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Damn You!...I Hate You!

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Damn You!...I Hate You! Empty Damn You!...I Hate You!

Post by kissmeNOT on 6/12/2009, 8:02 pm

Damn You!...I Hate You! Damnyou
Lots of thanks and credit
to Teekaiii from Ever Lasting Memories.

Main Characters:

Kim Hyun Joong
Ahn Helen (fic girl)

Rest of SS501
Micky Yoochun
Hye Bin
Jung Nana(fic girl)


“I married you because my parents force me to. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever love you!” The young man kicked the bedroom door shut behind him.

“Well, do you really think I wanted to marry you either Hyun Joong! Cause for you information I was also force into this marriage too!” The young lady throw the pillow at him.

“Yea, because you have planned all of this out, that’s why.” Hyun Joong then took a step closer to her.

“YAH! What do you mean I have planned all of this out?” She started to back away slowly.

“You had my fiancée’s ex boyfriend come and take her away from me. Did you really think that I didn’t know of this?” He continue to walk toward her.

“WHAT?! Are you crazy? I don’t even know who her ex boyfriend.” She continue to back up until she was stopped by the bed.

“Don’t you dare lie to me, Helen. The reason is because you have wanted with me all this time and you had to find a way for you to be with me that’s why you did this to me.” He smirked.

“You’re so f****** crazy! I didn’t do this at all. Don‘t you dare blame all of this on me.” She slapped him across the face when he was a few inches away from her.

“Oh yea. So if it’s not your fault then why am I marry to you and not to Stephanie?” He grab whole of her wrist as she tries to slap him again, he then grip it really tight. “Remember this and remember it will. I am marry to you for my parents’ sake but it will be kept a secret. No announcement no nothing, do you hear me! Cause if anything
and I mean anything is out about you and me I will deny everything and make your life a living hell.”

“Let me go! You’re hurting me!” She tried to jerk free from his grip.

Hyun Joong then force Helen to sit on the bed. “Oh I will let you go. This will be the last time you’ll ever see me in person. After tonight I don’t care what ever you plan to do with your life, because you’ll never be part of my life after tonight but just only by the name of being my wife.”

He then pushed her onto the bed and got onto of her. She try fighting him off but he was too strong for her and eventually he had her pinned onto the bed. She cried
silently to herself as he had his way with her.

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Damn You!...I Hate You! Empty Chapter One

Post by kissmeNOT on 6/12/2009, 8:30 pm

Chapter 1

4 years later…

“Miss Ahn?”

Helen pressed on the speak button. “Yes Angie?”

“You’re 2 o’clock appointment is here.”

“Ok, send him in.”

“Yes, Miss. Ahn. Right away.”

Helen quickly put her signatures onto the rest of the paper on the desk and slides them back into their folders, as she heard a knock on her door. Looking up she saw a young man standing by the door staring at her.

“Hey, Micky. C’mon in.”

“Thanks. You seem to be pretty busy lately.” He smiled at her.

“Yea like I haven’t notice…” She rolled her eyes heavenward.

He then took a seat across from her. “Why don’t you leave work early today and I’ll take you out for a drink.”

She sat her pencil down while she was chuckling. “Ah! Yes there goes the Micky YooChun that I know.”

He smiled at her as he sat there and watch her laugh. “I try many times, but I never seem to get you like I get the other girls.”

“Because we have been friends for too long for me to fall for your smooth lines. So what is so important that you had me squeeze you into my busy schedule today?” she asked with a smile in her eyes.

He then took out an envelope from his pocket and hand it to her. “I agree to do the interview but I want it done in Korea.”

The smile within her eyes suddenly fades away. “Sorry, no can do Micky. Either here in the states or I find someone else.”

“C’mon Helen. How long are you going to wait until you’ll finally return to Korea?”

“As long as possible.” She then looked away from him.

“Look I know that you got force into marriage and got divorce within the same month but that was four years ago. Won’t you at least just go and visit your parents?”

“It was my parents’ idea that got me into that mess in the first place.” She exclaimed.

“Look, one way or another you’re going have to forgive your parents. It’s been four years already, it’s been long overdue. Just put it behind you and go see your parents and friends. I know you miss them.” He got up and walked toward the door.

“I don’t know.” She stares down at her hands.

“Just think about it alright. And if you do decide you are going to Korea, give me a call. So we can set up a date for the interview and I would love you take you sightseeing.” Micky then turn to open the door, but he slightly turn back to look at her.

She then looked at him and gave him a small smile. “I’ll think about it and I’ll let you know what I have decided.”

“Ok that’s fine with me.” He then opened the door. He took a step forward and then turns back toward her. “You two have been divorce for four years now; he won’t be able to do anything to you ok.”

As she sat there watching him leave her office. A tear slightly roll down her cheeks. “But we’re not divorce…I’m still marry to Kim Hyun Joong.” She mumbled to herself as tears that she had held inside of her for four years started to slide down her cheeks.

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Damn You!...I Hate You! Empty Chapter Two

Post by kissmeNOT on 6/12/2009, 8:38 pm

As the week finally ended Hyun Joong stubbed into bed, after a long week of work. Just as he was about to fall asleep, his phone started to ring. Without opening his eyes he reached toward the nightstand for his phone.


“Oppa! Don’t tell me you’re still sleeping.”

“No…of course not. I’m not sleeping.” he sat up on his bed.

“Oh good then. Oppa let’s go shopping ok.”

“Can’t we go tomorrow? I’m busy today.”

“No! I want to go today!”

“Yah! Don’t yell at me Hye Bin.”

She pretended to sniff. “Oppa! How can you be so mean to me? I just want to spend time with you and you don’t even want to spend time with me.”

“Aish! Fine! Get ready I’ll come and pick you up.”

“Oh…oppa you’re the best. Don’t make me wait too long or I’ll be very mad at you.”

“Yea, sure.”

As they bid each other goodbye, Hyun Joong out off the bed and stubbed into the bathroom to take a cold shower. After fifteen minutes he came out all ready to go, as he walked down the stairs his stomach growled. Wanting to eat, he decided to just wait until he pick up Hye Bin then they’ll just go out want eat.

“Hyung! Where are you going?” Hyung Joon walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream.

He then turns to look toward Hyung Joon. “I’m taking Hye Bin shopping.”

“Huh? I thought you said that you we’re tired?” Hyung Joon looked confused.

“Yea but she wants to go shopping so yea.” Hyun Joong walked toward the door.

“Yah! Can’t you ever say no to her?”

“What’s your problem?” Hyun Joong turns to look at Hyung Joon.

“Nothing it’s just that ever since Stephanie left you. You just change.” Hyung Joon sat on the sofa.

“So and what does this have to do with that?” Hyun Joong exclaimed.

“Nothing! Just do what you do best!” Hyung Joon yelled at Hyun Joong.

“And what do I do best at than?” Hyun Joong yelled back.

“Leave! That's what you're good at. Just leave!” Hyung Joon got up and walked into the kitchen.

“Yah!” Hyun Joong was about to follow Hyung Joon into the kitchen when his phone started to ring.


“Oppa! How dare you yell at me?! I told you already not to make me wait for you!”

“I’m on my way.”

With that Hyun Joong closed his phone and walked out of the house. Meanwhile Hyung Joon was in the kitchen calling Seul Gi.

“Why can’t you just tell me Seul Gi?” Hyung Joon pleaded.

“I’m sorry Hyung Joon but I don’t even know her number.”

“Well, you’re dating YunHo, so can you ask him to ask Micky for it.”

“I’m not dating YunHo.”

“Well, you’ll be soon. So can you ask?”

“I don’t know but I’ll see what I can do. Hold on for a sec, YunHo is calling.”

“Ok. Ask him.”

……10 minutes later……

“Hyung Joon are you still there?”

“Yea, I’m still here. What took you so long?”

“Well, Micky isn’t home so YunHo had to call him but other than that I got the number.”

“Great! What is it?”

“Ok, its 1...323...555...0829. Did you get it?”

“Yea. 1 323 555 0829. Thanks Seul Gi. You’re the best. Yunho’s lucky to get a girl like you.”

“YAH! Of course he is. Tell her I say hi and that I miss her a lot when you do call her ok.”

“Ok bye Seul Gi.” Hyung Joon flipped his phone close and walks up to his room.

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Damn You!...I Hate You! Empty Re: Damn You!...I Hate You!

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