuckle his belt.

"Take off your clothes."


"We need to do something!?"

Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu were sitting in Jaejoong's private living room.

Junsu was almost ripping off his own hair, he was so worried for Ri In.

"Yeah, but what?" Jaejoong was sipping on his drink.

"I don't know. The police?" Yoochun said for once something smart.

"It's the only way.." Yunho agreed.

"I think we should talk to Ri In tomorrow. Make her tell us what was going on."

"I agree with Changmin." Junsu said.

"Me too." Jaejoong agreed.

"Well, then we have our decision.. Tomorrow, we'll talk to Ri In. On the roof at lunch."


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Chapter 4 - Upon the Roof

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:09 pm

Chapter 4
Upon the Roof

Ri In was walking down the corridoor with her books tightly held to her chest. What happened the night before was something she would never tell.

While walking there all by herself she was suddenly pulled back by someone. She didn't get time to scream before the person covered her mouth with his hand. She could feel it was a man.

"Ssch, I'm not gonna hurt you. Just follow me up to the roof, ok?"

"Mmm!" she couldn't really say anything else. The man though started dragging her to the stairs leading up to the roof.

Struggling the best she could up the stairs she finally got away from the man's death grip but then she was already up and didn't have any way out.
Out on the roof she saw her five 'rescuers'.


"Yes, we would like to talk to you." Yunho said.

"About what?"

"Yesterday." Changmin said, quite dramaticly.

"It's none of your buisness. Don't think about it."

"Strangly, we actully do think about it. None of us have gotten even a minute of sleep since what happened yesterday."

"Ever tried counting sheep?" Ri In really didn't feel comfortable on the exposing roof but tried hard not to show it.

"Very funny.." Jaejoong said and she turned around. he was the one that brought her here in the first place!

"What were those pictures the men showed you, Ri In ah?" it was Junsu saying it. His voice was small and worried.

"Nothing, just some, stupid pictures to get you outta there I guess. I didn't even look at them!"

"We need to get you to the police an-.." Ri In interrupted Yunho.

"No need, I did it myself yesterday with my ajusshi. I described them and it showed that they were wanted rapists so..."

They all looked worriedly at her. Junsu was the most worried, he couldn't understand why.

Ri In kept glancing at him also. That angelic face, how could she ever refuse to that?! In reality she just wanted to go up and hug him tight and tell him all the horrible that really happened. But that was impossible. She couldn't let her 'ajusshi' down. He had been so kind taking care of her her whole life.

"You don't have to lie to us, Ri In ah." Jaejoong smoothly said.

"I'm not! I did go to the police! And you probably didn't hear me yesterday when I told you to leave me alone?!"

"But we-.."

"No buts, this was the last time we ever spoke to each other. Ok?"

"Ri In..."

"Ok?!" Ri In was getting impatient.

"Ok." Yoochun said.

"WHAT?!" his friends looekd shocked at him. "She says everythig is fine, that she went to the police herself. Just leave it there..."

"Listen to your friend, he's absolutely right." With that, Ri In left the roof. She walked back down and continued with all her classes like normal.


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Chapter 5 - Waking up from the Past

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:12 pm

Chapter 5
Waking up from the Past

Ri In was scared. The streets were so big she thought and the men walking around on them seemed so mean.

Her parents had put her out the night before with her small pink bag in her hand.

They didn't kiss her goodbye or even wink at her. Just put her out, telling her not ever come back.

Small tears formed in her eyes when she thought back at it but stubbornly wiped them away. She never liked crying.

A man kept looking at her, very intesly. Ri In tried hard not to care about the man but when he started walking her direction the fear crawled up her spine.

"Aren't you a bit too young to be out this late, girly?"

Ri In held to the well known rule 'don't talk to strangers'. She demonstranly looked the other way.

"Yah, I just want to help you that's all. I have an orphanage just the next block. I'm always out looking for children who need my help."
The man really looked nice. And Ri In needed some place to stay so she looked back at the man.

"Can I really stay there? But I have no money?"

"You don't need money. From this day on I'll be your guardian angel. What's your name, darling?"

"Jang Ri In, and you?"

"Just call me ajusshi, araso?" he smiled.

"Ok, ajusshi!" Ri In's face shone up and took the man by his hand.

"Oh, one more thing. How old are you, Ri In?"

"I'm ten! Soon, I'll be eleven. My birthday was two weeks ago!"

The ajusshi laughed kindly and he began to walk to his said to be orphanage.

~~Three years later~~

"AH! Stop it, PLEASE!!?" Ri In was lying on the bed with a large man on top of her. She was naked and didn't like it. the pain in her lower part of her body was unbareable.

"Shut up..!" the man just panted and kept doing what he was doing.
Tears streamed down her cheeks and her cries were heartbreaking. Eventually the man stopped and left her on the bed. In came her loving ajusshi.

"A-ajusshi, he, he was so mean to me?!" She cried and reached her thin arms out to him.

"I know. Get used to it. This is your job now. You're 13, you have to pay to stay here. These sessios will be your paying. You do anything I ask you to. At school, I don't want you to play with the other kids anymore. Don't talk to them, don't look at them. Delete the word 'friend' from your vocabulary."

Ri In just looked terrified at him. But he had been so nice to her the last couple of years? Why was he so, cruel.

He turned around to walk out of the room but halted.

"And son't ever call me ajusshi again. From now on you call me: 'sir'."


Ri In woke up like a bullet just fired. Her heart was beating and the sweat was making her both hot and cold at the same time. She shook her head and sat up.
Never she would forget that night. But she would never tell anyone about it either...


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Chapter 6 - Dancing Down the Club

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:17 pm

Chapter 6
Dancing Down the Club

Ri In had had that dream for a couple of weeks now, which stole away her precious sleep. Of what the teacher talked about during class was not understandable for her.
Changmin noticed this very well but didn't dare to say anything to neither Ri In herself or his friends.

At lunch he was extremely quiet, which was not like Changmin.

"Yah, what's with the sad face?" Yunho asked one day when Changmin had only poked in his food.

"What? Na, it's nothing. Loads of school stuff going on just. A lot to think about..." Changmin tried to smile.

"But you love school? You don't ever get tired of school!" Junsu exclaimed.

"Well now I am!" with that Changmin left letting the others feel dumbfounded.

"What's with him recently?" Yoochun asked.

"Hormones" Jaejoong chuckled and the otehrs laughed along with him.

After lunch the afternoon lessons began which crawled their way to the end of the day.

All five met at the gates and Junsu asked right out of the blue:

"What day is it today?"

"Friday, you moron.." Yunho smirked.

"Really? Then why don't we go out clubbing?"

"It's out parents' banquette tonight..." Changmin said quietly.

"F*ck that! I don't want to dance waltzes with old ladies every Fridaynight!"

"What do you wanna dance then?" Yunho kept his smirk.

"I dunno, like more waves and stuff" he said and did a daring wave out in the air.

"I get your point. I want a new girl too..." Yoochun pouted.

"You already have five of them?!" Jaejoong pointed out.

"Yeah, but I've had them for like. 1 month. I need something new and fresh!"

"Man, you're sucha player.." Yunho shook his head.

"Then let's go out clubbing tonight then!" Jaejoong announced.

"But I'm too young..." Changmin was barely audible.

"You said you had loads of homework. Stay home with them then..." Yunho said.

"Hyung! That wasn't too nice. We should do something Changmin can join us at too." Yoochun defended Changmin.

"It's ok.. I do have loads of homework. And Soemone has to dance with the ladies,
right?" Changmin winked at them.

"So, It's ok with you then?" Yoochun asked concerned.

"Yeah! Totally cool with it!"

"Well, then it's settled!"

"Ok. Soo, we'll go to the usual?" Yunho asked.

"If you haven't found a betetr place since last week so" Jaejoong winked.
And so they all went to their own places to get ready. Jaejoong always took the longest time since he needed his 67 minutes long shower before he could do anything else.

All the others were waiting outside Jaejoong's house, almost losing their patience.

"Yah, are you done yet princess?" Yunho called his friend.

-"Stop stressing, dude. I'm almost done!"

Junsu was already in the car and was the most impatient one, since he had to deal with his halfbrother's slow habits.
Yunho said 'ok' and hung up. 15 minues later Jaejoong came outrushing on his own handsome way.

"Is there any time you are NOT handsome, Jae?" Yoochun chuckled.

"When I wake up from a rough night and am completely unstyled. That's not a pretty sight!" Jaejoong smirked and got in the car.

"Then let's go!" Yunho drove off in his cabriolet. They all cheered as they drove down the dirty streets of Seoul.

The best club, according to them, was in the slum. Around the club there were drug-users and hookers in uncountable amounts.

The hookers tried to stop their car multiple times but yunho just flashed them a smile and kept driving.

Finally they reached the club and everyone jumped out of the car. They were 'street dressed' with baggy jeans and cool T-shirts.

Junsu wore a quite skinny jeans jacket and had a chain pitched on his jeans. The T-shirt was white with a cool print on in different colors but mainly grey and black.

Yunho just wore a black tank top and dark baggy jeans. He had a sweatband right over the elbow and the hair was in a whole mess.

Jaejoong always went for the cool/handsome style so he wore a velvet jacket over a black T-shirt and similar jeans as Yunho but not as baggy. The hair was perfectly styled, leaving no room for any possible mistakes.

Yoochun as always was stylish dressed. He never really liked the 'street-look' and kept his white shirt and velvet jacket on in any time. Though he wore skinny black jeans just for that night - applause!?

They didn't have to stand in que to get in, since they had such high status.

Inside the party was only getting started. That very night they managed to get the famous Big Bang to they club for a live performance.

Big Bang didn't have a record contract but performed every once in a while for some small pennies. Nonetheleast they were coveted by both boys and girls troughout whole of Seoul.

When the five friends came in the relatively new song 'Haru Haru' ended.

All screamed and cheered for another song.

The band's leader G-Dragon called up some girls to join him on stage and asked if the crowd knew what song would come next.

Sweetly and flirty he said:
"You know I look for someone to taste my lollipop."

If this had been a normal club the girls would have fainted on the spot but here everyone just cheered evn louder and chanted:

"Lolli, lolli, lollipop!! Lolli, lolli, lollipop!!"

The music started and everyone started dancing again. Junsu and Yunho immediately went for the dance floor and was dearly welcomed by like, 20 girls.
Jaejoong and Yoochun prefered the bar and do their flirtings there.

They didn't ahev to wait long before they got skinny arms around their necks and a sexy bum in the laps.


Ri In was just finished with her make-up and went out on the streets. She knew exaclt where to go to get the most of the money.

She stopped by a big red neon sign in the slum of Seoul. Without caring for the boys'
whistling and the girls' nasty comments about her being a whore she walked up to the door guard and tossed some money in his hands and he let her in.

The music was almost unbearable but Ri In felt at home. Plus, her favourite band - Big Bang - was performing for the night.

She stormed out on the dance floor and started to dance to the song 'Lollipop'. As expected, she managed to catch G-Dragon's eyes with her sexy moves.

He almost forgot to sing his part while staring at her. Ri In giggled at her impression she seemed to have on the hottest person on Earth.

The song ended and Ri In made her way to the stage's stairs.

G-Dragon had anonunced that they were going to take a 30 min break so the DJ took over.
G-Dragon noticed her by the stairs and went up to her, squating down.

"Heey, Sexy. You wanna come backstage?"

Ri In giggled and nodded.

"Come on, then!" G-Dragon gestured her to come up.

Ri In went for the stairs and G-Dragon grabbed her hand so she wouldn't fall.

Whistling sounds and cheers could be heard as everyone could see how the Big Bang leader brought a girl backstage.

Ri In knew very well that she wasn't his first or last but just to get the chance to have a lil' flirt for the night was nice.

Ri In wasn't used to get out and dance and have fun. Normally she got out to dance and make money. But for some strange reason, her boss had given her the night off tonight.

G-Dragon brought her backstage and sat down in the couch. He pulled Ri In down on his lap and slightly touching her thigh.

Another band member, T.O.P, had just been out too and found some friends to bring backstage.

He went into the room and said:

"Yo, yo, yo! Look what T.O.P found at the dor!?"

"What?" Daesung said and looked up from his cell.

"Come in, princes!"

And in came Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu. They said hello to everyone and sat down in the couch.

Junsu went to G-Dragon and saw Ri In. Both Ri In and Junsu froze fora moment, just looking at each other.

Ri In's heart skipped a beat when she saw Junsu. Was it really true she found G-Dragon as the hottest guy on Earth? 'No, he can't be' she thought 'the hottest guy is right in front of me.'

It felt like someone just stabbed Junsu's heart. But he couldn't figure out why.

"You two, know each other?" G-dragon asked and looked from Ri In to Junsu.

"Y-yeah. We, go to the same school?" Junsu asked, barely concious what was happening around him.

"Cool. Sit down, dude. It must ache to stand in that position?"

Junsu was standing with his back crooked. The minute he saw Ri In it seemed like his whole body stopped working.

But he didn't sit down. He just grabbed Ri In's hand and pulled her to the corridoor.

"YAH!? What are you doing?" Ri In barked.

"Why are you here? You're too young to be here."

"That's none of your buisness!"

"Yes it is. I'm your oppa, at school and outside school."

"No, you're not. I already told you to not ever speak to me again."

It hurt Ri In's heart to say that straight to his face. To be hosent, she anted the opposite of what she was saying.

"I don't want anything to do with you. Not at school not outside school, not ANYwhere!" Ri in filled in her words.

"I don't believe you..." Junsu just said quietly.

Ri In looked up at his words and got completely stuck in his eyes. She would have drowned if it was a sea, they were so deep and kind.
Without thinking, Junsu leaned to her and lightly pecked her lips. Ri In's body and heart were screaming for more but she knew she had to keep her emotions cool.

"Let go of me!?" Ri In yelled once more and this time G-Dragon put his head out in the corridoor.

"What's going on here?" he asked and looked at Junsu with eyes that could kill.

"Nothing." Junsu said simply and let go of Ri In's wrist.
Ri In walked back to G-Dragon who put his arm around her waist and went back in.

'I'm sorry, Junsu oppa. I really am. But we are just not meant to be...' Ri In thought to herself as she sat back down on G-dragon's laps.

Junsu also went back and sat in the corner, sipping on his whiskey.

Once in a while, Ri In's and Junsu's eyes would meet, but only for a second becase Ri In quickly looked elsewhere.

'Ri In ah, what is actually going on in your life...?' Junsu thought before he without a word left the club and his friends.


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Chapter 7 - Flashback

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:21 pm

Chapter 7

Jaejoong banged on Junsu's door. He had been doing that for 10 minutes now.

"Junsu ah!? Open the door!"

No answer.

"C'mon, open up for freak's sake?!"

The lock made a small 'click' as Junsu appeared in the door.

"What?" he said.

"What happened with you last night at the club? You just ran off."

"I got bored and tired."

"There must be something more to it..." Jaejoong looked at his half-brother. He was seriously worried.

"There, isn't..!" Junsu sighed in frustration since he knew he couldn't lie to Jaejoong.

He angrily went back into his room and fell on the bed, face down. Jaejoong went after and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Come on, tell me what's wrong?" Jaejoong slightly touched Junsu's leg.

"It's just..! No, nothing..."

"Yes it is! You went out to talk to Ri In and moments after you just walked home?"

"I went out to, ask Ri In why she was there. You know she's the same age as Changmin, how the heck did she get in?! And, she just told me to fuck off..."

"You like her?" Jaejoong asked, almost scared for the answer.

"I, I guess so... But, she just can't seem to let anybody into her life. I want her so badly. I always dream about her, see her wherever I go."

"Maybe you would just let her know how you feel? So you can get a straight answer..."

"No, she doens't want me to be around her. If that's what she wants, I will do it. But what I said, stays between us two, hyung. Araso?" Junsu looked seriously at Jaejoong.

"Of course it will. You know you can trust me. But, can I tell you something too?"


"What would you say, if I said, I also, like Ri In...?" Jaejoong looked worried at Junsu.

"May the best man win, I'd say..."

Jaejoong smiled and Junsu smiled back. Jaejoong said he just made some lunch and they both went down to eat.


Ri In woke up in an unfamiliar bed. She was naked, and saw her clothes thrown all around the room.

Her head ached and she felt slightly dizzy. What had happened last night?

Just the she saw a male body beside her and she remebered everything.

Her dancing and going backstage, Junsu's kiss, Junsu walking away, her staying.

Getting onto a motorcycle and driving to an apartment she never saw before.

Passionate kisses, burning touches, and an incredible awesome night.

The person beside her was G-Dragon from Big Bang. Naughtly she smiled and kissed his lips.

G-Dragon only smirked in his sleep and Ri In got up to get dressed.

When she was done she looked everywhere for the guy's wallet. When she found it, it was stuffed with cash and Ri In stole everything.

Going outside, not really knowing where she was, she started to walk to what she thought was the inner city.


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Chapter 8 - An Ordinary Morning

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:25 pm

Chapter 8
An Ordinary Morning

Ri In walked into her dorm she was sharing with three other guys. It was only 11 a.m. so she knew none of them would be awake.

On the king sized bed she saw first a skinny body and a bleeched thatch. Since it was black from the beginning the hair almost went orange.

A hand was placed on the body's waist, but it was extremely small.

In the corner another body was placed, a tall one.

They were all guys, closest to her was Ryeowook, the hand on his waist belonged to Yesung and the one in the corner was Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook, or Wookie as his friends called him was a combined whore and drugdealer and 17 years old.

Yesung was only a drugdealer, 19 years old, so as Kyuhyun, 17 years old.

They were the four youngest in their boss' buisnesses. All wroked for survival, that was their payment.

None of them could remember the last time they had money of their own. Yesung was obsessed with money, he loved them!

Ri In dressed down to lingeries and sneaked into the bed between Kyuhyun and Yesung. They didn't move a bit. They must've stolen some weed yesterday, Ri In thought.

She had tried weed before too and thought it was amazing. All troubles left her shoulders and she could just live her dreams.

She could really feel how nice it was when she thought of herself as a normal girl going to school, boys problems, trying hard to become popular. Why couldn't her life be that way?

But that thought was dangerous, even for just thinking. If she hadn't have her boss she would be a syph prostitued in the slums. Now she was, a prostitued with class as her boss called it.

"Yah, Ri In ah, where were you last night?" Ri In flinched when she heard Khyhyun's voice behind her back.


"You didn't think we'd notice?" Kyuhyun smiled.

Slowly Ri In turned around.

"W, well, boss gave me the night off...?"

"Yeah, the night. Not the morning." he smirked.
Ri In looked down, then she closed her eyes pretending to be was asleep.

"You can't fool me, shrimp."

Ri In flew up and yelled:

"Stop calling me that!"

The other two also flew up, not having the smallest idea of what was happening.

"I didn't do it!!" Ryeowook exclaimed and looked with big eyes around the room for the reason he woke up.

Yesung breathed hard and looked annoyed at Ri In.

"Ri In ahhh, why do you always have to shout?!" he groaned and laid back down.

Ryeowook looked at her.

"You wanna kill me?!"

"Mian..." she said and looke down on her hands, looking awfully cute.

"You know that doesn't work on us, shrimp." Kyuhyun said and sat up, ruffling her hair and Ri In pouted.

Kyhyun always called Ri In the shrimp beause she was the youngest of them all and when she blushed she got the color of a shrimp on her face.

He knew that Ri In hated it, but wouldn't stop since he thought it was so funny to make her mad.

"Ok, let's get to work then. It's Saturday - loads of stuff to do!" Yesung said and stood up.

Wearing the same clothes as yesterday he went out of the room to the dining hall and the rest followed him.

Their breakfast was rice with some soup, nothing more or less.

After breakfast Ri In went up to meet her boss.

*knock, knock*


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Chapter 9 - She's SO dead...

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:28 pm

Chapter 9
She's SO dead...

G-Dragon woke up, expecting to find a woman's body beside him but his bed was empty besides himself.

He shot up and looked confused around the room. He couldn't see any girl's clothes there so he assumed she had already left.

'Well, one-night-stands can be quite awesome too...' he thought as he stood up but noticed that something was really like yesterday. Besides that he was with that Ri In girl then.

It looked like someone had... SEARCHED THROUGH HIS ROOM?!!

He hurried to his jacket and checked the pocket. his wallet was still there but when he opened it he noticed all his money was gone.

"That SON OF A B*TCH!!" he yelled "I'm gonna kill her when I find her! NO ONE steels from G-Dragon, EVER!"


Ri In's boss was quite happy with the money she brought to him. She knew that there was no idea of hiding them since the boss would find them in one way or the other.

It was around $700, almost like what she would be earning after three customers.

Since she was the youngest prostitude she was also the most expensive. Even though the price shifted considerably from customer to customer.

Her award was a 'quickie' with the boss himself, something he thought was extremely generous of him. For Ri In though it was like any other rich man that slept with her.

True, she never said that SHE had slept with THEM, it was only THEY who slept with HER. It sounded too slutty otherwise she thought.

This day was just like any other day. She was driven around in the black van from company to company, from mansion to mansion, from one pervert to another. A very boring life actually.

It was Ri In's life though, nothing she could ever run away from. If there would be a prize-giving to the one that could fake moans and orgasms the best Ri In would take the grand prize home without even the smallest fight.

The van stopped again and the driver opened the door for her.


Junsu sat in his room thinking about yesterday. The day at the club. He felt so stupid and evil. He knew what player G-Dragon was and Ri In must feel relly hurt today when G-Dragon probably would have just thrown her out.

"Still thinking about Ri In?" a voice interrupted Junsu's thoughts and he looked up to see who it belonged to: Jaejoong.

"Hm.." was all he said and slightly nodded "Hyung?"


"You think I did the right thing to let her go just like that?"

"Not if you really like her..?"

"But, she told me right to the face she didn't want anything to do with me. Her mouth was harsh, but her eyes were so sad and so, so.." Junsu sighed when he couldn't find the right words to desribe Ri In's sight that night.


Junsu was standing with his back crooked. The minute he saw Ri In it seemed like his whole body stopped working.

But he didn't sit down. He just grabbed Ri In's hand and pulled her to the corridoor.

"YAH!? What are you doing?" Ri In barked.

"Why are you here? You're too young to be here."

"That's none of your buisness!"

"Yes it is. I'm your oppa, at school and outside school."

"No, you're not. I already told you to not ever speak to me again."

It hurt Ri In's heart to say that straight to his face. To be hosent, she anted the opposite of what she was saying.

"I don't want anything to do with you. Not at school not outside school, not ANYwhere!" Ri in filled in her words.

"I don't believe you..." Junsu just said quietly.

Ri In looked up at his words and got completely stuck in his eyes.

~~End of Flashback~~

"So?" Jaejoong asked.

"So, tired, scared. So, wanting...?"

"Sad, tired, scared and wanting? That sounds quite, strange..."

"I know, but I only tell you what I saw in her eyes."

"Ok, I believe you. But then, we have to figure out why she's so scared then. Maybe you, or me, will be able to get her heart by helping her out of her darkest darkness?"

"Yeah.. Maybe so..?"

So the two halfbrothers started researching. Everything they could find on 'Jang Ri In' but didn't get a thing.

How come this girl is completely invisible in the databases? Junsu and jaejoong had good contacts with lawyers, police departments and more, illegal buisnesses but no one had a clue.

Junsu asked out loud late that night:

"Jang Ri In, who are you?"


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Chapter 10 - Scared

Post by Tackra on 7/11/2009, 6:33 pm

Chapter 10

~~Monday morning~~

"Oppa.. Do I have to go to school today?" Minyoung asked her older brother.

"Yes, you do. It's Monday: all kids have to go to school then." Yoochun smiled as he continued to braid her hair.

"But, school is scary?" Minyoung whispered.

"Scary? Has some older boy told you there were ghosts or something in your classroom or something?" Yoochun finished the plait and squat down to his dongseng's level.

"Aniyo, it's just... No one will, let me play with them? They just laugh at me saying I'm not good enough to play with them..." small tears sneaked their way down Minyoung's cheeks as she sobbed softly.

"Oh, Minyoungie.." Yoochun said and hugged the little girl "you are the prettiest, smartest, funniest, cutest little girl in the whole world. Don't you forget that. Later today, I am going to speak to your teahcer about this, araso?"

Minyoung nodded and hugged Yoochun tightly.

"Oppa, saranghae!" she kissed him on the lips and Yoochun pinched her nose and told her to go get her backpack.

On the outside he was smiling to his little sister but on the inside he was boiling with anger. Some small brats were bullying his baby sister! He punched himself in his palm to let some of his frustration out and went out in the hallway to Minyoung.

Outside Changmin was waiting for them as usual and he could tell immediately that Yoochun was angry.

Sweetly greeting Minyoung he threw a questioning look at Yoochun who just shook his head as he was telling him: 'later'.

Changmin nodded and starting walking. Minyoung took both of her oppas hands as she swung back and forth where they were going. She wasn't scared anymore. Her oppa would protect her.


Ri In rubebd her eyes to wake up. She glanced at the clock which said 7.13 a.m. Groaning she sat up and climbed over her oppas and got dressed.

Her head was hurting, so as her abdomen. She had had a rough night last night with other four customers. Normally she would have two, maybe three. but her boss thought she needed to work a little bit harder.

Even if she wanted to, she couldn't talk back to her boss. That would be suicide. She had to be grateful to him, she reminded herself. He saved her life.

Getting ready she woke Yesung up, telling him she was leaving.

"Ok, take care Ri Innie!"

"You too, Yesung oppa." Ri In smiled and left the big mansion to go to school.


Junsu, Yunho and Jaejoong were already waiting for their friends at the school gate.

They were chatting about this and that when they saw Ri In coming through the gates.

All of them could see that she was in pain as she walked, keeping her right hand on her stomach.

"Yah, Ri In ah? Are you ok?" Junsu asked, making Ri In stop.

Being in the great pain she was in, she really just wanted to run into Junsu's strong arms. Or anyone, for that matter of fact. Just someone who would take her problems seriously.

"Ehm, I just have a little stomach ache. I'll be fine." she tried to smile assuringly but it came out weak.

"I can follow you to the nurse's office?" he offered.

"Komawo.. (<-- sry for my spelling, it's meant to be 'thanks' in korean)" Ri In couldn't help herself to say no to that angelic face.

Junsu jogged up to her and took her by her waist and slowly led her to the nurse.

"Did you eat something bad yesterday?" he questioned worried.

"Aniyo.. I just-.." she couldn't tell the truth, she had to come up with a lie!?

"You just, what? Did someone kick you in the stomach?"

"No, I. I kinda have my, period..." she whispered out so no one but he could hear.

"Oh, mian for asking." he blushed like mad and kept lookig at the floor as they walked.

"No problem. But, why do you talk to me. Even when I've said not to?"

"Because, I like you. You'll have to tell to the world's end and beyond to leave you alone but I would still be by your side. Just ask oppa for help anytime, araso?" Junsu said in his high-pitched voice.

She hadn't really noticed that about him before and when she thought about it Junsu really sounded like a dolphin. A cute little dolphine.

Ri In kept smiling sheepishly as they reached the nurse's office and Junsu said he'd be off then.

"Ne, kamsahamnida." Ri In bowed and went into the office.

Junsu stood outside for a good five minutes before going back to his friends. he looked at the watch and started running - first period would start in less than 2 minutes!

~~Later the same day at 5 p.m.~~

Yoochun sat outside the pricipal's office, waiting to get inside. He was still frustrated but tried to keep himself calm.

"Park Yoochun?" the assistant asked and looked at Yoochun.

"Ne." she stood up.

"The principal will see you now."

Yoochun followed the female assistant and stepped into a very big and frilly room and greeted the older woman behind the desk.

"I believe you are Park Minyoungie's older brotehr?" the woman asked kindly and Yoochun nodded.

"I'm Yoo Soohee songsengnim, the school's principal." they shook hand and she motioned Yoochun to sit.

"Thank you for seeing me, Yoo soohee sshi. This morning when I was getting Minyoung ready for school she asked me something that worried me."


"She asked if she really had to go to school, that she thought school was scary. She told me that, she was very left out at school and no one would let her play with them. Are you, aware of this problem?"

"No, I. We have never had any bullying in this school!"

"Well, some time has the be the first for everything, right?" Yoochun looked at the woman.

"Yes. Yes, I suppose so. But, I will immediately start dealing with this issue."

"Kamsahamnida, songsengnim."

"No, thank you. I will keep in touch with you. Can I have your phone number please?"

Yoochun sighed relieved and nodded smiling.


A black van picked Ri In up. When the van was picking her up, she knew that there was something wrong but couldn't see hwta she did this time.

The men in the van, all wearing black suits, stepped out and grabbed Ri In and harshly pushed her into the vehicle.

A worrying feeling was getting itself known in Ri In's stomach and she tried to make herself as small as possible where she sat in the backseat.

'What did I do?' she thought to herself as the car drove up to the garage and dragged her out of it up to the boss' office.


so, there are all my chapters Smile current time here in Sweden is now 02.38 am -_____________- I'm quite sleepy ^^ but, I stayed up the entire time to give you these chapters! hope you like Smile


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Re: Such a Beautiful Lie... [DBSK, Jang Ri In]

Post by Sachie on 7/12/2009, 3:00 pm

I really love this's really one of the best fanfics I read. Very Happy
Poor Jang Ri In, she went through a lot in a very young age. pale
Keep updating~

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Chapter 11 - "Jang Ri In?!"

Post by Tackra on 7/14/2009, 11:54 am

So, here you go! Hope you guys like! Very Happy


Chapter 11
"Jang Ri In?!"

Ri In slowly opened the door to her boss' room. She bowed respectfully before she dared to open her mouth.

"Sir, you wanted to.. See me?" she asked, her eyes avoiding her boss' staring eyes.

"My my, Ri Innie. You were so good yesterday. Gave me loads of money.. I'm very pleased with you."

Ri In couldn't help but sigh in relief. He just wanted to praise her, she didn't do anything wrong!


Her good feeling immediately disappeared.

"You know I have my eyes on you. I'm watching your every step, every breath you take is being watched by me."

Ri In swallowed.

"Today, you complained about atomach aches, ne?"

She nodded barely visible.

"What did you blame them at?"

"My period, sir." It was embarassing to say such things to her boss.

"I see. I talked to the school nurse and she said something that caught my interest. She claims that you were brought there by a beloved boy?"

Ri In's eyes turned into big plates as she waited for the man to continue.

"It was all confirmed by my guards. They also say that it was someone you've talked to before. Even KISSED!!" he stood up furious and watched the whimpering girl in front of him.

"S-s-s-, sir I-I.."

"Shut up, you slut!" he slapped her hard over her cheek. "Haven't I clearly told you to cut off every bond to the rest of the students at school?! Haven't I told you, NOT to meet up with other people at bars and clubs without MY permission?!!"

"Yes, YES! I just, couldn't help myself. Please master, it won't happen again - I PROMISE!" Ri In got onto her knees as she clearly begged the older man for mercy.

"I believe you. But a promise won't make up for all the things that you've done." he took off his belt and started whipping her. In between, he kicked her, punched her, yelled at her and continued whipping.

Ri In just cried. She tried to beg her master to stop, to show her mercy. He wouldn't listen though. Through her entire time in that mansion she had never managed to male her boss this mad.

Screaming deafning as the belt hit her sore skin once more she couldn't take it anymore and ran for the door. throwing it open she ran down the stairs and out in the streets. She had nowhere to go, but she didn't care.

As long as she got away from that monster - she was happy.


"You mean your sister actually got bullied by the other brats at school?" Yunho exclaimed after hearing his friend's story that night.

"Yeah.. Since school start. And I couldn't see..!?" he shook his head, blaming himelf for letting it go this far.

"Yoochun, it's not your fault" Jaejoong said and put a hand on Yoochun's knee and made him look in his eyes "i bet she was threaten at school, so she didn't dare telling you nor show any signs that could make you worry. It's very common when small children like this get bullied in school."

"But still, I'm her oppa. I should have seen, or suspected something!?"

"No, it's not your fault. It's not strange that you didn't notice. Minyoung is a quite good actress. Remember that day when she broke your mother's vase?" Junsu asid and put an arm around Yoochun's shoulders.

"Yeah, so?"

"It took you guys five days before you figured out that it actually was she that broke it!"

"True." Changmin said.

"I guess..."

"And now you've talked to the principal - there's nothing more you can do!" Yunho said "Come on, let's get a drink shall we?"

They all agreed and went to the minibar in Yunho's living room.


Ri In was running around the streets of Seoul not daring to sit down. She was sure her boss was looking for her and that they would soon get to her.

Suddenly she heard a big rumble and looked around to see where it came from. Only to recognize it came from her own stomach. She was starving.

After walking for some more time she thought she knew where she was. It became dark and she saw a big red neon sign.

Yes, this was where she met G-Dragon and Junsu kissed her. Or more like he pecked her lips but still. She liked thinking that Junsu kissed her.


G-Dragon went out of the supermakret with new cigarettes in his hands. He started walking towards the club he was going to perform on later that night.

He suddenly stopped when he saw who was outside it.

Wasn't that that bitch who stole all his money?!

"YAH?!" he yelled and the girl flinched. She spotted him and stared for a while befoer she started running. He rana fter her, telling her to stop.


Ri In ran, she was too afraid to look behind her shoulders to see if G-Dragon was still chasing her.

Not looking where she was running she suddenly felt a sharp pain shoot through her foot up to her leg and knee.

Forced to stop she exaimed her seemed to be sprained ankle. It was swollen and red. Even the slightest touch hurt too much for her to take.

G-Dragon caught upon her and yelled:

"YAH, you stole my money!"

"I know... I'm not stupid..."

"But why?! Are you like a whore dressed as a cute chick or what?!"


"Give me my money back bitch! NOW!"¨

"I don't have them. My pimp does." it was her firt time calling her boss a 'pimp', she didn't like the word but found it more suitable than 'boss'.

"Well then, let me talk to him! I got a rent to pay you know."

"I don't want to see him at the moment. I'm running away from him." should she really tell this much to a complete stranger? Ok, not complete stranger, but still.

"Does it look like I care?! I want my moeny!"

"And I want my virginity back, my parents, my brothers, my dignity back! But I won't ever get any of those so STOP COMPLAINING!!" Ri In exploded.

G-Dragon was left dumbfounded. He didn't have anything to say back to those words.

Without any of the two youngsters knowing, they were now surrounded.

Ri In looked up to meet her boss' face. He didn't look too happy. Now who would be when your money-maker runs away from you?

"Now now. Good evening, Ri In. How are you?"

"G-good evening, master." Ri In bowed slightly and let her head sink.

"Thank you, young man. Here are all your money and some extras for the bother." her boss gave G-Dragon all his money back and he went away - gladly not knowing what wa going to happen to Ri In once he had left her.

"Let's skip the formalities now shall we?" he punched her in the face with som much force that she fell down on the ground, spitting out blood.

He continued to kick her and his co-workers joined him. Eventually Ri In's body got paralyzed by all the pain. She somewhat left her own body and seemed to be looking at herself from above.

Was she dead? Was this how it was like to slowly fade away into the eternal sleep? She did not know. All she knew was that it was comforable. She looked to her right to see her parents telling her to get there before she caught a cold in the chilly weather.

Behind her, she could catch a glimpse of her oppas and donsaeng. They were smiling at her.

To her left, she could see a handsome guy. He was standing with his hands down his pockets and smiled at her. She fianlly recognized as Junsu. That human angel that always made her smile.

Suddenly it all disappeared. Her parents, the comfy feeling, Junsu. It was replaced by pitch black darkness. She could feel pain in her entire body, her head aching the most.

Slowly and carefully she opened her eyes and found herself lying on the wet ground. Her boss was gone. Probably thinking she was dead. Shivering she stood upon her knees, supporting herself with her hands on the ground.

If you looked from afar it would look like a small baby trying to stand up on its feet for the first time. But it wasn't a small baby. It was Jang Ri In, beated half to death she tried to get away from the heavy rain and the pain that shot through her body.

Ri In had never felt this lonely in her entire life. Her sould and body was urging to have someone special next to her at that moment. Starngely, she couldn't figure out who.

Walking back to the inner city of Seoul, she could feel everyone's eyes on her. Many looked sympathetic, some looked disgusted. But no one tried to help her.

Barely concious Ri In walked into a phone booth and looked in the phone book. It seemded liked her eyes knew what to search for. When she found it she started walking again until she reached a big door.

Carefully she knocked on it, hoping the person to be home.

A small 'click' was heard as the door went open.

"Jang Ri In?!"


Who ya think it is? Probably not too ahrd to figure out :p ^^ anyways! Enjoy!


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Chapter 12 - Such a Beautiful Lie... (R)

Post by Tackra on 7/15/2009, 2:58 pm

Hey guys and girls! Wink wanna know who's in the door? ok then, i won't hide it anymore Wink enjoy! ^^

to get the feeling abit more, listen to DBSK's Miduhyo Smile

and well, as i wrote. It sort of became rated... it wasn't planned or anything but... So, it's not hardcore or anything but kida sweet sex things we're talking about *blushing like mad* so, don't like rated scenes, stop at '===' okis? Smile so, here we goou!


Chapter 12
Such a Beautiful Lie...

"Jang Ri In?!"

Ri In looked up only to meet those brown eyes she could so easily drown in.

"What are you doing out in the raiN? What happened to you?!" Ri In was swept into the big house and the wet jacket was hung on a hanger and she was led further into the house.

"Aigoo, Ri In. What happened to you huh? Tell oppa?"

"Junsu oppa?" Ri In managed to get from her lips but no more. The tears streamed down her face and her feet automaticly headed for the door.

"Woah woah, Ri In. You're not going anywhere." Junsu caught her arm and led her upstairs to the bathroom.

"Now, you take a hot bath and wash away that sad face of yours, araji?" Junsu said sweetly in his high-pitched voice and cupped her face.

Ri In slowly nodded and went into the room. Junsu waited until he heard the water flushing down the tub before he went to his own room to get something dry for Ri In to wear.

His father and stepmother had moved to a different house so Jaejoong and Junsu shared the old one. Which ment, no more women's clothes in the house.

He took his own sweatpants and a rather big T-shirt and headed for the bathroom. It wasn't locked so he sneaked into it and put the clothes by the sink.

"I'm not looking!" he said as he covered his eyes.

Ri In sat in the tub and looked innocently up on him, not really caring if he saw anything or not.

"It's ok."

"You put these on wen you're done, ne?"

"Ne, oppa."

Junsu went out again and down to the kitchen to make some tea for them both.

A few minutes later Ri In lightly went down the stairs. Junsu didn't hear anything and just continued on what he was doing.


Junsu flinched and swung around. When he saw it was only Ri In he sighed in relief.

"Don't scare oppa that way." he smiled and took the two cups of tea into the living room. Stil smiling he motioned for Ri In to sit down beside him. Ri In hesitated before she went and sat down next to Junsu.

She liked the smell of his clothes. Both of them seemed to be used diligently which made them get this soft feeling you get in clothes after wearing them for a long time.

Sipping on the hot tea Ri In just stared in front of her.

"So, care to tell me what happened?" Junsu finally broke the silence.

"I'll tell you something..." Ri In just said and Junsu nodded.

"When I was little, my family died in a car accident. My ajusshi felt so sorry for me that he brought me to his big house to stay with him. I love his house. It's so nice and comfortable.

He lets me do anything I want and he really spoils me with things and money. I love him. Once I told him I should get a part time job since all my friends at school has one. I was extremely popular at my last school. He got really caring and said that I should never ever work to get money - just ask him!

I didn't care though. Then I got more time to spend with my friends and going to different parties.

I must be the happiest person on Earth to have an ajusshi like him. I love him so much and I would do anything for hm out of love."

Junsu stayed silent for a while and just watched Ri In. She looked away like she couldn't meet his eyes.

"That is such a beautiful lie..."

The tears burnt behind Ri In's eyes.

"Isn't it..?" she sobbed and put down her cup of tea.

Junsu put his own down and hugged the girl tightly. She clinged onto hom and just cried. Junsu hushed on her and slowly wagged her. He started humming on a sweet melody.

"Midohyo~ (you guys know the song, right?)"

The tears wouldn't stop falling down her cheeks as she tried to listen to the lyrics of the song. She loved Junsu's voice. It was so soothing and slowly she calmed down.

She listened carefully to the lyrics, finding it to be the most beautiful song she's ever heard. It felt like Junsu was singing it directly to her. Meaning every word. As he tried to desribe that thing called love.

"I can't let you go~.." and the song was ended "Ri In ah, you listened carefully to my words?"


He reached for her ear and whispered:

"I love you..."

Ri In's graspe of Junsu's waist loosened and she looked up at Junsu's face. A small smile played on her lips and Junsu smiled back at her. She reached up to his face and carressed his cheek.

"So smooth... just like your voice, and your eyes." she said, more like to herself than to Junsu.

"Not smoother than yours..." he whispered and touched her cheek, carefully following the invisible lines up to her nose, down to her lips.

Ri In bit her bottom lip beore she barely noticeable pecked his fingers. She closed her eyes as she stroke her face against his palm and sat up on her knees.

Junsu looked her in the eye and mimicked 'I love you'. Ri In mimicked back the same words and Junsu leaned in for a kiss. Ri In hesitated for a second befoer she leaned closer to him.

His lips soflty pressed against hers. Ri In never thought of physical contact as something nice, something comfortable. But Junsu's gentliness was so fine and light. Not demanding or controlling like her customers.

Lightly Junsu licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance. Ri In didn't know if she dared to open her mouth. Who knew what could happen? Junsu licked again, a bit longer this time. Ri In braved her own fear and opened her mouth.

Junsu's tounge slank his tounge in her moth and lovingly carressing her own tounge while exploring her mouth. Ri In answered the kiss by deepening the kiss so she could snese his mouth better. Both tasting each other as much as possible Junsu's hands slid down Ri In's waist and carefully embraced it.

Ri In pulled herself closer to Junsu, almost grinding him. She put her arms around his neck and Junsu broke the kiss only to carry on further down her neck. Ri In straighten herself, offering him more skin.

She never knew this kind of contact could be this good. Her body was screaming for more touches. Her soul was screaming for more love.

He had had many girls before. Had the best in sex way he thought, but oh so wrong he was. Her kisses and her light but firm touches made him crazy. Soon, he couldn't wait anylonger.

"Ri In ah..." he said when she started kissing and nibbing her way down his neck.

"Nehh..?" she said, her breath getting slightly excited.

"Why don't we, uhh, get up to my room?"


Junsu got up and picked her up and carried her bridal style to his room. He kicked the door open and put her down on his bed ever so gently. Standing on his knees he grinded her and kissed her passionately.


Ri In's body jerked by his firm kisses and she tried to get as close she could to him. But since he was standing on his knees above her, she couldn't really reach.

"Junsu oppah..?"


"Cl-, closer..!"

Junsu got her point immediately and pressed his pelvis down towards hers. Rubbing against each other, they created friction and both were screaming for more. Having enough, Ri In broke their powerful kiss and tore off her own, or Junsu's, shirt, before she tore off his as well.

"In a hurry, are we?" Junsu said teasingly.

"Uhh, stop teasing me Junsu. I need it..!"

"Need what, my love?" he asked, bending down to her ear and blew hot air in her ear. Ri In's body jerked another time and she pressed Junsu's body with all her power down to herself. But she was waaay too weak for Junsu's muscular body. She made him go down a bit before he knew what was going on and stopped her action.

Groaning in frustration she kissed him again, this time more hungrily and demanding. She felt him smirk and chuckle. He let go of her mouth and kissed his way down to her breasts. Massaging them he kept going further down.

Almost going crazy Ri In ripped off her pink brah and forced Junsu's head up for one mroe kiss. Junsu feeling a bit bad, broke the kiss and went for her nibble.

He sucked on it and licked lightly on it.

"Please Junsu, I can't take it any longer!?"

Only chuckling, Junsu stopped and started teasing the other nibble.

Ri In used all her powers to flip them around so she was on top now.

"My, you were a strong girl, eh?" he said amused as Ri In went for his jeans. She unbuckled the belt and ripped down the pants, revealing a trobbing object covered with a thin fabric.

She quickly jumped out of the borrowed sweat pants and her panties. Standing complete naked above him, she could see him get more excited.

"Still want a long foreplay, oppa?" she whispered in his ear.

She felt his memeber harden when she pressed herself to him. He slightly shook his head but Ri In wanted more from him.

"Right, oppa?" she asked one more time as she rubbed herself against his member.

"Uhhh no.."

"Good." was the only thing she said before she tore off the remaining of his clothes and kissed him passionately. Junsu flipped thema round once more so he was topping again. He pressed himself through her thighs and pressed his naked memeber against her pussy.

Ri In pulled him down so their chests crashed against each other and Junsu felt the soft forms of her breasts against his own flat.

"Enter me..." Ri In said while breathing fast.

"But I, I don't have a condom?"

"Doesn't matter..!"

Junsu didn't wait any longer and enetred his whole length inside her. Her body jerked and she felt a slight pain before it turned into pleasure. She moaned loudly each time he thrusted. He went slowly in the beginning, but when both their bodies needed more his pace sped up.

They neared their climax,

"J- uhh, Junsu, I'm, coming..!?" Ri In shouted.

"Me.. Twho..!" Junsu said between gritted teeth.

Junsu increased his speed even more before they both came. Moaning loudly Junsu collapsed on top of her. He panted hard and kissed her cheek.

'That was, nice?' Ri In thoght. She thought sex had been good. No something she wished for getting over with as soon as possible but. She enjoyed it, a lot too! How come she was so excited and calm at the same time when she was around Junsu.

She didn't bother to think of it and just kissed him tierdly.

"That was really good..." she said and smiled.

"Oh yeah..!" Junsu said still apnting hard and closed his eyes. not long after that they both slept.


So, how ya like the rated things ? Wink and the other things of course ._. ^^

the lie wasn't supopsed to come out like this but, it got htis way and i'm not gonna fix it coz it turned out pretty good, don't ya think? and the lies aren't over yet. there might be even more beautiful lies coming up Wink

Not so many are reading this fanfic i see... maybe your silent reader? if so, plz leave a comment anyways so i know if soemone is reading my fic Smile


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