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I ONLY NEED U (kim hyun joong)

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I ONLY NEED U (kim hyun joong) Empty I ONLY NEED U (kim hyun joong)

Post by goldlialee on 7/9/2009, 6:58 pm

I ONLY NEED U (kim hyun joong) 45755312

I ONLY NEED U is a story based on a girl whose never fallen in love but until one day she mets a guy name kim hyun joong whose a star. but she doesn't know that he is one because she doesn't watch tv much because she forcuses on school work. but suddenly ever since she met him she had fallen in with him.but she doesnt know that shes in love but his in love with her too. he had fallen in love with her ever since he grabbed her hand. but well they stay togther after he had diappear for a while and would he lie about his life to her or would they break up when she finds out.
Chapter 1

My life has always been surround by guys.but i never found my true love and i have never fallen in love too. ever since my parents died i never knew what love was and the guys at our college are jerks but whats the point of falling in love with those guys .but one day i met this guy he had just transferred into our college.

we 1st met when he bumped into me because of running away from these girls when he did he said sorry and he helped me up. then suddenly he saw the girls coming up the stairs then suddenly he took my hand and we started running.but in no time we suddenly stopped and hid in the bushes and he covered my mouth with his hands and then he looked down at me and i could hear his heart beating faster but could he hear my heart beat.

his hands were still covering my mouth but for a while i got mad because he was sqeezing me so hard that i couldnt breath.then i told him to let go of me and he did and i got up. but the girls were heading over where i was standing then suddenly he pulled me down again and put his hands on my mouth once again.after the girls left he let me go again and then he said sorry but i was mad and then i slapped him but i didnt know why i slapped him but i ran away without saying anything. later i got to class and he was right behind me and i got to my seat and also he sat right behind me and then suddenly he tapped my shoulder and gave me a letter and i read it and it said:

"sorry for making you run today and it seems like i was sqeezing you too hard and you couldn't breath because of me . i'm really sorry but i hope we'll be friend and oh sorry i forgot im kim hyn joong and whats your name?"

then i wrote back to him saying:

"its okay and that slap i'm sorry too and i'm lee mi cha and nice to meet you"

then i gave it back to him and smiled at him and he smiled back Very Happy

after the bell ringed we talked for a while and i had lost track of time so i told him that i had to go and then i rush out and i was half way out of the parking lot and i had forgotten my math book and i had to go back and get it and he was still there but he was asleep. but without making any sound i tiptoed to my desk and suddenly he said my name and he said hi and i said hi too. "i have to go "and then i rushed past his desk and i tripped over my own foot and he caught me and he suddenly fell to and we kissed.....................

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