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White and Black

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White and Black Empty White and Black

Post by kimyuri on 6/26/2009, 7:59 am

White and Black NewFolder-4-1


The nineteen year old Lee Chae Rin was in her bedroom, --A room the size of a small house. She even had a loft for her music and paintings. --Her stereo blasting Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' while she was reading a biography on her favorite composer;of course Mozart. As she was enjoying her quiet time sitting in a cushioned chair that faced a window that faced the outside garden which was both vast and beautiful. It had a wooden swing that hung from the Oak tree that was planted when she was born. Being the only child also had its benefit, she had no loud siblings that disturbed her.
"Mistress?" Someone knocked on the door.

"Hn?"Chae Rin snapped out of her peaceful mind and back to reality. That she was the heiress of the second largest company in the world-Sky Inc.Only behind one more company-Lotte World which was in good fellowship with Sky Inc. since both the owners have known each other for a large amount of time. "Come in?"She said dully putting her book down on the small table that had only her cup of honey tea and a vase full of White Lilies which was the symbol of purity.

A maid soon came in with Chae Rin's breakfast. "Your breakfast Miss."

"Oh. Right."She then dully looked at the maid."When are you going to stop this nonsense and stop giving me these $1000 breakfasts when you know all i want is some fruit and more tea." Chae Rin smiled at the young maid.

"Of course Miss. I'll get right on it." As she was about the leave Chae Rin stopped her.

"You can have that one and just give me the fruit okay? Im sure you'd want it more than I do"Chae Rin said standing up and grabbing her apple. "Just bring me a pot of tea and thats all I need" She smiled at the maid once more and went back to her reading corner.

The maid was shocked how her mistress spoke to her. She has been through many mistress and masters but this one seemed to have both an air and kindness. She wasn't rude or conceited AND she didn't make a fuss over her breakfast or anything for that matter. Most importantly she spoke to her like a human not an animal or slave. The maid could not wait to tell all the other maids on how happy she is to be here instead of her previous home. Of course every maid knew on how Ms. Lee acted.

As Chae Rin looked around her room she smiled at her newest painting now hung on the South Wall and her uncompleted painting on her easel. She also love how the room was furnished. It was her favorite colors black and white. Of course there were different shades of them everywhere but it made it look simple. There was also plenty of gray. Basically the only color that came out was from her paintings.

As she went up the stairs to her loft where she did most of her artwork both paintings and music,she heard another knock. Sighing she went back down the ladder and went to get the door. "Who is it?" She asked and then opened her door to see a butler.

"Mada-"But he was cut off by a look given by Chae Rin. "Ms.Lee"She nodded. She hated when people called her madam. Mistress was fine but madam made her sound like her mother or an old lady. "Your Parents are here with the CEO of Lotte World and his family for dinner. Madam Lee told me to tell You that you should be dressed properly and not that casual nonsense you always wear"He smiled at her. Chae Rin was dressed in casual clothes. "So yes. They will like for you to come down in 15 minutes" Chae Rin nodded and as Butler Kang was leaving she closed the door and went to another set. Her Closet.

Now lets talk about Chae Rin's Closet. Its double the size of her room. Shes a fashionista what can she say. As she was walking to the semi-formal area of her closet she picked out a blue satin dress that complimented her skin tone. She was neither pale or tan.

As she put on white Chanel flats.She took her hair out of the light ponytail and gave it a little bit of gel to make it look more formal and went out of her bedroom.

As she walked down the grand staircase she heard her parents say. "And here she is our daughter Chae Rin"They said and then she heard the Mr.Kwon say"She is quite a beauty. Right Ji Yong?" Ji Yong?Whos this Ji Yong?The son of Mr. Kwon? She asked herself so she didn't hear the answer

"Ahh Chae Rin you've already met Mr and Mrs. Kwon. But this is their son Kwon Ji Yong."

"Pleasure"He took her hand and kissed is.

"Its all mine"She said politely when taking her hand back.

"After dinner we have a special announcement for you two" Mrs. Kwon said with a big smile.

"so Chae Rin now going off to your room and painting or whatever nonsense you do alone" Her mother spoke.

"yes ma."Chae Rin said with a slightly annoyed tone then she heard This Kwon Ji Yong chuckle.

"Well then shall we go?" Mr. Lee said heading towards the main dining room.

a.n:so how was it for the prologue Im pretty pleased on how it started xD ahaha Anyway NO SILENT READERS so please comment.Yes I am going to keep this fic for any of you asking ^^ ENJOY <3 --No Pm list BTW & Originally posted on


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White and Black Empty Re: White and Black

Post by zak on 7/15/2009, 5:23 pm

gahh keep updating please xD

I always thought CL and GD would make a cute couple Razz

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White and Black Empty Skydragon

Post by cl_jiD on 7/30/2011, 8:58 am

Waaaa i love this storyline!!! are you going to continue this??? cause if not then I can but if you will please update soon:))))


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White and Black Empty Re: White and Black

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