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Connected Souls

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Connected Souls

Post by CrashedANGEL on 6/30/2009, 7:15 am

Okay, so this is my first time posting on this site and I'll probably be uploading this fanfic on Winglin aswell but whatever.
I've been craving to write this story for a while now so I hope you enjoy Very Happy

Do you believe in Soulmates?
Two people who are connected by fate and destined to find each other.
What happens if one leaves the world before ever their destined half?
For Park Hyoli her life had no meaning.
With parent's divorcing and constant bullying from classmates she finally made the ultimate decision.
But what happens when she'd told that she can't enter Heaven because she was someone special who had a lot of meaning in life.
Now being told that she will have to find a new partner in just two months for her soulmate what can a ghost girl do?
Will Hyoli discover that there was so much more to life than she thought?
Will she be doomed to spend the rest of eternity alone in Limbo?
Can she go through with fixing up her living soulmate with a girl that isn't her?
Suicide just got a whole lot more complicated for Park Hyoli.


Park Hyoli
A teenage girl who suffered during her teenage life and decided to cut it short. For a girl who killed herself she's pretty optimistic about people. She's also easily offended but can give second chances. She's sometimes sarcastic but immediately feels guilty if she hurts someone feelings. She found it hard to speak her mind when she was alive but now dead she doesn't really care what people think of her. Hyoli is pretty easy going but nows when to be serious. Over all, she's just a new teenage ghost out on a mission.

Kim Kibum
Kibum, also known as Key is a member of Korea's famous group SHINee. He's the easy going type most of the time but he does have his mood swings. Kibum cares a lot for his friends/family and values the life he has. He loves performing and has hardly any interest in girls. He's only interest in his career as of now and doesn't really think much of the future unless it involves SHINee. He's overall a live for the moment guy who's about to get a rude awakening.

Minho, although seeming the quiet member of SHINee seems to be the most honest and trustworthy out of the SHINee members. He's not that interested in peoples business but he cares for his friends a lot. He is the most open to the idea about a teenage ghost following his friend.

The youngest of SHINee. He is honest and innocent. He is an amazing dancer and the closest to Kibum out of the members. He respects his Hyungs and surprisingly is the peace maker of the group. He has dancing on his mind most of the time and doesn't know if he should believe Kibum's complaints of a ghost haunting him.

The second oldest of the group and the most argumentative one. Although sometimes he doesn't mean to be. He has an amazing voice and believes Kibum belongs in the loony bin when hearing complaints of a ghost girl.

Also known as Onew and the leader of SHINee. He's willing to help anyone who needs it. He keeps the younger members of SHINee in line and makes sure they are all well. He's on the borderline of believing Kibum.

~End of Characters~

Anyway hope you read and I hope you enjoy.
I'll have the 1st chapter up soon.

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Re: Connected Souls

Post by CrashedANGEL on 7/31/2009, 9:39 am

Chapter 1

The rain poured down my bedroom window as I sat on the bed opposite my writing desk.
I stared at it intensley and the packet that sat upon it.

The lightening from outside lit up my dark room as the sound of thunder was heard shortly after.

Umma and Appa weren't in.

They had forgotten it was my birthday today but it was to be expected.

They were going through a divorce so they had a lot more stuff on their mind than their only daughter's birthday.

I squeezed the pillow that sat on my lap as the tapping of water droplets hitting my window almost echoed through the small room.

Today had been a bad day.

The bullies were more violent than usual.

They hit, I ran, they followed.

Usually they didn't follow but they said it was a gift for my brithday.

They were sick people who took pleasure out of torturing others.

For too long I had been their target but finally I decided enough was enough.

I wasn't going to take it anymore.

I hated being their personal human punching bag.

The school thought they'd stopped it but it only made the bullying worse.

I couldn't handle it anymore.

Standing up from my bed I placed my pillow back where it was usually kept.

I walked towards the desk opposite me where the little packet sat looking harmless.

I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from one of the draws attached to the table and wrote a message for Umma and Appa.

Once finished I walked into my bathroom with a glass I had brought up from the kitchen.

I watched the water from the sink tap as it flowed into the glass until it was filled to the brim.

I bit my lower lip as I walked back into my bedroom and placed the glass on the desk next to the packet.

I opened it and began to pop out the pills until they were all scattered on the desk infront of me.

I swallowed them one at a time until they were all gone along with the water.

I let out a sigh once I took the last gulp.

I looked out of the window at the dark night sky.

Soon I'd be gone and I'd never have to live a painful day like today ever again.

I could let go of the pain that the bullies inflicted on me day after day and maybe even Umma and Appa, being so overtaken with grief at the lose of their daughter might get back together.

Too bad I wouldn't be around to see it.

I placed the glass back onto the desk and walked over to my bed.

I closed my eyes as I snuggled up against my pillow.

Closing my eyes I tried to fall asleep before the pills took over me.

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