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Fanfictions Section Rules *PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING*

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Fanfictions Section Rules *PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING* Empty Fanfictions Section Rules *PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING*

Post by admin on 4/24/2009, 6:46 pm

Fanfictions Section Rules:

I. General Posting

  • General rules apply

II. New topics

  • Stories must be kept in one thread. Do not create a new topic for the next chapter; make it a reply to the original post.

  • Please do not have your entire title in caps, a mod will modify it if found.

  • Do not post the link to your story. It must be the actual story.

  • You must post your story in the right pairing thread

Korean Pairings

Japanese Pairings

Chinese/Twainese Pairings

Pure Fanfictional Pairings

Other/Mix Pairings

III. Labeling

  • Label your fanfictions properly in your foreword:

Follow this outline:
Story Title:
Story Rating: (Ex. PG ; PG-13 ; R ; NG-17)
Cast: (Ex. Who your story features)
Story Status: (Ex. One-Shot ; Two-Shot ; Ongoing ; Finished)

  • Label the story rating/status in your title.

G,PG-13,R,NC-17, etc.
One-Shot, On Going, Complete
Example: [On Going/R] The Webs She Spun

IV. Completed Fanfics

  • Please change your status to complete, so our mod can move your story to the completed fanfics section.

Example: [Completed/R] The Webs She Spun

V. Story Deletion

  • If you need to delete your story, please go down to the story deletion thread for more infomations

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