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Post by viola501 on 7/6/2009, 11:47 pm

Author : Viola

Started : July 7, 2009

Finished : ____

Last Updated : July 23, 2009 (Chapter 7)

Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy



  • No Silent Reader! All comments (no matter positive or negative) are welcome and appreciated Very Happy
  • No bashing! Evil or Very Mad (neither with my couple nor with my POV with each celebrity)
  • Please help me advertise my fanfic and/or help me with the Poster/Back Ground/Trailer. I would be very much appreciated Embarassed



>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Onestep2copy

He is a famous star of Asia.

He is the leader of the most popular boy band of South Korea.

He is her secret admirer.

He is her biggest fan.

He is so thrilled to work with her.

He hopes that they can create a love line together.

There is only one little tiny problem…

He is 1 year and 4 months younger than her.

She is a famous star of Asia.

She is the ex-member of the popular legendary girl group of South Korea.

She is a notable all-around/versatile star.

She is also a lovable and caring human being.

She is their big fan.

She hopes to get support with her choices of working with them.

But there is one little tiny problem that makes the fans upset…

She is a couple of years older than them.


Starring :

Yoon Eunhye

Jung Yunho

Kim Jaejoong

Kim Junsu

Park Yoochun

Shim Changmin

SM Family

and many many more~


Prologue : The Petition

During 2008 winter, SM Entertainment opens for fans’ petitions for their choices on the theme “Who do you want to couple your favorite star(s) the most”. Millions of petitions and letters were sent to the company to support their beloved couples.
After arranging all the petitions in to poll, they have a very shocking outcome.

Over 60% of the fans who sent their petition or letters to SM Town want to see the collaboration of the DBSK and Yoon Eun Hye, even though she is older than them by 1-2 years, isn’t a part of SM family and never have any big projects, any love interests, nor rumors together with them.

This result, however, didn’t surprise the Netizens, since there’s already a poll on famous K-pop forum on “Who is the best man for Yoon Eun Hye” which DBSK’s U-know Yunho is leading with 52% of thousands of voters; followed by his fellow member DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong with 21%.

The 2 DBSK boys unbelievably beat many strong competitors like Kim Jong Kook, Joo Jihoon, Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo and Gong Yoo.

Many YEHshippers are disappointed with the outcome, while the rest are extremely happy.

On the other hand, a large number of Cassiopeia are averse about the outcome since there are also many shippers inside such as Yunho-Suelki and Hero-BoA. They also argued over Eunhye’s age, but this issue was nonsensical, considering other Nuna-Dongsaeng pairings like We Got Married JoongBo couple or BOF Goo Hye Sun who all her co-stars in the F4 are younger than her, became very successful and likable.

Coincidentally, Yoon Eunhye’s contract with the Kraze Company was over and she was once again left with no agency. Several big companies are competing for her including SM Entertainment.

Lee Soo Man, the chairman, offers her 2 billions won and 10% shares of SM Entertainment for 2-year contract (beating over Lee Hyori’s 1.5 billions won for 3-year contract with M-net Media) and even state that she may have her own choices of work. If Eunhye accept his offer, the fans’ wishes of seeing her and DBSK’s collarboration won’t be too far to dream of.


Author Note: I have this story plot im my mind since late 2008 but didn't get the right chance to post it til now
So, just pretend there's no Secret Code album yet and Eunhye onni hasn't settle the House company yet ^^


All events and characters here in this story are purely fictional. The celebrity names or images are merely borrowed and do not in any way represent the celebrity nor their views or opinions in real life.
No offence is intended towards them, their families or friends

This story is purely fictional and the events within do not relate to the real life of thestars unless otherwise indicated.
Various informations mentioning here are made-up
So I cannot guarantee the relevance or accuracy of it.
I do not, in any way, profit from the story.
And lastly, I’ve spent time and effort writing this story.
So please do not plagiarize without my permission!

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Post by Kyn on 7/7/2009, 5:32 am

I think there should be more stories with YEH
That aren't Goong related
So I'm looking forward to this one
Surprisingly I wasn't bored by all the facts you gave lol


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Post by Sachie on 7/7/2009, 8:25 am

Yoon Eun Hye is my fav female artist...
YEH and Yunho would make a great couple
keep updating~

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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 1

Post by viola501 on 7/7/2009, 10:40 pm

Chapter 1

>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< 1step

(A/N: Many of you may already know this, but for those who not know. In Korea, a person's age will always plus 1 as they start counting since the day the baby born. So Eunhye is actually 24 but in Korea, she is now 25.
And since I’m trying to make this story as accurate and as realistic as possible, I’m going to use Korean way of counting age.
Which means Eunhye onni actually made her debut at the age of 14, because she was born in October 3rd, and BabyVOX third album released in early 1999.)


Don't forget to leave some comments Smile


Jung Yunho is sitting alone in his room. He dresses up in a red shirt with dashing black coat and jeans. His face has light makeup on, and his hair is neatly done.

He, together with his band mates, will leave mansion to have a photo shoot for a magazine in a few minutes, but Yunho doesn’t care about that right now. He fixes his eye on the screen.

A male newscaster is reporting recent heartthrob news.

U-know Yunho pushes the ‘higher volume’ on the remote to raise the voice of the TV, so he can listen to the news clearer.

Breaking News:

“After leaving Kraze Entertainment with no agency, Coffee Prince Yoon Eun Hye finally signed a 2-year contract with SM Entertainment, accepting Lee Soo Man’s 2 billions worth offer.

“Since the news has spread, there’s big rumor that Yoon Eunhye-shi will have a project with the DBSK during her 2 year stay with SM Family.

“As a result of SM Entertainment’s fans’ petition last winter, Yoon Eunhye name came first as the girl who fans want to see working with DBSK the most. SM chairman didn’t wait long to approach her with his offer to satisfy the fans. And eventually, after being a free agent for almost 2 months, Eunhye-shi finally accepted his offer.”

Knock! Knock!

“Hyung!” This must be Choikang Changmin. Yunho ignored his call.

“However, many think that this might be the sign of Yoon Eunhye’s comeback as a singer.

“Yoon Eunhye debuted in 1999 as the last member to join the popular girl group BabyVOX when she was only 15 with the group's third album ‘Come Come Come Baby’. And together, they were recognized to be among the leaders promoting the K-pop frenzy that has been spreading across Asia ever since.

“Since the official disbandment of the legendary BabyVOX in March, 2006, at the age of 22, the maknae Yoon Eunhye showed her interest neither in releasing her own solo album nor joining other newly-formed group. She has since then moved to the acting field to pursue her dream as an actress…”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Yunho hyung!” Now Junsu joins Changmin. Yunho raises the TV sound. He still ignore them.

“With only 3 dramas under her belt, Yoon Eunhye has already reached the top spot in acting world as one of the A-list star and a new member of 20 million won club along side her sunbae Hallyu stars Bae Yong-joon, Kwon Sang Woo, Ko Hyun Jung, and Song Il kook.”

“It is notable that although she may not be the most skilled actress, Eunhye-shi is known to be very committed to her role, which made her performance really amazing and very convincing.

“This sign may break many fans’ heart to see her acting again in any time soon after her latest successful drama ‘The 1st shop of Coffee Prince’ which has put her in the list of being one of the best actresses in Korean entertainment……

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

2 youngest boys still don't give up, they are continually knocking and calling their leader's name.

"Hyung! come out already, we are--"


The annoying knocks suddenly turn into a loud bang.

“Yah, Jung Yunho! What are you doing? We are late for the photo shoot because of you” The eldest AKA. The mom of the house is yelling at the other side of the door. He guesses he can’t ignore this one.

“Hyung, hurry up! They’re waiting” Changmin shouted.

“Yunho-ah, get out of there, will you?” Yoochun gently called him.

“Aishhh… these guys really…”

“Leader-sshi!!!” Junsu yelled

“I’m coming!” He furiously turns off the TV. (“…doing many magazine photo shoots and CFs during her break…”)

Yunho walks out of his room. His band mates are looking at him suspiciously.

“Hyung, what are you doing so long in there?” Xiah asked curiously.

“Watching news” He answered nonchalantly.

“News? When did you start watching news, Yunho? I only see you watching movies” Micky said while fixing his hair in front of the mirror for the last time.

“Yah, I do watch some!” Yunho scolded back. Yoochun chuckled a little to the mirror.

“Boys, we need to go now” Their manager called from the front door.

“Neh~” They all rushed to the door.


“Hyung, is it true that Eunhye nuna signs a contract with SM” Yunho asked his manager. Kang Bo Sok nods his head


“So she’ll work with us right?” Yoochun asked from the front.

In the van, next to the driver is Micky is in the passenger seat, then their manager and U-know are at the next row, while the other three are sitting in the back.

“I guess, but Lee Soo Man sunsaeng-nim still hasn’t said anything. So I’m not sure” he answered.

“I thought she’s going to concentrate on her acting, if she sign with SM, isn’t that mean she’ll come back to her singing career?” Jaejoong said, brooding.

SM Entertainment may have many great bands and gain a lot success, but it hasn’t successfully branched out to the acting world yet.

“Just concern about that later, you guys have a photo shoot to do now” Bo Sok told the boys as the van parked in front of a big studio.


To be continued...



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Post by Sachie on 7/8/2009, 2:06 am

Thanks for updating~
Yunho is so funny.

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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 2

Post by viola501 on 7/8/2009, 10:54 pm

Chapter 2 - A


Don't forget to leave comments ^^


“Just concern about that later, you guys have a photo shoot to do now” Bo Sok told the boys as the van parked in front of a big studio. Many fans are waiting for them with the big signs and banners.

When they get out of the car, all the fans scream and call their names. Yunho puts a smile on his face and waves to the fans. His members are doing the same. It’s actually just 50 meters to the studio door but it seemed like a very long road. Finally they reach the studio.

Their photo shoot concept for the magazine is ‘Metro Sexual Men’. So they have to look beautiful and mature. And they are going to have an interview for it after the photo shoot is done.


The photo shoot passed smoothly without nothing important to mention, unless you’ll count 1 time when Jaejoong almost fell from his seat while ‘acting cool’. Seriously, he should do something with his clumsiness or else this clumsiness will ruin his 'cool' image. Rolling Eyes

Then it’s interview time.

The interviewer is a man in early 30s. He is quite good-looking and very bouncy. He smiles at the DBSK boys and signals them to sit at the couch.

Their position is the same. (From left to right) Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong in the middle, Max Choikang Changmin and the leader U-know Yunho. The interviewer is sitting on the chair next to Yunho.

Besides publishing in famous magazine, the section TV is also going to record this interview. So they have to wait for the producer’s instruction.

“Are you guys ready?” the PD asked.

“Yeah” all of them answered.

“Then, 5…4…3…2…1” He counted “Start!”

“Anyeonghaseso, Park Hun Sung iimnida, today we are with the 5 gods of Korea, Dong Bang Shin Ki!!!” The camera pans to the 5 boys.

“Anyeonghaseso, Dong Bang Shin Ki iimnida” they said in unison.

“Well, let’s start with today’s photo shoot. You guys seem professional on this now.”

“Neh, since our debut, we have been through tons of photo shootings. So we must adapt to these things.” U-know smiley answered.

“The concept today is ‘Metro Sexual’ eh?”

“Yes, it is.” U-know continued “It’s also get along well with our album concept which is ‘Sexy’.”

“All these years, we’ve been showing teen image. But this album we want to show the fans the maturity of us” Xiah added.

“In the DBSK, who do you think is fittest for this concept (Metro Sexual Man)?”

Everyone except himself point at Micky and they all laugh. Micky is the only one pointing at Jaejoong.

“Micky Yoochun? Really?”

“Neh, he’s such a narcissist”

“Andue! I’m not that cocky” Micky whined “Personally, I think Jaejoong hyung is more like a peacock than I am”

“Yongwoong Jaejoong? How?”

“He loves watching himself in the mirror, like the peacock that loves to spread its tail-features” Micky receive some laughter and a death glare from Hero with this statement.

“And your album ‘Mirotic’ is rewarded ‘Album of the year’. How do you feel?” The host continued his job.

“We are really happy. Since we directly participated in producing this album, it’s very blissful to receive the award.” Hero said.

“I heard that you are the one who created the word ‘Mirotic’…”

“That’s why it’s weird” Micky interrupted and everyone laughs. Then Micky receive another death glare from the eldest.

“Now, let’s talk about your future plan. Are you planning to release any singles soon” Park Hun Sung asked.

“We do already have some songs for the next album, but we have to wait for further information and instructions” Xiah answered.

“What do you want to do in your next album?”

“Well, we already put our hands in almost everything in these 5 years, so I’m also looking for new challenging” Max said and everyone nods their head in agreement.

“What about some drama?” he asked abruptly.

“I don’t think we are ready for the big role yet” Hero said.

“You may have some help from the professional.”


“I heard that Yoon Eunhye-sshi has switched her label to SM Entertainment, is she going to have a project with you?”

“Oh, we still haven’t received any information about this. So…”

“Let’s pretend it then” He breaks in on U-know’s explanation “If she’s going to work with you guys, how do you feel?”

“It’s going to be really interesting.” Hero answered him neutrally. “Yoon Eunhye-sshi is very talented, and also a versatile entertainer. So it must be really nice working with her”

“Actually, you guys and Eunhye-sshi are about the same age, but when Yoon Eunhye-sshi debuted, you must be in high school right?” He continued “Are you fans of Baby V.O.X.?”

“I really like their songs and their choreographys” Xiah said.

“What is your favorite song of the band? Xiah first.”

“ ‘Missing You’, I like Ballad”


“Umm.. I like their Korean version of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Play’”


“ ‘Get up’, I first know them from that song.”


“ ‘Oo Yun’ (Coincident), nice choreography”

“and U-know?”

“Game Over”


“I like the sharp boyish choreography of that song, really cool”

“And which one of you is the closest to her” everyone point at Yunho while Micky said “Yunho hyung is closest to her”

“Actually, Yoochun here is also quite close to her. Since both he and Changmin are in the same university as her” Hero said.

“I’m not that close to her. We barely meet” Micky quickly said. “Yunho hyung is the closest anyway”

“U-know Yunho eh? Are you very close to her?”

“Although we can say I’m considered the closest to her in DBSK, my relationship with her isn’t that close either.” Yunho said “Since she’s been active in the industry for more than 10 years, even though we are about the same age; Eunhye nuna seems to be a lot more mature than us that many people still misunderstand that she’s a lot older than us”

“Then how do feel about the petitions’ result? Yoon Eunhye-sshi name came first among celebrities whom fans want to see working with DBSK the most”

“We sure were very surprised. We have some guesses like BoAjjang, Bae Seul Gi, Go Ara and even Jeon Ji Hyun, but we honestly didn’t expect it would be Eunhye-sshi” Micky told him

“On the net right now, there’s even Yoon Eunhye Jung Yunho fan club called EunHo—yes?” the host was interrupted when Jaejoong hand suddenly rises up.

“There’s also JaeHye fan club” he bluntly said and everyone burst out laughter.

“Actually, there’s also YunJae fan club” Xiah tease his hyung.

“Yeh, right” Hero turns to U-know “Are you cheating on me, Yunnie?” Max just roll on the floor laughing, the rest of them laugh their heads off with Jaejoong remark and their leader's priceless reaction.


After the interview ended, one by one, the DBSK boys were brought out of studio to their van.

“Woo! That was tiring” Junsu fanned himself rapidly.

“I like this photo shoot though, I’m going to look very handsome” Yoochun said, looking at his reflection in the side mirror. The others try to avoid eyes contact and try hard not to roll their eyes.

“Good job guys! Are you hungry? My treat tonight” Bo Sok said kindly.

“Great! Let’s go eat Kalbi hyung. I need meat” Changmin beams.

“Jaejoong, you seem so pale. You want anything special?”

“Nah~ it’s okay hyung, I’m so hungry I can eat anything right now” Jaejoong closed his eyed tiredly.

“Well, it’s Kalbi then” Changmin, Yunho, and Junsu acclaim happily.

~You got the wrong number, you got the wrong number. ~I’m sorry; you got the wrong number. So don't call me no more~ (Wrong Number - DBSK)

Their manager ‘work’ cell phone suddenly rings. Kang Bo Sok quickly answers.

“Yeobeseyo! Ah sanseng-nim! Now?...harasso, we’re on the way”

“What is it, hyung?” Yunho asked “Is it Lee Soo Man sanseng-nim?”

“Neh, he wants to have a meeting with us immediately. We have to go to SM Town now” Bo Sok signals the driver to go to the office instead of going back to their mansion. “Sorry guys, I’ll treat you Kalbi later. If you guys are really hungry, we’ll stop at the mini mart for 5 minutes”

“I wonder why he wants to see us in such time” Jaejoong mumbles to himself while looking at his watch. It’s almost 8 pm.

“I bet it’s about Eunhye nuna” Changmin whispers to Junsu who nods in agreement.


To be continued...



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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 2

Post by viola501 on 7/10/2009, 5:33 am

Chapter 2 - B


Don't forget to leave comments ^^


At the other side of Seoul, a mini press conference is held in a hall of a grand hotel. It’s Yoon Eunhye’s first press conference with her new agency – SM Entertainment.

It’s 10 minutes to 5:00 pm. And the media are all gathering here. Some staffs are still busy with arranging everything in order before the celebrity and her team together with the big chief of SM will show up.

At 5:00 pm. The punctual Yoon Eunhye shows up. She looks tired because she come straight here right after finishing her CF filming yet she’s still cheery. Eunhye who always knows her manner well thanks the media and staffs for the trouble and apologize for keeping them waiting.

When Eunhye already stands by, Shin Sung Min, the Chief Supervisor of SM Entertainment appears at almost 5:30 pm. and then the press conference is officially on.

Shin Sung Min is a serious-looking man in late 30s. He has slightly grey hair and mustache. He’s said to be the right hand of the President and has high possibility to be appointed as the Vice-President in the near future.

“Anyeonghaseyo, Yoon Eun Hye imnida. I’m appreciated all your attention. Thank you for coming here” Yoon Eunhye gives the beginning speech for the conference. “As the news state, I have signed a contract with new agency and now SM Entertainment is my label. I and SM represent, Shin Sung Min-sshi will try to answer all your questions”

Q.1 – There are so many companies racing for you, why SM? Is it because higher payment?

YEH: “Oh, I’m not so greedy like that!” she quickly said “Of course as a worker, I want high payment. But money isn’t the important part in my decision. Why SM? Since I debuted, I always have close relationship with SM artists like H.O.T., Shinhwa and S.E.S. they are all great sunbaes that I highly respect. Moreover, I think I can be certain that SM will help me grow much more both in my skills and my mentality.”

Q.2 – Since SM is famous for their music more than acting, will we see you sing again? Or you are going to concentrate on acting?

YEH: “Yes, I may sing and dance again, but I still don’t give up on acting yet.

"Before I featured in Mighty Mouth oppas debut song “Saranghae”, I left musical interest for more than 3 years. But when I sing with them and work with them, just make me realize how much I love singing and how much I miss performing on stage.

“Since debut I have always been working. I lived with my band mates and staffs more than with my family. I spent time in recording rooms, rehearsal rooms, in foreign countries and even on stage much more than with my family and friends. I sometimes feel like my youth and teenage life has been taken away from me by my love for music. And that’s why I didn’t think that I’d comeback as a singer and move on to acting. But now, I think I’m ready to get back to my root again.”

Q.3 – Some people say that you are more like an actress than a singer. What do you think?

YEH: “This may sound weird but I think it’s funny. 4 years ago, when it was revealed that I was cast as Shin Chae Gyung in Goong, people also said that I was more like a singer than an actress and that I should stick with singing career. But now they say completely opposite thing when it just 4 years passed. Anyway, I am glad that I have secured my status and get recognization as an actress.”

Q.4 – Are you going to stay with SM for 2 years only?

YEH: “I can’t give you a certain answer for this question. It’s a 2-year-contract but will I re-sign it or not depends on what will happen in the future.”

SSM: “We are also still unsure about this. I think it all depends on the future. But of course, we hope Yoon Eunhye-sshi will re-sign with us.”

Q.5 – Back then, you were so popular in variety shows, you were often said to be the blue chip in variety shows. Do you have any intention to appear in variety shows again after almost 4 years since X-man?

YEH: “Oh, kamsahamnida. Yes, I do consider of guesting in some variety shows. But due to my busy schedule and my health condition, I barely have enough time to show up.”

SSM: “We do want Yoon Eunhye-sshi to appear in variety shows again. But that also depends on her future plans and other stuff.”

Q.6 – Is there going to be Yoon Eun Hye and Dong Bang Shin Ki collaboration?

YEH: “I don’t think I have the privilege to answer this question.” she turn to Shin Sung Min.

SSM: “According to the petition last winter, we are aware that many fans want to see their collaboration, but it’s also contingent on both parties.

“Right now, other petition couples such as Bae Seul Gi & Choi Si Won and Dana & ERU have confirmed that they are willing to do the collaboration. But there are also couples like Ayumi & Kangta and Dong Hae & BoA that denied doing any collaboration due to their busy schedule and we have to accept their answer.

"Then there are some couples that still unstable and can not give the certain answer. Yoon Eun Hye & DBSK is the latter case. We will make the announcement later when everything is clear.”


The Press Conference went pass smoothly. The media asked them like a million questions and took tons of pictures, but eventually they were satisfied with the information they got and went back.

When Eunhye went to another room next to the hall and prepared to leave, Shin Sung Min approaches her.

“Kamsahamida, Shin Sung Min-sshi” Eunhye bowed down to the elder “I’m looking forwards to working with you and everyone at SM Town”

“Eunhye-sshi, don’t leave yet. You have to come with me first”


“Lee Soo Man sanseng-nim wants to have a word with you” Sung Min said, looking at his pocket watch.

“But it’s almost 8:00 pm. now” Eunhye also looked at her wrist-watch.

“I know, but he insists to meet you right after the press conference” with his serious look, she knows he isn't the type of men who will accept ‘No’ for an answer.

“Harasso, please wait for a moment. I need to make some phone calls first”

They arrive at the ‘Head Quarter’ at 8:30 pm. The night maybe young but Eunhye is very tired. She needs a hot shower and a long undisturbed sleep. But she knows that she shouldn’t refuse the SM chairman’s request of speaking to her.

Shin Sung Min brings her & her manager to a guestroom. It’s like a big living room for the guests to wait for the chairman. He gestures them to sit down and then walk off the room again.

“Oppa, what do you think? Why does he want to have a word with me at this time?” Eunhye asked her manager, Park Geun Soo.

“I’m not sure, Eunnie. But I guess he want to talk to you about your next project” Geun Soo answered “I know you’re tired. You did a very good job today. I am proud of you” he gently brushes hair out of her face. Park Geun Soo is like a big brother to her. He isn’t just a manager but more like a part of her family. His wife is also very close to her family as well. He’s been with Eunhye since she’s still in BabyVOX, so sometimes he can’t help but still see her as a cute little girl, not a grown lady she is now.

“Stop it, oppa. You’re making me blushed” she laughably said.

Just then, the door bangs open again and the parlor is full of noise and crowd.

With a glance, Eunhye quickly stands up to greet the new comers. They also froze and went silent when they realize that there are also other people in the room.

“Nuna!” Yoochun shouted with surprise, the potato chip he hold in the mouth fall to the floor “What are you doing here?”

“Aish…Park Yoochun! Where have your manner gone?” Bo Sok scolded at him, shaking his head and then turn to Eunhye “Anyeonghaseyo, Yoon Eunhye-sshi, I’m Kang Bo Sok, DBSK’s manager” Eunhye bows to him.

“Anyeonghaseyo, Kang Bo Sok-sshi, Yunho-sshi, Yoochun-sshi, Jaejoong-sshi, Junsu-sshi, Changmin-sshi” she greets all of them, then introduce them to her manager “this is my manager, Park Geun Soo” both managers bow to each other and shake hands.

“Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too”

Eunhye notices that all of them holding at least one bag of snacks, candies and/or chocolates. Some of them have a drop of chocolate or a bit of chips on their face.

‘Midnight snacks huh?’ Eunhye giggles with herself.

The DBSK also greet their sunbae and her manager. Yunho steps up to shake hands with her “Nuna, it’s been a while” Eunhye shakes his hand and smiles widely back when she saw a drop of something on his chin. Probably the Choco Pie. Laughing

Eunhye unconsciously wipes that whit away from his face with her hand causing Yunho to taken aback by surprise. Both of them are blushing, Yunho – because of the shyness that she just touched him and the embarrassment that he has a fraction of snack on his face, Eunhye – because she just recognize that Yunho doesn’t like to be touched by others, so she suddenly feels sorry and awkward. The rest are watching them attentively.

“Nuna, why are you here anyway?” Yoochun repeats his question without knowing the situation, Junsu turn to look at him with annoyance. But before Eunhye get a chance to answer him, the door opens again. Shin Sung Min pops his head in.

“Ah! You guys are here already. Good! All of you please come with me” although confused, they all follow him to the President office.


To be continued...



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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 3

Post by viola501 on 7/11/2009, 10:19 pm

Chapter 3


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It’s been more than 2 months since the press conference, but there's still no news or confirmation about DBSK + YEH collaboration.

Yoon Eun Hye didn't even show up in SM Family Christmas concert as everyone expected. Leaving a large number of fans disappointed. There is absolutely no news, no confirmations, no schedules… just purely nothing.

Although everyone thought since she switched her label to SM Entertainment, they would have a project together for sure, but since there’s no news, many rumors have spread.

Yoon Eunhye is known to be in good term with Sunday, Stephanie, and Dana of CSJH, while there’s also rumor about adding another member to the Grace, many think that could be Yoon Eunhye not a newbie.

Even though Yoon Eun Hye has wide range vocal that allow her to use many kinds of voice -- husky, bubbly, high-pitched, etc. Many still think that her voice is too weak to stand alone. So no one expect her to be a soloist.

Besides, she is known to be able to sing a cappella (singing without music) and ballad better than singing pop or hip hop which were always Baby V.O.X.'s main genres, so her vocal ability will fit the Grace band perfectly. Also her name is Eunhye (literally translated as "Grace"). ^_^

Another rumor states that Yoon Eunhye will be a part of a collaboration duo between Korea and Japan, together with Japanese rising star, Koda Kumi. Some said it’ll be a trio collaboration of South Korea, Japan and Taiwan with S.H.E. member, Hebe Tien from Taiwanese party.

Nevertheless, in Valentine's Day, a new acappella single called 'One Step at a Time' was released from SM Town with anonymous male and female singers. It was a special song for Valentine's Day.

'One Step at a Time' is a song telling a story of soft love with the light-hearted feeling. Its meaning was to tell that true love doesn't always have to be striking like 'love at first sight' or passionate like 'forbidden love'. Sometimes, love comes softly. So if you are in a relationship, you don't have to rush it or devote to it too much, you may just take it step by step.

With great vocals blend together, catchy tone and deep meaning, 'One Step at a Time' is climbing quickly to the top of every chart, even if no one knows who the singers are.

However, even the lack of mentioning the singers, the die-hard fans immediately recognize that the male parts of the song was sang by DBSK boys, but who the mysterious girl is.

Many guess, logically, that the female part was sung by none other than Yoon Eunhye, but they have never thought she would be capable of singing with such a powerful trembling voice which can be considered, without doubt, as the female Xiah Junsu.

Although, many fans have guessed correctly, no confirmation is revealed. Until the song hit number 1 spot at the top chart next week, SM finally reveals that the singers really are DBSK and Yoon Eunhye, which are now under the project name of DBSK V.

They explain that 'V' stands for Venus; one of Eunhye's known nicknames among the Netizens.

Moreover, since Venus is the Goddess of Beauty from Western (Greek/Roman) and DBSK are the Gods from Eastern, they think this name will fit perfectly. And they also released their first single on "Valentine's Day".

They also state that this special song is a piece of art, created by DBSK V themselves. Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu composed the song, Max Changmin and Yoon Eunhye wrote the lyrics, and Micky Yoochun rearranged the song.

And to everyone's surprise, in the White Day (14th March), they also release a pop ballad version of 'One Step at a Time' which added U-know Yunho rap lyric, together with the official Music Video.

The MV still remains the light-hearted concept which is very similar to DBSK's first MV - Hug. And in this MV shows audiences the first time of Eunhye’s another skill of playing acoustic guitar.

Their collaboration immediately became a hot topic everywhere. Everyone is anticipating on their work and also stunned by Eunhye's great vocal ability. So when her former band mates Shim Eunjin and Kan Miyoun, who were argued to be the best singers of the group BabyVOX at that time, attend a fashion event together, the reporters rush to ask them about their maknae's new project.

"Have you two listened to the song 'One Step at a Time' yet?" He asked.

"Yes, we have."

"What do you think? Eunhye-sshi really makes everybody shocked by her improvement in her vocal"

"Actually, Eunhye is a very good singer." Eunjin said "but she didn’t receive much opportunities nor attentions nor praises, so she tended to lose her confident about her voice easily"

"When we were deciding about the disbandment, I always nudged her to continue singing" Miyoun added "We always take note of her singing ability, and I really think if she put hard effort, she can be successful with singing career. So I'm very happy that she’s going to sing again"

"We (former BabyVOX members) are very happy when we heard from her that she's going to sign with SM" Eunjin stated "We know that SM family will take care her well and help her bring out her best potential"

"Are you still close?"

"Yes, we are still very close. We'd been together for more than 7 years after all." Eunjin frowned, she felt like it's an insult to say that they're no longer intimate just because they disbanded.

"Although, we haven't seen together in public, we do meet up a lot" Miyoun explained.

"Now there are S.E.S. Reunion and Fin.K.L. Reunion, is there going to be BabyV.O.X. Reunion as well?" the reporter continued without any sign of remorse.

"I really hope to have a reunion even if it's just for 2 hours, but all of us are so busy. So let that depends on the hand of fate" Eunjin said

"Do you have anything to say to Eunhye-shi?"

Eunjin turn to face the camera directly.

"Eunhye-ah, you're doing really great. Onnis are so proud of you. And we will always support you. BTW we know you're super busy, but give us a call more often. Then we'll have a drink together. Harasso?"

"Miyoun-sshi, say something to your dongsaeng."

"Can I say something to the DBSK instead?" Miyoun asked the reporter.

"Neh, sure!" she turned back to the camera.

"Dong Bang Shin Ki~ you maybe younger but please take care of our dongsaeng, she's still little and don't let her overuse her body. And please take care of your health too."

"DBSK V. Hwaiting!!!" Both ladies shout and wave to the camera.


To be continued...



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So true YEH has an angelic voice, I believe she could be the femal Junsu oneday. Very Happy

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hey N' Pa!
You're here as well! Fighting!


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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 4

Post by viola501 on 7/14/2009, 7:17 am

Chapter 4


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Youngwoong Jaejoong secretly observes their pretty label mate who is now also his band mate through the reflection in the mirror. And he saw that the DBSK leader U-know Yunho doing the same thing at his left side. The stylists are busy setting their hair.

Sure enough, Yoon Eunhye is very pretty and very talented, but she isn’t a total babe or that drop-dead gorgeous. However she has this kind of unexplainable aura that makes she’s so beautiful from inside out and shines so brightly. In his entire life, Kim Jaejoong has never met a girl like her before. She truly is special. No wonder everybody adores her so much.

They have been working together for barely 3 months and he already feel comfortable around her, although unlike the other boys in his group; he has never befriend with her before.

After the meeting with Lee Soo Man, within a week, DBSK have to move back to live in SM dorm to work in this project group. Eunhye also moves in to the dorm, staying with her friend and now label mate, Ayumi Lee at 9th floor. They normally use 14th floor, which is where DBSK’s ‘house’ located as the ‘work area’. After working with her just for a week, Jaejoong believe all of them were surprised how talented Yoon Eunhye actually is. Many antis said she is overrated. But he and the others, on the contrary, think she is always underestimated.

He, like everyone else, was surprised with the petition’s result. Of course, he knows Yoon Eunhye and she knows him. They know each other but never have a chance to get close. Although Jaejoong consistently hears the praises of her by plenty of his friends and co-workers, including one of his closest best friend, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong. But what surprised him more is the fact that, there are already fan clubs, FAN CLUBS with the capital S, of Yoon Eunhye x DBSK. And there’re even spin-off ones like YunHye/EunHo, YooHye/EunChun and JaeHye/EunJae.

He wasn’t much of surprise with YunHye and YooHye ‘coz Yunho and Eunhye worked together in X-man before, and Yoochun is her junior at University. But him! Kim Jaejoong! They have never ever acquainted before, but how come there’re JaeHye fan club?

Jaejoong done thinking, he moves his eyes to watch the others.

The other 3 DBSK boys are having a rest since they are already dressed up for the upcoming interview. Junsu is on the phone with his twin brother, Kim Junho, Yoochun is using the laptop and Changmin is leaving for the restroom. While the only female celebrity in this dressing room, who is also ready for the event, is doing ‘that thing’ again.

“Done!” After the final hair spray, the stylists leave them sitting there, waiting for the upcoming interview. Yunho brushes his hair aside, still watching the S-line figure in the reflection. Jaejoong is also.

While they’re silently watching her, the cell phone in her hand finally rings.

Eunhye springs up to her feet from the couch and runs out of the room before answering the phone call. “Hello~” the door swings back and forth behind her.

“Eunhye-ah, hurry up. You’re going to have an interview” Park Geun-soo shouted after her, wiping the sweat out off his bald head.

“Neh, oppa!” she shouted back. The door stops swinging, blocking his view of her sweet face.

“Hey Yunho,” Jaejoong called the person sitting next to him, who’s still not taking his eyes off the closed door.

“Hmm?” Yunho responded nonchalantly.

“Does your nuna have a boyfriend?”

“Eh?” Yunho immediately turns to face him “How would I know? And why do you ask, hyung? You like her? You can’t! She’s our nuna! Please don’t hyung, I already have Yoochunnie to handle!”

“Aish, seriously… Did I say I like her? Calm down leader! I just ask out of curiosity! Coz she always doing that” Jaejoong said “And what do you mean about Yoochunnie? He’s wooing her?”

“I guess he’s just in his ‘Playboy’ mode, hyung. And yeah, I notice that too… Should I ask?”

“Ask what?” the mentioned playboy joins their conversation, he springs up to sit on Jaejoong’s vanity table, right in front of the mirror.

“Ask if you could move your ass off! You’re blocking my view!” Jaejoong annoyingly said. Micky shrugged it off, not moving his butt.

“From my experiences, I’m 90% sure that she’s talking on the phone with a lover.”

“You’ve been eavesdropping us too?!”

“How do you know?”

Once again, Micky Yoochun chose to ignore the mother’s scold and answer the father’s question.

“Hyung, anyone with eyes could tell”

Yunho gazes up at the door another time. Micky is right; anybody with eyes could tell that their nuna has a boyfriend. And right at this moment, she’s talking on the phone with him. The door flung open again when Changmin is back from the toilet.

All 3 of them could see her cheery face and glittering eyes when she’s giggling to someone on the phone. Yunho narrowed his eyes.

He signals the maknae to join them. Junsu is still on the phone with his twin, not knowing the situation at all.

“Changmin, who’s she talking to?” Jaejoong asked. Changmin frowned.

“Hyung, who ever she’s talking with is none of our business” he said.

“Yah, Shim Changmin! I’m your hyung!” Jaejoong scolded at his dongsaeng.

“Did you know something Minnie? Come on. Tell us!” Yoochun induced.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Aish, this kid really… Just tell us!” Yunho lost his patience. Changmin hesitated and then sighed deeply.

“Fine! I don’t know who’s she talking to, but I guess it’s a guy. She calls him “Oppa”.”


“Hey! Do I look like an eavesdropper? I just went straight here and I didn’t pay attention to her phone call”

“What are you guys talking about?” Junsu finally hang up and join their group. All of them turn to look at him.

“Watch out!” Micky said.

“What hyung? What did I do wrong?”

“Not you, Pabo! Geun Soo hyungrim is looking this way” Yunho looked up in the mirror again. Eunhye’s manager is really looking at them with a frown on his face. Park Geun Soo pushed his glasses up in the gesture of suspicion.

He’s worried. Although they try to keep the voice down, but he’s not sure if anyone could have heard their conversation and what they are going to think about it. But then he just walks out of the room. Yunho sigh in relief.

Eunhye finally hang up. She walks back in the dressing room with a big smile and much brighter aura.

“Noonim~” what a busy day! The door flung open again when a tall figure makes his way inside the dressing room. Eunhye turns back just in time the intruder gives her a big bear hug. “I miss you~” and kissing her cheeks roughly. Everyone’s eyes bulge out.

Ban Suk! What are you doing here?” Eunhye is obviously in shock. The intruder is very good-looking indeed, he is so tan, so muscular and wears a cap that covers almost half of his face. “I’m having an interview! Go home!”

“Yah! Is this what you supposed to say to a man that just got his MS break? I even come to see you before going home, and this is how you treat me?” he pulled back, pouted a little and pretended to be hurt.

“Harasso, harasso. Don’t be mad.” She patted his head even though he is much taller than her, but he acts like a puppy around her. His arms are still around her waist in term of possession “How do you know I’m here anyway?”

“I just talked to appa this morning” the teddy boy glances around and finally spots 5 guys staring at them “Wow! Isn’t that DBSK?” he exclaimed.

“Oh God! How rude I am!” Eunhye drag him to the 5 gods “Guys! This is my baby brother, Yoon Ban Suk” she introduced “and you already know their names, right?”

“Dangyunhaji! Anyeonghaseyo, thank you for taking care of my nuna” he smiles. Each of DBSK greets him nicely.

“And I thought another rival appears” Yoochun murmured

“Excuse me?” Eunhye asked, tilted her head aside

“Nothing!” Yoochun quickly replied, acting innocent.

“Hey kid! I’m the one you should thank!” Park Geun Soo joins them.

“Hyungrim!” Bansuk beams and bows to the manager “Of course, thank to you too, for taking care of my nuna”

“I like your Military look boy! You’re manly” he teases “When will you be released?”

Watching them closely like this, Jaejoong can see some similarities between the siblings. He sure is a hottie and seems to be very masculine and healthy. Bansuk is a 1987er; so he’s younger than all DBSK except for Changmin.

They chat a little more then Bansuk drags his sister away to have some private words

“Nuna, I have never had a chance to talk to you before this, but why do you agree on this project group? I thought you said you’re already fed up with crazy, evil, murderous fan girls” Eunhye sighed deeply with her brother’s question “I really thought you would definitely say no to this. You do really want to work with these hotties?”

“I didn’t” Eunhye replied.

“Then why?” he frowned with her answer.

“I’ll talk to you later okay? I’m having an interview in like… 10 minutes or so”

“Fine. But what does hyung say? He’s not going to like this, right?” Bansuk continued asking. “He’s the biggest jealous boyfriend”

“Yeah, he doesn’t like it. But what can he do now?” she smiled a little “Anyway, let’s talk later. Should I go home tonight or…”

“I’ll wait, nuna” Bansuk cut “When will you finish?”



To be continued...



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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 5

Post by viola501 on 7/15/2009, 11:45 pm

Chapter 5


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(A/N: This fictional interview took place around March 2009, so it's in the past)


The interview is set at one of MBC station. This interview will mainly focus on Yoon Eunhye, since it’s her comeback as a singer and a comeback project after almost 2 years.

Before recording, they rehearse the line a little but most of them will be adlibs because this section requires no script. They want it to be natural and sincere.

“Welcome to the show! I’m your host, General Shin Dong Yup. Today is very special! I’m honored to be the first person to interview them, DBSK V!” *clapping*

“Anyeonghaseyo, DBSK V imnidaaa!” all of them bowed to the camera.

They sit in (almost) the same position on the two-story-couch with Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and U-know Yunho sitting in the back and Micky Yoochun, Choikang Changmin and Eunhye in the front.

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the world’s smallest-faced leader, U-know Yunho.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the boy who is prettier than girls, Youngwoong Jaejoong.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the charismatic cherub, Xiah Junsu.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the dandy narcissist, Micky Yoochun.”

“Anyeonghaseyo, I’m the maknae who possess flagpole’s height, Choikang Changmin.”

The self-introductions so far cause great laughter from everyone in the studio. The boys said it but also feel embarrassed it themselves. Everyone is anticipating on how Eunhye will introduce herself.

“Anyeonghaseyo, Yoon Eunhye imniida.” Eunhye bowed down with calm face, the others put up disappointed faces.

Yunho, who sat right behind her, pushes her shoulder a little “Yah!”

“What is this? What is this? Aren’t we agreed to make it funny?” Xiah whined at her.

“It’s not funny, noona! Do it again” Max shook her right arm.

“What can I say? I have nothing to say.”

“Do you think I wanna call myself ‘narcissist’” Micky yelled at her.

“Noona, do it again. Do it again” Hero said.

The second attempt “Anyeonghaseyo, in the name of the chameleon-like girl, I’m the epitome of beauty, Venus Eunhye.” Eunhye flicked her hair but then covers her red face in both hands while everyone was laughing and squealing at this “Ottoke! That was so embarrassing.” She fanned herself rapidly.

Shin Dong Yup also laughs along with them “Ok, ok. We know you’re the beautiful swan. Hahaha.”

“Before we start, I want to ask Eunhye-sshi something first. How do you feel with the position arranging?”


“If I’m not wrong, this must be the first time you come to the show together with band mates since BabyVOX days, right?”

“Ah, yes, I see what you mean now. Back in BBV days, my position in the group always is in the middle, right?”

“Neh, do you feel weird?”

“A little, but it’s ok.”

“But I do feel weird now” Max butted in “Normally, I sit at the left and Jaejoong hyung always be the one in the middle”

“Oh, why don’t you two swap your position now?” he suggested, so they did swap.

“How do you feel now?”

Eunhye doesn’t know what to answer, so she stays quiet while Changmin said “More natural”

“It feels better this way” Micky said *laugh*

“Let’s talk about the name first ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki V.’. Why this name?”

“Actually, we also have thought about other names.” Yunho said “Since she is the Yoon Eunhye, we thought ‘Should it be DBSK Y.’ but I’m afraid they’ll translate it as Dong Bang Shin Ki - Yaoi” Yunho ’s ‘Y’ word crack everyone up.

“We want to use Eunhye noona’s nickname or stage name instead of her real name. Her most famous nickname would be So Nyuh Jung Sa (Young Girl Warrior), but we afraid that it may get easily duplicated with the So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation)” Yoochun added.

“There are also many other names we bear in mind like Chunsa or Angel but again, it might get duplicated with BoA (Best of Angel). So finally we decided to use V. which stands for many words related such as Venus, Valentine and V.O.X. (Voice of Expression)” Jaejoong continued.

“So this is the root of this name” Dong Yup nodded his head, understanding.

“Previously, Park Han Sung-shi interviewed DBSK. You said you are the closest one to Eunhye-sshi right?” He asked Yunho.

“Yeh” he nodded.

“Do you feel the same way Eunhye-sshi? That he’s the closest to you among these pretty boys” Eunhye thought carefully before giving the answer.

“Umm… I did have much more chance to get closer to him (Yunho) and Yoochun through other shows or works than with the other members, but to be honest, I feel personally closer to Changmin. Coz both of us are the far youngest in our groups. I understand how it’s like to be the maknae, with the pressure, the sunbaes and everything” after Eunhye finished talking, the UFO prince pretended to get up and bow down to her, then shake her hands with gratitude.

“Kamsahamnida!” he shed the imaginary tears.

“What about your ideal man?” he continued asking her “I recalled at around the petition’s time, there’s also a poll on ‘Who is the perfect guy for Yoon Eunhye?’ and Yunho also led with more than half of all the voters.”

“I was very surprised with the outcome actually. Since we barely have any kinds of link but fans already want me to couple him! Isn’t that too weird?” Eunhye fake frowning with Yunho nodding in agreement.

“I think people thought they would be very compatible because they do resemble each other in terms of attitude, manner and personality” Jaejoong, as the observer said. “They both are very mature for their age, well-mannered, very polite and humble and also very nice to the fans”

“To me, I think we are more like siblings than lovers” Yunho added “In my early debut, many sunbaes also said that we’re like brother and sister, especially with my old rabbit front teeth”

“Yeah, now you have very beautiful teeth” Dong Yup praised while Yunho made a big grin, showing off his perfect white teeth “Eunhye-ah, don’t you wanna fix your teeth too?”

“I give a thought about it a lot actually” she admitted “but I think it became one of my signature trademarks now and I’m also too afraid to undergo any big surgery, so I’d rather it to remain the same” she also smiled, showing her signature rabbit teeth.

“Back to the topic! If you said Yunho is more like a brother to you, then which member in the band, you think, is the perfect man for you? The one who is your type.” Eunhye was giving it a lot of thought, trying to answer the question honestly but also not creating any false scandal with her own band mates.

“I think it would be me” someone in the back said nonchalantly. All eyes dart to him and the speaker’s calm face starting to blush. Xiah Junsu held his head down with embarrassment. Youngwoong Jaejoong and U-know Yunho pretend to get up and leave their shy charismatic cherub behind.

“Oh my god! Did he just say that?” Eunhye covered her mouth while giggling. Yoochun stands up from his seat and bow to everyone.

“Ah sorry sorry. I’m very sorry on behalf of Junsu-shi”

“Please edit that part out” Changmin said, also standing.

“Junsu-ah! What did you just say?” Yunho teased the dolphin boy who covered his tomato-face in his hands. Even his ears are also bright red.

“Junsu-shi! What did you think to say it like that?” Dong Yup asked between his laugh.

“I think he got jealous of the others, so he has to find a way to create some scandal” Jaejoong told the host. Shin Dong Yup urged him to say more. So the pretty boy continued “You know, Yunho is very close to Eunhye noona, Yoochun is her dongsaeng at college, Changmin gets along very well with her because of their dogs and I’m also getting along well with her because both of us love cooking. So Junsu is the only one left” everyone nodded at Jaejoong’s explanation.

“Excuse me, I need some tissues” Junsu asked the staff, he’s sweating like crazy now. After Jaejoong hyung exposed everything like that, what can he do?!

“Actually, shouldn’t Eunhye noona be my pair?” Changmin asked it a-matter-of-factly. This time it’s the flagpole boy’s turn to get all eyes dart at him. Eunhye moved away from Changmin to Yoochun’s side like he’s growing 2 heads or something. Changmin then continued “Since there are already YunJae and YooSu couples and I’m always be the one left outcaste, if noona is going to couple someone, it should be me!” The boy reasoned.

This time Yunho played along with the maknae “So right now, in the DBSK V. household” he pointed at himself “I’m the father. Jaejoongie is the mother. Junsu is the eldest son…”

Junsu went on “Yoochun is my wifey. Changminnie is the youngest son…”

“And now Eunhye is the youngest daughter-in-law (my wife)” added by Max.

“Aren’t you going to ask my consent first?” Eunhye asked the boy sitting at her left.

“Or do you want to be the ajumma?” Yoochun nudged her from the right. Eunhye made a pout and wrinkled her nose at him.

“Hey, aren’t they compatible?” Jaejoong continued teasing Eunhye and Changmin.

“Neh” Yunho jumped in the teasing circle “you guys are (were) the maknae and also have the same taste in pet dogs anyway”

“I think there will be ChangHye / EunMin couple born now” Junsu also joined his hyungs, but seeing Eunhye’s meanie but cute glare at him, the dolphin boy reach over to pinch her bulging cheek to make her smile. The other boys also followed Junsu’s action, playing with her cheeks and pouty lips, saying “Don’t be mad, ajumma, don’t be mad” or “Smile please!” and the So Nyuh Jangsa finally crack up a smile. The watchers in the studio can’t help but also smile with them. Every girl would have been jealous of Yoon Eunhye’s position right now.

“First it’s Junsu and now Changmin. Did you flirt with every guy here?” Dong Yup kiddingly accused the chameleon girl “Choose one! And leave the other for other girls!” he pretended to lecture her.

Junsu flinched that the topic returns to him again.

“Wait Yunho! What did you just say about Changminnie and the dogs’ part?”

“They both have white female Maltese pet dogs” Yoochun explained it instead. “Their dogs also look alike very much” on the right side, you’ll see Junsu being relieved that the topic has changed.

“Oh really?”

“Yeh” both Maltese owners replied in unison but…

“But my Mang-Dongi is cuter” Changmin bluntly said with serious face, causing the others to crack up. “What?” the maknae turned to his laughing-like-crazy hyungs and tittering noona “Everyone knows that my Mang-Dongi is the best.”

“Oui, it sounds so weird” Eunhye mumbled, wiping some tears from laughter from her eyes. Shin Dong Yup decided to move on and asking Eunhye another question.

“Although you said you were the youngest in your group (BBV) but now in this group, you are the eldest!” Dong Yup pointed out.

“I can’t hide my age right? Hahaha. Well, it feels good to be the eldest sometimes when you always be the youngest. Mostly, I always be the younger ones everywhere I go”

“But although she’s older than us, she doesn’t act like one at all” Jaejoong disclosed “Eunhye noona does have childish quality that we sometimes feel like we are her oppas not dongsaengs”

“Ahh… yeah yeah. She really is childish sometimes” Shin Dong Yup agreed. Eunhye pretended to pout a little “Although it’s been almost half-year ago, but let’s talk about the petition. Were you surprised?” he asked Eunhye.

“Yes, a lot!”

“And here you are! Satisfy the fans with this collaboration!”

“Yeh, actually I have to give credit to my P.A. who insists me on doing this project with these guys” Eunhye smiled to the woman who stands aside. But with the camera’s angle, it just seem like she’s smiling to the audience.

“And this project group also marks your comeback to limelight after almost 2-year hiatus”

“That’s right. I have to thank all the fans who still are patient with me and 2009 will be the year that I repay all my fans’ kindness. Please look forward to it”

“The DBSK V. first single ‘One Step at a Time’ currently tops every chart right now too”

“Yeah, you can say that this is our first appearance for this project group and we can promise you that from now on you’ll see all of us till you get tired” Yunho said.

“I heard you guys are working on the album.” The boys nod “What’s the name of the album?”

“Umm… for the moment, we still don’t have the official name yet” Micky said “So we use the single’s name just for now”

“We’ll release our next single soon. Please look forward to it.”

“Will this remain the soft-hearted concept?”

“No, this time it’ll be dance single” Junsu answered “We try to make this album as versatile as we can with the concept of Maturity

“From sexy concept with Mirotic, now you want to move on being mature with the new album? Aishh… aren’t you guys too young?” the host teased “Lee Hyori is 30s but she’s still going for sexy concept. But just only 1 album, now you want to be mature already?” everyone just laugh at Shin’s remark but didn’t reply.

“Now, to the very last question” Shin Dong Yup is back to his professional mode “We also heard that DBSK and Yoon Eunhye will do a drama together. Can you clarify this rumor to us? Is it true?”

“Yes, it is” the manly leader answered.

“Can you tell us more about it?”

“To tell you the truth, we also don’t know much about it ourselves” Yunho said “except the fact that it would be SM Picture self-production. So you can expect a whole bunch of SM Family artists in this to-be drama”

Last words to the audiences:

“Thank you for always waiting and supporting us. We promise to always be growing and improving ourselves all the time” Yunho started then nudged the eldest to succeed.

“The viewers please watch out for colds in this winter. And I will also put my hardest effort to this comeback.” Eunhye continued. “We will strive to become the consistent and unfailing band. So I hope you will watch our development without any preconception. Kamsahamnida!”

They bowed their head to the camera once again and began the usual bully ritual.

“DBSK V.” Jaejoong yelled

“Fighting!!!” they all shouted in unison and made a fist.

“Choikang Changmin!” the mother continued.


“Yoon Eunhye!”


“Micky Yoochun!”


“U-know Yunho!”


“Youngwoong Jaejoong!”


“Dong Bang Shin Ki Venus!”

“Fighting!!!” 4 boys and a girl shouted for the final time and get up to leave the neglected one “Yeah!!!”

Junsu runs up to the camera and said it himself “Xiah Junsu, fighting!!!”


To be continued...



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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 6

Post by viola501 on 7/20/2009, 6:33 am

Chapter 6


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After the show finished, Bansuk, together with the other staff, walk to the DBSK V. He’s still very confused now. His sister said she didn’t want to work with them but she seems to be very comfortable around them. They were joking and teasing each other and it didn’t seem like an act at all. What’s the truth behind this? He’s got to figure it out or he won’t be able to sleep well tonight!

“Nuna, let’s go” Changmin holds on to his sister’s hand “We’re going to eat pizza tonight” Eunhye just opened her mouth to reply when her little brother reaches her.

“Sorry kiddo” Bansuk said to him, holding on to the other hand of Eunhye’s “She’s gotta come with me now” Changmin pouted.

“Why don’t you just come with us?” Yoochun suggested “We’re going to eat at Junsu’s place tonight”

“Kamsahamnida, but I need some sister-brother moment with my noona” he began dragging her with him but Max still not letting go. Since both boys are at about the same height, it seems like Eunhye was flanked by 2 flagpoles.

“What’s with that? She’s our member now. She’s gotta come with us” he dragged her to the opposite way.

Yah! Let go of my nuna’s hand, you Choiha Changmin!” Bansuk scolded at him possessively.

Yah! My name is Choikang Changmin, not Choiha (weakest). And you’re the one who should let go. She’s coming with us!” he screamed.

Eunhye also doesn’t know what to do. Seeing the situation getting worse with two boys, the other members jump in to help the girl.

Yah! You two cut it off. Don’t you see she not like it” Yunho scolded them, trying to unwrap Changmin’s grab out off Eunhye’s arm. Micky supposes to help unwrapping Bansuk’s grab, but then he get confused. Since the boy is her blood brother, doesn’t it mean he have all the right to hold on to his sister. But Yoochun’s thought were cut when Eunhye asked him for help.

“Yoochunnie! Get me out of here!” she cried out. Yoochun and Jaejoong shove the military boy away from her. Yunho and Junsu also manage to shove their maknae out of the way.

“Noona, are you ok?” Junsu went to her side to check her condition.

“I’m okay” she replied while massaging her shoulders.

Yunho is doing his leader job, lecturing two young boys. They held their head down with guilt. “Now you guys apologize to her.”

“Mianhe noona, I just want you to have dinner with us” Max apologized.

“It’s alright Minnie. But I can’t go with you tonight. Sorry.”

“Bwoh? Why?” Changmin started whining again.

“I’m sorry. I promised Bansuk that I’ll go with him tonight. See you tomorrow, okay?”

“Harasso” Changmin made a pout but gave in. Eunhye pinched his cheek.

“Don’t pout like that. It’s not cute when you have the flagpole height” Changmin just pout more and turn away to hug Junsu.

“Protect me, hyung! Nuna bullies me again!”

“Yah! With all the bullies I got, this is just nothing” everyone just laughs their heads off with the dolphin boy’s remark.

Eunhye waved goodbye to DBSK boys and followed her younger brother’s drag out of the studio.

“Eunhye ah! We have morning schedule tomorrow. So don’t drink much, harasso?” Jaejoong teased. Bansuk was surprised with him not only for teasing his sister informally but also calling her by her name only without the honorific, but he decided to keep quiet.

Shut up, blondie!” she snapped back. They all laugh out loud and seem to adore her a lot. They walk out with their team.

When they’re at their vehicles, Eunhye turns to her crews.

“Geun Soo oppa, Yong Ae onni, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you very much for to day” she thanked her manager and personal assistant consecutively.

“We have the shows at 9, so I’ll pick you up at 7 am. Okay?” Geun-Soo said. But Eunhye rejected it.

“It’s okay. I’ll go with the boys. You go ahead. I’ll see you at the station by 8 o’clock.”

“Arasso. See you then” they bid goodbye and Eunhye followed her younger brother to his car. Yoon Bansuk kept quiet all this while.

“Bansuk ah, are you mad at me?” she asked. Seeing him still being silent and only concentrate on driving makes her feel a little nervous.

“Aniyo.” He replied.

“Then why don’t you talk to me? Didn’t you just say you miss me?” Eunhye is using her cutie attack again. Who could possibly resist that? Bansuk immediately become soften.

“It’s not like that. I’m just curious.” He said “You said you didn’t want to do project with them, but you seem to getting along so well with them. What exactly was going on?”

“Well, I said I didn’t want to, but I do now” she smiled.


“It started like this”


*The day Lee Soo Man had a meeting with both parties*

“Well, kids, that’s all I have to say to you. Think about it” Lee Soo Man crossed his leg, glancing all of them across his desk. “I expect a certain answer by tomorrow. Sleep on it.” Eunhye was too stunned to find a word. But looking around, she wasn’t the only one. The Dong Bang Shin Ki boys also were shocked by their producer’s decision.

“What are you waiting for? It’s late now! Go home and sleep on what I said!” he said cheerfully.

Eunhye’s manager touched her elbow to signal her to come with him. Eunhye snapped back and bowed to her sunsaeng-nim before walking out of the room. DBSK were still there, making eyes contact with one another in question. Yunho finally did his members a favor asking their producer.

“Sunsaeng-nim, are you serious?”

“Yah! Do I look like I’m kidding here?” the chairman retorted. “I respect your opinions, as well as Eunhye’s decision. So I’ll accept whatever you say.”

“But you’re our producer and supervisor anyway. We gotta do whatever you prefer, aren’t we?” Junsu said.

Yah! Yah! Yah!” he scoffed “You whined when I don’t listen to you, and now you whine when I do. Aishh… these kids really…”

“But sunbae-nim, why us?” Jaejoong is honestly curious “I heard Siwon and Bae Seul Gi only have a few duets and a couple of photo shoots together. What’s with a movie and a full album with us and Eunhye-sshi?”

“Don’t you guys like it?” LSM retorted back “If this project pulls through, it’ll raise both Eunhye’s and your public profile. Then you can try on going solo if you like.”

An tuay yo!!!” Changmin screamed “We’ll be together forever. We’ll never disband”

“Who said anything about disbanding? Haven’t you learn anything from this industry? Admit it boys, sooner or later, you would want to make your own path. You can stay as the legendary DBSK forever, just like Shinwha, but don’t you see that your sunbaes also make their own path now” the young boys held their heads down “I know we love saying ‘We’ll be together forever’ ‘We’ll never be apart’ and stuffs, but you should be wise enough to know that it ain’t true by now” Seeing the boys still frustrated, he sighed. “Alright! Whatever! Just give it a thought, ok? And tell me your decision tomorrow. Now leave, I have another meeting to deal with”


Eunhye just got out of the SM President’s office when someone almost knocked her down by jumping on her and hugged her tightly.

“Onni~” that girl squealed.


“Onni, I heard you switch label to SM, right? It’s so great! Now we are in the same agency!” Sunday, the Grace fired off. Being the taller, Eunhye looked across her heads and saw Sunday’s band mates followed behind her. She greeted all of them with Sunday still locking her grip around Eunhye’s waist.

“Eunhye onni, what are you doing here so late anyway?” Dana asked.

“I just finished my meeting with Lee Soo Man sunsaeng-nim and the Dong Bang boys” she told them.

“Oh! So it’s true huh? That you’ll have a project with them” the eldest Lina said.

“Umm…Honestly, onni I still don’t know it myself” Eunhye replied “Wait! Aren’t you guys supposed to be in Japan right now?”

“Yeah, but something occurred and we had to come back.” Dana told her sadly.

“What’s wrong?” the Grace girls exchange some glances and Stephanie finally answer her sunbae’s question.

“I hurt my hips, and now all the schedules had to be cancelled till I recover” she said sadly. Lina put her arm around dongsaeng’s shoulder.

“Oh! I’m really sorry!” Eunhye really felt bad coz she knew Stephanie love to dance, and her hips problem may prohibit her to ever dance again.

“It’s okay onni. We will prepare our next album in the mean time” Stephanie said with bright smile.

When their conversation came to this point, the office door opened once again and the DBSK stepped out of the room, together with their manager.

“Ah! You guys are back!” Kang Bo Sok greeted the girls. The label-mates greet each other a little.

“You should go inside now” Yunho told the CSJH “Lee sunsaeng-nim is expecting you.”

“Harasso” they replied and walked through the Chairman’s office door that Micky opened for. Sunday was the last one left holding on to Eunhye.

“Eunhye onni, are you free tomorrow?” Sunday asked “Let’s have a date!” she playfully said.

“Yah! Bora-sshi! I never know you swing that way” Junsu said teasingly. While Jaejoong yelled “Get going now! Sunsaeng-nim is waiting”

“Fine” she pouted and gave Eunhye a peck at her cheek then left.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” Eunhye said nicely. Jin Bora gave a wide smile at her sunbae and closed the door behide her.

DBSK and Eunhye are left in awkward situation once again.

“Err… bye nuna, see you tomorrow” Yoochun eventually broke the awkward silent.

“Yeh! Goodnight noona” Yunho said and bowed to her manager “See you tomorrow”

“Goodnight then” Eunhye said and took off with her manager.

“Eunhye, what do you think?” Park Geun-soo finally asked when they reached the van.

“I don’t know oppa. What do you think?” she asked back.

“If you’re asking me, I’ll definitely take this offer” he said without looking at her. His eyes still focused on the road.

“Why? Don’t you think it’ll be a suicidal mission to accept this offer?” she referred to DBSK’s hardcore Cassies.

“Please! The fans love you. You don’t even have any hot links with them and they already approved of you coupling with them” Eunhye sighed.

“I need to discuss it with Yong Ae onni and oppa first.”

“Whatever you want, my little angel”


Kim Yong Ae is Yoon Eun Hye’s personal assistant and advisor, and also her stylist sometimes. You’ll be able to see her around Eunhye everywhere she goes as one of the staff. She is one of the secret behind Yoon Eunhye’s success with her sharp wit in dealing with troubles, her high taste in fashion, her prudential vision and her loyalty and trust towards the girl. Besides her manager and law counselor, Park Geun-Soo, Eunhye always consult with her before making any big move. And this one sure was a very big decision she had to make.

They sat together at Eunhye’s dining table in her mansion. Kim Yong Ae sat next to her while Geun-Soo sat across the table.

“Hmm… let’s see” Yong Ae rubbed her chin “Lee Soo Man handed you a collaboration with DBSK. If you say YES, he needs at least a self-produced full album and a drama and/or movie, along with tons of photo-shoots. Am I correct?”

“Yeh.” Eunhye and Geun-Soo replied.

“The good thing is this project will mark your comeback as a singer gracefully and also raise your public profile even higher, but the bad thing is you obviously tend to be the target of murder for millions of jealous fan girls”

“That’s right” said Geun-Soo.

“Not only fan girls” Eunhye said “Oppa will kill me if he knows I’ll accept this. You know how he’s like.”

“Eunhye-ah, if you really want to grow more, you can’t always think about how your boyfriend would feel” Geun-Soo said endearingly “The fans took notes about it, you know? They noticed that from all the kissing scenes in all 3 of your dramas, they seemed like forced kisses. Don’t let your private life interfere with business.”

“And it’s not like you two are going to announce your relationship in any time soon” Yong Ae pointed out “You both still have so much ahead of you.”

“So you want me to say yes?”

“Aha” Yong Ae nodded.

“And what about the death threat?”

“Oh come on Eunnie! Didn’t you see the petition? 60% of those letters were sent to support you to be with them! Not 60% of DBSK’s but 60% of over all!!! You have lovers more than antis for sure. Don’t worry about it”

“But still…”

“In the end, it’s all your choice, Eunhye. But I do think you should do this project, not only for your career, but also for yourself. Think about it”

Eunhye seemed to be in her own thought for a couple of minutes before finally opened her mouth again.

“So both of you want me to do it?”

“Yes” Eunhye sighed and pulled out her cellphone.

“I should call oppa then”

“What for?”

“Well, if I’m going to work with 5 hottest guys in Asia, I’d better tell him myself before he get to know it from others” she winked and dialed her jealous boyfriend’s number.

“I can’t wait to see that boy’s reaction” Geun-Soo gossiped to Yong Ae who had a big grin on her face “It would be priceless to see his jealous face” Yong Ae nodded in agreement, her smile didn’t fade away.

“Too bad he’s out of the country right now.”


Lee Soo Man hung up the phone. The satisfied smile plastered his face and didn’t fade away when one of his second-in-commands asked for the answer.

“So they say yes?” Kim Young Min guessed. His Chairman nodded. “I know they will”

“Now we only have to wait for the other side” Shin Sung Min, the other second-in-command said. His statement made the SM founder’s smile fade a little. Before anyone said anything more, his phone rang once again. Lee Soo Man looked at the caller’s number, and then put his index finger at his mouth, signaling 2 best men to keep quiet.

The 2 Mins hold their breath and crossed their fingers for the best luck.

Finally, their big boss hung up. He didn’t even try to hide his satisfaction.

“Eunhye also say yes” he announced.

3 grown men soundlessly did some celebrating dance


To be continued...



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Wah!!!! Where are my readers?!? Crying or Very sad
Make me thinking if I should delete this...
seem like no one is reading it anyway :sad:

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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


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“So that’s why you ended up working with them” Bansuk brood over it “It seemed to me like Hyung and Nuna forced you to, huh?” he chuckled.

“Kind of” she said “I was really hesitant at first, but later we started to get along pretty well” Bansuk parked the car in front of a beautiful upper-class restaurant and helped his noona out of the car. Together, they stepped inside the almost empty restaurant.

The man in late 50s, who seemed to be the owner, looked up to see the newcomers. When he saw who’s just entering, a big smile plastered on his face.




After so many hugs and kisses, the siblings finally get some private space in Bansuk’s room. Bansuk is on the bed, lying on his stomach while his sister is sitting on the floor, choosing a CD out of the shelf to put into the stereo.

“So?” he asked.

“So… what?” Eunhye pretended not knowing what he means.

“So what’s happening next that made you do want to work with those pretty boys now”

“Well” Eunhye pulled out Big Bang’s Volume 2: Remember out of hundreds of CDs on the shelf “It was after I moved into SM dormitory that we started to get a lot closer” she inserted the CD in the player, within a few minutes the Intro – Everybody Scream was played.


“I think it’s all done now.” Ayumi said to her new roommate, wiping sweat out off her forehead. She just finished helping her friend load everything into the room. “Want some drinks?”

“Sure!” Eunhye sank into the couch, heap tiring. She closed her eyes but didn’t fall asleep. She heard Ayumi put down a glass on the coffee table in front of her. “Can’t believe I’m living in a dorm again at 25” Eunhye drained the orange juice off in one shot.

“Hey! What do you mean by that?” Ayumi scolded “I’m also 25, you know?”

“Hey! I didn’t mean that” Eunhye put her arms around the Japanese-Korean artist. She pressed her face against Ayumi’s blossom cheek and said in Japanese “Don’t be upset Ayumi-chan”

“Yah! I never know you two like it that way.” Han Kyung said teasingly seeing two girls hugging each other tightly. He was around this morning when Eunhye loaded her stuff, so as a gentleman, although they weren’t so close, he helped her loaded everything into their mutual friend’s room.

“Shut up!” the girls yelled in unison.

“You are just jealous of me right, Han Kyung?” Eunhye said in Chinese. She winked at him before pecking Ayumi’s cheek.

“Yah! Yah! Yah!” the boy made a face “Give me some honorific! I’m the sunbae or you are?”

“Me, of course” Eunhye switched back to Korean and said it as a matter of fact “I debuted way before you, dongsaeng”

“Aish… I’m done talking with you” the Chinese boy turned away.

“I guess his Korean isn’t fluent enough to do a word-fight with you” Ayumi said and two girl friends giggling and their laughter grew louder seeing Han Kyung pout at them.

“By the way” Ayumi started when she thought of something important “Aren’t you supposed to have a meeting with DBSK and Lee Soo Man sunsaeng-nim right about…now?”

Eunhye loosed her arms from the Japanese cutie and glanced at her watch. “Oh my god!” it’s 5 minutes past their meeting time. Her voice grew louder to be a scream “Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m late! Ottoke!” she flew around the room to gather all the documents and darted to the door but both foreigners grabbed her by the arm. Ayumi was at the left, Han Kyung at the right.

“Are you really going to go to the meeting in that?” Ayumi pointed at Eunhye’s casual sweater and shorts. Very improper clothing for their first official meeting as a project band.

“And you’re sweating like crazy now” Han Kyung added “At least take a bath first!” They dragged her to the bathroom and took the documents out of her hands.

“But I’m out of time!” she yelled at them, trying to get it back.

“The Queen is never late” the cutie honey smiley told her friend “Everybody is too early!”

And they pushed her into the bathroom, closing the door behind the CF ‘Queen’.


Lee Soo Man was tapping his fingers on the round conference table and consistently checking the clock. It’s more than 20 minutes later from the punctual time. He thought Yoon Eunhye is one of those big stars that not cocky and always full of themselves, was he wrong? Is she going to be like that cocky girl… aish… what was her name? That bad attitude girl that was so full of herself. Always late for everything and so over-bearing. Lee Soo Man shot a glance across the table to 5 boys and their manager sitting uncomfortably together like it was their fault that their new band mate is late.

Bo Sok!” he called “Where is she?”

Kang Bo Sok flinched ‘How was I supposed to know?’ he wanted to say that but actually, he’s supposed to know it. He called Park Geun Soo earlier, but it turned out that Eunhye will attend this meeting alone without her Personal Manager and PA.

Bo Sok fidgeted and cleared his throat before answering “I don’t know, sunsaeng”

“Maybe she got into something on her way here” Yunho tried to better the dim atmosphere.

“That’s right sunsaeng-nim” Jaejoong went on “Or maybe the traffic is terrible”

“Doesn’t she have a phone, then?” Lee Soo Man retorted. Everyone went quiet. They tried to reach her by the phone for almost half an hour, but her phone was still off. “And for your information” he added “She’s in the dorm now, it takes less than 5 minutes to be here”

Before the SM Chairman was going to continue complaining, someone knocked on the conference room’s door. The knocker didn’t wait for any reply, she just invited herself in. And like Ayumi said, the queen is never late, the others are too early!


Two girls, one Korean, one half-Japanese and one Chinese boy were running along the corridor to the big room at the end of the way. When they ran pass the secretary, she looked up and yelled after them.

“You’re late, Eunhye-sshi! They’re waiting”

“I know. I’m sorry” Eunhye answered between her breaths but didn’t stop running.

They stopped in front of the door, Ayumi spin her friend around to check the queen’s neatness and brush off some dust on Eunhye’s dress. Han Kyung also helped setting her messy hair.

“How do I look?” she asked the only boy there.

“Gorgeous.” Han Kyung assured her.

“Will you be angry at me if you were them?” Eunhye checked out the watch. She was 30 minutes late now.

“Maybe not if you smile at me instead of being oppress like this” Ayumi pinched her cheeks to force a smile.

“Don’t worry! We’ll go in there with you. And we’ll help you explain everything.” Ayumi soothed her friend’s nervousness “Remember! You’re not late, the rest are just too early.” She paused “And don’t forget to smile!”

“Arasso” Eunhye finally smiled.

“Yoon Eunhye, hwaiting!” the 2 foreigners made a fist. Eunhye also did the same.

“Fighting imniida!!!” before knocking the door and immediately went in.

Eunhye was wearing a beige long-sleeves boat-neck knee-length dress that was half-casual and half-formal. (A/N: Think of the one she’s wearing during Coffee Prince Press Conference) She manage to look very lively gorgeous and remorseful at the same time. Eunhye was like the shiny sun to that dull room. Everyone felt warm and happy at her appearance.

“I’m very sorry sunsaeng-nim” Eunhye bowed to the SM founder “I know I’m very late, I’m sorry”

“Please forgive her, sensei” Ayumi popped out behind her friend “Eunhye just moved in this morning. It was a chaos and we just forgot about the time and everything”

“Neh, sunsaeng-nim” Han Kyung also stepped out “We are very sorry. We came here as fast as we can. Please forgive Eunhye.”

“Harasso, harasso” Lee Soo Man’s anger was already gone since hello. “It’s okay Eunhye. It’s just a couple of minutes. Better late than never! And I wasn’t angry at all” he smiled tamely.

‘Liar!’ the other 6 persons in the room thought at the same time, but none dare to speak so ‘ 'I wasn’t angry at all?’ Then who’s the one PMSing over there 5 minutes ago?’ Yoon Eunhye’s happy virus did the magic again.

“Thank you Ayumi, Han Kyung. You may leave now” he told them. They waved to other label-mates artists at the table and disappeared. Eunhye invited herself to sit next to DBSK’s leader and put all her documents on the table. The DBSK boys turned to smile at her and turned back to their instructor.

“Just like what I told you last time, I want a full-length album with your own composing and writing at least half of all, and a drama. It’ll also be SM Picture first self-produced drama. But we’ll go no further in this until we got enough positive feedback about your collab. Now I want you to focus on the album first.” The big boss explained “Eunhye, you can work with them at their 14th floor room. I arranged everything already. This album better be a success, or I’ll kick someone’s ass. And here’s the list of the staff including directors, composers, choreographers and dancers that will be working with you, together with the details of this to-be album” he handed 6 sets of document to each artist.

Maturity?” Eunhye looked at the album’s concept and frowned. Chairman Lee nodded.

“Since not all Cassiopeian are your fans” he directly spoke to Eunhye “Neither all Neri are your fans” he turned to the 5 boys “We can’t and shouldn’t go for the sexy concept like ‘Mirotic’ one, unless you have a death wish” he smirked then went on. “With maturity concept, you can show them love without lust, a grown man’s love. It’ll be more developed and deeper than teenager’s point. Of course, you can have some sexy numbers in this album but it won’t be our main focus. Any questions?”

“Yes” Bo Sok said “What’s about the deadline?”

“There’s no rush but I want to release first single before Valentine’s” he’s brooding “I know DBSK still have some schedule and Eunhye also has some endorsements to fulfill, so just take your time. Oh! By the way, get yourselves a good project name too”


To be continued...



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viola501 wrote:Wah!!!! Where are my readers?!? Crying or Very sad
Make me thinking if I should delete this...
seem like no one is reading it anyway :sad:
There are don't delete it, I'm just too busy to comment >.<
I've to pratice now.

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Sachie wrote:
viola501 wrote:Wah!!!! Where are my readers?!? Crying or Very sad
Make me thinking if I should delete this...
seem like no one is reading it anyway :sad:
There are don't delete it, I'm just too busy to comment >.<
I've to pratice now.

cheers Thank you for reading and commenting
I won't delete this now Razz
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viola501 wrote:
Sachie wrote:
viola501 wrote:Wah!!!! Where are my readers?!? Crying or Very sad
Make me thinking if I should delete this...
seem like no one is reading it anyway :sad:
There are don't delete it, I'm just too busy to comment >.<
I've to pratice now.

cheers Thank you for reading and commenting
I won't delete this now Razz
Please continue supporting this
your welcome, I'll try to comment after every chapter..., but I'm entering Seoul infinite dream concert contest and I need to pratice that's why I'm so busy these days.

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Sorry for taking so long till this update Embarassed
I've been busy with my exams, and DBSK vs. SM issues just blew my writing mood away. But I think I'm okay now ^_^
So, I'll do double post today Very Happy Hope you will like it and comment!

BTW, if you want me to PM you when I update, please say so. Then I'll start the PM list Cool

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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 9

Post by viola501 on 8/5/2009, 8:04 pm

Chapter 8


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“I’m hungry” that’s the complaint from their maknae. Apparently, they were sitting here for too long with only a little progress. All the documents, the music sheets and the poems could be seen all over the place. Yunho glanced at the clock, it’s long passing their supposed dinner time, no wonder he also had a stomachache. And the mother of the group seemed to remember that the father has gastritis.

“I’ll cook some meals then” Jaejoong glanced at their leader with concern “Have you taken your pills today?”

“No, I totally forgot” he answered and with that answer, Junsu knowingly handed his bag to him. Yunho picked the tablets out of the little jar and threw them into his mouth.

“Any special orders?” the mother asked, intentionally direct his question to the only girl presented here, but Eunhye seemed to lost in her own thought with sheet in her hand. He sighed “Just eat Ramyun (Ramen) then” and he walked out to go to the kitchen. That’s when Eunhye snapped back.

“Do you need some help?” she asked.

“No, it’s okay Eunhye-sshi” he smiled and left the room.

“Speaking of pills” Yoochun turned to look at the noona from his Keyboard. The headphone was around his neck “Have you taken yours?”

“I don’t have it with me now” she replied “I’ll take it when I get back”

“I’ll go bring it here” Yunho offered, ready to leave “It’s not like it’s faraway anyway, just 5 floors down here.”

“No, it’s really alright. I’ll be fine” she smiled at him “Right now, I’m more worried about these songs”

They have spent a couple of days together like this to create an album. But apparently, they can’t even create a song for 5 boys and a girl. All the songs and melodies they had prepared for their next album were more suitable for boys as they’re not created for duets or for girl-boys singing. That’s why they have to work hard to make new ones. They were all sweating blood, but the one who was most stressful was none other than Yoon Eunhye.

Lee Soo Man had this whole floor newly re-built for them. This room is a lot wider than the boys remembered from the last time they stayed here. It’s more like a fancy mansion than a dormitory room. The best part of the floor is the room they’re currently sitting in, the ridiculously hugh working/office area. Lee Soo Man set 6 sets of computer and desk and Keyboard against the wall in the ‘U’ shape with big conference table in the middle with another 6 drawers. Before they moved in, it was clean and tidy like those you see in Furniture Store but now, just a few days passed, this place was covered with papers, both neatly ones and ripped / screwed up ones, bags and boxes of every kind of snack, their hi-tech devices and stationeries. With all these messy stuff, they still were unable to create a good debut song.

Obviously, one of the reasons is that, they were still very awkward toward each other. Eunhye is the type of girls that only act cute and bubbly with fellow girl friends but stay shy and reserved around unfamiliar male companions. So it’s hard for them to get along as quick as they want to. Besides, working with one of the best vocal group of Korea… maybe even the best of the world after she left her musical interest for several years also made her more tensed that she became very earnest and serious, which made them feel like she’s more of a co-worker not their band mate. Even Yunho and Yoochun were also nervous around her.

“Noona, try this one” Yoochun handed her his head phone. He’s been working at his Keyboard to make some rhythm and seemed like he had got a good one. Eunhye, who sat across the table had to walk to him and sat at Jaejoong’s now-available-seat. She closed her eyes to feel the music ran through her body. It’s a very sweet melody but it still sound monotone.

“I know it’s still not that good” he said like he can read her mind “But I think we can start from this”

“Hmm…” Eunhye bit her nails. It’s one of the bad habits she can’t seem to stop “It’s good, I think, but it’s too monotonous” she said her mind. Eunhye may not be the best singer or composer. However, her musical experience didn’t just start yesterday. She is indeed a very good musician. Instead of just read and play the music, Eunhye can feel the beat, the rhythm and the song through her mind, heart and body. And that natural talent of hers made her stands out in term of artist. “Yoochun, why don’t you add some spice into it. Make a chorus part” she suggested.

“I’m thinking that maybe I’ll take some parts from Jaejoong hyung’s ‘number 3’ and add it in this” Yoochun told her.

“Which one is his ‘number 3’?” Eunhye asked. There were too many songs and beats and poems going around and most of them were still unfinished, so they had no title and the members had to call it by the number or the date that the particular song or melody was written. And if you still didn’t realize it by now, it was very confusing.

“This one” Micky went through a pile of paper and handed her a sheet. “I think I’m going to start it with my melody - ‘number 6’ for 12 octaves, then go with Jaejoong hyung’s” he pointed at the particular part in the sheet “Start from this chord for the chorus part. And then switch back to mine for the ending, or we can use the beginning of his ‘number 3’ to finish it”

Not only the damsel, but also the others in the room couldn’t keep up with him. The Americanized boy seemed to be the only one understanding his own language. First of all, they can’t remember even the beat of this ‘number 3’ he kept mentioning, and second, they were all too hungry and too tired to understand the Musicianese language Park Yoochun were speaking.

“Just cut it off Yoochunnie” Yunho cut “And play for us”

Yoochun did what was asked of him. He grabbed both music sheets from Eunhye and turn to his Keyboard. He pulled the headphone extension cord off and activated the loudspeaker, then started to play. The sweet melody Eunhye just listened a few seconds ago was played again, but after about 30 seconds it changed into a more aggressive one. Remembering the beat, Eunhye knew that Jaejoong’s ‘number 3’ genuinely wasn’t an aggressive one, but being played next to Yoochun’s saccharinely luscious melody made it sound thicker and rougher than it truly was. At the end, Micky decided to use the first 3 octaves of ‘number 3’ to finish it off.

“So,” the player turned to his band mates “What do you guys think?”

“It’s…” Eunhye couldn’t find a proper word to describe the song that was just played. Not that it’s no good, but it had something too much and something too less.

“I think it sound too aggressive in some parts, then too weak in the others” Junsu said ponderingly.

“Neh” their leader added “also the switching part was too sudden”

“It also seems to lack of something” Changmin said.

“Hmm… I thought this will do” Yoochun muttered

“Why don’t you try it with my 'number 4'?” Jaejoong said from the door. Apparently, the sound of Micky’s playing one of his songs had pulled him from the kitchen back to their working spot.

“You mean this one?” after going through a pile one more time, Yoochun lifted a piece of paper to the oldest boy

“Aha. Continue after your third line. Start from A# chord part”
The dandy boy did what his hyung told. This time the song was much better. It started off well and got right beat to change into chorus part, the ending also very captivating.

“I still feel like it lacks of something” the hungry maknae told them.

“I also feel the same” the only girl there agreed. “It’s a very good song, but don’t you feel there’s something missing?”

“I don’t know if there’s something missing” Yunho said, sniffing something in the air and turned to their cook “But I know there’s something burning.” His word sprung the hanging around cook to action. Jaejoong ran to their kitchen.

“No! My poor Ramyun!” they can clearly heard the mother’s cry from the kitchen but no one has enough courage to try soothing their big hyung.

10 minutes later…

“Guys! The meals are ready!”

4 guys raced to the dining table with 1 maiden gaited behind. The one who possesses longest legs and biggest appetite approached the table first and stunned by what was served on it.

“Hyung!” he cried out loud “This is not Ramyun! It’s just instant noodle!!” Jaejoong shot a death glare at him.

“Just eat it.” He coldly said. Obviously, the main cook of the house was in a very bad mood after burning his own Ramyun into ashes. Other members knew too well to argue and just ate their meals quietly. Eunhye blankly looked at the instant noodles on the table and wrinkled her nose.

“I bet I could do better than that” she mumbled and without asking, walked into Jaejoong’s personal area.

“What is she doing?”

“I don’t know”

“Go check her out”

“Why don’t you go there yourself?”

“You are the big hyung!”

“Well, you’re the leader!”

The bickering between YunJae couple stopped when their biggest-appetite maknae tried to get an advantage of the situation, attempting to steal noodle bowls from his hyungs. But unfortunately, both hyungs were already aware of this, they immediately hold their bowl of noodle tightly and turned to yell at him.

“Yah! Shim Changmin!” the youngest boy smiled sheepishly at them.

“I’ll go check Eunhye-sshi out” he took his already-empty bowl and headed to the said kitchen. Stepping inside the messy place, Changmin spotted the elder girl doing something at the kitchen counters.

“Eunhye-sshi, what are you doing?” the focusing Eunhye flinched a little at the call. She quickly turned around.

“Oh, Changmin-sshi!” she called “Have you finished eating already?” seeing him holding the empty bowl, she asked.

“Ah… yeah” the flagpole boy who just realized he’s still having the bowl his hand quickly thrown it to the sink and repeated his inquiry “So, what’re you doing here?”

“My special dish – Leftover fried rice” she beamed and showed him the leftover meat and vegetable left forgotten in the fridge with rice “I know you guys won’t be full by just a bowl of instant noodle. And Jaejoong is still frustrated. You can just wait at the dining room. It’ll be ready to eat in just a few minutes”

Changmin was touched by her answer. She is truly indeed a lovable person and also a considerate one to care about them like this.

“Do you need help? Can I help you?” he enthusiastically offered.

“Umm… well, it almost done actually, you can be the tester then”

“Andue!!!” 4 voices chorused from the kitchen’s door.

“Nuna, if you let him be the tester, there aren’t going to have enough food left for the rest of us” Yoochun reasoned. Eunhye chuckled.

“You all test it then”

One by one, each of them got a half-spoon of her fried rice. With 5 hot-bodied young men and a smoking hot lady in one place, the airy kitchen suddenly seemed narrow, crowded and all heated up. All the bickering and teasing they had earlier were replaced by the munching sound. But just a few seconds later, it too was also replaced when all 5 boys gave their opinions slash suggestions about the food.

“Yummy!” the tallest exclaimed.

“I didn’t know we still have some meat left” was the only statement from the dandy boy before he put his spoon into the pan again for more. The maknae immediately followed his hyung’s path, sticking his spoon into the pan as well.

“More chilies would be perfect” the spicy food lover said “or the mustard will also do”

“No, no more spicy around here!” the owner of Gwangju dialect yelled at his Yaoi couple “Please give a thought of my poor stomach, it can’t handle spicy food now” at the end of his words, the leader reached over and snapped 2 hands away from the pan to save the food for the rest of them.

The dolphin boy already pulled out his plate for the chameleon girl’s special menu. He extended it in her front with a tamely grin, the kind of grin that the puppy would do to its owner to ask for more food, waiting for her to give him a ladle-full. “Now, where is the seaweed soup?”


To be continued...



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>>ONE STEP AT A TIME<< Empty Chapter 9

Post by viola501 on 8/5/2009, 8:14 pm

Chapter 9


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They ended up eating Eunhye’s fried rice with instant tofu soup. Jaejoong, the only one who wasn’t fully satisfied with her dish, took care himself with a handful of chili powder and a bottle of mustard.

“I would love to see you and Jaejoongie have a cooking contest” Yunho said to the person sitting across him “It would be very interesting”

Eunhye gave him a smile “Honestly, I’m more skillful with western food. I’m not so good at cooking Korean dishes”

“Oh! I remember Hyun Joong said it once” the eldest boy spoke with his mouth full of rice. He swallowed it before continued “Your famous dish is steak, right?”

“Neh” she replied “I think I cooked it for him once”

“Then you should cook it for us too!” Yoochun exclaimed.

“Arasso” she laughably agreed.

“Eunhye-sshi, you and Jaejoong hyung should cook us on alternate days” Changmin suggested and the others strongly agreed “You cook on the even days and hyung will cook on odd days”

“Yeh, that would be great for me too” the mother agreed.

“Sure. It’s fine by me”

~I’m so sorry but I love you da geojitmal
iya mollasseo ijeya arasseo nega philyohae
I’m so sorry but I love you nalkaro-un mal hwatgime nado moreuge neol ddeonabonaettjiman~

All of a sudden, Big Bang – Lies was played. Everyone turned their head around to see where it’s from.

“Mianhe, it’s mine” Eunhye took off her mobile phone and raised an eyebrow when she saw who's the caller “Ayumi?” she tilted her head aside, wondering why the Japanese roommate called her at this time when she's just 5 floors down here.


“Yoon Eunhye! Where the heck are you?!” the cutie Japanese yelled from the other line. Everybody at the table flinched. Even Junsu who sat at the other end of the table could clearly hear her yell.

“There’s no need to yell at me!” Eunhye yelled back, covering and massaging her temporary-deafened ear.

“Don’t you know what time is it?” Ayumi continued.

“Yes, I know” she glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, the one with DBSK members pictures in it that one of their passionate fan gave them. Both the hour hand and the minute hand were at their group pic “It’s midnight!”

“Yes, it’s midnight. I’m glad you know how to read the time” she sarcastically said. Eunhye frowned. What’s with the sweet Ayumi today, why is she so angry. She got up from the table and walked away to have more private space “Do you know why I’m angry?” Ayumi asked as if she knew her mind.


“Yoon Eunhye!!” but even though she walked far away, it wasn’t far enough for the boys not to hear Ayumi’s yelling.

“Ahh! Stop yelling at me!” Eunhye groaned.

“You promised me that we’ll hang out together today, remember?” Ayumi told her, feeling a bit hurt. Eunhye’s eyes widened when she finally remembered it “We are here for 2 hours now and where the heck are you?”

“Oh my! I’m so sorry! I totally forgot!”

“Yah! So you have anemia or amnesia? I’m starting to confuse now” Ayumi continued mocking her friend.

“I’m really sorry” Eunhye pleaded “I’m at work with the boys”

“I see” she paused “Do you always tend to forget about everything when you’re working?”

“Kind of” Eunhye guiltily admitted. The girl from other line sighed deeply.

“Whatever, it’s too late for you to come out now anyway when you have a CF shooting tomorrow. See you back at the room then”

“Arasso. Mianhe Ayumi-chan. Please send my apologies to the oppas and onnis too”

“Arasso. Kyung Lim onni and Ho Dong oppa ask to say ‘Hi’. Ja ne” and the line went off. Eunhye turned back to see 5 pairs of eyes staring at her, but when she winked, all of them were quickly turning away pretending to be busy with their food. Eunhye secretly smiled. These boys really got the manners! They always are so gentleman-like.

“Are you guys eavesdropping me?” She asked with stern look. All of them winced and looked around to defend themselves.

“A…Aniyo, we weren’t, we didn't hear anything!” Junsu stuttered. But who would fall for that!? This guy really doesn’t know how to lie! Eunhye almost laughed out but successfully held in. The other members gave each other an I-know-we-will-get-caught-because-of-this-brat look.

“Don’t you know it’s not polite to listen to other’s talking?” she said with the colder voice.

“Mianhe, Eunhye-sshi. W…We didn’t mean to but…” the cold prince Jaejoong also stumped on his words.

“But we can’t help since Ayumi nuna were so loud” Yunho finished with his worried remorseful look as he thought Eunhye was really upset. Actually they all did, except for one hungry maknae who’s still eating his fried rice as if nothing was wrong. His munching sound made everyone turned to stare at him.

“What?” He asked innocently with all the food in his mouth.

“Don’t you have anything to say Minnie?” Yoochun guided him.

“Ani” he easily said “I totally have nothing to do with this. I was just enjoying my supper all this time” okay, even if he's the UFO king, that was kinda thick-skinned.

“Do you want it to be your last supper, Changmin?” the scary Eunhye asked. Everyone gasped, including the one who’s going to have the last supper of his life. But Eunhye couldn’t hold it anymore, she finally cracked up. Her laughter brought both relief and displeasure to the DBSK. She was pulling a prank on them and they were all naïve enough to fell for that.

“Good one, Eunhye-sshi” Jaejoong coldly said and turned to continue his meal, pouting.

“That wasn’t funny, nuna” Yoochun said “We did think you’re really angry.”

“Mianhe guys, I can’t help” she shed tears from laughter but for a-5-second pause, continued laughing “You should have seen yourselves’ expression. It’s so damn hilarious”

“You better watch out. I’ll take my sweet revenge someday” Yunho threatened, making Eunhye stopped laughing and looked straight at him.

“Anytime, anywhere, Hoobae!” she accepted the challenge.


“Hey! Why stop?” Bansuk asked his nuna when she suddenly stopped narrating. He’s obviously so into this.

“Be quiet!” she told him and closed her eyes.


“Shut up! I like this song!” she tuning the stereo volume louder for Big Bang – Lies.

Bansuk waited patiently while his nuna was humming to the song. And at the ending she even soundlessly clapped for them.

“Don’t you think they’re superb, Bansuk?” she asked “I can’t believe G-Dragon composed this song himself.”

“Yeah, yeah. They are very talented” he carelessly replied. Personally, he prefers R&B or Ballad to Hip Hop. Up til now, no one can replace Fly to the Sky in his heart.

“Gosh! They should have put me in a project with Big Bang instead. I wouldn’t mind some kiss scenes with T.O.P. or Taeyang” Eunhye playfully said.

“Nuna!” he can’t believe she just said that.

“What?” she innocently asked. He doesn’t answer but give her the you-already-have-a-boyfriend-and–he’s-the-jealous-type look. But she still acted innocent.

“I’ll tell hyung what you said”

“Fine! I’m guilty as charged” she raised both hands up in term of giving in “Geez…seriously, you’re my brother or his brother” Bansuk smirked.

“Nagging as much as you want, I’m immune to it”


“Continue it already!” he nudged.

“Arasso” she cleared her throat before continuing.


To be continued...




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