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End of A Dream

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End of A Dream

Post by BoBoLi0us on 7/4/2009, 9:48 pm

A BoBoLi0us™️ Original
Title : End Of A Dream.
ft. Heo Soomi, Kim Kibum, Kim Jonghyun
Started on : 1st March 1, 2009
Ended on : 16 March, 2009
Length : Short Story (Four Chapters)


She walked along the river bank, looking lifelessly ahead. Where she was heading, she didn’t know. She just knew that she had to keep walking, walking, and walk away from all of the things happening in her life right now.

It was official. She wasn’t needed any more.

He made it clear, that she was unwanted, unneeded, unloved.

She stopped to dry her eyes on the bottom on her shirt, and continued walking. For how long now, she didn’t know. She just needs to walk along here, and she’ll find what she needs.

She’s been having the same dream over and over again for weeks now. Her walking along the river bank, not knowing where to go. She walked until her shoes were worn out and her legs turning numb. But she was still walking. She didn’t know what the dream had meant, but now, she thinks she knows.

The dream was forecasting what was in store for her later, and she took no notice of it until it actually happened.

Maybe she should take up fortune telling someday.

She smirked.

To think of it, it’s not such a bad idea. She watched the moon light glisten on the surface of the moving river. The river was like his heart, always moving, always changing, yet always so clear.

He never heard her heart shatter when he said those words. He didn’t even bother to meet her eyes as he said them. She swallowed back her tears. A lump formed in her throat, and she bit her lips to prevent herself from crying.

He was gone, and she’ll never be able to reach him again.

He was everything she had every dreamt of.

He was the person in her wildest dreams.

He was what she needed to get through everything.

He was what she thought as forever.

He was hers.

She hugged her white hoodie tighter to herself as the wind blew through her hair. She looked around, and lifted her arm to look at her watched. 9.23pm. She had two hours to get back, change, and get on her flight. She blinked. The back pocket of her jeans vibrated, and she saw a message.

‘Soomi ah, u’ve been out 4 5 hours, where r u? – Bling’

She smiled sadly at the message. Jonghyun was nice enough to accompany her back to Beijing when she went breaking down in front of him. He was in the same group as Jonghyun, but she was his best friend. She sighed and typed a few letters with her cold fingers.

‘im comin’.

Yes. She’s coming home.


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