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My Guardian Angel

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My Guardian Angel Empty My Guardian Angel

Post by hae-gi33 on 6/13/2009, 10:47 pm

My first time on fanfictional but not on
I hope I get good comments!
I don't mind people using my story as long as I'm credited. I'm usually always online so you can PM me if you want.
I like comments and suggestions and I don't get mad easily so I'll listen to whatever you have to say!

Synopsis: So Eun knew her life was going to go down in a spiraling maze to hell and there was no way up. But one day, her parents, who usually abuse her, sends her off to a rich man's, Kim Bum's, home to deliver an antique. At first, Kim Bum found it hilarious that such a poor girl existed and wanted to fool around with. But while he was always protecting her from other cruelties, she's always protecting his heart so that he won't get scarred. But why is it that she's always hurting too?
So here goes to a story about an angel who knew everything but love.

Kim So Eun
17 years old
Smart, bright, witty, and brilliant
Loves to see a happy ending
Doesn't do well under pressure
Had to drop out of school just before the last month till summer
She is always bullied but doesn't care

Kim Bum (based on Boys Over Flowers)
18 years old
Casanova, smart, sarcastic, and confident
Loves flirting with women
Always has at least two girls on him
Loves fooling around with others and making bets
#1 ceramic artist in Korea

minors include:
Kim Ji Eun - So Eun's older brother who thinks he can flirt but is really a stupid adult who doesn't know how to live life
Kim Tae Joo + Kim (Suh) Jin Ah - So Eun's parents who suddenly became abusive and alcoholics. They don't seem to care about their kids anymore.
Park Min Joo - Kim Bum's real girlfriend who actually really cared for him. But broke up with him because she couldn't bear seeing him with other women.

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