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Secret Lovers: JaeHyun

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Secret Lovers: JaeHyun

Post by kimheechul on 6/12/2009, 3:17 pm


Hyunnie baby,

Come to my house after class. I'll be waiting okay? See you my prince. Saranghae! Oh by the way-- I miss you! ^^

- Hyung


I chuckled after reading the note that was placed on my desk. I know who its from. We haven't seen each other for a while now. We were busy with our own lives.

It's been 3 years since we secretly got together. Yes, it's a secret. He has a boyfriend and I have mine. Our boyfriends love us so much that we can't hurt them nonetheless, break up with them since were all friends.

The four of us are friends and we are inseparable. But hyung and I~ we're different. We've been friends since diapers. They have no idea that hyung and I have feelings for each other. It would surely hurt them. I feel guilty about my relationship with hyung but I can't do anything. We can't stop. I won't be able to take it. It'll be too heart-breaking.

Hyung is my life. I can't live without him.

To be honest, whenever I see hyung with his boyfriend, it hurts. It hurts like hell.

Sometimes, we were thinking of letting our boyfriends know about our relationship but we really can't do it. My heart pains to know that I can't love the person I treasure the most, freely. So everyday, I'm always hoping and praying that someday, somehow-- we will have the courage to tell them the truth.

- - - -

I was sitting on my desk when someone hugged me from behind and started giving me kisses in the neck, cheeks and lips. Of course, I know who it was, it was my boyfriend Jaebum.

Everytime he does that, I feel guilty. But I'm really trying my best to love him as much as he loves me.

Jaebum: Hyunnie ah..

he said sweetly. I looked at him and held his hand.

Seung-hyun: Yes Bummie?

Jaebum: Saranghae!

I pinched his cheeks and pecked them.

Seung-hyun: I love you too Bummie!

That was true but.. I love hyung more than him.

Jaebum: Hyunnie ah..

Seung-hyun: Yeah?

Jaebum: Since its our third year anniversary, let's go on a date!

Jaebum said excitingly.

Seung-hyun: I'm sorry Bummie. I can't. Umma wants me to help er at the restaurant. I'm sorry Bum.

I lied. Of course I would.

I looked at him and smiled,

Jaebum: I understand. We can still celebrate it next time right?

I nodded. I felt really guilty about it but I couldn't do anything about it since I want to see my hyung so bad!

Jaebum: Do yo want me to take you to the restaurant?

Seung-hyun: NO! Uhh.. I mean.. uhh.. No need. Its just a few blocks away from here. I'll be okay. So.. yeah.

Jaebum just smiled at me. Damn! Why is he so kind?

- - - -

*Ding Dong*

Seung-hyun: HYUNG!

I exclaimed as I jumped on my hyung due to severe excitement.

JaeJin: Hi baby. *pecks Seung-hyun's lips* I missed you!

Seung-hyun: Me too! When are you going to visit us in school? Bummie wants to see you too. *smile*

JaeJin: Oh really?

I nodded. Oh how I miss him so much! ^^

JaeJin: So.. how was my baby?

Seung-hyun: *sigh* I'm fine. But a bit stressed.

JaeJin: Are you still thinking about it?

(end of Seung-hyun's POV)

- - - -

JaeJin: Are you still thinking about it?

Seung-hyun nodded and looked straight in the older boy's eyes.

Seung-hyun: Hyung. When are we going to tell them?

JaeJin: I don't know Hyunnie.. I don't know. *sigh*

Seung-hyun: Aish! That's stressing me out. We should have fun hyung! I mean, I didn't come here to talk about our problems right?

JaeJin: Oh yeah. I forgot. So, what do you wanna do now?

Seung-hyun: Hmm.. Hyunghyung *poke* I'm bored.

Jaejin: I know. That's why I'm asking you what you wanna do. Err.. Wanna go to the cinema?

Seunghyun: That's a great idea hyunghyung! What are we going to watch?

Jaejin: Uhh.. How about Hello, Highschool Girl? I heard that its a great movie.

Seunghyun: Okay. Cool.

Jaejin: Wait here okay? I'll just change clothes okay?

Seunghyun nodded. Jaejin kissed his forehead before going upstairs.



*ring ring*

Jaebum: Yoboseyo?

MinHwan: Hey Bummie, do you know where Jinnie is?

Jaebum: Nope. Why?

MinHwan: Nothing much. I just miss him.

Jaebum: Aww! haha How about me?

MinHwan: Ya! Of course I miss you too! But I miss JaeJinnie more.

Jaebum: I know. I was just kidding okay?

MinHwan: You're mean!

Jaebum: I know.

MinHwan: I'm bored. Wanna watch a movie?

Jaebum: I'm kinda bored too. So I guess.. yeah.

MinHwan: Okay. Meet me at the cinema after 1 hour.

Jaebum: Sure thing.


Jaejin went downstairs and found Seunghyun sleeping on the couch.

Jaejin: Aish. This kid..

He walked closer to Seunghyun and slapped his arm lightly to wake him up.

Jaejin: Hyunnie.. hey wake up sleepyhead.

Seunghyun: *opens his eyes and rubs it* Oh hyunghyung. Finished already?

Jaejin: Yup. I just went upstairs for 10 minutes and you fell asleep already. Woah! Anyways, lets go. By the way, wipe that drool on your face. *laughs then walks out of the house*

Seunghyun: Huh? *wipes his mouth* You're mean! Wait for me hyunghyung!

The drive to the cinema wasn't boring cuz Seunghyun had lots of stories to tell Jaejin whom he missed so much.

Jaejin: We're here.

Seunghyun: Yay!


Jaebum was standing at the cinema waiting patiently for MinHwan who was late for 30 minutes already. He checked his watch then sighed, he spotted a running MinHwan who was panting o hard. When he got to Jaebum, his hands were on his knees and his breathing was uneven.

Jaebum: YA! YOU'RE LATE!

MinHwan: I *pant* know. *pant pant* I'm s-*pant* sorry..

Jaebum: You should be. Anyways, what happened to you? Why are you late? And why are you running like some criminal.

MinHwan stood straight and composed himself before answering.

MinHwan: OH. haha That. JiHoon hyung drove me here since he has no schedule. And a fangirl spotted him, other fans saw him too so they started chasing him. I felt sorry for him so I distracted the fans. I wore his beanie and his sunnies-- since we look alike, the fans didn't notice that they were following me not JiHoon hyung.

Jaebum: haha Its hard to be Rain's little brother right?! I feel sorry for you man.

MinHwan: Yeah. You can say that again. Hey the movie wil start so let's go in.

Jaebum: And what are we going to watch?

MinHwan: Oh, didn't I tell you? We're going to watch. Hello, Highschool Girl. Isn't that great?

Jaebum: Uhh.. yeah it is. Yay.

He answered sarcastically.


Seunghyun lined-up for the tickets while Jaejin went to buy some popcorn and drinks.

Seunghyun: Hyunghyung Hyunghyung!

He ran towards Jaejin.

Jaejin: Hyunnie. What's wrong?

Seunghyun: Nothing. *smile* I got our tickets!

Jaejin: *smile* Oh Hyunnie, you're so cute! *ruffles Seunghyun's hair* Let's go.

He intertwined his hands with Seunghyun's and went inside.


MinHwan: The movie's starting. Jaebum ah! Don't sleep! Th movie hasn't started and you're already sleeping? Aish! And I thought you were bored.

Jaebum: I am. But I don't really like this movie.

MinHwan: Why? Don't you know that Kang-in is one of the leads in this movie!?

Jaebum: Like I care.

MinHwan: Whatever.

Jaebum: You're so gay.

MinHwan: Look who's talking! You're gay yourself.

Jaebum: Yeah yeah whatever. Just shut up and watch the freaking movie while I sleep here.

MinHwan: You're the worst!

A smile crept up on Jaebum's face. He found MinHwan so cute. Actually, he has always found MinHwan adorable. He hasn't admitted this himself but he always had a crush on MinHwan but he just shoved his feelings away since he has a boyfriend who he loves so much. And he can't afford to lose that guy. But MinHwan's cuteness makes Jaebum want him more.


In the middle of the movie..

Seunghyun: Hyunghyung?

Jaejin: Hmm?

Jaejin answered unconsciously as he was engrossed on the movie.

Seunghyun: Hyunghyung.. look at me when I'm talking to you.

He got no response.

Seunghyun: Aish! If you're not going to look at me then I'm going to make you.

He cupped the shocked Jaejin's face and started to kiss him passionately. He inserted his tounge inside his hyung/lover's mouth. Their kiss was so hot that they started letting out soft moans which can't be heard by the other people since they were sitting on the fourth to the last row of the movie house.

Jaejin: Mnph.. Hyu.. mmm..nie..mmm


MinHwan was watching the movie atentively but something caught his attention.

MinHwan: Bummie.. psst.. wake up Bummie..

Jaebum: Mmm.. uhh.. What's wrong Hwannie?

MinHwan: Look *points at the couple in ront of them* they're kissing.

Jaebum: So what?

MinHwan: But they both look familiar.

Jaebum: Huh?

They looked closely at the couple making out and..

MinHwan: JINNIE?!

Jaebum: HYUNNIE!??!

The couple stopped kissing and turned their heads around only to find their two best friends giving them a why-the-fuck-were-you-kissing look.

Seunghyun: B-bummie..

Jaejin: MinHwan ah..

Jaebum grabs Seunghyun's hands and pulled him beside him.

Jaebum: What were you doing?

He asked in a stern voice. Seunghyun knew that Jaebum is serious.

Seunghyun: Uhh..I.. we.. umm..

Jaejin: Aish! Okay. We won't lie anymore okay?

Seunghyun: Hyunghyung..

Jaejin: Don't talk Hyunnie. Let me..

Seunghyu nodded.

Jaejin: We better go outside. We don't want to create a scene here.


At Jaebum's house..

Jaebum: Now talk.

Jaejin: *sigh* Okay. Seunghyun and I are together for 3 years now.

MinHwan: What?!

Jaejin: Yes. I fell in love with him but MinHwan and I are together and I don't want to hurt him and Seunghyun doesn't want to hurt you to so we kept it a secret.

MinHwan: Secret? What?! *starts to cry* J-jaejinnie.. *sob* why *sob* didn't you tell me? *sob* You lied to me! *sob* I hate you!

Jaejin: I'm sorry MinHwan. And you should really hate me. I accept that. I'm a jerk but what can I do? I really love Hyunnie so much and I can't afford to lose him and I also don't have the heart to hurt you so I insisted that we just make our relationship a secret.

MinHwan: But don't you think that keeping this from us will hurt us more! Aish! I'm so stupid! How can I believe that you love me! I should've known better.

Jaejin: I'm sorry Hwannie. I really am.

MinHwan: Don't call me Hwannie! I hate you!

Jaejin: I know. Just don't hate Seunghyun like you hate me okay?

Jaebum: BORING!

Everyone's eyes turned to Jaebum who was just silent while MinHwan and Jaejin were arguing.

Seunghyun: Bummie..

Jaebum: For your information, I know that Hyunnie and Jaejin has a relationship .

Jaejin: Huh? How?

Jaebum: Tsk. You think I'm that stupid? Hell no!

Seunghyun: But why were you angry when you saw us?

Jaebum: Cuz I hate seeing people kissing in public specially in cinemas. That's why.

Seunghyun: You're not mad?

Jaebum: Nope. Besides, I have someone else that I love. Sorry Hyunnie.

Seunghyun: *smile* It's okay. At least I won't feel guilty. SO, who's the lucky one?

Jaebum: Him! *points at MinHwan*

Seunghyun: MinHwan?

Jaejin: Hwannie?

MinHwan: ME?!

Jaebum: Yup. *nods his head* Why Hwannie, don't you like me?

He walked closer to MinHwan who was taking a step back.

MinHwan: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *runs out of the house*

Jaebum: Ya Hwannie! Come back here! *chases MinHwan out of the house*

Seunghyun: Those two.

Jaejin: At least everything's fine now.

Seunghyun: Yeah. We won't hide our relationship now hyunghyung. I'm so happy. *kisses Jaejin's cheeks*

Jaejin: Yeah. Me too. I just didn;t expect that Jaebum actually has a crush on Hwannie.

Seunghyun: You're right. No wonder he's so happy when he's with MinHwan.

Jaejin: I noticed that too. Anyways, enough talking about them. Let's talk about us.

Seunghyun: What about us?

Jaejin: Hmm..

Jaejin carried him bridal style to his car and drove back home.

You can guess what happened next. Cuz I'm not telling you.

I'll leave it up to your imagination. ^^


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