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Fairy?Fairytale?Fairy My Friend or Fairy My Lover? ; YOU & Jaejoong

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Fairy?Fairytale?Fairy My Friend or Fairy My Lover? ; YOU & Jaejoong

Post by PandaBaby on 6/13/2009, 10:03 pm

Fairy?Fairytale?Fairy My Friend or Fairy My Lover?

by PandaBaby♥️


Hello ^^ it's PandaBaby♥️ with a new story Smile
I've been having this idea for about the past 2 months and the idea just keeps on bothering me so i just have to type up this story.

bla bla blah Lets get on to the Characters!!

Main Girl ___________ You! ::please fill in your name at the blank Smile::

about _________ :
♦️ _________ is not actually a girl she is a fairy . . .
yes a real fairy .
♦️ looks 16 years old but she is actually hundreds of years older than 16 Mad .
♦️ she's a pretty tall fairy but compared to humans she is pretty short standing at about 4 feet & 10 Inches.
♦️ Loves Nature
♦️ Enjoys Sleeping & sitting on Trees.
♦️ She will get grumpy if she gets her wings pulled.
♦️ All fairies are very beautiful but __________ is one of the most beautiful fairies.
◘ You will find out more once you read the story Very Happy


Next Character :

Kim JaeJoong :

♠️ A 17 year old guy with a horrible past. He has been through so many hardships it would be hard to believe.
He dislikes being at home because he feels so unwanted there.
◘ i dont want to give away too much so please read the story to know more?
DBSK & other will be in the story such as members from 2PM and Big Bang and some from FT Island and who ever i just put in a long the story line Smile
Please leave a comment if you are interested?
I just want to know if it is actually interesting or if its just to childish?


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Chapter 1 - The River Garden ♥

Post by PandaBaby on 6/13/2009, 10:53 pm

The sun was shinning beautifully , it was a very nice day to enjoy the outdoors.~

You we're silently sleeping on a tree till you heard some one walking
toward the river you we're at.


You looked around to see who had entered there was a young man with beautiful white skin and jet black hair that was now sitting on a rock under you , he had not noticed you there.
you just quietly looked at him.
He let out a troubled filled sigh.
*poor guy he looks really troubled. I wonder what bothers him?*you thought and moved a little further on the branch you we're sitting on so you could view him better. the branch creaked and it startled the young man. he stood up and looked around.
"Who is there!?" he called out.
*oh no I can't be seen*you thought and tried to silently move away.
he caught a quick glance at you. *what was that? or more who was she? she is so beautiful like an angel* he thought. "I saw you come out"he said.

*oh no oh no oh no if he finds me and figures out what i am i will be in so much trouble.*you thought and quietly sat behind a tree.

* I have to see her she's so beautiful even more beautiful than this garden or anything i have ever seen. I have to make her come out* he thought.

"Am not leaving until you show yourself to me"he said with a firm voice.

*he has to go home sometime right?* you thought and sat quietly not making a sound for the next ten minutes. *this is so boring i want to leave already*you thought , and quickly came up with a plane. You picked up a rock and threw it as hard as you could in the opposite direction from where you sitting at.

The guy heard the noise of the rock hitting against a tree and went to that spot expecting to find you. Instead he just found a rock , you took the opportunity and ran.

"wow that was so close"you said to yourself and sighed.


"_____________!"you heard your name being called out .

*oh no what am i getting in trouble for now?* you thought.

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