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[One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

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[One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

Post by Kyn on 6/14/2009, 10:32 am

credits: Hyoki at Empathy

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.
To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter and tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing and caring
and having my dreams all come true;
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being and loving with you.

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Lost in the Wind
Flight of Azalea
Tears of Remembrance

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Lost In The Wind

Post by Kyn on 6/14/2009, 10:34 am

“I said luck wasn’t on our side.”Eun Ae said softly to herself as she watched the city lights from her hospital bed. “Why did I have to be right?”

Kwon Eun Ae grabbed onto the sidebars of her bed and pulled herself up with much difficulty. Crystal tears slid down her cheeks as she thought of what she was leaving behind. She was only 17 and not ready to say goodbye to her friends, her family, the crisp autumn winds, or the one who touched her heart Kim Jong Hyun.
The guilt over the lies she told him for the past three years ate away at her, but she knew it would be good for him in the end. The end, Eun Ae thought bitterly, it was so near. Why was it that she had been diagnosed with leukemia? Why was it that she had to meet him, the one who made leaving so hard? Before she had met Jong Hyun she had come to terms with her fate, she was just an unlucky girl, singled out. That had all changed when she met Jong Hyun. His melodious voice awakened her thirst for life, she began to fight her fate; she would not let the oracles cut her thread, not yet. However whoever it was out there that was set on ending her life short seemed to be winning.


“You’re always here at the hospital, visiting someone?” Jong Hyun asked as he took a seat by Eun Ae in the hospital cafeteria. Eun Ae looked up at him shocked; the guy who always volunteered in the children’s center had actually taken the initiative to come talk to her. Despite the sickening aftermath of her chemo session, the day felt like it had gotten brighter, but things started to dim once again once Eun Ae realized who she was, a cancer patient, terminally ill. She wondered if that would evoke feelings of faux pity like it had with many others.

“No I volunteer here…all the time.” Eun Ae said thinking of her frequent visits to the hospital.

“Really, I’ve never seen you around.”

“I haven’t seen you around either.’ She lied off the top of her head.


“It seems like we’re never lucky enough to see each other outside this cafeteria.” Eun Ae said sullenly.

“You act as if this is the only place we can see each other.” Jong Hyun said stating the obvious.

“You actually want to hang out outside of the hospital?” Eun Ae replied enthusiastically.

“The food is horrible here the only reason I come every single day is because I know this is where I’ll see you.” Eun Ae began to choke on her water after hearing the words come out of his mouth.


“Every day I see you, you’re making those paper things.” Jong Hyun said sitting on the park bench with Eun Ae.

“Of course, I’ve got a wish I want granted. If I make 1000 lucky stars I get one wish, these paper cranes are my back ups in case the lucky stars don’t work.”

“It’s like Valentines, just another way for people to make money off of naïve people like you.” He said ruffling her hair.

“I am not oblivious. When I get my wish you’re going to start making those paper stars to.”

“I’ll grant my own wishes. I don’t need any luck from these stars.”

“You don’t have the power to grant all of your wishes Jong Hyun. Some things are just out of our hands.”

“And folded paper can do better?”

“It’s worth a try. Help me fold them, if two people are working towards the same thing the chances are greater.” Eun Ae said looking at Jong Hyun sincerely.

“I’d rather make your wishes come true on my own.” Despite his words Jong Hyun was wrapping the paper in his hands.

“You’re the one who has awakened those dreams.” Eun Ae said, but her words were lost in the wind.


“Where do you think we go when we die?” Eun Ae asked as she brought herself closer to Jong Hyun hoping to warm herself up. It was snowing outside and it seemed like the bus was never going to come.

“Does it really matter; we won’t have to think about that for a long time.” Jong Hyun replied as he put Eun Ae’s hand in his pockets. “If you’re cold say so, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend getting sick.”


“Hello Mr. Kwon I came to pick up Eun Ae.” Jong Hyun said awkwardly. He was confused by the look in the man’s eyes. Mr. Kwon had the same expressive eyes as Eun Ae, he looked conflicted. In his eyes Jong Hyun could see remorse, sympathy, understanding, and compassion; he looked at Jong Hyun as if they were one and the same.

“We’re going now dad.” Eun Ae said before kissing her dad on the cheek and walking off with Jong Hyun.

“It may be September but it’s warm outside. Don’t you feel hot wearing that beanie?”

“Don’t you know, it’s the biggest trend right now.”

“You don’t need to be wearing the latest fashions, you look pretty either way.”

“It’s not about the latest fashions; it’s about keeping my secret.” Eun Ae said to herself. “Let’s get some ice cream.” She said dragging Jong Hyun behind her.

That sat in the shade of the parks willow tree silently eating their ice cream, no words were needed between them.

“Couldn’t we just stay like this forever?” Eun Ae asked sleepily as she rested her head on Jong Hyun’s shoulder.

“If that’s what you want.” Jong Hyun said as he got up from his sitting position, he dug into his bag and grabbed a pocket knife. He started etching into the tree ‘Eun Ae + Jong Hyun 4ever’.

“That wasn’t what I meant.” She said laughing.

“Why you don’t want to give me your forever?”

In response Eun Ae picked up Jong Hyun’s pocket knife and started to inscribe something onto the tree also.

“’Eun Ae + Jong Hyun 4ever and ever’” Jong Hyun said reading the words off the tree once she was finished. “I knew you couldn’t resist my charms.” He said before winking cheekily.

“Charms, what charms?” she said as she began to chase Jong Hyun around the park. She continued to chase after him, never catching him. Tired she flopped down onto the floor and began breathing heavily. Laughing Jong Hyun walked over to Eun Ae and outstretched his hand. Smiling brightly she allowed him to pull her up. “Fine I admit it. Kim Jong Hyun is really charming.”

“I didn’t hear you.” He said teasingly

“Kim Jong Hyun is cha-“ her words were cut off by Jong Hyun’s lips trailing over hers.

“Eun Ae!” Jong Hyun said taken aback once he had pulled away from Eun Ae.

Eun Ae did not realize was wrong until she saw blood smudged over Jong Hyun’s lips. Her first instinct was that he was hurt, but once she felt the warm liquid between her lips and nose, she knew she was the one bleeding. Eun Ae began to laugh at herself, how she could have forgotten she had leukemia, she didn’t know.

“Idiot.” Jong Hyun said affectionately as he wiped her blood with a tissue. “You’re bleeding and laughing.”


Writing her goodbye was harder than she imagined. She had tried for days to put the way she felt into words. The constant flashes of what she was leaving behind didn’t make it any easier for Eun Ae.

“You’ve got surgery in the morning, you should go to sleep now.” Nurse Jung Ji Ah said as she walked into Eun Ae’s room.

“How do you say goodbye?” Eun Hae asked.

“I know that things don’t look too bright for you Eun Ae, but you can’t be sure that those goodbyes will be needed.” Eun Ae had always admired Nurse Jung’s ability to say the truth, she liked how the nurse never felt the need to sugar coat everything because she was a patient.

“But I can’t be sure I will survive tomorrow’s surgery.”

“I can't tell you how to say goodbye. You can only rely on yourself for that. Remember if you need anything just press the button and I’ll come over.” The nurse said before walking out of the room and leaving Eun Ae by herself again.

Eun Ae sat motionless looking out the window, thinking of what she could say. She had already written letters to her parents and friends. The only person left was Jong Hyun. How could she tell him she was dying, that every moment she spent with him was timed, and say goodbye all in one letter? It was 2 AM and all she had written down was ‘Dear Jong Hyun, Sorry’. Eun Ae forced the images of her and Jong Hyun out of her head and began to write.


“Kim Jong Hyun?” Nurse Jung asked unsure of herself as she entered the hospital daycare.


“I’m sorry.” The nurse said as she patted Jong Hyun’s shoulder. “I think you should come with me.”

“What is this about?” Jong Hyun asked confused. Nurse Jung did not reply to his question but led him to a hospital room in ICU.

“Go in.” Nurse Jung said.

Jong Hyun walked into the hospital room, not paying attention to the name plate on the door. Once he walked in he was greeted by the sight of two familiar backs.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kwon, what’s going on?” Jong Hyun asked feeling nervous all of a sudden.

“She…she’s gone.” Mrs. Kwon said as fresh tears began to lace her cheeks. “She didn’t even make it for the surgery.” She said between sobs.

“Surgery, what are you talking about?” Jong Hyun asked confused.

“Didn’t you know, Eun Ae had leukemia?” Mr. Kwon said. He was more composed than his wife but grief overrode his voice.

Jong Hyun rushed forward to Eun Ae’s bedside as the Kwon’s left the room. Eun Ae’s skin was still the same fleshy color they had always been, had her body not been cold Jong Hyun would have thought she was just sleeping. Tears trailed down Jong Hyun’s face as he held onto Eun Ae’s cold hands. His emotions were in a whirlwind. He felt was angry with Eun Ae for keeping her condition a secret, he felt like an idiot for not realizing something was wrong with all the signs in front of him, he felt like a fool for not being able to be there for his girlfriend.

On her bedside he saw a letter addressed to him in her familiar handwriting. Jong Hyun picked up the letter and carefully opened it, treating it as a treasure, which to him it was, it was one of the remaining things he had of Eun Ae.

Dear Jong Hyun,

Did you know how hard it is to say goodbye? For days all I had written down was Dear Jong Hyun, but even that didn’t feel right. You always said that we had to make our own luck, but it seemed that things don’t always work out that way since you’re reading this letter. I’ve always had so many things to say to you. Isn’t it weird that nothing comes to mind even when this might be the last time I get to talk to you? All I can think of is how sorry I am. Sorry that I lied, sorry that I left you, sorry for giving you my forever, when I know I didn’t have one, sorry for the empty promises, sorry for being unlucky enough to get leukemia, sorry that I made you fold origami when my wishes didn’t even come true, sorry that I can’t say all this to you in person, sorry that I let you love me, and sorry that this is my goodbye. Even though I have many regrets, I cherished every moment we spent together. I may not be there to say it out loud anymore, but I want you to know that I love my charming boyfriend, Kim Jong Hyun.

Kwon Eun Ae.

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Flight Of Azalea

Post by Kyn on 6/14/2009, 2:16 pm

credits: bluesnow at Moonlight-Mysteries

Azalea...a flower like many others with its soft pink petals. But a meaning like no other; first love, take care of yourself for me, temperance. Unlike most flowers azalea is the most empathetic, its meaning burning through the hearts of many...

“How long are you going to spend in the shower?” Stephanie said feeling frustrated. “I have to go to school to you know.”

“Just five more minutes.” Sara said calmly not bothered by the shouts of her sister. Stephanie was annoyed by how serene her sister was. She always thought that her sister’s anger had been passed on to her while Sara took all of the patience, considering how short-tempered she was. She braced herself against the bathroom door while she ran through the list of things she had to do that day. She had to meet Jong Hyun since she promised to walk to school with him and afterschool she was going to the mall with Sara and Onew. It wasn’t much, Stephanie didn’t know why she bothered to go over things; she was going to tell her sister to hurry up when the door opened, bring her down to the floor.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry are you okay?” Sara said feeling flustered.

“I’m fine.” Stephanie said as she got up not bothering to take her sister’s outstretched hand. She thought Sara was too dramatic.

“Sorry.” Sara said again.

“Whatever…” Stephanie said closing the door in her sister’s face.


“Sara is such a twit.” Stephanie complained to Jong Hyun as they walked to school.

“What did she do today?” Jong Hyun asked, he was used to Stephanie ranting about her sister.

She began to tell him what happened that morning not forgetting to say that Sara was such a pushover.

“If I didn’t know better I would think you didn’t like your sister.” Jong Hyun said confidently.

“Who says I do like her?” she replied looking at him dubiously.

“I think you care about your sister a lot. You wish she wasn’t as nice as she is. You’re worried about Sara.”

“Whatever you can think what you want.” Stephanie said before walking ahead of Jong Hyun who just laughed.

“Don’t get angry because you know I’m right.” He shouted after her.

“Shut up.” Stephanie shouted back. She stopped walking and turned back to face Jong Hyun. “Aren’t you coming?”


Stephanie and Jong Hyun walked into the classroom together and took their seats by the window. There was still time before class started so most people were out in the halls or just hanging around the classroom.

“What are you doing afterschool?” Stephanie asked as she ate sour patch kids even though it was only eight in the morning.

“Depends.” He answered back taking some of her candy.

“Depends on what?”

“On what you’re planning. I might have plans or they might magically disappear.”

“That’s cruel. But Sara is making me go to the mall with her and Onew later come with me please, I don’t want to be alone…” she said looking at him with innocent eyes.

“Not going to work on me Steph, I know that you’re just acting.”

“Fine.” She said returning her glance to normal. “Can’t your plans just magically disappear?”

“Nope, it’s something important.”

“Like what?”

“Just something important.”

“You aren’t going to tell me?”Stephanie asked feeling hurt but Jong Hyun couldn’t hear it in her voice. They had been friends since they were 4. In preschool they played in the same sandbox and shared their ice cream. In elementary they accepted each other’s cooties, in middle school they talked about their crushes. From the day they became friends they never kept any secrets from each other, it bothered Stephanie to know that Jong Hyun couldn’t even tell her something as simple as what he was doing after school. It made her wonder what could be so important that she couldn’t know about it and that maybe there were other things she didn’t know.

“Hey do you know where Sara is?” Onew asked between breaths, he had obviously run over to Stephanie’s classroom.

“I left the house before her; I don’t think she got her yet.” she replied.

“Good.” He said before running out the classroom. “Oh yeah good morning and see you later!” he said peeking back into the classroom.

“What’s with him?” Jong Hyun asked.

“He’s always a little weird when it comes to Sara.”

“I think it’s cute. He likes your sister right?”

“I guess.” Stephanie said not really caring.

“So you’re still not going to tell me what you’re doing after school?”



They had walked around the mall not really buying anything. Stephanie always felt bad if she left the mall empty handed. Even if she only something bought small and inconsequential she would leave the mall feeling accomplished. Not only where her hands bare but she was bored, Sara and Onew talked mainly to each other, they even left her in one of the stores by herself. Stephanie’s mind wondered off to Jong Hyun and what he was doing at that moment as she plopped herself into a booth at the small diner in the mall.

“Can you do me a favor?” Onew asked as he looked over his shoulder checking if Sara was out of earshot. “After we eat can you leave? It’s not that I don’t want you here…well I sorta don’t but…”

“I would leave right now if I could. Whenever I try to leave Sara makes me stay.” Stephanie said.

“Oh really…and thanks.” Onew said looking a little down.

“Don’t worry I’m sure she likes you too.”

“You know that I like her?” Onew said surprised.

“Anyone could tell. You make it so obvious.”

“Does that mean….that Sara knows too?” Onew said anxiously.

“No, she’s an idiot. She won’t figure it out until you tell her. You are going to tell her right?”

“Yeah that’s why I asked her out today but she brought you along and that’s why I was asking if you could leave.”

“It took you long enough to ask her out.” Stephanie said.

“I was waiting for today, Valentines.”

“Today’s Valentines, February 14th?” she asked surprised.

“Maybe you’re an idiot too.” Onew said laughing. Then it made sense to her, the girls at school talking about chocolate all week, the pink and red shirts people wore, and why Jong Hyun wasn’t with her. Stephanie figured that he probably had a date. It seemed like everyone had someone to Stephanie. Sara and Onew and now her best friend had a girlfriend; she was all alone now.

“Sorry I took a while; the line is always long for the bathroom.” Sara said retuning to the table.

“The waitress didn’t come yet so its fine.” Stephanie said looking over the menu, she knew she was about to be ignored by Sara and Onew again.

“What would you like to order?” The waitress said as she took out her notepad.

Everyone placed their orders and the waitress walked off with prep in her step. Stephanie didn’t pay much attention to her before but noticed that the girl was around their age and went over to her friend with a big smile on her face. The waitress came back with their food and stayed and lingered around their table.

“Do you need anything?” the waitress asked, directing her question at Onew. Stephanie was annoyed by the constant presence of the girl, but even more annoyed with her sister. She could see that Sara was uncomfortable with all the attention the waitress gave Onew, yet she sat their saying nothing and playing with her food.

“They’re fine but I could use some water.” Stephanie said, the waitress turned to her surprised but nodded and walked off. “Are you done here because I am.” She said picking up her things and waiting for Sara and Onew to follow her.

After leaving the diner they continued walking aimlessly through the malls. Stephanie noticed that Onew would signal that it was time for her to leave, but she just ignored him. She was just as annoyed with Onew as she was with Sara.

“I’m tired can you carry my bag for me?” Stephanie said as she grabbed Onew’s arm.

“…Sure.” He said not able to say no. Sara just stared at Stephanie’s hand still holding onto Onew’s arm.

“Thanks. Did you….” Sara watched as Stephanie pulled Onew away completely ignoring her presence. Sara just followed them silently ignoring the piercing feeling she felt in her heart.

Stephanie held tight to Onew’s arm, holding onto him defiantly didn’t feel as comfortable as holding onto Jong Hyun. She thought they would look like a couple; people always assumed she and Jong Hyun were together especially when they were so close, it was sure to make Sara so jealous that she would have no choice but to stand up for herself. Stephanie smirked inwardly when she saw Sara drum her fingers against her thigh in annoyance.

“This would look really good on you.” Stephanie said as she held a shirt up to Onew’s chest, she made sure that her hand ‘mistakenly’ touched his chest.

“I think I’m going to go now.” Sara said finally speaking up. Stephanie turned to face her sister expecting to see her about to explode, but what she was not what she had anticipated. Sara’s eyes were watery and she looked heartbroken, Stephanie watched her sister walk out of the store with slumped shoulders.

“Why the hell did you let me flirt with you!?” Stephanie yelled at Onew.

“You were flirting with me?” he asked dumbfounded.

“I wasn’t touching you for fun.” She said rolling her eyes. “We’ll split up and look for her okay.”

Stephanie didn’t wait for Onew’s reply and ran off in search of her sister. Not far from the store they were at Sara sat crying on the rim of the water fountain. She didn’t seem bothered by the curious stares people gave her as they passed by.

“I’m sorry Sara. I didn’t mean for things to run out this way.” Stephanie said as she sat next to her sister.

“What are you apologizing for? It’s not your fault I got dust in my eyes.” She replied as she stopped crying and wiped her tears.

“Stop lying. We both know you’re not good at it.”

“I always thought you liked Jong Hyun but I guess it actually Onew right? I bet you two would look cute together. He’s a little oblivious so don’t be afraid to make the first move, just don’t give up on him.” Sara said plastering a fake smile on her face.

“You mean like you’re ready to?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said impassively.

“See this is why I did it. You’re always giving things up for everyone else. You really like Onew, maybe you even love him! But now you’re telling me to go after him? I really don’t get you Sara. In the diner the waitress was hanging around him so much and you sat there doing nothing even though you hated it. Looking back at it now it seems kind of stupid to try to make you stand up for yourself by fawning over Onew, but I did it because…because I care.” Stephanie said as she thought about what Jong Hyun said to her earlier. “I just don’t want people to take advantage of your kindness.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Did you listen to a word I just said? Stop saying ‘sorry’.”

“I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee anything. So you don’t like Onew right?”

“Of course not! He reminds me too much of this girl that drives me crazy.” Stephanie said laughing. In the distance she could see Onew looking for Sara crazily. “It’s Valentine’s Day go have some fun with Onew or he’ll spend the whole night looking for you.” She said as she pointed at Onew.

“Let’s go” Sara said as she hopped up and began walking. Noticing that Stephanie wasn’t following her she turned back. “Aren’t you coming?” Stephanie just shook her head in response.

“I’m tired so I’ll see you later at home. Tell Onew he better not mess up.” Sara was confused by what Stephanie was saying but nodded and headed off to meet Onew.

Home was the last place Stephanie wanted to be. I was too lonely there, it seemed like everyone was out with someone. Her parents were out reliving their youth as a couple, Sara was with Onew, and now Jong Hyun had a girlfriend to spend Valentine’s Day with. Stephanie remembered the way they always spent Valentine’s Day together, eating chocolates and not letting the fact that they were both single dampen their mood.

“Why do you look so sad? Did you just get rejected?” a familiar voice spoke teasingly.

“Yes…” Stephanie said not looking at the speaker.

“You had a crush and you didn’t tell me?” Jong Hyun said raising an eyebrow.

“It’s not like you told me you had a girlfriend.”

“And why would you think I do?” he said laughing.

“It’s Valentine’s Day and you ditched me. You must have a girlfriend.” Stephanie said finally looking at him.

“I guess your sort of right. I was out trying to get one. I spent hours trying to find the perfect gift for her today.”

“Who’s the girl?” Stephanie said giving Jong Hyun a bittersweet smile.

“She’s pretty, sometimes people might think she has a bad attitude, but she’s actually really nice, and she’s one of the most important people in my life. I think you would like her.” Jong Hyun said looking into Stephanie’s eyes.

“What makes you so sure of that?” she was sure that she wouldn’t like the girl Jong Hyun liked.

“Because she’s sort of like you.” he took a deep breath. “Actually, she is you.” Stephanie was shocked but she regained her composure.

“Stop joking about that because one day I just might believe you.”

“How about starting now?” Jong Hyun said as he held out a small velvet box. He opened the top to reveal a white gold tennis bracelet.

“I’m willing.” Stephanie said softly as she pecked Jong Hyun on the cheek.

That day Stephanie didn’t leave the mall without anything like she had expected. On her wrist she had a priceless bracelet, in her heart she had sincere feelings, and in her hands were Jong Hyun’s fingers.

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Tears of Remembrance

Post by Kyn on 7/10/2009, 8:43 am

“Oh my god, our school trip is finally here! I’ve been waiting forever.”Kim Seo Hee said excitedly.

“Aren’t you a little over excited?” Jung Iseul, Seo Hee’s best friend asked.

“It’s our first trip away from home without our parents; aren’t you excited?”

“We have six teachers going with us; we’re not exactly on our own you know.”

“Still…it’s going to be so much fun.” Seo Hee said cheerfully as she linked arms with Iseul, pulling her along onto the coach bus.


“Oh my god, this is going to be so much fun!” Iseul said with fake excitement as she imitated Seo Hee. “What happened to your excitement?”

“It died and went to green hell.” Seo Hee replied looking out at the endless green landscape from the bus’ window. After leaving the city limits, all Seo Hee saw was green grass, green trees, and green leaves for three hours. ”Can’t we just get there already?”

“A half hour more.”

“Thank god.”

“But we’re still stuck on the bus for most of the time. A lot of the tours are taking place right in here.”

“Are you serious?”

“Why do you think I wasn’t like you this morning?”

“You’re never like me.”

“True.” Iseul said thoughtfully while nodding.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was going to be like this?” Seo Hee complained.

“It was right on the itinerary; I thought it was self explanatory. See this is what happens when you don’t read things before you sign them.”

Defeated Seo Hee turned and rested her head on the window looking out at the green expanse.

“I spy with my little eye something green. Grass? How did you know? I spy with my little eye something brown and green. Is it a tree? Wow you’re so good at this game.” Seo Hee muttered sarcastically as she had a conversation with herself. “I spy with my little eye something blue, grey, and…cute? Hey Iseul do you see that person there just walking around in the woods?”

“There’s no one there.” Iseul replied looking out the window.

“Have you gone blind? You always notice the cute guys first. It’s not that hard to find him, he’s the only thing not green out there.”

“Maybe he isn’t cute then. You know how people go crazy out in the desert; maybe you do that in the woods. Besides, why would anyone walk around in the wood anyway?”

“He’s really there though.” Seo Hee said mumbling.

“It’s a small town; if he’s there we’ll probably see him later.”


“You’re all probably tired of being in this bus, so I’ll let you go out to tour the battlefield and monuments. Make sure you don’t go far off the path. There are snakes and a few other wild animals out in the woods.” The tour guide said.

“Finally!” Seo Hee exclaimed pulling Iseul out of the bus with her. “Is this what fresh air feels like?”

“You’re so dramatic.” Iseul said laughing.

“I prefer the term lively.”

“Whatever, let’s go this way.”

“Hey can you take a picture of us?” one of their classmates asked.

“Okay.” Iseul said taking hold of their camera. Within seconds other people started giving Iseul their cameras, until her hands were full. “Umm…”

“Just take the pictures, I’ll walk ahead.” Seo Hee said walking ahead on the path. After five minutes she could no longer hear her classmates. “Did I go too far ahead?” she asked herself. “I doubt it.” After 10 minutes of walking all Seo Hee could hear were the indistinct sounds of insects and wildlife. Although she had stopped walking she could hear light footsteps tread the ground. “Iseul you took forever to catch up.” She said turning around.

“Who’s Iseul?” a boy with piercing brown eyes and short black asked. He wore a grey and navy uniform and dark backpack on his back.

“Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

“I’m not usually mistaken for a girl.” The boy said laughing. “I’m Choi Minho by the way.”

“Seo Hee, my name’s Seo Hee.”

“I’ve never seen you around here before.”

“It would be weird if you did. I’m here on a class trip visiting the battlefield.”

“Isn’t that a little dangerous.” He asked.

“Dangerous, why would it be?”

“Fighting.” Minho said pointing in the direction Seo Hee came from. “Someone untrained.” He said pointing at her.

“I think I’ll be okay.” Seo Hee said giving him weird looks. “I think I’ll go back now. It was nice meeting you Minho.” Seo Hee said as she walked in the direction she came from.

“You’re going the wrong way you know.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes, you are. I’ve been walking this way for a while now; the main road has to be over that bend.” Minho said pointing in the opposite direction.”

“Maybe the reason you’ve been walking for a while is because you’re going the wrong way.” Seo Hee said as she continued to walk.

“You shouldn’t go that way, it’s not safe.” Minho said as he scooped her up into his arms, carrying her bridal style.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she said thrashing around in his arms.

“If my captain finds out that I could have saved some girl, and I didn’t, I’m screwed. He replied as if her jumping around in his arms didn’t bother him. “If you keep doing that you’re going to fall.”

“I’d rather fall that be around you!” she shouted. “Oh no, I know what you’re going to do! You’re going to kidnap me and if someone doesn’t pay my ransom, you’ll sell me into prostitution. How can there be people like you, didn’t your mother teach you anything?” Seo Hee said panicking.

“My mother wasn’t around to teach me anything. And don’t you think your imagination is a little too wild?” Seo Hee stopped moving around in his arms.

“Then what do you want?”

“I told you we can’t go that way it’s dangerous.”

“There is something wrong with you.” Seo Hee said nonchalantly.

“Me, you’re the weird one. What kind of girl looks like that? You’ve got purple and black hair, and your clothes look like under garments rather than clothes.”

“Excuse me? These are called streaks, and I knew this place wasn’t a bid city but I am defiantly wearing clothes. You’re one to talk; I was just too nice to say anything before. What is this thing anyway?” Seo Hee said pointing at the necklace around Minho’s neck.

“You can walk now.” Minho said dropping Seo Hee.

“You shouldn’t have insulted me if you were going to be so touchy when I said something back.” Seo Hee muttered. She wanted to return back to where her classmates were, but because she was too caught up in squabbling with Minho, she didn’t know where she was. All she could do was follow Minho and hope that he knew where he was going. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about your necklace.” Seo Hee said figuring it would be better to be nice.

“It’s okay. I know it’s a little weird looking, but it’s all I have left of my mom.”

“Why do you bother wearing it if she isn’t around; it seems like she left you.”

“Not by choice, she was just unlucky enough to have met my father.”

“Oh…” Seo Hee said thinking it seemed melodramatic. “So…” she said dragging out her words. “Do you know where we’re going?”

“Actually, no.”

“What? After all you said about it being ‘dangerous’ to go the other way, you’re telling me we’re lost?”

“I got confused when you started making noise. It’s your fault not mine.”

“It’s nice to see that people know how to take responsibility for their mistakes.” Seo Hee said sarcastically making sure Minho heard her.

“Do you want to take a break, it looks like it’s getting dark.”

“Dark?” Seo Hee looked up toward the sky, past the towering trees she could see the sun beginning to set. “I am so screwed!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I sort of ditched my friend, I got separated from my group, and now I’m stuck in the woods with a random stranger.”

“Things could be worse.”

“Really, like how?”

“You could be starving. Aren’t you glad I’m the prepared type?” Minho said as he pulled some food from his backpack, Seo Hee just replied with a fake laugh. “I’ll go get some wood so we don’t get cold.”

Seo Hee watched as he scurried around the area surrounding them, looking for firewood. She thought that if he didn’t annoy her so much, he would actually be pretty cute. His eyes we filled with fierce determination, as he sang an unfamiliar song while picking up the wood.

“Sorry, all I have is canned food.” Minho said.

“Do you always hike around here?”

“I’m not hiking; I don’t even live around here. I grew up on a farm about 50 miles west from here; I’m just serving my time in this town.”

“Serving time?” Seo Hee asked quizzically.

“In the army.”

“Aren’t you a little young for that?” Seo Hee said between spoonfuls of food.

“I’m 17, it’s not that young.”

“Things really are different in small towns.” Minho gave Seo Hee a weird look in response.

“Are you cold?” Minho asked as he saw Seo Hee rub her arms for warmth.

“I’m okay.”

“Take my jacket.” Seo Hee shook her head in response. “Too bad.” He said as he wrapped his jacket around her.

“Thanks, but what about you?”

“I’ll be fine, I’ve been through worse.”

“This is huge; I think there is enough room for you too.” Minho didn’t budge. “If you won’t wear it, neither will I.”

“Do you know you’re really stubborn?” Minho said, but nonetheless he took a seat he Seo Hee, with the jacket enveloping them both.

“I prefer the term strong-willed.”

“Which is the same as being stubborn.” Minho said

“It sounds better though.” Seo Hee said laughing.

They spent the rest of their time like that. Speaking about anything and everything they could think of. Seo Hee liked how easy it was to be around Minho, nothing was ever to serious or tense around him. He had the ability to lighten anyone’s mood with his quick smiles, and charismatic personality. Minho had not realized that they had been talking for hours, until he felt Seo Hee’s head drop onto his shoulder.

“It’s really quiet when she’s not talking,” Minho said to himself chuckling. He brought her body closer to his, and rested his head on hers. “Goodnight Seo Hee.” Minho said as he shut his eyes, following Seo Hee to the land of dreams.

Seo Hee woke up to the gentle nudging of Minho, just as the sun was beginning to rise.

“Don’t you have to get back to your class?”

“What are you talking about?” Seo Hee said still sleep ridden. “Oh, right.” She said as the weariness left her body.

They walked for a while in a comfortable silence, until they reached the road stretching far off in both directions.

“If you go that way you’ll be in town.” Minho said.

“Aren’t you coming with me, you can’t just walk back into the wood right?” Seo Hee didn’t want to say goodbye.

“We’re heading in different directions. I think this is goodbye.”

“Not necessarily, we can still keep in touch.” Seo He said as she pulled out a pen from her bag. “Here is my cell number.”

“You live in a cell?” Minho asked.

“My cell phone number, idiot.”

“Goodbye Seo Hee.” Minho said softly.

“Goodbye.” Seo Hee said as she wrapped her arms around Minho. “You’re goodbye didn’t seem sincere enough.”


“Seo Hee, Seo Hee wake up.” Iseul said.

“Iseul, what are you doing here?”

“I was always sitting here. Hurry up we’re getting off the bus now.”

“Getting off the bus, what are you talking about? And where is Minho?” Seo Hee asked.

“What are you talking about, come one lets go.”

Realization dawned on Seo Hee. It was all a dream, there was no Minho. Bewildered she followed Iseul out of the bus, what else could she do.


“All of you might know that the attack on this village was a surprise. Despite that, the soldiers here fought very well. There were only 83 casualties, with only one of them dying. Choi Minho was a soldier on guard duty, although he died, he was able to successfully warn everyone else of the oncoming attack. You could say that he led us to the victory on this very battleground. And now our next monument…”

“Minho.” Seo Hee said softly as bits of her dream came to mind. The things he said, ‘It’s dangerous to go that way.’ ‘I’ve never seen a girl who looks like that.’ ‘I’m serving time in the army.’ “I should have realized.” Seo Hee said to herself as tears streamed down her face. She cried for the boy who never really grew up. She cried because she was an idiot. She cried because they really were going in different directions.


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Re: [One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

Post by shawty_12 on 7/10/2009, 3:40 pm

ehehehe...sorry that i'm stalking your stories!^^ i just HAD to say that
after reading Lost In The Wind. man, that was so SAD. i felt like crying!
jong hyun is my fav. out of Shinee and that having go through that
was just hard. *sniff sniff* man, eun ae is so tough...i think if i were her,
i would've given up on life a long time ago. but then again, love itself
is a miracle, huh?Smile but i'll be back to read the other two. i love
the one shots. i have to go do something for parents right now-__-

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Re: [One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

Post by Kyn on 7/10/2009, 4:09 pm

shawty_12 wrote:ehehehe...sorry that i'm stalking your stories!^^ i just HAD to say that
after reading Lost In The Wind. man, that was so SAD. i felt like crying!
jong hyun is my fav. out of Shinee and that having go through that
was just hard. *sniff sniff* man, eun ae is so tough...i think if i were her,
i would've given up on life a long time ago. but then again, love itself
is a miracle, huh?Smile but i'll be back to read the other two. i love
the one shots. i have to go do something for parents right now-__-

yay I love stalkers!
well that came out wrong
I love people who stalk my fics
that seems better ^^


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Re: [One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

Post by shawty_12 on 7/11/2009, 4:29 pm

Kyn wrote:
yay I love stalkers!
well that came out wrong
I love people who stalk my fics
that seems better ^^

lolx... to my second reply then:D
the second story was much, much better.
(in the fact that it made me laugh and smile)
i wish i was stephanie. jong hyun's hot man.
to have a best friend since 4 and then having
him as a boyfriend on valentine's day-that's
just great. i wish i was as lucky. all my
guy friends left me:( lolx...guys these days.
but yeap, i love this story too! hm...the
title though...i didn't get that. the story
didn't seem to be related to the title at all.
unless if Azalea isn't really a place but
another replaced word for some sort of thing??

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Re: [One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

Post by Kyn on 7/11/2009, 4:46 pm

shawty_12 wrote:
Kyn wrote:
yay I love stalkers!
well that came out wrong
I love people who stalk my fics
that seems better ^^

lolx... to my second reply then:D
the second story was much, much better.
(in the fact that it made me laugh and smile)
i wish i was stephanie. jong hyun's hot man.
to have a best friend since 4 and then having
him as a boyfriend on valentine's day-that's
just great. i wish i was as lucky. all my
guy friends left me:( lolx...guys these days.
but yeap, i love this story too! hm...the
title though...i didn't get that. the story
didn't seem to be related to the title at all.
unless if Azalea isn't really a place but
another replaced word for some sort of thing??

Oh i never posted the intro to that story
Azalea...a flower like many others with its soft pink petals. But a meaning like no other; first love, take care of yourself for me, temperance. Unlike most flowers azalea is the most empathetic, its meaning burning through the hearts of many...


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Re: [One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

Post by shawty_12 on 7/12/2009, 5:33 pm

............ Sad fck! i wanna cry too!!! that was AWESOME!!!
i thought it was all real too. dmn! should've seen THAT one coming.
man, i don't know which one is worse: dreaming about someone
you've never really met and then lose them or knowing someone
and then lose them. that one shot touched my heart. wah minho!!!
*sniff sniff* okay, i'm finally done with the one shots! yay!<333
(though i want more^^) lolx...i guess it's okay. i'm off to stalk
your other stories now. thanks for sharing! and if there's more,
i will be sure to come back

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Re: [One-Shots/PG-13] Goodbye My Heart

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