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Number 1 Loner

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Number 1 Loner Empty Number 1 Loner

Post by Minnie;D on 6/30/2009, 10:56 pm

*Any stories that has the same story line or whatsoever is all coincidental*


Park Min Ah
-16 years old
-A nerd
-dorky, cold
-shy and quiet
-actually pretty and nice
-funny towards her friends.
-friendly and cute

Lee TaeMin
-16 years old
-popular and nice
-funny and friendly
-quiet at times
-not snobbish
-kind and warm-hearted

{narrator's POV}

As that girl walked in, with her usual big spectacles and long hair, everyone turned to look at her. Some pranksters were cheeky and decided to trip her. They placed a feet in front of her and she tripped. Her spectacles went flying away as she fell on her chin. She winced in pain. The boys felt bad for her so one of them took her spectacles for her.

"Sorry," He apologised.

She looked up at him and pushed her hair back. He stood there, frozen by her beauty. He has never once in his life saw such a beautiful girl.

Must be plastic, he thought.

"Thanks," She said as she took her spectacles and put them back on.

He watched on as she walked away into the school.

"Who was that girl?" He asked his friends.

"Park Min Ah, Key." His friends replied.

"Min Ah... I see. So that's the number one loner of the first years. Interesting.." He said as he smirked to himself.


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Number 1 Loner Empty {OO1} first meeting

Post by Minnie;D on 7/1/2009, 12:26 am

{Min Ah POV}
That fall really hurt... I can't believe they were that cruel.

"Min Ah!!!" I heard a scream from behind me as I made my way to class.

"Yes?" I answered as the caller stopped in front of me.

It was MinHo, my sunbae.

"Can you come to the field and replace HeeRin? She's not well and is at home and nobody else can replace her in the netball games." He said.

"Sure then." I said and smiled to him.

"Thanks. I knew I could count on you," He said and ruffled my hair.

I laughed awkwardly and watched as he walked away. I guess I have to play against Pride Junior High later on. It's the semi-finals and I can't believe HeeRin can be absent! She's always getting injured after every game and after every training! I can't complain since it's not me getting sick. I just have to pray that she gets better soon. Well, speaking of this, MinHo is the manager of the netball team. All the girls joined netball because they're attracted to him. Well, he is the model of our school. Long legs and sexy features. Strangely I wasn't attracted to him as much as the others. He looks... okay to me.

"Hey Min Ah." EunMin and HaeMin greeted me when I entered the class.

"Hey guys," I said and sighed as I sat down.

"What's wrong?" HaeMin asked me.

"I have to subsitute for HeeRin again." I said.

"That sucks." EunMin replied.

I sighed again, louder and longer.

"It's okay. Min Ah unnie hwaiting!" HaeMin cheered for me.

My dongsaeng is really sweet to me. No wonder she's voted for most kind-hearted student. Not to mention, she's rather popular with the guys. I understand how the guys feel.

Suddenly, a guy walked into the room. He was looking around, looking for something. I noticed that the girls that were in the room were all looking with their mouth hanging open. Well, what's there not to stare? He's tall, cute and fair.

He walked towards my direction. I just looked around and took out a book to read.

"Umm... Is there anyone seated next to you?" He asked me.

Well, originally, there was HeeRin but we talked too much so songsaenginim changed our places, making us sit alone.

"Nope," I replied, looking up at him.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you?" He asked me and gave me a smile.

"I'm okay with anything," I replied and continued reading my book.

He sat down and took out his mp3 player. I could hear his songs that were playing. Isn't it a little too loud? Slowly, he placed his face on the table, facing me and fell asleep automatically. This guy is seriously weird.

Slowly, taking out my phone, I snapped a picture of him drooling. Smiling to myself, I kept my phone and continued to read my book.
{TaeMin POV}
Class 1-C...

I walked into the class and looked around for any empty seats. I saw a nerdy looking girl and sat down beside her. She remained the same when I smiled at her. I thought she'd faint like all the other girls.

I was transferred into this school since the girls in my previous schools won't leave me alone. They even stalked me into the bathroom!

I sat down and yet, she didn't have any reaction. I wonder what kind of guy would make her look up and smile at the very least.

I took out my mp3 and put it to full blast. I fell asleep shortly after.

how was it?

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Number 1 Loner Empty Re: Number 1 Loner

Post by Sachie on 7/23/2009, 11:45 am

I love this fanfic!
Taemin is my fav in SHINee and finally someone decide to make a fanfic about him!
keep updating~

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Number 1 Loner Empty Re: Number 1 Loner

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