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Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

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Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by faye on 6/21/2009, 12:29 pm

Title: Unreachable Love Within Hate
Author: SagSapphire
Genre: romance, dark memories, forbidden love, dark society and etc.


Inside the dim isolated room that is filled with mist air and rusty smell, there stands a scared innocent girl who is shaking badly facing 4-5 men in front of her. She is in the state of tremendous fear, she was brought here with unknown reasons by some strange men while she is walking home from school.

The girl is receiving dirty grins and pervert laughs from the men in front of her, who are pointing and looking at her. They are whispering to each other about something, but the girl can’t hear what they are saying, she is in a distance and couldn’t bring herself to step forewords, her fear has paralyzed her completely. When someone is scared at the peak they are paralyzed, numb stunned thoughtless; and that is exactly the state that the girl is in, at the state of greatest fear in her whole life maybe.

“ She’s got half her qualities” one of the men whisper while checking out the frightened girl from top to bottom. Of course, the care did not hear it. Somehow breathing in the mist air and rusty smell has tighten the girl’s heart more, rising her heart rate and having her frights rise over the limit of top.

The girl finally brings the courage in her and let out words but they are soft and timid “ Wh.. who are yo.. you guys...? Why di.. did you bring me he... here?” the girl asks, within her every words in each of the sentence there is fear and urge of break downs and tears. You can hear the dryness in her voice, a voice that is extremely shaky that you think the owner of the voice is about to break into tears.

All the men keep quiet and stare at the terrified girl who finally spoke... slowly the men all break into grins again... grins that are much more dirtier and perverted. “ Well well, it seems like our little princess have finally spoken. “ one of them said and slowly all of them start taking steps toward the horrified girl who has become pale white due to too much panic stricken...

“stay aw.. away fro..from me..!” the fearful girl yell in shuttered, she want to cry for help but she can’t her voice just won’t let the words out, whenever she tries to let the word “help” out, her throat suddenly become dry and she just turn mute at the second.

The men ignore the girl’s request and just laugh at the girl’s fear... they keep their pace towards the petrified girl while the girl takes a step back each time they take a step forward... “ Aw... is our little princess scared?” the other man mock with a smirk spread across his disgusting face showing yellow teeth and letting out breaths that reeks of alcohol.

The girl’s back hit the called and dusty wall, she has no where to back off to now she is officially trapped... trap by a bunch of perverted and evil men who she don’t even know nor does she know what they are going to do with her. The coldness of the wall brings shiver down her spin and increase her fear even more than she can even take... now the men are reaching for her perfectly featured face, sliding their rough and dirty fingers down her smooth and tan skins... playing with her jet black shiny hair... The girl shake in fear and push the unstopping hands from touching her...

The girl’s eyes are starting to get sparkly and watery “ st...op... stop...” the girl sob while pushing the hands one by one, over and over again... The men just ignore the poor sobbing girl and continue reaching and laughing... enjoying ever moment of the torture they are giving the poor helpless girl. “ Unnie...unnie... come save me... i am scared... unnie...” the girl whisper helpless within her sobs... the men just grin and laugh more...

“ Lets do her while we wait for the main one.” one of the mention suggested... hearing this brings the girl into enormous break down droplets of salty tears started to drip down rapidly down the girl’s cheeks... “ yeah I agree... she is young but got the body just like the older one” another man commented. Then all of them started to grin evilly and nodded...

Just when the men are about to start their evil plan a sudden kick of the door was heard and a female voice came afterwards “ DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!” the strong and angry voice echo through the large isolated empty room to the men and girl’s ear which caught all the attentions and have everyone turn their head towards where the voice’s owner is.

The men look at the beautiful goddess walks toward them. The mature woman have long raven hair with slight curls at the end, she is wearing a simple blue tank top with white shorts and heels matching with her light bright color make ups. A perfect face with perfect make up and perfect body making the simplest clothing the perfect clothing. The woman who is the main purpose of the men’s doing has arrived.

“ UNNIE!” The helpless girl yell in hopes and happiness within her cries. Yelling for help helplessly the poor girl tries to run up to her unnie but was held back by the evil men. The girl struggle and look at her unnie with pleading eyes that yearn for help and escape... “ UNNIE... I am scared...” The girl cried...while struggling even more...

The mature one look at the young and terrified girl with warm eyes messaging her to don’t worry because she is now here to rescue her... Then the mature woman fix her eyes to the men... her eyes turned into threats, hates and coldness... “ Let her go” The woman demand and walk towards the men... the sound of her high heels is tensing the atmosphere in the room but the men just smirk and check the woman out while she walks toward them...

“ And what do we get in return?” one of the men ask with a tone full of lust, which irks both woman in the room.

The angry woman narrow her eyes at the men and start to open her perfect lips again “ You know who I am right? You’re out of your mind” the woman said with her melodic voice that can seduce any men in the world. The woman stop in front of the men and the helpless girl at a distance and stare at the men who is in possessive of the girl.

The men just laugh “ We’ve have enough of watching him having a hold of you. If we can just have you for once, who cares about what happens next. “ one of the men laugh mentally, hearing that the woman flenched.

“ What do you want” The woman asking the obvious in this situation...

The men just laugh even more but their gaze never once leave the mature woman. “ Simple” one of them let out “ Goddess of Dance Floor” the other once add it “ Leader of Bloody Lotus’s woman” another one continue “ you that is what we want” lastly the remaining one finish.

The woman cross her arms and glare at the four crazy pervert men “ What if say no” the woman challenge.

“ Then you’ll see her corpse in instant” one of the men said in a serious tone and point a gun at the young helpless girl.

“ UNNIE!” the young on yell in her most terrified cry of her life. Tears rapidly increase to fall down her cheeks.

The mature woman quickly tense up and hold her hand out “ Don’t hurt her!” the mature woman plead with worries.

“ Then...” one of the men ask in smirk...

The mature woman slowly put down her hands and went into silence... looking at the young one who is probably freaked out of her mind right now and thinking of what she has to do if she wants to save the frightened girl...

“ You have 3 seconds!” Another man yell, gun clicks that is ready to fire is being heard which cause the woman to widen her eyes...

“ One” they counted... “ Two...” they continue... at two the woman’s heart clenched together and the air seem to stop letting her breathe... “ THREE” the men click the gun.

“ LET HER GO FIRST!” the woman shut her eyes and shouted just in time to stop the gun from firing.

The men smirk and let go of the poor girl... immediately the horrified girl run to her unnie’s embrace. “ UNNIE!” the girl yell in sobs and hug her unnie tightly... The mature woman hug the feared girl and shut her eyes while holding the younger girl tightly and whisper something in the girl’s ear.

“ When i say go run your fastest home right after you get home grab the money and pack your clothes, under my pillow there is a ticket, take the ticket and leave North Korea immediately, the flight is in 5 hours...” Before the mature woman can finish the younger one breaks in.

“ No unnie, we will leave together... I will go get Yu...” This time the mature hush the girl and continue in rapid speed “ no listen to me, don’t go anywhere nor look for anyone, just do as I have told you, do no turn back no matter what you hear, don’t ever come back... with the money you can rent a new apart at the new place and start a new life... I will go find you if I can okay. No question just do it.” the woman break the hug and look straight into the younger one’s eyes... The younger just nodded and sob...

Releasing grip the mature can spot the men walk toward them with evil grins, the mature woman quickly block the younger one behind her and glare the men with great threats. The mature woman turn back at the younger one and yell “ GO! “

At the word the younger being super obedient of her unnie started running her fastest toward the exit. “ BACK OFF!” was heard from her unnie, which made the girl stop and turn back.

The when started to gang up on her unnie who is pushing each of them away but they all keep on coming back with lustful eyes just like beasts. “ UNNIE!” the girl yell in sobs. The mature woman who is struggling look back in worried yell “ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she yell and then fix her attention to wild beats in front of her.

The younger one cry her eyes out and start running and running with her life.

The woman glare at the men in front of her who has totally lost it, finds that she cannot escape it... her fate has been set the moment she chose to save her sister. “I guess yesterday was our last... I am very happy that I’ve meet you and to be loved by you... Farewell...” The woman struggle with the men with her best until her clothes are ripped and is cornered to the wall she can’t rebel anymore she is trapped... But now she is sure that her sister had run far way the mature woman smile a beautiful yet sad smile which shocked the men... The woman take out a knife and stab herself in instant... the men all back away in shock having the woman sliding down the walk bleeding. The woman whispered her lover’s name and said goodbye... her life has ended...

The men glare at the sight and is not happy with it. “ What the hell!” they all yell in anger. “ I’ll have her one way or the other!” one of them said. And slowly all of them walk towards the dead body and started tearing the clothes and so on...

While the younger one reach her home in tears and grab all the things that she was told... her heart is broken... her fear have never once leave her... “ UNNIE!” The girl keep on chanting the whole time... “ Unnie... unnie unnie...” the girl sob...

The girl got all the things and was about to take her leave but then stop at the door and wipe her tears. She ran back in the apartment and take out a piece of paper and a pen. Then she started writing...

go save unnie!
she is at XXX place.

With the paper and her things the girl charge out of the apartment and to her oppa.

“ Let me go see oppa!” The young girl yell in her sobs while trying to charge in the big mansion, breaking free from two men’s blocking.

“ Not right now miss, the boss is busy” one of the men said politely... he does not dare to be rude, after all this girl is the sister of his boss’s love.

“ LET ME GO!” the girl yell. Just then she spot her oppa walking out of the mansion with a strict face follow by many men.

“ OPPA!” The girl yell in great hope and happiness.

The oppa walks toward the girl’s direction and look at her. “ I have to go somewhere, tell your unnie I will meet up with her later okay?” the Man said at the young girl...

The young girl sob shake her head... “ no...” she open her mouth but before she can finish she get cut off again... “ Look I really have to go, tell her I am sorry okay” the man said with an expression of hurry.

The young girl just force the piece paper at the man and then look at him. The man takes the piece of paper and the walks to the car without looking at it.

At the moment the young girl’s heart and soul has been filled with hatred... the man that her unnie has love whole heartly and trusted did not even bother saving her unnie...

The young girl wipe her tears and walk away with no expression showed on her face. She will leave like her unnie had told her, she will live for her unnie, one day she will take revenge...

From everyone that had hurt her and her unnie and the man who did not go save her unnie...


Main Focus:
Kim Yoobin
TOP ( Seunghyun )

Min Sunye
Kwon JiYong
Ahn Sohee
Park Ye Eun
Kang DaeSung
Lee Seungri

Park Yoochun
Kim Junsu
Shim Changmin

and more ...


Some of the moment might not be the liking of many of you but I will warn you before hand so you can decide to read the chapter or not. But don't worry it is not RATED ^_^


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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 6/21/2009, 8:45 pm

ehehe, honestly, i wasn't going to read it.
but then, idk, i like it after reading a couple of
paragraphs. you wrote in present tense and i'm
use to past tense so it was kind of...weird, in
my case but i still like it. i wanted to kill those
guys>.< but nonetheless, yoobin and top, i'm in!Very Happy

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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by faye on 6/21/2009, 9:00 pm

ehehe, honestly, i wasn't going to read it.
but then, idk, i like it after reading a couple of
paragraphs. you wrote in present tense and i'm
use to past tense so it was kind of...weird, in
my case but i still like it. i wanted to kill those
guys>.< but nonetheless, yoobin and top, i'm in!Very Happy

ROFL. you really like commenting everywhere huh ^_^
First off happy to her you liked it, but really IDK how the "PM" list works XD


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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 6/21/2009, 9:17 pm

lolx...i wish i like commenting everywhere.
but sometimes, i'm too lazy to do so^^
so i only read the ones that look interesting.
the pm list... you see the little buttons to the
right under your display pix? go to the middle
one with MP on it and just click on it. but
make sure it's under my display pix or you'll
be sending yourself a private msg instead^^

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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by faye on 6/21/2009, 9:21 pm

shawty_12 wrote:lolx...i wish i like commenting everywhere.
but sometimes, i'm too lazy to do so^^
so i only read the ones that look interesting.
the pm list... you see the little buttons to the
right under your display pix? go to the middle
one with MP on it and just click on it. but
make sure it's under my display pix or you'll
be sending yourself a private msg instead^^

AH! I have to send everyone PMs whenever i update O_O
gosh i would rather die.


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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 6/21/2009, 9:33 pm

lolx...for other stories too? ah then, i guess i'll just
have to check back often then, no? Very Happy it's okay if
you aren't up for it. i have my thing set up to send
me email to notify me if topics received any reply^^
but the update better be soon 'cause i wanna
know what happen next. and i curse those b@strds!

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Chapter One

Post by faye on 6/23/2009, 3:18 am

It's more like a introduction chapter so please bear with me if it is too boring XD


“ KIM YOOBIN! MIN SUNYE! “ A melodic angry voice holler through the whole apartment causing the house to shake like an earthquake is attacking. A tall figure stood in front of the apartment’s narrow hall way with a frown shown on the beautiful face that can steal the Miss Universe crown immediately. “ Those two are so going to regret not listening to me” The tall figure murmur evilly and walk down the hall into the room to the left next to the bathroom.

The figure smirk and twist the door knob then quietly sneak into the small and stuffed bedroom where two lazy female are sleeping soundly on the queen size cozy bed that took up 75% of the room space.

“ Aish, Are these two even girls” The figure complain and walk towards the bed while throwing the flood of clothes on the floor aside to make a path to walk. The figure finally stop in front of the girls who are sleeping on top of each other crisscross style on each other. “ Nope, they were men on their last life” The figure confirm out of nowhere and then glare at the two sleeping figure.

The figure smirk and smile, a sparkle of excite can be seem in the figure’s eyes, “AHH! BLOODY LOTUS IS HERE! HELP!” the figure yell next to the girl’s ears then quickly bounce back and run out of the room.

After the figure left the room, the two girls quickly shot up with their eyes widen round and big like grapes... It took the girls a few seconds to turn to each other then the real reaction come out “ JAEJOONG OPPA!” Sunye scream on top of her lungs and jump off bed but found her best friend Yoobin is no where at sight but the door is widely open.

Sunye started to panic but then after a while she calm down and frown Jaejoong has tricked them AGAIN... Sunye widen her eyes and quickly plug her ears “ KIM JAEJOONG YOU BASTARD!” a thunderous roar is probably the only thing that is heard in the world right now... Sunye swear she saw the wallet slip down from her messy trashed desk.

“ Oh my god, when did Yoobin’s voice get this loud?” Sunye ask herself as she drag her lazy butt out the room and down the hall to the living room where the grumpy Yoobin is glaring at the smiling feminine man who is obviously Jaejoong.

“ Yoobin ah, Go get wash up and change, the breakfast is getting cold” Jaejoong said sweetly totally ignoring Yoobin’s angry aura which is probably something he always do every morning.

“ KIM JAEJOONG!” Yoobin hiss in a high pitch while Jaejoong just turn his heel and disappear into the kitchen. Yoobin really can’t do anything except for suck it up and grunt. Yoobin slam herself onto the big couch in the middle of the room and slap her forehead shutting her eyes. She was so fret up for a second just now, why does Jaejoong always have to scare her like that... EVERY MORNING.

Sunye saw her friend and shake her heads... Sunye walk over to Yoobin and grab a seat next to her “ Yoobin, get use to it already” Sunye said it in a tone like it was nothing, well obviously she is used to it, but Yoobin isn’t... Not even after more than 5 years of the same morning routine... her natural self just can’t adopt to this routine.

“ I think we need to get an alarm clock” Yoobin suggested sitting up straight and look at the laughing Sunye... Yoobin narrow her eyes at Sunye who is holding into her stomach while trying to stop herself from laughing...

“ Yah! I am serious!” Yoobin whine but more like yelling in anger... geez that girl needs some treatment “ I will go crazy if Jae prank like this anymore” Yoobin finish with a serious face well, she tries to put up the serious face.

Sunye hold her laughters and calm down then face Yoobin “ You’ve mention about getting an alarm clock for more than 400 thousand times, brought more than 100 of them and broke all 100 of them” Sunye said it all like a robot smiling at Yoobin sweetly. Yoobin glare at Sunye for ruining her confident into getting an alarm clock.

Sunye smile and walk away into the bathroom, Yoobin just yawn and start sleeping on the couch again. “ JAE AH! YOOBIN IS SNORING ON THE COUCH” SunYe’s voice echo from the bathroom and cause Yoobin to bounce up immediately.

“ Damn, that Sunye” Yoobin curse and walk into the kitchen just in case JaeJoong come out with his “Umma” side.

“ SunYe is lying” Yoobin suddenly said and grab a seat at the kitchen table. JaeJoong turn around from the stove and glare at Yoobin.

“ Brush your teeth, wash your face, fix the...” JaeJoong began to list and Yoobin just shot up from the seat and throw her hands up in the air in defeat.

“ Yes, UMMA!” Yoobin yell and lazily drag herself out.

JaeJoong frowns at Yoobin’s word “ I’m A MAN! PLUS I’M TOO HOT TO BE YOUR UMMA!” JaeJoong defended, but if seems like he won’t be getting any reply.


The sunlight is blasting in the grand luxurious room through the wall of glass window warming the room with warm morning air, giving the room a heavenly feeling with the whiteness of the room.

In the middle of the luxurious room there is a long white L shape sofa with a small white square support combination for the sofa. On the sofa, there sits three men each getting very comfortable on the sofa with a can of beer in their hand.

Each and every one of them gives out very different aura. The first one owns a pair of dark and sharp mysterious eyes, he is the kind that you think will never smile but once a smile is show you will die of nosebleed.

The other one is very stylish and he just seem to give out happy vibes, the kind that can start a conversation very easily and get it comfortable. His one smile can faint almost a whole population of woman if you want to describe it.

Lastly there is one with the mix of the first two, he holds a serious mix style dressing style and his face just show no expression, maybe because all three of them are not talking yet? No one knows, he can be quiet or loud depends from who’s point of view.

The mysterious aura man finally leave his back from the couch and look at his two friends with him “ Hyung want to ask if anything is found this month” the guy said sounding bored and tired with his deep husky voice and then take a sip of his beer.

The other two men look at each other and sigh “ USUAL” they both answer in unison. The first man just nodded, just as expected... NOTHING.

“ Sometimes I don’t understand Hyung” the third man start out and start playing with his can of beer. Looking up at his friends for agreement and of course he received only 50% agreement as usual.

“ I agree with TaeYang” the second man added in “ It has been nearly 6 years and we have always end up with zero clues, the answer has already been set a long time ago” The guy said.

Taeyang the third guy nodded and look at the first guy, expecting him to say something. But nothing was said from him. “ I agree with Jiyong. Its pretty obvious that she has either died or something related to death happened to her” Taeyang said.

“ You know how stubborn my Hyung is. Plus you all know the answer to why he keep this up even though the answer has been obviously set out.” The mysterious guy finally spoke again “ If I were my Hyung I would’ve done the same thing too” The guy finish with deep thoughts.

TaeYang and Jiyong look at each other and shrugged “ But SeungHyun do you seriously think we can find her?” TaeYang asks the simplest logic ever.

The three suddenly went into silence... no one make a sound of anything, seunghyun who is in deep thought of analyzing the answer while the other two is waiting for an answer. “ No but I believe yes” Seunghyun answer simply but it seems like his answer is like a no answer reply.

“ I am so not shocked that you two are brothers” Jiyong said and shake his head. Taeyang just snicker and pull himself up the seat.

“ I am going out for food anyone coming with me.” Taeyang offered looking back forth at his friends who look up at him.

“ No thanks, I don’t need to witness another scene of our gang lawyer picking up calls after calls” Jiyong smile a mocking smile and received a glare from Taeyang.

“ I am going somewhere” Seunghyun said emotionless and then walk out of the room leaving the two starring at his back disappearing through the doors.

Jiyong push himself up and smile “ My usual place” Jiyong wink and wave bye to Taeyang.

Taeyang chuckle and shake his head “ Yeah whatever, just don’t bring any of your FRIENDS along tonight” Taeyang laugh and follow Jiyong out the room.


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Chapter One part two

Post by faye on 6/23/2009, 3:19 am

“ YAH! YOU TWO! ARE YOU DONE!” JaeJoong literally scream from the kitchen at the girls who seems to take FOREVER to get ready. Jaejoong feel so happy that he is not born female or else he will die for sure.

“ Oppa ah, why do you always have to yell in the morning” Sunye complain as she and Yoobin walk to a seat around the kitchen table where rosy breakfast is seated there waiting for them to dig in.

“ Because he is a mean OLD bony lion” Yoobin mock and start with her pancakes. JaeJoong glare at Yoobin and kick her under the table which caused Yoobin to choke on her food.

“ What did you say at first?” JaeJoong ask warningly with the playing dumb act. Yoobin who is too busy choking and killing glasses and glasses of water down just glare at JaeJoong.

“ You’re trying to kill your beautiful bestfriend aka so call sister” Yoobin complain and pat her chest letting the substances down her throat and begin eating again.

Sunye just sit there eating peacefully like she did not witness anything... she is so not butting in they’re “morning communication” just simple plain no way.

Jaejoong stands up and start taking the food away from the two female who are still eating “ Okay, you’re done go grab your keys and jacket we are going” Jaejoong basically ORDER and take the plates to the sink and open the water.

Sunye and Yoobin just sigh and push themselves up from the chair “ Yes UMMA...” They both said... they are use to call JaeJoong umma when he acts like one... it slowly became a habit that is hard to change.

“ I DON’T HAVE A VAGINA YOU TWO BRATS” Jaejoong complain angrily and shut the water down. Sunye and Yoobin just snicker and grab their stuff.

Yoobin is in a simple black and white stripe jacket with regular jeans while Sunye is in a plain white hoodie and jean shorts. The two rush out of their room to the door where JaeJoong is waiting impatiently tapping his foot. JaeJoong is in a plain gray V neck sweater, plain black jeans and a black/white beanie... the usual JaeJoong.

“ If I am late to open my cafe I am so going to keep you two later on tonight” JaeJoong threat and glare at the two girls who widen their eyes and quickly push JaeJoong out the door. The last thing they want is for JaeJoong to keep them late.

“ Okay, Okay Oppa ah! Less talking more walking” Yoobin suddenly said in a good girl tone which is actually the total opposite. Then the three run down the stairs and out to JaeJoong’s cafe.


The streets in Seoul is starting to get crowded with people and cars, it’s early in the morning and everyone is either going to school or work. While Seunghyun who has no occupation is wondering alone in the streets with his hood on and headphones plug to his ears.

Seunghyun keep on repeating what Jiyong and Taeyang said at first and compare them to what his hyung has told him.

“ It’s because of me that her life has ended in a very misery way. If only I have let her speak or look at the piece of paper maybe I will not lose her” That is what his hyung has told me many times whenever they bring up the subject “ Now she is gone, I have to look for her sister and take care of her so she can rest in peace. That is the last thing I can do for her and the only thing I can do to lighten the regrets I have in me” Seunghyun also see his hyung’s eyes get teary when his hyung say that... It seems like his hyung really loved that Noona... even though SeungHyun never get the chance to meet his hyung’s love or the sister Seunghyun feel like he needs to help all he can.

For some unknown reason SeungHyun really admired whoever that noona is who has caught his hyung’s heart and envy the strong love bond between the two. Seunghyun has always been studying out in the states until a few years ago some of the gang’s men call him back and told him about his hyung’s collapse. They caught those men but never found noona. They could not force anything out of the men until Jiyong finally snap out of patient and scare the shit out of them.

Noona agreed to their request in order to save her sister... she just yell go at her sister when they let her go. She keep fighting back with her whole force until she can’t rebel anymore. Just when the men thought they finally go her, noona just said goodbye with his hyung’s name and killed herself. Those bastard who don’t know how to die, dirtier noona’s body even after she is dead. They found noona’s body in the men’s apartment bedroom. The scene was very disturbing, Seunghyun was sure that his hyung has broken down into trillion of pieces right then.

Seunghyun has never experienced it, but he can tell from how many pain his hyung is in just from the look... not only seunghyun can see, every bloody lotus can see it. That is why Seunghyun decided to quit studying music at the state and officially stay in Korea to help his hyung manage bloody lotus.

Now he is officially the co-leader of Bloody Lotus, people only know that Korea’s largest mafia is lead by the co-leader TOP... even though the leader is a legend not much people know who he is nor how he looks like. Only leveled or people that are close and trustworthy to Bloody Lotus’ elders know who the leader is. Other than that TOP was the only known co-leader.

Seunghyun admired his hyung’s love experience but that doesn’t stop him from his old habit or true self... a five star player... the well known player TOP aka SEUNGHYUN CO-LEADER OF BL.


Not long after, JaeJoong, Yoobin and Sunye open up the cafe for business many customer started to come in and order breakfast. The staff were all working non-stop the whole time.

JaeJoong is the successful owner of “treasure cafe” at the young age of 23 JaeJoong has open up this cafe and start making the cafe name to as popular as it is right now.

JaeJoong meet Yoobin 5 years ago when he found Yoobin sitting at his cafe the whole day starring at a bracelet with droplets of tears streaming down her face every ten minutes. Jaejoong decided to let Yoobin be and think she will eventually leave when the time comes. But even when JaeJoong is about to close for the day Yoobin is still sitting there starring...

Being the kind hearted JaeJoong, he close the cafe and make two cup of hot chocolate and walk over to Yoobin asking her what happen and why isn’t she going home.

At first Yoobin just stare up at JaeJoong with her big round swollen eyes. Yoobin told JaeJoong that she has no where to stay, she just got off the plane she don’t know anyone or place here. Jaejoong was shocked to hear that coming from Yoobin... back then Yoobin is probably 16-17 years old... being in such a young age and homeless? JaeJoong feel great sympathy towards Yoobin and ask her if she want to stay with him and work at his cafe. Yoobin was shocked at JaeJoong’s kindness but smile and agree whole heartedly.

JaeJoong didn’t asks anything about yoobin’s past or family or anything, he just ask for her name and that is it. Jaejoong and Yoobin has become great friends, even though they are the opposite sex of each other they seem to click really well just like siblings. Though JaeJoong always feel like there is a wall between him and yoobin but he did not bother to dig into Yoobin’s personal things... If she wants to tell him she will eventually.

After a year or so, while JaeJoong and Yoobin are walking home from work they noticed some commotion in the dark smelly alley that they happen to walk by. Due to Yoobin’s curiosity, yoobin drag JaeJoong in the alley to see what happened. When they reach about the middle of the alley they saw a man harassing a poor helpless sobbing girl who is about Yoobin’s age. Seeing the little girl Yoobin feel pain and anger, Yoobin drag Jaejoong and together the two scare the perverted man off and rescued the girl.

The girl’s name is Sunye, her parents just died in a car accident a dew months ago and her uncle sold her to the club for money and so on there goes the story. Yoobin beg Jaejoong to take sunye in of course without hesitation Jaejoong nodded while he is wiping his tears from the sad story of sunye.

Year by year the three argue, laugh and live together... They know probably everything about each other except for yoobin’s past. She never talks about it. The only thing that they can count as past about Yoobin is that she has a very strong passion through dancing and she seem to have this thing about Bloody Lotus.

Sunye and JaeJoong both don’t know if Yoobin admire or hates BL and they decided to stop asking after a few tries... They know Yoobin well enough, if she don’t want to talk about something she won’t talk about it even if you hold a gun against her head.


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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 6/23/2009, 8:04 am

is Bloody Lotus like a gang or something? 'cause it kinda
sound like it.... wow, what a history. this chapter was
funny and good. lolx...i love jaejoong's momma character^^
hm....what was seunghyun's hyung's name again?
i don't remember you mentioning it but wow, WHAT a story.
everything was just so... :O lolx...but great chap. update again^^

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Chapter Two 1/3

Post by faye on 7/1/2009, 3:08 am

“ Here is your breakfast sir “ Sunye smile at one of the regular customer and place the tray of food in front of the customer. After placing the food down Sunye excuse herself and went to serve other customers. Like usual the cafe is flooded with customers who come here for breakfast and others. Usually the cafe is 85% seated with customers but on some busy days, they have to make the customers form a line since all the seats are occupied. Lucky for Sunye and Yoobin today’s business is normal or else the two will die from tiredness.

Yoobin is busy writing down a female customer’s order, from the look on Yoobin’s face she really wanted to smack the customer’s face. “ Oh my god! Who on earth eats such a complicated breakfast! Scramble eggs on side burnt one side half cooked, coffee with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 3/4 tablespoon of milk and has to be warm. Bacon, 3/4 smoked half cooked half medium barbeque! She better not come back tomorrow and complain about stomach ache!” Yoobin complains in her mind while writing down the super tangling and complicated order. What a great way to start her morning!

“ Yah! You done! I need my breakfast fast!” The annoying woman demand with a very rude attitude. Gosh how much does Yoobin wish she is not at work right now, or else the woman will be tasting Yoobin’s nails by now.

Yoobin force a smile on her face and smile at the customer “ I am sorry miss, I will give your order to the chef right away, please wait a moment while we prepare your breakfast” Yoobin said as politely as she can and turn her heels walking away immediately. Just when she turn her heels Yoobin’s face turn black and angry “ Bitch can’t you wait!” Yoobin mumble and walks toward the kitchen.

The cafe door wind chain rings which means someone (mostly likely new customer) has enter and one of the staff needs to fly to the door and serve the customer. An unbelievable handsome man in sports wear walk in and look around the cafe waiting for someone to serve him. But it seems like all the staff are busy with other customers. JaeJoong who is at the counter noticed that and left no choice but to serve the customer himself. JaeJoong walks elegantly towards the man at the door, JaeJoong’s movement is too elegant that anyone who is normal can mistaken him as a woman. “ Welcome to Treasure Cafe, Are you by yourself or there will be more to join you later?” JaeJoong greets the customer with a professional kind and warm hearted smile. The man has a cap on him which covered his thin and gorgeous face, he look at Jaejoong and hesitate for a second on whether JaeJoong is female or male...

“ You’re...” The man started speaking with obvious confusion in his voice. He doesn’t whether JaeJoong is a girl trying to hook up with him or is Jaejoong one of the staff. Why is the man confused? Because Jaejoong is not in uniform yet he is greeting him and JaeJoong’s look can past for a woman for sure.

JaeJoong just smiles with understanding... This is not the first time JaeJoong approach a customer in this situation and cause the customer confusion. “ I am Kim JaeJoong the owner of this cafe, it seems like all of our waiters and waitress are busy so I will be serving you if you don’t mind my unprofessional experience... “ JaeJoong explain patiently and politely having his smile never leaving his face,not even once.

The man nodded finally understanding the situation “ I am just by self, is there any seats for one?” The man answers with a question along with it.

Jaejoong nodded “ Yes we have a seat for one available, would you follow me to this way please” Jaejoong lead the man to the far back window seat where you can look out at the street views while enjoying your meal. It can count as one of the “good” seats. While JaeJoong is serving the man another customer walk in and caught JaeJoong’s attention for a second. JaeJoong look around the cafe to find someone who is available to serve the newly came in customer. There! He spotted Sunye stacking plates and wiping the table where the customer probably had just left. “ SUNYE AH! CAN YOU SERVE THE CUSTOMER THAT JUST CAME IN!” JaeJoong yell across the tables of people who are either waiting for their food or eating their food. Sunye stop what she is doing and look at the doorway then nodded back at JaeJoong who smile her a thanking smile.

Sunye walk over to the customer who is standing at the door waiting for her to get over there. The man is in neatly ironed black suit with a suit case in hand, from his dressing style he look like a businessman or something related, but then once Sunye get up to the face and hair Sunye’s head is spinning with confusion. “ Sir, how may I help you” Sunye stop in front of the man and ask with a smile on like always.

The man smile a charming smile at Sunye and open his mouth “ Seat for one will do” the man answer in a polite business tone which both shocked and did not shock Sunye, because of his appearance.

“ Okay, this way please” Sunye reply with a smile and lead the man to an empty table with seat of two since the cafe doesn’t have tables that are for seats of one, two is the only option. “ I think I’ve seen him somewhere before... “ Sunye said in her thoughts as she smile at the customer and show him his table. “ What would you like?” Sunye ask and take out her notepad.

“ A latte for now” The man reply and wink at Sunye causing Sunye to blush and nodded then walk off. The man smirk as he watch Sunye disappear through the sea of customer into the kitchen. The man wonder his eyes around the cafe while waiting for his coffee and suddenly stop and stare hard at one figure. He’s expression stoned with shocked...
Happiness...worries... and a lot of others that could not be explain with words. Buzz sounds were heard and obviously his phone is vibrating. Tae yang reach into his pocket and take the phone out, answering without looking at the caller ID since his eyes are locked at the figure he is focusing on right now.

“ Tae yang ah! Where are you, I’m so bored! The chicks are so urgh right now!” The person on the other line complain, from the words of it, that person is no one other than Kwon Ji Yong.

“ GD! Call seunghyun and the others. Hyung... I saw Hyung...” Tae yang said quickly in a hurry. The conversation between the two suddenly turn into serious business format. The unreachable BL leader has finally be spotted, this is very rare for BL members especially the high ranks. Seunghyun and the rest of Big Bang has been trying to contact him but they failed 90% of the times. Tae yang told Ji Yong his location and etc. then ended the conversation and continue to stare at the figure who looks like he is having a pretty interesting chat with another guy. “ He acts normal...” Tae yang whisper to himself in astonishment. Tae yang was more astonished and surprised when he spot the figure smile. “ Miracle! Seunghyun you better get your ass here fast or else don’t come nagging me about what to do on the next deal” Tae yang curse in his thoughts.

Tae yang is getting anxious and impatient waiting for Seunghyun but there is nothing more he could do other than wait. If he walks up to him now things will just go ugly, Tae Yang is not the type of person that would like to having things go bad when it can be taken care the nice way. Just when Tae yang is about to take out his phone and call SeungHyun his eyes lock with the other man’s... The other man’s dark mysterious eyes similar to seunghyun’s but much more fierce and power pierce into Taeyang’s and bring fear to Tae yang for a second. But the feeling fear disappeared quickly because the man look away and said something to the other party that he was talking to and get up walking towards the doorway... leaving in instance.

Without thinking Tae yang ignores his suitcase and everything and shot up to chase after the man. But shockingly Tae yang felt himself crash into someone and his lips are crushed on another soft and sweet lips. Tae yang widen his eyes at the sight of the surprised yet angry face of Sunye in front of him. Tae Yang quickly pulls away “ Sorry” he apologize quickly look deep into Sunye’s flaming eyes. Tae yang quickly shift his attentions to the doorway and saw the man walking out. Having the rush to catch up to the man Tae yang totally forgot about what had happened just now and go after the man.

“ Hell no, you son of a bitch is leaving!” Sunye yell in anger grabbing Taeyang’s wrist and pull him back.


Yoobin is try her hardest to calm herself down at the back of the cafe. Never in her 5 years of working here have she come across some as bitchy, rude and picky as the customer she just served. Being the short temper her, it is a miracle that Yoobin did not snap at first. Yoobin lean to the counter table pouring herself a glass of water for cool down. Gulping down the liquid like she has just came out from the desert, Yoobin still feel the flame within her... The water did not help not even one bit.

Gently Yoobin place the empty glass down and shut her eyes massaging her temples, hoping this will help a little. She really can’t afford to make a scene at Jaejoong’s cafe, no one would want to see Jaejoong get angry. It’s not a pretty scene once the usual calm and gentle JaeJoong gets mad, things will be just like hell breaks loose.

“ How will unnie deal with that bitch...” thoughts of questions start to sorrow through yoobin’s head just like how the pain and sadness hit her heart and soul over and over again. “ If unnie were in the place of Jae oppa will she get mad if I snap at the customer” there goes another question and more begin to flood in her mind... She miss her unnie dearly, never once in the past 5 years have she forget about her one and only family member/unnie. Her only family member that she does not know where she is, how she is, what she is doing or anything about her. She promised to look for Yoobin but after years of waits Yoobin began to lose hope... Still losing hopes will always lead her to excuses to bring the hopes up excuses such as “ she is too busy” “ Seoul is too big” “ I changed my name that is why she can’t find me” and all those other excuses... Yoobin just can’t bring herself to admit that her unnie has probably met unfortunate.

Being caught in her own thoughts Yoobin totally forgot about how busy the cafe is and everything until she heard familiar laughters... Jae’s and someone else’s... Yoobin slowly turn her head towards the seats near the back windows... There she spotted JaeJoong chatting with some guy... Yoobin couldn’t see the guy’s face because stupid Jaejoong’s back totally blocked her views...

Without her demand Yoobin’s feet automatically walks near Jaejoong and the man... Slowly Yoobin spot a tall muscular figure... but the face couldn’t be seen... the man is wearing a cap. Just when Yoobin was about to get closer the man suddenly stands up and bid Jaejoong goodbye... Just like that the man walks toward the doorway and left the cafe leaving Yoobin curious and unsteady.

“ Maybe I am too obsess ... “ Yoobin run into deep thoughts once again standing in place starring at the door way...

“HELL NO YOU SON OF A BITCH IS LEAVING! “ echo through the whole building... Without a doubt Yoobin know who the owner of that voice is. Pushing her thoughts aside Yoobin shift her attention to where Sunye is. There Yoobin spot the fuming Sunye gripping on another man’s arm with full force. Whatever that is happened between the two, the man is not going anywhere messing with Sunye and not have Yoobin give him a piece of her mind.

Yoobin narrow her eyes and stride long stride towards her best friend.


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chapter Two 2/3

Post by faye on 7/1/2009, 3:09 am


Still wondering around the city, Seunghyun’s cell phone suddenly vibrate and tear off Seunghyun’s bored thoughts of his hyung. Checking the Caller ID Seunghyun roll his eyes and hesitate to answer, but on second thought he got nothing better to do so flipping the phone open Seunghyun answer the call.

“ What! “ Seunghyun greeted with an annoyed tone... Even thought Seunghyun doesn’t have anything to do, but he don’t like how Ji Yong will start talking about chicks... It’s just annoying... Since all Ji Yong ever talk about is girls, girls and more girls T_T Even when they are at an important gang or deal meeting Ji Yong never fails to drag the subject to GIRLS!

Seunghyun froze with bugle eyes after confirming that he caught the right message given from Ji Yong through the phone. “ Where is he!” Seunghyun exclaims demandingly at the phone. It has been six month since he last communicate and saw his hyung and he has been looking for his hyung for six months... Receiving the location Seunghyun snap the phone shut without biding goodbye and start running to “treasure cafe”

After the running 6 blocks Seunghyun find that he won’t make it if he runs SeungHyun stop and look around at the surrounding for transitions. “ Damn! Why didn’t I bring my car out of all day but today!” Seunghyun curse throwing his hands up in the air in frustration. Seunghyun spin for a few spin at his surrounding feeling anxious, frustrated and angry...

It would be great if god brings him miracle right now... Seunghyun will be extremely thankful... In a coincidentally miracle a black BMW pulls near and Ji Yong’s head pop out. “ SeungHyun! Hop in!” Ji Yong yells. Seunghyun turn around and look at Ji Yong with eyes of thankful and hopes... the kind of expression that you rarely seen appearing on the great TOP / Seunghyun’s face.

Seunghyun quickly get in the car and the car start to drive off in superb speed. Inside the car was Daesung who is driving, then Seungri who sits next to Daesung and lastly Ji Yong at the back with Seunghyun. “Tae, said he saw Hyung” Ji Yong said once again in a serious tone for once in his life time probably. Seunghyun nodded and look out the window... he is too anxious and nervous to say anything... He must find his Hyung this time and if he did he is not going let him go anywhere... He will make his hyung face the truth and let it all go. Its time for the past to stay behind while he look foreword to the future. But will the five of them be able to hold his hyung down?

Quickly Seunghyun turn around and face Ji Yong “ GD lets call the Noonas” Seunghyun suggested but more like demanding. All three of Big Bang look at Seugnhyun for a few seconds of silence. THen finally GD nodded professionally and take out his phone while Seunghyun did the same.

“ Hello Noona!” SeungHyun and GD both said at the same time, same tone like identical twins and start speyellingaking rapidly with voices of rise and downs. After a few minutes of enduring yelling and lecture from their noona’s the two brothers finally let out a big sigh and put away their phone. Ji Yong and Seunghyun look at each other with a scared and tired expression while Daesung and Seungri look at their two hyungs and shrug.

“ If it’s not necessary I would never want to call her” Ji Yong spoke out of nowhere, obviously he is talking about his noona.

“ Nor do I want her back at Seoul “ Seunghyun added in. The two brother’s look at each other “ Especially not two at the same time” All four of them said worriedly.

“ C’mon get out of the car” Daseung said while he stop the car and the rest of bigbang hop off the car and rush in the cafe. On their way in they bump into some dude with a cape on, but decided to ignore it since they need to go in and find the important person that has been driving them mad for 5 straight years.

When the four Big Bang reach inside the cafe, they look around for the one person but spot nothing similar instead they spot their friend Tae Yang trying to reason out with a fuming mad girl who seems like she won’t let go of Tae Yang until she rip TaeYang’s head off.


“ Look miss, I apologize for the sudden kiss okay. But I really got to go “ Tae Yang try to loosen Sunye’s grip hopping she will be more understand and forgiving to let him go. If he run out right now he might still be able to catch up to that man.

“ Oh yeah, I would be either crazy or stupid to believe you” Sunye retorted angrily glaring at Tae yang with her sharp eyes narrowed. “ I knew there was something wrong with you once you walked in. You sick perverted bastard! “ Sunye accuse without caring that there are over a dozen pair of eyes watching them.

“ Bi... “ Tae yang was about to throw some words at Sunye due to SunYe’s criticizing words at first but was cut off by two voices at the same time...

“ Sunye/TaeyangTaeyang “ A female and male voice both came into the conversation at the same time. Sunye and Tae yang both turn and look at their friend... One side is Yoobin and the other side is the might Seunghyun with the other three big bang.

“ SEUNGHYUN! / YOOBIN! “ Sunye and Tae yang both exclaim at the same time then turn and glare at each other immediately.

“ Sunye, what happened? You do know this is Jae oppa’s cafe right?” Yoobin asks Sunye the mature way. The Yoobin fix her eyes at Tae yang and then Seunghyun along with the rest of Big Bang “ And What exactly do you give want? “ Yoobin ask with an unfriendly tone totally giving death glares at Big Bang especially SeungHyun... For some unknown reason Yoobin just doesn’t have a good feeling about seeing Seunghyun... Those eyes remind her of someone she hates deeply, and the mysterious aura can add more points to why Yoobin don’t like the sight of Seunghyun in instance.

Seunghyun and Yoobin lock eyes with each other, Seunghyun’s dark cold eyes pierce into Yoobin’s soft mesmerizing eyes that has covered up the hate deep down in her. “ I should be asking what your friend want from mine” Seunghyun reply flatly in the behalf of all big bang. Seunghyun break his gaze away from Yoobin and look at Sunye’s strong grip on Taeyang’s arm. Coolly Seunghyun reach out and pull Sunye’s grip away from Tae yang at ease.

Tae yang quickly walk to stand by Seunghyun’s side and Yoobin hide Sunye behind her and glare at Seunghyun... Sunye who observe her wrist with a painful expression, Seunghyun’s grip was really strong. Yoobin glance back at her friend and ask in concern “ Sunye, is your wrist okay? “ front Yoobin’s tone she is certain that Sunye’s wrist is in great pain and Seunghyun is not off the hook at all!

“ He left, I could’ve catch up to him but the bitch got in the way” Tae yang whisper in Seunghyun’s ear... Seunghyun listen to every word of Tae yang with his gaze not leaving Yoobin at all.Seunghyun just nodded... Big Bang all know what is coming up next... female or male Yoobin and Sunye are doom because Seunghyun is piss off to core... because of Sunye they couldn’t get to “him” .

“ Do you know what have you done?” Seunghyun asks coldly staring straight into Yoobin’s eyes once again like he is trying to reach deep into Yoobin’s soul. “ Do you have any idea of who you’re messing with right now?” Seunghyun’s voice became fierce.

Yoobin should be scared but one side of her tells her to stay strong and fight this battle to the end. Yoobin step foreword bravely and glare back into Seunghyun’s deep dark mysterious eyes “ I don’t know what I have done nor what have my friend done. And sorry but I don’t think I need to know who I am messing with “ Yoobin hiss fearfully and bravely “ All I know is that your friend right there” Yoobin glance at Tae yang then back at Seunghyun “ Did something to my friend and neither five of you are leaving without a price” Yoobin finish and cross her arms to her chest.

Seunghyun could feel his blood boil up, he is definitely not in a good mood, now Yoobin is challenging his patient... That is definitely a bad move that Yoobin have done. Seunghyun step closer to Yoobin having their face only a few inches away from each other... “ You own this place?” Seunghyun asks commandingly...

Yoobin can feel Seunghyun’s breathe reach her skin and send nervous vibes down her... But being the stubborn and brave Yoobin she stay strong and pull herself together “ No, but whatever happen this cafe is my business” Yoobin reply with 100% honesty not knowing this honest answer might bring doom to cafe soon.

Seunghyun smirk with a hmph the turn his heel. “ Let’s go we don’t want to bother this little miss’s cafe business” Seunghyun said mockingly glancing back at Yoobin. Much does Yoobin want to grab Seunghyun and sock him on the face...

Yoobin clench her fist together with extreme strength that her own nails are hurting her palms... Sunye look at her friend with a worried expression... Yoobin is about to explode like world history’s biggest volcano explosion.

“ Girls, what happened just now?” the clueless JaeJoong walk up to them... Gosh, sometimes JaeJoong can be really slow with things even thought it is happening right in front of him.

JaeJoong glance from Seunghyun and his gang leaving to Yoobin then to Sunye hopping for an answer... “ so...” JaeJoong ask once again...

“ Nothing! Oppa , I want to take the day off” Yoobin answer angrily still glaring at Seunghyun’s back disappear out the door. Without waiting for permission Yoobin take off her apron and storm out of the cafe.

JaeJoong stare at Sunye who just shrug... “ You would want her off work today... trust me... “ Sunye smile sheepishly... “ I think I will go accompany her... Oppa see you tonight” Sunye also take off her apron and abandon the clueless JaeJoong who doesn’t even have a chance to say no.

Starring at the two younger female walk out of the cafe JaeJoong could nothing but just shake his head “ Those two...” was all Jaejoong said and then he went back with his busy cafe.


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chapter Two 3/3

Post by faye on 7/1/2009, 3:09 am


“ URGH! OMG! I swear to god, if I ever see that bastard’s face again I will make sure he live a life of hell!” Yoobin curse as quiet as she could while walking down the street without caring where is walking to. “ If unnie is here, he wouldn’t be walking out of the cafe untouched” Yoobin whisper with angry then slowly turn into sadness... “ unnie... where are you...?”

“ YOOBIN! WAIT FOR ME!” Yoobin can here Sunye calling out for here from behind... turning her heels Yoobin saw Sunye running towards her... Yoobin stop her track and wait for the breathless Sunye...

“ Why are you out here? “ Yoobin ask confused

Sunye hold out one hand signaling she need to catch her breathe first. “ huff... You sure walk fast... we’re almost the same hight yet you seem to take super long strides... “ Sunye complain, standing up straight and look at Yoobin.

Yoobin roll her eyes, Sunye always bring up random things comparing the two together. “ You didn’t answer my question yet. Why are you out here? “ Yoobin ask taking back control?

The two are standing in the middle of the side walk somewhere at Seoul with people walking past them every now and then. Sunye observes Yoobin a little then began to speak “ I was worried about you. You look like you’re about to buy military weapons and go hunt those guys down” Sunye tried to joke but failed.

Yoobin frowns and then starting walking with Sunye following. “ Yeah I was about to, but too bad I don’t know where to get the weapons” Yoobin return the lame humor. The two friend walk side by side each other down the busy street of Seoul having a little girl conversation which they have almost everyday T_T

“Yoobin ah, can I ask you something?” Sun Ye question in a gentle tone as the two into a park to where the swings are.

Breathing the fresh autumn air, being a little relaxed and cooled down Yoobin nodded. The two each got a seat and start swinging gently... They always talk about things calmly whenever they are at this park on the swings. “What is your past like?” After years of ignoring her own curiosity Sunye couldn’t hold it anymore and decided to ask again, knowing that she would probably get nothing out of it.

Yoobin was taken back by the sudden question. She thought Sunye along side with JaeJoong has already given up on getting an answer to that question... yoobin never thought Sunye will ask again... “ It’s nothing interesting to talk about” Yoobin simply reply the answer she always use whenever JaeJoong or Sunye ask.

Sunye frowns, she is getting a little angry with Yoobin, they have been friends for 5 years with a relationship closer than siblings how could Yoobin still hide things from her... It makes Sunye feel like Yoobin doesn’t trust her. “ Don’t give me the ‘it’s nothing interesting to talk about’ Kim Yoobin “ Sunye said with a little anger in her tone. “ Nothing is not interesting until you say it out. I and Jae thinks our past is uninteresting but we still said it out. We all know about each other’s past including darks secrets because we trust each other like family members... But you never seem to tell use about your past. Sometimes I feel like there is a thick wall between us, even though we are close but there is a great distance that separates us. You make me feel like you don’t trust me “ Sunye complain with gentleness and sadness in her while look down at the sands... She finally said it all out and now she felt like crying because she really felt what she said...

Yoobin was shocked at Sunye’s speech... After hearing it Yoobin felt guilty and looking the Sunye who is about to cry made Yoobin feel like she is a thousand year criminal... Yoobin take a deep breathe and shut her eyes letting herself swing back and forth feeling the afternoon air. “ Before I come to Seoul five years ago...” Yoobin finally decided to tell her story... Sunye widen her eyes and wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes... Sunye look at Yoobin anticipating a very interesting story. Yoobin glance at Sunye and smile a sad smile “ I live with my only family member dash unnie... My unnie is the one and only person in this world that I look up to, she is very brave and strong... my parents abandon us when I was 14 and my unnie was 20, because they owe the loan shark too much money that they couldn’t return... After we were abandon the load shark couldn't find our parents so they came to my unnie... Of course being the young us we don’t even have enough to pay for our own self how could we pay off the huge debt. The loan shark force my unnie to become a prostitute but she refuse, so my unnie work as a dancer at one of the Dong Bang Gang’s club...”

“ Dong Bang?...” Sunye asks cutting through Yoobin’s story...

Yoobin glance at Sunye and then start speaking again “ Yeah dong bang... the gang was one of the strongest gang or should I say mafia at that time, they do drugs deals and own more than half Korea’s night clubs... Surprisingly they are the loan shark as well... At the club my unnie met two other unnies and became best friends immediately... through her two best friends unnie came across introduction to the gang leader of Dong Bang... slowly unnie and the leader fell in love with each other and the debt was no more... I was really happy for them because they were perfect for each other... The leader was really handsome and gorgeous, he could count as every female’s dream boyfriend... Did i mention my unnie is really pretty?” Yoobin ask and receive a no from Sunye “ Well, she is really pretty and many pervert tried to get into her pants but of course that was a no way. At first their relation stay really strong until they come across their 1 year anniversary they started to fight a lot... and that is when something happened...” Yoobin suddenly stop and stream of tears started to flow down her cheeks. Those haunting memories came back again...

Sunye watch her friend tear up and start to feel guilty about forcing Yoobin to bring up the past again... Sunye don’t know what to do... she know that saying sorry won’t help at all... Finally Sunye stands up and pull yoobin up with a smile on her face. “ C’mon lets go and get so moving” Sunye try to cheer yoobin... What Sunye mean is go dance “ I think those bitches are there by now” Sunye smirk evilly at Yoobin who laugh and smirk at the same time. Wiping the tears Yoobin and Sunye both laugh and walk home for a change of clothes.


“ Seunghyun what are we going to do?” Seungri ask from the back seat this time. Because Seunghyun is the one driving now, with Ji Yong next to up front, having the other three at the back seats.

Seughnyun who seem to be really focus on the road or is he in great anger keep silence for a moment which change the atmosphere a total 360 degree. GD look at the mirror which reflect to the back and the other three at the back look back and all four of them just shrug.

“ I want Treasure Cafe BL property” Seunghyun finally spoke with icy tone that send spine down through all of big bang.

“ Why?” Daesung ask straight foreword and earn glares from Ji Yong and Tae yang. No reply come from Seunghyun, the whole ride was silent with awkwardness... All of big bang could feel the flame within Seunghyun that was about to burst out and burn the whole world...

His hyung really have great effects on him... and which cause Big Bang to stress... If only they could reach other three Hyung then everything might be easier... Though fate was never fair... No one in the world know where Bloody Lotus’ four main control is except for themselves. That is where it frustrates Big Bang, they have to take care of the stuff in the four main control’s place... They probably wouldn’t show up even if the gang is at threat of being over thrown off the crown of Korea number one mafia spot. Big bang is like the second generation of the four main control so they have no choice but stick with life. It was hinted from the meeting with Seunghyun’s hyung six months ago that BL is processing into stepping in military weapons. But the theory has not been confirm yet because they couldn’t even reach at least one of the four main controls.

“ Any one up for clubbing tonight?” Seunghyun suddenly ask out of random, totally shocked all four of big bang.

“ Which one?” Seungri ask really anticipating

Tae yang and Daesung both look at Ji Yong the party guy of the group. Ji yong smirks with sparkles of excitement in his eyes “ XXX club, I heard two girls has been owning our girls on the dance floor” Ji Yong suggested. Clique fights... interesting... Seunghyun smirk and make a quick turn to the left. The atmosphere became right again.


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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/2/2009, 3:26 pm got me there. wow, some chapters:)
sorry i was a little late in replying. net was down-___-
(more like the phone line went dead)
but yeah, i like these chapters. lolx...jaejoong is just
too ignorant sometimes. wow, some order that
woman had there. i don't blame sunye. i couldn't
keep up with her order anyway-___- a kiss!
sunye and taeyang kissed. yay!Smile,
i thought for sure there was going to be a showdown
in the cafe. too bad there wasn't. but, i'm
waiting for the next chapters. it's going to
be some real show!Very Happy

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Re: Unreachable Love Within Hate (WonderBang Minors: DBSK)

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