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Small World: 2Min & SiChul

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Small World: 2Min & SiChul Empty Small World: 2Min & SiChul

Post by kimheechul on 6/12/2009, 3:12 pm


"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" a young boy shouted as he sat on the bench in the park.

"Hello! What's wrong?" the tall boy beside him asked. He seemed worried at the younger boy.

"Oh nothing. Sorry for bothering you."

"It's okay-- I'm Choi MinHo by the way. And you are? Ooooh-- by any chance, are you the famous Kim HeeChul?"

" He's actually my brother. I'm TaeMin~ Kim TaeMin. Nice to meet you MinHo."

"Ooh- I guess that explains everything. You two look exactly alike." he chuckled.

- - - -

The two talked for a while to get to know each other.

MH: So Minnie~ do you mind if I call you that?

TM: Not at all.

MH: Great! Anyways, why were you shouting a while ago?

TM: Oh.. About that. I'm pissed off at my brother.

MH: You mean HeeChul sshi?

TM: Yeah. That guy- aish! No need to be formal, you can just call him hyung.

MH: Oh chinjja? That's cool! What about him?

TM: Aish! He promised that we'll go out today and we're going to have fun. Then his stupid manager called and said that he has an important interview today. That sucks.

MH: I see. Don't worry, you'll have fun today.

TM: Eh? What do you mean?

MH: Min, wanna come over to my house?

TM: What?! *nervous*

MH: *chuckle* You're cute! Don't worry. We'll just play games and stuff. You know-- we'll hang out. No need to worry.

TM: O-oh I see. Okay.

MH: Let's go.

They just met a few hours ago but they seem to be comfortable with each other.

- - - -

At MinHo's house..

MH: I'm home!

A man in his 20's approached the two boys.

"Oh Min. You're early. And who's this cute guy? Is he your boyfriend? You look good together. *wink*"

Both boys blushed at this man's comment.

MH: Ya hyung! You're embarrassing him. He's not my boyfriend, he's just a friend. By the way, Minnie this is Si-won hyung. And hyung this is TaeMin.

SW: Hi TaeMin! I'm Si-won *shakes TaeMin's hand* You know you look like someone I know. *chuckle*

TM: Nice to meet you too Si-won hyung.

Si-won is still shaking the younger boy's hand when MinHo grabbed TaeMin's hand and dragged him into the living room.

- - - -

In the living room, TaeMin sat comfortably on the couch while MinHo looked for DVDs to watch.

MH: Hyung! Can you prepare snacks for us?!

SW: *in the kitchen* Sure!

MinHo was still looking for DVDs when TaeMin's phone rang.


TM: Oh HeeChul hyung. What's the matter? Got an interview again?

HC: TaeMin ah, I'm sorry for letting you down again.

TM: I understand. Your work is important. So, what you want?

HC: Hey, where are you?

TM: I'm at a friend's house. *looks at MinHo*

HC: Where is it?

TM: Why do you wanna know?


TM: Fine! I'm in XXX.

HC: Got it!

MH: Was that HeeChul hyung?

TM: Unfortunately, yeah.

MH: What did he say?

TM: I think he'll go here.

MH: What?! As in Kim HeeChul will go here?! In our house?

TM: Yeah. *chuckles at MinHo's behavior* Have you seen anything good?

TaeMin looks at what MinHo has in his hand.

MH: Oh yeah right. This is the best that I found. *hands the cd to TaeMin*

TM: Attack on the Pin-up Boys?

MH: Err..yeah. *scratches his head* Eum.. If you don't want it, I'll look for another one.

TM: *smile* It's okay. I like this movie.

- - - -

The two boys were in the middle of watching the movie when the doorbell rang.

SW: I'll get it!

When he opened the door, his eyes widened in shock.

SW: Chullie?!

HC: Wonnie! *hugs Si-won*

Si-won pulled back from the hug and examined the older boy.

SW: Is that really you Chul?

HC: Of course! *smacks Si-won's arms playfully*

SW: Aww! That hurts!

HC: Sorry, Sorry.

SW: That's okay. *smile* By the way, what brings you here? Miss me already?

HC: Pabo! Wait- I'm supposed to ask you that. Anyways, I'm here for my dongsaeng.

SW: For me?

HC: Not you stupid! You're my boyfriend not my dongsaeng.

SW: Just kidding. So you mean TaeMin's your brother?

HC: Yeah. So you have met him. Ya~ why are you here?

SW: This is my house.

HC: Your what?

SW: My house silly. Ya! I'm your boyfriend and you don't even know where my house is!? Pabo!

HC: How would I know?! I'm too busy to have sleepovers and besides, you never invited me here.

SW: Ow. Sorry baby. *kisses HeeChul's cheeks*

HC: Gwaenchana. *pecks Si-won's lips* Where's TaeMin ah?

SW: Oh~ he's in the living room with MinHo.

HC: Min--who?

SW: MinHo. My brother. They're friends.

HC: Oh chinjja? Ooooh-- what a small world.

SW: I know. Let's go there. * holds HeeChul's hands*

- - - -

In the living room..

SW: TaeMin ah, your hyung's he-- YA!

Si-won and HeeChul were shocked by what they saw. The two boys were making out. HeeChul immediately let go of Si-won's hand and ran over to the boys.

HC: Ya! Kim TaeMin! What the hell do you think you're doing?!

TM: Hyung! You're here. *hugs HeeChul*

HeeChul pulls away from the younger boy's hug.

HC: Ya! What are you two doing?!

TM: *smile* Oh sorry hyung. We were watching a movie then it tuned into a make-out sesion. *chuckle*

MH: Sorry hyung. *bows*

HC: Sorry? hahaha Are you kidding me? You two--

TM: We were watching AOTPUB.

HC: Chinjja? *sigh* Well, since you were watching my movie, you're forgiven.

SW: *hugs HeeChul from behind* Chullie, they're not kids anymore. They know what they're doing.


SW: Oh haha I forgot to tell you. Chullie's my boyfriend.

MH: Since when?

TM: Why didn't you tell me hyung? *pout*

HC: We were a couple since highschool. And TaeMin ah, you never asked me anything so I thought that you didn't need to know.

MH&TM: Oooww.. *holds each other's hands*

SW: How about you two? *points at them* Are you a couple?

TM: Not yet. *smile* But we will be..soon.

MinHo and TaeMin looked at each other. And they kissed passionately.

The older couple was envious so they started making out.

- - - -

And the Choi household was filled with moans coming from the two couples.



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