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"Waiting in the Rain"

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"Waiting in the Rain" Empty "Waiting in the Rain"

Post by vie3cutiegurl on 6/29/2009, 6:18 am

"Waiting in th Rain"

Main characters:
Kim so eun as Chu Ga Eul
Kim Bum as So Yi Jung


Chapter 1
"Broken Hearts"

"I remembered when we were little we used to play hide and seek together i was always the one to do the hidding i never had the chance to do the seeking". no one could ever believe that the cold hearted casanova So Yi Jung would fall inlove for the very first time....

Huh??..i..i don't understand you sunbae??. the innocent, happy girl Chu Ga Eul who believes in "true love" and "soulmates" can make someone realize the true meaning of life and love...

sorry...i promise i will post chapter 1 and 2 tomorrowso busy with school pls. view and comment thanks...

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"Waiting in the Rain" Empty "Waiting in the Rain"

Post by vie3cutiegurl on 6/30/2009, 6:33 am

Chapter 1
"Broken Hearts"

It was the first day back to school at shinhwa high...
Ga Eul's POV:
*sigh* back to school
*remembers something*
well got to get going or jandi's brain might pop out of her head!!
Meanwhile at the So mansion

Maid: Masters..breakfast is ready
Woo bin: ughh!! 5 more minutes
Yi Jung: we'll be right down
Mrs.So: yi jung, woo bin come home early today ok?
Woo bin: what for aunti?
Yi jung: why?
Mrs.So: we will be attending a party hurry up and leave for school ok
Woo bin: as long as beautiful women comes ill be there!

"Will she be there??".these words kept repeating in yi jung's mind
Ga Eul and Jandi where at school suddenly all the girls were screaming

Girl 1: ahhh!! its f4
Girl 2: i hope jun pyo would notice my new 300k diamond ring i bought it from the USA
Girl 3: ohh!! so that's why you keep waving your hands in our faces

Jandi: let's go ga eul before i become deaf from all these screaming
Ga Eul: Araso!!
( they left the screaming crowd )

The popular f4 walked away from the screaming girls and went to their private classroom

Jun Pyo: ( smiling to himslef)
jun Woo bin: yo!..jun pyo if you keep smiling to yourself like an idiot people might think your nuts!!
Jun Pyo: Ya!!..shut up..remember those girls who used to be our neighbors
Ji hoo: huh?? you mean jandi and ga eul?
Yi jung: what about them??
Jun Pyo: thier here at shinhwa isn't it great
Woo bin: i thought you hated jandi remember the time when you threatend her if she doesn't obey you??

Jun Pyo: hey idiot!! get me an ice cream
Jandi no way! you get one yourself you've got hands use them
Jun Pyo: how dare you if you don't obey me i'll throw all your dolls in the ocean!!
Jandi: ok fine...(got the ice cream in her hands and shoved it in jun pyo's face) the next time i see you make sure you have a better attitude than this
F3 were laughing at jun pyo
Jun pyo: hey we were little back then now it's payback time!!
Yi jung:*thinking* she's here this time i'll make sure that she's
going to be mine.*smiles*

*ga eul was sitting under a tree reading book
suddenly a man was standing behind him*

yi jung: so your here
*ga eul looked up and saw the person who broke her heart she stood up and was about to leave when he grabed her wrist*

ga eul: what do you want from me sunbae?
yi jung: come with me
ga eul: why should i?..i have more important things to do.
yi jung: why are you doing this to me?
ga eul: please let go
yi jung: i'm not gona let you go
ga eul: why? *she looked him in the eyes*
yi jung: remember what you said to me on valentines day.
ga eul: it's in the past im sorry but i have to go
*ga eul left yi jung all alone*

jandi: ga eul let's go
*they got inside their car*
ga eul started to have flashbacks

ga eul was waiting for yi jung at the school entrance

yi jung has he's arms around a girl
ga eul: do you know he has a girlfriend
Girl: bye yi jung see ya *walks away*
yi jung: what was that huh?
ga eul: anna is your girlfriend what happen to that!
yi jung: she was just a friend ok?.and you don't have the right to tell me what to do!!
ga eul: *tears rolled down her face* why? yi jung huh..i was the one at your side when you needed someone to talk to, to comfort you...the stupid girl who expected you to love more than a friend i waited for you i did everything for you but you just left me waiting but now i see you as who you really are a cold hearted casanova *walks away*
yi jung: ga eul.....
sorry it's short i'm busy with school
xoxo vie


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"Waiting in the Rain" Empty Re: "Waiting in the Rain"

Post by Kyn on 7/16/2009, 5:14 pm

I merged the two topics for this story
In the future please post the rest of your story as a reply to the original formum post
This is to keep the boards clean, organized, and to help everyone find the rest of you story easier

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"Waiting in the Rain" Mwtuut

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"Waiting in the Rain" Empty Re: "Waiting in the Rain"

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