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Last Song~

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Last Song~ Empty Last Song~

Post by pepei~ on 6/13/2009, 2:00 pm


Life is a matter of choice... however, there are actually two choices out of all...

You, yes you.

Would you rather be right than happy...?

here are my characters:

Ji-yoo: the usual cheerful girl, who falls for a certain guy~ ^^

Heerin: one of Ji-yoo's girlfriends, who acts a motherly role within the group. (:

Ra-Seul: Ji-yoo's happy-go-lucky girlfriend who never fails to cheer her friends~

Jae Eun:A no-nonsense girl who has firm beliefs and often speaks her mind~

Hee Yeon: the actual unnie of the group, although often mistaken as the youngest for her height. (-.-") a child-like and playful girl, who is often mistaken as a dimwit, but is incredibly analytical in her own ways~

and you know pretty well the guys of our beloved boyband, do you now? thanks for reading~!


so, this will be my very first story here.. although i think it's not much of a story, i hope you'll put through to the end.. thanks a lot ~! i was originally from winglin..hehe, under the username starshine, i hope you like it~ ^^ it's a Super Junior fic by the way, (:



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