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You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4)

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You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4) Empty You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4)

Post by WonderBinnie on 7/1/2009, 12:57 pm

You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4) Partofme


Kim So Eun and Kim Bum were childhood friends.
But in one day Kim Bum changed, and broke So Eun's heart.
Now they hangs in different groups and their positions has big difference.
Kim Bum's family owns many hotels around the Asia.
While So Eun helps her parents in fish market.
When So Eun gets in trouble,
will Kim Bum come and rescue her?
Will their love return?


♥️Kim Bum
-Handsome, rich, cold hearted around strangers.
-Has fiancée called Soo Jin, but he doesn't love her.

♥️Kim So Eun
-Beautiful, kind hearted, clumsy.
-Help her parents in their fish market.
-Finds out that her parents are in big debts.


♥️Park Soo Jin (Kim Bum's fiancée)

♥️Kim Joon (Kim Bum's best friend)

♥️Lee Min Ho (Kim Bum's best friend)

♥️Kim Hyun Joong (Kim Bum's best friend)

♥️Yu Seung Ho (Has crush on So Eun)

CHAPTER 1: When everything changed.

14 years ago (Kim Bum/So Eun age 6)

“Aigoo...Where is she?” 6 year old boy sighed searching his best friend around the park.
“Thhehee” he could hear small laugh coming behind the bush.
Kim Bum smiled and sneaked towards to bush.
“I found you...So Eun” Kim Bum said smiling.
“Huh!” little girl called So Eun sighed crossing her arms “That was so good hideout”.
“Next time try to be quiet, when I'm searching at you” Kim Bum laughed helping So Eun up from ground.
“Deh oppa” So Eun nodded sweeping mud off her dress “Let's go to ice cream now”.
So Eun grabbed hold of Kim Bum's hand and dragged him with her.
“Ahjussi....Two ball's of strawberry ice cream!” So Eun ordered happily when they stood front of ice cream stand.
Kim Bum searched his pocked and handed cash to seller.
“Have a nice day” Ahjussi wished to them.
“Deh! You too ahjussi!” So Eun yelled while licking her ice cream.
So Eun jumped happily around of street and she didn't notice cycler who was coming towards of her.
“Eunnie! Watch out!” Kim Bum yelled grabbing So Eun's hand.
He pulled So Eun quickly aside of street and cycler yelled something to them.
“Oppaaaa...” So Eun said trying to hold her laughter.
“Yah! Eunnie, it's not funny” Kim Bum sighed.
“Look at you” So Eun said breaking into laughter.
She pointed Kim Bum's head and soon Kim Bum noticed that So Eun's ice cream was in his head.
“Aish...” Kim Bum sighed “I'm always in trouble with you”.

10 years later (Kim Bum/So Eun age 16)

“Opppppaaaaaaa...Slow down!” So Eun yelled, when Kim Bum was riding them to school by his cycle.
“If I slow down...we are going to be late” Kim Bum answered “We have 5 minute”.
“5 minutes?!?” So Eun said wrapping her hands around Kim Bum “Speed up!”.
Kim Bum laughed speeding up.
So Eun couldn't control her scream when Kim Bum was driving.
“You can stop screaming now” Kim Bum whispered to So Eun's ear “We are here now”.
So Eun opened her eyes and smiled.
“That was so cool!” she yelled happily.
“Cool? Then we were you screaming like my mom?” Kim Bum asked locking his cycle.
“It was scream of happiness” So Eun lied grabbing her bag.
Kim Bum watched after her and smiled.

Two month later

“Happy birthday oppa!” So Eun yelled doing heart sign, when she entered to Kim Bum's room.
Kim Bum turned to watch her and So Eun sensed that Kim Bum's look was different than usually.
“Oppa...What's wrong?” she asked worriedly while sitting next to him.
She put her present behind her back and looked Kim Bum into eyes.
“It's you!” Kim Bum yelled getting up.
“M...Me?” So Eun was shocked by his words.
“I hate you?” Kim Bum told with angry face.
“What are you talking about?” So Eun whispered.
“I hate you! You are so childish...doing those stupid signs and sending me those stupid text messages” Kim Bum yelled “Grown up! Don't you see that I don't wanna be your friend anymore?”.
So Eun was feeling like Kim Bum was digging her heart out.
Her arms started to shake and she stood up.
“Kim Bum...This is not you” she said shaking him “I wanna my Kim Bum back!”.
Kim Bum sighed pushing So Eun away, so that she hit on wall.
“Ouch!” So Eun whined holding her head.
Kim Bum didn't want to hurt So Eun..but he needed to do this end.
“Get away from here!” Kim Bum yelled opening door to So Eun.
So Eun looked Kim Bun once more and tears started to fell on her cheek.
“Happy 17th birthday oppa” she whispered walking away...

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You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4) Empty CHAPTER 2: So Eun? Kim Bum?

Post by WonderBinnie on 7/5/2009, 2:34 pm

Present day
So Eun PoV.

I arrived to school just before the bell rang.
I took my bag on my cycle and smiled.
“New school...New friends...New begin” I said raising my hands “I wonder where Seung Ho oppa is?”.
I looked around of schoolyard and noticed that Seung Ho was sleeping in bench.
I laughed sneaking next to him.
“Booooo!” I yelled to his ear.
Seung Ho jumped up from bench and yelled when he saw me.
“Aish, I should know that it was you” he mumbled.
“Oppa you are so cute” I said pinching his cheeks.
He sighed holding my hand.
“Let's go to class...You don't wanna be late on first day, right?” Seung Ho said dragging me with him.
“Deh” I nodded walking behind him.
Students on hallway stared at me and looked my clothes.
Maybe they noticed that I wasn't wearing any expensive clothes or jewelry's.
“Who is she?” I heard them whispering.
“She looks so...poor”.
“And how she knows Seung Ho oppa?”.
I looked down and closed my eyes.
I really didn't like to be middle of I was feeling little awkward.
Seung Ho noticed that and he stopped.
“Alright everyone! Stop staring us!” he yelled angrily.
All students quickly leaved us alone and I looked Seung Ho with amazed face.
“I didn't knew that you were so popular” I said.
“I'm riches person in here...right after F4” Seung Ho told.
“F...4?” I asked curiously.
“They are sons of richest peoples of whole Asia...Everyone loves them, because they are so good looking” Seung Ho explained “They are also my friends...”.
I looked Seung Ho...
“But you said that you don't hang up with rich peoples” I reminded him.
“I know...But they are really cool guys” he answered “Oh! I almost forgot! One of them has birthday today and he send invitation to me...Do you wanna come with me?”.
“Uuummm...What kind of party is it?” I asked nervously.
“You know...Everyone dresses orchestra...” Seung Ho told looking at me.
“No” I answered quickly “Then I'm not going”.
“So Eun-ah...” Seung Ho whined “Please come, I can't go without you”.
I sighed and nodded accepting the invitation.
“Thank you” Seung Ho said happily and hugged me “I love you”.
“Everybody loves me” I laughed following Seung Ho to class room.

Kim Bum PoV.

I looked myself from mirror and put some gel to my hair.
It was almost six of clock and my guests would arrive soon.
“Kim Bum dear” my mom said walking to my room.
I looked her and sighed.
“Do I really need to put this tie on?”.
Mom came closer to me and binded my tie.
“Of course, you need to look good today” mom answered “This is really important day to both of us”.
“Omma...” I mumbled “I have been saying this many times, I'm not going to marry Soo Jin-sshi”.
Mom only hit me to my head and smiled her evil smile.
“Don't be silly” she laughed “I'll be going now, you better come down in time”.
With that, mom walked out of my room and I sat to my bed.
“Stupid witch” I whispered throwing my shoe on wall.
I took photo album behind my bed and opened it.
I smiled when I watched my childhood friend's picture.
“So cute” I laughed to picture.
“How I miss you” I sighed closing the book.
I still remember that day, when I lost her.

4 years ago (Kim Bum age 16)

“Kim Bum...This is not you” So Eun said shaking me “I wanna my Kim Bum back!”.
I sighed pushing So Eun away, so that she hit on wall.
“Ouch!” So Eun whined holding her head.
I didn't want to hurt So Eun..but I needed to do this end.
“Get away from here!” I yelled opening door to So Eun.
So Eun looked at me once more and tears started to fell on her cheek.
I was feeling so bad now...
“Happy 17th birthday oppa” she whispered walking away.
When door closed, I started to yell and throw my stuffs around.
“I hate this!” I yelled hitting my hand on my bed.
It hit on something and looked what was on my bed.
It was birthday present...from So Eun.
I opened it quickly and I was shocked when I saw letter inside of it.
I started to read letter and I was speechless...
“Happy Birthday Kim Bum oppa!
You are now 17 year old, how does it feels?
I'm so proud of you and that I'm your best friend.
But I have something to confess.
I have never thought you as friend...
Because I love you.
Saranghae oppa.
I've tried to hide my feelings, but it's so hard.
I know that you think me only as friend...
And I hope that this won't ruin our relationship.
Happy Birthday once more <3
P.S. Hwaiting!!!”.
I threw letter on my bed and run out of my room.
“So Eun-ah!” I yelled when I was in downstairs...but too late, she was already gone.
“Kim Bum, she is gone now” I heard happy voice behind me saying.
I turned around and saw my soon to be fiancée Soo Jin.
“It's all your and that witch's fault!” I yelled grabbing to her shoulder.
“No Kim Bum...It's all your fault” Soo Jin smiled “You had two choices and you choose to save So Eun-sshi”.
With that...she walked away.
“Mianhe So Eun-ah...mianhe” I cried.

Present day.

“Yo! Kim Bum!” I heard Min Ho yelling behind my door “Are you there?”.
I stopped dreaming and opened door to them.
“Happy birthday man” Kim Joon said giving me a high five “You look cool today”.
I put my shoes on and followed them to downstairs were my guest already waited me.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM BUM!” they all yelled raising their drinks.
“Kamsahamnida” I thanked them bowing.
Music stated to play and everyone went to dance.
“Isn't that Seung Ho?” Hyun Joong asked pointing back to room.
I looked there and yep...there he was.
“Why didn't he come to talk with us?” Kim Joon wondered.
Then we noticed that he has company...
“Oh, he has a date” Min Ho smirked walking towards to them.
“Hey man” Min Ho greeted Seung Ho.
“Hey” Seung Ho answered looking at me “And happy birthday hyung”.
“Thanks” I smiled.
“Oh...I wanna introduce my date to you” Seung Ho said holding her date's hand.
Girl turned around and my eyes widened...
“Kim Bum?” So Eun said in shock.
“You know each other?” Seung Ho asked smiling.
“I...I...need to go now...” So Eun said walking away “Mianhe oppa”.
I was still in shock, but when I realized that she was leaving...I started to follow her.

So Eun PoV.

“This can't be possible” I mumbled while running outside of huge mansion.
I took my heels off, so that I could run faster.
“So Eun!” I heard Kim Bum yelling after me.
I didn't stop and soon he grabbed hold of my hand.
“Stop!” he said.
My heart was beating faster, when he turned me around.
“What are you doing in here?” Kim Bum asked curiously.
“Seung Ho oppa asked me to come with him...” I answered “But I wouldn't come if I knew that these were your party”.
Kim Bum looked little disappointed, but then he smiled.
“It's nice to see you again” he said “I missed you Eunnie”.
“You missed me? Don't you remember that you were the one, who broke our friendship?” I yelled angrily.
“I know that!” Kim Bum yelled back “But I still missed you...I couldn't stop thinking you”.
“You know what?...I really need to go now” I said releasing his hold on my hand “See you around Bummie”.
He yelled something after me, but I didn't bother to listen it.
My life was going so good...I wonder what will happen now?

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You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4) Empty Re: You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4)

Post by azngurlz093 on 7/29/2009, 6:33 pm

i hope you updaate this soon Smile
but i don't know if you will continue this since it's been quite a few weeks but anyways love your fanic

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You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4) Empty Re: You are part of me (Kim Bun, Kim So Eun & F4)

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