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Hospital of love I (JaeJoong, Hyo Joo)

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Hospital of love I (JaeJoong, Hyo Joo)

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/14/2009, 12:53 pm

Month is very short time to people.
I have this short time before I lose my sight.
There is still lot of things that I wanna see.
Like musical, world and my sister's smile.
I...I...also wanna see my love, before I'm blind.
It's not easy, because I don't like anyone.
You have so much worries because of me.
Omma, you are staying in home and watching me,
Appa, you are working really hard to earn money,
Bin, and Bin...Mianhe, mianhe, mianhe...



Han Hyo Joo
-doctor told that she will become blind
-have dream to make her sister smile again

Kim JaeJoong
-Cold person in outside...but warm in inside
-Only son of president of hospital

Lee Seung Gi
-Hyo Joo's ex-boyfriend
-Studying to become nurse

Han Ok Bin (Kim Ok Bin)
-Hyo Joo's twin sister, but she is very different than Hyo Joo
-she has crush on Seung Gi

Rest of DBSK

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Chapter 1: Day one part 1

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/14/2009, 12:55 pm

Hyo Joo PoV.

When you are child, you believe everything that you're parents say to you.
Like “Don't worry, you get lot of friends in school”.
But when you are adult, like me. Then you don't believe them anymore.
When they say “Don't worry, Hyo Joo...You'll be fine” you start to think, is everything really gonna be fine?
When my parents told me that I'm ill...I didn't believe them first...but then I found out that I was really sick.
So sometimes they are right. But not always...
“Hyo Joo, you believe that you can go home just one day, ok?” mom said when she was visiting to me.
I looked her and smiled little.
“Okay...” I answered “But why did you bring me more clothes?”.
Mom looked to floor, where she just put bag of clothes.
“It's just in case” mom answered nervously. I sighed shaking my head.
“Omma, you don't need to lie me” I said “I know that I'm very sick...that's why doctors don't let me to go home”. Mom sat next to me and held my hand.
“I'll try to talk with doctor Kim, maybe he let's you to go home for a day” mom smiled.
“Thanks omma” I said resting my head to pillow.
Mom kissed me to forehead and got up.
“You're appa is still working, so I need to go and help him” mom told.
I nodded and waved to her. When she was gone, I took photo behind my pillow and smiled.
“Yah! Ok Bin...Why aren't you visiting in here?” I asked from photo.
It was picture of my twin sister Ok Bin, who was now studying alone in our school.
“I hope that you are alright” I whispered.

Ok Bin PoV.

“You are here again!” one of my class mate yelled to me, when I arrived to their club room.
“Just give up” her friend laughed “You don't never win us...because you are loser”.
They all laughed to me and came closer. Their leader Min Hyun pushed me on shoulder and crapped hold on my hand.
“You are so annoying” she sighed “And are you so some kid? You are still carrying you're doll”.
I looked them with my empty eyes and hit Min Hyun to face.
“Aish!” she yelled wiping blood off her mouth.
Then she hit me back and I fall on floor.
“Go back to you're sister!” Min Hyun smiled her evil smile.
She looked her friends and they leaved me alone.
Tear dropped in my eye and I closed them.
“Someday I will revenge...” I whispered.

Seung Gi PoV.

I knocked to Hyo Joo's room and opened it.
“Good say Hyo Joo” I greeted her with smile.
I was her personal nurse, since she was my friend and ex-girlfriend.
“Hi Seung Gi” she greeted me back “When I can go home...or out?”.
I looked her papers and smiled.
“Doctor Kim said that you can go out for two hours” I answered.
Hyo Joo smiled and sit up.
“Do I come with you?” I asked worriedly.
“I can go alone...I must visit in Seul Gi's work” Hyo Joo told “I really miss her”.
“But call me when you are coming back” I reminded her.
She nodded and went to change her clothes.
When she came back from bathroom...she looked so beautiful.
“Bin made them to me” She smiled turning around.
“You are so beautiful” I whispered.
“Hm?” Hyo Joo asked curiously.
“Nothing...” I answered blushing.
“I'll be going now” she said putting her shoes on.
“Have a fun” I hoped. She nodded jumping out of the door.
I laughed to her cuteness and returned to my work.

Hyo Joo PoV.

“Welcom...HYO JOO unni!” my best friend Seul Gi yelled happily when I arrived to café.
She run to hug me and I smiled.
“How have you been?” I asked when she stopped hugging me.
“I've been fine...there is just so much work” Seul Gi answered.
I looked around café and saw that it was full of consumers.
“I can help you” I offered.
“No...You can't work, you are still sick” Seul Gi answered.
“I'm not that sick...and I used to be working in here” I said with puppy eyes.
Seul Gi looked me and sighed.
“Take table six” she told. I nodded taking tray on my hands.
I walked to table and bowed to five boy.
“Are you ready to order?” I asked smiling.
“Cute” one of them whispered looking me.
“Three cappuccinos and two cola” brown haired boy answered.
“Okay...and would you like something to eat?” I asked.
“Drinks are just fine” black haired one said in cold voice.
“Relax JaeJoong...” Brown haired boy calmed him down.
“Coming” I said showing tongue to that JaeJoong.
Then I walked to counter and give orders to Seul Gi.
She made drinks and I returned to table.
“Here you go” I said giving drinks to them.
All of them thanked...except JaeJoong.
“You's polite to say thank you, when someone brings something to you” I reminded him.
He just gave me another cold look and I starter to lose my temper.
“He is just like that” Brown haired boy said “I apologize for him...I'm Yoochun”.
“Annyong...I'm part time worker Hyo Joo” I greeted him.
“Stupid name” JaeJoong mumbled. I looked him and took his cola.
I spilled it to his head and walked to counter.
“Seul Gi! I'm leaving!” I yelled to Seul Gi who was just staring me.
“Yah!” JaeJoong yelled running after me.
When we were in outside, he grabbed on my shoulder.
“That wasn't nice” he said again in cold voice.
“Blame yourself...and do you always speak like that?” I said getting his hand away from me.
“Do you know who I am? I can make you to lose you're job” he threated me.
“Poor me, poor me. Actually, I'm not even working it there...I was just helping my friend” I laughed.
“I'll make sure that we meet again...and then you are dead” he said walking back to café.
“I'm so scared!” I yelled after him. I started to walk back to hospital...but I couldn't stop thinking of him. He was kinda cute...

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CHAPTER 2: Day one part 2

Post by WonderBinnie on 6/17/2009, 12:29 pm

JaeJoong PoV.

After I left on café, I went to my fathers hospital...since he wanted to meet me.
Doorman opened door to me and I stepped inside to hospital.
“Welcome mr.Kim” nurse greeted me when she recognized me.
I bowed to her and went to elevator. Luckily there was no one in elevator, so it went quickly to floor six.
I knocked to my fathers door and he opened it.
“JaeJoong, good that you came” dad said smiling.
I sat to sofa next to him and drank some tea.
“Mr.Choi told that you are doing fine in you're medical studies” dad told “I'm proud of you”. I nodded accepting his compliment.
“That's why I have decided that you can start working in here...of course in part-time job” dad informed.
“WHAT!” I yelled in shock.
“I have already choose one patient to you” dad continued “She is really lovely girl and I'm sure that you will like her”.
“I don't wanna work in here!” I yelled again.
“Then I'll leave you penniless when I die” dad said.
“Alright...I'll work” I sighed.
“Good” dad smiled “You can start working now...her room is 566”.
I bowed to dad and then leaved to hallway.
When I was out of his room, I kicked to wall.
“Damn!” I yelled.
“And remember to be nice to her!” I heard dad yelling in his room.
I hit my head to wall and cursed in my mind.

Hyo Joo PoV.

I was eating my lunch, when nurse walked to my room.
She had paper in her hand and she handed it to me.
“You will have new personal nurse...but we need you're signature” she told.
“But where Seung Gi goes?” I asked worriedly, when I put my signature on paper.
“He will be doctor.Kim's new assistant” nurse answered smiling.
“Really? That's awesome” I said in happy tone.
Finally Seung Gi was one step closer to his dream.
“You're new nurse is president Kim's son” nurse informed “I'm sure that you like him...he is very charming”.
“I hope that he is like Seung Gi” I hoped smiling.
“I'll tell to Seung Gi that you miss him” nurse said walking out.
I rested my head and closed my eyes.

“” I heard someone greeting me with shock.
I turned my head and opened my eyes.
“YOU!” we yelled in same time. I couldn't believe was that boy from café.
“How did you find me?” I asked in curiously.
“My dad is president of this hospital...And why are you here? Are you my first patient?” JaeJoong asked.
“I'm sick, that's why I'm here...oh no! You are my new nurse?” I whined.
He came closer to me and smirked.
“We are gonna have so much fun”.
“First I'm gonna take blood test” he continued taking needle on his hand.
“I hate blood tests!” I yelled in panic.
He put needle on my right hand and started to take blood. I closed my eyes biting my teeth's.
“You can open them now” JaeJoong said soon.
I looked my hand and smiled.
“Well that was easy” I laughed. He rolled his eyes and sighed.
“I'll take these to lab” he said “I'll be soon back”.
“Bye” I smiled “Jerk...”.
“I heard that!” He yelled on hallway.

Ok Bin PoV.

I ringed doorbell and waited till someone opened it.
Unluckily it was my mom...
“Welcome home Bin, how was you're day?” she asked hugging me.
I pushed her away and walked to my room. I locked door and heard mom yelling at me.
“Do you wanna something to eat or drink?”. I didn't answer to her.
I put my doll to my bed and sat next to it.
“Luckily they didn't hurt you” I whispered.
I took my diary under my bed and opened it.
“Dear Min Hyun and her friends bullied me again.
I don't even know why I'm fighting with them?
Is it because they talk bad about my sister?
Or because they know that I'm weak?”. With that, I closed my diary and laid on my bed.
“Maybe I should visit in hospital” I said hugging my doll.

After the two hours...I was finally standing in front of hospital.
It was hard for me to come here because my first love was here. My mind didn't want to come here, but my heart wanted.
I took a deep breath and walked inside the hospital. I looked around and nurses were smiling to me.
Maybe they recognized me? I tried to look him, but I didn't saw him anywhere.
I went to board and searched his name. Lee Seung Gi...He was still in work.
Small smiled came to my face when I saw him. He was talking to older doctor and bowed to him.
I hide behind corner and tried to spy him. He was still so handsome and nice.
But I knew that he still loved my sister...
“Ok Bin...What are you doing here?” he said when he noticed me.
I stopped daydreaming and bowed to him.
“Annyong...” I whispered.
“It's nice to see you in here. Are you here to visit from Hyo Joo?” he asked. I
shook my head.
“Then are you here to look me?” he smiled. I blushed and shook my head again.
“Cute” he laughed “Well it was nice to see you again, I need to go back to work”.
He gave me friendly hug and then continued working.
I was yelling happily in my mind, but I still acted calm.
“It was just hug” I said to myself in my mind. I ran out of hospital and bicycled back to home.
It was getting darker so I slowed my speed.
I love night. It was so calm and peaceful time...

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Re: Hospital of love I (JaeJoong, Hyo Joo)

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