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Broken Wings (DBSK)

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Broken Wings (DBSK)

Post by ryuusei on 6/13/2009, 6:55 am

I hope for my story to be read by others so I came here.

This is my first story. I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to comment.

Lee Jae Eun 20 years old, final year accounting student at Seoul University. Seems cold and unfriendly but its just because she is afraid that history might repeat herself. She was never interested in business, she always had a passion for something else. However, an accident occurred and ...


Currently, my life is horrible for 3 reasons.

1.I’m a final year accounting student at Seoul University who got an internship at SM Entertainment. One would think that I’m the luckiest person in the world but that is so not true. I just wanted to be able to earn some extra money and experience at a nice quiet company like the rest of my classmates. But no. My teacher had to choose me because she thought that I was the only girl who could keep my cool and not go crazy. I couldn’t care less about it. I would have preferred if she had sent me to Ernst and Young instead but no they wanted males. Those sexist people. After it got out where I was working, I got many new ‘friends’ who just wanted me to get their autographs. It’s not like I will ever meet anyone.

2.I made a total fool out of myself because the security guard though I was some fan who was trying to get in. I argued with him for like half an hour which caused me to be late and I was probably zeroed in by all the fans outside. I have a feeling I would be receiving threat letters soon. And later they tell me there is a back door for staff which I was supposed to use.

3.Now I am totally lost finding the photocopy room. Its already nine at night and the building is practically empty and dark. I just want to go home and take a nice warm relaxing bath, forget all about today and sleep.

I’m not even sure if I can find my way back. I couldn’t really see anything since the lights were off. I only had the light of the moon to guide me.

As I walked, I noticed a large pair of glass doors. I walked closer and the plate on the door read “RECORDING ROOM 3”.

I just peeked inside curious. This was probably a chance I wouldn’t get again. There was another room within the room. I saw the sound board and on its left was the door to the smaller room where the people sang and music was played.

I slowly opened the door and saw the instruments around the room. There was a piano, several guitars and there in the other corner stood a pure white violin. When my eyes came across I could feel shivers going down my spine. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I dropped whatever I was holding and I unconsciously reached out to grab it. Before I even realised what I was doing the violin was already in its proper position. I could felt the strings under my fingers, the bow ready to be pulled.

What could go wrong?

My favourite song just came into my mind. I closed my eyes and my fingers just moved on their own.

Note by note, the song Ave Maria just flowed out.

It felt so good. I’d missed this feeling. All those emotions I had piled up over the years just came back.

Suddenly, a pain ripped through my left arm causing me to drop the bow. I fell to my knees at the same time dropping the violin in my left hand. I could feel my left arm trembling. I quickly took my right hand and held it hoping that it would stop.

I didn’t know how long I was in that position but it felt like it had been hours before the pain slowly started to subside. But, the trembling didn’t stop.

The next thing I knew, there was someone standing in front of me. I looked up to see a male with shoulder long hair. It was too dark to see his features. He had his stretched out his arm asking “Are you alright?”

Suddenly, I realised what I had done. What I was doing. I quickly picked up the violin and thrust it into his hands and ran out of the room. Somehow I’d managed to find my way back to the accounting department.

I knew I shouldn’t leave what I had to do till tomorrow but I just had to leave. I couldn’t stay. I just needed to get away.

As I sat on the bus, I thought about what I had done. I told myself that I couldn’t let it happen again. The pain and the feeling of being thrown away, I couldn’t bear it again.

-Mystery Guy POV-

I just came to get some music sheets that I left in the room. I didn’t expect this. Here I am standing in the middle of the recording studio holding a violin that had been pushed into my hands. I wonder how she even got in.

But the music that girl played. It was beautiful. I could feel myself being pulled in. It felt like I was in whole other world.

But she suddenly stopped and dropped to her knees. She looked like she was in pain. I wonder if she is alright. I could only remember her sorrowful and scared chocolate brown eyes as she stared at me.

I wish I could hear more. I didn’t even get her name.

I quickly put the violin back in its place and left the room. But as I turned towards the door my foot came into contact with something small. I bent down and examined the item. It was a white mobile phone. Next to it was a piece of paper which had some numbers on it. It looked like some accounting statement.

Right at the bottom it read “Report done by Lee Jae Eun, 8.34pm”.


I hope you enjoyed it Smile

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First Encounter

Post by ryuusei on 6/13/2009, 6:57 am

Here is the next chapter.



I hope I wasn’t in too much trouble for not photocopying the report. At least I sent it to the department head. Apart from the fact that I my phone was missing, the day wasn’t so bad. I would be on time today and I had safely entered through the back door.

I purposely woke up half an hour earlier to get here before the rest of the department. It wasn’t hard since I couldn’t really sleep as I was haunted by my actions last night.

I walked through the doors to the office. There wasn’t anyone around except my department head who was pacing back and forth at my desk. I hope it isn’t because I didn’t photocopy the report yesterday. I was planning to do it this morning.

To get his attention I greeted him. “Good Morning Sir.” He got at shock at my greeting. Apparently he was too deep in thought that he didn't notice me.

He quickly walked up to me. When he was next to me I could see how short he was.

“Lee Jae Eun ssi. What did you do?”

Eh? He couldn’t be that angry about me not getting the report photocopied. I was planning on doing it now. Besides it’s not like there is anyone here to look at it.

“Sir, I’m sorry I didn’t get the report photocopied. It was just so late last night and I didn’t know my way around.”

“The report...Oh not that. I received your email. Its fine.” Then what was it about. He took a deep breath before continuing. “What I want to know is why Oh Yong Man ssi came to find you this morning. He wasn’t happy either.”

“Eh? Who is Oh Yong Man ssi.”

“How can you not know who he is? He is the manager of... ah you should just go now. He has very little patience. He is waiting for you. Fifth floor turn left when you come out of the elevator, at the end meeting room 7.”

“Eh? I don’t even know who he is.”

“Just go quickly. I hope for your sake its nothing serious. They are important shareholders.”


I didn’t even get an answer and was pushed out the doors.

So here I am riding the elevator to the fifth floor. It couldn’t be the guy yesterday could it. I don’t think I did anything wrong. Maybe I wasn’t allowed to be there but its not like I stole anything. The worse thing that could have happened was that the string of the bow broke when I dropped it and even that is unlikely to happen. Even if it did it’s not that big a problem, it can be fixed.

I was now standing outside the meeting room. I was slightly nervous but at the same time peeved. I wonder who the heck this guy was.

I knocked on the door and opened it slightly looking in. I saw a man sitting in one of the chairs looking through a bunch of papers on the table.

“Oh Yong Man ssi?”” I called to get his attention. Straight away looked at me and stood up.

He was definitely not the guy from yesterday. This guy was shorter. His face rounder and he had shorter hair.

“Lee Jae Eun ssi?” He said in a loud voice that scared me. I nodded to verify my identity. I wanted to ask him what he wanted with me but I was cut off before I could even start my question. “Leave.”

“Eh?” What was wrong with this guy. First you tell me to come here and now you’re telling me to leave. I wanted to give this guy a piece of my mind. Who was he to order me around.

But yet again he spoke first. “Go down the corridor on your left there is meeting room 6. Go inside and wait.”

Now I was getting confused. “Go now” he commanded. I quickly left the room. I didn’t want to be in the same room with him any longer. How rude.

I made my way to meeting room 6. I knocked and opened the door. I peered in but there was no one. Why was I even here?

I walked further into the room and looked around. There right smack in the centre of the huge table was a violin. It wasn’t the same one as last night. This time it was a brown one.

It seems my unconscious reaction kicked in again. I walked towards it and stretched out my hand almost touching it. But I remembered what I had promised myself and quickly retracted my hand.

Was someone trying to taunt me? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. Unfortunately as soon as I opened my eyes, my gaze fell on that beautiful instrument and once again my hand moved on its own.

I quickly pulled it back with my other hand stopping myself. Suddenly I heard a voice. “If you like it so much why are you stopping yourself?” It was the same one as last night. So he was the one who called me out.

I turned around wanting to demand why he called me here. Instead I got a surprise.

I came face to face with DBSK’s leader, U-Know Yunho.

I did listen to music and I usually knew who sang what but I wasn’t that knowledgeable about what a celebrity looked liked. I probably wouldn’t notice a celebrity if they came up and talked to me. But DBSK was so popular that everywhere you went you could see their picture in a shop or they were on the television. It was the sort of information that even if you wanted to avoid knowing about you couldn’t.

He definitely saw the shock in my face. “Are you that blinded after seeing star?”

I came to my senses after hearing his egotistical comment. “Why did you call me here?”

“Didn’t you lose something?” He pulled something from behind his back. It was a small white item. It was my missing phone. I had totally forgotten about it.

“Oh thanks.” I stretched out my hand assuming that he would return it to me. Instead, he walked around to the other side of the table and sat down in one of the chairs.

“I hope you don’t expect to get this back just like that.” I turned to look at him confused at his request. He gave a smirk and said “I want you to play for DBSK.”


“The violin.” he said as he pointed to the instrument in front of him.


“Last night. You played it didn’t you. I want you to play for DBSK.”

The only thing could come to mind was WHAT?!

“I'm sorry but firstly why would you need a violinist? Secondly aren’t there people who could do this instead of me? Thirdly, that is a big request in return for my phone. Lastly, I don’t play.”

“Aren’t you contradicting yourself? If you aren’t then what was last night.” He totally ignored my first three points.

“Last night was just a moment of folly.”

He stood up and walked round to the other side of the table and stood in front of me. He placed both his hands on the table by my sides trapping me between him and the table. He was a little too close for my liking. I had just met the guy for goodness sake. Did all celebrities have no shame?

He bent down and whispered in my ear “Then why don’t you fall back into that moment of weakness again.” As much as I hated to admit it, his voice was alluring. I could definitely feel my cheeks growing hotter. I mean who wouldn’t especially in such a compromising situation.

Then I spotted it, sticking out of his back pocket. My cellphone. I slightly tilted my body to the right and stretched out my arm. Soon my fingers came into contact with the hard surface of my phone. With one swift moment I pulled it out and pushed him away ducking under his arm to escape.

He managed to avoid falling down and turned to stare at me “Yah! What do you think you’re doing?” I smiled and showed in what was in my hand. Apparently he hadn’t realised what I had done. He looked and felt his back pocket unable to believe that I had managed to steal my phone back.

“Looks like your bargaining chip is gone.” I smirked. He didn’t look happy. “If you’re smart enough you’ll find out why I don’t play. Better still don’t bother me anymore.” With that I walked out of the room.

Just before I left I heard him shout at me “Yah! Lee Jae Eun this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me. You better watch out.”

Little did I know that this was only going to be my first encounter.


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Why do I want to know more about you?

Post by ryuusei on 6/13/2009, 6:59 am

Enjoy chapter 2.*


-Yunho POV-

I couldn’t get that tune out of my head. Or that girl. The way she looked when she played she gave a whole other presence as if she was glowing. She looked so calm as if she had done it numerous times before.

But it all changed when I saw her fallen form. She looked so scared and guilty like she had committed a huge sin. All she did was play.

I wish I knew the name of that song. I wasn’t knowledgeable about classical music nor did I listen to it often. Somehow the curiosity was killing me. Someone back home should know. I just hope I didn’t forget the melody.

With that thought, I pressed harder on the gas accelerating home. As I turned into the underground car park I turned into my usual parking space, got out and rushed for the elevators.

When I opened the doors to our apartment I was greeted by Changmin “Hyung you’re back.”

“Changmin ah, where’s Yoochun?” My best bet in finding the name of the song was Yoochun. He started learning the piano way before us; his knowledge of classical music was vaster.

“Eh? Yoochun hyung. The last I saw him was in work room. Looked like he was trying to compose a new song.”

I quickly rushed to open the work room that he, I and Jaejoong shared. There he was with his eyes closed and his headphones on concentrating. I didn’t really want to disturb him. But I needed his help. “Yoochun ah!”

He got a bit of a shock as I saw his body jerk as I called his name. He straightened himself in his chair and turned to look at me. “Oh Hyung you’re back.”

“Ya Yoochun ah. Do you know what this song is?”


“I can’t remember it exactly but I’ll try.” I saw him focus his gaze on me as I tried my best to hum the song I had heard an hour ago.

When I finished I saw the slight squirm on his face. He didn’t know.

“Hyung is that all of that you know. Another verse maybe?” The problem that was all I heard.

“Ah Yoochun listen carefully this time.” I saw the unsure look on his face but he sat that and waited for me to continue.

“Oh Yunho you’re back.” I turned around to see Jaejoong. He was drying his hair with a towel looks like he just finished his bath. “Your share of dinner is on the table. You need me to heat it up.”

“No. Its fine I’ll do it later.” I answered.

“Oh ok.” He turned to leave the room but he turned back and looked at the two of us. “What are you guys doing.”

Yoochun answered for me “Yunho hyung was asking if I knew a song.”

“A song?” It seemed to peak his interest and he sat down in his usual chair. “I want to hear it.”

“Well I heard it by chance and I just wanted to know the name.” I could feel both sets of eyes on me. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth to let out the first note.

But I was cut short by Changmin shouting from the corridor “Jaejoong hyung!”

“Aish.” This was starting to get irritating. Why do I keep getting interrupted?

“Is there anymore food? I’m still hungry.” He asked as he leaned against the door frame holding his stomach. “Oh hyung what are you guys doing here?”

This was the second time I got interrupted. “Aish Changmin if you keep eating you’re going to grow fat.” You could definitely hear the irritation in my voice.

Jaejoong decided to cut in “Changmin, ignore Yunho. He’s just irritated because he got interrupted. I’ll make something for you later.”

I could see the sparkle in his eyes as if he found something interesting. “What did I interrupt?”

“Yunho was just trying to find out if we knew the name of a song.”

“I want to hear.” He moved himself so he stood behind Jaejoong with his arms resting on the top of his chair.

I calmed myself down and took a deep breath to start trying to remember the first note.

“Changmin ah!”

I just blew it then. “YAH! This is the third time already. How many times must I be interrupted before I can start?”

I saw a shocked Junsu staring at the four of us bewildered. Actually mostly at me. “I was just wondering where Changmin was. He was supposed to play with me after he went to the toilet.”

I couldn’t really get mad at him. So I sat back down and gave a sigh. I could hear the silence in the air as they waited for my reaction. “Nobody had better interrupt me this time.” So I took another deep breath and started. I could see then all watch me intently. Yoochun had that squirm again, Changmin looked like he wanted to laugh, Jaejoong was thinking hard and Junsu just looked confused.

When I was done I just looked at them. Yoochun just shook his head and Changmin just started to laugh “What’s so funny?”

“Hyung you just looked so serious.”

Before I could reply Jaejoong cut me off “Yunho ah its sounds familiar but I just don’t know where I heard it from.”

“Hyung, why are you singing Ave Maria?” I turned to look at where the statement came from. Junsu.

“Junsu how do you know that song. Are you sure of the title?” I asked.

“No wonder it sounds so familiar. I've heard it in church before.” Added Jaejoong

“Eh? Its just that when I started to listen to some classical music someone introduced that song to me. Schubert’s Ave Maria. It might be in one of the CDs the fans gave us.”

I got up and went straight for the vast CD collection in our living room. After a good 10 minutes only then did I find a classical CD. I scanned through the track list but there was no sign of the song.

“Hyung!” I heard Yoochun call me.

“What!” I shouted back.

“I found the song online.” I got up and quickly went back to our work room. Everyone was still there. I turned to Yoochun and nodded at him and he pressed play. Soon the room was filled with the tune of Ave Maria. It did have a slightly calming effect on me but the version I had heard earlier tonight was so much more. I just couldn’t describe it. That woman seemed to play with overwhelming emotion.

When it ended, everyone just turned to look at me. I could tell that they had something to ask me. Jaejoong spoke up “Yunho ah, why are you so interested in this song?”


“You don’t think we are going to let you go without telling us after all the trouble we went through.”

I could only give a half-hearted smile “Well when I went to get the notes I’d left in the recording studio, there was someone there. Even before I entered the room I could hear music being played. It was this song. I went in and I saw her behind the glass playing the violin. I don’t know how or why but I felt like I got sucked into a different world. The music she played was...was...just beautiful.”

“Hyung are you sure it wasn’t a ghost?” asked Junsu.

“Aish Junsu ah why would a ghost be playing Ave Maria.” Rebutted Jaejoong.

“Would a ghost have a handphone and report?” I pulled out the two pieces of evidence from my pocket.

“Hyung why did you take her cellphone?” asked Changmin.

“I didn’t take it. She left it there.”

“Why didn’t you give it back?” asked Junsu.

“She ran away before I even found it.”

“Ran away?” all four of them asked at the same time with confused looks on their faces.

“Well she suddenly fell down then when I went to help her up and ask if she was ok, she suddenly looked scared. She got up pushed the violin to me and ran out.”

“So there are other people who are scared of you hyung.” Said Changmin jokingly.

“Yah! Who would be scared of DBSK’s charismatic leader.”

“Says the person from Jeonrado” said Jaejoong jokingly.

“Yah I can hear you.”

Yoochun stopped me before I could continue. I guess it was to stop a fight from breaking out “Hyung what are you going to do about her cellphone?” I thought about it for a while. Then he continued. “Are you going to do something about that girl? You seem interested in her.”

I was?

“Hyung. Why don’t you ask her to play for DBSK” said Changmin.

“Changmin, why would we need a violinist? She would be more useful if she’s a composer” said Junsu.

“But since Yunho hyung seems to like her so maybe we can find some place for her” added Changmin.

“Yah who says I liked her.”

“But hyung you seem so interested in her. Trying so hard to find out the song she played.”

“I just like the music. Not her.”With that I stormed out of the room.

I headed to the bathroom to take a bath. Seeing as it was the only place I could get some privacy.

I sat in the bathtub thinking about tonight’s events. I tried to remember how she looked like. Despite the darkness, the moonlight shone on her. Her thin form. Her brown eyes. Her pale skin. Her long black hair.

What am I thinking about? I need to stop. I shook my head hoping to push those thoughts out of my head.

The music she produced. It was out of this world. She just drew me in.

I wish the rest of the members could hear her play.

Maybe Changmin was right. I could convince her to play for us. But it wasn’t up to us who our musicians were. Not many of our songs have violin pieces. Maybe she was a composer. If she made something good, I’m quite sure we could use it.

But first I needed to return her phone. I don’t think she knew it was me. It was too dark. But just in case maybe I could get manager hyung to help.

When I got out most of the members were doing their own things. Changmin and Junsu were playing video games in the living room. Yoochun was listening to music trying to get inspiration for the song he was writing. Jaejoong was just surfing the internet. I headed to the kitchen to heat up my dinner. As I waited for the food to finish heating up, I felt a vibration. It was coming from my pocket. Maybe it was manager hyung.

I took the phone out and realised it wasn’t mine. It was hers. She had received one new message from someone called Yoon Jae Jin. I usually wouldn’t do this but I was just curious so I ‘accidentally’ open her message.

“Jae Eun! How’s your first day at work. I hope they didn’t give you too much work to do. Remember to eat your dinner. And if you’re too tired there is no need to bring Heimin out. You spoil him too much already. Call me.”

So it was her first day at work. Who is this Heimin? Was it a guy?

Bing! I was pulled out of my thoughts as the microwave signaled that my food was heated up. I took my tray of food and set it on the table. I just randomly put food in my mouth not really looking. The white phone in my hand was taking most of my attention.

I was bored and curious. So I looked through her phone. She didn’t have many contacts though. Some were overseas numbers. Apparently some of those numbers belonged to her parents. Was she living alone? She couldn’t be, there was still that Heimin guy. She’s still a girl; it isn’t safe to go home alone so late.

I looked through her call list. There were a lot of calls to someone called Taehyun. It was an overseas number too. Her bill must be high.

It wasn’t like me to invade people’s privacy but I was plain curious. I wanted to know who Lee Jae Eun was.

-Next day-

Manager hyung agreed to help me but he wasn’t too happy about it. I guess its because he got stuck with a lot of paper work last night. I made sure I planned this right. I had placed the violin in the meeting room. Hopefully, she would pick it up and play again. Now all I had to do was wait for our manager to call me.

I just stared at my phone hoping it would ring soon. I started to twirl it with my fingers. How long does it take for her to come here.

Suddenly my phone started to ring. I got a shock and I almost dropped my phone because of it. “Hello.”

“She just left.”

“Hyung thanks.” I quickly placed my phone in my pocket and left the room.

I opened the door to the meeting room and saw her standing there as if she was mentally arguing with herself. Her hand reached out to touch the violin but stopped herself. If she wanted to play it, why stop herself.

“If you like it so much why are you stopping yourself?” I saw her turn around ready to say something but as soon as she saw who I was she became speechless. “Are you that blinded after seeing star?” My comment seemed to bring her out of her stupor.

“Why did you call me here?” she asked obviously not happy.

“Didn’t you lose something?” I pulled out her phone from my back pocket.

“Oh thanks.” I saw her stretch out her hand telling me to hand it to her. But if I gave it back to her now I probably would not be able to see her again. I couldn’t simply give it back to her.

I pretended I didn’t see her hand and walked to the other side of the table and sat down. I stared at her and said “I hope you don’t expect to get this back just like that.” She raised an eyebrow in confusion. “I want you to play for DBSK.”


I pointed to the instrument in front of me and said “The violin.”


“Last night. You played it didn’t you. I want you to play for DBSK.”

She looked at me as if I was trying to playing a prank on her. “I'm sorry but firstly why would you need a violinist? Secondly aren’t there people who could do this instead of me? Thirdly, that is a big request in return for my phone. Lastly, I don’t play.”

I gave a smirk. “Aren’t you contradicting yourself? If you aren’t then what was last night.”

She looked away as if she had remembered something bad. “Last night was just a moment of folly.” Looks like she won't agree.

If asking her didn’t work, maybe charming her would. So I went around the table and stood in front of her placing both my hands on the table at her sides trapping her so she wouldn’t escape. Then I bent down and whispered in her ear. “Then why don’t you fall back into that moment of weakness again.”

She turned her head away from me unable to meet my gaze. I could see the blush on her cheeks. There wasn’t anyone who could resist my charms. Now all I had to do was wait for her to say yes.

I waited but there was no reaction from her. She must have gone speechless. I was about to speak when suddenly she pushed me. Luckily I managed to prevent myself from falling. “Yah! What do you think you’re doing?”

I saw her smile and she showed me the white phone in her hand. How the heck did she get it. I couldn’t believe it. I turned and checked my back pocket and sure enough it wasn’t there.

I saw her smile at me in triumph “Looks like your bargaining chip is gone.” Damn what am I going to do now. “If you’re smart enough you’ll find out why I don’t play. Better still don’t bother me anymore.” she turned towards the door to leave.

She was leaving I had to say something. “Yah! Lee Jae Eun this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me. You better watch out.”

When she left I just sat there thinking what did she mean by telling me to find out why she didn’t play. Would I be able to? What was with this woman? Why do I want to know more about her?


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Re: Broken Wings (DBSK)

Post by Eirallina on 6/13/2009, 2:00 pm

Awww, it's so cute.
Yunho is definitely mesmerized by her talent.
But why did she stop? She was experiencing pain?
It might relate to your forewords, saying she met up with an accident.
Anyway, a very nice start to your story.
Hope to read more.

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My Saviour Part1

Post by ryuusei on 6/15/2009, 1:17 am

Hi again!

The chapters too long so I have to split it.

I hope you enjoy it.


-Jae Eun POV-

That jerk. Who does he think he is.

He has no right to ask me to play. I refuse to let myself become vulnerable again.

He had better not show his face in front of me again.

As I walked back to the accounting department, I hoped that my boss did not tell everyone who came to find me. I didn't want the unnecessary attention.

It was already 8.45. Work started at 9. Most people would already be here by now. When I walked through the doors everyone turned to look at me, their gazes not moving. Apparently my boss did tell everyone.

I walked up to my worried looking superior and before he could say anything “Sir, it wasn’t anything. You don’t need to worry about anything.” I quickly walked back to my desk and sat down not giving him anytime to form a reply.

I sat out my things in front of me and turned on the computer. As I waited for it to come on I stared at my cell phone on the table. I quickly took it searching for any missed calls and messages. There weren’t any missed calls then I checked my messages. There was zero unread. But when I checked further, there was one that had been read but not by me. I could come to one conclusion. That jerk looked through my phone. How could he!

Before I could continue my thoughts, my phone started to vibrate. An unknown number was calling me. I contemplated whether I should answer it. Deciding that it could be important I silently made my way out the doors and into the corridor.


“Yah Lee Jae Eun!” It was that jerk.

“What do you want? I have work to do. I don’t have time for this. Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone? Besides how did you get my number? Are you some kind of stalker?”

“Yah! Whose a stalker? Of course I used your phone to call mine.”

“You idiot, how dare you look through my phone and read my messages. Haven’t you ever heard of privacy?”

“It your own fault for losing your phone.”

“I can’t believe this. You did something wrong yet you won’t admit it.” I was hoping to hear some kind of apology but instead there was silence. “If you nothing to say I’m hanging up now.” And I did.

I tried to soothe the oncoming headache by massaging the sides of my head. I was starting to regret taking this internship. It seems to be bringing me all kinds of trouble. I especially didn’t like it since it was bringing me close to something I had once closed the door on.

The phone in my hand started to vibrate again. I open it in frustration. “What do you want!” I really didn’t want to talk to that jerk again and I was giving him a big hint by showing my displeasure in conversing with him.

“Jae Eun calm down. I just called to see if you were fine. Apparently you aren’t.”

“Oh Jae Jin. I’m sorry I thought you were someone else.” Jae Jin was my best friend.

“No its fine. But it must be someone irritating if that person is making you that pissed off.”

“I guess he is. Anyway why did you call?”

“Well I was kind of worried since you didn’t call me or reply my message and also I have some good news.”

“What is it?” At least someone else was having a good day.

“You know that two week trip/internship to France I told you about.”

“Yes?” Of course I knew. She had been hoping to get it. Mostly that was all she talked about these days that I starting to feel neglected. But it was a good thing seeing as she was a fashion design student. Such an experience would let her gain valuable knowledge and skills.

“Well I got it.”

“That’s great.” She deserved it. I was happy for her.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to go out and celebrate and also to celebrate the start of your new job.”

“There really isn’t anything to celebrate since I’m not exactly enjoying myself here. But sure. When?”

“Well since tomorrow’s Saturday I was hoping we could go somewhere and get some drinks. There is this new club that opened. I was hoping we could go there.”

“A club. Yoon Jae Jin. You go to a club. I thought you didn’t like such places.”

“Well...I have had a slight change of heart.”

“Is it a guy?”

“Kind of. Well there is this guy in the next class and he’s working in that club. He’s really cute. I’ve talked to him a few times and he seems really nice.”

“Jae Jin are you sure?” I was worried for her. She could be kind of gullible from time to time.

“Jae Eun please.”

I couldn’t say no to her begging. “Fine. Where is it and what time? How should I dress? I don’t want to get another scolding from you like last time because I dressed too inappropriately.” According to her I had dressed too casually and she almost forced me to go home and change.

“7.30 pm. Its called Stripes and its near Seoul station. I’ll meet you there. Wear a dress. Something sexy. How about that bare back dark blue one I got you for Christmas.” I visualised the untouched dress in its box. It was a nice dress but it was a little too revealing for me. But according to Miss fashion designer, it showed off my long legs.

“You know I’ll only do this for you right.” I quickly repeated the instructions and hung up. I gave a short sigh and headed back in. Little did I know someone had overheard my conversation.

Saturday 7.25pm

Here I was just outside Seoul station wondering where the hell the club was. I did my best to follow the directions that Jae Jin gave me. I hoped it wasn’t too far, 3 inch heels weren’t exactly the most comfortable type of footwear.

As I turned the last corner, a displeasing sight came into view. There was a long line outside the club. I didn't really have the patience today to wait in line and it didn’t make it better that all I had on was a thin coat and my legs were freezing. She had better have a shortcut in.

I pulled out my phone and dialled her number. “Yoon Jae Jin. Where are you? You better not expect me to wait outside here in line.”

“Jae Eun relax. I’m almost there. I told the guy that I was coming. He put our names on the list. We should get in with no problem.”

“You had better reach here soon.” With that I walked to the front of the queue and hung around there waiting for her. The staff there eyed me wearily as if I was some suspicious person.

I usually wasn’t this grumpy. I guess the week hadn’t been as good as I hoped and I had planned to spend my whole Saturday at home and preferably with a tub of ice cream in front of the TV. But since this was important to Jae Jin and I was worried about her I guess I should be nice and go with her.

I looked back at the crowd again. Something seemed very different. Was I imagining things or was there sudden increase in the number of people waiting in line. And there seemed to be even more coming. Even if this was a new club, there usually were many people but not this many.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt my phone vibrate in my purse. “Hello?”

“Yah Lee Jae Eun.” It was him again. Note to self block his number.

“What do you want? I’m kind of busy right now nor am I in the mood to talk.”

“You don’t look busy. Its more like your standing around.”

“What? Wait how did you know? Are you stalking me?” I looked around to see if I could spot him anywhere.

“Yah! I’m not a stalker ok. Look up.”


“Just do it.” I did as I was told and there I saw DBSK’s leader waving at me from the second floor of the club. That would explain the crowd.

“Why don’t you come in? Aren’t you cold? You know I could get you in.”

“I’m waiting for someone. Please don’t even try to get me in. Your fans that are apparently here would kill me if you did. So for my sake don’t even come near me when I go in. I’m not really in a clubbing mood. I’m just here for my friend.”

“Why shouldn’t I? You can’t stop me. Introduce your friend. I would like to meet her.”

“For your information, she has someone she likes working here.”


“That means...”

“Jae Eun!” I saw Jae Jin running up to me. She definitely caught the eyes of many people around her. She had my jacket unbuttoned so you could the crimson red plunging neckline dress she wore underneath. She was definitely dressed to impress. “Sorry I’m late.”

“Its fine. Just give me a second. I have to end this call.” I put the phone to my ear and quickly said “Remember don’t approach me.” I hung up before I could hear any retaliation.

“Who was that?”

“Its no one. Let’s go in. I’m getting cold.”

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My Saviour Part2

Post by ryuusei on 6/15/2009, 1:17 am

-Yunho POV-

“Yah! Lee Jae Eun.” Aish. I can’t believe she hung up on me. Again.

I saw her outside the club talking to her friend. Her friend was definitely attractive. Her short hair suited her and her dress was definitely eye catching. Most of the guys around were staring at her.

I don’t really know what possessed me to come here tonight. Yesterday I just overheard her conversation. The whole day I couldn’t stop thinking about the place and time. So I dragged Jaejoong and Yoochun with me. Changmin just refused and Junsu was too busy playing his games. So after getting permission from manager hyung and pulling some strings to get a VIP space, we were here at 7.

For that whole half hour, I stared out the window unconsciously looking for her. Then at exactly 7.30 I saw a girl walk down the street. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it was her if she didn’t have that some irritated look she had on yesterday. She dressed so differently from when she was working. She had let down her hair and curled it and she was even wearing heels.

I couldn’t wait to see her. To get a closer look at her. When I saw her just standing at the entrance that was when I decided to call her.

I turned away from the window and I could see the both of them staring at me. “Hyung is she here?” asked Yoochun.


“Yunho we obviously know you’re here to see that girl. I’m guessing she is here?” commented Jaejoong. The both of them came over to where I was standing.

I moved over to the railing and they followed. The three of us lay against the railing looking down on the first floor. “So where is she?” asked Jaejoong.

I scanned the floor to for her. Then I spotted her at the entrance. She had just come in. Her friend was already heading to the bar. I saw her take off her coat to and it made me catch my breath. She was in a sexy navy blue bareback halter dress that only came up to her mid thigh. She looked sexy but at the same time elegant. It was definitely a dress that accentuated her body. I saw her walk confidently towards her friend at the bar.

“Hyung that girl in the red dress is definitely hot. Her friend in the blue dress isn’t bad either. Maybe I should go down and introduce myself.”

“Yoochun ah. You know its dangerous if we go downstairs.”

“Then Jaejoong hyung should we invite them up here?”

“Well its better than going down.”

“Maybe I can ask a staff.”

“Yah Yunho. So which one is she?”

I opened my mouth to softly say “The one in the navy blue dress.”

Once they both heard this, they turned to look at me in surprise. “Bwoh?” I guess it was kind of expected. From the way I described her, they wouldn’t have thought that she had this kind of style. Even I was surprised. Who knew the prim and proper Lee Jae Eun had this sexy side to her.

-Jae Eun POV-

I just sat there next to Jae Jin sipping my margarita as she talked to Min Hwan the bartender she liked. I decided to focus my attention on the people in the club instead. There were definitely a lot of people here tonight. Most were just dancing not caring about anything else and having fun. The club was divided into three sections. The first consisted of the bar and the dance floor. Then the whole second floor was some VIP area.

“Excuse me Miss? Can I buy you a drink?” I turned to my left only to see a pimply faced guy with a missing front tooth.

I tried my best to smile back at him and said “Sorry no.” Hopefully he would get a hint and leave me alone.

“How about a dance then? Seems like your friend is kind of busy. So how about it then?”

“Sorry but no.” I quickly tried to turn away from him but he quickly grabbed my arm causing me to almost drop my drink.

“Come on. Its just a dance.”

“I told you to let go.”I put my drink on the table and I used most of my strength to pull my arm out of his grip but I was too weak.

“I won’t hurt you.” As he said that I felt his hand on my back. At that very moment I felt my whole body stiffen.

“Let go.” I said through clenched teeth. Jae Jin was too distracted to actually notice my predicament. This guy was on the verge of pulling me out of my seat and his hand was moving lower down my back. Was there some reason I kept meeting jerks that couldn’t take a hint. Yup I was real “lucky” this week.

“Its such a waste for a beautiful girl like you to just sit here. Come on.”

“I don’t want to so let go you jerk.”

As soon as those words left my mouth, his face changed. “I was being nice to you. You better just come along with me before I get angry.”

“I refuse so let go.” Once again I tried to shake off his hand but to no avail.

I was about to call Jae Jin for help but...

“She told you to let her go.”

“Yah who are you to tell me what to do?” said the pimply faced guy in a loud voice. At that very moment he turned to face the person who had “interrupted” us.

He definitely got a shock because he let go of my arm.

There standing in front of us was Jung Yunho.

"DBSK U-know Yunho!” shouted someone.

A crowd gathered around us, trapping us within.

I saw Jae Jin finally noticing what was happening around her as she stared at me with wide eyes.

Suddenly I felt something drape over my shoulders. Apparently, Jung Yunho had put his jacket on me. He put his arm around my shoulders and wanted to direct us out of the circle that had formed around us. At that point I was somewhat disoriented but I realised something. “Wait my friend Jae Jin.”

However, he just continued to push me through the crowd. I tried to struggle out of his iron grip but that just seemed to tighten his hold. “Relax, don’t struggle. You need to go up where you will be safe. If I leave you downstairs, you might get attacked. Your friend is safe for now. If you are still worried I’ll get someone to bring her up as well.”

I processed his words and thought about it logically. Jae Jin should be fine for now and I could still her from upstairs. With those thoughts in my mind I stopped struggling and let him lead me upstairs.

As I reached the upper level I was greeted by two other DBSK members.

“I’m Kim Jae Joong. So you are Lee Jae Eun.”


“Its good to finally meet you. I’m Park Yoochun. Yunho hyung keeps talking about you. Ow.” In one swift moment, Jung Yunho had punched Park Yoochun ssi in the arm.

When I turned to look at him he quickly turned away from me and said “Don’t listen to him.”

“Its nice to meet you too. At least you have some manners compared to someone. But please excuse me.”

I quickly walked to find a spot where I could keep an eye on Jae Jin. As I leaned against the railing, I opened my phone to find a message from her.

“LEE JAE EUN! Why didn’t you tell me you knew DBSK? But anyway don’t do anything I wouldn’t do Smile

I quickly typed in my reply and sent it to her. “I don’t know them. I just met the leader by accident and that was two nights ago. Yesterday he called me out and totally pissed me off and asked me to do the impossible. You should be looking after yourself and you know that you shouldn’t drink too much. If you want you can come upstairs.”

I looked at her downstairs smiling to Min Hwan. Looks like she had fallen and fallen hard. But when she first introduced him to me, he was definitely good looking and nice but there was something about him that seemed slightly suspicious.

I saw her open her phone to read my message and she quickly typed in a reply.

“Maybe later. And I know how to hold my liquor Razz

I just stood there keeping watch over her. I guess you could call me overprotective but I just didn’t want to see her hurt or in any kind of danger. She was there when I needed her the most and I guess I felt it was my duty to pay her back and watch over her.

“Yah! Lee Jae Eun.” Oh great. “What are you doing over there? You are with three of Korea’s hottest guys and its still not enough. Is there some guy there who is even better looking then us?”

I just turned my head to glare at him. “So what if there is there. It is none of your business. And didn’t I tell you before. Don’t approach me. I hope your fans don’t come after me if not my peaceful life is gone.”

“Yah I went to save you. Is that how you talk to your saviour?”

“I didn’t ask you to save me.” Actually I was kind of thankful he stepped in but I wasn’t telling him that. My pride wouldn’t allow it.

“The guy was touching you and your face was practically screaming for help. It’s your own fault for wearing such a revealing dress. If I didn’t step in you would have gotten raped and no one would know. “

“But you and your friend look beautiful.” Cut in Yoochun.

“Park Yoochun ssi thank you. And Jung Yunho ssi I had everything under control. I didn’t choose this dress. I did it for my friend.”

“It didn’t seem that way.”

“Fine you think whatever you want.”I quickly turned away from them. But then I didn’t know what came over me and I suddenly said “Komawo” and continued to focus on Jae Jin. I knew that they definitely heard me and was I thankful that they said nothing else. I was slightly embarrassed as it was a phrase I wasn’t really used to saying. Being by myself I learnt that I couldn’t really depend on anyone else. I had to learn to be independent and fend for myself.

I don’t know how long it had been before anyone said anything but somehow it felt like it had been hours.

The silence was too stifling and I think Yoochun ssi couldn’t stand it anymore. So I heard his voice behind me say “So you play the violin.”

“Not anymore and I would appreciate it if you didn’t stay on that topic.”

He tried to keep the conversation going. “Ok then. So you live with your family?”

“No. My parents are in England. I’m living in our house by myself.”

“Don’t you get lonely?” asked Jae Joong ssi.

“Not really. I’ve gotten used to it.”

Suddenly a loud voice said “Yah then who is Heimin.”

I turned around to look at him. How did he know about Heimin. “Jung Yunho are you sure you aren’t a stalker?”

“Yah why do you keep saying I’m a stalker.”

“Because you seem to know things that I haven’t even told you.”

“That doesn’t make me a stalker.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?”

“Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that you are here at the same time as me?”

“Coincidences do happen.”

I just gave a huge sigh and turned my attention back to my friend. But she wasn’t there. I did my best to scan the area for her. Fortunately she wasn’t far from her previous spot. Unfortunately she was being carried by Min Hwan to the staff back door.

I forgot everything I was doing and quickly rushed back down. I could hear the shout from behind me telling me to stop but the there was a sinking feeling in my stomach that made me go even faster.

Luckily I’d managed to stop him from bringing her any further. So I stood there in front of him and stared at him. “Where are you going with my friend?”

“Oh you’re here. Well your friend passed out and I didn't know where you were. It seemed you were 'busy' so I thought I should move her to the back.”

“What kind of reasoning is that? Jae Jin can’t drink but she doesn’t pass out that fast. What did you give her?”

“Nothing it was just normal vodka.” Crap she should know she can’t take strong alcohol.

Then a voice from behind me said “Just vodka? Did you even mix it?” I turned around to see the three DBSK members behind me.

“No it was just vodka on the rocks.”

I still couldn’t trust this guy. I quickly went over to the bar and grabbed the glass next to my untouched margarita and dipped my finger in and I tasted it. I went back to where they were. I continued to stare at him. “You spiked her drink didn’t you? You added something else. Give her to me now.” I shouted.

He handed her over to me and I did my best to hold on to her while juggling my purse and the glass in my hand.

“I’ll hold on to her.” Offered Yoochun ssi.

I said “Thank you” as I handed her over and he carried her bridal style.

“You are one crazy bitch.” Shouted the bartender angrily showing me the third finger and he turned around to leave. But then I spotted something sticking out of his back pocket and I instinctively went to grab it. It was a clear plastic bag filled with white pills.

“Is this rohypnol?” I saw his body stiffen and he turned around. He spotted the item in my hand and grabbed my arm.

“Give it back to me.”

“No and let go. You’re hurting me.”

Before I could even speak, Jung Yunho had twisted his arm so that it was behind him back and he was kneeling on the ground in pain. Somehow Jae Joong ssi had manoeuvred himself so that he was in front of me.

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” All of us turned around to face where the voice had come from. There standing behind us was a man in a black suit. Looks like he was the manager.

“I know that you are DBSK but what are you doing in my club and to my employee.”

I quickly stepped up to face him. “Sir I’m sorry for the disturbance but your employee spiked my friends drink with this. He was trying to get it back from him and he grabbed my arm. Yunho ssi helped me by getting him off.”

He stepped closer to me and analysed the item I had stretched out. Soon a frown appeared on his face. “Miss I’m sorry for this but I hope you won’t sue me for this. I’m willing to pay for whatever damages your friend suffers and I’ll fire this fellow straight away.”

I thought about it for a moment. “It fine. Just make sure you fire this fellow. Also one more thing. Since this is your club and the security seems tight, I hope nothing about this incident leaks out to the press. It wouldn’t be good for their reputation.” I said as I pointed to the three of them.


“Thank you.”

“Yoochun ssi. You can give her to me. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Miss if your leaving now, allow me to get you a cab and you can leave through the back door.” offered the manager.

“Thank you.”

“Jae Eun ssi, let me help you get her on the cab for you. So in the mean time I can still hold on to her.” Replied Yoochun ssi.

“Why don’t we send you home instead?”asked Jae Joong ssi.

“No its fine. Thank you for all you’ve done and its nice meeting you but this is probably going to be our last meeting. I don’t want to get in trouble with your fans.”

“Oh I forgot about them. But we can still meet in the SM building.” Said Jae Joong ssi.

“We’ll see. If we do I guess its fate. But don’t come and find me on purpose.”

“Miss the cab is waiting outside.”

I turned and bowed at the manager and walked in the direction he pointed. Outside the cab door was open waiting for us to get in. Firstly Yoochun ssi slipped Jae Jin in and I got in after her. I thanked Yoochun ssi and was ready to close the door but was stopped by someone who shouted my name. “YAH LEE JAE EUN! If I tell you to come, you better come.”

“Who the heck are you to tell me where to go. You better leave me alone Jung Yunho!” With that I slammed the cab door and told the cab driver my address and told him to leave quickly.

As I watched over the sleeping form of my friend I could only think of the gratitude I felt for the three of them. I probably wouldn't be able to leave safely if they weren't there. But at the same time it was kind of hard to picture the rude Jung Yunho as my saviour.


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Definitely has talent Part1

Post by ryuusei on 7/11/2009, 7:44 pm

-Yunho POV-

As I watched her leave, I could only continue to stare at the disappearing taxi and think about her pained face that screamed for help twice that night. Or the picture of her back as she said komawo. I was tempted to go up and hug her and tell her it was alright. The moment I first set eyes on her when she came into the club, her in that dress she was beautiful. I swear I stopped breathing for a moment. But the problem was why I couldn’t say things truthfully when I was around her.

“Yunho Hyung!”

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sudden calling of my name. I turned to look around and saw that Jaejoong and Yoochun were already in our car waiting for me. I quickly got into the passenger seat and Jaejoong drove off.

“So hyung what were you thinking about so hard that you didn’t hear us when we called you so many times.” Asked Yoochun from the backseat.

“Eh? I only heard you call me once.”

“Yunho we called you like five times.” Replied Jaejoong.

“Yunho hyung were you thinking about her?” I saw Yoochun smile cheekily through the rear view mirror.

“Ya. Who said I was even thinking about her. I...I was just thinking about what we were going to do tomorrow.”

“Thinking about how you were going to call her tomorrow maybe.” Teased Yoochun.

“Yoochun you better stop it.” I warned.

“But Yunho. I think its best if you don’t bother her anymore. I know you want her to play for us but when we asked her about playing the violin, she looked like she didn’t want to talk it. Actually she looked like she was in pain. She probably has something she doesn’t want to remember.”

I thought about Jaejoong’s words. Then I remembered the times she told me to leave her alone. I would have but something about her just drew me in. Something about her just screamed fragile despite her fierce strong exterior. I wanted to keep her safe.

“Jaejoong I want to but somehow I just can’t”

“Yunho hyung I think you’ve fallen for her.”

“No I haven’t. Its just like I want to know what’s wrong with her. What is she hiding from? What she’s so afraid of?”

“Yunho are you sure you want to know. Somehow it doesn’t feel right. You might get dragged into something you can’t get out of.”

“Yunho hyung, Jaejoong hyung is right. She could be bad news. But someone as pretty as her couldn’t be bad right. I especially couldn’t take my eyes off her friend. Changmin will regret not seeing her.” rambled Yoochun.

Silence surrounded the rest of the car ride home. I closed my eyes and thought about their warnings. But somehow they didn’t really sink in. The curiosity just outweighed the consequences.

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Definitely has talent Part2

Post by ryuusei on 7/11/2009, 7:44 pm

-Jae Eun POV-

I sat at the dining table with my tea in front of me and the newspapers in my hand. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and I liked it.

Suddenly I heard the creeking of the stairs. I put down the papers to see a somewhat confused and messy haired Jae Jin holding her head in pain.

She stared at me through half asleep eyes and said “What happened?”

“Good morning to you too. Its already one in the afternoon. I made pancakes for breakfast. They are in the microwave. If it isn’t obvious you passed out last night so I brought you back here.” I could see she was about to ask something but I stopped her. “I called your parents. They know you stayed over. I have the sense to not send you back in that state. Your parents would have killed you. You should know better than getting any kind of strong alcohol.” I waited till she was seated before I continued. At least by that time she would be stuffing her face with food and wouldn’t be too angry with what I said next. “And also the bartender you have a crush on is a jerk.”

I saw her choke and gulp down the glass of juice in front of her. “Bwoh?”

“You can’t remember anything from last night when you were alone with him right? Apart from the hangover headache isn’t there a slight buzzing in your head?” I watched her as she nodded her head. “Well the asshole drugged you with rohypnol.” I could see the shock in her eyes. “You really need to focus on other things around you. If I didn’t see him carrying you out you would probably have been raped and not have remembered at all. But I guess the main thing is that you are fine.” I saw the sadness in her eyes so I tried to get her to focus on something else. “And as much as I hate to admit it, DBSK helped us to get away unscathed.

I saw her eyes sparkle “Oh really? I have to thank them then. Also you didn’t tell me you knew them, how could you.”

“You think I do. It was an accident. It was late I was lost and I stumbled by a recording studio. I saw a violin and I picked it up.” She looked at me with wide eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. I know I shouldn’t have but I did. I played. This is why I was so opposed to working there. I knew the temptation would be too great. But that was when I saw him. I played the first verse of ave maria and my arm started to hurt so I ended up dropping to my knees. Then he suddenly appeared and asked me whether I was alright. I didn’t even know who he was then.”

“He sounds like your prince charming when he offered to help you up. So what did you do next? You took his hand right?” she asked hopeful.

“Actually after realising what I had done I ran off.”

She looked at me in disbelief. “How could you?”

“I’m sort of happy I did. The next day I found how irritating and conceited he was. He called me to a meeting room. At that point I didn’t know who he was yet. Of course I was shocked when DBSK’s leader was suddenly in front of me. Then he somewhat tried to force me to play the violin for DBSK. Oh all people to bother why me.”

“Jae Eun are you sure you don’t want to.” Asked Jae Jin seriously.

“Jae Jin please that part of my life is over. I don’t want to go back. I just want to focus on what is ahead of me.”

“Jae Eun, I know how much you miss it. The fact that you couldn’t stop yourself from playing is evident that you miss it. Jae Eun why don’t you try?”

“Jae Jin even if I wanted to I can’t. Please can we talk about something else?”

“Fine.” I sat there drinking my now cooled tea trying to calm myself down before she broke the silence. “So where all five of them there?”



“Oh. No only three of them were. Park Yoochun ssi, Kim Jaejoong ssi and Jung Yunho ssi.”

“If I knew Micky Yoochun ssi was there I would have gone up to meet him.”

I just laugh as I remembered last night. “If someone had taken a picture of last night. You would probably be killed by the netizens.” She looked at me confused. “Well you were too heavy for me support while I was busy confronting your bastard crush so a certain someone carried you. Bridal style.”

I saw her face heat up in embarrassment. “Please tell me it wasn’t Micky Yoochun.” She looked at my unchanging face and just sighed. “I hope I wasn’t heavy.”

I just smiled at her question thankful for having her as a friend.

But the next thing she said made me rethink that statement. “Should we make something for them? You know to thank them. Cookies or maybe cupcakes. Jae Eun you’re good at these kinds of things so what do you think? I bet you have everything we need.”

“I think we shouldn’t do anything except have a nice quiet relaxing day of doing nothing.”

“Fine. I’ll make them myself. So I’ll have to bother you to deliver them.” She quickly rummaged through the kitchen to find all that she would need.

I decided to walk off and spend my time in the living room reading finish the newspapers. Then I spotted the plate and glass on the table. “Yah! Yoon Jae Jin. Clean up the plate first and you better not make a mess. It had better be clean when I come back.”

“Arasso. And don't shout, my head still hurts.”

-Next day-

Instead of having a nice relaxing day yesterday I ended up being totally pooped and irritated. I wasted yesterday making stinking cupcakes. After about half an hour I suddenly heard a loud clang. I quickly rushed in only to find Jae Jin and the floor covered in flour and the sink totally messed up spilled milk and broken eggs. “What the heck happened here?!”

She turned to look at me guiltily. “Well I accidentally tripped and everything went flying.”

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose trying to calm myself down and think rationally about what to do next. “Jae Jin firstly get cleaned up. I’ll wash up here and start on making the batter.” I knew if I left her here she might blow up the kitchen. “Clean your feet on the mat. Make sure you don’t leave any flour footprints. I don’t want to have to do any extra cleaning.”

She nodded and quickly left.

After 20 minutes, the kitchen floor was finally clean and I started on making the batter.

Thankfully, no other hiccup appeared. One almost happened when she decided to space the cupcakes close to each other on the tray. Luckily I saw it if not now we would have over spilled and seriously deformed cupcakes.

So here I was with 3 boxes of cupcakes under my desk. Fortunately no one in my office noticed them. I wouldn’t know how to explain it to them.

Suddenly my phone started to ring. Being too busy with the report I was typing out I didn’t bother to check who it was. “Hello?”

“Yah! Lee Jae Eun.”

I just sighed when I heard that voice. “What do you want now?”

“When is your lunch?”


“I asked when you are having lunch.”

I just took a look at the clock. It was 12.15pm. “In fifteen minutes. Why?”

“Then I expected to see you in recording studio 3 by 12.40pm.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re having lunch with us.”

“I can’t. I’m using my lunch to finish my report.”

“Yah when I tell you to come you’d better come. If you don’t I’ll go down and get you myself.”

“Fine I’ll go." I didn't need the extra attention. Besides I had deliver the cupcakes."But I’m not having lunch with you.”

“We’ll see about that.”

I did as much as I could in that fifteen minutes before grabbing my phone and the big bag of cupcakes and headed to the lift. At exactly 12.40pm I knocked on those familiar glass doors and entered only to be met with five pairs of staring eyes.

“Good you’re here.” Said Yunho ssi as he got up and walked towards me. “You’ve already met Jaejoong and Yoochun. This is Junsu and Changmin.” He pointed to the other two members.

“So she is Lee Jae Eun.” Smiled Junsu ssi.

“Yes I am.”

“Sit down.” Ordered Yunho ssi.

“Sorry no. I’m just here to hand you something then I’m leaving.” I walked towards the table and placed the big bag down.

The youngest seemed to sense something. “Is that food?” He asked.

“I guess.” Then I slowly took out the three containers from the bag. I literally saw his eyes light up.


I took them and handed it to the three males. “This is for Yoochun ssi, Jaejoong ssi and for Yunho ssi.”I said as I handed the final smallest box to Jung Yunho.

Jaejoong ssi and Yoochun ssi thanked me and opened them taking a bite into a cupcake. "There is bluberry, chocolate chip and normal vanilla ones."

I saw Yunho glance between the other 2 boxes and his. “Why is mine smaller?”

I totally ignored his question. “This is for helping my friend Jae Jin and I the other night at the club.”

“I should have gone too. Hyung share it with me.” Cried Changmin ssi.

"Jae Eun ssi this is really good." said Jaejoong ssi.

“If you want I can give you the recipe and if there is nothing else my job is over. I’m leaving.” I turned to leave but was held back by someone holding my wrist.

“Just stay for a while. We even have an extra bowl of jajangmian for you. Yoochun has a new song that he wants to play. Why don’t you stay and listen.”

“I really have to go.”

“Just take it us our thank you for the cupcakes.” Added Yoochun ssi.

“Fine.” I took a seat at one of the chairs and was handed a file of papers. “What’s this?”

“Its the notes for Yoochun song. Just in case you want to look at it.” Said Yunho ssi.

“So Jae Eun ssi how old are you?” asked Changmin ssi as he stuffed his face with cupcakes.

“Yah! That’s mine.” Scolded Jung Yunho.

“Hyung you should share.” Retored Changmin ssi.

I just chuckled at the scene in front of me. Changmin ssi had one hand protectively around the box of cupcakes and the other was used to put some distance between the two of them while Jung Yunho was stretching both his arms trying to reach the box.

“I was born in 87.” My one statement seemed to have stopped their fight and have everyone turn their attention to me.

“That means you’re my noona.” Said Changmin ssi.

“We are your seniors so you should call me oppa.”

“No thank you Jung Yunho ssi.”

I quickly turned my attention to the photocopied music sheets in front of me to ignore whatever rebuttal he had.

“It isn’t completed yet. But just have a listen and tell me what you think.” Said Yoochun ssi from the recording area as he sat in front of the piano making us all focus on him.

I sat there with my eyes closed and listened to the melody.

By the end of the first verse I could tell that there was something wrong. Then I took the pen on the table and as he played as changed the notes on the music sheets in front of me. About three-fifth through the song, I realised what I was doing and I quickly set down the pen. I couldn’t lose myself to this world again. But it wouldn’t hurt if I gave him some help. So I quickly wrote a small piece of advice on the first page and returned to listen with the rest of them.

When he finished the rest of DBSK praised his work while I stayed seated on my chair.

When he came out of the recording area, I decided to take my leave. “I’ll be leaving now.” So I got up and put the file back on the table and walked towards the door.

“Yah who says you can go.” Said Jung Yunho.

“Noona your cupcakes are delicious. Make more.” Said Changmin ssi.

“It was nice meeting you.” Said Junsu ssi.

“Thank you for the cupcakes.” Said Jaejoong ssi.

“I hope you liked the song.” Said Yoochun ssi. I smiled at their 'goodbye greeting'.gave a bow and pointed to the file on the table and left.

-Yoochun POV-

I had been up the past few nights trying to finish this composition. It was somewhat finished but I just wasn’t satisfied. I felt like there was something wrong I just didn’t know what.

As I looked out the glass window I saw the whole group of them busy with their own things. Changmin and Yunho hyung were fighting over the cupcakes. Luckily I had enough sense to bring mine in here with me if not they would be eaten up by Changmin. Jaejoong hyung was busy playing with his cellphone and Junsu with his laptop. Then Jae Eun ssi said something that made everyone turn their attention to her. As I was inside I couldn't hear what they said but it made Yunho hyung and Changmin stop their struggle with each other and excitedly talked to her instead.

To get everyone’s attention I said “It isn’t completed yet. But just have a listen and tell me what you think.”

When everyone focused their attention to me, I slowly placed both hands on the keyboard and started to play. When I was nearing the end of the song I took a quick glance to see my audience’s faces. The one face that stood out from the rest was Jae Eun ssi. She had on a serious face but there was also a certain calmness about her.

When I finished playing I quickly asked “How was it?” Most of my members smiled at me and told me I did a good job but there was one person who sat there calmly not saying anything.

When I stepped out of the recording studio she decided to take her leave. We all said our goodbyes and see gave a smile and bowed. Before she left she turned to me and pointed to the table. I noticed the file. It was one of the extra copies of my sheet music.

I went to retrieve it and I flipped through it. At first I saw nothing but when I flipped to the next few pages, she had changed some of the notes. It seems she had noticed what was wrong. I was enthusiastic to try out the changes. But when flipped back to the front I noticed some writing at the bottom of the front page.

“I didn’t changed all that was wrong but you should be able to do the rest. You can start to see a pattern form if you’ve look through what I’ve done. Overall it was a rather good piece but you still need more practice.

P.S. Don’t tell anyone that I did this.”

She was right. It wouldn’t be right if she helped me finish it. I needed to find out what was wrong with it by myself.

Rather excitedly I quickly went back to the piano and tried to correct the rest of it.

In the corner of my mind I could only wonder who was this girl? How does she know so much about music? If she knew so much about music why wasn’t she part of the industry? From the way Yunho hyung talked about her violin playing skills and her knowledge of music she definitely has talent.


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Re: Broken Wings (DBSK)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/12/2009, 4:56 pm

i love the prologue!! i'll be back to read the chapters
as soon as i can, okay? it's not my week on the laptop and so
i only have an hour to like, go on. couldn't finish reading. but
it's really good so far. keep it coming!Very Happy

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Re: Broken Wings (DBSK)

Post by Eirallina on 11/12/2009, 7:28 pm

Aigoo, it's been forever since you posted a new chapter.
Please update soon.

Like Yoochun and Yunho, I am also curious about her.

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Re: Broken Wings (DBSK)

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