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Post by DanceMistress on 6/17/2009, 7:40 pm

Hi guys! I'm new here and this is my first Hey Say JUMP Fanfic (ckreme15 suggested me to move my fic here so here I am... I'm Japanese so I love to wrote JE Fanfics)
This Fic has different genre but there's still a Love Story here (every fic has a love story, ne?)
So, please support my fic 'till the very last words...
By the way... I accept any suggestions, comments and violent reactions Wink
( No No I don't really like a silent reader No No )
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! *bows*


After their parents died, Matsuda Yuki along with her brothers started living with their uncle, Matsuda Kinta, who is the Big Boss of the biggest and the most powerful Clan in the whole Kanto Region. Since then, they've trained and studied hard about Martial Arts, Technology and Weaponry, to prepare themselves as the next leaders of their Clan. As a part of their training, they were forced to go to school called Hiroshiki Gakuen. Unlike her brothers, Yuki didn't get along well with his classmates because of her cold attitude but she didn't mind it at all as long as her twin brother Daiki and her two other brothers Ryosuke and Yuri are beside her. So, she just continues with her studies in their new school but she always thinks of it as a part of their training.

But, as she continues her boring life in high school, a tragedy happened in their family, Matsuda Kinta was murdered by the leader of their Rival Clan, Kurosagi Takeshi. After hearing this, the Matsuda Siblings planned revenge in order to seek justice for their beloved uncle. As they seek justice, High School life has never been the same. Even though they don' want to, some of their classmates and closest friends in school tag along in plotting their revenge. In their journey, they've met some troubles with their plan and some new emotions; Yuki has never imagined she would feel. Along the way, they've learn an important lesson about the real meaning of Family, Friendship and Love.


The Matsuda Siblings

~Matsuda Yuki (fictional)
Twin sister of Matsuda Daiki.
Cold, snobbish, aloof, unapproachable and self-centered to others. But, when it comes to her brothers, she's friendly, charming and has always a bright personality.
Although, the Matsuda Siblings are good in Martial Arts, Yuki is the Master in this field.
This Snobbish Gal can kick your guts out of you.

~Arioka Daiki as Matsuda Daiki
Twin brother of Matsuda Yuki and next in line of becoming the Leader of their Clan.
Cool, handsome, kind-hearted and a loving brother, that's what everybody says about him.
No one can beat this Smart Guy when it comes to Technology. He is also known as the Gadget Master.

~Yamada Ryosuke as Matsuda Ryosuke
Calm, quick thinker, silent and just like his Nee-chan, he got this aura saying "don't come near Me." or "leave me alone." "A man with few words" I must say.
He is a fan (or should i say obsessed) of different kinds of weapon, especially Samurai Swords (he always carries his favorite sword with him wherever he goes).

~ Chinen Yuri as Matsuda Yuri
The youngest of the Matsuda Siblings. Although, he doesn't want to be a Big Boss ('coz he thinks of it as a boring job), he's still going to be a leader someday.
He is known for being adorable, shy and has a cute smile.
His favorite hobby is solving puzzle and he also got a photographic memory (he can remember it all in just one look).
This Shy Boy is also a Two Consecutive Champ in Archery.

Supporting Characters: Apply Guys!!
Takaki Yuya as Kurosagi Yuya/Nishikido Yuya
.... : Sawajiri Deen (Daiki's partner)
.... : Yamashita Erika (Ryosuke's Partner)
.... : Nonami Rika (Yuri's Partner)

Nakajima Yuto as Totsugi Yuto
.... : Nonami Riku (Yuto's Partner)
Yabu Kota as Kikuchi Kota
.... : Noda Maki (Kota's Partner)
Morimoto Ryutaro as Kaname Ryutaro
Shida Mirai as Mine Mirai (sorry guys, I made Mirai-san a naughty girl)
Akanishi Jin as Himself
Kamenashi Kazuya as Himself
Taguchi Junnosuke as Himself

Matsuda kinta (fictional)
Nakamura Koichi (fictional)
Kurosagi Takeshi (fictional)

And some surprise JE boys..^^~


Wearing a worried face, Yuki and her brothers run like crazy into their maze-like ancient Japanese house.

Daiki: This is not real. It must be just a prank call. *while running*
Ryosuke: Sou, sou! This must be just one of Oji-sama's pranks. *leaving his calm self* He can't leave us, he can never leave us.
Yuri: Nee-chan, it's not true, right? *with teary eyes while running* Nakamura-san is just joking, na? na?
Yuki: This is impossible. It can't be. (You can't leave us... You promised)

As they reached the hallway of their Uncle's room, they silently walk towards a dark room where the cold wind from an open window caresses their skin.


* - actions
() - thoughts
[] - flashbacks
(AN) - Author's Note

First Day of School

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Post by DanceMistress on 6/17/2009, 8:02 pm

First Day of School

It's Monday Morning, Yuki yawns as she faces her left side where she can see the beautiful Sakuras dancing with the cold breeze of spring.

Yuki: Kirei, na! ~ *teary eyed because of yawning*
Sensei: What did you say Matsuda Yuki-san?
Yuki: *shocked* (Ah! She heard me) *stands up* Nandemonai! *stares again outside*
Sensei: Why don't you answer the question on the board?
Yuki: *not paying attention* Eh?! Ah, hai * walks towards the board*

Mirai: *wears an evil smile* Good for you, you’re a conceited gal.
Girl 1: Ne, ne. Mirai, I'm sure this time she can't answer the question because she's not paying attention the whole morning.
Girl 2: And besides, she can't answer that question.
Girl 1: Eh? Nande?
Gril 2: It's from Tokyo University Entrance Exam.
Mirai: I know, that's why my mood changed.

Yuki: Finished... (Just imagine what she wrote)
Sensei: It's perfect. As expected from Matsuda-san.
Mirai: *looks in front* EH??!! Uso, impossible *shocked and disappointed*
Everyone (except Mirai): Sugoi na!!~ *look at her while walking to her seat*
Maki: Sasuga, Yuki-chan!!~ You're really my idol *sparkly eyes*
Yuki: *just sits without any reaction*
Daiki: Ne, Yu-chan.
Yuki: Nani?
Daiki: I'm so proud of you.
Yuki: Arigatou, Dai-chan *with a smile*
Maki: EH??!! There she is again cold to others but not with her brother. Demo, na! ~ I'm still your FAN!!~ *stands up*
Sensei: Sit Down Noda Maki!!!
Maki; Sumimasen~ *embarrassed*
Everyone: *laughs except Yuki*

Bell Rings (Lunch Time)

Sensei: Minna! Study hard for the exam next week.
Everyone: Hai! *the teacher left the room*

Daiki: Come on, Yu-chan. Let's eat.
Yuki: Hai! Dai-chan.
Mirai: Chotto Matte!! *with the 2 girls behind her*
Daiki: What do you need Mine-san?
Yuki: Let's go, Dai-chan *totally ignores Mirai*
Daiki: Ah, Hai! Ja ne, Mine-san.
Girl 1: *whispers to Mirai* I can't believe she ignores you Mirai-san.
Mirai: * to Yuki* OMAE!!!
Yuki: *still ignores Mirai*
Maki: Anou~ Yuki-chan. Can I join you? *embraces her bento box on her chest*
Yuki: Dame! Zen Zen dame!
Maki: Ah! So cold.
Kota: Ne, Maki-chan. I thought you're going with me?
Girl 2: They totally ignored you, Mirai-san.
Mirai: *irritated, she picks up a book and throw it to Yuki* don’t ignore me, Baka Onna!!!
Everyone: Abunai!!!
Yuki *with her quick reflexes, she catches the book without looking and confront Mirai* Anou sa~ Books are important, you know. So, take good care it.
Everyone except Daiki: * shocked and amazed* Sugoi!!!
Yuki: *to Daiki* Ikou ze~ Dai-chan.
Daiki: Un!
Mirai: *kicks a chair* Anou, onna!

Meanwhile... At the rooftop

Yuri: Those two are late! Ne, Ryo-niichan, how's your day?
Ryosuke: *lying down in a corner, sleeping*
Yuri: Ne, Ryo-niichan, are you listening? *walks towards Ryosuke* EH??!! You’re sleeping again? *sits down beside him and pokes his cheeks* (Ryo-niichan Kawaii!!~).
Daiki: *Opens the door* Yo! Ri-chan.
Yuri: Ah! Your here and your late again! mou~ *pouts his face*
Yuki: *saw Ryosuke sleeping* is Ryo-chan sleeping again? *sits down beside Ryosuke and poke his cheeks* (Ryo-chan Kawaii!!~).
Yuri: Hai! He fell asleep waiting for you.
Daiki: Gomen na~, for making you wait. Something happened in class *looks to Yuki*
Yuri: Eh, nani?!
Yuki: *still poking Ryosuke's cheeks who's still sound asleep* Betsuni, not really important.
Daiki: Mine-san is angry with her.
Yuri: Ah, souka! ~
Yuki: I told you, it's not important. *stops poking Ryo-chan's cheeks because he's already awake and staring at her* Eh?! Bikurushita!!~
Daiki: OK, let's eat *sat down beside Ryo-chan and Yuki and gave them their bento box* Here' yours Ri-chan
Yuri: *opens his bento* Uwaaa!!!~ My bento is so cute. I think i can't eat kitty-chan *problematic*
Ryosuke: Oh, sure you can. *snatches Yuri's food* Itadakimasu!
Yuri: Ahhhh! Kitty-chan's head. You ate it! Ryo-niichan is a monster *pouts his face that turned into pink*
Yuki and Daiki (together): Kawaii, Ri-chan! ~
Ryosuke: *just smiling while eating Kitty-chan's head* Oishii desu, ne??
Yuki: Let's eat!
All 4 of them: Itadakimasu!!~

Meanwhile, without knowing it someone is watching the Matsuda Siblings...

Someone: *holding a cam* what a cute faces... You can be happy right now but not so long *hides the cam and left wearing an evil smile

After eating...

Daiki: *while reading something on his laptop* How's your day Ryo-chan?
Ryosuke: *cleaning his favorite sword that he always carries with him wherever he goes* the same as always, NOISY.
Daiki: Souka! How about you, Ri-chan?
Yuri: *playing with his favorite hobby, Rubik’s cube and beside him are some Rubik that have been already solved* It's okay and I have a new friend, her name is Rika-chan and she's so cute.
Daiki: Good for you, Yu-chan don't have a friend yet except Noda-san who claims to be her No. 1 fan.
Yuri & Ryosuke: Hontou desu ka? *looking at their nee-chan*
Yuki: She's not my friend and definitely not my fan. Besides, we don't need friends. This is just a part of our training, so don't be too comfortable.
Daiki: It's okay, if you don't have friends yet, it’s been just a week since we transfer here.
Yuri: Yeah, I still remember our first day. That was my happiest day of my life since Oji-sama adopted us.
Ryosuke: Not for me. It's the Nosiest day of my life.
Yuki: *Lies down and stares at the blue sky (First day of school, huh?)

[[Yuki: Eh??!! *shocked* what did you say?
Ryosuke: *shocked*
Yuri: *excited* Hontou, Oji-sama?

They were in their Uncle's office, discussing some things.

Kinta: *reading a book* Lower your voices. This is a library, too, you know.
Yuki: *still not lowering her voice and tapped the table hard with her hands that echoed in the whole room* Can you repeat, what you said?
Kinta: What I'm saying is that it's important for the four of you to go to school and meet some friends. And, besides it's a part of your training, too.
Yuki: KO-TO-WA-RU (I refuse) *walks out the room and bangs the door*
Daiki: *followed Yuki*
Kinta: *shaking his head*
Yuri: *who stayed behind and jumps over to Kinta's lap and hugged him* Arigatou, Oji-sama... I'm looking forward to it *smiles sweetly*
Kinta: *shocked by what Yuri did* It's a good thing I have a cute nephew like you, Ri-chan, *pinches Yuri's nose*
Ryosuke: *waiting for Yuri at the door* Ikou, Ri-chan.
Yuri: Shimpai shinaide, Oji-sama, I'll talk to Yu-neechan and convince her.
Kinta: Onegaishimasu!!~
Ryosuke: Ri-chan *still waiting*
Kinta: Hora, ittekoi!!~
Yuri: Ja ne, Oji-sama.

At the Dojo...
Yuki: I told you already, I'm not going to some stupid school *smashes the bricks in front of her* YAHH!!!
Daiki: Demo!
Yuki: Here, hold this.
Daiki: *holds the wood bricks Yuki gave* we don't have a choice.
Yuki: *punches the wood bricks* YAHH!!
Daiki: and Oji-sama said that it's a part of our training.
....: Sou, sou! *agreeing*
Daiki &Yuki: *looks at the Dojo entrance*
Yuki: You, too Ryo-chan??
Ryosuke: Just like Dai-niichan said, this is also a part of our training and you don't want to disobey our beloved Oji-sama.
Yuki: I just did~
Yuri: *runs towards Yuki* Mou~ Yu-neechan, you have to go to school with us, whose going to protect us from bullies?
Daiki: Sou, sou! EH?! Chotto! What do you mean by that?
Ryosuke & Yuki: *laughs*
Daiki: What's so funny? I can protect you guys, too. Besides, you can take care yourselves.
Yuki: *still laughing* Hai, hai! I'll go to school... Just because this is only a training and I want to protect you guys, especially Dai-chan *murmured the last three words*
Daiki: What did you said?
Yuki: Nandemonai *tries to stop laughing*
Ryosuke & Yuri: *burst out to laugh*
Daiki: OMAERA!!~ *starts running after the three and laughs out loud that echoed in the whole room*
Kinta: *saw everything* what a nice scenery, na, Nakamura-san?
Nakamura: Hai! Shachou. It really is nice scenery.

After a week...

Driver: *parks the car in front the school entrance*
Nakamura: *opens the door for them* we’re here.

As the four of them steps out the car, the school entrance suddenly became crowded of students, screaming.

Student 1: Uwaaa!!! Kawaii~
S2: Uwaaa!!!~ They're like angels sent from heaven *looks up the sky* Arigatou, Kamisama for sending this cute angels.
S3: No, they're like models that just came out from a magazine!
GIRLS: KYAAAA!!!! *screams at the top of their lungs*

Yuki: *shocked by the girls scream* Na, Nakamura-san, are we in the right place?
Nkmura: Hai, Ojou!
Ryosuke: Are you sure? *irritated by the noise*
Daiki: I think we are *points at the school's name, Hiroshiki Gakuen*
Yuri: *hiding from the girls shouting* Yu-neechan, I'm scared~
GIRLS: KYAAA!! Kawaii~
Daiki: Ma~ ma~ let’s just go inside.
Ryosuke: If we can surpass these crowds *scared steps backward*
GIRLS: Kyaa!! *tries to touch Ryosuke*
Ryosuke: EH?! *avoids the girls* Well, Ganbatte na, I'm going back inside the car *turn back* EH?! Where is the car?
Yuki: EH?!
Yuri: *still scared* they already left. Look *points at the moving car*
....: DOKI! Minna! Go to your rooms, now.
Students: HAI! *slowly the crowds began to disappear*
Daiki: Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu *bows including the three*
....: Douitashimasite!
Daiki: Anou~
....: Hai? AH! Watashi Koizura-sensei desu, the principal.
Daiki: Watashi Matsuda Daiki--
Koizura: Shitteryo! Shall we go? The class is about to start.
Daiki: Hai...


Koizura: Here's your room. Daiki-kun, Yuki-kun.
Both of them: Arigatou Gozaimasu *bows*
Koizura: Dozou~ *opens the door*...]]

Daiki: Yu-chan, it’s time to go back.
Yuki: *opens her eyes and saw her brother's angelic face* Already??
Daiki: Hai, hai! Here, let me help you *lends his hand*
Yuki: *grabs Daiki's hand and stands up* Arigatou, Dai-chan. Eh? Where are the two? (She has no idea what happened while she's sleeping)
Daiki: Ah, they already left. I think they have something to do.
Yuki: Souka!
Daiki: Ikou ka?
Yuki: *answered lazily* Hai~ *yawns and stretched her arms*

At their classroom...

Sensei: Minna-san! We have a new transfer student *to the transfer student* Come in.
Transfer Student: Hai!
Girls except Yuki: KYAAA!!!
Sensei: Quiet! *to the transfer student* Douzo.
Transfer student: Hajimemashita! Watashi...

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LOVE or REVENGE Empty :)

Post by JYCYB on 6/20/2009, 1:29 am

I like it:)
But Could you give some translation to the japanese words that you used?
Haha I'm sorry for asking you this!

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