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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD]

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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD]

Post by kishiejae on 6/12/2009, 7:29 pm

Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Reasons-poster

Note: This will be a Super Generation pairing so if you have nothing against that, please try to read^_^ This is dedicated to the fans of SNSD and Super Junior

"The Heart has its own reasons that people around us may not understand even ourselves,....And all you need to do is to find the answers why your heart has the reasons to sacrifice.. and to love...."

"I have 2 reasons.. one for the good one and another is the real one.. the good one is I want to help you make it through, I care and protect you always.. the real one is I love you with all my heart"

"Why does fate make my life full of misery and pain, what is its reason why fate makes me suffer with all of these burdens"

"Why does destiny make us seperate? What is its purpose for us"


Twin sisters



Two little girls.
Twin Sisters.
But by fate, they seperate ways..

One go to a poor family
The second one go to a rich family

The one knows the reality.
The second one who's finding her past and for the truth, but the truth is still covered with mysteries and lies.

The one is working hard while searching for her sister
While the other one is still enjoying life while the deepest secret is still unseen on her.

Will they meet each other again?
What if just certain circumstances happened?

These girls grow up not knowing each other and they are both searching for reasons why they seperate paths....


The one who finds the true meaning and reason for happiness

The one who finds a reason to love

The one who finds reason to sacrifice

The one who finds the reason to continue life

The one who search for the truth and the reasons...



Im Yoona
Kim KiBum
Jessica Jung
Lee DongHae
Kwon Yuri
Lee JaeJin

Extended Casts:

Choi SiWon
Tiffany Hwang
Some of the members of:
Super Junior
F.T. Island

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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Chapter 1: The Past |

Post by kishiejae on 6/12/2009, 7:37 pm

"Yoona, YoonMi, breakfast is ready!"

The two twin girls run to their beautiful and kind mom.
They hug them tight as their mother caressed them.
Their father is looking at them happily.

That is the scene everyday.
Happy Faces
Cheerful Twins
Loving parents
Kind Mom
Hardworking Dad
Peaceful Family

Perfect Family.

It is Perfect for a beautiful environment for the twins.
Im Yoona and Im YoonMi are twins, and If you have their life, you will never wish for more. Everything is perfect.

Beautiful House
Wealthy Status
Complete Needs


Everything is Perfect...

Before....But something happened...

"Eomma, Appa!"

The twins cried as they look at their parents in the stretcher who's covered with blood around their body.

Their parents died from a unexplainable car accident.
Yoona and YoonMi cried their lungs out.

The death of their parents is the start of their miserable life.

After the burial of their parents, they are now under the custody of their Auntie named Choi MinRi.
The 4 year old twins can't accept it at first, but with the love and support from their Auntie MinRi filled joys with their weary heart. They stayed in their Auntie's house for 3 years and they recovered from what had happened.

But fate seems so mean to them that their Auntie MinRi died from a suspected murder.

For the twins.. Everything..

Everything became worst.
They lost everything.

From then on, since no one will take care of them, They were brought into an adoption house or a convent of the nuns where kids with no parents are being brought there.
Only sisters or nuns live there together with the kids who are taken care of.

Yoona and Yoonmi keep strong even their life now is not as perfect as before. They are always together no matter what.

"Yoona I am afraid" Yoonmi said as she keep closer to Yoona.

"Don't be afraid Yoonmi, everything will be fine" Yoona said to YoonMi to comfort her.

Yoona is stronger than YoonMi. From then on, Yoona decides for everything since no one is left to them except themselves. For a 7 year old girl like Yoona and Yoonmi, life is full of misery. No parents, No family, No love and no care. All they need to do is to be strong enough to meet the challenges.

That must not be the life for young kids like them, But that's the will of Fate. They are destined to seperate ways.

"YoonMi, stand up, someone will talk to you" A woman said who's working at the place.

Yoonmi was afraid to come but Yoona let her go.
In the office, there stood a man and woman who seemed to be married couples.

"Is she the one?" The woman asked.

"Yes, ma'am" The nun said.

"Come here sweetheart" The woman said then hugged Yoonmi.

Yoonmi broke the hug. She is afraid.

"We will be your parents, we will come here tomorrow and get you, from now on, I will be your Eomma, and he will be your Appa" The woman said sweetly but Yoonmi turned back.

When Yoonmi go back to her room, she saw Yoona waiting for her.

"Why did they call you?" Yoona asked.

As soon as Yoonmi hear Yoona's words, tears are dwelling on her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Yoona asked and hugged Yoonmi.

"They will adopt me!" Yoona sobbed.


"They told me that from now on they will be my parents, and They will get me tomorrow!" Yoonmi explained.

"But wait they must not do that! We must be together no matter what!" Yoona said.

"What am I gonna do?" Yoonmi buried her face on Yoona's shoulders.

Yoona stayed quiet while comforting Yoonmi.

"I have a plan" Yoona said.

"What is it?"

"Shhhhhh" Yoona hushed.

"We must leave this place before they will get you" Yoona said.


"We must be together no matter what" Yoona said convincingly then Yoonmi nodded.

"Look at our necklace" Yoona said as she touch her necklace. Yoonmi do also the same way.

"This will be our promise, this necklace is our only last remembrance from our parents, and we will promise to this necklace that we will be together forever" Yoona said then Yoonmi nodded.

They both sleep well with hands together.
Suddenly, Yoona wake up because she can't sleep totally.
She sit down and look at her necklace. And she noticed that the moon shaped pendant has a name printed in it.
Their names. Yoona&Yoonmi.

That necklace is important for the both of them, It's their last remembrance from their late parents. Remembering her parents make her tears fall from her eyes. After a while Yoona already fell asleep.

The next day came and it's 6:30 in the evening.
At 7:00 in the evening, Yoonmi will be taken.

"Yoona, I don't want to leave you" Yoonmi said.

"No, both of us will leave this place" Yoona said.

Yoona and Yoonmi tiptoed going outside the door but The woman working also at the convent stopped them.

"Girls what are you doing!" The woman shouted.

"It's none of your business, we need to leave" Yoona said then pulled Yoonmi.


Then a car came which Made Yoona and Yoonmi stop walking.

"Yoonmi" The woman who''ll be Yoonmi's new mother greeted.

"Let's go Run!" Yoona pulled Yoonmi hardly and run.

"Wait!" The couple said.

"We will follow them" The man started the engine then started driving the car to find the girls.

Yoona runs fast while Yoonmi is not.
Yoonmi's weak body fell down and wounded her legs.

"Ouch!" Yoonmi said trying to stand up but she can't.

"I will carry you"

Yoona carried YoonMi at her back. She walked fastly so no one will catch them.

But A group of gangsters crossed their way and stopped Yoona from walking.

"What are you doing kids, this night? It's too late for you girls for ghost hunting ahaha!" The leader said as the group laughed with him.

"We are not hunting for ghost!" Yoona blurted out that made the gang leader angry.

Yoona moved back who is afraid but still pretending to be strong.

"Yah!" The gang leader put away Yoonmi at her back then carried her easily with his hands.

"You are so cute little girl!" The gang leader said.

"Let go off me and Yoonmi!" Yoona shouted.

Yoonmi screamed out loud. "Shut up!" The other member who's holding Yoonmi slapped her face that made her cry.

"You will not stop huh!" the gangster said but Yoonmi bite his hands making him push Yoonmi away that made her head hit the Wood.

Yoonmi is now unconscious and her head was bleeding.

"Yoonmi ah!" Yoona shouted then cried.

" Stop shouting!"

Meanwhile, three boys heard the scream of Yoonmi.
They are just playing outside and

"Who's that?" The first boy said.

"Let's go there!" the second boy said.

The three boys saw the gangsters and the two girls.

"What are we gonna do!" The gangster said nervously.

"Man, you just killed a kid!" the gang leader said.

Then Yoona screamed louder."Shut up!"

"Let's leave before someone sees us!" Then the whole gang run away.

"Oh God Donghae look!" Siwon said while pointing out the Yoonmi who's now bleeding.

"Let's help her!" Siwon added then go to YoonMi.

"Stay there, Kibum and I will follow them!" Donghae said then Kibum and Donghae run fastly.

Siwon doesn't know what to do but he was attracted to her face.

"You are so pretty" Siwon said but snapped.

"I forgot, I must help you!"

Siwon carried YoonMi in a bridal style.
As if by cue, a light coming from a car came and saw YoonMi.

"YoonMi!" The woman who's going to adopt YoonMi cried.

"Honey let's bring her to the hospital, she's loosing out of blood!" The woman said as she touched YoonMi.

"Let me carry her son" The man said while carrying YoonMi.

"Here's the money, thanks for helping our YoonMi" The Woman handed him some cash. They go inside the car and leave in a rush.

"Oh gosh" Siwon said.

"Hey Siwon, why are you still there, where is Donghae and Kibum? Her Auntie is looking for Kibum now!" Donghae's father asked.

Siwon just look at him the run quickly.

"Hey wait!" Donghae's dad also run and followed Siwon.

Yoona is brought in a very dark place which look like a garage. The guys are looking at him seriously as they smile.

"Nomu Yeppeo" The gang leader lean closer to her while looking at her face.
Yoona is so afraid.

"Yah!" Kibum and Donghae shouted.

The group looked back and saw the 2 boys standing.

"Oh, Are they your boyfriends?" The gang leader said as he laugh.

"Is she your girlfriend kids?" The group laughed loudly.

"Let go of her!" Kibum shouted.

"And who are you to shout at me like that you little kid!" The gang leader is now getting annoyed.

"You are just a dirty bastard and a stupid pervert!" Donghae blurted out.

"Yah!" The gang leader punched Donghae's face.

Yoona's eyes widened.

"Yah!" Kibum kick the leaders manhood then go towards Yoona. "AWWWW!!!" The leader cried to death.

"Ooooppss, you hurted our leader you little kid" The gangster said as he gripped Kibum's clothes up.

"No!" Yoona shouted when the gangster was about to punch the poor little kid.

"Why miss pretty girl!" The gangster asked.

"Don't hurt him" Yoona pleaded.

"Why? Is he your hero? your savior? so what!" When the gangster was about to punch Kibum, a mans voice was heard.

"Stop hurting my Kids!" Donghae's father who is a police man, shouted.

"Oh!" The gang leader freaked out.

"Hey let go of them!" Siwon shouted.

"Mister policeman, you are just only one? so what if you have a gun?" The leader said annoyingly.

"Who said I am the only one here!" Then the group of police came and arrested the gang group.

Yoona was afraid.
She can't move of what had happened.

"Miss you are now safe, how are you?" Kibum asked with a smile.

"YoonMi ah" Yoona break down and lie unconscious at Kibum's arms.

"What happened?" Donghae asked while helping Kibum to Carry Yoona.


Yoona opened her eyes and looked around.
This is not her room, Her things are not there.
She looked around and thinks of what happened.

"YoonMi" She whispered.

"Oh, Miss you are now awake" Three different smiles of the three boys showed to her face.

"Yoonmi, Yoonmi, where is Yoonmi" Yoona said while trying to stand up.

"Ooopps Ooooopps, don't move" Donghae, A 9 year old boy, stopped her from moving.

"You are not yet strong, you must rest" The 8 year old Kibum smiled and said convincingly.

"Where is YoonMi" Yoona started to cry.

"Shhhhhh, stop crying, all you need to do is rest here at the hospital, okay" Siwon said.

Yoona remained quiet as the tears flowed her cheeks.
She is still thinking of her sister.
She is so worried as YoonMi's face still flashes on her mind.The weak and dying face of YoonMi makes her worry a lot.

The three boys sighed.

"Kibum ah! Your Auntie is now looking for you" Donghae's father said.

"Bye Siwon, Bye Donghae, Bye miss?" Kibum asked Yoona's name but Yoona ignored him.

"Oh, Bye Miss Cutie" Kibum smiled then go to the door.

"Don't worry Miss Cutie, I will visit you here tomorrow!" Kibum give a nice shot of killer smile then waved at Siwon and Donghae.

"That Silly boy" Said Donghae's father.

"How are you little girl" He asked Yoona but no words come out from her.

"I think she is YoonMi" Siwon said.

"I am not YoonMi, she is my sister" Yoona shouted.

"Oh, she's so tired boys, please leave us first okay!" Donghae's dad said.

"Yes Appa, Let's go Siwon" Donghae patted Siwon's shoulders then leave.

Donghae's father smiled at her and said.
"I am Mr. Lee, Donghae's father, Donghae is the small one, and Siwon is the tall one, and the boy who leaved earlier is the handsome Kibum. They are best friends, they helped you"

Yoona just look at him and bowed her head slightly.

"What's your name? Where is your family? Where is your-"

"They are all gone" Yoona said then the tears flowed fastly.

"Oh Oh, don't cry" Donghae's father hugged her.
Yoona sobbed at his chest.

"Maybe I will just ask you tomorrow when I come back here, just take a rest, I will just ask my son to look after you here at the hospital, okay take a rest" He said with an assured smile.

Yoona smiled lightly but sadness cover up her eyes.

"At last you smiled, I hope I can talk to you tomorrow, Bye"

Then he leaved.

Yoona look at the window outside and still thinks of YoonMi.

"YoonMi" She whispered.

YoonMi was rushed to nearest hospital for she was running out of blood. She is now in the Emergency Room.
After hours of waiting

"YoonMi don't loose hope" The woman said as she cry while praying for her.

"Nothing will happen to YoonMi" The man said.

"From now on she is not YoonMi.. she is now...."


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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Chapter 2: Pinwheel (The Past ||)

Post by kishiejae on 6/23/2009, 10:02 pm

Yoona woke up and saw nobody was inside the room.
She jumped off her bed and stand up while looking at the window outside.She stares at the sky and the bright sun strikes her eyes. No longer tears that dwells in her eyes suddenly rolled into her cheeks as she keeps on thinking what happened to her twin sister who is her life, her joy, and the only person left to her.
"You are awake" A voice was heard as the door opened.

Yoona looked back and saw the boy with a smiling face.
There, stood Kibum who looks very happy at her.
Yoona just take a quick glance at Kibum and stare again at the window.

"Hello, By the way I am Kim Kibum, I am asking your name last night but you didn't answer me" Kibum said as he sit at the chair looking at Yoona.

"I am so sorry if I called you Miss Cutie" Kibum scratched his head.

"Donghae is in the comfort room, he stayed here until today" Kibum said but still Yoona ignores her.

Kibum sighed and just opened the lunch box which her Auntie Kim prepared. "Let's eat now, I am sure you are hungry"

Meanwhile, as Yoona stared at the window, she saw the little kids walking going to school.
"You have classes right, why are you here" She asked that made Kibum surprised.

"Oh, well, I decided not to go to school because I promised to visit you" Kibum said with an assured smile.
Kibum prepared the spoon and fork for Yoona, stand up and walked slowly beside Yoona.

"Miss Cutie, eat your breakfast" Kibum said while holding the lunch box and the spoon and fork.

Yoona looks straight at him that made Kibum shy.
She takes the lunch box and sit down on her bed.
Kibum, whose smiling, sit beside her as he watch Yoona to eat.
Yoona eat the food given to her by Kibum silently.

" You know it's awkward to call you Miss Cutie even you are cute, so may I know your real name?" Kibum asked shyly.

"Yoona" Yoona replied shortly.

"Okay, I will call you Yoona" Kibum said.

Kibum is still thinking of the name YoonMi.
YoonMi is the name which Yoona is always calling.
He wants to ask, but he felt that maybe Yoona will be mad at him for asking many questions.

"Annyeong haseyo!" Donghae greeted as he was surprised that Kibum was there beside Yoona who's eating breakfast.

Yoona just stayed sitting at the bed while Kibum go beside Donghae."Why are you here?" Donghae asked to Kibum.

"I just want to visit Miss Cutie Yoona" Kibum answered.

"Miss Cutie Yoona? Oh so Yoona is your name" Donghae said while going to Yoona.

"By the way my name is Lee Donghae" Donghae give a smile.

"Donghae have you eat any breakfast? I still have another lunch box here" Kibum presented the other lunch box.

"Wow, actually I haven't eat any" Donghae said while staring at his lunch box.

"Let's eat" Kibum get his chopstick same way with Donghae and eat the sushis.

While Yoona is still quiet and preoccupied with her thoughts. YoonMi, YoonMi, She always thinks of YoonMi.
Donghae was eating happily while they saw Yoona crying.
They felt very sad for her. Their shyness regrets them to ask Yoona what really happened but as they saw Yoona crying silently, Kibum can't wait to ask her.

"Yoona, what's the problem?" He asked.

"My sister, YoonMi, I don't know what happened to her" Yoona sobbed as her face was covered by her hands.

Donghae and Kibum rubbed her back as a sign of comfort.
Suddenly, Siwon came and saw The three.

"Annyeong ha-" Siwon stopped as he saw Yoona crying."What happened?"

"Siwon, you are the only one left right when we followed the gangsters right, You are there with the girl who's bleeding" Kibum said.

"She's YoonMi!" Yoona sobbed harder.

"Yeah, but a woman and man take her to the nearest hospital, they are in the car and I think they rushed YoonMi to the hospital" Siwon nervously said.

Yoona quickly stand up and run quickly.
"Wait!" The three shouted then run to follow Yoona.

Yoona was very fast in running that Kibum, Donghae, and Siwon was so far from her. Kibum ran faster and stopped Yoona while grabbing her hands.


"Let go of me!"

"Wait calm down, explain to me what happened" Kibum said.

"Yeah" Siwon and Donghae said while panting.

Catching her breath, she nodded and hold her tears.
She wiped her moist eyes and spoke.
"I need to go to the other hospitals here, I must find her now, look for her everywhere" Yoona said with a worried face.

"Wait, where is the nearest hospital at the place where YoonMi was before?" Kibum asked Siwon.

"Follow me" Siwon said.

The four go to the nearest hospital where the incident happened. Yoona's hands intertwined wishing that YoonMI maybe there and hopes that she'll be okay.

"Excuse me, is there a girl named YoonMi here? Last night she was in an accident" Kibum asked the nurse.

"Oh, Yeah, there is, her name is Kim YoonMi, is she?" The nurse asked.

"Aniyo, she's not Kim YoonMi but I am sure that she is Yoonmi" Yoona said.

Knowing that YoonMi will be adopted by the married Kim, She is sure that they just change her name.

"Oh, sorry kids, she is now out of the hospital, they say that they will move to America today for YoonMi, she's still not okay and in a critical condition"

"What" Yoona's tears quickly flowed down.

"I think she hit her head very hard and she needs to be taken care of the doctors in America" The nurse said.

Yoona moved back and ran out of the hospital.
"Yoona!" Again, for the second time, They ran after Yoona.

Yoona doesn't know where she's going to, She just followed her foot. She breakdown and cry."YoonMi" She whispered as the tears flushed in her eyes.

"Yoona" Kibum said then unexpectedly Yoona hugged her and cried on his chest.

"Yoona" Donghae and Siwon patted her shoulders as a sign of comfort.


The four go back to the hospital for Yoona to rest.
Yoona lie down on the bed and Kibum covered her body with a blanket."Thank you" Yoona said with a smile but something in her eyes showed weary.

Kibum, Donghae, and Siwon smiled after her.
Kibum felt sad for Yoona same way with Donghae and Siwon.

Kibum looked at her as Yoona closed her eyes.
He was amazed by her beauty. She is so cute, He thought.

"Hello Kids" Mr. Lee, Donghae's father who's in a police uniform, greeted.

"Dad" Donghae said with a smile.

Mr. Lee's booming voice made Yoona awake.
He stood there in front of her and spoke.
"I am so sorry, I wake you up" He said with a soft yet masculine voice.

"No problem" Yoona said with a cold voice.

"At last you finally spoke little girl" He said.

"Uncle, by the way she is Yoona" Kibum said.

Mr. Lee looked at her and smiled.
He made a quick glance at the three boys saying to please go out for a while. The boys nodded and go out of the room.

"Yoona" He said.

Yoona just look at him very coldly. She is still with her thoughts of YoonMi.

"You can call me Uncle, if you want, or Dad if you would like to" He said with an assured smile.

The word 'Dad' made her eyes moist.
Remembering his father makes her sad, even the last pictures of him till he died.

"Where are your parents"

Yoona didn't respond.

"Oh, yeah, I might scare you, but I just want to know you more" He said.

Yoona, who's lying on her bed, take a deep breathe.
She stared outside the window and finally spoke after a minute of silence.

"My mom and Dad, died in a car accident 3 years ago, my auntie also died with a homicide case, So only my sister and I are together"

"We have no relatives left, only us, ourselves."

Donghae's father sighed. He felt bad for a 7 year old girl like her is experiencing a deep burden inside her heart.

"I have a twin sister, she is YoonMi. When our Auntie died, we are placed in a Convent. YoonMi was about to be taken by foster parents but On the night that you saw me, we leave the convent because we are afraid to seperate each other"

"But that incident happened, She is now with her foster parents in America, and she is in a critical condition, She is now struggling her life"

Yoona can't hold back the tears and finally cried harder.
Donghae's father holded her hands and said.
"I am so sorry for what had happened to you"

"Stop crying now" He used his thumb to wipe away Yoona's tears.

While Kibum, Siwon and Donghae are eavesdropping to their conversation. All of those things are now clear to them.

After several days, Yoona felt better.
Donghae's father decided that Yoona must stay inside their house temporarily.His father's decision made Donghae, Kibum, and Siwon happy.

Since then, they always make ways for Yoona to happy. They tried their best to make her smile, But Yoona, is still cold and silent towards her feelings.

One day Kibum visited Donghae's house.
But his purpose is not to visit his best friend, but Yoona.
Kibum saw Yoona in the garden, staring at the flowers.
He covered Yoona's eyes and Yoona was surprised.

"Who is it?"
"Guess who?"

Kibum uncover her eyes and to his surprise, Yoona finally smiled."She smiled" He thought.

Yoona's smile make Kibum's heart to beat fast.
He is so happy making Yoona to smile at him.

"I have a surprise for you" Kibum said.
"What is it?"

Kibum showed a pinwheel.
He blowed the pinwheel that made it move.

"Wow" Yoona said.
"Here"Kibum give her the pinwheel.
"Thank you" Yoona said.

Yoona saw Kibum's smiling face.
She was so curious so she asked.

"Why are you smiling?"

"It's just because you finally talked to me, I mean everyday my best friends and I always do things just to make you happy, but still it didn't work, and now you smiled at me, It makes me feel happy" Kibum explained.

"Well I just realized that with all the things you have done, I must be thankful" She paused.

She hold his hand and said "Thank You Kibum"

That made Kibum blushed and made his heartbeat faster.

With all the things that Donghae and his father have done, Yoona realized that she must do something for them.
Since then, She always clean the house. She sweeps the dirt, Mops the floor, cleans the rooms, wash the dishes and do the chores.

Mr. Lee was surprised with Yoona.
Her acts made him closer to her.
Even the memory of her lost daughter reminds him of Yoona.

One time, Yoona, Kibum, Donghae, and Siwon had a general cleaning in the house of Donghae.
While fixing the room of Donghae's father, she saw a photo album.

She flipped the pages and saw Donghae's childhood pictures.
She smiled as she look at Donghae's cuteness.

"Yoona where is the-" Donghae's father stopped as he saw Yoona looking at the photos.

He sit beside her and started to point out Donghae's pictures.

"He was five there" He said then Yoona chuckled.

But one picture caught her eye.

"Uncle who is this girl beside Donghae?" Yoona asked.

He sighed then spoke.

"It's Donghae's younger sister" He said.

"Where is she now?"

"She died a year ago" She can see the moist in his eyes while saying those words.

"I am so sorry" She said.

"But you know what, When I see you, I always remember her" He said.

"The way you smile and laugh, you are both the same" He added that made Yoona surprised.

Yoona remained silent as she looked at him forming tears.

"Yoona, how about if I adopt you, I will be your father, and Donghae will be your brother" He said.

Yoona can't speak.
She was so surprised of what was happening.
She can't even think of answers.

"Yoona, agree with my dad, I will be happy to be your brother" Donghae said happily.

"Yoona" Kibum and Siwon said.

Yoona looked at the seriously but her face smiled quickly.
"Okay Appa" Yoona said shyly.

"Yahoooo!" The three boys cheered.
As soon as Yoona agreed, In the power of law, She is now one of the Lee's.
And she is so happy to be a part of their family.
But one thing is still bothering her.
Her sister, YoonMi.

"I hope your new parents will be good to you, I hope you'll not forget me, and always remember I will find you no matter what, The time will come, when we are at the right age, I'll find you and we will be together again" Yoona said to her thoughts.

"I may be a Lee now, I am now Lee Yoona, but I will always be Im Yoona, and I will find you Im Yoonmi, my sister"


A few months later....


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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Treehouse, Fiancee, Cousin (The Past |||)

Post by kishiejae on 6/23/2009, 10:05 pm

A few months later, Yoona lived well with the Lee Family. Even without a Mom, His new Appa and Brother loved her and protect her always. She is now satisfied with her new life.

But the memory of Yoonmi, she's still not forgetting it. While looking at her necklace with a moon shaped pendant and their names printed on it, Everynight she prays that YoonMi is safe and doing well.

"YoonMi" Again, every night she never forgets to pray and cry.

"Mom, Dad, I am sorry, my promise to you is broken. YoonMi is so far away from me, and I don't know where she is now. Mom, I am strong and I can live my life well but YoonMi is not, she's afraid and weak, and all I ask from you is please make her strong and happy even we are apart"
Yoona said as she holds her necklace.

That is Yoona every night.

But When the day comes and shines, She becomes a Happy Yoona. She never let any sadness show up to her face. Kibum, Donghae, and Siwon always play with her everyday that filled joy and laughter to Yoona's broken heart.
They become bestfriends and Yoona is very thankful for them.

SeoHyun is a very sweet girl. Like Yoona, she is also a adopted. SeoHyun is the adopted sister of Siwon. SeoHyun was found in a plane accident. Siwon's mother works near the place where the accident was, that's why Siwon's mom helped her and took care of her.
SeoHyun suffered from amnesia. That's why when Siwon's mother founded her, they just give the name SeoHyun.
Knowing that SeoHyun is just the same like her, She treated her as a sister. SeoHyun's presence makes her remember YoonMi.

They are always together.
The group of bestfriends are always supporting each other. As usual, The boys always protect and care for both Yoona and SeoHyun. Donghae and Siwon treated them as a part of the family.

Kibum always make Yoona happy. Perhaps Kibum has a crush on her. But his heartbeat goes fast when Yoona is there beside him. He really never wants to leave everybody, but her mother decided to move to America.

"Mom I don't want to go back America!"

"You have no choice, We need to, and besides I want you to see your cousin, remember Yuri?"

"Yuri? I thought she died 3 years ago in the plane crash?"

"No, She is already found, but she is sick, that's why we need to go, and besides you never seen her your entire life"

"We will go back just for her!"

"Not actually Kibum, I want you to study there, besides, I want you also to meet Jessica, soon fiancee"

"No I don't want to go!"

"What bothers you not to go there!"

"I don't like Jessica, and Yuri, I-"

"No no, It's final"

Kibum walked out.
He was so upset. He doesn't want to leave his friends Especially Yoona

The time now has come for Kibum to leave Korea.
After 2 hours, they will leave the house to go to the airport.
But before he leaves, he sneaked out of his room and tip toed from his room till the outside of the gate. Successfully, no one sees him going our of their big house. As soon as Kibum was out he quickly go to Yoona's house.

"Kibum, why are you running?" Yoona, who's oblivious of what's happening, asked.

"He will be going to America" Donghae said and beside him are Siwon and SeoHyun.

"What?" Yoona asked with a sad face.

Donghae and the rest of them sighed.

"Come with me" Kibum pulled her and run.

"Where are they going?" SeoHyun asked.

"Well I think Kibum likes her, Donghae would you like to have a brother-in-law like Kibum?" Siwon said.

"I don't know If Yoona likes him, how would I know?" Donghae replied.

"Oppa! you are not answering me!" SeoHyun whined.

"Sorry SeoHyun but we don't know either" Siwon said.

"What is this place?" Yoona asked.

The place is covered with grass.
And there was a lake and a big tree.
And on the top of the big tree, is a small house, a treehouse.
The treehouse was fixed and well-made.
It has windows and a door. Its simple yet beautiful.
The leaves of the trees cover the back of the house which make it not too obvious that there is a treehouse.
There was a ladder made of rope which you can climb up and go inside the house.

"Wait what is this? a house? a small house?" Yoona asked again.

"Yeah" Kibum smiled.

"Wow, there are birds in the cage,Wait,What's inside that treehouse?" Yoona asked excitedly.

"It's a love bird" Kibum said.

"What's inside?"

"Climb this ladder and you will see" Kibum said as she guided her in climbing the ladder.

"Hold me hold me" Yoona said while holding Kibum tightly.

They finally go inside and the treehouse is simple.
There are pillows and a small blanket that fits a small room. There is also a curtain that covers the window.
Kibum fixed the blanket and let Yoona sit on the floor.

"Kibum, how do you know this place?" Yoona asked.

"I made this treehouse by myself" Kibum said proudly.

"Huh! Your only an eight year old boy, how can you do this small treehouse" Yoona said.

"No, just kidding, my uncle help me do this" Kibum said.

Yoona smiled.

"Why do you build a treehouse?" She asked.

"For the two of us" Kibum said.

"The two of us?"

"When I become a man, I would like to marry someone like you" Kibum said as Yoona blushed.

"Why do you say so? Marry me? Are you sure" Yoona said while her cheeks turned red.

"Yoona, I love you" Kibum said

Yoona was about to protest but she felt a pair of lips touched hers. Kibum kissed her.

"Why do you kiss me?" Yoona said as she was surprised by Kibum.

"Yoona, I promise, I will come back to you and when we are in the right age, I will marry you and together we will go back to this place" Kibum said.

Yoona chuckled then spoke." So this will be our house?"

"Not really, but for now, we are just kids, so we don't need to have a big house, a small tree house can fit us" Kibum laughed.

Yoona looked at him seriously."Are you serious?"

"I promise you Yoona, and when I go to America, I promise you that I will send you letters, and I can also help you finding your sister" Kibum said.

"My sister?" "Yeah"

"But promises are made to be broken, How are you sure that you can make your promise?"

"Trust me" Kibum said.

Yoona sighed then give a smile.
"Well, I'll wait for you then" She said as she holded her hands.

"What if I propose to you now, Will you marry me someday?"

"Where is your ring?" Yoona teased.

"I may not have a ring for now, but I have this"

Kibum showed another pinwheel.

"Pinwheel again?" Yoona chuckled.

"When we grow up, I can give you a ring" Kibum said as he scratched his head.

"I'll take this" She said.

"There is nothing I can give to you except this"
Yoona get something on her bag and give it to Kibum.
It was their picture together with Donghae and Siwon at the park 2 weeks ago.

"You can still have that, so you can remember us always"
Yoona smiled.

"Maybe we are too young now, I am so young to tell you what I feel, but Love is like that, you will never know when it will strike your heart, and I think the cupid striked his arrow and tells that you are the one I love" Kibum said shyly.

"I don't know" Yoona smiled.

Kibum stand up and said," Let's ride a bike"

"I don't know how to" Yoona said.

"Let's go" Kibum pulled her.

"I still have one more hour left to be with you" Kibum said.

Outside the treehouse is a tandem bicycle.

"Who owns this bike?" Yoona asked.

"It's now yours" Kibum said.


"I will left this bike for you and Donghae" Kibum said.

"But I don't know how to"

"This bike is for pairs, A tandem bicycle is one that can be ridden by more than one rider, so Donghae can be with you while riding this one" Kibum said.

"But for now, it's you and me"

Kibum ride the bike in the front and Yoona at the back.
They both move their feet to pedal the bike.
They both enjoyed riding the bike, and they also used it in going back home.

"Kibum ah"



"Huh? You just like me?" Kibum said who's a bit disappointed.

"Saranghe" Yoona shouted that made Kibum smile bigger.

"You love me?"

"Neh, and I will take care of our small house everyday" Yoona said.

"You are just on time Kibum" Donghae said as he stopped Kibum.


"Your mom is here" Donghae pointed Kibum's Mom.


"Son, we need to go" Mrs. Kim said as she go inside the car.

"Donghae, Siwon" Kibum hugged the both of them.
Siwon sniffled while Donghae is totally crying.

"SeoHyun" Kibum hugged SeoHyun.

And Lastly, Yoona, who's now cryinng in sadness.
Once Kibum hugged him, he don't want to let her go.
But the time is so fast and they need to change ways.

"Bye Yoona" Kibum said sadly as he go inside the car.

"Kibum" They shouted as the car go away.

Kibum is now in California.
He stood beside the window who's mind is still from his friends...
From Yoona...

"Sir. Kibum, your cousins are now here" One of the maids said.

Kibum walked out and from the terrace, He saw his cousin, Kim Tiffany, and a girl.
A girl which in his first glance, he thought she was Yoona.

Kibum run downstairs and grabbed the hands of the girl.

"Yoona" He spoke.

"Yoona? Kibum, she is not Yoona, she is Yuri" A 9 year old Tiffany spoke.

"Yuri?" Kibum asked.

"Neh, My sister, who's lost for 4 years, is now back, but unfortunately, she has a amnesia" Tiffany said.

"Tiffany Noona, I am so sorry, I never saw her before, I thought she was my friend" Kibum said.

Kibum never saw Yuri since childhood.
Only a news came that she was dead.
But his Auntie and Uncle never loose hope, and finally, they found Yuri, an 7 year old girl, who's now suffering from amnesia.

Yuri's memories lost. She can't even recognize anyone before, even her own name.
Yuri is now with a bandage on her head.
Kibum looked at her seriously, and Yoona is the person he is thinking of.

Kibum looked at her from head to toe.
Her hair, her face, her slim body.
Yuri and Yoona are similar.
They may not look really the same, but they have the same features.

"Hi Yuri" Kibum greeted as Yuri smiled.

The way they smiled is similar. That keeps him reminding of Yoona.

"I am Kibum, your cousin, It's my first time to see you and I am glad to meet you" Kibum said nicely.

"Same with you Kibum" Yuri replied.

Until one thing came to his mind.
The girl who's bleeding.
The girl who's Yoona's twin sister.

He thinks that maybe she's Yoona's twin sister.
With her appearance similar at Yoona
And the face of YoonMi, although he is not sure about it, but he feels she is YoonMi, and not Yuri.

One thing caught his attention, and it was Yuri's necklace.
A moon shaped pendant like Yoona's necklace.

"Yuri" Kibum was about to touch Yuri's necklace but she became afraid and go at Tiffany's back.

"I am so sorry Kibum, maybe she's not yet, uhmm you know, maybe sometime, you can talk to her" Tiffany said.

Tiffany called one of the maids and said.
"Please lead her to her room" Then the maid take Yuri to her room.

"The necklace looked like Yoona's" Kibum thought.
Kibum is still preoccupied with his thoughts till Tiffany's voice disturbed him.

"Jessica!" Tiffany shouted with joy and hugged her best friend named Jessica.

Kibum sighed then turned his back.
"She is the girl, my future fiancee, I don't like her" Kibum thought.

"So you must be Kibum, right" Jessica said.

"Neh" Kibum replied coldly.

"I am Jessica Park, nice to meet you" Jessica politely then smiled at Kibum.

Kibum don't like Jessica.
He knows that Jessica is Tiffany's best friend but he still don't like her, even once.
He likes only one girl, which is Yoona.

Knowing that Jessica will be his future wife, he gets really irritated.
He wants to be married to the one whom he gave a promise.
Yoona, who is his first love and he believes that she will be the one walking down the aisle.
He wants to keep his promise to Yoona which is to go back to Korea and find her sister.

"Is she YoonMi?" Kibum said to his mind.


Kibum go to Yuri's room the next day.
There is Yuri who's looking at the chirping birds in her window.

"Yuri" Kibum said.

"Good Morning" Yuri spoke in English.

"Good Morning" Kibum replied in English too.

Yuri smiled then looked at the window once again.

Kibum looked at her again seriously. Yoona flashes in his mind, and also YoonMi.
Although he didn't saw YoonMi's face so clearly, he can still remember her.

Then he looked at her neck but the necklace was gone.
He really wanted to look at it further, but it was not with her anymore.

"Yuri may I ask you one thing?"


"Where is your necklace?" He asked.

"I don't know, Last night, I looked around to find my necklace, but it's gone, I can't remember who get it, and I don't know where it is" Yuri said sadly.

Kibum sighed.

"Yuri, you can't remember anything?" Kibum asked.

"Yes, i don't even know you, they just introduce you to me" Yuri said.

Kibum get something out of his pocket.
He put his wallet out and showed Yuri a picture.

"Do you know her?" Kibum points out Yoona's face in the picture.

Yuri looked at Yoona seriously.
Kibum was hoping for an answer.


"I don't know her, but she looks, uhmmmm, I think I saw her but I don't know uhh" Yuri touched her head who's aching.

"Oh oh, sorry Yuri" Kibum said then leaded her to the chair.

Yuri sit down, trying to calm herself
"My head hurts" She said.

"I am so sorry, don't overwork your brain" Kibum said in a worry.

"Maybe she is not really YoonMi, and she doesn't know Yoona" He said to himself but still it bothers him.

Is she YoonMi?


12 years later............


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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty 12 years later

Post by kishiejae on 6/23/2009, 10:07 pm

12 years later...
"Good Morning!"
Yoona cheered as she yawned and stretched her arms and unknowingly she hit the face of Donghae who sits beside her bed.

"Ouch!" Donghae said.

"Sorry Oppa" Yoona smiled.

Donghae stand up and said "I am hungry Yoona"

"Oppa, cook now" Yoona said.

"I am so tired, I can't" Donghae whined.

"Why? Overtime again?" Yoona asked.


Donghae and Yoona are both working students.
During Weekdays, In the morning, they study, and at night, they work in a fastfood chain.
During Weekends, Donghae works in a coffee shop together with Siwon.

Today is Saturday, and Donghae is still not yet sleeping.
When the time strikes at 7:00, It's time for him to work in the coffee shop.

"Oppa, It's 5:00, you can still sleep, I know you are not yet sleeping" Yoona said.

"But I am hungry" Donghae pouted.

It's the habit of Yoona to wake up at 5:00 and she is always early. She cooks for the family.

"Okay I'll cook, but I will go somewhere after this"

"Where? At your secret hide out?" Donghae asked.

"It's secret right, why would I tell you" Yoona teased as she go towards the kitchen.

Donghae followed her to the kitchen.
The house was filled of sadness. Donghae is working hard for this family, yet his salary cannot meet the daily needs. He just keeps strong because of his father.

What happened to his father?

"Oppa, there is no food left, only noodles, later I will go to the market, then i will visit Appa in the hospital" Yoona said.

Their father is at the hospital, And he is in a Comatose stage. Why? His father was shot by a bullet gun while chasing one criminal. The bullet striked near the heart and luckily, he was still alive but in Coma.

Yoona sighed. She remembered that there is no money left in her wallet.

"Yoona here" Donghae give the money to Yoona.


"Just go to the market, after that visit Dad"

Donghae sighed. "Tell him I am sorry, I can't come"

Yoona nodded and smiled halfheartedly.
She knows that Donghae is working hard for them.
She really wants to work during weekends but, no one will take care of his father at the hospital. She really wants to help, but she cant.

"Eat now Oppa" Yoona said as she showed the cooked noodles.


Yoona hugged him from behind."Oppa, thanks" She said.

"Thanks for what?"

"Thanks for everything" Yoona said then kissed his cheeks.

Donghae blushed. He loves Yoona but only as a sister.
He felt awkward when Yoona kissed him at his cheeks.

"Yuck, Eeeww, Yoona kissed me at my cheeks" Donghae said as a joke while slightly wiping his cheeks.

"Why? I am your sister, I can kiss you" Yoona teased.

"But we are grown up now"

"I love you Oppa, you are the best brother" Yoona wrapped her arms around Donghae then leave.

"Where are you going?" Donghae asked.

"Just somewhere, at my secret hide out, Don't worry, after that, I'll go to the market then I will visit Dad" Yoona waved her hands then leave.

Yoona is such a sweet yet nice girl.Donghae thought.
Donghae loves her for who she was, She laughs, She cries, She works hard, everything, She is the best sister.
Somehow, Yoona reminds him of her late sister who died from Leukemia Thirteen years ago. And Perhaps, Yoona replaced her and Donghae was very thankful to have Yoona as a sister.

Yoona go to their garden and saw her two bikes.
One is her ordinary bicycle, while the other one is the tandem bike that Kibum gave her.

She sighed as she touched Kibum's tandem bike.
She missed him.
"Kibum, I miss you, when will you come back, when will we ride this bike together?" She whispered.

Out of the blue, she smiled and get her single bicycle.
She go out together with her bike, then ride it.

After 15 minutes of riding the bike, she reached her destination. The treehouse, her secret hideout, which no one knows, except Kibum and Yoona.

The door is locked, and she has a key for it.
When she opened the door, she sighed.
Remembering Kibum makes her sad.
His promise and His face lingers on her mind.

"For 12 years, I waited you for so long, I never forget to go to this place, For I am longing to see you and hoping that when I come back here, I will see you again"
Yoona said as she looked at the picture of them in the frame.

"When will you come back? Could you still remember me? I am still waiting, for it is my promise, and I hope you'll do your promise to me, please come back" Yoona said sa she sighed.

Tears dropped while reading the letters of Kibum.
-Hello Yoona, I miss you. We are now here at California. By the way I met my cousin named Yuri. You know you look like her. But you are prettier than her and you know I........................................-

"Why did you stop writing? The last letter you gave me was still 5 years ago. Do you forget me already?" She thought.

Out of the Blue, She smiled as she blow her pinwheel given to her by Kibum before he left.
"Would you still remember this, your proposal" She laughed as she remembered Kibum's face.

Kibum looked outside and smiled happily.
He is so excited. His heart is jumping into happiness.
Kibum is still the Kibum before.
His smile, His laugh, His face, Nothing changed.

He look at the mirror and straighten hi shirt.
He comb his hair with the use of his hands.
He smiled and stand up straight.

He put something out of his pocket.
Till now, he still keeps the small pinwheel,
The last remembrance of Kibum.
Till now, he misses her, and never forgets about her.
"How are you Yoona" He thought as he stare at her picture way back 12 years ago.

"Kibum ah" Yuri said as she hugged Kibum from his back.

"Yuri" Kibum said as she smile.

"Are we really going back to Korea?" Yuri asked.

Yes, They are coming back to Korea. That is what Kibum is thinking of. He keeps on remembering Yoona.

"Yeah" Kibum answered with a smile.

Suddenly Yuri get the picture swiftly from his hands.

"Oh, your first love?" Yuri chuckled.

"Hey give me that!" Kibum said trying to get the picture but Yuri hides it.

"Wait, I will just look at it" Yuri said then take a glance at the picture.

"Till now, you still think of this girl, Do you really love her?" Yuri asked.

"Neh" Kibum said.

"And you know what? You really look like her, you are similar" Kibum added.

"Yah, I know, you keep on saying that" Yuri said while sitting at the bed.

Kibum still recognize Yoona whenever he saw Yuri.
He thinks that what Yuri may be now is same as Yoona.
They look similar. He thinks that Yoona will be also beautiful like Yuri.

"You know, I am so happy Oppa" Yuri said.


"Because I have a cousin like you, It's to bad, If my memory didn't lost because of the plane accident, Maybe I am more closer to you" Yuri said.

Yuri looked at him as Kibum puts a smile on his face while looking at the picture.

"Oppa, how about Jessica? Do you have feelings for her?" Yuri asked.

"I only like Jessica as a sister, no more, no less" Kibum sighed.

"But she loves you" Yuri said sadly.

"I know, but I am not, I only love this girl, and I will love her forever" Kibum said as he pinch Yuri's cheeks.

Meanwhile, the door in Kibum's room is half open.
Jessica stared at the door and unintentionally overheard what Kibum and Yuri is talking about.

"Oppa, how about Jessica? Do you have feelings for her?" Yuri asked.

"I only like Jessica as a sister, no more, no less" Kibum sighed.

"But she loves you" Yuri said sadly.

"I know, but I am not, I only love this girl, and I will love her forever" Kibum said as he pinch Yuri's cheeks.

Upon hearing those words, Jessica felt bad.
She felt sad. Since before she knows that Kibum likes another girl, but still she is good and caring towards her.

Kibum just like her as a sister. He knows that he will only give his love to the one whom he made the promise.

"Jessica" Yuri said happily.

Jessica's sad face faded as Yuri recognize her presence.
She must act as if she heard nothing.

"Hello, uhmm, Auntie said that we must go" Jessica said with a smile, hiding her frown a while ago.

Kibum and Yuri nodded as they walk out with hands together.


The door opened and Yoona showed herself to his dad.

Her dad was pale.Whenever she tries to look at him, She wanted to cry but she holds it. She doesn't want that his dad will see her cry.

"Dad, I brought flowers so your room will be nice" Yoona said while putting and fixing the flowers.

Her dad seems wants to speak but he can't.
His eyes were open and sees everything that Yoona is doing for him. He is paralyzed. But one thing that caught Yoona's attention is the tears that fall from her father's eyes.

"Dad, are you crying?" Yoona said as she hold his hands.

"Dad, don't cry" Yoona wiped his tears away.

"Ahhshshash" Yoona hear his voice.

"Appa" Yoona was surprised.

Her dad wans to move. Yoona can see it with his little movements.

"Appa, don't move, don't speak, you are still not ready" Yoona said.

Her dad stopped from moving.
"I want to thank you Yoona but I can't speak. I want to hold your hands but I can't move. I am so guilty, I must be the one to work for the two of you but I can't. I am just similar to those people who are dead. I may be alive in physical, but I am useless" Her dad thought as his tears starts to form in his eyes.

Yoona looked at him and smiled.
"Someday dad, you can be normal again" Yoona said.


"Annyeong" SeoHyun greeted as she go back to their house.

"How is your day SeoHyun?" Her mom asked.

"I hate Saturday Classes" SeoHyun said then go to her room to relax.

Meanwhile, Yoona go to SeoHyun's house and saw SeoHyun's mother in the frontyard planting flowers and Siwon who's preparing himself to work.

"Annyeong Haseyo" Yoon greeted.

"Oh, Yoona" Siwon said gladly.

"Oppa, where is SeoHyun?"

"She is in her room"

"By the way, are you going to the coffee shop now?" She asked.


"Tell Donghae Oppa that I will bring him lunch" Yoona said.

"How about me?" Siwon pouted.

"Maybe SeoHyun can do it for you, We will come later" She said while going inside the house.

"I will go inside Auntie" She said then walked.

SeoHyun rested in her bed.
A few minutes later, she already fall asleep.

"Appa, Eomma"

Seohyun is now moving her body uncontrollably.

"Appa where will we go?"

A mans blurred face showed to her eyes.

"We will go back to Korea, Yuri"

A sudden screaming is heard. Many people in the place are now screaming and shouting.

"Eomma! Appa!" She heard a childs voice cried.

SeoHyun screamed.

SeoHyun was dreaming.
She was dreaming of something.
A memory or a dream which she couldn't understand.

"SeoHyun, SeoHyun wake up" Yoona said while shaking her shoulders.

"Appa" SeoHyun said then cried.

"Appa? SeoHyun what's happening?" Yoona asked.

SeoHyun just hug her and sobbed.

Suddenly Siwon and his mom go inside the room.

"What happened?" Siwon's mom asked as she wipe her tears.

"I dreamed bad again" She said.

"What is it about?" Siwon asked but SeoHyun didn't answer.

"Okay, if you don't want to tell about it, I have to go, Donghae might be looking for me, by mom, Yoona, Sis"

Siwon said then go outside the house.

"Mom, can you leave us first?" SeoHyun requested.

"Okay" SeoHyun's mom leave.

When no one is around except SeoHyun and Yoona, Yoona finally spoke.

"What is it?" Yoona asked who looks pity for SeoHyun.

SeoHyun never know that She was only adopted.
Only Siwon, Donghae, Yoona and their parents know about it.
Now, SeoHyun is still dreaming about an accident.

"These past few days, I keep on dreaming something, Something I can't understand, It's always an accident" SeoHyun said nervously while she keeps on crying.

"Okay Okay, Calm down, okay, tell me what happened"

"There is a girl, a little girl, maybe with her appearance she was about 4 or 5 years old. And there, it's like I and the people are inside the plane.
She says Eomma, and Appa. Then, I only see blurred faces.
Then the people keep on screaming. The lights were on and off and all turned black" SeoHyun spoke.

Yoona felt sad for SeoHyun.
"Maybe she dreams what happened before the accident and lost her memory" She thought.

"And she never know that she was founded in a plane crash" She added to her thoughts.

"Yoona I also heard one name"

"What name?"

"It's Yuri, the name is Yuri"

"Yuri" Yoona whispered.

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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Miss Whosover, Cafe Latte and Pancakes Part 1

Post by kishiejae on 6/23/2009, 10:15 pm

"Good Morning SeoHyun..aahhh"
SeoHyun yawned as she stretch her hands and stopped her crazy little alarm clock that always wakes her up every single morning.

It's Monday, another school day.
She quickly jump off her bed and quickly go to the bathroom.

After 45 minutes of preparing herself for school,
She go to the kitchen and saw her mom preparing for breakfast.

"Mom where is my lunch box?" She asked.

"There, at the table"

After getting her lunch box,
she hugged her mom and kissed her on her cheeks.

"Bye Mom"
"Wait, you haven't eaten any breakfast!"
"Mom I am in a diet" SeoHyun joked.
"Diet? look at your body, very slim"
"But still pretty" SeoHyun smiled.

SeoHyun broke the hug and headed the door.
"Off to go!" SeoHyun said.
"Eat first!"
"I'll be late mom!"

Then SeoHyun walked out of the door.
"That girl" Her mom whispered.

It was Sunday when they reached Korea.
Kibum, Yuri and Tiffany go to their house with Jessica. They seemed to be tired and rested for a day.

"Annyeong" Yuri wake Kibum up.

"Neh" Kibum asked as he jump off his bed.

"Why are you dressed?" Kibum asked.

"Oppa, Tifanny and Jessica Unnie wants to go somewhere, can you accompany us?" Yuri asked.

"I don't like girly stuffs" Kibum said

Yuri begged while shaking his shoulders.

"Okay Okay"
Kibum said then pushed Yuri outside the door.

"I'll just fix myself, wait for me"
Kibum said then closed the door

Kibum drives his car.
Yuri and Tiffany were on the backseat
while Jessica is in the front seat beside him.

"What are your plans?" Tiffany asked.

"Well, dad, wants me to go to one of the branches of our coffee shop, Sweet Talk, and he wants me to help him"
Kibum said.

"Kibum look out!"
Jessica said as she points out a girl crossing the road.

Kibum quickly stopped the car right away.
The girl fell down and her things were scattered on the ground.

"Oh gosh!" Jessica said.

"No, No, the three of you stay there please"
Kibum said then quickly get out of the car.
Then he was relieved.
The girl is still alive, and luckily, doesn't have any injuries or any wound.

"Are you okay?" Kibum asked as he help her get up.

"Oh gosh" The girl said then pick up her things.
Kibum also help her to get her loads of books.
While getting her things, Kibum saw her identification card on the ground.

"Seo Joo Hyun?" Kibum said.
SeoHyun looked at him seriously "Neh?"

"Are you SeoHyun? Seo SiWon's sister?"

SeoHyun looked at him more closely.
His eyes, His looks, He looks familiar.

"Are you Kim Ki Bum?"

Kibum touched her shoulders.
"SeoHyun, look at you now, you look great, It's nice to see you again for many years!" Kibum said happily.

"Neh,It's twelve years to be exact, It's nice that you could still remember me, I thought you forget about us, your friends" SeoHyun said with gladness.

"I missed you guys too, I never thought you are SeoHyun, you really look pretty"

"By the way, you still not change, you look so handsome"

While on the car, Jessica is still confused of what is happening.
"What took him so long there" She spoke.

"Jess, Yuri, just stay here, I'll go outside" Tiffany said.

"How are you?" Kibum asked.

"I am fine of course, well you will not ask how is Yoona?" SeoHyun said.

"Okay, How is.......Yoona"

"Kibum ah" Tiffany said.

Kibum looked at Tiffany and pulled SeoHyun closer to him.
"Tiffany, She is SeoHyun, My childhood friend" Kibum said happily.

Tiffany walked to them and said.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Tiffany, Kim Tiffany, his cousin" She said with a smile.

"Pleased to meet you I am SeoHyun" She said as they shaked hands.

"SeoHyun, I know you will be late for school, Let me drive you to school" Kibum said.

"Is that okay? Maybe you are busy" SeoHyun asked Tiffany.

"Yeah sure, you can, I will also let you meet my best friend and my sister" Tiffany said as she accompanied SeoHyun to the car.

When they are inside the car, Tiffany spoke.

"Jessica, this is SeoHyun, Kibum's childhood friend" Tiffany said.

Jessica looked back and smiled at her.
"By the way, I am Jessica, Park Jessica, pleased to meet you" She said.

"And SeoHyun this is my sister, Yuri"

"Annyeong haseyo, I'm Kim Yuri, nice to meet you" SeoHyun and Yuri shaked hands.

SeoHyun felt different.
She can't explain the feeling.
From the moment that her hand and Tiffany's hand united, There is a sudden feeling she can't understand.

Same way with Yuri.
The word Yuri still lingers on her mind. The name Yuri in her dreams.

"Jessica, Yuri, we will go first to her school, Is that okay?" Kibum asked.

"Sure Oppa, I am planning if I will go to a university, well, I would like to see different schools here" Yuri said with a smile.

"Jess? Is that okay?" Kibum said.

Jessica is in deep thoughts.
She rested her head and something bothers her.
She thinks of a picture.
A picture which Kibum always stare.

"Is she that girl? The girl Kibum loves?" She thought.

While Jessica is in deep thoughts,
SeoHyun, Tiffany, and Yuri are talking happily as Kibum is looking at them in the mirror laughing silently.

"You know, Whenever Kibum is asleep I sometimes put a blush on and make up on his face, and because of his long hair, he looks like a girl somewhat a gay"
SeoHyun said then they laughed.

"Sometimes, she puts a marker on my face" Kibum said then laughed.

"Really? I want to try that one some other time, Be ready Kibum" Yuri said as she laughed.

"But Yuri, we have done that before,We put a marker on Dad's face before" Tiffany said.

"Really? I can't remember it, but I warn you Kibum, don't sleep to well or else, I will do that to you"
Then everybody laughed.

Tiffany realized something.
"SeoHyun and Yuri have similarities, what Yuri always do before is what SeoHyun always do also, well maybe it's a coiincidence " She thought.

When they reached school, Kibum go out and opened the door for SeoHyun.
"Bye Tiffany Unnie and Jessica Unnie" SeoHyun said.

"Bye Yuri" She added and Yuri waved her hands.

"Kibum ah, nice to see you" SeoHyun said.

"SeoHyun, what is your number by the way" Kibum get his phone and give it to SeoHyun.

SeoHyun saved the number and give it back to Kibum.

"How about yours" SeoHyun asked.

"Here is my calling card" Kibum said.

"Aissshhh, calling card, ok I'll take it" SeoHyun said.

"Bye SeoHyun, I miss you" Kibum hugged her.

"Aigooo, But you miss HER more" SeoHyun emphasized the word Her and winked at him.

Kibum go back inside the car, started the engine and started driving.

"SeoHyun is a nice girl" Tiffany said.

"Neh, and among us best friends, she is the youngest, that's why she's our baby sister" Kibum said.

"So where are you guys going?" Kibum asked.

"Well we would like to Shop around" Tiffany answered.

"Okay, I'll just bring you there, but I can't fetch you, I will go to the coffee shop" Kibum said.

"I can go with you if you want" Jessica said.

"Nope, Jessica go with my cousins, so all of you will enjoy girly stuffs" Kibum said then concentrated on the driveway. .
"Bye Kibum, Take Care!" The Three girls said as they waved their hands.

"Okay just ring my phone if something happens,Take Care guys" Kibum said.

Then his car go away.

"Unnie, let's go inside, I am so excited, actually"
Yuri said as she pull Tiffany and Jessica inside.

Jessica's mind is still out of the world.
She is thinking of SeoHyun.

"Unnie, Jessica, Hello" Yuri said while waving her hands in Jessica's eyes.

"Oh Oh I am so sorry" Jessica finally blinked.

"What are you thinking?" Yuri asked while looking at those dazzling and shining glittered dress inside the store.

"Is SeoHyun her? the one Ki-"

"Unnie, I think she's not" Yuri cut her off.

"How do you say so?" Jessica asked.

"Well, she doesn't look like the girl in the picture, and besides, I don't think she is that girl, and I know that the girl has a different name" Yuri explained.

"What is her name?" Jessica asked.

"I can't remember, well the only bad thing to me is I can't remember anything up to now" Yuri said then laughed at her self knowing that her memories doesn't come back until this time.

"No, It's okay, I am just wondering" Jessica said as she followed Tiffany and Yuri who's going out of the store.

Jessica just follow Yuri and Tiffany as her head bowed.
Today is Monday and Siwon and Donghae only have classes
starting from 7:00am to 1:00 pm.
So they have time to have their shift at the cafeteria.
For now, they go to the mall to look for something.

Donghae and Siwon are walking around the mall.

"Hey, what are we doing here?" Siwon asked.

"The day after tomorrow is Yoona's birthday" Donghae replied.

"Really? Are you looking for a present?" Siwon asked.

"Neh, I will just look first and save money for it" Donghae said.

"We still have an hour before we go to our shift, Donghae, our assistant manager said that we have to go there early, there is a special announcement" Siwon said.

"Okay, don't worry, let's have 30 minutes, then we will go" Donghae said.

Siwon and Donghae go to the bookstore.
As they all know, Yoona loves books.

"Oh, this book" Donghae whispered.


"This is the book which Yoona reads in the library during her free time" Donghae said.

""Saving Uncle"? Oh, she likes fictional books" Siwon said.

"I will buy that for her" Donghae said.

"How about if she already finished it?"

"Oh, Well I will just buy her another book" Donghae said.

Donghae walked out of the bookstore together with Siwon.
Suddenly a girl bumped him making him out of balance then fall.
While the girl spilled the chocolate shake into her white dress.

"Ouch ahhh" Donghae moaned rubbing his butt.

"Uh! Look at what you have done!" Jessica spoke in English.

"Yah, look, I am hurt!" Donghae said as he stand up.

"But look at my dress, This is a big mess!" Jessica shouted.

"Look, you are the one who bumped me" Donghae said holding his temper.He still remained patient as he can.

"But how about this mess!" Jessica shouted once more.

"Hey Miss, Miss whosoever, I didn't shout at you so don't shout at me! and besides you must say sorry to me for I am the one who's hurt!" Donghae shouted.

"But you are shouting now at me!" Jessica said with a higher voice.

"But I-"

"Stop Stop STOP!"
Yuri shouted to stop the quarrel of the cat and the dog.

"Okay Okay" Donghae said in patience.

"Ughhhh!!!!" Jessica moaned in temper.

"Okay, If you will not be the one who will apologize, Okay I am sorry, all I ask is you must also apologize to me" Donghae said in his most patient way.

"But look at my-"

"Yah Yah about you stupid white dress!" Donghae can't hold his temper that he shouted again.

"Mister I am so sorry for my best friend, she is just tired, I am so sorry" Yuri apologized to Donghae.

"And Jess, we can buy one dress today if you want so you can change clothes, Okay" Tiffany patted Jessica's shoulders.

"We apologize, Mianhe" Tiffany said.

"But we want her to say sorry to him" Siwon said.

"That word is not in my dictionary, why would say that word to you? Why will I apologize?" Jessica said then turned her back to walk towards the dress store.

"Yah!" Siwon said.

"Sorry, my best friend is, you know, quick-tempered" Tiffany said then bowed her head, same with Yuri and followed Jessica.

Donghae rolled his eyes.

"You know, that girl have some nerve!" Donghae said who looks upset.

"Never mind her, Let's go now to our work" Siwon said.

"Neh, you're right" Donghae said then both of them go out of the mall.

Kibum looked at the mirror in front of him and saw a pink wallet.
He parked his car at the coffee shop, and reached for the wallet.
He opened it and it was SeoHyun's wallet.
There is a picture of a SeoHyun with 2 boys and another girl.
He smiled and said
"This must be Donghae and Siwon"
"And Yoona" He whispered while looking at the picture more closely.

That picture is Yoona and SeoHyun's graduation picture in Highschool. He smiled when he saw Yoona holding awards and get medals, same way with SeoHyun.

"Yoona, she is still pretty" He thought as he smiled.

Suddenly, a man showed into his window and said

"Are you Mr. Kim KiBum?"

To be continued...

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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Miss Whosover, Cafe Latte and Pancakes Part 2

Post by kishiejae on 6/23/2009, 10:17 pm

Kibum looked at the mirror in front of him and saw a pink wallet.
He parked his car at the coffee shop, and reached for the wallet.
He opened it and it was SeoHyun's wallet.
There is a picture of a SeoHyun with 2 boys and another girl.
He smiled and said
"This must be Donghae and Siwon"
"And Yoona" He whispered while looking at the picture more closely.

That picture is Yoona and SeoHyun's graduation picture in Highschool. He smiled when he saw Yoona holding awards and get medals, same way with SeoHyun.

"Yoona, she is still pretty" He thought as he smiled.

Suddenly, a man showed into his window and said

"Are you Mr. Kim KiBum?"


"Oh nice to meet you, I am Ahn WonMin, the assistant manager of the coffee shop, your father send you here to check our workers, am I right Mr. Kim?" Mr. Ahn said.


"So are you ready now Mr. Kim?"

"Ahm, just call me Kibum, and can you please wait for a while, I will just call someone, just wait for me inside" Kibum replied.

"Okay, Mr. Kim, no, I mean Mr. Kibum" Mr. Ahn said then leave him.

Kibum get his phone and call SeoHyun.

"Yoboseyo?"A girl answered
"Hello, SeoHyun" Kibum said
"Excuse me, I am not SeoHyun"
"Okay, who is this"
"I am her friend"
"Okay, please tell her that she left her wallet in my car"
"Uhm, May I know you?"
"Just a friend"
"That's weird, well, she is beside me, I'll just give to her the phone, hold on"

"SeoHyun ah, someone calls you" Yoona said.
"Okay" SeoHyun said then chuckled.

"Is this SeoHyun now?"
"I am Kibum"
"Oh, hi there"
"You left your wallet" Kibum said.
"Oh, sorry, just keep it first, I'll contact you if I will get it"
"Okay, but may I ask who is the one who answered the phone"
"By the way, This is not my phone, It's my best friends phone, I gave you the wrong number,Mianhe"
SeoHyun giggled slightly.
"Who's number is this?"
"Secret! Okay, I'll ring you later, our teacher is here now, bye"

Kibum smiled.
"Is she Yoona?" He thought.

Meanwhile, He keep SeoHyun's wallet in his pocket then as he look outside, He saw 2 familiar faces.
Kibum looked at him from a far, and he looked again in the wallet.

"Donghae and Siwon" He smiled.

"They work here?" He chuckled.

When he saw the two already inside, He go out of his car.
He stand up straight to look professional.

"SeoHyun who is it?" Yoona asked.

"What did he tell you?" SeoHyun said.

"He said he is just a friend" Yoona replied.

"Neh,he is just a friend" SeoHyun chuckled.

"Aisshhh, maybe he is your boyfriend am I right!" Yoona giggled.

"My boyfriend, your boyfriend" SeoHyun mumbled.

"Huh? what did you say?" Yoona said.

"No, I said, how would I have a boyfriend, no one courts me, and you are the one who has lots of suitors" SeoHyun said.

"Huh? How about your lifetime suitor, JongHyun" Yoona teased.

"Eh? How about your longtime childhood boyfriend who never come back here for 12 years" SeoHyun said as a tease.

"Kibum...well, maybe he already forgotten all of those things" Yoona said as she sighed.

"If you only know, your boyfriend already came back" SeoHyun thought.

"Mr. Ahn" Kibum called Mr Ahn.

"Yes Mr. Kibum"

"Please don't tell my name, just tell them I am Mr. Kim's son" Kibum requested.

"Okay Sir"

Kibum sit in the corner and rested his head in the soft chair.

"The crew, please come here for an urgent meeting" Mr. Ahn said then the 5 crews go to him.

"What is it all about?" Donghae asked.

"This will be your evaluation day, Mr. Kim's son go here to check all of you, so good luck and do your best, he is there in the corner to observe you, just go to him if he calls anyone of you, Araso" Mr. Ahn said.

"Araso" The crews said including Donghae and Siwon.

"Okay, go back to work! chop chop chop!" Mr Ahn said then leave.

Kibum look at his back and saw Donghae and Siwon go out of the room.
He smiled as he saw the big difference in them,
They look tall and handsome, he thought.

Kibum raised his hand and looked at Donghae.

"Donghae he is calling you good luck" Siwon said as he push Donghae.

Donghae walked to him and Kibum spoke.

"So, what is your name?"

"Lee Donghae, Sir, Donghae" Donghae said.

"Okay, Donghae, give me the best coffee here, the best latte" Kibum said professionally.

"Okay sir" Donghae said then go to Siwon who's doing the latte.

"Siwon, he said that you must give him the best latte" Donghae said.

"You know what, I think I know him, We know him" Siwon said as he look seriously at Kibum.

"How do you know?"

"We will know if you give this to him" Siwon said while designing the latte.

Siwon knows latte art and he is good with it,
same way with Donghae.

After Siwon design the latte, He smiled and said.
"Give this to him"

"Why are you smiling?" Donghae asked.

"Just give it"

Donghae walked slowly and placed the cup in the table.
Kibum looked up and said "Thank You"

Donghae smiled and turned his back, but Kibum called him again.

"Yes Sir?"

"You know, I don't think I can drink this without any food, uhmm, can you give me pancakes as well?" Kibum said as he smile.

"Okay sir"

Donghae go to Siwon with a grin on his face.
"Why?" Siwon asked.

"Give him pancakes" Donghae said.


Siwon prepared the pancake and just put butter on it.

"Butter? why just butter? Is this your best? and with this stupid happy face made of syrup?" Donghae said.

"Just give it, go!" Siwon said with a smile.

Kibum is looking at Siwon's design.
It was a pinwheel design.
He didn't expect it, he expect other designs but it's a pinwheel.
"Did he recognized me?" Kibum thought.

"He knows I like pinwheels" Kibum added to his thoughts.

"Sir, your pancakes are now here" Donghae presented to him the pancakes then leave.

Kibum laughed silently.
It is a cafe latte with a pinwheel art design
and a pancake with butter and a happy face design made of syrup.

"I think he knows me already, Siwon knows Yoona made me a pancake with butter and a happy face made of syrup before"
Kibum thought as he eat the pancake.

When Kibum is done observing and analyzing the rest of the crew, he stand up and go to Mr. Ahn.

"Sir, is anything wrong? is anything okay?"

"Yes, sir, but please call Seo Siwon and Lee Donghae here, tell then I will talk to them outside" Kibum said then go out.

Mr. Ahn quickly call Siwon and Donghae.
"Yes Sir?" They said in unison.

"Uhm actually, Mr. Kim wants to talk to you outside"

"Okay sir" They both said then walk out.

Kibum sit down at the bench.
He s laughing slightly as he remembered the pancake
which Yoona gave to him 12 years ago.

"Sir" Donghae said.

"Oh, come here in front" Kibum said with a husky voice.

Donghae and Siwon followed.

"Okay, Mr. Seo, you are the one who made the pancakes and cafe latte, am I right?"

"Yes Sir"

"Why did you choose pinwheel and a happy face as a design?"

Siwon smiled a bit then replied.

"Because I know that someone here loves pinwheels and
I remembered a boy who always eat a pancake with a happy face as a design. I thought that It will make you laugh, that's why I made it" Siwon explained then holded his laughter.

Kibum looked at him seriously.
No longer he stand up and laughed with Siwon who is now laughing hard.

"Why are they laughing?" Donghae thought who still didn't recognize Kibum and still oblivious of what is happening.

"Nice bro" Kibum hugged Siwon for a second.

"What's happening?" Donghae asked.

Kibum and Siwon looked at each other then laughed harder.


"You don't know me?" Kibum asked.

"I know you are Mr. K-"

"Okay, Let me introduce myself" Kibum stand up straight and said

"Annyeong haseyo, Chonun Kim Kibum imnida, It's nice to be back" Kibum said then smiled.

Donghae's eyes grow bigger.

"Is that you Ki-"

"Silly Donghae!" Siwon and Kibum hugged Donghae.

"We we WAIT!" Donghae broke the hug.

"How do you know Siwon that he is Kibum?"

"Donghae are you blind? You can't recognize him?" Siwon replied.

Donghae turned his back and holded his laughter.
"I don't know any Kim Kibum either" Donghae said.

"Aissshhhhhh Ayeeiii Donghae missed me!" Kibum said then tickled him.

"Shut Up, I don't know you" Donghae said pretending to be mad.

"Ayeeii!!" Siwon tickled him.

"Okay Okay, bro, We miss you, It's been 12 long years!" Donghae said then smiled.

"Me too" Kibum said.

"So you are our boss!" Siwon asked.

"Neh, I'll be your new manager" Kibum said.

"Yes!! whoohoo!" Siwon and Donghae cheered.

"Why are you happy?"

"Because you will give us more salary hehe" Donghae joked.

Kibum just smile.

"Wait, Kibum does Yoona know it?" Siwon asked.

"Nope, and don't try to tell her" Kibum said.


"I have a plan, besides Yoona's birthday will be the day after tomorrow right" Kibum said that made Siwon and Donghae looked surprised.

"You still know it?" Siwon asked.

"Of course" Kibum said with a smile.

Kibum get something out of his pocket.
"Siwon, give this to SeoHyun"

"Huh? How did you get this?" Siwon asked.

"I met her again a while ago" Kibum replied.

"What is your plan by the way?" Donghae asked Kibum.

"It's a secret, just keep quiet that I already came back" Kibum said then winked.

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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Re: Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD]

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Wow iluv the story....
But 1 ? Dis story have continuacion?


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Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD] Empty Re: Reasons [Super Junior and SNSD]

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