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Friendship Rainbow

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Friendship Rainbow

Post by kira on 6/27/2009, 12:39 am

I love this story, since it's about a friendship between seven girls
Cast :
1. Lee HyeRin
2. Lee Hyomi
3. Kang Je Woo
4. Lee Sori
5. Han Yae Jin
6. Jung Yoo Yin
7. Jung Hyebin

There is some guys too...But, I won't tell you who, just read the story. Hope you love it


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Their Common Day [Yaejin]

Post by kira on 6/27/2009, 12:45 am

A class looked so noisy because the teacher was absent. Some girls busy to touch up their make up, some girls were gossiping and the rest flirting with the boys. YaeJin sighed looked at them. Can’t they do something else except that ? She looks at her watch. Break time still 30 minutes later. She wants to go out from this class and gathered with her girl friends, a bunch of girls who completely different with her classmates.

"Ya~ Jin-Ah…Why you just sit there and didn’t gather with the other girls?” Aya asked.

“ Come on, Aya. She doesn’t interested join with other girls except her freaky Gank ” Rainie said.

YaeJin clenched her fist angrily. She hates someone talk about her friends like that. A boy came to YaeJin’s class. That Kim Heechul, boy from the next class. YaeJin rolled her eyes looked at Rainie and Aya who acted cute just to catch Heechul’s attention.

“ Heechulie…” Rainie said while she walked closer to Heechul then smiled.

“ Uh… Rainie… There’s something on your face ” Heechul said, pointed to Rainie's nose.

“ Really ? OMO… Aya.. come with me ” Rainie said then ran to the girl’s restroom.

YaeJin laugh looked at Rainie who ran immediately. Of course what Heechul just said just lie. He did it just to make Rainie stop disturb her.

" Heechul… Comeback to class, Mr. Shin coming ” Eunhyuk said.

Heechul nodded then looked at YaeJin. He blows a kiss-bye for her before left, made YaeJin’s face blushed


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Their Common Day [Je Woo n So Ri]

Post by kira on 6/27/2009, 12:53 am

JeWoo was looking for her pen in her bag. She started getting panic. Mathematics test will started soon but she hasn’t found her pen yet. Her eyes were getting teary.

“ What should I do ? ” she said.

Suddenly someone put a pen on her table. JeWoo looked at her saviour that was Donghae.

“ Use mine ” Donghae said.

JeWoo smiled at him slightly.

“ Thanks ” JeWoo said.

Meanwhile, at Vice Headmaster's office. Mr. Park looked at SoRi without any wink. He knocked the table continuously while looking that figure. He really didn’t know what to do with this girl. SoRi looked at Mr. Park with a huge smile on her face. She waited for her punishment patiently.

“ Lee SoRi, You have been late 4 times of this week “ Mr. Park said.

“ I know ” SoRi said.

“ You know ? If you know you have to wake early so you won’t late ” Mr. Park said.

“ I have.. But as you know I’m still late ” SoRi said.

“ You have to wake up earlier than this morning !! No, it won't work… You have to take a bath quickly, tide your shoelace quickly, whatever you did, you have to do it quickly ” Mr. Park nagged.

“ Why ? My life principle is slowly but sure… But I have idea ” SoRi said.

Mr. Park looked at her curiously.

“ What’s that ? ” Mr. Park asked.

“ How about school time change from 7 Am to 8 Am ” SoRi said innocently.

Mr. Park looked at her with annoying sight. Change school time just for her ?

“ Or don’t close the school gate so I can come in even late ” SoRi said.

“ Ya~ Lee SoRi ” Mr. Park yelled.

“ What ? ” SoRi asked innocently.

“ Just go back to your class… Hush.. Hush.. ” Mr. Park said desperately.


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Their Common Day [ YooYin]

Post by kira on 6/27/2009, 12:57 am

YooYin stood up in front of Aaron and Sooyoung who busy discussing about how to solve mathematics tasks.

“ No no.. You need to divide it first then add it with the result before ” YooYin said.

"Really ? ” Soo Young doubted YooYin’s answer.

“ Ya~ Jung YooYin you talk too much ” Arron said sarcastically.

" She’s right.. You need to divide it first then add it with the result before. Then you’ll get the correct answer ” Kibum said then left.

YooYin smiled at him, thankful for his agreement. YooYin folded her arms in front of her chest then faced Arron and Sooyoung with smile full of victory on her face.

“ See, Jung YooYin never fail about lesson. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, I know about everything. But don’t ask about sport, because I’m weak about it “ YooYin said then chuckled.

Aaron and Soo Young looked each other dumbfounded. Not knowing what to say.

“ And you, What’s wrong If I talk too much ? Is there any problems with it ? Nothing right ? Moreover I talk much because I know much too. Uh It’s near break time ? I need to be prepared and gather with my lovely gank. By guys, I love you all ” YooYin said then left.


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Re: Friendship Rainbow

Post by Sponsored content

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