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Midnight Magic

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Midnight Magic

Post by daesungvip on 7/9/2009, 10:00 am

Midnight Magic
©️ Michelle (daesungvip) & Olivia

Banner by Michelle


“You look amazing tonight.” He seductively whispered into my ear.

I giggled, taken in by his arms, which were wrapped tightly around my waist, while he led me over to the center of the dance floor. “I can’t dance!” I whispered to him, in horror as I realized that the spotlight was on us and everyone had crowded around us, anxiously anticipating a dance.

“Shhh, don’t talk.” He murmured gently, swaying me side to side, leading me on the dance “Just do as I do, follow me on…”

I closed my eyes, and followed the music, following on his lead, getting lost in the moment, which too soon ended. The crowd surrounding us broke out into applause. I opened my eyes and found his eyes smiling at me.

“Come’on, let’s go somewhere we can be alone.” He smiled, taking my hand and walking me away from the rest of the people, who were now engaged in their own dances on the floor.

We both walked around the flower garden outback, hand in hand. “You know,” he said “Even though we only just met, it feel like I’ve known you forever.”

I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

The old grandfather clock struck midnight. We both looked at the clock, and then looked at each other.

“Time’s running out.” He told me, holding onto my hand. My heart started pounding quickly against my chest.

His gentle hand moved up towards his mask on his face, “I wonder if this would change anything between us.” He murmured, slowly lifting up his mask.

“I…” I began, but couldn’t finish my words.

“What the heck?” I thought to myself, sitting up, and then realized I was sweating and lying in bed. I rubbed my eyes and glanced over the clock.

12:00 AM.

I groaned and flopped back onto my bed. What is up with all these midnight ending dreams, about this ballroom dance that I keep getting Every. Single. Night?

And, why, is that mysterious, mesmerizing, guy ALWAYS in my dreams?


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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by shawty_12 on 7/9/2009, 10:10 am

HEEEEYYY!!!! this fic sounds interesting! keep it coming, please.
i'd love to know what happens next:D

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by daesungvip on 7/13/2009, 12:14 pm

Chapter 01
[Dah Jung’s POV]

As I walked through the empty halls of the school I looked up and down the walls. What is up with that nonstop dream? I wonder if that guy is real. Why do I wake up at 12 am? As I approached the class all of these weird questions about the dream roamed through my head. I looked at Hae Won as she signaled me to sit down by her. Walking over Eun Mi stuck her foot out tripping me. I didn’t fall but everyone seen me slightly fall. I stood back up and glared at her. You b!tch! I wanted so badly to just smack the crap out of her. I continued walking towards Hae Won. While I sat down I looked at Eun Mi while she looked back at me and laughed with her goon. While sitting in class I noticed someone at the corner at my eye. Turning my head Jae Joong and his best friend Junsu walked in. I shut my eyes and covered my face with my hands.

While walking through the hallway I stopped at my locker.

“Rough night?” Hae Won asked me as she stood next to the opened locker door. I sighed.

“Definitely a rough night” I replied back to her. Hae Won smiled at me.

“Well, you should get some sleep; staying up all night studying isn’t good” she said to me with her puppy dog eyes. I smiled back at her.

“Let’s go” I said as I shut the door. Hae Won began walking towards the lunch room. While we walked I couldn’t help but notice a flyer on the wall. Not caring enough to stop and look I just kept on with Hae Won.

“So are you excited?” Hae Won asked as we sat in our usual spots. I shrugged.

“For what?” I asked as I drank a bottle of Gatorade. Hae Won smiled at me.

“Chang Min and Yunho are coming to visit idiot!” she said laughing. I smiled.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be? I miss my brother” I said to her as I looked around. She smiled.

“I haven’t seen Yunho since Christmas.” Hae Won told as she made swirls with her finger onto the table. I set down my bottle and agreed with her. Yunho is Hae Won’s older brother while Changmin on the other hand is my older brother. They both went away to college together leaving us to fend for ourselves.

“Yah, have you noticed that Seo Yeon has been on Junsu a lot more lately?” Hae Won asked as she looked over at the table 3 tables down from us. I shrugged

“I don’t pay that much attention to her” I replied looking away. Hae Won put her chin on her palm while her elbow was placed on the table. As I looked around my cell phone began vibrating

“Hello?” I answered. A soft voice came out from the other line.

“DahJung?” he asked.

“Uh…yeah” I said as I arched my eye brows.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked. I paused hesitant on replying.

“W-Who is this?” I asked looking at Hae Won. She looked back at me with questions running across her lips.

“Yunho!” he barked from the other line. I faintly laughed.

“Oh! Haha oppa; I’m doing well.” I replied. Hae Won’s face brightened up quickly. I could hear her saying ‘oppa’ under her breath. I handed her the phone and her smile ran from ear to ear.

“Oppa!” she barked. I smiled and looked away. Catching my attention was the flyer from earlier. I stood up and went towards it. I stared at the poster.

Join Seoul High in our 2009 Masquerade Ball!

Where: Seoul High
Time: 7 pm – 1 am
Date: Friday June 26th

Come with a date and you’ll be automatically entered
Into a contest to become King and Queen of the ball!

Tickets are $10.00 in advance
$20.00 at the door
Don’t forget to wear your mask!

I smiled. I wonder if Hae Won wants to go; then again Changmin and Yunho oppa will be here. We may not even get a chance to go. I wonder. I walked back to the lunch table and Hae Won was tapping her fingers on the table while she held the phone in the other hand.

“Where’d you go?” she asked handing the phone back. I pointed to the flyer.

“It’s next Friday do you want to go?” I asked. Hae Won narrowed her eyes.

“What’s it for?” she asked trying to make out the words.

“It’s a masquerade ball” I replied sitting down. She smiled.

“We can if you want to” she told me looking at Junsu and sighing. I laughed.

“Do you like him?” I asked. Hae Won quickly shook her head no.

“Never! Besides he wouldn’t like me anyway” she said. I smiled while I just glimpsed at JaeJoong. He was a really cute guy who just in his own way looked girlish but in a really cute way. It’s wasn’t that Jae Joong and Junsu were the dirty thinking boys that made the girls like them it was because of the way they were. Their nice, really cute, hot, and to sum that all up they were straight A students just like me and Hae Won but I don’t get why they like girls like Eun Mi and Seo Yeon. Those are the type of girls your mother tells you not to bring home. So why?

“You seem to be very concentrated.” Hae Won said breaking my train of thought. I shrugged.

“There is just something about those two that puts questions into my mind.” I replied as I looked at her. Hae Won shrugged back. A few seconds later the bell rung.

“That’s our cue.” Hae Won said standing. I stood and began walking next to her. Getting to class I noticed my Gatorade missing. As I looked around Eun Mi approached holding it in her hand.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” she asked as she looked at my bag hanging around the back of my chair. I stood speechless. I wanted so badly to say something.

“This is yours, found it in the lunch room” she said as she began pouring the bottle of Gatorade into my bag. Hae Won pulled me back preventing me from getting wet.

“That’s so damn childish Eun Mi!” Hae Won yelled. I pulled her hand back as I grabbed my soiled bag.

“L-let’s go” I said as I walked out of the class; Hae Won was still glaring at Eun Mi.

“Hae Won.” I said as I got to the door. My bag made droplets’ all the way there. Hae Won broke away and started walking towards me. I continued to the bathroom.

“Are you ok?” Hae Won asked me. I weakly smiled at her.

“It could have been worse” I said as I walked into the bathroom. Hae Won sighed.

“I hate them; I hate them times a bazillion! Gosh I hate them!” Hae Won barked. I laughed.

“I do too Hae Won; let’s look on the bright side; karmas a b!tch, remember?” I told her. She smiled.

“So it is” she said. Everything in my bag was soiled. I looked at Hae Won.

“Just dump it” she said to me. I shook my head no.

“Why not? Everything is all wet” she said as she picked up a soaked assignment. I sighed and threw the bag and everything in it away. Hae Won looked at me.

“I can carry your dry stuff in my bag if you want.” she told me as she held her bag open.

“Ok, thanks.” I said as I put my dry books into her bag.

While entering the class room extra late JaeJoong and Junsu walked in behind us.

“You four! Why are you late!?” Mrs. Choi barked. Hae Won and I looked at each other.

“We were in the bathroom” Hae Won quickly blurted out.

“Not good enough!” Mrs. Choi barked “all of you are to stay after school and clean!” she yelled. I looked away.

“It’s not like we don’t already do it anyway.” I murmured under my breath.

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by shawty_12 on 7/14/2009, 5:40 pm

awww...poor dahjung!! what a mean eun mi!! i want to slap her backward!
hae won is such a good friend:D ah man, detention? that sucks>.<
lolx..and they didn't even hung out together! sheesh! teachers these days.
they need to be a little bit PATIENT!Very Happy but yay, a chapter!
i can't wait for the next one! i wonder who mystery man/guy is^^

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by daesungvip on 7/24/2009, 7:55 am

Chapter 02
[Haewon’s POV]

“God, this sucks.” I muttered under my breath to Dahjung, as we walked into detention.

Dahjung shrugged “It’s not like we don’t clean the school anyway.”

“I know!” I complained “But, DETENTION? We’ve never gotten detention… EVER.”

We both walked into the room and stopped dead in our tracks, inside the room sat Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong. What the hell were they doing here?

Awkwardly, Dahjung pulled me over to the other side of the room and sat me down “Haewon, are you okay?” she asked me, looking at me weirdly.

I nodded and smiled faintly at her then looked away from the two guys and stared out the window until Mrs. Choi came in the room.

“You four were late for my class today.” She said sternly “That is UNACCEPTABLE.” She screamed the last word out. “Therefore, as your punishment, you four will clean the gym in our school,” she glared at us “And I expect the floors to be SPOTLESS tomorrow morning.” She growled, leaving the room.

…Have I mentioned I feel really bad for Mr. Choi?

Dahjung rolled her eyes “Come’on Haewon, let’s go…” she pulled me up, dragging me over to the janitors’ closet, which was free for our use.

“Um… what are you girls doing?” A voice behind us asked. We turned around and found Junsu behind us, staring at us as if we grew another head.

“…The punishment?” Dahjung replied.

Jaejoong smirked “You guys can’t be serious, Mrs. Choi can’t possibly have us four clean the entire gym, do you see how big that is?”

“What’s so hard about that?” I asked, my voice a little shaky, at the fact that they two, the most popular guys in our school, were talking to us. “Dahjung and I do it every day.”

“Em… should we help you?” Junsu offered, but Dahjung and I were already walking down to the gym.

“Awww, little girls cleaning for a living?” Another voice mocked from down the hall. I looked over and saw Eunmi walk over with Seoyeon next to her. Oh, those girls make me so mad…

“Ignore them.” Dahjung demanded under her breath, only loud enough for me to hear. I took a deep breath and followed Dahjung over to the gym.

Seoyeon rolled her eyes at us while we passed them “God, I never knew nerds had attitudes.”

My hands besides me started clenching into fists.

“It’s not worth it.” Dahjung reminded me “Think about Yunho, or Changmin oppa. When we get home we can finally see them.”

I took a deep breath and smiled at Dahjung “Yes, calm, Yunho oppa, Changmin oppa, I’m calm.”

We both entered the gym, and dropped our things by the door.

“Come’on, I’ll sweep, you mop.” Dahjung said, throwing a mop at me. “Let’s try to get this done as fast as we can, then we can go home.”

We began sweeping and mopping in silence. But it wasn’t an awkward silence, it was a peaceful silence. After about two hours we were pretty much done. Good timing, if you ask me. Dahjung and I began putting the equipment away back into the closet.

I grabbed my bag and we walked out, not watching where I was going; I accidently walked into someone.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry.” I apologized, looking up to see who I bumped into. Kim Junsu? Holy shit. “I’m sorry; I didn’t watch where I was going, sorry!” I bowed, turning a bright shade of red.

Junsu gave me a small laugh “Calm down, I won’t bite.”

“Ah, I’m so sorry.” I apologized again, and then Dahjung dragged me off, before I could say anything else to embarrass myself. Real smooth, Jung Haewon, real smooth; I can’t believe myself.

“Damn, Haewon.” Dahjung shook her head at me. “Calm down.”
“I’m surprised he didn’t leave yet.” I said “I would’ve thought he and Jaejoong would’ve gone home already.”

Dahjung just shrugged at me “Why do you care so much about them?”

“I…I…I don’t!” I spluttered, the temperature on my face began to rise “I was just making a random observation about how those two who are so popular, why they would still be here in school and not somewhere else partying their ass of or something.” I ranted.

Dahjung looked at me strangely “I worry for you sometimes.” She teased, then pulled my hand “Come’on, let’s go home.”

We stepped out of school, and walked across the campus, ready to go to the train station.


Looking over we saw a car and inside the car was… Yunho and Changmin! Excitedly we ran over to them, they laughed and got out of the car, enveloping us in hugs.

“Oppa! I missed you!” Dahjung squealed, holding onto Changmin tightly.

Changmin chuckled “Missed you too little sis.” He smiled “How’ve you been?”

“Could’ve been better.” I answered for her, giving my older brother, Yunho a hug. “How long are you guys going to be staying?” I asked him.

Yunho smiled at me “Until next semester starts, that’s like in another half a year; we’re taking a break from school at the moment. College bites.”

I laughed “Come’on then, let’s go home.”

“Actually,” Changmin began “Hyung and I wanted to go get ice-cream, come’on.”

“Thanks oppa.” Dahjung took a large bite into her sundae, as Changmin paid for the ice cream.

“So, what have you girls been up to in life?” Yunho asked, eating the sprinkles on his cone.

I laughed “You know, school, school… more school.”

Changmin shook his head and chuckled “I heard there was a masquerade dance or something like that at your school, are you girls going to go?”

Dahjung and I looked at each other.

“Oppa,” Dahjung said “If we both keep having the same dream every day, does that mean something?”

“Uhm…” Yunho scratched his head “I don’t know, I’m not those physic people who interpret dreams.” He let out a slight chuckle “But that is kind of strange… What’s the dream about?”

I looked at Yunho “Well, it’s about a dance, and we’d be with a guy who has a mask on, and at exactly midnight, when he’s about to reveal to me who he is, I’d wake up, and when I’d wake up, it’s always exactly midnight. Dahjung and I have been having this same dream for some time already.”

Changmin looked at us thoughtfully “In my opinion, I think you girls should go to the dance. A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re asleep… and I think, your hearts are wishing for something more…”

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by daesungvip on 7/24/2009, 7:56 am

Chapter 03
[Dah Jung’s POV]

While at home rummaging through my closet to find a new bag Hae Won sat behind me watching.

“So, are you up for the dance?” I asked Hae Won as I sat on my legs throwing things out left and right.

“I don’t know; it depends if you want to go; I don’t care I mean Yunho and Changmin oppa already approved so if we do go then we can go.” Hae Won said ending with a sigh.

“Why does it seem as if you don’t want to go?” I asked turning around leaning my back against the closet door.

“What? No no; I do want to go it’s just I don’t know; there’s just something about it that I just can’t put my finger on.” Hae Won explained. I nodded. When you think about it there is something weird about the dance that you can’t put your finger on. I could see as Hae Won’s eyes scanned my closet that she was up to something.

“Yah; what are you doing?” I asked as I interrupted her moment of silence.

“Uh…” she began pointing at the top of my closet “There!” she said as she began walking towards me. I watched as she stood on her tip toes pulling something out from under my photo albums and scrap books.

“Here.” she said handing me what I spent almost an hour looking for. I smiled at her.

“Thanks.” I told her as I began throwing everything back into the closet. As I did so I could hear the laughter of Changmin and Yunho oppa coming from next door. I shook my head and laughed while Hae Won sat on the bed quietly with her knees against her chest.

“What’s wrong?” I asked shutting the closet doors. Hae Won looked down at me.

“Aren’t we supposed to have like…I don’t know…dates?” she asked pausing between every word. I didn’t think about having dates or not.

“Well, we can always go together.” I replied with a not so sure look on my face. Hae Won nodded.

“You have a point,” she said quickly standing “Though; why don’t we ask Yunho and Changmin!?” she blurted out running to Changmin’s room next door. I sat in place trying to process what just happened. Following Hae Won into Changmin’s room I watched as she laid belly down towards the end of the bed watching Changmin and Yunho play video games. I laid down joining her.

“Oppa.” Hae Won said. Yunho slightly turned his head while his eyes were still glued to the TV. I laughed.

“Changmin.” I said. Changmin did the same as Yunho.

“You guys wanna accompany us to the masquerade dance?” I asked Changmin. He began to slightly laugh.

“We’re college students; why do you want us to go?” Yunho answered for Changmin.

“Well it’s either we go with each other or you guys go with us.” Hae Won said cuddling a pillow under her.

“You guys are bright and pretty girls, you can find someone I’m sure of it.” Changmin said as he began to frantically press the ‘x’ button. I put my hand on Changmin’s shoulder.

“Yah, calm down; don’t break the remote.” I said as I slightly chuckled. Changmin focused as ever didn’t even look up or respond. Even Yunho began laughing.

“Yah; calm down man” Yunho said as he paused the game. Changmin came back to the light.

“I have to beat you!” Changmin barked. We all began laughing. I trailed myself away from the moment and looked at Changmin.

“Oppa; will you guys go? Please?” I asked making my voice sound as if I was getting ready to cry. Changmin looked up at me.

“We’ll do this…” Yunho began to say. Hae Won and I were all eyes and ears at him. He began smiling.

“If you guys don’t find dates by that night then were in and we’ll go, but it’s not guaranteed” Yunho said as he put down his game remote. We both nodded.

“So then if we don’t find dates you guys will go?” I asked. Changmin looked at me and nodded.

“But, that doesn’t mean you guys don’t try; seriously and don’t go around telling people your hot college brothers are going to your dance with you” Changmin said as he placed Yunho’s remote back into Yunho’s hands.

“Come on.” Changmin said as he pressed play. I looked at Hae Won and she signaled for us to leave.

“We’ll be back later.” she said as we walked out. I looked at her as she shut the door behind her.

“So all we have to do is not find dates!” I said with excitement; Hae Won laughed. As we got near the stairs I could hear our names being called.

“Do you hear that?” Hae Won asked. I nodded.

“I think it’s coming from Changmin’s room.” I told her. We began walking back to Changmin’s room.

“Did you call?” I asked Changmin as I walked into his room. He nodded with his eyes still glued to the TV.

“Turn my computer on.” he said as once again he began pressing x frantically. I did as he told; Hae Won sat behind me on the bed.

“So what now?” I asked; Hae Won and I just stared at the computer.

“Get onto the internet and go to Seoul High’s website” he said as he paused the game. He looked at Yunho.

“You’re not.” Yunho said as he set the remote down. Changmin nodded. Hae Won and I looked at each other in confusion

“What now?” I asked trying to figure out what they were doing. Changmin walked over to the computer pulling the key board towards him.

“Hold on.” he said as he began typing away. They stood in front of the screen. Hae Won and I couldn’t even see. After a few moments Changmin and Yunho moved out of the way.

“Here; I remember when we were at Seoul High this was here.” Changmin said laughing. Hae Won and I stared at the monitor.

“What is it?” I asked Changmin. Yunho put his hand on my shoulder.

“My dongseng; this is the chat box for Seoul High.” Yunho said. Hae Won and I looked at each other and began laughing.

“You’re not serious are you?” I said as I wiped away a tear.

“Well we have to know that you at least tried” Changmin said. Hae Won looked at the list of people who were logged into the chat.

“This is pathetic.” Hae Won said as she looked at Yunho.

“Not really; it’s actually not that bad.” Yunho said as he typed in ‘hi’. We laughed even harder at our username.

“Midnight Dream!?” Hae Won blurted out while laughing. Yunho nodded.

“Well, you guys did say you keep having the same dream every night; it’s the first thing I thought about when typing.” Changmin said as they walked back and got into their game once again. Hae Won and I glared at them.

“We might as well give it a try” I said to Hae Won. She nodded,

“Ok.” she said. As I began typing ‘hello’ again another window opened and there inside of it was written.

Prince Charmings: Hi

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by shawty_12 on 7/24/2009, 4:56 pm

i'm here, i'm here! but i gotta come back and read it>.< so be patient with me okay:D

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by daesungvip on 7/24/2009, 9:03 pm

shawty_12 wrote:i'm here, i'm here! but i gotta come back and read it>.< so be patient with me okay:D

lol ; take your time!
i'm slow at updating too >o<

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by shawty_12 on 7/25/2009, 6:54 pm

okay okay i'm back and ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think i'mma die from excitement!Very Happy lolx....i swear, people are trying to kill me these days!Razz
first sachie and tammy in Yunho's thread about news not telling me
and now this-*going crazy*
sorry i was a couple of days late. do mind sending me a msg next time?
i'm SO confuse>.< lolx...i knew i shouldn't be reading so many fic at the same time.
but i was so bored i couldn't help it. and now this is what happened.
lolx...i'm scrambling about trying to see which fic i still owe a reply in.
if you don't mind, can you send me a pm next time you update? that way i'll know which one definitely updated and which one didn't.
but enough with me-to the story!
i love these two chapters! i was so giddy!Very Happy i wonder who Prince Charming is! and their brothers are so CREATIVE!
lolx...seriously, nowadays guys aren't creative anymore. something cheasy as 'Midnight Dream' coming out of guys are HOT!Very Happy
lolx...anyways, update soon! these two were great. i can't wait for the next one!

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Re: Midnight Magic

Post by daesungvip on 8/22/2009, 7:55 am

Chapter 04
[Haewon’s POV]

Dahjung and I stared at the screen. “Well, we tried!” Dahjung said.

“No, that’s not called trying, you need to reply to the other person.” Changmin groaned, eyes still on the TV and fingers frantically pushing the buttons on his game remote.

I rolled my eyes “Changmin oppa, this is pointless!” I groaned, but sat down at the computer screen.

Midnight Dream: Um, hi.
Prince Charmings: That’s a very unique user name you have there.
Midnight Dream: Yeah, thanks.

“No, really oppa, this is pointless.” Dahjung said, laughing at the very awkward chat that we were having with who knows who. “Four words and this chat is already dead.”

“Well, then say something!” Yunho demanded.

Prince Charmings: Are you still there?
Midnight Dream: Yeah. So… who are you?
Prince Charmings: Well, if we told you then it wouldn’t be much of an anonymous chat would it? Wink
Midnight Dream: “We?” How many people are we talking to?
Prince Charmings: Just two guys. How about on your end?
Midnight Dream: Oh, just two girls.
Prince Charmings: So, what year are you girls in?
Midnight Dream: We’re seniors, and you?
Prince Charmings: Same. Did you hear about the Masquerade? Are you girls going to go?
Midnight Dream: Yeah, we are.

“Oh god, this is so stupid.” Dahjung groaned “Oppa, did you guys really chat in this stupid box?”

Changmin nodded “It’s not stupid, you meet a lot of friends this way.”

Prince Charmings: Well, how about we meet up then? Then you can find out who we are.

Dahjung and I stared at the screen, unsure of what to type next.

Yunho, noticing the silence, paused his game and walked over to our screen and looked at it “Well, you girls seem like you got yourself a date. Say yes.”

“Oh god,” I groaned “Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen?”

Midnight Dream: Alright. But how will we find you guys?
Prince Charmings: Why? We’re the guys, let us find you.
Midnight Dream: Lol, alright.
Prince Charmings: Well, now you need to tell us how we’re going to find yous.
Midnight Dream: Hmmm… that’s a good question. We’ll be in pink.
Prince Charmings: Haha, but more than half the girls will be in pink.
Midnight Dream: Oh yeah… You have a point.
Prince Charmings: Tell you what; do you girls know the tree outback by the field?
Midnight Dream: The really big oak tree?
Prince Charmings: Yep, that’s the one.
Midnight Dream: Okay, what about it?
Prince Charmings: Tomorrow, before school starts, we’re gonna go bury a box there, and on the box we’ll write Midnight Dream on it. You girls, have to go find the box, and wear what we have inside it, that’s how we’ll locate you girls at the dance.
Midnight Dream: But what if you guys are there and you see us? Now what fun is that?
Prince Charmings: Trust us, we won’t be. We’re going to bury it at 6AM sharp, and we promise we will not go to that area all day.

Midnight Dream: Deal, we will go find the box before class starts.

Dahjung and I logged off and stared at each other “So…” she began “How do you think this will turn out?”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” I shrugged “They hate us and leave us?”

Yunho looked at me “Dongseng, stop talking like that about yourself, you girls are very pretty and very nice, I’ll kick anyone’s ass who says otherwise.”

“I don’t see why you guys can’t just take us to the dance.” Dahjung muttered “Saves us embarrassment.”

Changmin took his eyes away from the TV “But, you girls need to try something new.”


“Oh god,” I moaned “What if we get caught doing this?!”

Dahjung and I were at the oak tree, it was 7AM there was another hour before class started, and no one was around.

Dahjung shrugged “Well, if we get caught, Yunho and Changmin would probably think of something.” She bent down on the soil and began parting the soil.

I sighed and leaned down, helping her, they didn’t bury the box too deep, thank god. We finally hit the box. Dahjung pulled it out and gently dusted the soil off.

The box was small, a dark chocolate brown. It looked so eloquent; with ‘Midnight Dream’ neatly scripted across the box, in a lighter milk chocolate brown.

“Should we open it now or later?” Dahjung asked, staring at it.

I bit my lower lip “Later… Just be sure to keep it somewhere incase Eunmi or Seoyeon try anything.”

“They’re not in school today.” Dahjung said gently placing the box in her new bag, “They got suspended yesterday for something, I don’t know, they won’t be in school for a week.”

“How the hell do you know that?” I asked staring at her weirdly.

Dahjung shrugged “Over heard some of their wannabe’s talking about it before, when we passed the grocery store they always hang out at.”

The rest of the school day seemed to have passed by so slowly. All day, I’ve been thinking about the box, what could be in the box? It was so exciting, yet nerve wreaking at the same time. Who were the two guys?

Finally, the too long day ended. Dahjung linked arms through mine and pulled me out the school doors.

“God, I wonder what could be in the box.” I muttered, the curiosity within me began rising.

We turned the corner and accidently bumped into someone. Scratch that, make that two people.

“Oh sorry, again.” I muttered, turning bright red and I realized I bumped into Kim Junsu again for the second time.

“Sorry.” Dahjung apologized to Jaejoong, who just smiled at her.

Junsu and Jaejoong gave us a bright smile “Don’t worry about it.” Junsu laughed slightly, looking at me “I don’t bite.” He joked.

I gave him a weak smile, damn he’s so cute! I need to seriously snap out of this. Junsu and I will never be! We’re like from two different worlds, and it’s just like trying to mix oil and water together. It just doesn’t happen.

“Let’s go now.” Dahjung hissed at me, pulling on my arm, and pulling me away from them.

I groaned “Why do I always run into him?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Dahjung muttered at me “It’s not like any guys like them would ever be interested in girls like us.”

I nodded in agreement “Come’on,” I told her, waving away thought of Junsu “Let’s go home and see what’s in the box.”


“So girls, how was your day?” Yunho asked as we stepped into the house.

“It was fine.” I told him “Dahjung and I are gonna go to my room.”

Yunho nodded “No problem, Changmin and I are gonna go out for a bit, there’s a new game that came out today and Changmin really wants it.” Yunho chuckled “See you girls in a bit!” he smiled and walked out the door with Changmin.

Dahjung and I went upstairs into my room and we both sat on the bed, with the box sitting in between us.

“Well?” Dahjung asked “Should we open it?”

I nodded, and slowly reached out over for the cover, and then gently lifted it up. The first thing inside was a mini card. Picking it up, I opened it.

Midnight Dream,
This is a gift from us to yous.
Wear it at the night of the Masquerade and that’s how we’ll find you girls.
-- Prince Charmings.

Dahjung and I glanced at what was in the box. Wow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two beautiful bracelets that looked alike.

The bracelets were thin chains, holding together with pink heart and pink and white crystal charms hanging off the chains.They were nothing that I’ve ever seen. The hearts had different shades of pink lighting designed inside each glass heart, with a different design in each heart; shimmering off in the light.

Dahjung gasped, and picked one up “Wow, it’s so pretty.” She murmured, putting it up against her wrist.

“Mmmhmmm.” I murmured in agreement, carefully touching my bracelet afraid it was unreal.

“Come’on.” Dahjung told me “Let’s put it away and hold it off till the dance.” She took back my bracelet and placed them both back in the box and slid it into my dresser drawer.

I turned on my computer “Come’on, let’s see if they’re online.”

The moment we got on, a message from them came up on our screen.

Prince Charmings: So, did you get the box?
Midnight Dream: Yes we did, thank you very much. It’s really pretty.
Prince Charmings: Don’t mention it; just make sure you wear it at the dance.
Midnight Dream: How are you sure no one else would have this bracelet?
Prince Charmings: Because it’s genuinely crafted, meaning we personally got it done just for you girls.
Midnight Dream: Wow, that’s so sweet; you don’t even know who we are.
Prince Charmings: Well, even though we don’t know who you girls are, there’s something about you that makes you girls so different from the other girls in our school.
Midnight Dream: Really? Is that a good thing?
Prince Charmings: We think it’s wonderful Wink


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Re: Midnight Magic

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lolx..michelle, i'm smiling like a lovesick girl>.<
hahhaah...this chapter was really cute. i love it when they chat.
i wish i was that lucky to have a guy chat with me like that.
but...hahhaha...i only have girls:D (wait, that doesn't sound right>.<
but you get what i mean. lolx...) the bracelets!! omg, i can see
it in my mind when you describe it. it's so beautiful!!
now i absolutely can't wait for the masquerade:D
update soon and thanks for the pm!<3

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Re: Midnight Magic

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