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My December (SHINee, FT Island)

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My December (SHINee, FT Island)

Post by Ahnyeong.Rina on 6/14/2009, 4:09 pm

My December


Kwon Yi Na (19) - The hurt damsel-in-distress
Kim Jong Hyun (20) - The underrated hero
Choi Jong Hun (20)- The prince in the past
Kwon Eun Byeol (19) - The evil step-sister

Minor Characters

Kwon Ji Yong - The unknown brother
Kim Jae Joong - The BFF
Ahn So Hee - The caring unnie
Lee Yeon Hee - The dramatic helper

{P R O L O G U E}

It hurts.

No, not just a little bit. It hurts so much, the pain is


He hurt her in all the ways possible.



And emotionally.


A normal winter day in Seoul. What else is there to do than walk in the snow?

But Kwon Yi Na...can't.

She just sat there in her wheelchair, watching the free passerby enjoy their snow day. The footprints in the snow sent a feeling of envy into Yi Na's heart.

Kwon Yi Na had been paralyzed from the waist down. She couldn't walk.

She missed her mother's birthday.

Her best friend's engagement.

And, her father's wedding.

Yi Na was mentally disadvantaged, too. She laughs at an orphan on the streets. Her stomach hurt so much from laughing at a burnt down village. A dead puppy in the middle of the street is the funniest joke to her.

But all she wanted to do was cry. Before he came, she was a warm and loving girl.

She had a heart.

A whole heart.

Now, she couldn't trust anyone to help her pick up what's left of her shattered heart.

Not anymore.


Mrs. Kwon set down her cup of tea. She stared at the single leaf floating in the middle of the cup.

"So, Mrs. Kwon, was Yi Na always like this? I mean, before the accident happened."

Mrs. Kwon sipped her tea. "No. Yi Na actually was a really warm and loving girl. She didn't know pain or sadness. Her main goal in life was world peace and happiness. She would sometimes go out into the streets, bringing what she calls a "Life-Boxes," containing things like toothbrushes and toothpaste, packages of ramyeon, extra clothes, water bottles, and a little bit of her allowance. She would carry those Life-Boxes on her bike and back, and give them out to homeless people. Once, she brought home a 5-year old girl. Yes, a girl. Yi Na named her Jin Hee, and she became her unni for 2 weeks, until Jin Hee had to go to the local orphanage. Yi Na was the kindest person you would've met."

"I see," the therapist answered, "Then, how come Yi Na is like this? Why is she--"

"Yi me tell you a tale."

The therapist nodded, as Mrs. Kwon sipped her tea.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella. Her kind-hearted mother had died, or so she thought. Cinderella was adopted by an evil stepmother, and she had 2 other ugly stepsisters. One day, her stepmother and stepsisters were invited to a royal ball. She wanted to go too, but she had chores to do. Suddenly, a fairy godmother appeared and gave her a beautiful carriage, a beautiful dress, and lastly a beautiful pair of glass slippers. The godmother warned her that when the clock hand strikes twelve, she must return home for the magic will disappear. And so, Cinderella had a grand time at the ball, where she met and fell in love with the prince. When it was midnight, she ran home, but realized she lost her slipper at the palace. Cinderella though the prince would use that to find her."

"Go on,"

She took another sip, "But he didn't. Instead, he married one of her stepsisters, who had tricked him to think that she was the real Cinderella."

"So, that is the story of Yi Na?"

Mrs. Kwon nodded.

"If you are the real mother, then, who is the step mother?"

"She had a love affair with the king,"

"And, who is he?"

Mrs. Kwon finished her tea, "My husband. Kwon Jin Woo."


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Re: My December (SHINee, FT Island)

Post by Kyn on 6/24/2009, 10:30 am

Shocked oohh~ I'm really interested now
please update when you have the time


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