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The Billionaire's True Love

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The Billionaire's True Love Empty The Billionaire's True Love

Post by vanillaice on 6/12/2009, 6:44 pm


[url=The Billionaire's True Love Yun-hee05]

this is my fanfic. and i hope you'll like it.
send me feedbacks if you like the story.
i'm sooo much new here. so please help me out!
thanks in advance =)

Main Characters:
Jung Yunho
height: 184cm
-youngest billionaire over asia and europe
-only wears black and white
-loves reading novels
-a stingy and a protective brother of Sohee
-he has stunning good looks
-almost perfect(he's good at everything, but he doesn't know how to do his tie.)
-loves vanilla ice cream
-unaware of other girls' feelings (except for Sohee)

Jung Sohee (Ahn Sohee)
height:164 cm
-yunho's baby sister.
-famous for her mandu cheeks.
-she's bad in sports (esp. in bball)
-likes pink a lot
-gets dizzy when she's carried or piggy backed by someone (except when it is her bro.)
-has 1 million won allowance (per day) given by her brother.

Minor Characters:
-Min Sunye
*Sohee's best friend
*talented, intelligent, and trust worthy
*her family are the biggest dental producers
in South Korea.

*Sohee's friend
*jolly, supports her friends all the time,4d,irritable to Taemin.
*her family owns all the Crown bakeries all over Seoul.
*Sohee's friend

-Lee Taemin
*Sohee's friend.
*admires his Yunho-hyung a lot, the juggler their clique
*his family owns the Dr. Martens in Korea.

-Dong Young-Bae (Taeyang)
*Sohee's boyfriend
*sweet, intelligent, and shy
*he's not rich unlike the others.but he's not that poor
*he's good in basketball.

-Noh Ajoo
*Sohee's friend
*the shy guy of their group, intelligent, and very observant.
*his family owns the biggest tea farms and hanbok gallery in Korea.

-Park Yoochun
*you'll know his role once you read this fic! peace!

-Kang Ho Dong
-Shin Dong
-Granny Kwon (from the movie Kidnapping Granny K)

Cameo Roles:
Jung Sang Woo-Kwon Sang Woo (Yunho's Dad)
Ha Ji Won(Yunho's Mom)
Ahn Won Bin-Won Bin(Sohee's Dad)
Song Hye Kyo(Sohee's Mom)
Park Tae Wong-Uhm Tae Wong(Yoochun's Dad)
Son Yeh Jin(Yoochun's Mom)

~i think wives don't carry their husband's surnames in korea.

*dedicated to the WonderShinki fans out there!


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The Billionaire's True Love Empty Re: The Billionaire's True Love

Post by vanillaice on 6/12/2009, 6:58 pm

Chapter 1: Arson

“Whoa! Little Sohee-sshi, you’re such a cutie!” Jung Sang Woo said in astonishment while carrying his cute new-born goddaughter. “You’ are surely a lucky daddy Won Bin! A lucky bad ass!” he said as he turned to his best companion Ahn Won Bin.

“You think so Sang Woo-hyung?” Won Bin asked jokingly. “Of course I do! Haing such a pretty little angel like her really makes me proud of my genes.” He boasted out laughing.

“I don’t think so Won Bin-ah!” Ha Ji Won contradicted his statement, while doodling with the baby. “I think she resembles Hye Kyo more than you do. Just look at he mandu cheeks…she got it from her mom. And I think you never have those chubby cheeks ‘coz you look like a matchbox as always! ”

“Yah! Ji Won-noona, you really don’t have the trust that I’m as handsome a Sang Woo-hyung! You’re still wicked as ever!” Won Bin exclaimed to her.

“Godfather Won Bin is handsome!” said the little boy Yunho as he comes to his uncle.

Won Bin then carried the little boy, and said, “Of course I am, godfather is always…actually we are Yunho-sshi!””It seems that you’ve gotten taller and heavier since the last time I saw you.” he added. “So, how’s our little prince been doing?” he asked.

“Dad just thought me how to swim last week, and mom and I just baked some cookies this afternoon for you, for godmother Hye Kyo, and for the little baby Sohee.” Yunho replied and handed a blue box full of cookies to his godfather.

He then opened the box and playfully asked the little boy again, “Is this really for me Yunho? Whoa! If this is all for me will you mind if I eat this all right now?”

“Don’t be too greedy godfather Won Bin! It’s not just for you!” the little boy replied exclaiming. “It’s also for godmother Hye Kyo and for baby Sohee.” He said in a calmer way.

“Ah, so these cookies were made for me, for Hye Kyo, and for our little Sohee!” he said giggling as he gently rubbed the little boy’s head. “You’re really a good and a bright boy Yun -.”

“Sohee-sshi…” Hye Kyo called for her baby with a seemingly ill voice from the room upstairs.

Everyone turned to the direction of the room.
Ji Won said, “Seems that Hye Kyo wants to see her baby Sohee.”

Sang Woo handed baby Sohee to Won Bin. Then turned to his son Yunho, and asked, “Wanna come with baby Sohee upstairs?”

The little lad nodded. “Go” Sang Woo said to his son.

The little boy went upstairs together with his godfather and with the new baby.

When they got into the room upstairs, his pale and weak godmother Hye Kyo welcomed them.

Godfather Won Bin handed over baby Sohee to his wife.
“Sohee-sshi…” Hye Kyo smiled holding her child. Then he turned to little Yunho, “Oh! Our little prince is here.” She then smiled to the little boy sweetly.

“I’ll leave them to you, but be sure not to push yourself so hard, okay?” Won Bin reminded his wife and left the children in the room within the care of his wife.

Hye Kyo went back to bed with her baby daughter and little Yunho.

When she noticed that little boy was gazing to the baby, she then asked her godson, “Baby Sohee’s really pretty, right?”
Little Yunho agreed nodding.
“I wish that someday, you’ll be the prince of my little Sohee-sshi. Do you like to be her prince Yunho-sshi?” she asked again.
“Ahuh.” the little lad answered, as he innocently nodded.

Hye Kyo suddenly felt something painful in her stomach that she suddenly fell unconscious in her bed. Yunho, being purely innocent at that time, thought that his godmother just fell into slumber.

He then keep staring, and playing with the baby.

Moments later, the room’s temperature becomes warmer, smoke eventually filled the whole room, and then the lad heard a tremble scream and a sound of a broken glass. He started to get anxious and panicking, so he immediately opened the door of the room, and witnessed great fire burning the walls of the house, he looked down the staircase and saw a burning man, near his mom who was crying for help and his godfather trying to protect his mom and trying to shove off the fire surrounding them.

Then his father who’s back was in fire rushed to him and carried him back inside the room. He then, started to cry.

His father hushed him from crying, and told hm to hold baby Sohee tight.
“Remember to protect her with your life.” Sang Woo reminded him as he broke the glass window of the room, and threw the children into the pool of the house.

Yunho suddenly got up from his bed that as if someone splashed him a glass of cold water.

He took a deep breath and deeply sighed. 'That dream again.' He thought.


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The Billionaire's True Love Empty Re: The Billionaire's True Love

Post by vanillaice on 6/12/2009, 7:00 pm

Chapter 2:The Heir's 21st Birthday

The night was young, and aristocrats from different families were gathered in the classic grandiose hall of the Jung mansion. It was Jung Yunho’s 21st birthday – the ‘only’ heir of the richest billionaire family in South, Korea; he’s known as the richest youngster all over Asia.
Jung family is well known for their versatility in the business world. They were famous for owning the biggest corn fields, rice farms, and grape farms all over the country, they’re also known for owning Jung’s Real Estate the largest real estate firm all over Asia. They also own LG and were associates of Jaguar South Korea. Their family is the direct descendants of King Gojeong – the great emperor of Joseon dynasty.

Yunho was sitting down at the center of the hall in a stage together with his grandmother and with the butlers of their household while watching a sword dance. The servants were busy serving foods and drinks to the visitors, while the sages were spread all over the mansion for security.

After the sword dance, Yunho started to look around for his younger sister. Because he thinks that she’s taking so much time for dressing.

“Where’s Sohee-sshi?” he asked head butler Kang Ho Dong.

“Milady Sohee’s still in the dressing room young master.” The head butler replied.

He then grew annoyed, “She’s taking too much time dressing, and it has been hours!” he exclaimed.

His grandmother, Jung Kwon suddenly pinched his hand.

“Aww! What was that for grandma Kwon?” he screeched.

“Stay still! Don’t get pissed…it’s just natural that a girl takes long time fixing themselves!” grandmother lectured him.

“But what about you grandma? You don’t take too much time fixing yourself like Sohee-sshi?!” he then asked.

“Aissh! This spiteful child! What do you think me?” grandma hissed, and pinched him even harder.
“Ah-aww!” He mourned.

Moments later, his younger sister Sohee came out of the dressing room, and came to them running.

“Happy Birthday oppa!” Sohee greeted.

He narrowed his eyes to her, “What took you so long?” he asked in aggravated manner. “And how many times do I have to tell you that girls like you must not run carelessly like that? I did tell you that you mustn’t run!” he lectured.

Sohee looked down and apologized, “Mian oppa. Don’t worry… it’s not going to happen again.”

“Come here Sohee-sshi!” granny Kwon welcomed her granddaughter with her arms open. “Don’t feel sad about your brother, we all know that he’s ill-tempered like a stingy old man, right? I just wonder why he still manages to get angry when our princess looks so pretty tonight.” She sighed.

Then Sohee rushed and embraced their grandmother. Then she turned to her brother, and asked, “Say, Yunho oppa! Do I really look pretty?”

He turned his gaze at his sister and looked at her from head-to-foot. His littler sister really looked like a fairytale princess. He sighed and nodded, “Of course, of course…you’re the princess of this mansion.”

She pouted, “It seems that you’re just forced to say it.”

“Of course not!” he immediately replied and shook his head, as he doesn’t want his little sister to become disappointed.


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The Billionaire's True Love Empty Re: The Billionaire's True Love

Post by vanillaice on 6/12/2009, 7:03 pm

Chapeter 3: Early Morning

“Sohee-sshi, Sohee-sshi!” Yunho said waking his baby sister. But Sohee was still deeply sleeping that he couldn’t awaken her.
He sighed, “She didn’t changed a bit.” He recalled the last time he woke her up before he studied in Oxford when he was sixteen years old. “It has been 5 years… ”

He stared at her face closely and watched the way she sleeps. He noticed that she still moves a lot and her cheeks don’t even change. He then smiled sweetly.
‘It seems that nothing has really changed with you’re looks Sohee-sshi.’ He thought, and then started to play her nose with his fingers. She then started smiling to her sleep.
“Whoa!” he was startled. ‘Even this was not been changed’. He said to himself.

‘Even her cheeks remained the same. She still looks like a Mandu…so chubby…seems that she has only gotten taller. But if I start squishing her cheeks right now, I bet nothing has really changed if that epic technique is still the only way to wake her up.’ He thought.

So he then squished his baby sister’s cheeks.
“Yah -” Sohee squealed when she was awaken, and slapped her brother’s forehead.

He dropped down on the floor and rubbed his forehead. “Yah! Sohee-shi. That hurts!” he screeched angrily.
She then scratches her eyes and rubbed her cheeks, “Oppa! What was that for?” she asked.

“I was just trying to wake you up, since it’s already morning.” He explained.

She looked at the clock on the table beside her bed, and saw that it was only 6:47am. “Oppa! It is not even 7:00 am yet…give me more time to sleep!” she demanded.

“That’s why I’m waking you up. It’s past 6:30am and you should wake up!” he lectured.

“Until 7:30am oppa.” She requested, and lied down in her bed again.

This girl is no shrewd and indolent! He thought.

“Sohee-sshi!” he said furiously. “Stop that indolent act, and get moving!” he commanded.

She then opened her sleepy eyes again, and saw the furious look of her brother.

“Until 7:30, please?” she begged again.

And her brother replied a resounding NO.

“You’re really head strong right now Sohee-sshi!” he then carried her up out of bed and out of the room.

“Oppa, why are you so stingy waking me up?” she asked. “If you just let me sleep a little longer, it might both benefit us, since you’re not getting enough sleep.” she followed.

“Enough of being lethargic Sohee-sshi. Didn’t I tell you a million times before that you should wake up earlier than a usual person ‘coz early bird catches the worms? It’s simply because I want you to get going early so that you can accomplish countless works at the end of the day.” He lectured.

“Yeah…yeah, I can sill clearly remember that oppa.” She replied.

“Always bear that in mind Sohee-sshi.”
“I always have that in mind oppa.”

He held her down when they got in front of the mansions “Miro Garden” to have their breakfast.

“Good morning Sohee-sshi and Yunho-sshi.” Grandma Kwon greeted.

“Good morning young master and young milady” the servants and the butlers greeted.

“Good morning Granny K.” Sohee greeted. Then they joined their grandma in the table.

“So how’s you’re sleep my little Mandu?” Grandma smilingly asked Sohee.

“It was fine, but oppa cut it off…so it was a bit shortened.” She complainingly replied.

“It is okay, Yunho-sshi has good reasons why he woke you up early.” Grandma explained, and sipped a little of her milk tea.

“I know Granny K, but oppa is stingy as usual.” She replied.

“Oh! Your brother is stingy a usual…so what’s new with that?”

“Yah! Grandma Kwon. I’m not like that!” Yunho defended himself.

Grandma Kwon narrowed her eyes to her grandson. “Yunho-sshi…”

Breakfast was served and they’ve eaten happily together. After eating breakfast and some short chatters with his grandmother and baby sister; he immediately head to work. And since it was weekend, Sohee stayed with her grandma at home. She tried to dance the Purple Line choreography the whole morning together with her butler Shin Dong, and finished Final Fantasy X-2 in the afternoon.


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The Billionaire's True Love Empty Re: The Billionaire's True Love

Post by vanillaice on 6/12/2009, 7:17 pm

Chapter 4: When Oppa Visits School

“Omo-omona! Sohee-sshi, your brother –“Sunye whispered with hype to Sohee as she was seeing Yunho in front of the school gate from the window of the classroom. “I think he wants to see you right now. Omo- Sohee-sshi, you’re really a one lucky dongsaeng for having such a cool brother.” She sighed.

Being innocent from her brother’s stunning looks to the commoners’ point of view, she looked at her friend wondering. She was trying to figure out what was the thing her brother has that even her friend was looking at him so special when he was just a strict, and often easily-irritated brother to her.

What’s so cool about him? She thought

After five minutes, the bell rang. Sohee felt that her phone was vibrating on her pocket, her brother was calling her.

“Yobosaeyo oppa” she answered.

“Isn’t it your class is already over? I’ve heard the school bell already. I’m here in front of the school gate. Come down at once.” He replied and hung up.

“Omo-” she sighed as she stood up in her seat and immediately left the room.

“I thought Sohee’s gonna eat lunch with us.” Ajoo – one of their friends asked Sunye.

“Hmm…maybe not this time,” she replied. And let Ajoo see Yunho from the window. ”See that handsome oppa with a Lotus ride? He’s waiting for Sohee.” She continued.

“Huh? Who is he to her?” he anxiously asked.

It seems that this guy is really affected, Sunye thought. “He’s Sohee’s older brother Jung Yunho, see how cool?” she replied.

Sohee ran as fast as she could to see her irritated waiting brother in front of the school gate. But just when she was about to reach him, he looked at her sternly.

“Oppa, mian!” she apologizes while gasping. “Did you wait for so long?” she asked.

Without a word, he made her turn around and checked her back – her back was so soaking in sweat. He then got his hanky and started wiping his sister’s back.

“You shouldn’t be running like a kid anymore.” He lectured his sister in a stern, yet obviously concerned manner.

She turned to face him again. “Eh? I just hurried ‘coz you might get angry again. What was bad about that?” she asked with a wondering expression written on her face.

He question was pissing enough and made his eyebrows met. “Babo! (Stupid!)” He hissed and knocked her head with his knuckles.
“A-aw!!!” she squealed and covered her head.

“Because you’re not getting younger Jung Sohee!” he exclaimed.

She looked to him with her eyes seemingly teary. “I-I know…Mianaeyo oppa.” She apologized.

At that very moment, his mixed furious and anxious feeling has turned to become pure anxiousness.
He then patted her head and gently stroked her hair gently backwards. A silent aura took place for a moment.

I shouldn’t act too harsh on her, but how can I be gentler? He thought, as his heart throbs faster than usual.

When Yunho pulled himself back together, he asked his sister if she wants to eat. Sohee rubs her tummy,” Yeah oppa, I’m hungry really right now ‘coz I skipped breakfast this morning.”

So he opened the door of the car for his sister and assisted her to get in. There, he gave the bento he prepared for her.

“Do – do you like to eat that, or we must go somewhere to eat something nicer?” he nervously asked. Oh, why this feeling again? He thought as his heart continues to throb out of control.

“Oh no oppa, this must be nice since you gave it to me.” She replied as she open the bento box.
She saw star shaped rice balls, prawn puffs, tempura, eggrolls, mixed vegetables, and corn and chocolate muffins. She was surprised and was amazed at the same time not knowing that is not all bookish but can prepare food well.

“Whoa! Oppa, you made all these?” she asked.

“Of course I did,” He answered. “Dig in.” he smiled.

“Kamsahaeyo oppa!” she said, and started to dig in. Being so hungry at that time, she finished the whole bento in no time. “Yah – that’s the best oppa!” she smiled and burped”Sorry!”

He quickly wiped the bread crumbs left on her lips with a hanky, “You got crumbs there.” he sighed.

“Uh- mianhamnida oppa.” She apologized and smiled.
“Next time don’t rush eating like that. Okay?” he reminded her.

Suddenly, the school bell rang.

“I must be going oppa!” she said to her brother as she needs to rush back inside the school.
“Okay, okay. Just walk and don’t run!” he reminded her.

She opened the door of the car but before getting off, he kissed her brother’s cheek.

“Bye oppa! Let’s see each other again later!” she smiled and got off the car.

What was that just now? He asked himself as felt his heart throbbing hard than usual.


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The Billionaire's True Love Empty Re: The Billionaire's True Love

Post by vanillaice on 6/12/2009, 7:20 pm

Chapter 5: Meet Sohee's Friends

After finishing her turn in their basketball practical exam, Sohee immediately sat at the courtside to see her best friend Sunye, and their other friends; Sunmi, Taemin, and Ajoo do their performances. Sunye immediately went beside her after her turn. All of them were good in basketball except for Sohee who is afraid of the basketball’s ball.
“If only I’m all good like you Sunye-unnie” she sighed. “I might not be having a hard time with this basketball thingy.” she bent her knees and put her chin on it, feeling so disappointed to herself.

Sunye gently rubbed her head and said,” What not having a hard time? I also do, but I’m always trying my best, and I’m always trying to overcome my fears so I could be better. And who said that you’re no good Sohee-sshi? There are so many beautiful things about you that you just don’t see because you tend to like this first before appreciating what you have. ” and embraced her.

When Sunmi. Taemin, and Ajoo finished their turn, they immediately went to see the two.

“Sunye-unnie, Sohee-sshi!” Sunmi smiled after shooting the last ball, and ran to them. And Temin and Ajoo were walking behind her.

Sohee sighed again.

“What’s with that Sohee-sshi? Anything wrong?” Sunmi asked anixiously.

Sohee just shook her head, and made another sigh.

“She’s thinking that she’s not good enough.” Sunye answered Sunmi’s question and shrugged her shoulders.

“That’s not true Mandu-sshi!” Taemin said, knelt in front of Sohee and started pinching her round huge cheeks. “Don’t be sad, because soggy mandus don’t look great. So smile like me mandu – ah! Ouch!” he shouted as Sunmi started pinching his ears.

“Yah! You no good!” Sunmi shouted to Taemin.
“Me, a no good? Sunmi-noona… I just did a perfect 5 three-point shot in n time!” He splurged himself to Sunmi.

Ajoo knelt in front of Sohee and raised her chin. “Everyone has good points and bad points. Believe me! It’s not only you, but each one of us is lacking something.” He said and sweetly smiled to her.

Sohee was able to pull herself together because of her friends’ encouraging words. She smiled, and Taemin was the first who saw it.

“You’re not sad anymore soggy Mandu?” he jokingly asked.
She gazed at him sharply. “Soggy Mandu?” she said in a stern tone and stood up. “Who’s the soggy mandu Taeminnie-sshi?”
He then ran for his life.

From a far, a peculiar man was secretly watching Sohee and the whole scene with her friends. He grinned, “She really grew so well.”

Sunye noticed the man from afar starring at them, so she asked her friends,” Hey guys! Do you know that weird looking man?” she pointed to the direction where the man was.

“Where?” Ajoo asked.

Sunye looked at the man’s direction and tried to point him, “T-there!” she said. But man was nowhere to be found.

When Sohee got home from school, she immediately changed her clothes and went to the mansion’s dojo so that she could practice the “Tell Me” dance of the Wonder Girls. But just right when she was about to enter the dojo door, she saw his brother fiercely grappling and trusting with five of their mansion sages. Her brother was invincible, that sages almost couldn’t hit him back. His strength could be compared to a forest beast, in other words he’s beastly. She was then in awe when he threw their sages one by one.

Oppa is really good, he’s even a superb Hapkido fighter, she thought.

I wish I could just be like him, very versatile, and seems to be so perfect. He excels in academics, sports, business, cooking, and he’s even a wise person though he lectures me a lot. What else can’t he do? She dreamingly sighed.

Yunho noticed his sister in the dojo entrance and went to her after he sparred. He noticed that she was wearing dancing sneakers so he asked, “Are you going to dance, Sohee-sshi?”

She suddenly felt frozen nervous, “I – Yeah, I – I’m about to… but if you’re not done sparring with them. I can wait a - . “
“Ah…no! No! I’m already done, it’s you’re turn. Go ahead.”
She closed her eyes and bit her lip, and she then turns red. Ooh…what am I going to do now? This will be the worst of the worst, please don’t watch me oppa. She thought tensely.

“So, what are you going to dance?” he suddenly asked as he was drying his sweat with a towel.
Please! Please! Please! Don’t watch! She hardly thought. “Ah – I was planning to dance the “Tell Me” dance of the Wonder Girls oppa.” She timidly replied.

“Ah, good thing…I think I’ve seen that music video of those girls twice when I saw Butler Shin Dong watching them and when I saw grandma imitating them.” He said. “And I would gladly see my Sohee-sshi dance that song!”

Yeah, I’m doomed. She thought.

Leaving her with no choice, she started warming up then set up her iTouch and the sound system of the room, then started dancing.
Yunho noticed his sister dancing was a bit stiff, and her shoulder waves and hip movements lack impact. So he approached her, “Isn’t it that you should make a horizontal 8 when you move you’re shoulders and have leg stance that makes a triangle when you do the shoulder waves?”

“Ah, yes…it’s like that oppa.” She replied.

Then he demonstrated her the more accurate way of doing the shoulder waves and hip movements.

She was in awe again.

“And yeah, when you do the hip waves…don’t be stiff.”

Whoa, he even knows how to dance. This is insane. She thought.

“C’mon, trust me…try it again.” He said, and seemed to be having fun dancing into the song.

Then they danced together.

It was almost dinner when they finished dancing. While walking in the mansion garden…
“Let me see you dance that again Sohee-sshi.” He said smiling.
She suddenly turned red and timidly gazed to him. She nodded.

“Butler Shin Dong told me that it’s not just the dance you mastered.” He held. “He said that you could also dance the Purple Line and Miracle.” He followed.

Then he held her face and gazed to her eyes, “You show that to me next time, okay?” he then stated laughing.

“Yunho-oppa! Stop teasing me!” she screeched.

“I’m sorry…it’s because you’re face is so red!” he apologized but couldn’t stop laughing.

this is all for now guys.need to go.
i'll update asap.
i love receiving feedbacks so pls.
send me..if you like this fiction story =)


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The Billionaire's True Love Empty Re: The Billionaire's True Love

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