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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by Acc. on 6/22/2009, 7:54 am

My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Kyueun10

Hello, this is my next fanfic~ you can also view it and other stories on

Comments will be much appreciated! =)


Cho Kyu Hyun is a high-schooler and also the heir of the Choshin Empire. He hates the fact that he is constantly being surrounded and protected by big burly bodyguards with no privacy at all. As a result, he tries to escape time and time again. His parents have no choice but to turn to their last resort - sending the kendo-skilled Kim So Eun undercover to protect him.


Chapter 1:

A black limousine waits outside Hwang Seon High School as the school bell rings, signaling the end of another school day. Five burly men dressed in black suits are standing guard at the entrance of the school compound, showing no signs of fatigue even though they have been standing under the hot sun for the past few hours.

Students stream out of the school gate steadily, some turning and staring at the limousine. One of the bodyguards is pacing amidst the crowd, seemingly looking for someone. He glances at his watch.

“Again…” He grumbled to himself, he motions at two others. “You two, come with me to the back. The rest continue standing guard. Do not let him get away again.” With that, the three men rush to the other side of the school in search of their target.

Cho Kyu Hyun squint his eyes against the bright sun light. He is standing before the tall sturdy brick wall surrounding Hwang Seon High School where he has been studying at for the past 2 years. Kyu Hyun throws his bag over the wall and stretches his arms and legs. He backs up a few steps. This is easy, he thought to himself confidently, smirking to himself. He has done it countless of times in the past. Kyu Hyun looks around to see if anyone is around. Seeing that the coast is clear, Kyu Hyun steps back and gets ready for the sprint. Taking a deep breath, he dashes towards the wall and makes a leap for the top. His hands cling onto the top and he winces a little as the rough gravel surface rubs against his skin. With another deep breath, he heaves himself up on top and swiftly throws his body onto the other side. Kyu Hyun lands steadily on his feet. He brushes the dust off his pearly-white uniform and picks up his bag.

Looking at the wall, he smirked to himself again. Kyu Hyun turns to leave but stops at the sight in front of him. Two of his bodyguards are approaching him speedily from the left. Kyu Hyun turns to the right and sees another one coming his way. He curses under his breath and runs as fast as he could away from them.

Kyu Hyun ignores the funny looks passer-bys are giving him as he sprints down the streets with the three bodyguards hot on his tail. After what felt like an eternity of running, Kyu Hyun starts slowing down. He knew he would not be able to outrun these men, they were military trained agents employed by his parents to protect him around the clock and protecting the only heir of the Choshin Empire was their only mission. Kyu Hyun frowns in frustration; he knows his legs are going to give way soon. His lungs feel like they are on the verge of exploding and his vision is getting starry. Damn it, why hadn’t I joined the track and field team?, Kyu Hyun thought.

Kyu Hyun turns a corner and continues to turn back and look at his pursuers that he did not realize someone in front of him. There was a loud shriek as he crashed into someone as they tumbled onto the ground. This fall really was the last straw for Kyu Hyun, he was so exhausted from all the running that he laid sprawled on the floor, panting and catching his breath. The person he bumped into sat up and rubbed her sore elbows.

“Yah! Don’t you ever look where you are going?!” She screamed at him. Kyu Hyun, still catching his breath, opens his eyes and looks at her. He was about to say something when they hear footsteps coming around the corner and the three bodyguards appear before them, with little signs of exhaustion.

“Sh*t!” Kyu Hyun cursed again as the bodyguards helped him up and brought him away. He turns and glares at the girl. “You!” If it was not for this stupid girl, he would have been able to get away.

“What?! You didn’t even apologize!” The girl looked on as the three burly men took the pathetic man away.

Kim So Eun stood up and recollected her books. She slung her kendo wooden shinai(sword) over her shoulders and walks slowly to the side of the road, she turns and sees the three men and the pathetic guy get into a black limousine in the distance.

So Eun watches as the vehicle slowly pass her. Through the slightly tinted window, she could see the guy glaring at her as she stares back at him.


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard Chapter 2

Post by Acc. on 6/24/2009, 3:15 am

Chapter 2

“What?” Mrs. Cho exclaimed. “He tried to run away again?” She tapped her fingers impatiently on the table. Mrs. Cho is the President of Choshin Organization and Kyu Hyun’s mother. She had just heard news of the incident that happened earlier when her son tried to escape from the protection of the bodyguards she had assigned around him. Mrs. Cho frowned, her delicate forehead forming creases that were the only signs that gave away her age. She was a capable business woman, taking care of the family’s empire within Korea while President Cho was frequently overseas. She was confident and presented herself exceptionally well.

The family’s wealthy status meant that they were constantly facing the threat from business rivals and the unlawful. To her, Kyu Hyun was the gem, he would eventually become one of the wealthiest men in Asia, and she would not allow anything to happen to him before he got to the top. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cho had learnt that the hard way. Kyu Hyun was targeted and kidnapped when he was a very young boy and though he returned unharmed, the ordeal had caused Mrs. Cho to take Kyu Hyun’s safety very seriously and has since placed him under constant protection, much to her son’s protests.

As Kyu Hyun grew older, it made it extremely difficult for him to lead a normal life and have friends like other teenagers. Mrs. Cho even went as far as to employ bodyguards that are his own age to be his friends which made Kyu Hyun extremely furious when he found out soon after. And now seeing that Kyu Hyun has tried to escape once again made Mrs. Cho ponder of another possible way she can prevent Kyu Hyun from causing any more trouble. Only one thing came to her mind…

“Let’s go.” Mrs. Cho commanded her secretary.

- - -

It was a small but extremely well-furnished space on the second floor of the shop house. There was a wooden sign on the wall that reads, “Kang’s School of Martial Arts”. There were people practicing different combat sports on the boxing ring and other corners of the training area.

“Mrs. Cho, the reason you came…” Kim Kang let his words trail off as he pondered about the reason that could make her come down to his training school personally for a favor. He was a man in his mid-40s who had an athletic build and was wearing a judogi (uniform).

“Mr. Kim, I need another one of your bodyguards. A young one.” Mrs. Cho replied coolly, as she observed the people training through the glass window inside Kim Kang’s office.

“Is the previous few I’ve chosen not up to your standard?” Kim Kang asks again. He had an ongoing business relationship with the Chos for providing well-trained professionals for the family’s protection.

“No. They’re good, too good, in fact. This time, I need someone,” Mrs. Cho pauses, trying to think of a suitable word, “obscure... someone unsuspecting. Your students all look too strong.” Mrs. Cho comments as she continues observing through the glass. “I need someone that my son will never suspect, like a girl.”

Kim Kang walks over and stands beside Mrs. Cho, deep in thought.

“A girl?” Kim Kang is hesitant. “There is only one girl in this school.” Kim Kang proceeds to point a finger to his left. Mrs. Cho looks at the direction he is pointing at and sees two kendoka (swordsmen) fully dressed in their attire and helmets sparring with one another with their wooden training swords. One of the fighters is visibly smaller in build than the other, the build of a woman. However, she did not let her petite frame get in the way of battling her opponent. The warrior confidently tackled her bigger size counterpart and easily cornered him to his side. She delivered a final thrust to his throat, a dangerous and powerful act that only a highly-skilled or senior kendoka can perform. Mrs. Cho looked on in amazement.

“That girl…” Kim Kang explained, “is my daughter, So Eun. She is 18, as is your son.” Mrs. Cho is clearly surprised at Kim Kang’s words. This talented warrior is a female, all but 18, and the daughter of Kim Kang?

Kim So Eun stepped back and brought down her sword as a signal of an end of the fight. She took a bow at her opponent. One of the trainers motioned for her to go into her father’s office. So Eun hurries in as told and is surprised to see a wealthy-looking woman sitting opposite her father’s desk. She removes her helmet to reveal her youthful face. She greets both elders and took a bow.

“Mr. Kim, I must say, you really do have an outstanding warrior here. One who is also your daughter.” Mrs. Cho praised. So Eun smiled and blushed slightly. “Even so, as much as I want this girl on my side, I know you have your reservations in sending your daughter on the field. But rest assured this is no mission like any other.”

So Eun looks on confused as her father discussed business with the lady. She had seen her father discuss business many times but none of once was she part of the conversation. What is the meaning of this?

- - -

Kyu Hyun was sprawled across his sofa, concentrating hard on the game he was playing on his X-Box console. His fingers moved around at the speed of light as he hits away on his controller. At times like this when the little amount of friends he has could go party and he could only stay at home because “it’s the safest”, his computer games were his only consolation.

Just then, his cell phone started to ring. Distracted, Kyu Hyun mutters under his breath as he pauses his game unwillingly and answered his phone.

“Hello?” Kyu Hyun asks. His expression turns even duller when he realizes who the caller was. “Yes, mother.” He stares at the TV screen blankly as his mother talks. Kyu Hyun’s eyes widen all of a sudden as he tries to make sense of his mother’s words. “What? You’re taking away all my bodyguards?” He could not believe his ears. “So you mean, no more big burly men restricting me… ever?” Kyu Hyun asked again. He slowly puts down the phone, deep in thought. He stares at his phone. After a long moment of pondering, Kyu Hyun picks up his phone and dials again. “Hello, Omma?”, he pauses, “Gomawo…”. Kyu Hyun still could not believe what just happened. This does not make sense. Does it mean he’s free now? Free forever? He leaned back on the head rest of the sofa and stared into space. He broke out a smile.


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by Kyn on 6/24/2009, 10:22 am

I knew I'd like this one since your one shot was good
Kyu Hyun just doesn't know lol
If it were me I'd be a little suspicious as to why things were changing so suddenly

My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Mwtuut

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Chapter 3

Post by Acc. on 6/28/2009, 1:29 am


Kim So Eun sat impatiently at the back of the black sedan. She looked around the car and out of the window, seemingly out of place. So Eun looks down at the uniform she was wearing and studied the details of her name tag. It read, “Hwang Seon High School” in the first line and “Kim So Eun” in the next. She straightened her plaited skirt and sighed as she recalled the conversation with her father.


“Appa! What do you mean bodyguard? They want me to be a bodyguard?!” So Eun leaned forward and stared at her father.

“Mrs. Cho has a special request to hire a female and I understand how you feel, So Eun. You’re just a girl, you have no experience and you don’t train like your other oppas do. But under this circumstance, this is what Mrs. Cho wishes – someone who is not your typical bodyguard to stay undercover around her son. I have my worries for you if you do this, but Mrs. Cho mentioned that there will still be the other skilled professionals guarding you from the distance, but still...” Kim Kang frowns, his face creased with worry and concern for his only daughter.

“Appa, if I need to do this, I will! You know how good I am at kendo! Let me do something for the training school! Not only the Oppas can do it!” So Eun exclaimed excitedly, whenever she sees her oppas training and moving onto the field, she could always see how her father looked at them proudly. She wanted that recognition from him too.

“So Eun, you must understand, this is nothing you have experienced before, on the arena you have protection, you have the rules. But the outside world, it’s different…” Kim Kang said matter-of-factly.

“Well, I have to face it don’t I? We don’t want to risk losing Mrs. Cho as a client.” So Eun tried to persuade him. Although she was filled with uncertainties, she tried to hide it from her father. She knew how importantly this deal is to the school. “Besides, there will be others around us, I’ll be safe! For the sake of the school, Appa, let me do it!”


So Eun sighs again as she stares out the car window. Thinking back, she had no idea where she got the courage to persuade her father to let her do this. What the hell was she thinking? Being a bodyguard? She could not even fight and all she was good at was her kendo. Without her sword, she would be helpless. She would have trouble protecting herself even, let alone protecting an almost grown man. Can this even work? So Eun was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. She hit her forehead with her fist.

Suddenly the car door opened from the other side. So Eun jumped in shock and looked out of the window, she did not even realize the car had stopped moving. A man in black suit entered the car and sat beside her. So Eun looked at him bewilderedly, somehow this man looked strangely familiar, where had she seen him before?

“Hello, Miss Kim, my name is Boom, I am the head of the bodyguards for Mrs. Cho. I believe you already know what your mission is, but there a few rules that we have to follow, so please listen carefully.” Boom introduced himself and opened the file in his hand and started reading. “One, Our one and only mission, is to protect the Cho household at all times under all circumstances. Two, never to leave the protected’s side unless commanded by Mrs. Cho to do so. Three, standard uniform has to be worn at all times during duty.” So Eun frowned and looked at her school uniform as Boom continues. “Four, do not converse with the protected unless it is necessary.” So Eun interrupted him then.

“Sorry, but… if I can’t talk to him, how am I supposed to…” So Eun trailed off and looked at Boom’s expressionless face. He pondered for a moment.

“Yes, Miss Kim, indeed you are right. I’m afraid your situation does not apply to the standard rules of the bodyguard. However, I have a few added rules that you have to comply.” Boom looked at his file and traced his finger down to the bottom of the page. “These are special rules Mrs. Cho has specifically mentioned for you. One, you are not to reveal your identity around the Young Master under any circumstances, failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of your services. Two, you are to be in close proximity around him at all times until he is at home or unless commanded to do otherwise by Mrs. Cho.” So Eun interrupts him again.

“What? At all times? Don’t I have an off day or something?” So Eun sensed a bad feeling about this. What has she gotten herself into?

“I’m sorry, Miss Kim. I am not at liberty to discuss these details with you, I am just following Mrs. Cho’s orders. If you have any objections, I am afraid you have to discuss this with her in person. Lastly,” Boom pauses and clears his throat. “Intimacy is strictly forbidden, under no circumstance are you allowed to progress into a relationship further than your protector position with the Young Master.” Boom closed his file and looked at So Eun, who was staring back at him in disbelief. “And this, Miss Kim, is the Young Master.” Boom proceeds to take out a picture of a guy in his uniform.

So Eun took the picture over and stared at it with wide eyes. This guy, his face. It was so familiar. Where had she seen him before? She closed her eyes and took a moment to recall.

“This is the guy I am supposed to protect?” So Eun’s eyes opened abruptly. “I remember you now, Mr. Boom, right? You are the guy that brought that jerk way two days ago when he bumped into me!”

“Young Master’s name is Cho Kyu Hyun.” Boom said without answering her question.

- - -

“Today is going to be great.” Kyu Hyun wondered out loud. He puts on his jacket. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.

Kyu Hyun strolled out of the huge door of his house and was greeted by his usual limousine and bodyguards. He looked at them, confused.
“Did you get orders not to follow me around anymore?” Kyu Hyun asked. This can’t be good.

“Yes, Young Master. We are told not to be around you but it is still our job to escort you to and from places. From now on, we will be keeping our distance.” The bodyguard answered politely and bowed. Kyu Hyun shook his head, he should have expected something like this to happen. His mother would definitely not let him go this easy. He had no choice but to get into the car.

- - -

So Eun leaned against the stone walls of Hwang Seon High School’s entrance and waited, bag and sword in tow. Students passed by her as she observed the new faces. She shook her head for the nth time today. Cho. Kyu. Hyun. Of all people. So Eun made a face as she ponders on how to go about ‘attaching’ herself to Kyu Hyun while being discreet about her intention at the same time. She rested her hands on her kendo training sword.

“Hello? My name is So Eun? Let’s be friends.” So Eun made a puking gesture. “You! Remember me? It’s payback time.” So Eun smirked as she continued talking to herself. She noticed a few students gossiping amongst themselves while pointing at her. So Eun looked away and acts normal. Just then, she saw Kyu Hyun getting out of his limousine a distance away, while talking on his phone. So Eun quickly hides behind the wall and waited. “Now what? ‘Hello? I’ll protect you?’ That’s stupid! ‘I like you, so let’s be friends.’ That’s too cheesy.” So Eun practiced her lines again. She hit her head with her hand in frustration. So Eun continued fretting as she hears Kyu Hyun approaching.

“Oh, Siwon? Guess you heard? Yeah, well not exactly free. They’ll still be watching me, but at least there not following me when I go to the loo.” Kyu Hyun joked on the phone. He entered the school entrance and did not see So Eun waiting by the wall beside him. So Eun not knowing how to approach Kyu Hyun frantically stuck out her sword in front of his legs but ended up tripping him in the process. Kyu Hyun let out a gasp as he fell to the ground. The phone in his hand broke apart as it hit the ground. So Eun stood there helplessly as she watched Kyu Hyun get up on his feet. Kyu Hyun picked up his phone and turned to face So Eun.

“You! Why did you trip me! You damaged my phone!” Kyu Hyun waved his cracked phone at So Eun. He curses under his breath and brushed the stones off his clothes. “Aren’t you gonna apologize?”

“You.. you deserved it! This is for the last time you tripped me! What, apologize, you should apologize to me.” So Eun glared at at Kyu Hyun and swung her sword on her shoulders.

“What? The last time?” Kyu Hyun stared at So Eun and recalled their last meeting. “Ahh, you’re the girl who got me caught. If it wasn’t for you, I would have gotten away. It’s your fault for getting in my way.” Kyu Hyun walked off nonchalantly. So Eun ran after him.

“Yah, wait! Sa-gwa hae(Apologize!)!” So Eun tries to keep her pace with Kyu Hyun.

“You made me fall and damaged my phone, are you going to apologize and pay for it?” Kyu Hyun retorted back. So Eun turned red with anger and grabbed her sword again. She stepped a huge stride in front of Kyu Hyun blocking his way and pointed the tip of her sword at his throat. Kyu Hyun retracted in fear. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Kyu Hyun stared at her then at her sword pointed at him.

“This is a warning. If you do not apologize, I will get you!” So Eun poked her weapon menacingly at his chest. Kyu Hyun hits the sword away and rubbed his chest.

“You must really be a crazy woman.” Kyu Hyun walked away as fast as he could up the driveway away from her.

So Eun watched him go as she grimaced over what just happen. Things certainly did not start off well. She turned the other direction and sees the black sedan at the entrance. So Eun could not see through the tinted window. The sedan then moved off slowly, leaving So Eun alone in the driveway.


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard - Part 4

Post by Acc. on 7/2/2009, 2:12 am


So Eun knocked on the classroom door politely and entered in the middle of a lesson. The teacher, a round bespectacled Mr. Park beckoned her in. So Eun nodded and bowed courteously to the class.

Kyu Hyun saw So Eun immediately and ducked his head behind the student in front of him, cursing his own bad luck. His friend, Si Won nudged him excitedly when he saw So Eun, mouthing the words, “Cute” to Kyu Hyun. Kyu Hyun, on the other hand, rolled his eyes and rested his chin on his desk, peeping out slowly to look at Mr. Park and So Eun.

“Oh, you’re the new student. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the class, and then we can assign you to your seat?” Mr. Park asked. So Eun nodded awkwardly and bowed again.

“Annyong haseyo. My name is Kim So Eun, a transfer student. Nice to meet everyone…” So Eun bit her lower lip nervously. She looked around the classroom in search of Kyu Hyun. She was in the correct classroom, this was supposed to be Kyu Hyun’s class. Where is he?

“Nice to meet you too, So Eun. Let’s see where you shall sit…” Mr. Park looked around for an empty seat at the back of the classroom.

Kyu Hyun stuck his head out carefully again and saw So Eun looking at him, he ducks back in.

“Oh!” So Eun pointed to the back. “There’s a seat at the back beside Kyu Hyun. Can I sit there? He’s my friend.” So Eun asked Mr. Park. Her remark caused a stir among the students in class. The students started teasing and making wolf whistles. Kyu Hyun shut his eyes and massaged the bridge of his nose with his fingers. Si Won nudged him again.

“Yah! Why didn't you tell me you were friends with her?” Si Won whispered.

“I’m not! I don’t even know her!” Kyu Hyun whispered back in frustration. He pointed a finger to his temple and did little circles to indicate that she is insane to Si Won. Si Won raised an eyebrow at him.

“Of course, the seat is empty anyway. Please go to your desk. Kyu Hyun-ssi, please make your friend feel at ease around the school.” Mr. Park ordered as So Eun walked to her seat.

So Eun settled down and looked over at Kyu Hyun. Si Won, who was sitting on the other side of Kyu Hyun beamed widely and waved at her. So Eun smiled and waved back. Kyu Hyun pretended not to see her and angled his seat towards Si Won. So Eun grabbed her kendo stick and poked it at Kyu Hyun. He sniffled a groan and glared at So Eun. The both of them exchanged angry glances.

- - -

Over the next few days, So Eun followed Kyu Hyun diligently around school every day careful not to blow her cover, much to the dismay of Kyu Hyun. As a result, he could not go anywhere else except hang out at the cyber café near school.

- - -

Class ended as usual on a Thursday afternoon. Kyu Hyun walked out of school quickly and kept turning back to see if So Eun was following him. He thought he finally managed to shake her off when she appeared out of nowhere in front of him again, stick in hand.

“Yah, why are you everywhere?!” Kyu Hyun yelled. “How did you get here so fast?”

“You’re so easy to read, you go to the same café everyday and you take the same route from school every day. I just took a short cut.” So Eun rested her kendo stick on her shoulders and flashed a victorious grin at Kyu Hyun.

“What?... a short cut. There’s a short cut?” Kyu Hyun asked, but realizing that was not the point, he changed the topic. “Can you stop stalking me?” Kyu Hyun grumbled and continued walking. He quickened his pace again, but So Eun caught up with him easily.

“Nope.” So Eun followed him as usual.

They walked side by side in awkward silence for a short moment, then Kyu Hyun spoke.

“Sorry.” So Eun was surprised by his apology. She looked at him in puzzlement.

“Sorry? For what?”

“Isn’t that what you want me to say? You’ve been stalking me the past few days because you wanted an apology, right?” Kyu Hyun replied matter-of-factly.

“That… that’s true but-” So Eun continued slowly but was interrupted by Kyu Hyun.

“So now you don’t have to follow me anymore. Go live your own life.” Kyu Hyun avoided her gaze and continued walking. So Eun stopped in her tracks. She watched as Kyu Hyun walked further away from her. Now what?, She thought to herself. She needed an excuse to follow him. So Eun walked slowly.

Kyu Hyun could feel that she was not too close to him anymore but he resisted the urge to turn around.

They passed Kyu Hyun’s usual hang out but Kyu Hyun continued walking. So Eun stopped outside the cyber café and looked at Kyu Hyun who was walking ahead of her.

“Aren’t you going in?” So Eun called after him.

“I don’t want to go to the same place every day.” Kyu Hyun replied. So Eun appeared from behind again.

“FYI, I do have my own life. I am living my life now.”

“By following me?” Kyu Hyun stopped and regarded her closely. Kyu Hyun turned around and narrowed his eyes, observing So Eun. He stared at her for a long moment. “It’s not just an apology you want, is it?” Kyu Hyun asked again, “You have an ulterior motive.”

So Eun stared at him, she could feel her cheeks burning up. An alarm bell rang in her head, was she caught? Had Kyu Hyun guessed her motive?

“What.. what motive. I don’t have a motive.” So Eun avoided his gaze and looked away. Kyu Hyun stepped forward to face her again. He leaned closer to her. So Eun leaned away from him.

“You…” Kyu Hyun whispered as he looked at her seriously. So Eun held her breath, she felt her heart skip a beat. There was some fluttering in her stomach. “You like me don’t you?” Kyu Hyun asked seriously.

“What?” So Eun looked at him. She gasped and pushed Kyu Hyun away. “Like? Are you insane?” So Eun brushed her fluttering feelings away and regained her composure.

“No? Why are you following me then? If you don’t want my apology and you’re not in love with me?” Kyu Hyun asked again, he seemed pretty confident about himself. So Eun swallowed hard. She frantically thought of all the excuses she could use.

“How… how do you want me to say it out!” So Eun said finally. She had decided to just play along with it. Kyu Hyun smirked and broke out a laugh.

“I knew it.” Kyu Hyun grinned and they continued walking. This time he kept in pace with So Eun. She was still sulking over how things had turned out from that conversation earlier. So Eun passed a store that caught her interest. She stopped and stared into the glass window, leaving Kyu Hyun walking by himself.

“I think, I don’t mind if we start out as friends,” Kyu Hyun spoke, unaware that So Eun was not with him. “You’re not as irritating as I first thought, so” Kyu Hyun turned and stopped. There was no sign of So Eun. He turned around and looked at the street. There was no one in sight. “Where did she go?” Kyu Hyun walked back and passed a sports shop. He saw So Eun in the store and entered.

“What are all these?” Kyu Hyun looked at the display. There were rows and rows of kendo equipment. He saw some of the training sticks that looked exactly like the one So Eun always carried with her. “Ah, aren’t these the stick you always poke me with?”

“That’s a kendo shinai, it’s not just a stick. It can hurt someone if you use it correctly.” So Eun explained.

“I assume you use it well then.”

“Of course, my dad is a skilled master and I grew up learning from him.”

“Is that why you carry that stick everywhere you go? For protection?” Kyu Hyun asked absently. So Eun turned and looked at him.

“It’s for my own protection. Without it I feel pretty helpless.” So Eun answered carefully. She continued admiring the equipment, smoothing her fingers over the armor.

- - -

“I haven’t eaten noodles as good as this before.” Kyu Hyun commented as they emerged from the noodle store. The sky had turned dark.

“Are you serious? What have you been eating all your life!” So Eun joked.

“I never knew there was such a nice noodle store near school.”

“I bet you never went as far as your cyber café. Talk about having a life.” So Eun teased Kyu Hyun.

“That’s actually true, I never had much of it.” Kyu Hyun replied softly. So Eun became serious, unsure of how to react when he spoke again. “My family used to restrict me so much, I really couldn’t do anything else other than hang out with myself. To be honest I didn’t even get to eat a proper meal with friends at all. Not till now.” Kyu Hyun looked on the ground as he spoke.

“Not even with Si Won?” So Eun looked at Kyu Hyun.

“Not even with Si Won.”

So Eun suddenly felt sorry for him. She could not imagine how Kyu Hyun’s life must have been. What with having a mother who hires bodyguards to pretend to be his friend. His life must really be sad. She felt so guilty keeping it from him, especially when he actually treated her as his friend now.

Kyu Hyun felt comforted somehow with So Eun walking beside him. For once, he felt like he was hanging out with someone he truly enjoyed the company of. Silence fell upon both of them again, but this time, it was a comfortable silence, a silence shared between two friends who were just enjoying the moment.

“Yah, look who we bumped into.” A voice came out of nowhere, breaking the quiet moment. Kyu Hyun looked up to see three guys standing in front of them. They were all wearing the Hwang Seon school uniform, Kyu Hyun recognized them as the bullies from school, Shin Dong and his sidekicks, Ye Sung and Eun Hyuk. So Eun stared at Kyu Hyun and the strange guys in front of them. “It’s so rare to see Cho Kyu Hyun wondering around the streets alone, isn’t it?” The guy named Shin Dong mocked sarcastically. “No more bodyguards following you like flies eh?”

“Don’t you people have any other things to do other than harassing everyone in school?” Kyu Hyun retorted sternly.

“Harassing? We certainly wouldn’t dare to harass you.” Shin Dong eyed So Eun. “Especially not when you’re out dating.” Shin Dong walked towards Kyu Hyun. So Eun, unsure of how to react, instinctively stepped in front of him.

“What are you doing?” Kyu Hyun whispered to So Eun. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer to him. So Eun wrapped her hands around her kendo sword.

“You two do look loving,” Shin Dong was only an arms’ length away from them now. “You’re the transfer student aren’t you? You’re really pretty too.” Shin Dong and his friends smirked. Shin Dong stretched out his hand and was about to reach for So Eun’s hair when she suddenly whipped out her sword and jabbed it hard into Shin Dong’s gut.

Shin Dong let out a loud shriek of pain and collapsed to the floor. Eun Hyuk and Ye Sung tried to grab So Eun’s weapon but was in turn wacked in the legs by So Eun’s swift movements. The both of them were squealing in pain as they helped Shin Dong up. “You two better be careful!” Shin Dong threatened before escaping with his friends.

So Eun retracted her sword and turned to Kyu Hyun, who was staring at her with his eyes and mouth wide open.

“That was scary… I’ve really never met anyone like you.” Kyu Hyun commented. “You don’t really go around beating up people with that do you?” Kyu Hyun asked.


A/N: I hope no one was offended by the portrayal of other suju members! All in the name of fun! =)

Comments much appreciated!


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by Kyn on 7/6/2009, 9:51 pm

lol i could totally picture them as thugs,
the image in my head is too funny
Kyu Hyun is a little dense though
had it been me, i would have been really suspicious of So Eun by now

My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Mwtuut

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard - Part 5

Post by Acc. on 7/11/2009, 11:47 pm

Chapter 5:

- - -

So Eun stepped out of the usual black sedan and was greeted by Mr. Boom, the Chos’ head bodyguard. They were standing at the porch of the Cho mansion. It was the weekend and So Eun had been doing her routine kendo practice at her father’s academy when Mrs. Cho’s secretary came to escort her to the mansion. She had been told Mrs. Cho wanted to see her.

So Eun entered the main door and into the mansion. She gasped at the grand sight that greeted her. Now standing in the living room of the mansion, it seemed a lot bigger than how it looked on the outside. So Eun felt even smaller in the gigantic space before her. This was where Kyu Hyun lived? She wondered to herself. No wonder he felt lonely, who wouldn’t be, living in a mansion like this? So Eun looked down and examined the marble floor, slowly shifting her gaze from the floor to the giant white pillars to every piece of exquisite Victorian furniture and the antique collection that decorated almost every corner of the place.

Mr. Boom led her up the winding flight of marble steps up to the second floor. They walked along the extensive hallway with rooms lined on both sides of the corridor. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of walking through the maze of rooms, Mr. Boom opened the largest door at the end of the hallway and beckoned So Eun in.

So Eun entered meticulously, her sneakers squeaking a little as she walked into the quiet study. She started walking on tip-toes, as quietly and lightly as she could, as if the slightest contact of her sneakers on the marble flooring would ruin or leave a scratch on the perfectly polished surface. She walked past the wooden bookshelf that separated the doorway and the huge study she had assumed was Mrs. Cho’s office. So Eun became tense immediately as she felt a little tingle in her spine. This was the familiar aura she felt whenever she was in the presence of Mrs. Cho. So Eun approached the elegant mahogany table at the end of the room where Mrs. Cho was sitting, looking stern and serious over her documents. Mrs. Cho looked up and set down her file, she regarded So Eun carefully.

So Eun bowed respectfully and stood as still as she could. She felt so odd standing alone in a room filled with western décor in her casual pullover and jeans. So Eun grabbed the strap of her sling bag tightly.

“How are you, So Eun? I hope everything’s been going well. Are you coping well?” Mrs. Cho broke the eerie silence between them.

“Yeh, Mrs. Cho. Everything’s… I’m coping well, thank you.” So Eun nodded and stuttered over her words.

“Yes, I’ve heard about it. I’m quite pleased with the way things are going so far. Kyu Hyun, he did not suspect anything did he?” Mrs. Cho asked again as she looked back down onto her documents. So Eun pondered for a second before answering.

“A few days ago, a few thugs threatened us on our way back. Well, we got into a little confrontation. I don’t think he noticed anything…” So Eun hesitated as she tried to recall the situation with Shin Dong and his gang. During that time, not knowing how to react to the situation, she had recklessly stepped in front of Kyu Hyun without thinking and tackled Shin Dong, Ye Sung and Eun Hyuk with her kendo stick. Was it too much of a giveaway? Her thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Cho.

“I’m quite surprised when I heard about your reaction.” Mrs. Cho said without looking up at her. “There… hasn’t been any other interaction between Kyu Hyun and you?” So Eun stared at Mrs. Cho blankly. Interaction? So Eun was momentarily lost for words. Mrs. Cho, hearing no answer from her, looked up from her papers and prompted her again. “Interaction between friends? Nothing more?” Mrs. Cho’s words caught So Eun by surprise. Her stomach fluttered as she felt her cheeks burning.

“Aniyo! Of course not. Friends, there’s his friend Si Won, who is always around…” So Eun waved her hands frantically and laughed uneasily.

“That’s good to hear.” Mrs. Cho reached for her cheque book and scribbled onto it. She tore out the first piece and held it out towards So Eun. “I’m satisfied with your performance so far. This is the first month’s pay we agreed.” So Eun stepped forward and received the cheque politely. She looked at the amount. $6 million Won?! So Eun gasped at the figure. She mentally counted the number of zeros after the number 6.

- - -

Kyu Hyun hit methodically on his computer keyboard, completely focused and unfazed. The opponents on his computer screen were slowly defeated one by one by his skilled pressing of the keyboard buttons. His game character sliced around swiftly with the sword in his hand. So Eun’s face popped into his mind all of a sudden as he remembered how she always swung her kendo stick at him. Kyu Hyun paused the game and leaned back in his chair, letting his head fall limply over the head rest. Kyu Hyun’s gaze shifted to the cell phone that was lying silently on his table. He picked it up and pressed at the screen. So Eun’s name appeared on the top of the list of his phonebook contacts. Kyu Hyun’s thumb lingered around the connect call button and hesitated. He stared at her name with the contact picture of So Eun’s face beside it. It was a picture of So Eun eating the noodles from the famous store around school. Kyu Hyun laughed to himself as he looked at So Eun’s satisfied expression. He regained his straight face almost immediately as if realizing how stupid he must look laughing at his phone.

Kyu Hyun exited the phone menu and stood up from his chair. He stretched a little and headed for the door.

- - -

So Eun stared at the cheque of $6 million won in her hands. Any normal person faced with this amount in their hands would be so excited to spend it but So Eun was staring at it with a heavy heart. Kyu Hyun surfaced in her thoughts again, just like the countless number of times his face had appeared in her mind and refused to leave. Her heart was growing heavier and heavier with each passing day that she had spent with Kyu Hyun. Now, with this cheque in her hands, it seemed as though the guilt and fear had just materialized before her eyes. The guilt of keeping this secret from Kyu Hyun, the fear of him finding out the truth. The fear of hurting him. This secret gripped at her throat mercilessly and she felt like she was going to explode every time she was with Kyu Hyun. She recalled Mrs. Cho’s words? “Interaction between friends? Nothing more?” So Eun pondered the word ‘friends’ over and over again. Her heart was pounding.

“Only friends?” So Eun mumbled to herself. She looked down at the cheque in her hands again and sighed. She brushed the thoughts off her mind and stood up from the armchair she was sitting on. After her meeting with Mrs. Cho, she had been escorted into another waiting room while Mr. Boom made sure the coast was clear for her to leave. So Eun checked her watch, it had been more than half an hour, and she had finished the cup of tea given to her by the servants but there was still no sight of Mr. Boom. So Eun decided to head for the door and leave the mansion. She knew she was not supposed to let Kyu Hyun see her around his house, but the house was so huge she doubted they will cross paths anyway. She decided to take the risk. She did not want to be around this place knowing Kyu Hyun was somewhere near.

- - -

The door knob turned and So Eun popped her head out into the hallway. The corridor was empty and she was just a few feet away from the staircase. She tiptoed out of the room and closed the door as lightly as she could. As she was heading for the stairs she heard the sound of another door opening a few rooms away. A familiar figure emerged from inside and was about to close the door, not realizing there was someone else behind him. So Eun’s eyes widen in panic as she recognized who that person was. He walked in the other direction, his back facing So Eun. His brown hair and his lean stature were impossible to miss even from the back. So Eun panicked as she covered her mouth with her hand to keep from making any noise. She looked around anxiously and attempted to make a run for the stairs, but it was still a distance away. So she grabbed the knob of the door she just came out from and hid back in again. So Eun was so nervous that she slammed the door too hard while trying to close it.

Kyu Hyun jumped at the sound of the closing door behind him. He turned around abruptly. The entire hallway was empty except for him. Normally he was the only one moving around the house. Did his mother have guests over? He walked towards the source of the sound and stopped outside the first room. Kyu Hyun opened it carefully and peered in. Empty. He closed it and moved to the next door. Kyu Hyun poked his head in again, also empty.

So Eun leaned against the door of the waiting room, listening carefully. She could hear the sound of doors opening and closing from outside. So Eun was panicking so much she had to catch her breath. She heard the door knob beside her turn. Oh no, this is it, she thought to herself as she retreated to a corner beside the door and watched as it opened slowly.

- - -

A/N: Thanks for supporting! Silent readers please comment too, so at least I know you're 'silent' reading! =)


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by miss_misa on 7/12/2009, 12:44 pm

Aack! Run away, So Eun! Run away!

*glances around and sees everyone staring*

Uh, sorry. Got too caught up in the story. Give me a panic attack, why don't you? Laughing

Anyway, I've been silently following this, but thought it was about time for me to comment. I really like this story; the whole concept intrigues me. I like that you made So Eun have her flaws and weaknesses, and not some badass, ninja girl or whatever. She's very believable and easy to relate to.

You've also made me feel sorry for Kyuhyun because of his life style, but at the same time, i just want to slap him for being a jerk! I just hope his friendship with So Eun flourishes and he gets past the fact that So Eun started as an employee, but is now his friend. I can see that happening.

Okay, now I'm ramling and I totally forgot what I actually wanted to say. But, keep it up; I really like this story and I'll try not to be so silent when reading. Cool

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard - Chapter 6

Post by Acc. on 8/1/2009, 11:54 pm


Kyu Hyun rested his hand on the gold-plated door knob of the last guest room and turned it slowly. He pushed the door inwards and inched closer through the little gap between the wall and the open door. He poked his head in first and looked around, the room was empty. He frowned slightly, his forehead forming slight creases on his flawless pale skin. Kyu Hyun pushed the door wider and stood in the doorway, pondering again. He was sure he heard a door bang. Was he hearing things?

What he didn’t know, was that at the other side of the door, So Eun stood very still against the wall, both hands covering her mouth to keep herself from breathing too loudly. Please don’t let him see me, So Eun chanted in her head. She could feel her heart pounding inside her, she could feel the slight quivering of her own body and she struggled to keep still. After what felt like an eternity, the open door beside started to close very slowly.

Kyu Hyun shut the door silently, still deep in thought. He stood by the door, puzzled. No, something must be wrong; he could feel it in his bones. Kyu Hyun reached for the door knob and was about to turn it again when he was interrupted by a voice behind him.
“Young Master!” Mr. Boom appeared from behind him, visibly flustered, but he tried to keep his cool composure. Kyu Hyun closed the door and turned around abruptly.

“Oh, Boom Hyung!” Kyu Hyun greeted him. Mr. Boom was like a brother to him, he was closer to him more than he was to his own mother.

“What are you doing wandering around?” Mr. Boom asked him casually, while still maintaining a respectful tone towards the young master of the Cho Empire.

“Ahniyo, I thought I heard some noises around, so I was just checking. Do we have any guest over?” Kyu Hyun replied with another question.

“Yes, in fact we do. Mrs. Cho is expecting some foreign business partners, you must have heard them coming in. They went into the study for a meeting already.” Mr. Boom motioned towards the far end of the hallway. He eyed the guest room that So Eun was supposed to be waiting in. In a bid to distract Kyu Hyun from probing further, Mr. Boom placed a hand on Kyu Hyun’s shoulder and guided him in the direction of his room. “Maybe you should go freshen up, in case Mrs. Cho wants you to meet her guests later? I will let you know when it’s time.” Kyu Hyun, still a little confused about the situation, continued walking slowly back into his own room.
Mr. Boom stood there and watched until Kyu Hyun disappeared from the hallway and the coast was clear before he opened the door to the guest room and stepped inside. Behind the door, So Eun had crumbled to the ground in a heap and was sitting on the floor, catching her breath.

“Miss Kim, it’s now safe to leave.” Mr. Boom looked at her sternly and tried to hide his relief. So Eun stood up slowly.
“Aren’t you nervous at all Mr. Boom? Did it scare the hell out of you?” So Eun asked him amusingly.

“In our line of work, staying calm is the most important policy.” Mr. Boom replied in his usual cool demeanor.

As So Eun and Mr. Boom stepped out of the room, So Eun could not help but look towards the direction of Kyu Hyun’s room.

“What if… this secret blows?” So Eun wondered out loud, partly to herself and partly to Mr. Boom. “I mean, of course he’ll find out sooner or later. What happens then?” So Eun turned to Mr. Boom as they walked down the stairs.

“I think, Miss Kim, you know what will happen.” Mr. Boom replied rhetorically. So Eun fell silent. Yes, of course, she knew. She just did not want to admit it. It will be over, everything.

Mr. Boom walked her to the entrance and looked around the empty porch for the car.

“I will get the driver here immediately.” Mr. Boom took out his phone but was stopped by So Eun.

“It’s okay, I don’t need the transport, I will just walk out from here. I think it’s faster this way. Besides it’s really not too safe to wait around here.” So Eun waved goodbye to Mr. Boom and walked quickly away from the mansion.

The driveway from the porch to the main gate was a long walk though. As So Eun continued walking down the driveway, she felt even more ‘exposed’ than she was in that guest room. She finally reached the guard house and was about to pass the gate when the three guard dogs by the guard house started barking at her for no reason.

The security guard, a stubby round man, tried frantically to shush the dogs but in vain.

“I’m so sorry about this, they usually don’t bark. But then again, no one really comes through these gates by foot.” He said apologetically.

- - -

Kyu Hyun adjusted the collar of his shirt underneath his sweater as he stood in front of the mirror. He wondered about the ‘guests’ Mr. Boom mentioned. Business partners?

He fixed his slightly curly brown hair and straightened his sweater. He heard barking sounds coming from below and was startled again. Strange, usually, the dogs were really well-behaved. The place was usually quiet and peaceful at times like this. The guard dogs barking? Must be something. Curious, he stepped out of his room into the hallway. He stood by the window at the end of the corridor and pushed away the curtains. Kyu Hyun squinted through the bright sunlight. He caught sight of a familiar figure standing by the gate at the guard house. Kyu Hyun registered who that person was and started laughing out loud. Kim So Eun? What was she doing here?

- - -

So Eun bowed politely at the guard and stared helplessly at the barking dogs. Her phone started ringing then. She took out her phone and gasped. She looked at the caller on the screen. Kyu Hyun’s name was flashing out at her. She answered the call cautiously.

“Hello?” So Eun said timidly as she tried to cover the mouthpiece to hide the sound of the barking dogs.

“Yah Kim So Eun. Why are dogs barking at you?” Kyu Hyun’s soothing voice came from the phone.

“OH, erm that… I have no idea. Stray dogs barking randomly…” So Eun lied and bit her lower lip.

“Stray dogs? These dogs are a rare breed and specially trained.” Kyu Hyun replied. So Eun was taken aback, she looked around the place consciously.

“What.. How did you know?” So Eun was starting to panic a little again.

“Because they are my dogs, of course I know that. What are you doing at my front gate? Were you here for me?” Kyu Hyun asked cheekily. He was amused by the frantic look on So Eun’s face.

“Where are you? Can you see me?!” So Eun was still looking high and low.

“Third floor, you silly.” So Eun looked up immediately and saw Kyu Hyun’s handsome face through the third floor window. He had a cheeky grin on his face. So Eun blushed almost immediately. “If you’re here to look for me, I can let you in.”

- - -

So Eun settled down onto the comfy sofa in Kyu Hyun’s room and tried to breathe really steadily, calming herself down. What is this? She thought to herself. Haven’t she had enough shock today. She rested her hand over her chest, as if that would help calm her anxiousness. Kyu Hyun sat down beside her and observed her actions. A look of worry crossed his face for a split second.

“Are you okay? You look unwell.” Kyu Hyun asked gently.

“I’m fine. Today’s been a tiring day…” So Eun muttered under her breath.

“Tiring?” Kyu Hyun prompted further.

“Ahni, just tired from training.” So Eun replied.


Kyu Hyun’s room was filled with the animated sounds coming from his game console. He was back to playing his video games. He was focusing hard on this last level, the last opponent he was tackling. After numerous moving of his fingers on the controller, the sound of victory played softly from the television. Kyu Hyun bopped up and down in satisfaction and turned to look at So Eun.

She had fallen asleep on the sofa beside him. She was lying on her cheek on the sofa cushion. Kyu Hyun bent closer and looked at her. She must really be tired. He gently took the controller from her hands and placed it on the table. His hands lingered lightly on hers.
The slightly ticklish feeling in her hands woke So Eun up. She opened her eyes lazily and looked at Kyu Hyun, who was gazing back inches away from her. She sat up slowly and looked at the TV screen.

“Oh! You won the round! And I missed it? Sorry I fell asleep…” So Eun mumbled softly. Kyu Hyun smiled slightly and reached towards her. He smoothed out her messy hair.

“Nah, it’s okay. I win all the time, you can see it next time.” Kyu Hyun said soothingly as he caressed her hair gently.

Silence fell between them. So Eun’s heart was beating so hard she was afraid that Kyu Hyun could hear it. She spoke finally to fill the silence.

“I’m hungry. You hungry?”

“Let’s go eat at the noodle store!” Kyu Hyun suggested enthusiastically. He stood up and pulled So Eun with him.

- - -

Kyu Hyun was still holding So Eun’s hand as they walked down the stairs of the house. So Eun followed after him awkwardly. His hand was warm and firm, she felt safe with him holding her hand, but she also felt guilty and worried. How can something that felt so right be so wrong?

Just then, Kyu Hyun stopped abruptly. So Eun crashed into him slightly. She stared at the sight in front of her.

“Mom?” Kyu Hyun said as he and So Eun looked at Mrs. Cho standing before them, together with her secretary and bodyguards.

“Where are you going Hyun?” Mrs. Cho asked assertively, glancing at So Eun who was half hidden behind Kyu Hyun. Mrs. Cho noticed both their hands entwined together, her gaze turned even colder as if they weren’t already stern enough. “And who might this friend of yours be?” Mrs. Cho pretended to ask. So Eun anxiously released her hand from Kyu Hyun and bowed towards Mrs. Cho.

“This is So Eun, my classmate from school.” Kyu Hyun replied, aware of the icy atmosphere building up between Mrs. Cho and So Eun. “We were just heading out for dinner. Did you have guests over this afternoon?” Kyu Hyun asked.

“Yes, but they were supposed to leave after the meeting.” Mrs. Cho said ironically, without looking at So Eun. Kyu Hyun raised an eyebrow in confusion. He shrugged and guided So Eun down the stairs pass Mrs. Cho and her entourage. So Eun allowed Kyu Hyun to pull her away, she felt like she does not have any strength in her to put up a fight anymore. “So Eun-ssi, please take care.” Mrs. Cho called after her again, her tone laced with wryness. So Eun quickly turned around and bowed again but avoided Mrs. Cho’s glare.

- - -

A/N: this feels like a long chapter! I tend to become long-winded haha! I hope it's not too draggy! It was suppsoed to end soon, but I now foresee another one or two more chapters coming up. ^_^

Thank you all for reading!


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by WonderBinnie on 8/3/2009, 7:52 am

I love this story Smile Have you posted this also in winglin??
Because I think that I have seen this in there.
I hope that you update this soon <3
Love WonderBinnie

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by Acc. on 8/18/2009, 10:21 pm

- - -

The soft tapping sound of the chalk on the chalkboard filled the quiet classroom as Mr. Park scribbled vigorously on the board. Some of the students were nodding off much to the ignorance of Mr. Park, who was too busy writing with his back facing the class. So Eun rested her chin in her palm at the back of the class as she stared into space. There were too many things happening around her these days that she could not concentrate on studying at all, not that she had ever been a diligent student. She sighed silently.

Her thoughts were distracted by some fidgeting going on between the two boys beside her. She turned her attention to her right and looked at Kyu Hyun, who was busy scrawling something on a piece of tattered paper. He passed the note secretly to Si Won who was on his right. Si Won made a little funny face before doodling back onto that piece of paper and passing it back to Kyu Hyun. So Eun stared from the corner of her eye and lets out a huff. Do guys do that too? Curious, she leaned closer towards Kyu Hyun and tried to peep into the note. Kyu Hyun on the hand, was happily scribbling and smiling to himself as he wrote in the note. He turned and noticed So Eun peering over his shoulder. He scowled cheekily at her and angled himself towards Si Won, successfully covering the note from So Eun’s sight. So Eun scowled at him and pouted.
What on earth are the two guys writing to each other?

Determined, So Eun leaned further towards Kyu Hyun, to the point where her upper torso was bending out of the straight row of tables and her chair was tilting at an awkward angle. Suddenly, she felt something hit her forehead.

“Ah!” So Eun gasped and returned to her original position, the chalk that flew at her dropped onto the floor between her and Kyu Hyun. Her fingers massaged her forehead as she looked embarrassingly at everyone’s gaze as they turned around to stare at her.

“Kim So Eun, what are you doing trying to copy Kyu Hyun’s notes?!” Mr. Park accused. So Eun widened her eyes in protest and tried to explain herself but was interrupted by him. “Please pay attention in class.” Mr. Park turned back to his board and continued his lesson.

Kyu Hyun and Si Won sniffled their laughter and looked at So Eun amusingly, who was still covering her forehead with her hand. So Eun sat up straight and glared back at Kyu Hyun, placing both hands on her desk, looking as if she was going to lift the table. Kyu Hyun snorted as he looked at the white chalk mark on her forehead. He turned to make sure Mr. Park was not looking before reaching over to clean off the mark on So Eun’s forehead with his fingers. So Eun blushed at his gesture and froze in place as his smooth warm fingers lingered around her face. Si Won was looking at the both of them with his head resting on his hand and flashing his joker grin all the way.

- - -

Finally the school bell rang as the students rushed out of school. Kyu Hyun gave Si Won a sign beckoning him to hurry off. The latter slung his bag over his shoulders and hurried out of the classroom. So Eun looked on suspiciously at the both of them as she slung her kendo stick and her bag over her shoulders.

“Yah, what are you both up to?” So Eun asked curiously as she and Kyu Hyun walked along the corridors.

“Nothing, you’ll find out when we reach the gate. You free this afternoon?” Kyu Hyun asked, but without waiting for her to speak, he answered his own question, “Ah, since when you’re busy with your own stuff…” Kyu Hyun teased. So Eun narrowed her eyes and watched as Kyu Hyun laughed cheekily at his own joke.

He stopped by the curb and waited. So Eun followed suit, still looking around in confusion. A few moments later, the sound of the motorcycle engine sounded in the distance and a bike stopped abruptly in front of them. So Eun looked surprisingly at Si Won as he took off his half-shell helmet and handed it to Kyu Hyun, who placed it carelessly over his head. Si Won got off the bike and handed Kyu Hyun another helmet. KYu Hyun took it and placed it over So Eun’s head, buckling the strap for her.

“What is this? What are you gonna do?” So Eun asked helplessly. When she got no answer from Kyu Hyun, she turned to Si Won. “Si Won-ah? What in the world are you guys doing?” Kyu Hyun held her face to keep her from turning so he could tighten her helmet strap.

“Don’t ask too much question and get on.” Kyu Hyun gave her a little push towards the bike and helped her onto it. He too climbed over the seat and positioned his hands on the handles.

“Yah, Kyu Hyun-ah, remember return it by 8pm tonight at my place!” Si Won looked on. “And take care of her!” Si Won was referring to his bike as he adjusted the side mirror.
So Eun got on clumsily and tried to position herself comfortably but her kendo stick was getting in the way. She tried to adjust it but Kyu Hyun was growing impatient. He turned around and removed the strap from her shoulders and shoved the stick to Si Won.

“You take this.” Kyu Hyun said to Si Won. “And yes I will return it tonight.” He buckled his helmet and revved the engine, preparing to move off. So Eun panicked and tried to grab the stick back from Si Won.

“Oh! I need the stick, give it to me!” So Eun tried to reach for the stick but Si Won was too far away from her.

“Where we are going, you do not need the stick.” Kyu Hyun said to So Eun. “Thanks Si Won- ah. See you tonight!” With that, Kyu Hyun sped off with Si Won looking worriedly behind them.

At the street opposite, Shin Dong and his sidekicks, Ye Sung and Eun Hyuk were observing them.

“Yah, Dong-Hyung, what are we going to do?” Eun Hyuk asked as he sucked on his ice-stick.

“Looks like they’re going somewhere alone. We have a score to settle with them.” Shin Dong took out his phone and dialed a number. He spat out the toothpick in his mouth and spoke, “Oh, Kang In-ah. I need the guys… Yeah. He’s the rich boy, Cho Kyu Hyun. His girlfriend is the one who whacked us the last time…”

- - -

“Cho Kyu Hyun! I’m not kidding! This is not a good idea!” So Eun shouted at the top of her voice at Kyu Hyun as the sound of the engine covered most of her voice.

“There’s nothing to worry about! I told you the place we are going you don’t need anything. Just me.” Kyu Hyun raised his voice and answered. “Now we just have to get rid of the guards following us.” Kyu Hyun glanced at the side mirror at the black car behind them. “You just sit tight and hang on to me.” Kyu Hyun accelerated and squeezed through all the cars on the road. So Eun turned back and saw the familiar black sedan growing smaller and smaller.

So Eun leaned close to Kyu Hyun and felt the breezy wind blowing in her face as streetlight after streetlight zoomed past them. She had given up trying to persuade him to turn back. Cho Kyu Hyun, you’ll be the death of us, So Eun thought helplessly.

After what felt like hours of riding, So Eun was getting impatient.

“Are we there yet? Where are we going?” So Eun looked ahead at the long straight two-way road ahead of them. There was nothing but trees on both sides of the road.

“A little while more.” Kyu Hyun mumbled back.

True enough, they turned a slight bent and So Eun could hear the sound of waves crashing onto the shores in the distance. Moments later, the sight of the beach burst into sight.

Kyu Hyun was riding along the narrow side road along the beach, the sun was peeping through the thick white fluffy clouds. The weather was just perfect, sunny, but breezy at the same time. They could taste the smell of the sea in the air. There was no one in sight except the two of them. So Eun stared at the breathtaking sight in front of them.

“Wow! It’s really pretty!! I’ve never been to this place in my life before!” So Eun exclaimed in excitement as she tried to take in this beautiful sight. The sun was starting to set, it casted a faint orange glow that reflected off the sea like shards of glass.

“Pretty isn’t it? I saw it once while on the helicopter when we flew over this place.” Kyu Hyun explained. “Not many people know of this place, but that’s the beauty of it, really.”

“It’s pretty hard to imagine a place like this exist somewhere near the city.” So Eun replied, her eyes never leaving the beach. They were nearing the end of the coastline, but So Eun was too mesmerized by the sight that she wanted to look at it again. “Kyu Hyun-ah, can we go another round at it?” she asked as he stopped at the side of the road.

“Another time it is.” Kyu Hyun turned around and flashed a smile at her. He made a U-turn and sped along the deserted road again while they enjoyed the breeze and the view, listening to the sound of the waves and the birds. Even the rumbling of the motorcycle seemed to compliment this perfect moment. Kyu Hyun stole a glance at So Eun, who had her eyes closed, feeling the wind in her face.

So Eun was glad she had not tried to stop Kyu Hyun earlier. Time seemed to stop right at this place; nothing seemed to matter when it was just the two of them here now. Kyu Hyun and her, no one else following them, watching them constantly. For once, So Eun could forget the burden of being with Kyu Hyun, or least not think about it, not letting the reality of it swallow her up inside. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes, but she fought hard to keep them from falling.

- - -

Kyu Hyun and So Eun were riding back to the city.

“I’m hungry!” So Eun grumbled as she hugged her stomach with one hand while holding onto Kyu Hyun with the other.

“Noodles?” Kyu Hyun and So Eun said at the same time and looked at each other for a moment, before bursting into laughter.

- - -

They emerged from the noodle store and headed back to where the bike was parked. Kyu Hyun gasped when he saw the spot was empty.

“Oh?! Where’s the bike?” So Eun asked, her tone laced with concern and worry.

“I did park it here didn’t I?” Kyu Hyun looked around the spot.

“Looking for this?” A voice sounded in the alley beside them. The voice was too familiar, Kyu Hyun could recognize that accent anywhere. They turned towards the voice. The alley was dark and all they could see was a few silhouetted figures.

“Shin Dong.” Kyu Hyun muttered under his breath.
The figures emerged into the dim light, this time, besides Shin Dong, Ye Sung and Eun Hyuk, there were two more others that were walking towards them, pushing the bike along.

So Eun tensed up at the situation in front of them. It’s them again. She instinctively reached for her kendo sword, but gasped when she remembered it was not with her. Oh no, this is not good.

“What do you want this time?” Kyu Hyun asked, his tone low.

“What do we want? I asked you to watch out the last time didn’t I? Your girl did this to me,” Shin Dong rolled up his sleeve to reveal a huge bruise on his meaty arm. “You don’t expect me to forget about it and leave you alone?” He chewed on his toothpick again. “Besides, I’m not the only one who bears a grudge against you, wuri Young Woon and Ryeo Wook have also been victims of your family business’ vicious cycle, were they not? They merely want to vent their anger.” Shin Dong and the rest smirk at them.

“What I’ve done the other day I sincerely apologise for that, and I’m also sorry about Young Woon and Ryeo Wook’s situation, but it’s not Kyu Hun’s fault that it happened to them. We really have to return this bike to a friend, why not let’s talk about this in school some other day?” So Eun stepped forward to try to appease the situation. She really could not afford to make any trouble and risk Kyu Hyun’s life now.

“Some other day? I’m afraid there’s no some other day, young lady. My bruises have been hurting forever.” Shin Dong said again.

“Are you guys cowards that are only capable of outnumbering and ambushing others? No wonder you guys are useless.” Kyu Hyun muttered calmly. So Eun tugged at Kyu Hyun to get him to shut up.

“What? What did you say?” Shin Dong spat that toothpick out of his mouth. “This guy really needs a beating, Young Woon.”

The buff guy named Young Woon cursed and stepped forward towards Kyu Hyun. Before Young Woon can make a move however, Kyu Hyun waved a punch at his face. Young Woon fell back a few steps.

“You a**…” Young Woon cursed and the others broke into a fight.

So Eun panicked and shouted for them to stop. They were all hovering Kyu Hyun that she could not see him. At that split instant, So Eun could not think of anything rationally. Her natural instinct was to fight for hers and Kyu Hyun’s safety. She dashed forward and attacked with all the possible hand-combat she had learnt from her father, but they were not much, and they were of no use against all these men who are bent on bashing Kyu Hyun. So Eun could only end up waving punches hysterically and wrestling everyone she could, ignoring the sharp jabs of pain in her body. It would have been a pretty comical scene watching her wrestle with the guys, except that she was hurting everywhere.

She started pulling at this Ryeo Wook’s and Eun Hyuk’s hair with all her might. Ryeo Wook grabbed back at her hair.

“OHHH!!! OWWW! My hair!” Both guys were screaming together as they shoved So Eun to the ground. “You crazy woman!”

So Eun ignored the stinging sensation on her elbow as she fell to the floor and grabbed a broken wooden stick on the floor and started attacking at everyone again. Kyu Hyun was struggling with Shin Dong, Young Woon and Ye Sung as they were rolling in a pile over each other on the ground. He could vaguely hear So Eun’s shouts and caught a glimpse of her wrestling the others.

“So Eun, you idiot! Stop getting yourself hurt, run!” Kyu Hyun shouted.

He was not sure how long all these lasted, but finally there was some loud horn from passing cars that probably startled the guys and they decided to stop attacking them and fled, leaving Kyu Hyun sprawled on the floor, panting. He struggled to sit up and wiped away the blood from his mouth.

So Eun was limping after Ryeo Wook and Eun Hyuk who were rubbing their arms and faces as they ran away, visibly traumatized. Concern and worry was written all over Kyu Hyun’s but he could not help laughing when he saw the look on Ryeo Wook and Eun Hyuk’s faces. So Eun must have really scared the wits out of them. He grabbed his jaw as it hurt badly from laughing and bleeding at the same time. So Eun turned around and limped towards Kyu Hyun, tears already in her eyes.

“Kyu Hyun-ah, are you ok?” She collapsed beside him and supported his weight. Fortunately for her, she only had a few scratches on her face, but her hair was all messed up. Kyu Hyun spat blood out of his mouth and looked at So Eun amusingly.

“Are you going to scare the hell out of me too? Times like this, girls should just scream for help, not fight the guys.” Kyu Hyun teased.

“Do you still have time to joke? You know how serious this is?” So Eun started crying. “I can’t just stand there and watch you get hurt…” she said in between sobs.

Kyu Hyun felt his bruised eyes sting as he blinked his tears back. He ignored the pain in his hands and reached out to pull So Eun into his arms.

- - -


Thank you so much for reading till this far! Really appreciate the support from everyone~ Your support really makes me wanna extend the story longer~


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

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please update soon!
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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard - Chapter 8

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“Do you still have time to joke? You know how serious this is? I can’t just stand there and watch you get hurt…” So Eun stared at Kyu Hyun with swollen teary eyes.
So Eun could see that his wounds hurt him as Kyu Hyun blinked his eye awkwardly and gazed back at her, his slightly watery eyes reflected under the dim light. Kyu Hyun reached out and pulled So Eun into his arms, hugging her tightly in his embrace. Tears flowed controllably down her cheeks as she rested her head against his neck. They held each other silently for a few moments before So Eun finally found the courage to speak.

“Kyu Hyun-ah, there’s something I need to tell you.” So Eun spoke softly. Without waiting for a response, she continued, “I’m sorry…”

“What are you saying sorry for? It’s not your fault. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine. I should’ve have known how dangerous it is for us to be alone.” Kyu Hyun held her close.

“It’s not like this Kyu Hyun. If I don’t tell you now, I won’t have the chance anymore…”

“Sarang hae.” Kyu Hyun cut her off with his confession. So Eun stopped as she replayed his words over and over again in her head. How she wished she could say the same words to him, but they seemed to be stuck in her throat, refusing to come out. So Eun opened her mouth to say something but was distracted by the sound of car doors opening and anxious footsteps approaching. She turned towards the sound.

“Young master!” Mr. Boom and the bodyguards hurried out of the car and towards them, concern written all over his face. “Are you okay?” Kyu Hyun reluctantly let go of So Eun, they both sat awkwardly as the men hovered around Kyu Hyun.

“I’m fine…” Kyu Hyun managed to choke out softly and allowed his bodyguards to help him up. Mr. Boom, on the other hand, held So Eun’s shoulder firmly and pulled her up.

“Miss Kim, are you okay too?” So Eun nodded to Mr. Boom’s question and smiled uneasily. They both watched as the other men helped Kyu Hyun into the back seat of the car. Kyu Hyun popped out of the window and stared curiously at Boom and So Eun.

“Hyung, So Eun has to come with me too. She’s injured because of me.” Kyu Hyun insisted.

“Not to worry, Young Master, So Eun and I will be riding in the next car. I assure you we’ll be right behind.” Mr. Boom tried to assure, but there was a slight quiver in his tone, as if, he was trying hard to assure him that that was the truth.

“Yes, I’ll see you at your place.” So Eun looked at Kyu Hyun and smiled as convincingly as she could. Kyu Hyun turned around to see the other black sedan behind his, and reluctantly sat back into the car as it drove off.
Boom and So Eun stood in silence as they watch the black sedan sped off into the distance.

“What is going to happen next, Mr. Boom?” So Eun asked quietly as she stared into the distance, even though she already knew the answer. Boom did not give her a response. “It’s over, isn’t it? Everything?” So Eun mumbled again.

- - -

So Eun stood as still as she could in Mrs. Cho’s study. It was the usual chilly atmosphere again, but maybe ten times worse as she held her breath for the longest time. So Eun tried to ignore the slight aching in her ankle. She had minimal medication on her face where the scratches were. Mrs. Cho was looking at her with a cold, expressionless face, her eyes piercing straight into So Eun’s soul.

“I’m really disappointed and utterly shocked at what has happened. First, running away without the watch of the other guards, and then getting into a fight with some lowly thugs? Look at the state he is in? What if those thugs were seriously after Kyu Hyun’s life?” Mrs. Cho spat mercilessly. So Eun shuddered at that thought.

“I’m very sorry, Mrs. Cho.” So Eun bowed as low as she could and remained in that position.

“Looks like this plan does not work at all.” Mrs. Cho sighed and stared at So Eun. “I’ve always admired your father’s skills in this area, but I must say, I am really disappointed at how things have turned out. Thank you for your service so far, Miss Kim, but I think our deal has to end here.” So Eun listened to Mrs. Cho’s words as she stared at the ground. She slowly regained her standing position and stared at the middle-aged lady in front of her, unsure whether to feel happy or sad that she’s now finally free.

- - -

Kyu Hyun squirmed as his servants attended to the wounds on his face. He was sitting on the armchair in his room. Kyu Hyun looked at the time on his watch and frowned. Where is she? She should be here by now.

“Where is So Eun? She’s supposed to be here.” Kyu Hyun mumbled out loud to himself and to the maids. Getting no answer from them, Kyu Hyun pushed their hands away impatiently. “Enough, enough! I’m fine already. You stay here. I’m going to find that girl.” Kyu Hyun stood up and walked out of his room despite their timid protests.

Kyu Hyun looked into each guest rooms but could not find So Eun anywhere. He was about to go down the stairs to the first floor when he heard his mother’s voice from the study.

“I’m really disappointed and utterly shocked at what has happened. First, running away without the watch of the other guards, and then getting into a fight with some lowly thugs? Look at the state he is in? What if those thugs were seriously after Kyu Hyun’s life?”

Kyu Hyun pressed his ear against the white door. The sounds were muffled but he could vaguely make out what she was saying. Is she reprimanding Boom-hyung?

“I’m very sorry, Mrs. Cho.”

Kyu Hyun could hear another voice in the room. This was definitely a female voice, not Boom’s. The sentence was too short to make out whose voice it was.

“Looks like this plan does not work at all. I’ve always admired your father’s skills in this area, but I must say, I am really disappointed at how things have turned out. Thank you for your service so far, Miss Kim, but I think our deal has to end here.”

Kyu Hyun’s eyes widen at the name mentioned inside the room. Miss Kim? The image of So Eun facing his mother flashed in his mind. Was it her? There was silence after that. Kyu Hyun pressed his ears harder against the door.

- - -

So Eun opened her bag slowly and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. Her hands were trembling as she smoothed out the 6 million Won cheque.

“This cheque, I have to return to you.” So Eun extended her right hand holding the cheque and supported her arm with her left.

“I don’t take back money that has been given out. You can keep the money, I’m sure you’ll need it. Taking into account the service you’ve done for me before the incident tonight.” Mrs. Cho said nonchalantly. “Also, I hope you remember that this was a deal between you and me, now that it is over, you are to return to where you belong. From now, you will not be a student in Hwang Seon neither do you have anything to do with Kyu Hyun or the Chos anymore.”

So Eun could only stare at Mrs. Cho as she delivered her words harshly. So Eun clenched her teeth tightly to prevent herself from crying. She couldn’t cry now, all this had happened because of her. It was her fault. Why did she do it in the first place?

So Eun was silent all the way as she was being escorted slowly out of the study. She walked along the long hallway, it was empty and quiet except for her own soft footsteps against the floorboard. She looked towards the direction of Kyu Hyun’s room and wondered if he could just appear in front of her. Could she see him for the last time? Just to say goodbye?

She walked through the grand entrance of the mansion. She was still limping as she made her way down the gentle slope leading up from the guardhouse to the main entrance.

So Eun walked slowly with a heavy heart. The cheque was still clutched tightly in her hands, she did not even have the strength to put it back into her bag. The road was dimly lit, and she finally decided it was safe to let all her tears out. So Eun bawled silently as she walked towards the gate. She passed the three guard dogs that used to bark at her every time she passed. However, this time, as if the dogs could sense something wrong, they all laid flat on their stomach and stared at her with sympathetic eyes. So Eun wiped her tears away as she bowed to the security guard ahjussi and waved goodbye before walking through the gate and out onto the street.

- - -

“Leaving just like that?”

Kyu Hyun’s voice sounded behind her and caught her by surprise. So Eun turned around abruptly and saw Kyu Hyun leaning against the brick wall, his eyes were fixed on the ground. He was wearing a simple pullover despite the cold night weather. So Eun just stared at him, not answering.

“Are you really planning to just leave like that? If I didn’t wait here for you, you’ll probably just leave and forget about this wouldn’t you? Not intending to say goodbye or anything.” Kyu Hyun asked again.

“Kyu Hyun-ah…” So Eun started to say, but he interrupted her.

“I should have known shouldn’t I? You with the stick and all, always following me wherever I go. That old woman really is something, using a girl to do this stupid thing.” Kyu Hyun paused and allowed the silence to engulf both of them.

“Mianhe… I really wished I could tell you earlier myself before things got out of hand.” So Eun stepped towards Kyu Hyun slowly.

“And to think I actually thought you liked me at the start.” Kyu Hyun mumbled. “You didn’t, right? I bet you hated me.” He turned to So Eun and looked at the piece of paper in her hands. He pulled the paper out of her hands in one swift motion and stared at it. “6 million? Is that what I’m worth now?” He laughed miserably. “I remember the hyungs before you had 10 mil each.” Kyu Hyun mocked as he pushed the cheque back to So Eun. “I wonder how much will the next one be. It’s good money isn’t it. Just be nice to me and you get a few million won.”

“Enough, Cho Kyu Hyun. Is this how you humiliate everyone who has been around you?” So Eun remarked sternly. “You think you’re the only one suffering in this? You might think everyone is lying to you, but you’re wrong. All the oppas who were your friends, they didn’t have a choice. They all did their best to protect you. Even if it’s for the money, they did treat you as their friend, didn’t they? Including me. It’s a bad thing to do, but I’m sure everyone was feeling as guilty and apologetic as I feel now.”

“Ah, so I’m pitiful too.” Kyu Hyun said and avoided So Eun’s gaze. She sighed weakly and turned away from him as he continued, “Is that all? Guilty and sorry? All the hyungs, they were not my real friends. They never were. But you were different, So Eun.” His tone became softer at the last sentence. “The words I said to you before I left, I truly meant it. Now I feel like a fool.”

“It’s not like this!” So Eun tried to explain again. How could she tell him all her feelings for him were true? That she felt the same way too?

“You didn’t like me at the start, right? It was all business?” Kyu Hyun asked again.

“I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but now-” So Eun mumbled.

“That time when I asked if you like me and you said yes, you didn’t mean it at all?” Kyu Hyun spoke coldly as he prompted again fixing his gaze at her. “Just yes or no. That’s all I need to know.”

The both of them stood in the street, slightly shivering from the cold, looking at each other in silence. Kyu Hyun was waiting for her answer.

So Eun could feel her cheeks burning up despite that chill that was surrounding them. I love you too! She screamed in her head, but why couldn’t she get the words out of her mouth. Her throat felt like she was choking, like it was frozen.

“No…” So Eun managed to force herself to say, “But it’s different now.”

Kyu Hyun’s intense gaze started to soften as he looked away disappointedly.

“Ok, I know now. It was just a cover up.” Kyu Hyun said to himself, he stuck his hands into his pocket. “I guess it’s over now. You’re free, you don’t have to be tied down by some stupid rules anymore. It’s getting late, you should get back. Bye.” He said hurriedly and turned to walk away without waiting for So Eun to respond.

So Eun watched helplessly as Kyu Hyun disappeared behind the brick wall of his house. She never hated herself before more than she did right now. Say something, you idiot! No matter how she tried, her mind was just completely blank. So Eun let the tears flow down her cheeks as she blamed herself for not being able to tell him her true feelings. She could not say it even if she wanted to, that she liked him. It was over, their paths would never cross again. It would just make things more complicated than it already was if she did. It was better off this way, she tried to tell herself. She had hurt him, and she really didn’t want to do it again…


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard: CHAPTER 9 - FINALE PART I

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The morning sunlight peeked in through the sides of her blinds and lit up the little cozy room slightly. So Eun had been lying in the same position staring at her ceiling ever since she tried to climb into bed last night. She hadn’t slept a wink the entire night. She did not even have the strength to toss and turn. Instead she just lay there, still and motionless, with the occasional blinking of her puffy eyes.

So Eun stared at the peeling paint of her bedroom ceiling, the once-white walls were visibly grayish with little cracks forming randomly in the corner. The image of Kyu Hyun’s comfortable sofa and elegant green wallpaper floated into her mind. Damn, why is it him again? So Eun cursed in her mind. For the entire night she had been trying so hard to get rid of that face out of her mind, trying to forget that last look he gave her before he turned his back on her and walked away. Even the softness of his sofa and the smell of his room still lingered in her memory.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the abrupt sounding of her alarm clock, echoing mercilessly in the quiet room. So Eun sighed in relief, finally a new day. She allowed the alarm to ring for a few moments, the noise that filled the entire room seemed to mark the ending of the last emotional night. Somehow, So Eun felt like it signifies the beginning of her old life. Everything would be back to normal, for good.


So Eun tucked on the string at the side and drew the curtains. She squinted a little as the curtains slid up back in place, allowing the light to stream in and fill the room. So Eun was dressed in her old school uniform. She turned to the mirror and adjusted her collar. She fixed her gaze on the reflection in the mirror. The sight of the Hwang Seon High School uniform caught her attention. So Eun paused and stared at the reflection of the uniform hanging on the wall behind her. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot and all puffy from the crying and the lack of sleep.

So Eun shrugged the feeling off for the umpteenth time and slung her bag and kendo stick over her shoulder before closing the door to her room.

- - -

So Eun walked along the path leading to her old school, occasionally waving at old classmates that she had not seen in the past few months. She stopped outside the gate and stared at the building. The gate was not as elegant and the paint was not as new. Even the stone walls were not as high and majestic-looking as Hwang Seon High. She dragged her feet along the ground and entered the school compound.

Across the street, a black limousine was parked along the road. Its tinted windows disallowed anyone to see what or who was inside. Everything happening outside, however, could be seen clearly from behind the windows. Kyu Hyun sat motionlessly and quietly inside the car as he watched So Eun enter the school’s main gate. Her school uniform reminded him of the first day they met. His gaze never once wavered from the moment he spotted her coming out of a corner up until she entered the school and disappeared into the building.

“You’re going to be late for school, Young Master.” The driver reminded timidly from the front. Kyu Hyun frowned and gestured to his driver to set off.


So Eun strolled out the school’s main gate after dismissal. She walked listlessly towards the direction of her training school. For the past few months, it had been this routine of training at the school after class every day.

She heard sounds of the familiar clicking and typing of the computer and looked up to find herself standing outside the usual internet café that Kyu Hyun used to hang out in. This was not the route to her training school, So Eun noted. Subconsciously, she began looking in to see if she could spot anyone. So Eun stared in disappointment at the group of rowdy boys occupying the computers. None of them remotely resembled the face that she had been longing to see. What is she doing here anyway? So Eun turned to walk away.

“So Eun-ah!” A voiced sounded behind her. She turned abruptly and faced the person before her.

“Si Won?” So Eun stared back at Si Won and smiled. She did not expect to see him here, but she was glad that he was. Her heart sunk a little when she realized that he was alone.

“What happened? I was worried when I didn’t see you in school for the past few months. I couldn’t reach you on the phone, and Kyu Hyun ignored me every time I ask about you.” Si Won exclaimed in concern.

Kyu Hyun.

So Eun had not heard anyone say this name in a long time. Even now after a few months had passed with completely no contact with anyone or anything from his world, his name still had that effect on her. As time passed, she almost begin to think that she had gotten over everything, that it never once meant anything to her… or to him. It felt like it almost never happened, like it was all a dream. Seeing Si Won standing in front of her changed that, it was real. Kyu Hyun and his world.

“I’m really sorry for not keeping in touch with you.” So Eun apologized. “Things kind of cropped up and I had to be transferred back to my old school.”

“You and Kyu. Is everything okay?” Si Won asked carefully, his tone was lower now.

“How is he?” So Eun avoided his question and replied with another.

“That guy’s changed a lot. He’s all weird and anti-social now. He was weird and lonely in the past, but now he’s even worst. For some reason, Mr. Boom and the bodyguard-hyungs are back, but Kyu, he doesn’t protest about it anymore. It’s really just school and home for him now, ever since you left, So Eun.” Si Won complained. “Something big happened, right?” He prompted again.

“Anniyo.” So Eun said. “Nothing big happened. Some problem just sort of… affected us. But it’s for the better that I don’t see him or anything…” She told Si Won, partly also to reassure herself. “I really miss hanging out with you though.”

“Yeah, those times were fun. I never saw Kyu Hyun so happy either. But now, it’s like the past months with you never happened.” A short silence fell between them. “Well, I really do hope we can meet up again. Whatever happened between you two, I hope it gets solved soon.” Si Won said thoughtfully.

“I don’t think it will, Si Won.” So Eun replied softly.

- - -

The cheque of six million won was perched in between So Eun’s fingers. She was sitting by the window of the training school, staring at the crumpled paper in her hands, deep in thought. She still had no idea what to do with it. Ever since the deal fell through with Mrs. Cho, Kim Kang has had lesser business for the school. It was not affecting them on a huge scale, her and her father could still get by comfortably, but that six million would definitely have been a big bonus if she had cashed the cheque. Part of her really wanted that, it would have been beneficial to the school, but the other part of her did not want to admit defeat. Because if she did cashed the cheque, it would mean that everything between Kyu Hyun and her, it would have been all about money. The truth is, it wasn’t, it never was.

So Eun was reminded of the conversation earlier with Si Won. Hearing about how Kyu Hyun was now, it really broke her heart. She had lost the chance of telling him her true feelings; it was all her fault that he was this way now. She continued staring at the six million cheque in her hands. To keep or not to keep?

A hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the cheque away from her hands. So Eun snapped out of her daze and looked at her father, who had the cheque in his hands. With one swift motion he tore the cheque into pieces and threw it into the trash. So Eun looked at her father, jaw dropped with eyes wide open. It was too late to stop him.

“Appa! What are you doing! That is six million dollars!” So Eun jumped up from her sitting position and was gesturing frantically at her father to show her shock and displeasure.

“That was six million dollars that caused the sadness of my daughter. It’s six million we do not need.” Kim Kang said coolly.

“We need the money. That is what we earn in months! Now it’s all gone. My hard work all for nothing?” So Eun protested to her father.

“Your hard work? Money we can slowly earn it back. But my daughter’s feelings have been hurt. Can we get her heart back?” He continued seriously. So Eun stopped her protests and stared at her father.

“Wh-what do you mean…” So Eun mumbled.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking. It’s not just about the money, isn’t it? It’s written all over your face. If that cheque caused you so much pain, I’ll rather not have it. I have been feeling guilty for letting you do this. Watching you stare at the cheque every day makes me feel frustrated too. Everyone’s worried about you.”

So Eun’s eyes welled up with tears as she heard her father’s words. Her father was never a sentimental person, neither was he someone who would say such words to anyone. This was a rare side that he hid from others. Now seeing his slightly watery eyes staring back at her with concern and worry, she felt bad for making him feel this way. So Eun hugged her father awkwardly, a gesture the father and daughter seldom shared.

“Appa, I’m sorry…” So Eun mumbled again. “I can’t help it really. My heart hurts just thinking about it.” She sobbed quietly in her father’s warm embrace.

“If your heart hurts, then go look for him. He’s the only one that can cure the pain, isn’t he?” Kim Kang said. “Go find that moron, so I can teach him a lesson.”

“Appa!” So Eun exclaimed, laughing and crying at the same time.

- - -

So Eun was awakened by the loud ringing of her cell phone. She had her blanket covered over her head. She sat up, annoyed by the ringing that woke her up. Finally she managed to have one of the best nights of sleep in the past few months and it had to be ruined by this ringing. Whoever called her is going to get it.

“Myeo?!” So Eun screamed. Before she could continue scolding whoever called, the frantic voice interrupted her.

“Yah, So Eun-ah! You gotta come to the training school quickly! We need you here! All of us have been defeated!” One of her father’s students shouted urgently into the phone.

“Sung Min Oppa? What happened?” So Eun asked curiously, her anger had disappeared and was now replaced by curiosity. “Defeated? What defeated? By who?”

“We have no idea, just quickly come. It’s my turn now.” With that, Oppa disconnected the phone abruptly, leaving So Eun confused.

- - -


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by lov2504 on 2/1/2010, 5:39 pm

Are you gonna continue this!!!!!!
I really need to know what happens next!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Exclamation Exclamation


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by lov2504 on 2/1/2010, 5:49 pm

ahh didn't see the link at the top. THanks for continuing the story


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty annyong hashimnigga

Post by jimn on 2/4/2010, 1:40 am

Am I too late too read this story?
Well,nothing to say but the words "I really love it!"
They were a perfect match.
Hope soon it will already be a movie.
I just wanna see how will Cho Kyuhyun act in that kind of role.heheheh! Very Happy

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty yo! so BEST!

Post by lollipop on 3/13/2010, 11:20 am

wow! this is the BEST fan fiction ever! i wish you continue the story....
cause i am so curious to know! hahaha... keep up the good work! I love you Laughing Surprised Very Happy


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/13/2010, 10:51 pm

LOVE IT GIRL! just a nice short story. Wink

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by shoholic on 6/19/2010, 3:04 am

wow...i love this story...
i really want to know what will happen next...
hope you update soon.... cheers

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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by sooju119 on 8/12/2010, 5:53 am

where should i go go to read the rest??? Rolling Eyes


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by shinyiuhan on 8/27/2010, 2:04 am

wow. definitely wow. you're a very good storyteller! you left me hanging there! update soon!


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by ithepolarbear on 10/1/2010, 9:05 am


I beg of you, I can't go one day without reading this whole story, it's bloody brilliant .
But PLEASE, finish ! I have to know what happens ! My crazy imagination isn't enough right now . Please, please, PLEASE finish the story ! D:


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by ithepolarbear on 10/1/2010, 9:08 am

I made my cousin read this .
She absolutely despised KPop at first, coudn't make her listen or read anything . But after this story, she's almost as crazed as I am . And for that, you are a god to me . Very Happy

We both want this to be a movie so badly, it's hurting our internal organs . xD


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

Post by emjheyn on 12/11/2011, 7:56 pm

Hi author..I know that there are a lot of people who copied this story of you and didn't mentioned the real writter.but can I ask for the part 2 of the chapter 9..I just wanna read that.don't worry, I wont post it and claim that this is mine..thanks. It will be appreciated Smile


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My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun] Empty Re: My Girlfriend is My Bodyguard [Cho Kyu Hyun & Kim So Eun]

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